Who’s looking out for Neelu?

Yesterday we realised that Neelu Berry was under the mistaken impression that she could skip her preliminary hearing at court today. Immediately, people began expressing their concern for Neelu, who is a few gourds short of a pumpkin patch, and whose delusions and general psychological condition seem to have been getting worse lately.

We put up a post here, in hopes that someone who knows Neelu (and can be arsed to do anything to help her) would contact her and let her know that being a no-show at a court date is generally a career-limiting move. Neelu-comments 2015-09-14 at 8.38.53 PMAs I responded to people’s messages and emails, it struck me again how ironic it is that this community—which is so thoroughly opposed to the Hampstead hoax and its purveyors, including Neelu—should be expressing concern for her welfare, while on the other side of the fence we hear…nothing.

Nada, zilch, zero, zip. A big fat goose egg.

Not a word from the people who helped feed Neelu’s delusions: people like Belinda, Sabine, Charlotte, who are happy to have Neelu as their willing foot-soldier, but who won’t lift a finger to help her now.

Not a word from people like Kevin Annett, one of Neelu’s idols; nothing from Patrick Cullinane, whom Neelu reveres as a ‘legal expert’; nothing, even, from Andy Peacher, who is willing to use Neelu as a mouthpiece on his internet radio show.

Why is this? Any guesses?

My personal view is that they all know she’s spouting their bullshit, but somehow when she says it, it sounds even crazier than when they do. To be blunt, they’re embarrassed by her. And it’s much easier to let her go to prison ‘for the cause’ than it is to actually ensure she gets the help she needs.

Of course, if one of the above-mentioned does actually spring into action and help Neelu avoid arrest and jail, I’ll look pretty foolish. But I doubt it’ll happen.

Neelu Berry


13 thoughts on “Who’s looking out for Neelu?

  1. I see from the earlier post, that she has mentioned a solicitor, I might be wrong but isn’t that a new development?

    A sign that she is taking this seriously maybe.

    It could well be that extra time has been asked for.

    As for those other people mentioned, it would appear that they are always focused on their own very personal agendas.

    Could it also be that Neelu does not want supporters as witnesses in open court.

    Just a thought, as this is a live court case, should we be discussing it?


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