Why did Belinda throw Sabine under the bus?

Lately we’ve been taking a very close look at the activities of Sabine McNeill during the lead-up and early days of the Hampstead SRA hoax. However, it’s important not to forget that Sabine had a “partner in crime”—Belinda McKenzie. As most of our readers know, Belinda tends to turn up like a bad penny in all manner of hoaxes and dirty dealings: she collected money for the so-called ‘Starchild’ hoax; she became involved in the Hollie Greig hoax; she helped the notorious fraudster Kevin Annett launch his 2010–2011 tour of the UK; and of course most famously, she headed the dodgy charity Iran Aid, which was later found to be funnelling enormous sums of money to a bank account in Germany, and thence into the pockets of the Mujahidin al Khalq (and, it is rumoured, Belinda herself).

Belinda is the eminence grise of Hoaxtead: always there, always in the background, cheering on her minions and lugging shopping bags full of butties to court when they’re arrested. Some claim that Belinda must have some sort of official “protection”, or even that she’s linked to MI5 or some other agency, as she never seems to face legal consequences for her actions. We are more inclined to think that she’s just a clever manipulator, who knows how to motivate her followers to do her bidding…and help her keep her own well-manicured hands clean.

During the early days of the Hampstead hoax, Belinda was much more visible than she is now: she could be found outside the Royal Courts of Justice most days, protesting the fact-finding hearing as it was under way. She also wrote a number of blog posts, most of which she removed from her blog when it became clear in the summer of 2015 that the police were not planning to turn a blind eye to her machinations.

However, through the magic of the internet we have managed to track down the Missing Belinda Files…and we think they tell an interesting story. First, an excerpt from a post from her blog in mid-February 2015:

belinda-blog-2015-02-support-sabine-1In this post, titled “Support Sabine”, Belinda paints a picture of a brilliant, respected colleague with a Slavic “passion for justice”. While Sabine might have inadvertently “enabled video materials relating to the case to appear on line…she strenuously denies leaking the document in question”. According to Belinda, Sabine was stitched up by the evil British justice system; if she had anything to do with leaking anything related to Hampstead, it was completely by accident.

Compare, though, with this post excerpt, again from Belinda:

belinda-blog-2015-07-re-sabineWhat a difference a few months makes! Now, Belinda talks about “Sabine McNeill who is responsible for having leaked the home-videos of 2 whistle-blower children to a blogger in February of this year, with the inevitable result that they instantly went viral on the internet”.

In this post, Belinda quite nonchalantly tosses her colleague (some would say “her loyal deputy”) under the first passing bus.

Why would she do this? Well, it becomes clearer as one reads further: Belinda notes that “she and our Association as a whole are being branded as ‘saboteurs’ of this and other cases, including by the children’s mother Ella in her last but one interview”.

Belinda desperately wants—needs, in fact—to preserve the reputation of her Association of McKenzie Friends, as it’s her vehicle for latching onto distressed parents who have no representation in Family Court. These cases, although they inevitably go down in flames, serve to publicise Belinda’s political agenda, which in turn fuels her donations button.

And that brings us back to Hoaxtead, which was to have been Belinda’s epic battle cum money-making machine. At least, it was until it all went galley-west and cockeyed.

It’s quite possible, in fact it’s quite likely that Sabine released the videos of RD’s children under orders from Belinda. However, Belinda is an expert at sniffing the wind, and within a few months she’d realised that unless she disavowed Sabine’s actions, her cunning plans would be toast.

But we find it very interesting that Belinda seems so willing to acknowledge Sabine’s wrong-doing (even though she offers a weak defence—her belief that “Publicity is the very soul of justice”), when it suits her needs. As for Sabine herself, she continues to deny any wrong-doing. Wouldn’t it have been interesting, though, to have been a fly on the wall when Sabine discovered that her “best friend” had shoved her in the path of a double-decker, to save her own skin?



125 thoughts on “Why did Belinda throw Sabine under the bus?

  1. Nicely done, Mr. Coyote!

    And definitely a cue to revisit some classic moments in Belinda’s recent past as Sabine’s main (stal)wart…

    You can’t buy loyalty like that, can you?
    And if you could, you’d ask for your money back.

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  2. “During the early days of the Hampstead hoax, Belinda was much more visible than she is now: she could be found outside the Royal Courts of Justice most days, protesting the fact-finding hearing as it was under way.”

    Indeed she was, EC. As well as bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t allowed in to watch. Or…er… was she?

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  3. Top-drawer write up, EC.

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but how sneaky of Bellender to call her organisation ‘the Association of McKenzie Friends’, knowing full well that to the uninitiated, this sounds like an official body approved by the legal profession. She effectively hijacked the term ‘McKenzie friends’ for her own ends.

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    • Arfur writes far too much.

      However, Angela is NOT a maternal woman.

      She’s abandoned her boys in Oldcastle and

      I can’t frigging stand it when a woman of nearly 60 is called a GIRL.

      Angela could be his bloody mother and he’s calling her a GIRL?

      The misogynist porker.

      Apart from that, Arfur’s not worth replying to.

      Too crazy by far.

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      • All this business about “maternal women” and “maternal mother” (which is a bizarre tautology – his mother on his mother’s side of the family? Makes you wonder by what sort of sexual process Arthur was produced). To use the old cliche, Freud would have a field day.

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      • Is Angie revealing here that she was a member of ABBA?.

        We should have realized that along with all her other skills, Chancellor of Oxford University, ex-editor of the New York Times, author of Academy award winning films and last remaining member of the Romanov dynasty – she would also have once been a part of a chart topping super group.

        Her most famous composition was ‘Money Money Money’. And when she left ABBA she morphed into the supermodel Claudia Schiffer as you can easily see from the snaps below (proof :no-one has ever seen them in the same room together).
        Not a lot of people know that.

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      • That’ll give her plenty of time to dream up some more fantasies, go and meet her new friends at the bar, get her roots done, go swimming, walking and generally have a good time as per usual Angie Style.

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      • Does that mean that others can still post on her timeline?
        There is a post by the Nutter Of Brighton Matt Taylor claiming responsibility for the downfall of some Northern copper. Poor Matt thinks that when he reads something in a newspaper and then writes about it on his wacky website it means he actually did it.

        He’s also pushing “Team Setchfield style Executive Orders” as PM for the UK. That is of course Brian Setchfield another “child abuse campaigner” and an investigator of the “Freemason Rothschild Satanist Cults” that run every town council in Britain.

        But there is something very odd about Setchfield – his remarkable likeness o the late Jimmy Savile. Are they one & the same person? Did anyone actually witness Savile’s dead body?. Was Savile’s so-called death yet another Cult hoax like that of Patrick Cullinane?. Setchfield only appeared on the scene after Savile’s death.

        And using the brilliant deducting skills I’ve learned from reading Princess Neelu’s offerings along with Sabine McNeill & APD : has anyone ever seen the two of them in the same room?
        I rest my case.

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        • I used to confidently say that, even at the height of his popularity, no one ever went into a hairdressers and said “I want to look like Jimmy Savile”. I think I have been proven wrong.

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    • Arfur uses lots of capital letters.

      Internet Law from the Telegraph:

      10. The Law of Exclamation
      First recorded in an article by Lori Robertson at FactCheck.org in 2008, this states: “The more exclamation points used in an email (or other posting), the more likely it is a complete lie. This is also true for excessive capital letters.”

      It is reminiscent of the claim in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels that the more exclamation marks someone uses in writing, the more likely they are to be mentally unbalanced.

      According to Pratchett, five exclamation marks is an indicator of “someone who wears their underwear on the outside”.


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      • The excessive use of capitals, emoji’s and of course exclamation marks merely display a lack of intelligence, communication skills and of course self awareness. It also takes any any credibility (if there was any to begin with) that any poster might have had.
        I have seen this behaviour on a few forums and not once has it ever been resorted to by any right thinking person.

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  4. Kaoutal and Disney are really just two idiots with access to the internet. I don’t think they have anything to offer anyone. In fact the constant outpouring of religious drivel from both of them serves only to sabotage any influence they could have had. On top of that the vile outbursts from Kaoutal (conveniently ignored by the likes of Disney) will put any possible new recruits right off. They both lack the ability to see themselves as others see them. They have no importance or relevance to anything really.
    Angie likes to talk about fighting the good fight and yet she does absolutely nothing more than whine on the internet and jaunt about on holidays. Arthur just talks the big talk about what he’s going to do when the reality is that he can’t do zilch, nada about anything. In real life he is used to using his physicality to bully others sadly for him the internet is a different affair and he is effectively neutered.

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    • Yup.A classic tale of two desperately delusional failed human beings mutually spoon feeding each other hate fueled poison.The inevitability of the U bend of reality looms large for both and it is not a pretty sight.There is some dark humour to be had observing the deconstruction of mindless idiots colliding with themselves but ultimately it is all really very sad.

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  5. Midicon that is a good summing up of the pair of them.

    Though I might add Angela causes trouble for people, encouraging them to get arrested and sectioned whilst she sits back and no doubt laughs at what she has done.

    She is just not very nice, not very nice at all.

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  6. The hoaxers won’t support anyone in that sense now… that is, turning out in support. The energy for that has sort of fizzled out, in part due to the silencing of Belinda, Sabine and Ward. The main drivers of the hoax and organizers of protests etc.

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    • It just shows then that the old supporters (turning out for court appearances etc.) don’t really have minds of their own.

      If they really believed the hoax, surely they’d support someone else that supposedly did?

      But did he really or was it just to get attention on Youtube and a nice free holiday?

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  7. The fact that they don’t have their own minds, is something that all these so called anti child abuse campaigners rely on, that’s how it works. You just have to look at vidio’s on YouTube to see that. Even Belinda never read any police reports from the Hollie Greig Hoax. Unscripted she was a blabbering mess. Put them in a Zoo, was her answer at Speakers Corner in London. And when pressed outside court in Scotland if she read anything she said, yes of course I have, she knew nothing, changed the subject on to something else. She either does that or makes up stuff or repeats fake stories about petrol stations blah blah blah. Then we have Bill Maloney, who always has it on good orfottaty, but never has any proof, the uneducated or vulnerable with out their own mind, think we’ll, Bill said it, it must be true. Ben Fellows was exactly the same, with his stories about being abused by almost everyone on television. Well, there we are then, Ben said it, it must be true. These people arn’t MI5 agents, or MI6 or any other secret agent organisation. They are all attention whores. Because, the more crap they come out with, the more people will listen, follow, and spread this dirt manure on a farmers field. Then it snow balls, people add a bit more, add a bit more, have another rally, throw some one under a bus, call some one a paedophile who doesn’t agree with them. So I personally think, the bubble started to burst, because, people did start asking questions, people did start doing their research, and these people who were like Belinda, and the rest, went a bit quiet, people started getting arrested, people started asking questions. Meanwhile, these attention whores, had to keep going because it’s a kind of addiction, they had to make things sound even more outrageous, asking for money, donations, they knew there limitations, so if so and so gets arrested it’s not there problem, but so and so, has to get arrested otherwise the crap these so called anti child abuse campaigners come out with will disappear.

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  8. I love how all these delusional people claim to know the Troof about everything. None of these people can offer any real help to anyone. How the hell is Arfour or Anglerina helping victims of child abuse? How are their religious ramblings and claims of knowing more than anyone about God help anyone.
    How is Arthur and Angie going to bring down this supposedly sinister international crime ring ran by the most powerful families and organisations in the world? By rambling about Nonce-Sense on the internet.

    I see Ar4 heading down a one way path to doing something minor and stupid and ending up sectioned or more likely locked up for a few years. Angie will be long gone.

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    • I spent 10 very long minutes yesterday reading Mel Ve’s masterwork “The S A Guide To The Global Conspiracy” that you linked on here last night, what a pile of absolute shite, the info in it was that thin it would’ve worked better in pamphlet form, or even a postcard. She had a Eureka moment when she was told it is legal to sell perfume that smells like other perfume so long as the brand name is different. She surely is a prophet of our times.

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      • I cant help feeling Mel imagines herself as some form of modern day heroine on a mission to save humanity from itself(make the world a better place etc,blah).Fair play both individually and as a species we have much work and many challenges to face.However vaingloriously pumping out tired, old hat, mindless dross hour on end from a pretentious plastic throne does not herald the dawn of the coming good or any such and will certainly get her no nearer the hallowed nobel peace prize I suspect she secretly covets. 😉

        If Mel has any sincerity about harmonic development of our species she may wish to consider putting away her selection of accrued “facts” and for a while to ponder the posssibility that she may “understand” nothing at all and see where that takes her.The result can not be worse than the futile path she is currently treading and is gauranteed to save fair bit on the electricity bill and reduce her and Biggis carbon footprint.Win/win,no brainer.

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        • 300 pages? it could’ve been condensed down to 3 pages with the amount of factual info in it, the rest was Mels paranoia. I especially liked the bit about the Hells Angels being Vatican agents (along with the KKK, CIA and just about every group Mel dosent like in the world. Where does she get this shit? I love the way when people ask questions the source she gives them is her own books. You cant use yourself as an independent source, its like a snake eating its own tail. If the source material is shit then Mels material is regurgitated shit that’s been through Mels system many times.

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    • It’s quite a common thing for these people to screw with people, then use God as an excuse to do, and lie, about anything and anyone. If feeds the vulnerable and the believers of the bullshit, as if God is a protector of everything. Because saying they believe in the tooth fairy, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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  9. Pingback: Why did Belinda throw Sabine under the bus? | ShevaBurton. Cross of Change Blog

    • “We have evidence….”. No you have stuff hoovered up from all over the internet and crocheted together with cheap synthetic wool to create a quilt of nonsensical falsehoods.
      Police have shot down in flames all the hoaxer’s exaggerated nonsense and the vicious child abuser Abraham Christie’s torturous attempts to bend the minds of 2 innocent kids.

      I reckon Angie always reveals what she is : an amateur con-merchant who has supped with – as claimed by a witness I believe – the odious professional forger & many times convicted criminal Angela Davison who laughingly claims she was an MI5 operative.
      ## Davison has been very, very quiet for over 18 months and here is why : her carefully laid plans by claiming she was an ex-spy etc etc were to really convince the world that when she scarpered and was convicted in absentia, that she was ‘in exile’ in South America.

      But Davison is where she’s always been- Thailand and she’s working with some dangerous and organised criminals who run the highly profitable Boiler Room share scams out of Bangkok. Innocent people everywhere are still defrauded and occasionally a gang is busted for the news cameras but those at the top are always absent. A bunch of British/ Aussie / US and Irish backpackers manning the phones are given a small fine and deported but the masterminds have already set-up a new shop often in the same building.
      Davison was read the riot act by a murderous Irish criminal boss and told to shut up drawing attention to herself.
      # the ghastly crook Christopher Fay was a member of one gang and a pal of Davison’s and despite the South London boss co-incidentally (?) named Davison getting a jail sentence he’s out and lives in luxury in Bangkok running one such business.

      But poor Angie is no big time Bonny Parker. In the end it’s all about those donations. Sadly she hopped on that bus far too late and while she may still get a few pennies here & there, let’s face it , she has little else to do but make very loooong videos in the hope a fiver may land in her in-tray.

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    • The apocrypha are books generally omitted from the Bible by protestant churches. They are usually presented in their own section as works worthy of study but of dubious provenance. The video that Christine Sands took inside the church shows her getting very confused by a Bible which contained the apocryphal books as she was unfamiliar with their titles.

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      • Apparently her sons would even thank her for her punishment of them. Bless her, she was only hitting them because they wanted her to. So very giving and unselfish of her.

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        • She may have turned them into masochists then with Angie wondering why she would find little business cards lying around advertising the services of ‘Miss Whiplash’ or ” Strict French Lessons”.

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    • None of these people deal in facts. I have given up arguing with conspiracy theorists as they just cling to the same points and ignore the thousands of plot holes. The media, police, courts, system, everything is supposedly corrupt but obviously their cherry picked sources and shitty blogs are the truth.

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          • Angela must have had psycho, sorry i meant psychic abilities and had forseen that not only would George Michael become famous but that he would also no longer be known as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.

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        • Almost believable as at the time London was awash with Saudis. And the Saudi Royal family consists of 1000s of members but only certain ones are considered important- children of Wife Numero Uno.
          It’s a polygamist society but only the wealthy can afford several wives and the Royals ( sons of the King or his brothers) etend to have dozens and subsequently they can father 100s of children. It’s deliberate- the creation of an upper class who are all related.

          I was agent for a struggling band in the late 70s and the lead singer was supported by a Prince of the number one wife hence it made for interesting times. Little things would occur such as when my ancient car broke down. I was lent an Aston Martin for six months (I hoped he would forget I had it but he didn’t)
          People may recall at that time there were so many scandals among visiting minor royalty especially shop lifting at Harrods (probably why they bought the store eventually) that suddenly all Saudi royals were ordered back home & told their free-wheeling UK days were over and they would all be taking administrative jobs in the government.
          At that time our Saudi prince who lived in a magnificent mansion in Oxford but was incredibly overweight had a sudden heart attack and died. Gossip was he had a deliberate heroin OD a she couldn’t face giving up his freewheeling UK days and becoming head of a government department such as issuing paper clips etc.
          I suppose Angie could have been a nanny at some stage but she’s told so many fibs it’s hard to believe anything she says,

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    • Nice to see her admit she knows who her donors are when she previously categorically stated that she didn’t.

      In fact, I’m hearing claim after claim after claim that we know for a fact to be lies and have the screenshots to prove it! Good Will Hunting, anyone?

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    • It’s interesting that the great broadcaster and journalist, never looks at the lense on her webcam, also she is always playing with her hair and smoking fags. This body language, is from smoke one who is quite clearly lying, and has stuff to hide. I noticed particularly she did it when she was talking about the snuff movie to Jake that time. She was quite clearly not telling the truth, and this is what I mean about manipulating vulnerable people.

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  10. Her answer to “Why do you claim to have watched videos you clearly haven’t?” was, “Well, that’s bollocks.” Actually, Angie, you proved yourself wrong on that when you spoke with authority about the contents of a video, based solely on the title, blissfully unaware that the title was wrong and the contents had nothing to do with the title or what you claimed it was about! LOL

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  11. Students’ Union…acting career…Good Will Hunting…student protests…published magazine articles…famous relatives…

    …All previously proven to be bollocks.

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  12. 44:41 – “Warwick University is not too far from Warwick Castle.”

    She still thinks Warwick University is in Warwick, doesn’t she. Anyone who’s never studied there could be forgiven for thinking that. Someone who has, however, would know it’s in Coventry. D’oh!

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  13. Bloody hell, we ask Angie for evidence to support her cannibal paedo cult claims and she gives us…

    …Guidance 2222’s video in which he shouts accusations at A COMPLETELY FUCKING RANDOM woman in her back garden in front of her frightened child 😮

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    • I notice the child is now covered with a blank text box – which can easily be removed by anyone who clicks on it. Surely the family concerned should be able to get YouTube to remove this video, it is a very blatant invasion of their privacy.


  14. can we help Arthur? Despite his non conformist stance he is trapped by his lifestyle.
    Please help this man who has been trapped in the system. A dilemma many face, a wicked circle. Reach out and offer friendship not hate.


    • MKD has also shrewdly picked up on Angie’s claims about Thatcher coming to Warwick University while she was there. Angie claims to have graduated in 1981 but it’s a matter of record that Thatcher only visited Warwick Uni twice – in 1984 and 1990. LOL


  15. Some interesting new ones form MKD, using footage from some of Angie’s unlisted (and previously unseen?) videos. Among the bullshit and lies, there is some epic whingeing on display here:

    One thing she says which is correct, though (near the beginning of the first video):

    “i do alienate a lot of people.”

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