More from Mel Ve on Angela: Well, that escalated quickly!

Last week we shared with you a rather surprising email we received from Mel Ve, concerning the severing of CCN’s relationship with Angela Power-Disney. As we predicted, within 24 hours Angela (who never reads this blog, of course) had a video up, in which she rather hilariously read aloud our blog post, and attempted to refute Mel’s points one by one. It was a masterwork of eye-rolling, hair-flipping “more in sorrow than in anger” acting on Angie’s part.Here’s that video, in case you missed it:

If you’re pressed for time, the basic premise is “She didn’t fire me, I quit, and Mel Ve is a big poopy-head and I don’t like her stupid network anyway, so there!” Followed by a long, loud raspberry.

But that wasn’t the end of it…oh, no, far from it! Over the weekend, we had another email from Mel, in response to Angie’s response. (And yes, we’re aware that this could go on ad infinitum; we don’t plan to be the conduit for their fight forever, don’t worry.)

Here are some excerpts:

I just wanted to share with you a few things regarding Angela. I must say that I was rather disappointed to see how Angela reacted to, what I thought was a very polite and dignified letter regarding why we decided to remove Angela from the network. The truth is, I have covered up so much of her malfeasance behind the scene, and have been very dignified with what I have let out into the public, as I had absolutely no intention of feeding the trolls, but the truth is, she became a wrecking ball in our network, and was in the final throws, causing conflict with other broadcasters in our network.

At one point she even asked us for the passwords for our You Tube account and got rather shitty over the fact that we would not give it to her. When other broadcasters such as Eilish Da Avalon, expressed to Angela that she is not comfortable with anybody but Biggi having the passwords to CCN, Angela started attacking Eilish with very heated private messages on Skype.

It just so happens that two days later, Angela had lost her password to access her CCN account, and her Facebook account had been hacked… or so she claims, I can never tell what is real and what is purely fabricated for dramatic effect. The point being that we were proven right about not giving out our passwords to such a careless person, especially when we have the content of an entire network of broadcasters to protect.

I don’t want to go into all the drama behind the scenes in the operation of CCN, but let’s just say, I am glad that Angela is gone. In all honestly, we should not have let her back onto the network after her departure at the beginning of December as she has brought absolutely nothing of value since before she went on Xmas leave… and probably even a bit before. In fact, we have had nothing but drama from Angela for the last two months, and her behaviour in London over Xmas, was rather embarrassing.

I was pulled into a Facebook thread where there was all sorts of drama going on with her and Jockney Rebel, which included details of Angela’s disgusting behaviour as a house guest, having been careless with where she puts her cigarettes, and having burnt Jockney’s belongings on no less than 3 occasions. As a non smoker, this kind of behaviour is repulsive to me, and shows complete lack of respect for other people and there belongings.

Anyone care to ask us how shocked and surprised we were to hear all this? Without belabouring the point too much (oh, all right, just a little), we did predict that the Angie/CCN relationship would end in tears. While Angela can be superficially charming and engaging, it doesn’t take long for the veneer to wear off, revealing the toxic narcissist underneath.

Here’s more from Mel:

The latest story from Sandy and Angela, who will in time no doubt fall out, is that I am a witch. This information came to me earlier this evening, and seriously made me laugh, as it was the antithesis of Angela’s ludicrous claims, and again highlights how ridiculous Angela’s logic is, as she has never met me in person, never seen me at a ritual or even performing any witch like things, I have never expressed an interest in witch craft, nor do I post anything of such on Facebook. I have no interest in, nor have I ever practiced “witch craft” other than perhaps in the area relating to what some references as Wiccan Herbalism, but to call that “witch craft” is the rhetoric of ignorance and small mindedness typical of Jesus freaks, which of course Angela is, by her own admission.

All this latest episode of fake labelling by Angela has done, is reaffirm my decision to get rid of her. Angela is delusional and lies… and what is more, I think she actually believes her own lies, that is how delusional she is. When I asked Angela to provide a proof of claim, and her answer was “in God´s good timing when I get to it”, followed by a claim that I apparently had alters…

NO hang on, I am not the one claiming to be DID or an MK Ultra victim… why would I have alters? Not everyone has Alters Angela. I don’t even think you have, that is just how you justify being such a bitch to people, by claiming to flip between alters. What a great way to negate responsibility for the drama you create… well done Angela, you complete and utter faker!

Again this only stands to further affirm just want a basket case Angela is…. All I can say is that Angela Power Disney is done, and I don’t think anybody of any credibility will ever work with her again.

I look forward to seeing Angela reveal even more of her true colours as she learns of my truths, which I am sure you will no doubt publish, and with my blessings.

As you can imagine, we’ll be keeping our ears open for Angela’s forthcoming allegations that Mel Ve is a witch—and we think it’s safe to say that Angela’s alleged career as a “journalist” has now officially come to a screeching halt.



133 thoughts on “More from Mel Ve on Angela: Well, that escalated quickly!

      • Yes, I should be clear that not only do we not endorse Mel’s belief in dragons, but we don’t approve of her views on race relations in South Africa. However, she seems to have seen the light about Angela, so fair do’s to her.


        • It is certainly good that more and more people are finally becoming aware of how toxic Angie is although we have been telling them that for a long time now. Still, better late than never.

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        • Dear El Coyote, you don’t properly grasp what my view on South Africa is, if you are using terms like “race relations” when referencing my views. Race is an artificial mechanism of division, and always has been. All information I present about South Africa can be backed up by fact. Feel free to actually do some research on this and read my book THE SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE TO THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY. Secondly, I am not looking for endorsements of my beliefs, because I don’t have beliefs or superstitions, I have an interest in ancient history, lost civilisations, mythology, art, architecture, ancient ruins, old churches. Having an interest in something does not mean you believe in it. Perhaps you could also spend some time going through the body of work on my website I have taken the time to work through this website, so lets be fair to each other, and base our information and views on facts rather than what we think we know.xx


          • Hi Mel. I don’t think we need to agree on everything; I’ll have a look at the links you suggest, but even if I continue to disagree with you, I can still appreciate your views on Angela.


          • Dear Mel

            Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to email Mr. Coyote about the recent shenanigans at CCN.

            I ‘properly grasped’ your comments that black people should have been grateful that they were ‘given’ separate parks and post office queues under apartheid. I did not mishear or misunderstand that. You said it and whether you like it or not, I disagree with you with every fibre in my body.

            You’ve also repeatedly said that numerous Hampstead residents are members of a baby-eating paedophile cult. Again, I did not imagine that. You’ve said it time and time again and your only, ahem, ‘proof of claim’ has been that (in your view) the people look dodgy and there were buildings that looked a bit creepy (in your eyes). On one show you and Hope Girl even got drunk and shouted abuse about the people of Hampstead whilst giggling uncontrollably (it was the same show where you started doing impromptu tarot readings). Even you must have realised how disgraceful your behaviour had been, as after the live show you never uploaded the recording. In short, your views about the false allegations made in the Hollie Greig case (which, trust me, you did not expose, despite your disingenuous claims) – and how they’ve wrecked the lives of the innocent – are pretty similar to how I view the Hampstead case. Shame on you for failing to see the parallel and, therefore, your blatant hypocrisy.

            Whilst I appreciate your thoughts on Angela – well, I would do, wouldn’t I, seeing as I repeatedly told you them myself over many months whilst you responded by calling me a liar and blocking me – you should not lose sight of the fact that you have offended a number of us in the past. (By the way, I hope you appreciate the fact that you’re being allowed to post on this site, despite the fact that you’ve blocked every one of us from posting on yours.)

            Also, with respect, I do not think you’re in a position to preach about research and fact-checking. I’ve seen what you call ‘research’ and it’s not pretty. Case in point – your, ahem. ‘research’ into etymology, which basically consists of incorrectly attempting to connect words that derive from completely different and unrelated languages several hundred years apart (“host”/”ghost” anyone?). You’ve also incorrectly (and hilariously) claimed that CCN is the fastest growing alternative media network in the World and the only one which is ‘free and independent’ (which, by the way, it isn’t). And as for your implication that it’s people who are opposed to apartheid who are the racists, I won’t even dignify that with a response, particularly as it’s wrapped up in your pathological hatred of Roman Catholics. Oh and you also vehemently believe that the World is secretly run by shape-shifting dragons that live under the ground. So good luck with that.

            Thank you once again for your thoughts on Angela etc. – and for being so polite (despite your past rudeness) – but please keep your feet on the ground and don’t lose sight of the fact that you are – and never will be – in a position to educate or preach to any of us.

            Kind regards


          • The first time I heard of you Mel, my friend told me to watch dragonolgy. I started to watch one of your videos and I heard you at one part say that the British army were sent in to Northern Ireland to stop the catholic genocide of the protestants. I couldn’t believe your bloody ignorance as the army were sent in to protect the catholics who were being cleared out of protestant neighbourhoods. It got so bad that the old guard IRA from 1916-21 had a vote to see if they would protect the people, they voted no which caused a split and the formation of the PIRA, the group that carried out all the bombings in the 70s+. Ireland was never about religion as many protestant IRA men fought in the war of independence in 1916-21 and before that. The problems in the North were mainly the Orange order and affiliates treating the Irish as second class citizens. There was never a catholic genocide and in the south there is no trouble between religious groups at all. if you are going to write books about history you need to tell the truth and not your prejudice.

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    • You really need to do a workshop for us on how to achieve such excellent results, SSFS! Most of us struggle along, with Facebook routinely telling us that abusive and illegal posts from Hoaxtead pushers “don’t violate our Community Standards”.

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      • Thanks, EC.

        It really is just down to having the patience to report dozens at a time and hoping that one or two of them stick.

        We’ve scored another one since this one, by the way 😀

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      • One trick I’ve recently discovered, though – report a photo AND the post it’s on as two separate things. You have to open the photo and select options before it’ll give you the reporting button. One of Arfur’s posts had already been unsuccessfully reported but then the photo from said post got reported successfully!

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  1. Aha, I wondered what was going on behind the scenes with Angie and Eilish. Do you remember how they turned on each other over the Max Spier thing? At the time, Eilish and I started a Farcebook PM convo and she seemed very keen to get dirt on Angie, but then it all went quiet (or so I thought).

    Great post, by the way, EC. What a satisfying end to one of the most action-packed Hoaxtead weeks ever!

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  2. “I look forward to seeing Angela reveal even more of her true colours as she learns of my truths, which I am sure you will no doubt publish, and with my blessings.”

    Bloody hell – it’s Christmas!

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  3. LOL ‘Angie the wrecking ball’

    and this next bit:

    ‘… In all honestly, we should not have let her back onto the network after her departure at the beginning of December as she has brought absolutely nothing of value, since before she went on Xmas leave… and probably even a bit before. In fact, we have had nothing but drama from Angela for the last two months, and her behaviour in London over Xmas, was rather embarrassing.

    I was pulled into a Facebook thread where there was all sorts of drama going on with her and Jockney Rebel, which included details of Angela’s disgusting behaviour as a house guest, having been careless with where she puts her cigarettes, and having burnt Jockney’s belongings on no less than 3 occasions. ‘

    Priceless! Do keep writing, Mel ! A screenshot of the Jockney fiasco would be a great start. Spare us not, for the truth must be heard. Give us all the dirt. As for you, EC, you will just have to grin and bear the burden of feeding our addiction. I knew Angie was bad, but this really throws back the covers. Fag burns…it’s all the liquor, I bet!!! Angie is hilarious, in a tragicomic way. Plenty of material for a comedy in this case.

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    • Angela reads it everyday, probably 10 times a day if not more.

      It’s one of the only places she’ll get factual information and it’s her Counselling session so to speak as people here are analysing her and her behaviour.

      She really should be charged for logging in.

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    • Lol yes i noticed that also, we know they all come here as this is the only place that actually posts information that is true and not made up on the spot.

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  4. Angela still has a great deal to answer for over the Aberdeen incident. Footage subsequently uploaded irrefutably proved that Angela had been blatantly bullshitting and slandering both Maggie and Sylvia. So explain yourself please, Angela, or retract what you said and apologise to the women you’ve defamed. Your remarks included disgusting allegations of bestiality, so I assume you will do the right thing here.

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  5. I think Sandy has some fairly serious mental health issues, so elected not to include much detail on her here; yes, she’s been removed from the CCN lineup, though.


  6. Angela’s going to struggle to get a crowd outside the Police station or Courts when she’s prosecuted isn’t she. Mind you, I was told Sabine and Neelu only managed to get a few people in Court and one of them was in cafeteria stealing sandwiches.

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    • Yes I heard about the sandwiches incident too.

      Do you know who did it?

      What is wrong with these people?

      Entitled to free food now?

      I would certainly go along to see Angela appear in Court wherever it is in the World.

      It would be absolutely 1st class entertainment to watch her squirm.

      The amount of people she has upset, I think she’d get quite a few gathering but not in support of her, rather in support of the long overdue prosecution.

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      • The sandwich stealer was referred to as ‘Swampy’ on here and looked like a homeless man apparently. There was no need for him to steal because Belinda brought a bag of butties for everyone.

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  7. Mel Ve back in December…

    “We just love Angela to bits…Angela, we love you dearly…We back you all the way, my lady.”

    “Sandy Bergen certainly is our most promising broadcaster and we look forward to everything you have to bring in 2017.”

    ♫ What a difference a month makes ♫

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  8. Relevant to this mob:
    so many of the hoaxes they push are intermingled with Freeman of The Land hogwash. Now the latest horrible incident in Melbourne were a car ran down and killed several people including a little baby. The alleged killer was filmed in a church 2 days beforehand ranting and going through the full gamut of Neelu / APD etc ‘free electricity ‘ and son claims

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    • That’s a tragic story, GoS. And yes, his ramblings have a distinct Neelu-esque quality to them, don’t they? I believe that in the States, the FOTL types are considered a prime domestic terror threat.


  9. Good spot by MKD. Check out the comments section. Abe’s back (under his ‘Free the Hampstead 2’ guise)…

    Some sample snippets:

    “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For My flesh is real food, and My blood is real drink.…”

    “Hempstar Dynamics formerly Hempseed Organics Research.
    Abraham a.k.a Papa Hemp
    Bless you for supporting the children.”

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    • It’s a sad day when a Hoaxtead regular has to advise a Satanist Hunting Fruitloop & phony ‘child abuse campaigner’ to stop exposing their own kids so a million pedos can’t download the images.
      Now they may understand how a Nth London parent may feel and why a High Court judge mention the fact.

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    • Kristie Sue has a big part of her crappy blog dedicated to James Hind in which she accuses him and Pallas Athena (who was the first person on here to reply to my posts 🙂 ) of being two people through her crappy research skills. It is a nasty piece full of rumour and innuendo with the usual accusations of SRA. Everyone who she has defamed should get together and sue her. In all the nasty things we have said about her at least we have never accused her of being a paedo.

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      • My understanding is that she got that so-called information about James from a third party whom I won’t name here, but who is known to be quite mad, and sees Julian V. around every corner. There was quite a spat about it on James’ blog last October or thereabouts. It was this person that James and PA were referencing in their discussion, but of course Kristie Sue never bothered to actually check the context or try to find out what was happening. Just the usual finger-pointing and screeching, “Witch! They’re witches!!”

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        • Is Julian Vayne even a Satanist? he seems more into thelema. My oldest friend is in a well known goth band that were always openly into Thelema, the singer even named his daughter Scarlet. All the people in this band are very normal and most have been married for years. They got on top of the pops once in the late 80s which was amazing for an underground band.

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          • You’re right, I believe Julian Vayne is into Thelema, which isn’t the path SV follows. But I suppose to the hysterics on the other side, all cats look grey at night. It’s unfortunate, as I’m sure Mr Vayne did nothing to get himself dragged into this mess…much like the families, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead, come to think of it.

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          • I sent Mr Vayne a message telling him who is saying this about him (though I’m sure he knows already) Its bloody outrageous people can just make claims of the worst crimes imaginable like this and put them all over the net. If I was RD I would be in a mental hospital or a victim of suicide if somebody made those claims about me, I just couldn’t take it. Its not like being accused of any other crime, even murderers can do their time and go back to society but paedos? If you are going to accuse somebody of that you had better be 110% sure or you are evil yourself. Personally I need to see a conviction before branding someone as that.

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          • Very much so, K9. That’s really the crux of this whole thing: people’s willingness to accuse perfect strangers of horrific crimes of the worst kind, without any knowledge of who they’re accusing, with no evidence, and without thinking about the devastating consequences on the lives of those they accuse.

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          • Of course! I’d feel the same. But that’s why we have police and a legal system: imperfect as they are, they stand between the accused and accusers, and try to sort out who’s really guilty. I cannot imagine the anguish of someone whose child has really been abused, and I’m sure that waiting for the law to take its course must just add to that pain. However, it’s what we’ve agreed to do as a society, to avoid vigilantism and mob rule.


          • JV is mostly into chaos magic and thelema, afaik. I’ve never met him, but he’s friends with quite a few people I know. The deranged individual EC refers to is a SRA believer who is well known to the police because of his relentless hate campaigns against people he has fallen out with or who have rejected him. He stalks and harasses his own mother ffs. The funniest thing about Krusty Poo’s championing of said deranged individual, is that he is in fact into some very dark stuff, as even a cursory glance at his mental-diarrhoea of a blog will show.

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          • Yes, I think she’ll gravitate towards anyone who says what she wants to hear, no matter how much they might clash with what she claims to believe in. It’s sad, really.


          • it’s not a G+ thing, mate. You can only like comments if you’re logged into WordPress, as EC says. Your Karnevilnine link does lead to a WordPress page (‘THEGREATGALACTICCONNECTION’) but the page appears to be down.


      • @Pallas Athena. this is my friend playing bass with the band I was talking about, they were always into chaos magic too and did a song called psychonaut. my friend wrote the music for this song and played all the instruments on the record.


    • Crikey if he’s like that drug free imagine when he’s on them? Perhaps he keeps having little flashbacks hence all the nice little emojis he loves to attach to messages.


      • His comments are revealing too, Sam, as they confirm that the hypocritical dog was still on drugs himself when he was filming himself beating up drug dealers. And that he was helping to finance local drug dealers (by being a customer) whilst putting himself up as an anti-child abuse campaigner. I asked him several times how he thought helping to prop up an industry so harmful to children was helping the kids of Oz but he never once answered. I thought I’d touched a nerve about his distant past. Turns out it was a lot more recent and that said nerve was even more raw than I’d thought.

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        • These vociferous self promoting amateur “campaigners” are criminals hiding in plain sight by shrouding themselves under cloaks of false virtue.What better artificial heroic smokescreen behind which to skulk than that of “campaigner for innocent voiceless suffering children”?

          The trouble with Arfurs wrong trousers is that they dont fit and the flies are undone leaving his entire package on open display for all to see.Since his “friends” dont tell him I guess some internet blog will have to point it out! Seems to be a pattern developing here.

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  10. “And lo!Shit begat shit”.The Bible decoded especially for Angie.

    Meanwhile,Mel and Biggi would be well advised to put away CCN toys.Step away from flogging dead horses promoting 50 shades of mindless bollox.As if by the wave of a magic wand their vision to make the world a better place in their image will be instantly realised.

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  11. Something tells me this isn’t the career in journalism that Angie was hoping for. I knew from the first “interview” I ever seen Angie host (with Belinda in what I think was Belinda’s garden), that she would prove to be a disruptive force. She is just so self obsessed. It’s extraordinary how many people she falls out with and offends.

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  12. I kid you not, guys – we’ve scored yet another direct hit since this morning:

    That’s two Arfurs and an Angie in under 24 hours, lol. On a scale of one-to-ten, I wonder how well they’re taking it 😀

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