Mel Ve pushes Angie out of the lifeboat

We were amused the other day to note that Mel Ve’s optimistically named “CCN Third Quarter Review”, in which she tried her utmost to sound like a real, grown-up news channel, she somehow managed to omit her erstwhile superstar, Angela Power-Disney. In her list of “Landmark Shows and World Changing Projects”, there was nary a mention of Ms Dizzy-Powder. Strange.

Not that we can really blame Mel; after all, if ratings are anything to go by, Angela has been tanking lately.

Her Yankee side-kick, brought over to rejuvenate the Hampstead hoax, has all but disappeared. And lets face it, for most of Angela’s loyal viewers (the majority of whom are commenters on this blog, and were only going over to point and laugh anyway) the show really lost its spark once Rupert discovered that it probably wasn’t a great idea to box a copper’s ears after all.

Aside from the fact that watching Angela’s show is a tooth-grittingly, eye-wateringly awful experience—from the terrible sound quality and non-existent sets, to the long, rambling, self-absorbed pity parties she holds in her own honour, to the cavalcade of lies and half-truths, it’s a marathon of agony from start to finish—the woman simply has nothing of interest to say.

Mel knows when to give up on a losing horse, though: she’s had plenty of experience at it. Just look at her pattern of backing losers like Kevin Annett, and then just as enthusiastically back-pedalling away from him when it became clear that his star was sinking, and about to take Mel’s down with it.

In fact, if there’s one thing guaranteed to get Mel’s dander up, it’s mentioning her former deep and abiding friendship with the de-frocked Canadian con artist, and her inability to scrape him off the bottom of her boots now.

We suspect Angie might want to take a hint: Mel isn’t known for sticking by her friends when they lose their troofer cachet, which Rev Kev has most certainly done.

Here’s McKenzie’s Devils’ take on the matter:

As always, MKD gets straight to the nub of the matter: Mel sees that the Hampstead hoax has already hit the iceberg, and is heading straight for the bottom. If there’s a lifeboat, she’s claiming dibs; and there’s no room for Angie.



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    • She seems to think that because he didn’t apparently sexually abuse anyone himself (she knows that because nobody has come forward to say he did) that he’s been a bit hard-done to. She fails to miss the point that he was in a leading position in The Family at a time when their leader was issuing letters which indicated that sex with children an acceptable feature of the group. He must have seen these letters. He must have known about it. That’s the point.

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      • The point also is that if he expelled 4 or 5 people from the Cult for abusing Children as he states in Dizzy-Powder’s “show” Zen Gardener should have reported his knowledge of these crimes to the Police and he didn’t!

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  1. Mel wrote a book called ‘The South African Guide to the Global Conspiracy’

    It’s a while since I read it but I can attest to the fact that it’s a hoot and a half. There’s the ‘It’s all the fault of the Jesuits’ conspiracy theory and the usual apologies for Hitler. He was apparently misled by the Zionists. Well, how about that!

    The added bonus has to be the factual innacuracies in the book – more of them than you can shake a stick at. I remember that it said: ‘George Orwell coined the term Cognitive Dissonance’.
    What? Leon Festinger must be turning in his grave!

    It’s the kind of book where you laugh but feel embarrassed for the writer at the same time. Shame really.
    All that effort put into something by someone who couldn’t be bothered to google to check facts.

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    • 31:38 – “Before I took 30 years’ maternity leave…I wrote short stories for Dublin magazine and I [was] published in the Irish Times, Cork Examiner, a lot of the rural regional papers, Irish Tatler, Cosmopolitan…I got Young Journalist of the Year…That was in London in the 70s…”

      Yeah, course you did, luv. Remind me – when did you move to Ireland? And why were you writing for all those Irish publications while you were living in London? Hmmm?

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    • “In order to defend myself against allegations of charity scamming – but more so to defend my colleagues…”

      No, Angie – it is 100% about you. Always has been. Always will be. Stop trying to play the martyr and stop desperately trying to pass the buck by dragging non-existent partners into your booze-and-fags charity scams.

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    • 1:13:45 – Apparently, we’ve been using voodoo to attack her in her sleep. We’ve been giving her sleep paralysis and dragging her out of her bed by her feet. Come on, guys – stop that – it’s not big and it’s not clever. Let her get some kip so she can be fresh for her wonderful CCN shows.

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      • Damn Spiny, and there was I with my Paper terrorism device only 50p from Tatworld.All the best laid plans of mice and men.Seems Angies doing a fine job sliding into a deep pool of shit without any mumbo jumbo assistance anyway.

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  2. Angie of course is never one to get involved with false accusations, conspiracy theories, smear campaigns or mud slinging.
    Unless of course you count the promotion of a hoax said to involve a giant conspiracy to cover up a Satanic cult, or allegations against her own family for being murderers, paedophiles and allowing her to be involved in MK Ultra experiments. Plus allegations against the innocent people of Hampstead concerning child rape and cannibalism. Angie may accuse someone of masturbating a child to sleep and being involved with a Russian mafia drug cartel, but it’s absolutely not a false accusation, conspiracy theory or smear campaign.

    Angie’s entire facebook feed is filled with false accusations, conspiracy theories and smear campaigns. She even has a show on a channel spreading false accusations, conspiracy theories and smear campaigns. She begs for money so she can continue spreading all her nonsense. I cannot believe that she is unaware of her hypocrisy, so I have to conclude she is simply an asshole.

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    • Dear Erin Hicks: It’s ‘Occam’s Razor’, not ‘Occum’s”. And clearly you have no idea what it means, if you’re dithering about with conspiraloon fuckwittery like this.

      Send in the clowns…oh, wait, they’re already here.

      Why yes, I am feeling just a tad impatient today, why do you ask?


    • She says, “Police bail – I’m still on it.” No, Sabine, you’re BACK on it, because you couldn’t obey a simple bloody restraining order. All you had to do was shut the fuck up but no, that was way too complicated for you..


      • It would seem from Sabines post that she knows the difference between “Police” and “Court” bail. The Police bail ends when a person is charged and brought before the Courts.

        Police bail is whilst a person is being INVESTIGATED.

        The fact that Sabine claims she is on POLICE bail is interesting – it shows that in addition to the issues that have been before the Court, she is also being investigated for other matters and has been arrested for those matters and then given Police bail whilst the investigation continue. The police normally end that bail with either a charge or NFA (no further action) they do not hang about indefinitely (as Sabine claims) however if its a complex matter an investigation can take many months or even years before its concluding.

        Perhaps its worth reflecting on what Sabine had been pushing at the time of the petition she mentions. From memory that was the Pedro children case, she did receive an injunction from the local authority over that.

        I think the website of Sabines gives all the clues –


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