Jake can’t get support for court

Poor Jakey.

Last we saw, Angie was leering at him through the haze of cigarette smoke and Vaseline at her end of a Skype call, telling him to expect ‘thousands’ of supporters at Blackfriars Court on Friday morning. This, of course, is when Sabine and Neelu will appear to answer to charges of witness intimidation (assuming Neelu doesn’t refuse to enter the dock this time).

Jakey, being the good little Boy Scout that he is, styled himself ‘Anonymous #OpHampstead’ and got busy inviting all his friends to his new Facebook event page—all 479 of them!

Sabine-Neelu-trial support 2016-04-06

There, doesn’t that look nice? And he made it all by himself! No help from Mummy or Daddy at all.

Sadly, his friends seem…well, less than enthusiastic.

Sabine-Neelu-trial support 2016-04-06.png

Does this count as a brush-off from Julie Barclay? We’re thinking yes.

Fortunately, our own Danielle George leapt into the breach, filling that sad empty space with a couple of our posts. Just to help Jakey keep his wee chin up, you know.

But really, there’s only so much one can do when all one’s friends have to wash their hair that morning…or sort their sock collections…or watch the sky for chemtrails:

Sabine-Neelu-trial support4 2016-04-06Sabine-Neelu-trial support6 2016-04-06

Then there are the terminally confused:

Sabine-Neelu-trial support5 2016-04-06

What? Which? Where’s my horse?

In the end, it looks like Angela’s estimates of the crowds that’ll be joining in at Blackfriars on Friday might have been just a little tiny bit high.

Sabine-Neelu-trial support3 2016-04-06

(That’s all right, Angie—we know you have chronic trouble with maths.)

If it’ll make you feel any better, perhaps we’ll send a few of our people along to keep you lot company. You’ll know us by our horns and cloven hooves.

See you in court, and save us a seat!



166 thoughts on “Jake can’t get support for court

  1. Oh I so hope the stragglers that turn up do something silly like wear printed up ‘Sabine is innocent’ t-shirts and get kicked out! Or film, or generally make a fuss!

    I unfortunately am otherwise engaged. I actually mean that. I was planning on going in disguise, completely normal looking but introducing myself as a deprogrammed MKUltra super spy that I any found out about chatting to someone on David Icke forum, but I have always felt a bit odd, and sometimes I get angry with my parents and I don’t know why. Been in therapy for years, I thought it was just a normal ‘parents wind me up just because that’s what parents do thing’ but I was wrong, and I was on lots of medication but I’m off that now the doctors were trying to poison me. Do you know I’ve copyrighted my name? When I get a council tax bill I charge the council £50k. Sabine’s my hero.

    I’ve been planning my disguise for weeks. Shame I’m busy

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    • Oh, I’m sorry too! I was planning to go as an alien abductee; we could have sat together. I plan to tell anyone who’ll listen about all those anal probes. Oh, and the alien baby they forced me to carry to term, even though I’m a man. I felt sure I’d fit right in.

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      • You think you are a man, but actually what has happened is the government poisons the water with fluoride, and then there’s the chemtrails. I bet you are actually a woman but the NWO wants to weaken us by disrupting everyone’s hormones. I would have thought strong healthy workers would be the order of the day but in your weakened state you are more receptive to their programming as a Monarch slave waiting for your trigger to set off your programming. It might not have been aliens, it was probably just a memory the government implanted to cover up that they have stolen your baby for use as a victim in rituals, or to breed super soldiers.

        Maybe I’ve been visited by aliens?

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        • Whoa. You have truly opened my eyes! I can feel my sheeple-ness eroding as I read. It’s all there, hidden in plain sight. I’m shocked that I didn’t see it before.

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          • Wish I could say that what I posted was too outlandish. Here’s some info from someone who organises child protection conferences, supposedly.


            “……..it is a well known medical fact that all estrogens are carcinogenic…….” (Medical and chemical supply info sheets also list things like water, and air, and oxygen, and icing sugar as carcinogenic, or mutagenic, or teratogenic, or a combination)

            “………my research took me to WW2 and the Nazis with the experiments by the Nazi scientist experimenting on children and women who were the guinea pigs along with women who were forced to have sex with different animals for cross breeding……”

            “……..as many know Hormones are an experiment into finding a way to clone the elite, as for the control of the poor then read from Dennis Sewell article in 2009. The Eugenics Movement Britain wants to forget…………..”


            “…….Now the world leaders wants to microchip every new born baby from 2016 but then today’s news is not new as one can read in the link from 1983…….”

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        • STOP, PLEASE- I *beg* of you both ! You’re triggering me, and my seventeenth alter is perilously close to surfacing (a transgendered chartered accountant-cum-auto mechanic from Sri Lanka named Cecil Wirekoon/seven-foot-tall madman with gargantuan reptilian claws, 3 huge alien babies baking in his belly, and immeasurable chips on his massive shoulders)…I *really* didn’t want to have to deal with hIm tonight..TOO LATE *claws start popping out*…

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  2. Its lucky for Jake that he doesn’t have to go back to school till monday, I wonder if he’ll wear his formal shorts for court?

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  3. Just checking out Angie’s ‘airport photo’ thread. And bam – she’s straight in with a triple-bollocks hattrick:

    #1 – “Only slight mishap was passport robbed sigh x”

    Really? How is it that this woman seems to get robbed every time she flies? It was her camera, laptop and video camera last time, wasn’t it? Does she never learn? And yeah, she really looks like someone who’s just been robbed in that photo, doesn’t she. Straight off the plane, looking happy and relaxed and smiling away (Maria McMahon has described her as “looking like sunshine” in it). I think she means the passport was stolen – not that she was robbed – and I’m not even convinced of that. That photo was taken within a minute of the plane landing. How did she get through passport control without a passport and if it was stolen after that, why was her immediate reaction to sit down, smile and get a photo taken rather than go and report the fact that she’d just been mugged?!

    #2 – “Was working from there cos [sic] of death threats an [sic] intimidation here Melanie an [sic] no help from police”

    Technically, this is a double-bollock whammy. A double bullshit somersault with pike, if you will. Firstly,as you know, she has never been able to provide one single screenshot or link to back up her “death threat” claims. This is despite her frequently claiming to have screenshot literally everything every one of us has ever posted. And if there had been death threats, quite why going to Lanzarote would have solved the problem is unclear. Would it be harder to shoot someone in Lanzarote than Oldcastle or something?

    Secondly, no help from the police? Oh, so it must have been a different Angie Power-Disney who back in November said: “CID involving three UK forces and working with Interpol are making investigations ON MY BEHALF”

    #3 – “…an [sic] we can expose a bit of gang stalking too in a video chat I would be honoured x”

    Gang-stalking? Er…aren’t we all supposedly Ricky D’s socks, Angie? Oops!

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    • Dontcha just love the way they have all jumped onto the Baal Temple lunacy when the nutters had never heard of the place a month ago?

      I do so wish I could go to Blackfriars but I reckon my excuse is rock solid : 10,000 plus miles away. As I’m visiting my lawyer tomorrow on a mundane matter I may pop over the road to the Downing Centre court complex in Sydney and sit in a few cases just to feel at one with Neelu & Sabine. Plenty of nutcases appear there as well. Hopefully Neelu will film outside the court (she really is good at it) and if there was one time I’ve wanted Court TV this would be it. I hope there is a Hoaxteader lurking in the shadows to give a full report.

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        • Bam! Thanks for sharing the good news, TW. And his ‘Cameron Eats Babies’ page went yesterday. Hopefully his Coffee Cures Chlamydia page will be next (or whatever the f*ck it’s called).

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          • Have been reporting loads of facebook material with no luck in getting it removed, but yesterday got a notification that one of the many identical posts I had reported was deemed to have violated their ‘community standards’. It was one of Kane’s, when I clicked on his profile it had gone.

            There is still so much on facebook though. I have just searched on facebook for the hashtag #hampsteadcoverup and found a profile that shared one of the children’s videos on 4th March. That post has 1.1k likes and 990 shares !!! I’m reporting the original poster and as many of the shares as I can now. The poster’s name is Kiarre Harris if anyone else is up for trying to help to get some of these taken down.

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          • Maria – is in fear for her life but bravely continuing to expose the abusers “reckon they can only kill me once (The method concerns me sure ) I’ve had an alright life, I’ve had a good go at it, a decent turn and if sacrificing what is left of it plays even a tiny part in say a 2 year old having a shot then it’s the only decent thing to do. I have to look at myself in the mirror, I’m no good at bullshitting myself. Simple integrity.”

            Jake – gets his wrists slapped for posting the same comment a million times and then offers his “Innerstanding. Unconditional love along with the sensible conditions of love.”

            Alan – the voice of caution, when someone suggests ‘fighting fire with fire’ – “Easy now… ‘walls’ have ears… to which we have found out… wink ”

            Give me strength!!

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  4. Have you guys seen this unlisted video (another part of Angie’s interview with Jake)? It’s separate from the three official ones and doesn’t show on Angie’s YT page:

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      • By the way, the hypocritical ill-informed rants about us start at 11:52.

        Pssst: Angie, the reason why none of us have been arrested while a number of you have is because none of us have broken the law whilst a number of you have. Pardon the rocket science there 😀

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        • LOL….”did you go to the police ?”. Because Hoaxtead called Jake, Angie’s toyboy !.

          Honestly it’s too funny for words. Poor Jake spoke to 6 coppers- I can imagine each one passing him on to another until he finally got the tea-lady who said she will get back to him & interview him.

          She’s quite evil though isn’t she?. How dare she accuse Hoaxtead of threatening her when no such thing has happened and meanwhile this nasty piece of goods falsely accuses innocent Hampstead people of vile crimes, names them, repeatedly harasses and falsely accuses an innocent father (his innocence proven in the UK High Court) causes children to be harassed and threatened, breaches court orders, inflames others to do likewise and then has the hide to claim to misrepresent the reasons why Nellu & Sabine will be in court.

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    • Angie did well.

      In America 8 months and manages to be 7 months pregnant by a Paedophile and she was going to marry him!

      Quick mover is “our” Ange.

      Then Angela admits to a bogus marriage to obtain a Green Card to stay in America.

      Yep you lying scammer Angela Power-Disney or whatever you real name is…

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      • The name has puzzled me before. Sometimes she writes it as D’Isignay, the original French. Is there definite proof of her marriage to a D’Isignay and if so, why the change in spelling? Is she supposed to not use her married name anymore now she’s divorced? Perhaps someone didn’t want her bringing the name into disrepute? Or maybe ‘Disney’ is a fairy story.


    • So Angie boasts of her working time in the USA but appears she was doing so illegally on a tourist visa and overstayed. And she had an affair with a man who made her pregnant who turns out to be a pedophile (are there any blokes in her life who weren’t?) who was going to marry her so she could get a Green Card and then gets arrested at gunpoint by the Feds who tell her boss she has won tickets in a raffle to lure her out into the open. This I find believable, possibly the only believable event in her life. Why can’t I stop laughing?

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    • “I prayed and they could see I was a journalist so they let me out”. How could they see she was a journalist when she was working illegally as a cashier in a restaurant and when did they did give journos special privileges? The woman is barking mad.

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    • Did i hear right? Angie was 7 months pregnant by a paedophile and she stayed friends with him in the hope of gaining herself a Green card to stay in the States? I did laugh when she was talking about being arrested in the restaurant and the cops were planning on putting her in some rough jail but some how ” i prayed and they could see i was a journalist and so i got bail and was let out”.
      Angie can’t half spin those yarns

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  5. “What? Which? Where’s my horse?” <<< LMAO!

    Loving the thread analysis too.

    Great post, EC 😀

    In the video that Spiny Norman has posted (the one Angie and Jake didn’t want us to see so it’s uinlisted), Jake admits that he also lost a lot of supporters over his over-reaction to the MK videos.

    (Then Angie goes on to rant about the content of the Hoaxtead Research blog, which she knows all about, apparently, even though she NEVER visits it.)

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  6. Can Angie go from Ireland to England without a passport?

    I’m wondering if she’s going to attend Blackfriars Court tomorrow?

    I would go but i reckon it won’t be very interesting.

    Besides i have trouble hearing what is being said…

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    • Not sure that they EVER asked for a passport to travel from the UK to ROI.


      • So technically Rupert could get a flight to Dublin and then travel to London, bypassing Border Control at Heathrow/Gatwick etc?


        • Not sure about that… For one he’d have the ROI Border control to contend with, and they’re no fools. Secondly, the fact he’s paying with either cash or American cards will raise red flags.

          I seem to recall travelling to ROI (I’ve always driven – so it’s the ferries I’ve always used) that they asked for a driving licence and that was enough. WAY back in the day when I was a child we didn’t have passports. I’m not sure that my grandmother EVER had one!

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        • No. If flying from Ireland to the UK you still need to show a passport. Only if traveling from Northern Ireland but to get into Northern Ireland you face the same immigration controls as the UK.

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    • It’s legal to travel between the UK and Ireland without showing your passport. However, no airline will let you board without either a passport or similar (armed forces card, for eg). The ferries only ask that you provide proof of identity and they will accept a driver’s license or even a birth certificate/bank card.

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      • Sorry, pressed post too soon. Re: little Rupey coming over to fight the satanic peeedofiles – even if he flies to Ireland he’ll still have to present his passport to enter the UK, at which point Immigration might decide to deport his sorry ass because nasty folk have already informed them that he’ll violate the conditions of his tourist visa…..
        If Angie said the sun was shining, I’d go outside to check…. but now she does have a great excuse for missing today’s drama.

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    • I was in Dublin at the weekend travelling from the UK (flying). I showed my passport but I think a UK photographic driving licence is also accepted.

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    • I travel to Ireland often. Since the liquid bomb scare in 2008? you have to show a passport to fly between Ireland,England. Im not sure about the ferry but my sister had to get a passport type thing for her dog on the ferry.

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  7. Good luck to anyone that goes to Blackfriars Crown Court on Jake’s directions.

    The map he’s put up is of Manchester, not London.

    Tut, tut, if that is how good his research is!

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    • The kid’s ‘not right’ Babs… That’s an indicator of how BRIGHT he is! – But of course this is what Angie preys on.

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      • I am a bit tempted to pop along to Blackfriars cc tomorrow, just to assess the characters of the people attending in person.

        I’ve met Neelu before, but not Sabine and certainly not the new boy on the block, Jakey.

        I feel a bit sorry for him, as he seems like a young, pleasant but naive lad, that is falling for the lies of the temptress Angela. His Mum and Dad needs to warn him about women like that.

        Angela really does have a thing for young men…

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        • Mostly ‘misfits’… Not that being a misfit is inherently wrong or anything; it takes all sorts to make a world. But by-and-large these are people that are either ‘damaged’ in some way or who have ‘failed to make progress’ and for one reason or another are externalising that failure. – Normally this is due to a lack of intelligence and/or education, or some mental trauma that has robbed them of their facility for critical thought.

          There will be exceptions of course… Corruption is a very real thing and people do genuinely fall victim to it. So there will be those that are at a stage where they are not quite seeing the wood for the trees as it were. – You can fool some of the people some of the time so to speak. But for the most part those folk have ‘come and gone’ to this particular case. Then there are the Ringmasters… Those who are cynically manipulating the situation to varying degrees. Like a ‘pop-up market’ those who set their stalls out will range from ‘professional traders’ ( think McKenzie) to fly-by-night ‘spivs’ such as Angie.

          As hoaxes go, this one was very weak. It’ll ‘hold’ only the most fragile minds.

          Quick tip Babs: Do a little research into ‘Foetal Alcohol Syndrome’ and ‘foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Now – let’s speculate (Angie style 😉 ). Suppose you were the parent of a child that was disabled by FASD. – Might that bring you into contact – through support groups etc – with other parents AND CHILDREN suffering from related disorders? – And if you were a cold, hard con-merchant, lacking in empathy to the extent you would exploit your own child’s disability inorder to con money out of people…

          How easy would it be for you (emotionally) to use your contacts in the FASD community to exploit another sufferer? Easy pickings?

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          • Lets not forget that someone else also has a child with a psychiatric disorder, whom she visits in hospital. She also has some access to mentally vulnerable people and has been known to exploit them.

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          • I’m of the very firm opinion SV that these people generally seek-out the most vulnerable. – in this respect they are exactly-similar to padophiles in that what they do is abusive grooming.

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          • I think i see your point.

            Wonder where she did pick up Jake from?

            Btw I’ve been thinking that Angie admitted to claiming Carers Allowance for her son i assume, the one with the eye condition.

            Funny though that she didn’t accompany him to the United States when he had his eye surgery last year, as if you claim Carers Allowance, you are meant to care for the person full-time, like 36 hours a week at least.

            Well she certainly wasn’t then as he went with his brother.

            Also i’m wondering if she notified the DWP that she receives a rental income from another property.

            I very much doubt this, as receiving this rental income would put her over the limit for claiming Carers Allowance i believe.

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          • The U.S. trip puzzles me too, Babs. I have the sneaking suspicion that Angie might have her own reasons for not wishing to re-visit that country, perhaps relating to that illicitly obtained green card?


          • I’m not sure how the benefits system works Babs – especially in the ROI. But yes, if a child of mine was having so much as their tonsills out I’d be at their side fretting! – Angie headed off to the sun!

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          • @ Babs. Angie mentioned in one of her videos why she didn’t go to the US with her son. I can’t remember the reason though….something along the lines of she’s worried she’ll be arrested when she lands.

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        • Sorry, Babs, but I’m not seeing “young, pleasant and naïve” in Jake, especially not after all the blatant lies he’s been deliberately spreading about RD and about many of us. I want to see it but I don’t, I’m afraid.

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          • Yes, before Angie latched onto him, he was spreading filth about Hampstead all over Facebook. He’s got a bit of a reputation, I’m afraid. But then, Angie does like bad boys, doesn’t she?


          • Fair do’s Danielle.

            Well maybe the poor lad is a bit confused possibly?

            He’s young, but maybe he’s not so, pleasant and naive.

            I’m wondering if he’s actually “playing” Angela, pretending to be thicker than he is?

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      • Well Angie has form as an abuser of children on her own testimony.

        Then there’s the abuse of the 2 Hampstead children, plastering their faces and names all over the internet.

        Being told to stop, by many people, but ignoring sound advice to her that she is committing a crime/s.

        So i suppose abuse and grooming go hand-in-hand.

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        • And lest we forget the abuse of the children of Hampstead by all the disgusting things Angie and her hate group have written about them and their families online, along with endlessly posting their names, photos and addresses. It has led to bullying, humiliation, many tears and even more sleepless nights. And does Angie care about that? Does she bollocks.

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  8. Circa 11:52+

    – You see the thing is Jakey (unfortunate name in the circumstances) the police won’t be too sympathetic because what YOU are doing is actually on the wrong side of the law… You’re implicated in a breach of the Sexual Offences act for instance (identification of the children). And your dad could look after your interests better if he steered you away from lying old hags that are deeply embroiled in various scams and are encouraging you to do something that will probably get you arrested and in deep trouble.

    The police will pass out the rope – climb it or hang yourself with it – your choice Jakey!

    16:22 +

    Angie…You obviously do genuinely think the rest of the world is as stupid, uneducated, infantilised and unhinged through drink as you obviously are. – You madam have made and promoted the most DISGUSTING false allegations against innocent people. And without ANY basis! – Allegations that could only have been generated by the most disgustingly-perverted mind. And here you are again, trying to ‘influence’ some obviously mentally-disabled youngster into promoting your perverted fantasies and putting their liberty and whole future at risk for what? – Some weird fairy tale so bizarre that most (sane) people rejected it in moments.

    The police aren’t taking Jakey seriously simply because they can see immediately he’s unwell. – ‘Not the full shilling’ as my granny would have put it. And really, your average Bobby doesn’t want to HAVE to arrest or otherwise start stirring a Hornet’s nest around somebody who really should be better supported and protected by his family. Frankly, they don’t need the papaerwork!

    – You on the other hand Angie? The picture you posted yesterday was taken a few HOURS before the flight you allegedly were on landed – and posted almost twenty minutes before it touched the ground! What were you doing at Dublin airport? Off to London, couple of nights at Belinda’s (SO handy for the tube) a nice wee ‘ree-ish’ holiday ‘paid for’ by a bit more Youtube ranting, passing the begging bowl out. – The Garda and The Revenue need to to deal with you quick. And if I was Jakey’s Father, it’s the police I’d be getting to YOU!

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    • Of course, you have hit the nail on the head.

      That is (possibly) why Angela was at Dublin airport yesterday. If she in fact was.

      Off to Belinda’s in Highgate or Angie’s extended family in East London.

      Will be interesting to see if she attends tomorrow, i’m under the impression she will, though as people are out to “kill” her, as if, lmfao, she’s playing it all coy.

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      • Especially that international drug cartel that she helped jail. Will they fly in a hit man from Colombia?. He better be careful. When confronted by the Mati Hari wiles of Angie in full flight he will be mincemeat in her cougar claws. Remember Angie was also trained as a tiny child in the skills of MKUltra ( what the hell is it?).

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          • For the benefit of those who don’t quite get the reference, my associate has made this:

            ‘MK’ are manufacturers of electrical plugs and sockets in the UK.

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          • And this…

            …Which carries a very special message for the delightful Angela Power Disney! Those who have Facebook and the like are free to make sure she gets this message (copy/paste/modify as suits). We’re all huge fans of Angie here, and await her next shaft of with with keenly pinched noses!

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    • Actually I feel mean laughing about Jake as he is clearly not terribly bright and Angie’s attempts to manipulate him are a form of abuse.

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      • They are – especially as I think she knows damned-well he wasn’t born without ‘challenges’.

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        • I think what this blog has uncovered is that there are people out there who are quite without conscience when it comes to exploiting people with mental challenges or illnesses for their own ends. Amazingly some of them are mothers, and all of them hide behind a cloak of good works or activism.
          Jake and Neelu are people who should be protected from their influence. Rupert and Sabine are also being exploited, they should be warned, and have been, but their hubris and inability to know their own intellectual limits makes it very unlikely that they will take heed. Sadly, all of these people risk jail while their abusers remain unprosecuted.

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          • I personally see that despite their intellectual challenges, all parties involved in this hoax are 18+ and know the difference between right and wrong. When the shit hits the fan, these Satan Hunters are quick to play the vulnerable victim. They all know what they are doing, and they all know the harm they are causing. They deserve no pity.

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          • Yes, that seems to be how it goes: the people at the top get the peons to do their dirty work for them, and then sit back and reap the rewards. Ooh, I think I’ve just founded my very own conspiracy theory!

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      • Oh i so agree.

        I didn’t realise he was special needs, just assumed he spoke quite slow.

        Shame on that woman, yet again, how many more times is she going to carry on abusing children/people?


    • “You see the thing is Jakey (unfortunate name in the circumstances)”

      Sorry, I bet that gag is an absolute classic but I’m afraid it’s gone right over my head (that stuff about us dolphins being intelligent is just a stereotype). What am I missing?

      Excellent comment, though, INCY. Sure to ruffle a few feathers 🙂

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  9. Jakey, your “friends” aren’t going to want to travel across the country to see a couple of old hags in court. Do yourself a favour and get a clue, they are Facebook “friends” not real friends.

    These “friends” will be too busy on the park smoking weed, downing White Lightning and pushing out a future benefit claimant 9 months later. It’s where you should be instead of tossing one out over an old bag.

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  10. Great observation skills by our Twitter pal (and Angie’s bête noire) Maxalfie, who’s cleverly noticed that the sign behind Angie is rather unlikely to be up in April. New year was over 3 months ago, right?

    Great spot, Max 🙂

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    • The spring flowers are blooming – so it may be that Dublin airport are VERY slow at changing their posters.

      More interestingly, who took the photo and why is Angie so far off centre?


    • I asked someone to look at the Exiff data attached to the photo… It was (IIRC) taken (or at least modified) yesterday at around 12:30 and uploaded to facebook at 8-minutes-to-three – The relevant plane landed 19 minutes later!

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      • @babs Apologies, i didn’t see any mention of it. I just happened to notice it this afternoon. Only a day behind you 🙂


          • Maybe we need to ask ourselves if Angie had a reason to pretend to not be at home that day, rather than believe she had been travelling which seems increasingly unlikely. Unless she was travelling to, or from, somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be. With someone…oh no..my head’s hurting now!
            Great stuff in this blog of late, fine balance of wit and wisdom. Now I’m officially subbed can I ‘like’ posts? If so, many many likes for all and many thanks for all the work that goes into it.


  11. I’m trying to come to terms with “I’m here to report that someone took the piss out of me on the internet Officer”….doh!

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    • LOL! I would have to be there every day for the amount of times I’ve been called a shill or a paedo supporter..

      “Please Mr Policeman, I don’t like being called a shill..can you do something about it for me?” ahahahaha


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