How Sabine released the videos: New smoking gun provides irrefutable evidence

Almost since the Hampstead SRA hoax began in early 2015, Sabine McNeill has protested vigorously that she absolutely, positively, 110% did not release the original videos of RD’s children onto the internet, in direct violation of the law. It’s been difficult to prove her wrong, since the blogs where she allegedly caused the videos to be published have long since removed all evidence, realising that they could find themselves in serious legal difficulties if they didn’t.

As we said two weeks ago, when Sabine posted the petition, “Return #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors to their Russian Family!” on on 2 February 2015, she included her email to then-Home Secretary Theresa May on the petition. She also included links to her own Google Drive, through which anyone who wished could view the collection of videos.

And now, one of our brilliant researchers has unearthed a second and even more damning “smoking gun”: the original post from The Tap Blog, dated 2 February 2015.

The post contains the same letter that Sabine placed on the petition, that very same day:

sabine-original-tap-blog-post-2017-01-26-1sabine-original-tap-blog-post-2017-01-26-2 sabine-original-tap-blog-post-2017-01-26-3Just below the photo of Mrs Justice Pauffley, Sabine states,

The attached Position Statement was our offer NOT to expose this scandal in exchange of returning the children. Instead, Mrs Justice Pauffley ignored the issues that have been outstanding since Judge Mayer transferred the case to her on 23 December:
1. The justification for an Interim Care Order.
2. The discussion of a Non-Molestation Order.
3. The inequality of Contact.

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but that sounds an awful lot like a threat of blackmail: “Do what we tell you, give us back the kids, and we’ll stay shtum”.

To gauge the threat accurately, though, one would really need to see the “Position Statement” that Sabine mentions.

Fortunately, we just happen to have a copy of that very statement. Here are the relevant sections:

ella-draper-position-statement-26-01-2015-1 ella-draper-position-statement-26-01-2015-2 ella-draper-position-statement-26-01-2015-3On the first page, Sabine introduces the threat of “exposure”, including as her targets the “Secret Judiciary, Father, LB Camden, LB Barnet, Cafcass and Met Police, Christchurch Primary and other Schools”.

On the second page, Sabine states that she published a blog post “for less than 24 hours – long enough for the abusive father to recognise himself – and to withdraw his application for committal to prison”: in other words, Sabine believed that she had already “convinced” RD to withdraw charges against her.

Having tested her blackmail strategy, she felt successfully, she made her threats and demands explicit:

To avoid high level embarrassment, the following possible arrangements might be worth considering:
1) Instead of starting public law proceedings against the school, the children are returned – with immediate effect – to live with the maternal grandparents in Russia.
2) Instead of mobilising English and Russian social media, the father is given a non-molestation order for life, anywhere in the world.
3) Instead of joining the Russian government to the proceedings, the children are released to their mother and maternal grandparents with immediate effect.

Courts don’t take well to threats

This “position statement” was in fact presented to Mrs Justice Pauffley on 26 January 2015—and was quite properly dismissed.

Somehow, despite all her years of experience in dealing with the court system, Sabine failed to realise that the courts don’t take kindly to threats and attempted blackmail. Having failed to predict the blindingly obvious, Sabine proceeded to Step 2: the Nuclear Option.

She drafted the email to the Home Secretary, attached the Position Statement and links to the videos, BCC’d it to Henry Curteis at The Tap Blog, and hit ‘send’.

Then she attached the email, complete with links to her Google Drive, to the petition, knowing that each time a new signatory to the petition shared it to Facebook, the email, position statement, and video links would be spread that much further afield.

Sure enough, within days of this particular bomb being dropped, the videos had gone viral on YouTube, and Hoaxtead was under way. By the time Mrs Justice Pauffley read her judgement on 19 March 2015, she stated:

The subject children have been named repeatedly on the internet. Their photographs and film clips in which they feature have been published and re-published widely. Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children. As at 10 March 2015, more than 4 million people worldwide had viewed online material relating to this case.

To our knowledge, Sabine has yet to face charges for her part in violating the children’s right to privacy. sabine-mcneill-2017-01-26-blackmail-face

115 thoughts on “How Sabine released the videos: New smoking gun provides irrefutable evidence

    • Just a word to the wise: we really don’t want our readers to indulge in gloating to Sabine, as she will undoubtedly complain that here “enemies at Hoaxtead Research” (as she calls us) are harassing her. Should her case come before the courts for any reason, we don’t want to give her an “easy out”. 🙂

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  1. Wow, yet another “#BAM” moment in what is shaping up to be one of the greatest Hoaxtead weeks ever!

    Well done, EC + “brilliant researcher” 😀

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  2. ## El Coyote : will have some helpful information for you by email in the next few days so please don’t forget to check!

    Excellent detective work. My ex PI friend in Melbourne is amazed at how well you are uncovering this stuff and REALLY joining the dots!!

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  3. #BAM

    Now you see it…

    Now you don’t…

    Oh well, I’m sure Arfur will react with his usual maturity and level head. I mean, it’s not like he’s a sore loser or anything. Oh wait…



    No psychosis there, then.

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    • One thing that gets me, what’s with the “love, peace, courage and Lebanese cedar trees’???


      Love peace and Ozzie gum trees

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      • Poor Arfur thinks because he walked among Lebanon’s (beautiful & famous) Cedar trees ( as have 100,000s of tourists) which reputedly JC walked among, it really means he & Jesus are but One.
        So basically he thinks Jesus was a crack smoking lunatic who puffed on cigars and carried a firearm to harangue Hell’s Angels with and possibly, ran a failed lawn mowing business. Anything is possible.

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  4. Hang on a minute, so Scabine was willing to make a deal with the cult and forget all about babies being cooked in McDonalds as long as the two children were sent to live in Russia?

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  5. I’ve made so many complaints about Araya Soma’s FB antisemitic posts which are just getting out of control and about the vilest I’ve ever seen.
    I’ve been knocked back each time as they ‘don’t meet Facebook’s standards etc etc yadda yadda blah blah blah. Very strange.

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    • I sort of gave up when she got to Kevin Annett and claimed his info was “100% correct” (except maybe the non-existence of his silly ‘international’ court in Brussels)… but her excuse for the ghastly / hideous / revolting / insert own adjective here- Fiona Barnett (who has caused such immense grief for innocent families) claim that Nicole Kidman is a hermaphrodite from the Wazzoo Planet (of for goodness sake you in the back row, behave yourself and stop that sniggering !) and that it was the result of MKUltra experiment which was planted in Fiona’s mind as a child, as opposed to reality ( is anyone following this?) is somewhat dented by the fact Fiona is 5 years older than Kidman who was really unknown until she was in he rmid-20s.

      Mind you Fiona was abused by Walt Disney who was as dead as that famous parrot and had been for 3 years before Barnett was born.

      Details, details. Who needs ’em when you can have alternative facts.

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    • Haha, I love this! Not only is she doing exactly what we predicted she’d do, but she’s reading our entire blog post out, verbatim. Thanks for the free publicity, Angie, but I suspect you need it more than we do. LOL

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    • I’m so glad that Angie has made that video, as it perfectly encapsulates just how vile and twisted she is. At 5:45 in the aforementioned video, Angie mention’s a video from a Mr M K Ogilvy, which was filmed outside a Scottish Court building, and which features the two completely innocent ladies at the center of the accusations, in the Holly Greig hoax… Wyn Dragon Smith and Silvia Major. Angie alleges that when Wyn Dragon Smith was accused of partaking in a certain type of act with Dog’s, Wye Dragon Smith, showed her guilt, via body language.and within a short period of time, fled the scene.

      I have that exact video here. As you can see, there is absolutely no fleeing from either lady. They in fact, bravely stood their ground, despite some lowlife scummy Hoaxer, aiming vile abuse at them, and they actually confronted him back, with the contempt he so rightly deserved, and with a politeness he was so undeserving of. Hopefully I have embedded this video correctly. Apologies if not so, and perhaps the good
      and kind Mr Coyote will rectify my incompetence for me.

      These two ladies have never ran away or fled. The only one who has actually ran away and fled, is Angie herself. She fled to Lanzarote, to escape arrest from British and Irish Cop’s, and she ran away from confronting Wyn Dragon Smith and Silvia Major, when given the opportunity to do so, live on CCN.

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      • What a repulsive creature Power-Disney is. I’m glad you posted that video because it does catch her out in an outrageous lie and what a scumbag that Olgivy must be.

        Those two ladies courageously stood their ground under a determined onslaught of abuse which was clearly designed to make them flee but that did what was best, laughed at the nasty piece of goods. Others would have decked the creature.

        Actually Angie, I haven’t been trained in Psychological Warfare ( laughable that anyone who had would waste a minute on this stupid woman) but I actually studied body language and used it in business.

        I got my very first job at 18 years of age (1970s) from a very old multi-millionaire who owned dozens of shops. I got the job by writing a letter which he then had analysed by a hand writing expert he used (one who consulted with the police). This employer never did business with anyone whether it was hiring a secretary or doing a huge deal on the stock exchange. Everyone’s handwriting had to be analysed or no deal.
        After 2 years I was hiring people for him but he insisted I did a course on his new discovery- body language. I’m a bit rusty as I haven’t used it in business for 20 years but it’s really not that hard.

        I think I might do a little examination of Angie’s language in that video (it’s a great one to use). I’ve notice many of Angie’s facial movements are dead give-aways that she is either lying or doesn’t believe what she is saying is true. There is a further problem. you have to take into account the fact Angie is a border line narcissist and basically a sociopath but once you know that you can overcome these factors (the problem with full blown psychopaths / sociopaths is that lying is so natural they do not give out the usual signals when lying because it’s a completely natural process for them)

        ## I’ll be sending my usual bill to El Coyote : £580 got this consultation alone but hey, he gets 20 frigging grand a week to run this for the Freemason satanists so I come cheap.

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          • That was the basis of my research and conclusions so can we agree to split the fee yes? EC can forward our invoices to Accounts, Rothschild Satanist Freemasonry PLC. c/ Bucharest PO, Transylvannia att: C. Dracula.


        • Whether one believes in the accuracy of reading facial tics and body language, the fact is that Angie does and she frequently points out “tells” in others in order to “prove” they’re lying. So by your own “logic” be damned, Angela!

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        • My bad Spiny, and many thanks for the correction. Apologies to Wyn Dragon-Smith and Maggs Shaw O’Neill, if they ever read this, for my confusion over their identities. I instantly knew that Angie was lying through her teeth, when she claimed that one of the ladies had fled the scene, as I had seen the video of that particular incident, about 18 months ago. It has always stuck in my mind, because of the highly impressive manner in which those two ladies handled that situation, and had totally stood their ground against that vile abusive lout. It was very very stupid of Angie to attempt that lie, as even someone like me, was able to debunk it in less than 5 minutes lol

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  6. Her hypocrisy is unbelivable not to mention the usual lies she spouts about Hoaxtead being funded by God knows who etc

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    • Oh yes and her claim Hoaxtead is run by RD or “someone who won’t use their name”. So which is it?
      It’s pathetic isn’t that the poor thing really believes that GCHQ, MI5 & MI6 etc. would spend $thousands every week just to harass little old Angie. Reality is people become incensed about how Power-Disney uses the internet to callously promote the harassment of innocent children and families.

      But what fun when the hoaxers fall out ! Hell hath no fury like a Satan Hunter scorned.

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        • Indeed El Coyote and how great it is that a load of strangers can come together and fight the lies and injustices being propogated against innocent families and all for no personal gain. Restores faith in mankind.

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      • I wish she’d stop naming the 2 children.

        It really pisses me off.

        Angela you are breaking the law and one day you’re going to get your collar felt.

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  7. blah blah blah POOR SABINE blah blah blah POOR MEL VE blah blah blah POOR ANGIE blah blah blah VAST AMT OF MONEY blah blah blah PRESIDO PAID TROLLZ blah blah blah SEDUCTION blah blah blah DECEIVED blah blah blah LEVIATHAN blah blah blah BIG GIRL PANTS/depends (lol) blah blah blah CCN/BS BS BS blah blah blah TSK TSK TSK MEL VE blah blah blah WILL NOT COMPLY blah blah blah MCMARTIN HA HA HA Great work E.C.! I have a “hunch” about Hoaxsted that these Jokers RESPECT the Power of Truth a little More now!!? 😀 “I SHOULDN’T HAVE USED abusive VID” I’ll bet Mel Ve wishes the Same thing. ;/……now.

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    • Angela has got a big arse, so she would wear BIG GIRL PANTS unless she is seducing Saudi Arabian Princes or bald American’s.

      Pleased to see though that she’s washed her hair since the last video, although her roots still need doing.

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  8. If some one could get hold of the court order, given to Robert Green at his trial, she just through him under a bus. And also, he pled guilty in the end, so she can put that in her fag and smoke it.

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  9. Cheeky bitch, taking the piss out of someone’s name.

    And then complaining that someone travelled all the way from Scotland to London.


    Perhaps they were visiting relatives?

    Duh! Don’t you live in Ireland and Lanzarote and yet you travel to London Angela?

    Pot and Kettle biatch…

    And as for reading this blog, you read it every day Angela.

    That is the sum total of your research.

    How were the 2 Cuban men today?

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    • Spiny mate, i believe that you have Arthur in your pocket, right where he belongs. He’s clearly no match for you.

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      • And he’s all yours Spiny. Not only is he one handsome devil who carries a shooter and is leading underworld figure/spy, he has a winning way with words.
        You can see Arfur can’t you over a candle lit wooing the ladies, or the waiter or maybe even the restaurant cat (or mule).
        I think all those little pictures turn him on.
        I remember visiting a pal in a psychiatric clinic years ago and some of the other patients were stark raving bonkers but the nurse was waving lots of bits of coloured paper in front of one..”colour & movement” she said. ” calms him down”

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    • @ 6:01
      So let me get this straight. Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy – a creepy-looking bastard who’s known to have abused his own daughter, harassed several women online and issued death threats to a number of people (see ‘Trolls’ link above) – suddenly jumps out at a woman outside an Aberdeen courthouse and shouts something along the lines of “You fuck dogs, don’t you, you dirty satanic mutt-shagging bitch”…and in Angela’s head, the fact that that poor woman tries to get away from this psycho is a sure sign that she’s guilty. Ooookay. Top-drawer deductive prowess as always, Angela.

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      • I’m sure that i recall reading about this incident in the past and when one of the ladies in question confronted Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy he practically ran away. All big and brave online until the person was stood in front of him.

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      • Turns out Sylvia didn’t even run away!

        As you can see, she stood there laughing at Meathead Malcolm in the face of some serious harassment, aggression, slander and intimidation! (Oh and I think “Go near my daughter and you’re dead” classes as a death threat.) Suck on that, Angela. And you, Malcolm, you creepy perverted cowardly twunt! And shame on you, Angela, for supporting people like this creep – and for once again lying through your fat cellulite-addled arse. You’re a disgrace to women and to real anti-child abuse campaigners. And Sylvia has more dignity in her little finger than you have in your entire neglected nicotine-stained body. By the way, Malc – the dog thing – self-projection, was it?

        Thank you for sharing this video, Team MKD.

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    • I was just getting used to the fact that i may be RD as they accused me of being him last week but now it appears El Coyote is RD. No wonder this gets very confusing at times. 🙂

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    • 16:52 – “Yannis Emmannouel confirmed at least two paedophiles are running Hoaxtead.”

      Hahahahaha! Is this who she means when she refers to “reliable sources who I’d trust with my life”?

      #Ellagate <<< Just saying! 😀 😀 😀

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    • Arfur is absolute crap at playing “pin the tail on the donkey” we can at least have some clarity about that if nothing else he bangs on about.

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  10. Well they had my account deleted but that just makes me more angry and guaranteed to increase the effort ten-fold. Those who support child torturers and profit off harassing innocent people will not be let off the hook.

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  11. Right folks….earplugs at the ready! Here’s Deborah’s latest video.
    If you haven’t got much time go to 13:15 and listen from there.

    Ee she does worry me….

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      She’s surpassed herself with this meltdown. Thanks for sharing, Fnord. Broke my sodding headphones but thanks all the same 😀

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    • Lot of fooking in that video but I must pick a bone with Debs that no politician uses the word ‘fook’ – the former Mexican president posts regularly on Twitter : “Mr Troomp, Mexcio is not paying for your fooking wall”,

      So Debs is slightly pissed off that the 3 million people who marched were not marching about her being fooked over?
      Don’t worry Debs there will be another match any day now.
      That won’t be about you either.
      She’s surpassed herself with that video, perfect timing and not too long as she rises to a crescendo concluding with something about 5 days off a month for her fooking periods. It had me in stitches.
      Did she write routines for George Carlin by any chance?


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