How is Kane Slater’s YouTube channel like a parrot?

Was it only 10 days ago that we asked our readers to help us get noted (alleged) Canadian paedophile and cannibalism enthusiast Kane Slater’s YouTube channel removed? It was, wasn’t it?

A few of us were lounging about at the Sooper Seekrit HR Hangoutβ„’ yesterday afternoon, eating jammy dodgers and drinking tea, when one of our team noted that Kane was moaning about YouTube removing his videos, poor darling:


And then, perhaps an hour later:kane-slater-youtube-channel-down-2017-01-24Yep, Kane’s channel has passed on. It is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! Its metabolic processes (if it ever had such) are now history! It’s kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!

In short, this is an ex-YouTube channel.

And Kane has all of you to thank for it. Please, stand and take a bow, Hoaxtead Researchers: you all deserve it. We asked, and you answered, loud and clear.

And in other Hoaxtead news…

Arfur from Down Under would never win any oratory contests, but every now and then one finds a tiny snippet of something interesting in his deranged ranting. Here’s one from yesterday:

arfur-angie-off-ccn-2017-01-24Arfur (who cannot seem to spell his fake Facebook name to save his twisted soul) seems to think that Angie has thrown over Mel Ve’s CCN, all on account of li’l ol’ him! Wonder whether Angie is aware of this yet? Or whether Arfur realises that Angie was teetering on the brink at CCN anyway, as she couldn’t afford to pay their rather stiff “production fees”. Ah well, this one should be interesting to follow over the next few days.

And now, there’s a plate of jammy dodgers with our name on them. See you tomorrow!

Asked about her recent parting of ways with CCN, Angela is uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

Asked about her recent parting of ways with CCN, Angela is uncharacteristically at a loss for words.


88 thoughts on “How is Kane Slater’s YouTube channel like a parrot?

    • Arfur’s ignoring me and succumbing to Spiny’s superior pulling power.

      There must be troof to the claim Arfur is Secret Government Intelligence (?) Officer as wherever he roams. destruction of hoaxers follow.
      Has Angie run out of cash? How can she continue to maintain her Spanish villa? Will she have to pack up that decor & furniture which she used to cunningly re-create her lavish Irish home base and move back home?

      From her Google profile:
      “I have been back to America on extended trips, speaking and ministry tours and visiting good friends I made when I lived there….I had a green card whilst living there and was only months away from citizenship eligibility when I came home….no use having regrets…I laid down the American dream”

      Will she resume her ‘speaking tours’ and share a platform with retired president Barack Obama?
      Perhaps Barack will inform her that having the Green Card (which does not expire) means the poor dear can come & go from the States as she wishes and is just as good as citizenship. Why didn’t she flash this card when she was deported for working illegally?. You know when she says someone dobbed her to Immigration?
      Truly a woman of mystery but she didn’t get past the wiles of Afur Earwinkle. Her fascinating life is worthy of a Hollywood film. Some even say ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was inspired by her adventures.

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    • Congress to you all!!!
      I been reporting a few myself as well (every little bit helps I spose)

      Re his 3 years, I can confirm that APD does indeed distort time, I watched nearly twenty minutes of one of her latest ‘shows’ and it felt like a lifetime…. I finished and expected to see myself looking like Rip Van Winkle

      They truelly should be banned as cruel and unusual punishment, start playing them in jails and crime rates would plummet, criminals would give up a life of crime to avoid having to watch them lol

      Nah that’s too cruel.

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  1. I cannot imagine who Mel is thinking about here, lol…

    “There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes…In my position as creative director of this network, I kind of have to sit back and and watch my children, in a way, the broadcasters of the network. They’re very much like my family and sometimes you just gotta let your kids, you know, bang their heads and learn the hard way in order for them to learn a lesson. But oh so often you kinda just wanna see them going full trajectory towards that thing they’re gonna bang into and sorta grab them and go, ‘No, don’t go that way – don’t hit your head into the tree.’ But you know, sometimes that’s the only way they learn. But it’s very hard to sit here and watch people hurtle themselves into the direction of danger, disaster or destruction and to just kind of be oh so gracious about it. Because yeah, there’s a lot of that going on…What I’m watching is them get to a certain point where they kind of run out of tricks so they start doing stupid stuff. They start inventing things and campaigns on which and ways [sic] they can make money…”

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    • In other words her “contributors” haven’t stumped up with the cash and even worse, tried to use their profile on CCN & it’s world-wide broadcasting that reaches a possible 100 billion souls including any residents of the Outer Universe (but with a daily average of 13 – 8 of whom are barking mad and & 5 who are from Hoaxtead) to make money from, which should by rights go to Mel VD.

      I and Mel won’t mention any names of those who attempted to use Mel’s million dollar studios to blatantly scam the viewing public for cash (although the word Angela, Power and Disney come to mind which some may say sounds like Angela Power-Disney was the grifter in question but I didn’t say that !).

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    • The real irony of CCN is completely lost on Mel V and Biggie.They could have had a very very healthy Bank balance by now, along with the matching lifestyle, if they had used their talent, dedication, and set up, to bring people real truth, real news, and real issues, instead of squandering the opportunity to make a real impact, in the alternative media world, by giving airtime and credence to Crackpots, Liars, Bigots and Fraud’s.

      It’s all self inflicted too of course, as it’s not as if this Blog and MKD for example, haven’t been continuously pointing out the error’s of their ways to them, for the last year and a half or so. Mel and Biggie should remember that very fact, the next time a large electricity bill, pops in through the letterbox, and they have to go begging for funding on YouTube, to try and pay it.

      BTW, is Mel V’s Throne getting smaller by the week, or is she getting bigger?. Either way I wish she’s wipe that shiny Slug trail off the wall, that’s just above her head, as I find it very distracting. πŸ™‚

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      • Maybe Mel should start a new site called “Crackpots, Liars, Bigots and Frauds”. She could put clickbait ads on Facebook linking to her old CCN videos:
        “This woman is so outrageous, you won’t believe what she says next!” (Thumbnail of Angela Power-Disney).
        “This woman made thousands of euros with no effort just by using this one simple trick” (Thumbnail of Angela Power-Disney).
        “Ladies, learn how to date men half your age.” (Thumbnail of Angela Power-Disney, Rupert in his pants in the background).

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      • They entered a crowded market far too late and basically re-produce every conspiracy lunacy thriving on the net.
        All of them have their begging bowls out asking for donations from people who in the main are either in the lowest socio-economic rung or unemployed and who have too much time on their hands and may well react to the pleas : “if you want to hear more revelations kindly consider a donation” – by instantly wanting more sensation and simply hitting google yo look for the next con-artist who has bigger & better fibs.

        It’s a bit like the UFO & pussycat youtube market which I personally find fascinating but the vast majority of those channels are run by people who are simply fascinated by the continuing appearance of UFOs and just present what they come across in a non-judgmental way.

        But even there new computer programs are now allowing pranksters to easily create fake UFO videos. Fortunately they haven’t worked out yet how to fake a pussycat being charming or funny video yet. Give it time.

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  2. Oh well done Hoaxtead team! I reported the profile myself several times starting about a month ago. I reported it as “child abuse”, because… well basically it is child abuse, and it’s probably the best way to underline the seriousness of it. There is something truly unwholesome about people who obsess over the forced testimony of the children, who scrabble through the minutiae of every statement like dung beetles.

    People like Kane Slater, APD, Kristie Sue Costa, Belinda McKenzie etc. need to ask themselves… what kind of person does this, and why? Is it the vicarious thrill of experiencing abuse through surrogates? Is it the ego-driven self-importance of being a “warrior”, when you’re really a sad, inconsequential failure, and your only “friends” are people with the same unhealthy obsessions as yourself? Or, possibly it’s just money? Those tiny subs from people who also want to be along for the ride with a “campaigner” fighting against evil cults….? Think about that, you’re earning your living from lying to people and exploiting children. Vile.

    And I think that’s the reason why, even when good quality proof is available, or maybe especially so, the nutters cling all the more to their fantasies. Their sick belief in evil cults is the only thing that separates them from having to confront the sickness and darkness in themselves.

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  3. Hooray! Hooray!
    Kane Slater’s gone away!

    I reported the channel at least three times in the past. Our numbers must have finally forced YouTube to do something.

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  4. I wonder if it is possible to contact someone at YouTube and say what the problem is (ileagally posted videos of children giving interviews to police) and then hand them a list of offending channels. Certainly we could start compiling a list of videos somewhere then have a blitz on them through the regular procedure.

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    • Yes do it.
      Tip : try and get the email address of the owners or MD / CEO / President / VP of Youtube and make sure you CC them with all communications. It’s a legal thing that may never be of any use but also ensures they cannot deny being alerted to any breaches of the law. If anything ever got to a court (you never know) people cannot deny being alerted to possible illegal actions just because they didn’t read an email (which they never do anyway).

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  5. HooRah Hoaxsted! Looks like Arfur has Completely Flipped Mr. Spiny! If Mel Ve thinks she can “distance” Herself from her Hatchlings she is deluded. Very Funny APD DRAMA! I’m so glad YT finally checked their “Child Abuse Reporting” Inbox! When will Mel Ve have “Becki P” on I wonder? How People can Lap up this SRA B.S. is beyond comprehension. Thanks for the Result and the Laffs!

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    • Oh dear, Kristie Sue’s relationships are getting complicated. If you’re reading this Kristie Sue honey, be careful. Don’t make Nathaniel jealous.. he has form for slapping women around when his tiny manhood is threatened. Arthur, well, he’s a rough diamond really, and a millionaire! He could have you out of that Cape Cod shack in a jiffy and install you in one his many palaces. Don’t play hard to get, answer his messages at least. When he says “I have arrived” – that means he’s on a plane from his charming Antipodean residence to your humble log cabin with a heart full of yearning for your wholesome Yankee apple pie (nudge nudge, wink wink).


    • LOL, she says she’s going to issue treason notices and commercial liens to the police officers who’ve failed to uphold God’s law (i.e. the ones who didn’t buy her crap). Can’t imagine who she got that idea from πŸ˜€

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      • The International Criminal Complaints Commission?.
        Uhh ? Who they?
        They upheld the complaints about Hampstead and ordered the police to re-investigate but they refuse to?.
        Mentally she lives in an alternative universe.

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      • I thought you had to bring Medical Negligence cases within 3 years.

        If she had surgery in January 2014 that she wants damages for she’s going to be out of time.

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    • She says her sisters her “Irish twin, 11 months older” wtf? She just rambles sob stories about orphanages and death, poisoning, Abuse, legal crap, random stories about random people, then wallowing in other peoples misery. It’s all delivered in an uninterested woe me drone, she doesn’t even believe her own words. All these people seem to wake up one day and start reading bollocks and then instead of maybe thinking they were abused and later made lots of bad choices, it has to be Mind Control. “The Bases Project” youtube channel is just full of the same stories.

      I still haven’t seen any evidence of her research on anything.

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        • I noticed most if not all the initial larger payments say “offline Donation”, I assume to bump the money up and give people a bit of faith in that she’s important enough to throw money at. Her videos are like she’s talking to her therapist. I think that is what youtube is for her, therapy.
          Yet another one who won’t accept my donations.

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    • “the old fashioned youtube way”?
      She does know, doesn’t she that CCN is just the old fashioned youtube way.?
      Perhaps poor Angie really though CCN was an adjunct to Fox News and her riveting 7 hour interviews with the likes of Arfur were being broadcast to a billion living rooms around the world.
      She should issue a commercial lien on Mel V.

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  6. Tall Tales from Tubby Tits

    An invitation thuds onto my doorstep. I’m invited to a glamorous soiree to celebrate the birthday of International playboy / spy, known Underworld Figure and Survivor of an recent MKUltra experiment administered by Ms Angela Power-Disney, Mr Arthur Charbel Kaoutal
    Alas it has been lost in the post for 7 years & I missed out on the celebrations.

    Mr Kaoutal thanked his admirers with a post of Facebook for the surprise party they threw for Arfur’s 30th birthday.
    I wonder if perchance he is related to the Arthur Charbel Kaoutal who recently promised to concrete my driveway (even though I don’t have one) and disappeared with my deposit? It cannot be him surely as that Arfur would have been 43 in 2010. I think we should be told.
    (beat that Spiny Norman !)

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  7. “Hoaxtead are jam packed with sinisterly intelligent intellects (high IQ) individuals.”

    Finally, Arfur’s got something right! πŸ˜€

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    • Quite seriously, Arfur seems to be having some sort of breakdown. Not that he was ever the poster child for mental health, but if I were one of his friends I might consider finding him some help.

      Also, what is this fixation with “maternal women”? Bizarre.


  8. WOW!!!

    Just wow

    Its like watching a six year old throwing a tantrum in the supermarket after mummy wouldn’t buy them a packet of lollies!!!

    I wish I was a fly on the wall at Casa Artur
    Can you imagine watching him typing out these tirades?
    I bet the neighbours are pissing themselves laughing

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