The Angela Papers, Part 1: What went wrong at CCN?

Dedicated readers will recall that a couple of weeks ago we received some information from an unusual source—Mel Ve, who operates the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN) with her husband Biggi, informed us that Angela Power-Disney and Sandy Bergen were being dismissed from the network. Predictably, Angela who never (well rarely, oh all right sometimes and that’s her final offer) reads this blog, had issued a YouTube video in which she attempted to refute Mel’s claim. Mel responded with another email, offering further insight into the decision to let Angela go.

The most recent volley in this war of words came from Angela and her American pal HeliumHead…er, Sandy, in the form of a video (of course) in which they took turns reading aloud passages from their Skype correspondence with Mel. Entertaining as that was, we ought to have known that it wouldn’t be the last we’d hear of the spat.

Sure enough, yesterday morning we received another email from Mel. This time, it came with an attachment, consisting of Skype transcripts between Mel and Angela. In the cover note, Mel stated:

Dear El Coyote

I am handing over all Skype communications between myself Angela Power Disney, so that all can be transparent and in the public domain.

I am sure you and your team and trolls will find them very insightful.

I know I am not perfect, and indeed, there is much that you all seem to have a great time picking at me about in the public domain, but I really only wish to create a better world, and like many people, I too am going through the process of deconfusing myself from this level of reality.

I do recall your previous comments about not being a conduit for my public battle with Angela, but you see, the battle is not in my mind… Angela is the one at war with herself and the world. I just want her off my radar. I have no energy for hatred and I have no intention of going into a public on air slanging match with her. I won’t feed the beast.

Kindest Regards

Mel Ve
We did indeed find the transcripts very interesting, as they helped clarify some of the behind-the-scenes discussions that ultimately led to Angela’s termination at CCN.
Beginning as early as September 2016, discussions about money began to work their way into the conversation between Mel and Angie, with Angie pleading poverty and Mel trying to find ways to accommodate her:
angela-v-mel-ccn-2016-09-16angela-v-mel-ccn-2016-12-01However, a few days after the above conversation, Angela sent off a string of Skype texts which seem to amount to a plea for attention:
Mel’s response was rather…terse—possibly understandably, as Angie by this time was proving to be a pretty high-maintenance property:
Aside from the amateur psychologising, this sounds like a not at all unreasonable response: essentially, Mel points out that Angela made the choice to take a break, and urges her to take responsibility for her own actions. Nice try, Mel, but we can tell you from having watched Angela for two years: she’s not really into that whole “taking responsibility” thing.
Skipping ahead a month, we find Mel reproving Angela for her choice in interviewees:
angela-v-mel-2017-01-17-1And the next day, things seem to have come to a head, as Mel responds to Angela’s attempt to get her and Biggi to run CCN Angie’s way. Mel is deeply unamused by this suggestion:
angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-18-1 angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-18-2 angela-v-mel-ccn-2017-01-18-3As you can see, by mid-January, Mel and Angie’s relationship has deteriorated to the breaking point. Angie does not respond to Mel here, and within another 10 days she has been sacked.
Would anyone care to count the discrepancies between Angela and Sandy’s video the other day, and the written record? Answers on a postcard, please!

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    • I suppose he will use another account or if all those have gone, set up a new one.

      He is obsessed with all this HRH (lol) nonsense and I can’t see him going that easily.

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    • I hope it’s the result of some mental health intervention and that he’s being looked after actually. ‘Bout time.

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      • Yes, I hope that’s the case. I’d like to take this opportunity to urge people once again to avoid interacting with Arfur. He clearly needs mental health intervention, and the policy of this blog is to back off and allow that to happen when there’s any chance that a person is putting themselves or others in danger.

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    • I haven’t a clue who they think the Trolls are?

      Just anyone that disagrees or questions them I think.

      Most people that comment on here then I guess.

      Well they can stick their Troll label where the sun doesn’t usually shine, as I’m not owning that label, hehehe.

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  1. “That is cool, we are happy with 100, and we keep you at twice a week.”

    Interesting – that contradicts what Angie said yesterday about meanie Mel charging her for both shows.

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    • Yes, Angela would have been shot down though with the truth if the 2 ladies would have given her the time of day.

      Angela knows she would have lost the discussion so didn’t do any interview.

      As I’ve said before, Angela doesn’t really have a clue about the Hollie Greig case, as she came in to it too late.

      She only really believes it because of 2nd hand reading and accounts.

      Angela is just keeping in with Brenda Mumsy Mc Namara, who has an IQ of below 80 imo.

      Brenda donates or sells her homemade jewellery to Angela, who cares so much about it she loses an earring in her little Bohemian/old fashioned/granny style pad in Lanzarote.

      Angela is keeping the options open to stay at Brenda’s again, (having slept on the sofa in April 2015) plus Brenda has a bit of support from the thickos, who will believe anything the nasty ole gal says.

      Angela likes the idea I’m sorry to say, of Hollie being abused by all these paedophiles.

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      • My question about how Angela lied over Maggie and Sylvia’s reaction to Matthew Konrad Ogilvy was one of several that she conveniently skipped in her ‘response’ videos.

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        • Yes not only has she skipped over your question time and time again, but TOTALLY lied about the incident.

          Angela LIAR Disney, come on now, be a lady of good character and explain yourself to the nice gentleman and everyone else that heard what you said.


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      • Both Sylvia and Wyn have conducted themselves with dignity despite terrible false accusations.
        I doubt either of them would have agreed to an interview with Angela, given her reputation and attitude.

        I’ve noticed Angela make negative remarks about Sylvia on several occasions in the past. I can only speculate that she might be envious of someone who is so obviously dignified and mature and has the respect of everyone who knows her personally.

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        • I have a lot of respect for both ladies and their decision to fight back. I believe they are taking an interest in Hoaxtead as the same people seem to be behind it.

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          • Yes, interesting that the same group of con artists and nutters seem to be behind both hoaxes, isn’t it? We’ve talked about this here before, but the longer we look into it the more apparent the links become.

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    • But what about her stance on Hoaxtead?

      She’s a liar! A fraud! A thief! A child abuser!


  2. Of course Mel would want to keep complete control of her ‘network’ and Angie’s attempt to muscle in so soon is a bit over the top.
    I would encourage anyone to set up their own network of Youtube channel but my advice to Mel C would be: you are entering an over-crowded field and need to consider the audience you wish to attract.

    Having watched the phenomena of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative news’ actually influence an important election in the USA (I believe the claims of Russian interference) trying to emulate them is hopeless.

    Also by it’s very nature : those who worship (faked) conspiracies and the endless claims of Rothschild Pizza Freemason Pedo (add your own here) Cultish influence are like drug addicts. They need more and more like any drug addict and their habit is never sated.
    The professionals Like Breitbart, InfoWars have the capacity to feed those habits and unless you are going to somehow get a chunk of mainstream advertising when even the old networks like News Corp , Daily Mail etc are struggling to get adverts for their on-line presence, you simply cannot compete.

    Why not do the opposite : go for the positive. You have already been taken in by false gods like Annett. Be a positive news channel and you will find your audience far more appreciative than the fickle Truther market who move onto more sensations like the heroin addicts they are.

    As for Angie: she’s walked into all this stuff too late- 2/3 years ago and again it’s a crowded field of many nutty & disturbed folk ( not naming names but Neelu comes to mind).

    # my invoice is in the mail. (does anyone know if I should add GST ? I never have to with MI5 as when I asked the tax office if I needed to add GST to my 2/6p bill he sort of had a coughing fit and was shrieking- I think someone in the office must have told him a very funny joke?

    ## Does anyone know where ex Mi6 agent David Shayler shops? Wore a very attractive ball-gown the other night at the annual Greet & Meet event at GCHQ for former spies who had nervous breakdowns and I forgot to ask where it came from.

    Oh for God’s sake Nursie, I’ll take the bloody pills. No need to threaten me with the water treatment.

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    • Excellent advice, GoS. I think the conspiritainment field is very over-crowded now, and a more positive approach could be just the ticket for CCN. The trick, of course, will be to separate the frauds (like HopelessGirl) from the real thing; but no one said running a media empire would be easy.


  3. All these people seem to be high maintainance. Just looking at the new videos briefly today on CCN it looks like a cult of weirdo’s. Reminds me of the people associated with that Heaven’s Gate cult, down to the creepy voice introduction and graphics. I don’t forgive Mel for saying that someone with past/current mental health issues should just kill themselves or go back to drugs/alcohol abuse. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Although listening to Sandra yesterday she is beyond paranoid from someone having the same as one of her handlers, Chem trails, astral plains, being triggered, attacked in the spirit world etc. Even Angela wasn’t having much of that garbage, didn’t let her get a word in edgeways and spoke over her all the time. She walked off at the beginning which was very rude, then spends most of the time playing with her hair, staring away from the screen and fidgetting. Sandra seems like someone who needs some support and stability where as Angela will just wreck shop no matter what.

    Still can’t believe these people have to pay to provide content to CCN,ass backwards. They only do it because the fancy graphics make them look like they are on a real TV Broadcast, yet the videos get very few views. There just isn’t enough market space for several 2 hour long videos every few days.

    The content is 100% nonsense as well, a mixture of new age crap and mythology with some CSA and SRA mixed in for sensationalism. They give a platform to too many fruit cakes just to get some attention.
    It really isn’t working, no matter how succesful they say it is, it really isn’t.

    Saying all that, I have been after a left handed mug for a long time

    …so Mel if you want to send me one I would be willing to help, as long as I don’t have to read your book.

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  4. Typical manipulative behaviour from APD. Even when offered to do the show for half price she wanted to be in control. Then blaming all her aggression on her ‘alter’. Telling Mel what to believe in regards HG (password) to the kingdom.
    I think I would rather listen to an hour of Arthur using the C word than listen to the sick rubbish that comes out Spivey’s demented mouth.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if APD would refuse to speak to Wyn and Sylvia. Many of these types don’t want to meet the people they accuse. I’m sure I remember a video in which Robert Green and Belinda were confronted concerning HG. Neither Robert or Belinda seemed particularly keen to talk, especially Robert,lol.

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  5. Mel Ve’s urging Bergen’s Suicide Dreams was Despicable….”just DO IT!” Tsk Tsk Mel Ve ya Nutbag Collector!


  6. Angie doesn’t have alters or ADHD she sufferers from several case of ARSE syndrome which can be a very serious disorder. Similiar to Tourettes in some parts but in this case ARSE syndrome is displayed everytime the sufferer opens their mouth to communicate, writes down words or types them. A very sad condition, It affects every aspect of a persons life and may lead to severe loneliness as the sufferer continues to burn every bridge left including the one upon which they stand thus plunging into the depths of isolation below.

    ARSE stands for many things, which essentially are all the same behavioural faults.

    Acute Really Suspicious Education
    Advocating Ridiculously Stupid Explanations/Enterprises
    Actual Reality Suspending Experiences
    Androgynously Raspy Sounding Enunciations
    Actively Repeating Shitty Examples

    Last but not least a controversial case study and use of a buzzword has brought about a newer term.
    Artificially Reporting Scurrilous Ella-gations.

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    • I caught Chris trolling a young lady about her question a Just giving campaign for a friends of his child. She only asked a few questions and rather than just answering her, he wrote a long piece on his Facebook page slating her to hell. Irony hey!

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    • A warrant without bail means that the police hold onto you until the next available Court sitting – i.e. the following morning unless it’s a weekend. Then your solicitor can argue the case for bail. They can’t hang onto you until your case comes up without a Court hearing and it’s up to the Court to decide whether you get bail or not.

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  7. Thats it!
    I warned you. Your illegal comments about me and Chris Spivey have now been SCREENGRABBED and will be used in evidence to bring you down.
    Sites like yours try and ride on the coattails of successful speakers and authors like myself and well….. your time is up!
    I can get pages removed and website shut down in an instant.
    You are going to be the subject of one of my “Top Tosser” videos …. and then you will be sorry.
    My videos have brought people down! Beleive me.

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    • Hi. I’m not affiliated with this blog but I’m just stopping by to let you know that we all so believe that you’re the real Danielle la Vérité. LOL

      As for Danielle being a “successful speaker and author”, that is so funny. Thank you – you have made my day! 😀

      By the way, I’ve already been the subject of Danielle’s ‘Top Tossers’ videos on no less than two occasions, hehe. And I wear that badge with pride – if I’ve pissed Danielle off, I’ve probably done something right. After all, we’re talking about a woman who thinks the Queen is a shape-shifting lizard, that schoolchildren are forced to wear signs round their neck every time they go to the toilet and that Cliff Richard’s vineyards are fertilised by dead babies. My favourite, though, was her massive rant about how Cliff’s song ‘Carrie’ was a coded confession to child murder. I politely pointed out to her that he didn’t write that song and she blocked me! Anyway, point is, please tell her I would be honoured to be declared a top tosser once again and to achieve the ‘hat trick’.

      But back to those “Top Tossers” videos. The second one was really (not deliberately) funny. She’d posted a rant about me, calling me Gillian Appleby. Once she realised I wasn’t Gillian Appleby, she made me a top tosser for pretending to be her and trolling her in her name. But here’s the thing – my user name was ThumbingYouDown, my profile pic was of Simon Cowell, my YT URL was …/ThumbDown99 and on not one occasion did I claim to be Giilian, So she was basically blaming me for her own humiliating balls-up! I’m still proud to have got under her skin like that.

      By the way, will the legal action she takes against us be as successful as the one she screamed for months that she was going to take against Debbie of the Kent Freedom Movement (for daring to question Danielle’s bullshit – or “exercise her free speech”, as Spivey would call it)? She said she had a lawyer friend who not only told her that disagreeing with her was libellous (LOL) but agreed to take on her (typically £80,000+ and extremely time-consuming for up to two years) libel case…for free!.Of course, we all believed her (haha). Just like we believed her when she said many times that she had never owned a car, then posted a tearful rant about how she freaks out at some traffic lights near her home and waits there on green because of her (alleged) agoraphobia. Fake conditions that stop her working, alleged benefits scrounging, spouting unsubstantiated bullshit and slander 24/7 and making up fake legal action…Tell Danielle she really should meet Angela Power-Disney – they have so much in common! LOL

      As for that evil lying hateful wanker, Spivey, tell him he can bring it the fuck on. I’ll see him in court. He might find me harder to intimidate than the grieving, vulnerable mother of a murdered soldier. By the way, did he ever manage to work out how long it is between 1:20pm and 2:20pm? His entire argument for that attack being fake was based on that being “an hour and ten minutes”. The old-fashioned among us, however, have this silly notion that it’s 50 minutes. Pity, as his entire case for the CCTV footage being fake was based on it being an hour and ten minutes. D’oh!

      Your claim that you “can get pages removed and website shut down in an instant” made me chuckle too. Pssst: no, you can’t. Still, it’s good to know that Spivey’s followers are so keen to abide by his rabid support of the right to free speech. So no hypocrisy there, then.

      As for your threat (in your previous comment) to have us all arrested (for disagreeing with Chris Spivey – LOL!), that’s fine but can you let me know when the coppers are coming, so I can put the kettle on. Cheers.

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    • The real Wiggy would have mentioned this on her Farcebook page (face it – she can’t so much as fart without doing a write-up on it), yet after days of whining about Spivey-haters on here, she hasn’t so much as mentioned it on Farcebook. I also think that even she would know how to spell her own bloody name (complete with acute accents – she’s pretty fussy about that). So let’s face it, luvvie – whoever you are, you’re not Danielle. Ho hum.

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    • “My videos have brought people down! Beleive me.”

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Honey, you can’t even spell ‘believe’, never mind bring down the establishment! And all your videos have done is send some people into a coma and others into fits of laughter!

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    • Fake Dani, could you clarify the legal grounds for stating that expressing opinions about Spivey on an independent blog is an arrestable offence? Thanks


  8. Blackpool is the home of REAL research into conspiracies.
    We also have BG Media. So big up Jack wilkinson on the cam!


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