Angie’s lies to her latest toy-boy

Here’s a warning to Little Jakey, Angela’s latest video toy-boy: the woman lies like a rug. Seriously, she’s completely shameless.

In addition to allowing Jakey to wallow in his delusion that Abe is a nice person (hint: Angie herself has made multiple posts and videos to the contrary), she plays dumb when he starts rabbiting on about video producer MK Ultra 666 . She completely denies any knowledge…a demonstrable lie.

As Danielle George points out:

Angie’s new toy-boy launches into a bizarre rant about MK’s videos at 8:53. MK will be over the Moon with that, haha. Oh and then Angie denies having ever seen or heard of them, even though she discussed them at length in that creepy 3-way Skype interview she did with Belinda and Sabine (the one where she’s hilariously dressed up as Cruella de Vil).

If you don’t believe us, have a look at this evidence, which comes to us courtesy of McKenzies Devils:

What do you bet that Angie claims she made that video with Belinda and Sabine while she was in a dissociative state, due to her trauma-induced PTSD from having been chased through the woods by aliens dressed as high-ranking British soldiers?

In any case, it seems an inauspicious way to begin a relationship. Jake might want to have a long think in a quiet room before he allows Angie to pursue him too much further.


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    • Sooo, the World’s going to end on 5th May, when Angie and her mates are going to be abducted by aliens and taken to Heaven, but some of us will have to wait behind for 7 years then catch them up later if we pass the test. Ooookay. Keep taking the Ritalin, Angie 😉

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    • 22:16 “The trolling has subsided but it hasn’t completely subsided…”

      OK, come on, guys – who’s been slacking? 😉

      Anyway, she goes on…

      “…So I do appeal to those who have authority over the minions that are…er…tormenting…”

      But it gets better. She then adopts her inimitable “constipation face” and prays for God to…er…silence herself, if the perfect description she gives of herself (and her creepy allies) in this rather animated prayer is anything to go by:

      “Actually, no, let me pray right now, because the Lord has dominion. Father God, in Jesus’ name, I plead – the only blood which needed to be shed, which was Jesus’ – I plead the word of my testimony, I plead the living water and I ask you to send forth your angels to deal with the trolls, the gossips, the liars, the slanderers, the libellers, the bullies, the cyberbullies, those that are going after disabled people, women, children, er…vulnerable people, just those that are doing the Devil’s handiwork, those little creepy minion spirits operating through people. I pray that you SILENCE them NOW in Jesus’ name and you cast them and cast them to dry lands, in Jesus’ name. Cast them far away from me, Lord – they’ve got no authority in my life and in the lives of any of your children or those we love and work with. We just plead the blood of Jesus. We draw a line and we say dispatch your angels, Lord, better than any,,.any people in high places in flesh and blood. I pray that YOU dispatch myriads of angels to deal with this torment, the spirit of torment and torture and lies. The Devil is the father of lies and they spread lies. I ask you, Father God, to please take care of that, especially for the vulnerable, for the women, for the children, for the isolated, for the wounded. Protect us, I pray in Jesus’ name.”

      No hypocrisy there, then 😀

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  1. I don’t know how quickly the Southern Irish Police act, but it does seem rather strange that Angie has been silent on facebook for 8 hours…

    My thoughts are that it could be for a number of reasons (Listed in order pf preference – first is first choice)

    1: She’s too busy talking to the police and trying to explain her charity scams

    2: She has been abducted by aliens – never to be seen again
    3: She is now in love with Roger the 8′ Butterfly and too busy to post pointless endless drivel
    4: Roger the 12′ wasp ate her.
    5: Roger the rabbit was not the toy that she thought and his name was not an instruction for a popular sex toy.
    6: She ran out of money for the electricity meter and can’t get on the internet until the next scam pays her

    The silence is lovely, irrespective of the reason (but I do hope it’s number one)

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  2. I shouldn’t worry about Jake too much.

    He has spent many months as a minion of Bronwyn, re posting her stuff on any truth type face book page he could find. He even turned up on such a page based near to me, far from North London. He even defended Bronwyn, when it was pointed out that she may not be all peace, love and light like himself.

    He seems to have gone from the fire into the frying pan. I hope Angie doesn’t eat him.

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  3. The women is either a deluded fantasist or a crackpot narcissist.

    An unpublished ‘journalist’ who mocks genuine journalists most who are going through a rough time at present with the rapid changes in the media. And one who has the hide to ask for a Million Pounds on GoFundMe to fund her non-existent journalism.

    A ‘Vlogger’ – something anyone can become in 5 minutes with the help of Blogger.

    A ‘Social Commentator’ whose soul activity is making extremely bad & largely unwatched videos of herself rabbiting on with the most slovenly unkempt look while – one of the Biggest No Nos On the Planet – puffing away on cancer inducing cigarettes while governments spend $$millions trying to educate the public of the evils if this terrible product.

    And she outrageously thinks that with her hideous video presentations she will be invited to address the public at genuine events as a Public Speaker. They wouldn’t even let her clear the tables.

    A “lobbyist” whose activities consist of attending small demos with other deluded crackpots whose main achievement is to make London traffic even more of a nightmare. And a ‘speaker’ who takes every opportunity at these stupid events to rave on about her fantasy MK ULTRA experiments and hogwash about being hunted in the forest by soldiers (who urinate on her) – truther claptrap that was around long before she discovered it.

    An “anti-child abuse” campaigner who continues to harass 2 innocent children along with an entire suburb of residents including falsely accusing innocent policemen, council workers etc and by association accusing their innocent families of vile crimes.

    A possible small time charity fraudster.

    A single mother (there are millions of them including my mother who brought up 4 kids in the 50s & worked 2 jobs when you couldn’t possibly live on the non-existent benefits) who boasts about her achievements while the others just get on with it.

    She reminds me of that dole scrounging Santos Bonacci who discovers everything years after US crackpots propagate rubbish like ‘false birth certificates’ who has now discovered the Flat Earth nitwits yet who has left a trail of debts with naive former ‘followers’ who wonder why he pilfered their milk money when he proclaims money is evil and he will have nothing to do with it. Or that creepy many times convicted scam artist & sociopath criminal Andrea Davison.

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    • “An unpublished ‘journalist’ who…has the hide to ask for a million pounds on GoFundMe to fund her non-existent journalism”

      …But doesn’t have the “hide” to register with the Charity Commission, apparently. the above relates to the UK, so is there any light you can shed on Ireland’s charity laws and how they do or don’t pertain to Angie’s fundraising activities?

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      • If the above is from the Charity Commission it relates to England and Wales rather than the UK. Scotland and Northern Ireland each have their own regulators. – Scotland’s legal and education systems have always been separate from their ‘English’ counterparts – even before the Scottish Parliament reconvened after its VERY long break.

        But in general, to register as a charity an organisation has to show that it has only charitable purposes and that it provides public benefit in achieving those purposes. A charity is by definition not established for personal gain. – And, actually, there is nothing to stop anyone raising money for their own purposes through donation. However, it would be treated in exactly the same way as any other income (i.e. it’s taxable). – This is actually fairly common in the creative industries (i.e. raising money to fund a film or an album etc.)

        In ROI its the CRA that regulate charities:

        A cursory examination of the Irish system indicates that it’s very similar to those used in the UK countries

        So the bottom line is her ‘crowdfunding’ effort is ‘legal’. However, any money she raises will be taxable income and (I assume) therefore impact on any social security benefits she receives and create a tax liability.

        Essentially she is a ‘professional beggar’.

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    • Agreed…but “deluded fantasist” and “crackpot narcissist” are not mutually exclusive “terms and conditions” – both of which apply here. I personally view her as both (granted, I’m no licensed diagnostician – but does anyone really *have* to be in order to see what’s going on inside this attention whore’s warped noggin?)

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  4. Well as Angie will be leaving us soon then she had better quickly start giving all her possessions away as she won’t be needing them where she is going.

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    • I’m headed to Bohemian Grove, me..the car’s all packed for the cross-country trek and everything! Hoping to collide with David Gergen at some point to chillax…really want to pick his brain re: the US presidential race, endangered strains of owls, hippity-hop music and love…you know, the usual small-talk fodder. Wondering, though, whether or not to take clothing…Alex Jones tells me it’s strictly a “birthday suit” hangout…

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