The Angela Papers, Part 2: The final days

On 14 February 2017, this blog received an email from Mel Ve, co-owner of the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Attached to that email was a transcript of the Skype conversations between Mel and Angela Power-Disney, who was sacked from CCN in January. Yesterday we looked at a few of the points of conflict leading up to Angie’s being dumped from Mel and Biggi’s roster. Today we’ll look at the final conflict, and some of the immediate fallout from her break-up with Mel.

When we left off yesterday, Mel had just finished giving Angie proper hell for attempting to “help” CCN by demanding that they run things her way—including handing over passwords. A couple of days later, on 20 January, Mel attempted to contact Angie again, with what sounds like an offer to kiss and make up:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-20-1No response was forthcoming from Angela.

Sandy gets the old heave-ho…

Then, on 29 January, Mel writes to let Angie know she’s sacked Sandy Bergen:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-1It seems that Angela went to Sandy with reports that Mel had called her a crack whore, which set Sandy off on a rampage against Mel.

Mel indignantly denies that she called Sandy any such thing, noting that she “checked the history of (her) Skype conversations”…”on both (Angie’s) Skype accounts, and at no point did (she) ever reference Sandy as a CRACK WHORE“.

Whoops. Turns out Mel didn’t look hard enough:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-04Well, no one’s perfect. Mel most definitely did call Sandy a crack whore. Point to Angie on this one, we’re afraid.

…and then it’s Angie’s turn

At this point, though, crack whore or no crack whore, Mel has had quite enough of Angie’s backstabbing ways. She gives her the boot:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-2 angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-3Angie retaliates in typical Angie style, by trying to accuse Mel of “practising witchcraft” (we suppose that’s one step up from “being in the cult” in the Angie Power-Disney Little List of Truly Terrible Insults). Not too surprisingly, Mel is unimpressed with this turn of conversation:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-4Again typically, Angela says she’ll provide proof of claim of Mel’s witchy ways “in God’s good timing” when she gets to it. That’s Angie-Speak for don’t hold your breath.

Then Angie fires back with the allegation that Mel has “alters”, by which she means “alter ego” personalities—so she is claiming that Mel has “Dissociative Identity Disorder”. Remember, this is one of the many mental health diagnoses Angie claims as her own. According to Angie, she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, housemaid’s knee, and piles. Judging from her facial expressions during her video extravaganzas, we tend to believe only the latter diagnosis.

In any case, Mel quite sensibly states that neither she nor Biggi believes in “alters”, and notes that Angela uses this alleged diagnosis as an excuse for being a bitch. Can’t argue with her there.

And then, the coup de grâce: “Sadly I have to say, it becomes harder to disagree with the (McKenzies) Devils about you”. Yowzas! Was that a pig we just spotted flying past the window?

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-5We’re sure Mel is sick to death of our telling her that we told her so about Angie being a lying, manipulative cow, so we won’t. (Whoops, we think we just did. Our bad.) But we think she has definitely received the message now.

More from Angela, who ups the ante: now Mel is not just a witch, but a member of a “blood-drinking South African family”? Uh-huh.

Oh, and the Pope is not a Catholic. We’re sure this will come as a surprise to him.

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-29-6If this is how Angie “honours (her) promise not to fall out” with Mel, we wonder what she’s like when she’s really in a temper? (Also, if anyone has any idea what she’s talking about when she says Mel is “highlighted by hoaxstead [sic] in pure WITCH mode”, do let us know.)

Mel strikes back

Mel waits a couple of days before responding to that last volley, but when she does, it’s a doozy:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-31-1 angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-31-2Er, thanks, Mel. We think.

Let us just take this opportunity to point out that we’re well aware of Mel’s continuing stance on Hoaxtead, which is directly counter to our own. However, we really cannot argue with her opinion of Angela—she is a disgraceful, child-abusing embarrassment.


Nearly a week passes before Angie connects with Mel again, to inform her that she “manifests”, whatever that means. Mel seems quite sanguine at this point:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-02-06But another week later, the new age platitudes are gone, and Mel is spitting feathers about the video Angie and Sandy made together, in which they skewer Mel:

angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-02-12And th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

Angie and Mel, BFFs as recently as the summer, now reduced to random potshots via Skype text. We’re actually just a bit surprised it took them so long.


173 thoughts on “The Angela Papers, Part 2: The final days

    • El Coyote’s Law of Love:

      1. If you have to keep reassuring one another that you will love one another forever and ever and nothing will ever come between you and you’re not like all the other people who let conflicts divide them…you’re wrong.

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  1. Gripping stuff, Mr. Coyote! Thank you 🙂

    By the way, I’m curious to know about that second screenshot – what is it that Mel and Biggi have had enough of? (“Now Biggi and I have had enough of your…”)

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      • Angie reminds me of a man currently occupying the White House who thinks he is the President of the USA and suffers from the ailment Pathological Liar Syndrome.
        He said yesterday in a press conference that he “hadn’t talked to anyone in Russia for years” but five minutes later said he had spoken to Vladimir Putin twice recently. Mind you perhaps Putin was in Poland when he spoke to him.

        Liars like this no longer know they are telling lies because it’s become second nature to them.
        Angie is currently posting Fake News about a @pizzagate FBI raid on a child trafficking cult but if you track down the real source it was a raid on an adoption centre that was still arranging adoptions after they lost their license. That’s all they are accused of.
        Whatever Power-Disney’s claims there is always a kernel of truth such as she may get the day of the week correct but that’s about all. What a frightening way to live.

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        • Thats the scariest thing i find about the `chump’

          He literally doesn’t seem to be able to remember what lies he’s told, yet he’s got the big red button…

          I really am dreading the next few years- I suspect that it’s going to be `interesting’

          and not in a good way…

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    • Oh, sorry—if you look down to the segment titled “…and then it’s Angie’s turn”, you’ll see the same screenshot, followed by what came immediately afterward. It reads “Now Biggi and I have had enough of your / manipulations and causing of conflict with other broadcasters…”

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  2. Funny that Mel actually sent you the “proof of claim” that she DID call Bergen a “crack whore”, after vehemently denying it. Is that what they call digging your own grave?

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      • As I said El Coyote, I was quite prepared to hand over all communications in full transparency… to clarify, I knew I had reference Sandy as a CRACK WHORE when I previously communicated with Angela, as Sandy came out accusing me of it but would not confirm that Angela has been the one to tell her. I denied it to Angela knowing full well I had said it in order to get Angela to confess to being the one who went on to cause conflict behind the scenes. I needed her confirmation. Angela knew full well what she was doing when she went on to share our personal Skype discussion with Sandy… that was when crossed the line and proved what a trixy and manipulative person she is. We have a rule on our network and that is we do not cause conflict with other broadcasters. WE manage our own damage, but Angela tried to rope as many people in as she could, including Eilish Da Avalon, who was smarter than to get pulled into Angie’s manipulations.


    • No it is called complete transparency. I knew I had called Sandy Crack whore what I was trying to do was get Angela to admit that she was in fact the one who told Sandy that in an attempt to cause conflict. Sandy was a crack addict for 20 years, she has told me as much, and has also confirmed that her addiction was as bad as it gets, doing hideous things… In Sandy’s words “I was a dirty addict, did anything and everything for drugs”… Sandy shared some of those details, but they were shared in confidence and I can leave you all to use your imagination as to what those things were… and yes it is as bad as you think and worse.


        • Angie at 28:43 – “For someone who is conducting a journalism academy, I would have thought spelling and grammar would be fairly important.”

          Angie at 34:51 – “Like I said, Mel can’t spell or do grammar.”

          Angie’s latest video description:

          No irony there, then.


      • “I knew I had called Sandy Crack whore”

        Hmm, that’s odd, as you appear to have forgotten that in your emails when you clearly, categorically and unambiguously stated that you hadn’t. Oops!


      • Sandy shared that information confidence with you Mel but you didn’t keep that confidence she placed in you and you went and told it to Angie who is the worst person to share secrets with as you know she will blab it at some time or other.

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          • It’s very nice of this blog to allow Mel to post here, shame she doesn’t return the favour as i thought she’d be all for free speech.

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        • Angie already knew…. in fact, it was Angie who introduced Sandy to the network. Angie was well aware of Sandy’s past long before i told her, so please stop with the sanctimonious telling off, you don’t really care about Sandy, all you care about is having something to bitch about at me.


  3. I had to laugh when Mel said that Angie is “in desperate need of a holiday”. She’s been on fecking holiday for nigh on 40 years, LOL! 😀

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      • I believe Mel was refering to herself but truth be told its not a holiday either need its a proper job contributing something productive to the world around them.Slight flaw is finding someone prepared to employ them.They might be able use their finely honed bullshit talents to con a pizza outlet to show them the ropes on a zero hours contract basis.Worth a shot.

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      • I know more about you than you do about all the innocent people of Hampstead whom you’ve falsely accused of child rape and cannibalism. What’s your point?

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        • Yet another story that Mel has wrongly chosen to back. How long will we have to wait until she admits she got it all wrong, again

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  4. Again, painful though it is to admit – and hypocrisy aside – what Mel says about Angie here is spot-on!

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  5. Mel says that Angela’s kids have posted videos about how Angie abused them. Is that true? I don’t recall seeing any (though Angie herself has often boasted about it anyway).

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      • Not even ringing a bell, mate. Unless you mean the one with the Skype call where Angela talks about about how she used to hit her kids and once chased Gabi around the garden with a rake. Gabi laughs at that, though, and it’s very much an Angela production.

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      • Her daughter asked Angie in a Skype call how we had all got to know about her being beaten with a T square. Her kids weren’t particularly pleased when they found out exactly how much of their private lives was being broadcast on YouTube by their mother.

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          • Well with a role model like Angie for a parent it may be only time before they tell all(and the rest).One can only hope they can make a full detachment from her horrific influence and become decent human beings.


  6. Lol both so similar to each other but if I’ve got to take sides I’m with Mel. If I was her though best to ignore Power Disney from now on, not matter how angry she is.

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    • Waste of time spending energy on Angela, even if she gets more views than Mel lol.
      Both are full of shit but Mel knows how to polish a turd better than Angela.

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    • I bet Mel wishes she had paid heed to the warnings given by this blog about getting involved with Angie. Get involved with Angie and you just know trouble isn’t far away.

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  7. Is Arthur back in jail or in a psychiatric unit?

    My friend in Sydney says it is almost certain as he was on parole for a very serious charge of waving around an unlicensed gun and making threats. Part of his parole conditions probably were that he seeks psychiatric help and he is not to threaten anyone.

    Arthur has been threatening people via Facebook. Couple with his phone call to police and seemingly his sisters wanted him removed from their house.

    The climate on parole and nail has changed dramatically since the Lindt Cafe siege and the latest horror in Melbourne were 6 people were mowed down by a lunatic in a car.
    Both these criminals were given easy bail and went on to murder.

    There are very few secure psychiatric units in Oz but most hospitals have a ward but anyone can walk out of those wards at any time. He may be back in jail where he would be being treated by a psychiatrist.

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      • Waves hi @ GOS

        I am hoping his parole officer and his psychiatrist both had a good long look at his various facebook accounts and decided the appropriate treatment to ensure his longterm mental health improves

        As amusing as his online rants are, they show just how seriously disturbed arfur really is, and nobody here wants him to go completely off the deep end, and would wish him only the best in having his `fukedupleb’ issues resolved for the best- both for him and everyone else around his sakes

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          • Thats why I haven’t been posting much about him recently- he is literally a ticking timebomb imho and considering his history, if he snaps I an extremely worried that he will become another media sensation, in the worst possible way

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          • People such as Arthur and Jake Clarke are the sort of people that are a concern, since these mentally ill characters are open to encouragement and influence by twisted individuals such as Angela Power Disney to do something that threatens public safety. I am personally surprised that the people of Hampstead have so far escaped serious harm from lunatics running around attacking property or people thinking they are all baby-eating *****.

            The dude who flew in from America, who said so many worrying things on the internet, was a serious cause for concern, and should have been stopped at the border.

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    • He was giving out the home address of Sgt K Lockya on his youtube video which got removed very fast. On that tweety bird site he still has all his rants up, and some weird money related bills/donation? A few people get the C Word treatment on there as well lol. Considering what he has said he will do to a few members of the boys in blue, I can’t see it going to well. Who knew that death threats and promoting acts of terrorism would be allowed to go on so long without them checking up on his activities.

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      • Considering the various threats he has made- including saying he has explosives and threatening to turn his street into a middle eastern hellhole, I am amazed they haven’t hauled him in already, esp as GOS said, there have been several high profile media cases recently of half baked morons going off the deep end when out on bail, I would have thought the NSW and Vic police would have been walking on eggshells about any and every possible wacko out on bail going mental

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      • I am thinking of the guy in the states that was just `investigating’ at the pizza place- with a semi auto rifle ….

        luckily both the UK and Oz are more stringent in the ability to acquire guns (altho imho not nearly enough- and that’s from someone who held a pistol lisc)

        I’m expecting (unfortunately) that `pizzagate’ isnt nearly over yet, and it will be another us style bloodbath before its all over


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      • I think Arthur is a danger to others. He also threatened Mr Hollings.
        In his ‘Revolution’ video he looked rather desperate, rhyming off names and asking them to come out and play, telling them that they were safe now. But his guard would slip and you could see his frustration. He wanted validation of some sort. He also talks about the uneasiness of his family, which speaks volumes about how they view his behaviour. Even if, after therapy or medication, he loses his obsessiveness they still have to live with an extremely obnoxious and physically powerful individual. He has a vile tongue which has no regard for the presence of children and he bullies those around him. Imagine having to live with that on a daily basis.

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  8. Another thing, why have CCN still got the names of the children up on their website?, it’s under Angela’s Caches. When is Mel Ve going to apologise publicly for giving a platform to people who promote the hoax, and gain some credibility back by admitting the role she played in the hoax?
    Sure there would be a lawsuit there is CCN had any viewers or money.

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      • Mel, be polite to our regulars, please. You have repeatedly called many of us trolls for making comments which were far more polite than the one you’ve just made. You’ve also blocked us all from posting on all of your platforms, so don’t abuse the privilege that EC and I have afforded you in allowing you to post here. Differing views are welcome. Trolling is not. Thank you.

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      • In fairness, displaying the images of two extremely vulnerable children on the internet is highly illegal and a form of child abuse. The fact that someone pointing that out makes you so angry is rather telling.

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        • I don’t have any of their images displayed on the internet, and I am not angry, just direct… you people make a lot of assumptions.


          • Being accused of “making assumptions” by someone who claims that there is a baby-raping cannibal cult in Hampstead just because the buildings look “a bit creepy”. No hypocrisy there, then.

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          • Mel Ve
            February 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm

            I don’t have any of their images displayed on the internet, and I am not angry, just direct… you people make a lot of assumptions.


            at this comment I really just had to be admitting I am currently PMSL and ROTFLMAO

            pot calling the kettle black doesnt even come close

            `you people make a lot of assumptions.’

            WE do??


            WE DO????

            Pull ya head out of ya own bum and take a really good look at the people on ccn- `we arent trying to get webhits on cnn, really….

            The ONLY people making assumptions are on your own `channel’ mel

            Talk about being off the planet- mels off the universe…

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          • Another thing, why have CCN still got the names of the children up on their website?, it’s under Angela’s Caches.
            Mel Ve
            February 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm

            I don’t have any of their images displayed on the internet

            mel heres a hint- think before opening mouth (or in this case typing)

            its STILL there….

            so typically mel- open mouth and insert foot firmly….

            when called on it

            open mouth and insert other foot even more firmly….

            I need adult diapers I am PMSL so often…

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          • Well Angie is currently in the market for an “intern” to abuse and has a fetish for random items of furniture.Biggi needs a holiday and is top notch at being hen pecked.Just need a donation page to cover the flight,Angies insurance fiddling documentation and an oxygen mask.

            What could possibly go wrong?

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      • And setting people’s stuff on fire with her lit fags, which she puts down every so often to take a swig. All the while quoting the Bible as if she actually has even the slightest understanding of what any of it means. And claiming she is into “scatological knowledge”.

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          • Yes, not to spoil the ending, but Jesus comes back to earth, says, “All aboard…except you, you miserable old slag. Oh, and stop calling me Yeshua like you think we’re on a first-names basis or something”. Then he loads everyone else onto a spaceship and off they go. Pan out to Angie, standing alone on the beach, waving a handkerchief and sobbing, “Come back! I’ll stop being a bitch! I promise”. Cue extro music.

            I think I have been giving this too much thought.

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        • Thought I would brush up on my ignorance and check out this “Scatology” thing of which I knew bugger all….(Tapping of keyboard…followed by jaw hitting floor sound)….Blimey and cripes.

          It would appear I have lived something of a sheltered existence to date and whilst I have to say this is not exactly a rabbit hole I would wish to probe deeper into I can see this pastime could be right up Angelas alley.No wonder she is forever scratching herself and one hopes such interests do not clash with the beginning of the rapture as that could prove a tad awkward.

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  9. Er…nope. Sorry Angie but you yourself stated that your ‘Disney’ name (not ‘d’Isigny, as you used to claim then changed your mind on) came from marrying someone called Disney. His ancestors are not your ancestors.


  10. Check out this response to Angela’s latest post:

    This is why it’s not ok to make random accusations against dead celebrities, Angela. You end up hurting real, living people. Shame on you.


    • Angie Power Disney has produced more on screen Fairy Tales, in the last year and a half alone, than Walt Disney ever did, in his entire lifetime. That’s some achievement indeed, so hat’s off to you Angie 🙂

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  11. Mel, would you be willing to do a Q&A or an AMA on here or elsewhere? Provided the questions are respectful, of course. If so would you be willing to answer these questions?

    1. Where do you see CCN going in the future, what is the end goal?
    2. All the content looks polished and very professional, but do you think CCN would have been better off spending the time on building a following and a bigger viewing audience before investing in such software and set-up in a very competative market?
    3. The Youtube Name when typing in CCN somes up with an Asian channel with less subscribers and a third of the video numbers. However, the big thing is their videos have much, much higher views.
    Would it be better for you to incluse CCN in the channel title?
    4. The business model of content providers paying to feature on your network seems like a bit of a dead end if the viewing numbers are not there. They will soon realise they can probably get higher views sticking to their own channels rather than competing against each other on CCN.
    5. Some of the videos have very bad audio issues such as this recent one “Predator In Possession | Deadly Family Secrets”, unlistenable for most people. These are basic things that should be sorted out before or during the broadcast and reflects badly on the Network.
    6. Just how high maintenance are people like APD and SB? Those types are always doomed to bring issues and i’m not just talking about their dubious allegations about their MKULTRA pasts.
    7. Would you consider a public apology to Sandra for calling her “a Crack Whore”, and suggesting that if she is seeking attention by talking about suicidal intentions she should just go ahead and do it? Would you admit that you would have been better off telling her you are not a qualified therapist and telling her to get some help with her issues first and not to just go back on the drink and drugs?
    8. Why do you give a platform to hoaxers and scammers, when it is obvious that they are full of false and unsupported claims.
    9. Are you aware of any of your guests having connections to pedophilia before they were allowed to broadcast on your network. Maybe a background check or even a google search would suffice.
    10. Are you finally at a point in your life where you will say you were wrong over the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Hoax and just how unbelievably stupid the whole thing really is?

    Thanks in advance Mel.

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          • By polished and professional I mean to say they are not exactly averaging many views and still churning out content at a decent rate the graphics and presentation looks good compared to most you tube channels.
            I mean, have you seen the content that gets an insane amount of view, all that vine crap for those with short attention spans. And as for views these clowns in the so called Trap music scene, pretty much those with no talent who cannot rap or sing and use autotune get over 400 milion views in some of their other videos.
            This one only gets 4.5 million views but is at least entertaining somewhat, but seriously what the feck.


    • Dear Jillian, thank you for your thoughtful list of questions. I do find some of them to be quite leading though, however, I am more than willing to address some, and will pass over others that I don’t feel are worth my effort.

      1. There has never been an end goal for CCN, as this is a continuous journey of growth and expansion. I can’t see the future, and this whole project has evolved as new technologies and ideas have become available. To be honest, when we launched this project, I had no idea we would still be here 2 years later, but here we are. Conscious Consumer Network has been created with the explicit intention creating a platform for truly FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, to fully realize their potential, with all possible tools available within our current context and understanding, being made available in the form of a cutting edge, interactive LIVE broadcast network, especially dedicated to FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA, which is totally uncontrolled by the Government, and is free from corporate sponsorship and product bias. The intention of CCN is to create an ethical LIVE broadcast based channel for the consciously orientated educator, innovator, investigator and investor in the knowledge and awakening of humanity.

      2. Thank you for the compliment. The large majority of our equipment has been built up over a period of time, and you are probably right, if it was commercial success I was after, sure I could spend more time making fluff and fodder for main stream media, which I have done plenty of when I worked in London. I moved into free & independent media to break free from the illusions that I was in effect helping to create. Sure they were lucrative, but I do not do this for money. I do this for the cause.

      Question 4 is not a question more like a personal opinion you wish to share, which I shall comment on. You don’t know how our business model works and what services we provide as part of the network set up, so you can’t really comment with any accuracy on this. Many of our broadcasters download the You Tube videos to their own channels, which is why the viewing figure on our network channel may appear low. Also we now broadcast on Facebook, and the archives are imbedded there forevermore to view, so the You Tube viewing figures are diluted. As for competing against each other, that is not what we do here. We don’t run a competitive environment, rather one of mutual collaboration and respect. Also, our You Tube numbers are deliberately throttled. I have personally seen numbers go up, and then all the way down again on the same video. I have witnessed this countless times over the last two years.

      5. When there is bad audio, it is usually as a result of the broadcaster not having their broadcast equipment sorted or checked. Sometimes it is faulty. This is not something we at CCN can do anything about, as we are in a different country the broadcasters and guests most of the time. All broadcasters are trained and instructed how to do their sound. Sometimes things go wrong and technical issues happen. The most important thing is that we do not stress, just learn from the experience and try to work on improvements. We don’t work on old paradigm fear based programming by saying ” it will reflect badly on the network”. That does not promote a positive working environment by putting that kind of pressure and projection on people, and if anybody thinks it does reflect badly on the network, then perhaps they should stop being so judgemental. WE are all doing our best with what we have, and sometimes that comes with technical glitches. We too have glitches that occur here in the studio, and sometimes we also make silly mistakes which could or should have been avoided. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up about it, just learn and self correct.

      6. People like Angela Power Disney, Sandy Bergen and Suz Pratt, fall into a very specific category of people and that is those who have seized upon media to validate themselves and gratify their egos rather than engage in a journey of discovery, or delivering any specific message or teaching… and when they don’t get the fame and adulation they so desperately crave, they take it out on everybody else in a most ugly and indignant way, rather than face their own short comings / demons. Sadly, many people are still programmed with ideas and illusions of grandeur when it comes to the world of media. Having myself worked in main stream media in London, all I can say is that it is a dog eat dog world, extremely perverted, and extremely dark. I had a very hard time of things when I was there and it wreaked havoc in my personal life. I then got to a point where I had a break down, realising that that thing, being media, which I thought I wanted to be a part of my whole life, was evil, and I now had to find another way… that is when I moved to Holland and began my “Alternative Media Journey”, which for me has always been a journey of growth and discovery. The whole point of creating CCN was to build on the creation of a new paradigm of media, and to create a space for free and creative expression. At the time I did this, I was not aware of the many complications that came with that, such as the fact that some people believe “free & creative expression” means they can spew any insanity and bullshit they like whilst pretending to be an “Independent Journalist” (referencing APD).
      Being in the position of having worked with so many diverse people all over the world, it has taught me a great deal, and always we are implementing what we learn in to the continued growth of the network.
      Always it is a risk when we take on a new broadcaster, but within a few months, we eventually work out if they will last or not. To be honest, I am amazed Angela lasted as long as she did, but it was only because of my sheer persistence that I would not fall out with her and give or fodder to the trolls… But eventually no matter how hard I tried with Angela, no matter how hard I tried with Sandy Bergen, the bottom line is, they are in this for the wrong reasons, so there will always be conflict within the environment that we create here at CCN. It is almost like a self sorting mechanism in a way, and those that are genuine stay, those that are not, eventually depart. Sadly, there are a great many more people who are in this for the wrong reasons i.e.. ego gratification, than there are people who are “doing for the cause” so to speak.

      7. I apologise for using the term Crack Whore when referencing Sandy Bergen. Sadly this is the truth about her, as she admitted as much to me, but I really regret using such a derogatory term when referencing someone who is clearly that mentally unwell. It was perhaps insensitive of me, and I am willing to acknowledge that. I am usually much more compassionate with people’s suffering, and labelling people with such derogatory terms is never okay and it is certainly not kind… But in all fairness, you have all labelled me with some very unfair baggage and labels too, so enough with the “Holier than thou” sanctimonious bullshit. At least when I call Sandy Bergen a Crack Whore, there is truth to it, irrespective of how triggering the term may be for any reader.

      8. Why do you give a platform to hoaxers and scammers, when it is obvious that they are full of false and unsupported claims – Good question, and I can assure you that this is not intentional. Often giving them a platform is how I collect the evidence to determine for myself that they are scammers and hoaxers. I certainly do not get pressured by public opinion, rather I take the time to diligently assess and work through the information carefully. The simple fact is that not everybody holds the same opinions on all issues, and there will inevitably some guest that comes on that wrongly promotes one of the many fake causes. The simple fact is that it is up to all broadcasters to vet their guests. As a network, we simply do not get involved in the guest choice or selection, or we get accused of being “handlers” or “controllers” or of being “censors”. It is a fine tight rope we walk at all times when trying to be fair but firm.

      9. If I had concrete proof and evidence of somebody being involved in pederatic activity or cult ritual abuse, I simply do not allow them onto the network. There are some people who are survivors of cults who have been on the network, such as Jay Parker and Teal Swan, but that is as far as it goes. As a victim of childhood sexual and physical abuse, I don’t tolerate that of anybody.

      10. Are you finally at a point in your life where you will say you were wrong over the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Hoax and just how unbelievably stupid the whole thing really is?
      Jillian Long, this is a very leading question, and what does it matter to you what point I am at in my life? Quite frankly that has nothing to do with you. I don’t know you at all.
      The defining point in my life will most certainly not be my commentary or agreement with this blogs stance on the Hampstead Whistleblower Kids. I am involved in investigating many different areas at the moment which are much more significant in the greater scheme of things.
      As for my stance on this case, I would like to properly investigate it before I state what my final position is. I personally do not have the resources to fly out to London and go personally interviewing all the people involved, but I welcome the opportunity to do so and to make a documentary film about it if anybody should be forthcoming with the resources for that to happen.
      What I do know for sure is that Cult Ritual Abuse is real and it happens and it is happening in London. Whether or not the Hampstead case is a hoax, is still not something I am clear on.

      Again thank you for your questions. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist in adding clarity to.

      Kindest Regards
      Mel xx


      • Mel, don’t take this the wrong way but has your “network” ever considered buying a microphone that works? Editing your videos would help too and might even get your live audience up into double figures!


        • Thank you for pointing this out and Yes I know I need a new microphone SN, I don’t have the money to get one right now. Despite what many of you may think, we aint exactly swimming in gold here at CCN. We do the best with what we have.


        • Hi there Liza, Hope Girl and I have never fallen out, we are still friends and CCN still receives a regular monthly donation of 50 dollars from the Fix the World Foundation. It is easy to label people this or that without taking into account a much greater context of a journey. I know many people think Hope is a scammer, but she has genuinely been involved in developmental project… it is real and tangible, not just a concept or idea. I respect the fact that Hope Girl for what she has managed to do in terms of trying to create a free energy device. Sadly they have not been able to complete the final phase of the project, but one should never be afraid to engage in such a project for fear of failure. Having worked with Hope Girl intensely over the course of 2016, I got to know her ups and downs, and all I can say is that the good things about Hope by far outweigh the less positive aspects. She is one of the most professional media people I have ever worked with in terms of how well she researches, prepares her content, and thinks logically about things. Hope’s decision to stop broadcasting on CCN was a mutual decision, as I wanted to focus on DRAGONOLOGY seasons 3, and Hope was relocating her base to Marrakesh to get better internet, as she had very bad connection in the part of Morocco where she is. Hope and I may still do some more broadcasts together at a later stage, as I enjoy working with her in a media capacity. Whether or not they will ever be able to get the QEG to work is another story altogether, but I do so admire the massive challenge that Hope and family undertook in trying to get this project over the finishing line… maybe they get it there, maybe they won’t.. but at no time will I ever be discouraging of people for trying.


          • Mel, it was Hope Girl herself who said she’d severed all ties with CCN. Thanks for asking.


          • Friendly advice for Mel to avoid getting even more egg all over her face and having to invent more excuses further down the road.

            1.Do a little basic homework into the first laws of thermodynamics.
            2.Understand that bubbles filled with hot air alone cannot be sustained even in a quiet medium.
            3.If serious about making world a better place first learn how to fold socks perfectly.
            4.When charging for a free lunch dont expect a tip.


      • “Many of our broadcasters download the You Tube videos to their own channels, which is why the viewing figure on our network channel may appear low.”

        Ah, so that’s why you charge people 200 Euros a month to broadcast on your network instead of just posting videos to their own channels. Oh wait.


      • Mel, may we see your proof of claim that the people of Hampstead are involved in a baby-eating cannibal cult?


      • Mel, do you now admit that we were right about Angela all along? You may recall that many of us repeatedly warned you about her from the moment she started broadcasting with CCN. You reacted by calling us trolls and “terrorists” (yep, that is actually what you said) and blocking us. Ho hum.


        • Good point CCC. Mel was indeed warned about Angela and Mel could have checked this out for herself by viewing Angie’s Youtube for example. Or were you Mel more interested in the money you could take off Angela for broadcasting with you?

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      • Hi Mel,

        Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer questions.
        I don’t believe anyone here is a troll. The term is such an over used word for someone who doesn’t share the same views. If anything promoters of the Hampstead Hoax are the trolls.

        If a group of conspiracy loons, drug addicts, criminals and sex offenders including self admitted child abusers were running a hate campaign against you, your family, CCN, everyone you work with and have been associated with. Calling you a pedophile, cannibal, satanic, baby muncher, sending death threats etc, with absolutely no evidence to back it up, and actively supporting Abraham and Ella two child torturers on the run who only wanted to get back at the people they accused and also push their Hempstar Dynamics cure for mind control and mk ultra victims.

        Would you not be fighting back against all that? If Videos of children you knew were spread all over the internet talking about graphic abuse and viewed by millions of people online, wouldn’t you want to put them right about THE TRUTH? These people do not listen to facts, evidence and commonsense it is all “I believe the children”, “they couldn’t possibly make up such things”, “I trust my gut feelings”, this is their evidence.
        After wasting time trying to talk to these fruitcakes the only thing left is to see how they like being ridiculed and getting a taste of their own medicine, that and getting them convicted of course.

        Now who are the REAL trolls, again.

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  12. Lol at people who claim their husband and father in-law worked with Walt and said he was a good man.
    Disney was a notorious Racist. Who cares whether he was a mason or member of a group of successful people or not. So what if he was racist? sign of the times and only natural behaviour instilled in people by society and also from the days of tribal groups. Someone doesn’t look like you and they can be a threat to your territory, same with animals which we are really just not so different from.


      • I can explain further if you do not undersatnd. since caveman days man has always resisted against those encroaching upon their territory the same way African Tribes still fight today and the 1st nation American Indians were often at war with neighbouring tribes. That mentallity is only something that has disappeared in recent times. We now realise that there is no threat and need for predjudice against other peoples.

        The masons and so called illuminate are just mainly gentlemans clubs and those that seek to influence political and business power by consolidation of common goals and interests. There is nothing suspicious about these groups. Disney if he was really a racist and misogynist was more of a sign of the times in America at that point of time. Like many soldiers from the WW2 generation who had their own predjudices against coloured coming in to help rebuild the country after the war ended.

        You cannot hold people of the past by modern standards of acceptable behaviour whether you like it or not.


    • By modern standards everyone of my grandfathers (and Walts) time were extremely racist
      Even my nan called aborigines names that these days would simply not be acceptable, yet in her time, thats just the way it was

      So the `outing’ of Walt Disney as a `racist’ is imho, a complete load of bullocks, you could also accuse my grandad and nan of exactly the same, yet doesnt make them (or him) a nasty person

      I would suggest a closer look at the people making the accusations, I suspect you will find they are only doing it to draw attention to themselves, by using more famous peoples name as an attention getter

      I mean, just look at APD- is there anyone famous who she didnt know (allegedly lol)


      • Agreed. The only truely genuine racist person I have ever personally known was my next door neighbour who live to be 93. He was in in WW2 and captured early on and a prisoner of war for most of the part working on the farms in Germany and fed a very poor diet of boiled cabbage and whatever they could get. Whenever a black or asian looking person came on TV he would always claim they only got the job so they didn’t have to pay them as much. Maybe he was right in some ways as pay between minorities and women were not always equal with that of a white person in his day. He didn’t use the n-word or anything bad just that you could tell that he disregarded those different from him as not his equal. same as the way the LGBT crowd have been treated and still are til this day in some areas of the workplace.

        Finding out an idol or hero is not what you expect is always a frustrating moment. I remember my first boss finding out Gary Glitter was a pedophile and telling me how he threw out all the albums he owned of his.
        Then there are many more celebrities that have question marks hanging over them whether they were never found guilty or not. Just depends on what you want to focus on.


  13. I think Mel has only shared her Sype conversations with Hoaxtead as she knew that would piss APD off immensely.. and I hope it has.

    Maybe she also thinks MKD will start going easy on her if she’s seen as giving us information which is post-worthy too.

    Or maybe I’m just being suspicious..


  14. How many celebrities can Angela libel in one day? I think she’s on a mission to break her own record today.


    • gotta get the pizzagate and hamps in there too for full effect. Angela’s liked videos on youtube just show what her in depth studies really entail. explains where she gets all the MK crap from. Child hunts with alien/reptilian overlords bahahaha. not exactly worthy quarry for a so called superior shape shifting species. and to say she survived. a pack of beagles could hunt angie down in seconds.


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