Warning: Beware Kevin Annett

Special Agent T, our Annett-monitoring expert, has drawn our attention to this revealing blog. In light of Annett’s attempts to get the Hoaxtead protests started again, S’s timing couldn’t have been better:

“For over 20 years, Kevin Daniel Annett has been masquerading as a champion of children’s causes and an activist against the ‘crimes of Church and State’.  In reality, this man has perpetrated a fraud of the most heinous kind by preying on the sympathies of those concerned with the welfare of children and those disaffected Catholics seeking to understand Catholic clergy abuse.  This has afforded him notoriety, numerous trips around the world and a platform from which to spin his worldview.  All is not what it seems when it comes to this man of the cloth and his true agenda. This website aims to shatter the myth that this is the right man for the job when it comes to exposing the ‘truth’.”



3 thoughts on “Warning: Beware Kevin Annett

  1. It’s difficult to tell if the Hoax campaign are, or have been, trying to pressure Kevin Annett to provide public backing for the fake Hampstead Cult… perhaps different intel agents have been getting their wires crossed, who knows.

    Feel free to use this post from DI if you think it’s of interest: Neelu & Sabine April 22nd, psychiatric strategy conference. Sabine was ecstatic at Neelu’s mention of Annett and praised her like Neelu was her puppy… or puppet. I use a more vulgar scatological metaphor in the comment linked to below. That’s because I’m a debased minion of darkness, obviously.


    The Skype video on Neelu’s youtube channel: https://youtu.be/G-7crA3Zqj4

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  2. Thanks for the info’, Popeye.

    Annett is an agent provocateur of the worst order. His impending arrival on the Hoaxtead scene has caused quite a stir and, entertainingly, a lot of division. Some of the Hoaxteaders hate the bastard while others think the Sun shines out of his dog collar.

    Incidentally, there are a lot of rabid Hoaxteaders turning on Belinda and Sabine at the moment. Accusations of “shillery” abound!

    And since Jacqui put a post on her blog earlier tonight defending Satanists, there should be a nice little backlash there too 🙂



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