There is no honour among Hoaxtead pushers

There’s a power vacuum in Hoaxtead land. With Belinda’s two most faithful minions now at the mercy of restraining orders, and thus hobbled in their usual jobs of promoting the hoax, and Belinda herself still treading carefully to avoid violating her own gagging order from last summer, the usual power dynamics have been overturned.

Where once Belinda quietly but firmly directed Hoaxtead from her throne in leafy Highgate, she is now reduced to writing blog posts that only allude obliquely to her usual favourite topics—child snatching, Satanism, and imaginary cults in Hampstead. Sabine and Neelu, for their part, are attempting to test the limits of their restraining orders…we shall see how that plays out over the next days and weeks.

Meanwhile, though, as contender for the Hoaxtead crown, Angela Fag-Ash Disney has no such constraints.

She’s been pumping out Facebook posts and videos like they’re going out of style. She’s even started gathering her own court of stalwarts from among the hard-of-thinking — Jake ‘ToyBoy’ Clarke and Rupert ‘Droopy’ Quaintance spring to mind, but we’ve noticed her currying favour with former Sabine loyalists like Tim Veater, as well.

Word has it that a few months ago Belinda and Angie had a knock-down, drag-out fight, with the result that they haven’t been on speaking terms for some time now. In fact, we’ve heard that Angie refuses to even mention Belinda’s name. Must have been some battle!

Those of us who were puzzled that Angie would make videos in which Sabine revealed far too much of her legal strategy, and then release them publicly whilst pretending that they were intended for a private audience, might have found our answer: she really was deliberately throwing Belinda’s first lieutenant under the bus.

In her quest to wrest Hoaxtead from her rival, Angela has even received the blessings of one of the earliest Hoaxtead pushers, Mel Ve Spencer, who together with Eilish De Avalon, the busty cop-dragging witch of Geelong, has offered her her very own radio show on the ‘Conscious Consumer Network’ YouTube channel.

Granted, Angela’s Ca$he$ is about as interesting as watching paint dry, and we don’t even like to whisper the phrase ‘production values’ in the same sentence as ‘CCN’, but for Angie, this is the big break she’s been looking for.

As Queen of the Hoaxtead Goons, she’ll be perfectly placed to install a working ‘Donate Now!’ button, to collect money to fight the imaginary cult. More important, though: if she plays her cards just right, she’ll soon occupy Belinda’s not-yet-cold throne. The very thing for an aging narcissistic charity scammer!

McKenzies Devils have put together a video that we think illustrates how Mel Ve and Alfred Lambremont Webre shoved their former friend and ally Kevin Annett out of the way in their quest to ‘own’ Hoaxtead from the outset. (Those who might have wondered why Annett, formerly a huge fan of SRA hoaxes, suddenly began disavowing SRA altogether in mid-2015—here’s your answer. That territory was now in the hands of his enemies.)

And now, it seems, they propose to elevate Angie to supplant Belinda.

One thing you can say about the Hoaxtead mob: they always operate true to form. And when it comes to their favourite sport of back-stabbing, they’re Olympic-class contenders.


72 thoughts on “There is no honour among Hoaxtead pushers

  1. alf weber, mel ve, kevin annett, these are some of the sickest evil people you will ever see, they are at the forefront of all these satanic child sacrifice hoaxes. why arent they in prison?

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  2. Angies the Walrus goo goo ga joob
    Expert texpert choking smoker
    Don’t you think the joker laughs at you? (Ho ho ho! He he he! Ha ha ha!)
    Crabby fecker fishwife pornographic priestess
    Boy you been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down
    Angies the Walrus, Roop is the eggman goo goo ga joob
    See how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snied
    I`m crying
    Roop is the egg man,Angies the Walrus goo goo ga joob

    Goo gooooooooooo jooba jooba jooba jooba jooba jooba
    Jooba jooba
    Jooba jooba,stick it up your jumper
    Jooba jooba

    Note:As for semolina pilchards climbing up Eifel towers that will allcome out in the wash.

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  3. It’s like the Tory Party leadership race all over again.

    And don’t go dismissing rank outsider Deirdre Mahmoudieh as the next Hoaxer Party leader. Her mumbling and slurping and ill-informed diatribes about how kids never lie could be just what the root ‘n’ branch party members need to motivate them back into action. Here’s her latest party political broadcast:

    Scroll to 8:10 to hear her manifesto:

    “I know a lot of people are very angry and they want to shoot paedophiles in the head and do all kinds of things. As a survivor myself, I can understand that reaction and empathise with it as well. And I feel great rage towards these people.”


    Ladies and gentlemen, the lines are now open (unless Sabine’s had them cut again), so get voting!

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    • With all due respect to my Right Honourable Friend Mr. Norman, he’s a little too quick to dismiss Kevin “the Masked Avenger” Weaver, who is currently on the comeback trail after 10 months of not giving a rat’s arse about Hampstead. Oh sorry, I meant 10 months of working on something sooooper big that’s going to bring down the government round about next Tuesday.

      As a former cub scout – sorry, gang member – he surely has the leadership qualities to lick the Hoaxer Party back into shape (in fact, he’s already doing a marvellous job of grooming Jake Clarke). Plus he has the right antisemitic and benefits-scrounging credentials – and with those Facebook pics of himself with his tits out (phwoar – form an orderly queue, ladies), he’s an ideal frontman for the media age. And failing that, at least he can induce wincing and vomiting among the enemy.

      And frankly, Kev’s manifesto pisses all over Deirdre’s:


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      • Or maybe Rupert can come to the UK and take over. Some of the best football teams have foreign managers! Only difference is that said managers usually know there’s a football match on. Rupert, on the other hand, didn’t even know there was a f*cking trial on last week XD

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        • 1 – 0 to Jake Clarke then, at least he got there for 2 days of the 6 days.

          Rupert meanwhile is around Angie’s, semi-naked, strutting his ahem “muscular” body for all to see.

          Shows where his priorities lie…

          How embarrassing all round.

          Wonder if Ange has cooked him some pasta?

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        • Shows how much interest he has in the case.

          If the moron wants to eat pasta at 15 Euros a shot from money people have donated to him, then buy some cheap stuff from Asda or other supermarkets and cook it yourself Rupe.

          You’ll be able to eat lots and lots of pasta for 15 Euros.

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  4. Don’t call it a Radio Show El Coyote.

    According to Fag-Ash, it’s TV, I suppose she means Television.

    But she doesn’t buy a licence to watch TV, hehehe.

    TV Angela, really?

    No luv, you only get 4 viewers, I don’t think you’ve even made double figures and all of those ahem listeners are people from here having a laugh.

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    • Rupert has done TV. There is a clip of him on “Rupert’s Reel” in a wig and makeup. I sent EC a screen shot last week.

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  5. No offense meant but I couldn’t watch the load of bilge of those nutters rabbiting on. Talk about Legends in their own Lunchtime. They really trooly think they are important don’t they?

    Me-thinks Angela Power-Disney like all real grifters and con-merchants has missed the boat on this one and discovered it just a tad too late.
    In this age of the internet things move at a terrifying pace and the old “donate” button is past it’s use-by date.

    As an example : the recent tour of Australia of plagiarist anti-Semite con-merchant David Icke has been a dismal failure. Despite local media outrageously giving the new age grifter unprecedented free publicity ticket sales were around half what was expected and Icke was reduced to filling Sydney Town Hall with freebies for the sake of the cameras (and I presume those who paid the outrageous fee to hear his 12 hours of waffle).
    I even hear one group of Italian backpackers in a nearby pub flocked over after being enticed by an Icke minion on the belief they were being invited to a disco and were a bit miffed at what they found.
    CNN? My arse.

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  6. These sad wannabees,hasbeens and neverweres seem to be competing to see who can whack out the most tired,worn out,sleep inducing monologues known to mankind.
    Just waiting for Belinda to usurp this narcolepsy fest with a show that threatens to hit the hallowed double figure audience.
    This yesterdays news(?) crew are so far behind the curve they seriously risk interviewing their own backsides.Arse inspectors the lot of em.
    Yawn ZZZZzzzzzz

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  7. 16:12 “He then went on to claim that…I was involved in child-trafficking rings, that I was guilty of crimes against humanity…I had a breakdown.”

    Aww, that must have been awful for you, Mel. Thank God you’d never hurt other people by making such accusations. Oh wait.

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  8. Damn i didn’t expect traffic wardens to be the start of civil unrest in the UK, Thank God that Kev the gerbil is on the ball.

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  9. I notice Angie has been ruffling a few feathers among her friends again. She posted some comments of the recently deceased Max Spiers, which didn’t go down well with some of her friends, including Eilish De Avalon, who described it as evil. The surprising thing is one of her friends was shocked that Angie could stoop so low, when in reality it is classic Angie. Using other peoples misery for attention and hinting at murder after someone’s death.

    Kevin has spent the last year figuring out the truth about traffic wardens and is now back to pester the police about common law crap.

    Jake just rambles about love, light and healing.

    If Belinda stops pulling the strings, this crew of hoaxers are in serious trouble in my opinion.

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  10. Angela is a nasty piece of work.

    I’m glad some of her fb “friends” are seeing what we all knew, a long time ago.

    Will serve her right if she loses her “tv” channel show, roflmfao.

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      • “I’ve heard some say that ‘trolls’ from here threaten”

        They say it all the time, yet no matter how many times we ask, not one of them has ever been able to produce one single screenshot or link to back up their claim!

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        • I’d like to see their evidence, too. If I was so minded, I might say that they create sick (that was a typo…but fits!), I mean sock, accounts to abuse themselves and try to throw the blame on to others.

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  11. Quick question/request:

    Can anyone identify and/or provide links to material posted by this guy…….

    A video he once posted in relation to Hampstead has come to attention, more information on him is needed.


      • His video is really creepy….. Apart from sitting there half-naked in a hovel rolling joints and banging on about the usual child abuse, hoaxer/mind control crap, he describes how he precipitated the suicide of two people, and how he’ll burn places down. – He makes Angie, Jake and Rupy look quite tame!

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          • I think he must be – somebody was charmed enough by him to send a disc of his ranting to a local TV production company! Although it’s the usual very poor quality, what’s on the disc appears to be a copy of the file from a camcorder or similar. It WAS apparently uploaded to Youtube around the middle of 2015 according to a note sent with it, but no name or other details. And so far its not been found.

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    • I see Angie has “liked” an evangeilcal bible bashing video called “The road to captivity”.
      Nowt like a little forward planning.

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