‘Angela’s Caches’: Now with 50% more MK Ultra!

All right, we’ll admit it. None of us really wanted to watch Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s inaugural production for her new ‘INDEPENDENT TELEVISION CHANNEL’ (her words—ours would be ‘MORE YOUTUBE DRIVEL, NOW WITH EXTRA DRIVEL’).

Ultimately, the team drew straws for the job, and the lucky winner was locked in a quiet room with nothing but a laptop and a notepad and pencil for two hours. Their assignment: watch Angela’s Caches (that’s a joke, geddit? har har) from beginning to end, and record all observations.

What follows are the notes our plucky team member handed us as they staggered out of lock-up:

Opening credits: look like designed by committee. Hilariously awful knock-off of American CNN logo, strange squashed globe where sun shines only in Suriname (does this mean something?), sparkles.

Lots and lots of sparkles. Twinkly bits hurt my brain. I should be getting danger pay.

Are you sure I have to watch this? I’ll be good from now on, I promise. Hello? Is anyone out there? …

Fine. Have it your way. BUT YOU ALL OWE ME, YOU HEAR?

Opening: Angie tells long & detailed non-joke about name of show, Angela’s Caches. This is me not laughing.

Who is Angie? She introduces herself. Says that on some level, she was always going to do this. She was kind of always intended to be a talk-show host. So…not a ballerina, actress, model, reluctant super-spy then?

Those were all just preparation for her true density. Er, destiny.

Cites professional victim cred: MK Ultra survivor, sexual abuse survivor, telling world about being a survivor survivor. Admits she’ll never be fixed. Can’t argue with that.

Long blather about healing. Apparently she made a DVD back in 2008. Wow. I’ve done that too. My last one was a dance mix. Do I get my own talk show now too?

“I may ramble a little bit, but hey, we’ve got time…”: speak for yourself, Angie.

Christ. This is just the first 5 minutes. This thing is 2 hours long. If I don’t make it, tell my wife I love her.

“I can’t fix the world, I really can’t”. Well, that’s that sorted, then. Pretty sure no one thinks Angie can fix anything. So we’re all safe.

Note: 8 minutes, and she’s said nothing except that she plans to talk. And talk. And talk. More than a lot. Phew. Whoever would have guessed?

Child abuse: I almost want to believe her about her dad’s violence. Then she starts rambling on about MK Ultra trauma-based mind control and Josef Mengele and sex-kitten programming and the created hippie movement and that shit. Always over-egging the pudding, Angie.

She’s been in trouble for breaching confidentiality? Say it ain’t so! Oh, but it’s all about her allergy to secrecy because of…yeah, you guessed it. MK Ultra.

Hey, have you guys ever thought that MK Ultra would be a great name for a new brand of high-performance petrol? If I ever get out of this room, I’m going to look into that.

Wait, did Angie just say she tries not to indulge in gratuitous gossip? Oh God help me…choking…. She tries not to come from a place of revenge?….stop! stop! can’t take it….

Oh wait, here’s something: did you know suicidal ideation is just a programme? I bet that’ll comfort all those depressed people out there. Someone needs to alert them! Also: people in Angie’s family don’t lie, they just dissociate. Totally not their fault. So lay off, okay?

Says she’s a ‘radical non-religious Christian’? More like a bible-thumping scripture-spewing Pharisee. Am I being judgemental? Oh, and apparently Jesus dropped by for a visit one day while she was watching the telly. Uh-huh.

Just putting my head down for a second here…brb…zzzzzzzz….wait, what? No, no, I’m wide awake here, don’t worry!

Why is she singing that stupid ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ jingle? Suppose I should scroll back and find out, but sod it. Don’t really care that much.

Ooh, ooh, here’s a good bit! “I have trolls already. I have a bloody website almost hounding me, everywhere…paid, probably. Government trolls because I’ve worked on some high-profile cases and government trolls are paid to disable the whistleblowers”.

Hear that, lads? We’re professional guvmint trolls!

Aargh. More MK Ultra nonsense. You know what? This would be a lot more fun as a drinking game. Take a swig every time you hear ‘MK Ultra’, ‘programming’, ‘Monarch’, ‘dissociating’, ‘trigger’, ‘Illuminati’, ‘super-spy’…I’m totally bringing this up at our next meeting.

That’s it, I’m fast-forwarding this thing…..oh, hang on, here she is talking about why she’s never worked a steady job in her life: she just doesn’t want to work for anyone else. Sounds legit. I bet they don’t want her working for them, either.

Whoops, here we go again: “The persecution and the trolling, particularly connected to the Hampstead case, has been devastatingly brutal and I’ve had burglaries and all sorts of crazy stuff going on, a lot of remote cyber-interference….”

Hahaha! Right. She’s never met any of us, has she? We couldn’t cyber-interfere our way out of a wet paper bag.

Gotta be truthful here, I’ve kind of stopped listening. Now I’m watching this shadowy thing on her right cheek that keeps bouncing up and down as she talks.

Mascara smudge? Bruise? Strange trick of the light? Demonic possession? Hard to say.

Angela's Caches cheek smudge 2016-06-29

Bah-hahaha! Saying she was ‘engineered’ into her marriage to Mr Disney. So that a Power and a Disney could come together. Because of course she was. Poor Mr Disney. Bet he was relieved to be shot of her.

Oh, now she’s getting into some kind of rant about bloodlines…Christ on a cracker, will this ever end?

Here’s a good bit: she’ll always apologise if she gets information wrong. Riiiiight. So…still waiting, Angie. Haven’t heard a peep from you about how wrong you were about Hoaxtead. Not that I’m bitter.

She’s blathering on now about how great it is to be a journalist…thinks people take her seriously…look, I don’t think I can do this any longer, okay? Can someone open the door? Please? Please?

At this point the notes degenerate into complete gibberish, but don’t worry. We think our mate is doing a bit better today; he’s been allowed to sit up in bed and sip clear fluids.

It’ll be a while before we stick him with another shit assignment like this, though. We just can’t take the whimpering. Angela's Caches 2016-06-29


123 thoughts on “‘Angela’s Caches’: Now with 50% more MK Ultra!

  1. Excellent appraisal of the content. My thoughts and sympathies are with the poor person who EC got to watch the rubbish to the end.

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  2. Jake Clarke is another that is increasingly angering me.

    When is he going to stop putting up photos etc. of the 2 children?

    He is obviously doing this, as there are just no consequences at all to this criminal behaviour.

    It’s about time he was charged with publishing the identities of alleged sexual abuse victims.

    Jake is on a crusade it seems, along with Neelu, Sabine, Angela “what a beauty” Disney and all the others that are so arrogant, they think they can continue to go about attempting to destroy peoples lives.

    Love and light Jake…


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        • Don’t know I’m afraid. Perhaps the sheer weight of people (myself included) who regularly complained about our little HItler Mädchen have finally borne fruit. However, she seems to have seamlessly switched to Araya Manna where she is still sucking up to the Fuhrer. I notice there’s not much flat earth idiocy on the Manna profile…. has there been a bust up? Or, did she finally learn a little maths and physics? or even lowly geography? Truly life is one very long learning curve for the terminally thick Araya.
          Props to the sainted person who could sit through 2 hours of Angela’s Trashes….truly heroic.

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    • Jake is definitely old enough to realise that he’s causing harm, and he is well aware that the police take a dim view of his actions. What he will choose to do about this is anyone’s guess, but I hope the police charge him at some point. His ‘love and light’ shtick is wearing very very thin.


  3. Humility is not her strongest suit is it.Angie would had made an excellent Sybil Fawlty had Prunella Scales been unavailable.to play Basils “sabre-toothed tart”

    Excellent news our colleague is out of intensive care and trust the Hoaxtead psychiatric wing can facilitate a return to the community and see his days out performing a useful role like counting paperclips or something.

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  4. 2 hours? have they never heard of editing? and why do they need donations to keep a youtube channel going? its not like they need to buy film or pay cameramen. CCN is vile South African apartheid denier Mel Ve (spencer). Mel claims Mandela was a vatican agent and Apartheid didnt exist, seems shes all for native peoples rights (so long as they aint black) She also knows the Hampstead hoax is real because she lived there for Two years and never made any friends!

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    • CCN? Clearly Completely Nuts?

      How do you edit when the only ‘camera’ is the toy one built into the Woolworths laptop? – What would you cut away to? I mean, it’s not as if any of these morons know anything about pre-production, research, scripting, lighting etc. Editing? LOL!

      There must be a free ‘fisher-price-style’ program or app out there that makes these cheesy endboards every half-baked loser starts and ends their dribbling with… When you see one you can be pretty sure the following video is some shite a random loser has made in their bedroom. But the thing that really defines these ‘programmes’ is that in terms of understanding visual literacy they’re the equivalent of setting out some trays of poster paint, with a couple of sheets of lining paper in the middle, scattering some cat-treats, unleashing a few stray moggies and presenting the resulting mess as some sort of masterpiece!

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    • Yes, Mel is definitely a piece of work. I believe she was one of the first to latch onto Hoaxtead, though she’s had little to say about it of late. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Mel and Angie discover that they really can’t stand one another.


    • ‘Apartheid denier’? Is there such a beast? I declare I learn something new every day from these troofer morons.

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  5. LOL….. Another plug for MK Ultra….

    …..What IS the matter with these people that think drooling into a cheap laptop for two hours is a ‘show’? – Have they never actually seen a television set of a television programme?

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    • …Sorry OR a television programme!

      Here’s another plug for MK before I set off driving a mini-bus full of men in white coats down ..to the fer.ry port……….

      They’re comin’ ta take you away Angela! ‘kin headcase!

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    • Perhaps as Angie wants to do a Chat Show

      (=She does all the chat)

      she could invite people that comment on here to have a chat with her,

      instead of blocking us on fb if we write something she doesn’t like.

      I’d gladly do it.

      Just ask Ange,

      you know who I am.

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    • Tried to watch some more of it. She is so incredibly tedious!
      Her only possible audience is the army of Angie clones that were created during secret military experiments.
      Seriously, if you had something amazing secret to tell the world involving child abuse, celebrities, aliens and satanists then you should be able to make the most gripping exciting story on YouTube. But Angie just produces hour after hour of narcissistic drivel. Yes Angie, you DO talk too much, so much that it buries any point you may be trying to make – or covers up for the fact that you haven’t got one.

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  6. For readers in foreign climes who maybe don’t know…

    (we deal with some of their PR/Branding material)

    “MK invented the modern light switch and a safety socket with a three-pin shutter system that prevents fingers from getting into danger. These are now so commonplace that it is possible to ignore the fact that they were the foundation for the British domestic electrical system.”

    …..They also have the royal warrant. Almost all the fittings in the palaces etc are MK (which probably explains what MK really Monarch is).

    “The 100 millionth Safetyplug rolled of the production line as long ago as November 1984. MK Electric, unusually for the sector, still manufactures its products for the UK in the UK; with a factory in St Asaph as well as Southend. The company has had the Royal Warrant of Appointment by Her Majesty the Queen since 1986 – and, in fact, there are probably very few, if any, homes, shops, offices or business premises in the country without a plug, socket or other electrical device with that distinctive MK logo on it.”

    So there you go Angela! The Queen’s in on it! Fact! ……. Have you not worked out that all the sockets in your house are wired to GCHQ and all the plugs are watching you? AyE! ’tis an illuminatti plot – (lightbulbs I mean). – You should take yourself off-grid Angela… It’s evil oi tells yis! Evil!

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  7. If the CIA had known in the 1950’s and 60’s how their illegal programme of experiments on human subjects was going to be used to support all sorts of spurious Hoaxtead-type nonsense in the future then I bet Allen Dulles would’ve canned the whole goddamned thing.

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    • If Charles Arnold had known in 1919 that the brand he named after his “Multy Kontact” socket was going to be abused firstly by the septics and then by conspiraloons I bet he would have spelled it properly!

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      • If the first monkey that climbed down from the trees realised that in several thousand generations hence CCN would be born he would have scrambled back up to the top branch lay prostrate in the sun and played with his nuts..ooh ooh ooh.

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    • well we all know that people only foster children to have a ready supply of sacrificial victims, didnt angie tell us so? obviously she has first hand knowledge, it all makes sense. (if your neelu)


  8. lol Joe.Angies inflated self importance will love that.
    In her universe this gives her a direct link to royal blood lines and she will trace her ancestory back to Edward the Elders 5th cousin thrice removed or somesuch.Bound to be some channelling to provide hard evidence for a claim to the throne and the royal seal of approval splattered willy nilly hither and thither.

    She will of course have escaped the lizard influences owing to a bored cosmic angel who has nothing better to do than to bless her with the sword of Excalibur or some arbitary bollox.

    The only official logo her “work” justifies is a bloody government hazard warning.


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  9. Note that the two paintings behind Angie are askew which sort of sums up the whole thing. I noticed that dark spot as well so she is certainly possessed.

    Angie also needs to visit a hairdresser before her next performance because if she keeps dumping bleach on that hair she might go the same way as Jean Harlow where the chemicals eventually ate into her brain and killed her. i think the process has already started with Ange.

    She married a Disney? Honestly she really is part of the Freemason Rothschild Cult as we all know Walt Disney was a Bohemian Grove regular and Mickey Mouse, Pluto and so on are devils used to seduce children. (I and my girlfriend were refused entry into Disneyland in the late 70s for being inappropriately dressed. But obviously the real reason was they knew we were Satan Hunters but I confess we were also then part of the California Hippy Culture little realizing we had been ‘created’)

    OK I could go on but where do I send my invoice to? MI6? Are we paid by the word?

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  10. ADDisorder.

    I don’t believe that!

    I’m having real trouble paying attention to this and I’ve never thought I may have ADDosorder.

    She is such a phoney.

    What high profile cases has she been involved in??

    Name 2 Angela, such bs.

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    • Angie claims everything and anything as it comes into her head Babs…. Someone pointed out to me a few minutes ago that buried in the ‘archives’ somewhere is the claim that she IS related to ‘Lady Di’! – Random foster children and their orphaned offspring? Recognised medical disorders?

      Angie is a liar to her very bones; she generates these things as and when it suits her need for attention. If she told me she had ten fingers I’d demand she held her hands up so I could count them!

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    • Angie had claimed in the past to have Dissociative Identity Disorder. See the Chasing Rainbows speaking to camera two hour thingy. Angie was upset she didn’t get her parent’s farm, or something. Bad things have happened in her past, and to other members of her family. No mention of being an MK Ultra programmed super spy.

      I’m certain there are adults who seek out diagnoses of mental health conditions and neurological disorders because they have some sort of cultural cachet. Actually getting one, as an adult, is a different thing entirely.

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      • Bad things happen to every family. But in Angie’s case it’s vital that those bad things be badder than anything else that has ever happened to any other family. Because she’s a special snowflake, and deserves all the attention, all the time.

        That’s the real ‘attention deficit disorder’ she’s referring to.


  11. Another lie, Angela you did not go to any vigil at Christchurch.

    You went once, the same day I did and there was You, Dave and Me there, no one else and no vigil.


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  12. Well i can’t wait to see the film about Angie’s life as she has been through it all, bless her. I will send the poor team member that had to view her video some Valium as i expect they could probably do with some now.

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  13. I see the timeline now.

    Angela separated/divorced from the husband in 2001.

    No income, goes on the sick for all those years to date.


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  14. This is the video which was showing ‘live’ when I got home from work the other night. I watched it having my dinner. The mark on her face was bothering me throughout.
    As for a drinking game, I do it watching Neelu’s videos, I take a drink every time she says the word “remedy”…and believe me.. it’s a lot.

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  15. Angie talks about mind control but the only instance i can see is when she was watching the televangelist and suddenly had a profound moment, the daft bint dosent seem to realise thats how televangelists operate, they use psychology and suggestion to get people on the hook, so she is sort of a victim of mind control, just not the way she thinks. Praise pastor benny!

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  16. Why would anyone bother doing any MIND CONTROL on Angela Power-Disney?!

    Seriously, she is not important, apart to her children at the most.

    Not good to embarrass your son either…

    Angela was never a great beauty whatever she may think.

    Seriously. She was chosen to marry this Mr. Disney!

    Come on now Angela…

    You could have said NO!

    Did you say NO to all the other 10 proposers?

    And did you keep the 3 was it, engagement rings or give them back?

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  17. This site is run by Barristers. God has shown me the truth in a vision this morning. You are all being caught and will soon be before the Court of Christ.


    • You’ve already been told that isn’t the case by the legal professionals.


      You really believe a Christian church, nursery and several Christian schools are conspiring to cover up the baby sacrifice rituals, and the congregation has not noticed, and this takes place in a non existent secret room, and the dead babies are stored in the nursery’s fridge that isn’t locked, that’s the nursery at the Christian church, that there is a day set aside to kill babies at the school, and these babies are fed to the children, and that the Japanese Christian congregation in Hampstead is conspiring too?

      Anyway Neelu is great, she thinks there’s a psychic who is in communication with aliens who feed information about where children are being murdered, and there’s a secret race of aliens waiting to take over the world and save humanity.

      Unfortunately, I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, you are supposed to believe we are all the two children’s father.

      In case you haven’t actually read the judgement, here it is


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      • That was a jugement made in man made courts where everything was covered up, im talkin about a jugment in the court of christ, where you all legal profesionals will be exposed and the fish will jump out the water and gobble you up. they are all lieing on twitter. the transparency project is behidn this site. i saw it this morning all over forums.


          • Lord Turnbull will follow Christ in his judgment. all the affidavids from jesus and satan cant be oversighted.


          • I think that was just Davie Scoular at it again Tracy…. Probably resurrecting his lorry valeting scam again.


        • Where did you see this all over forums that transparency project is behind this site? A barrister sometimes comments here, in her own name, that’s all.


          • a special vigil done by neelu and sabine revealed that the transparency project behind all this, you non believers would not understand how we use crystals to work things out.


          • I intend to really coin it in now as a self employed barrister. I heard it pays well, especially in the field of child protection and family law, plus you get a great work/life balance. I also love taking the train and always wanted a rolly wheeled case with lots of stuff in like spare tights and a book and emergency food and maybe work papers. The heavier the better in my book. The adoration of the public will be great too.

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            • Oh, do! I think it would suit you admirably. And now that we’re all one, it should be no trouble for you to do those pesky bar exams and so on.


          • Planning now.

            Phone charger(s)
            Mobile wifi
            Pen – black ink
            Another pen – black ink
            Five more pens – black ink
            Another pen just in case – black ink
            My best pen that was a present from an uncle that is actually a replacement because I left it on the train and he expects to see it when I meet him for lunch
            Red pens
            And a blue one.
            Face wipes
            Water bottle
            Legal pad
            And another one
            Spare money
            Treasury tags
            Super long treasury tags
            A skeleton
            Hole punch
            Swiss Army knife – my pink one with a nail file and tweezers
            A witches outfit – wig and black robe and a funny neck thing
            Lots of bundles
            Random bits and fluff for the bottom of my bag
            Space blanket
            Emotional support kittens

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          • YdychyncachuTracey <—— not a barrister but had been given the mysterious esoteric knowledge and heard the tales of secret lore that I memorised and repeat here "There is no such thing as having too many pens. Feel no guilt for pens lying around that end up in your pocket. They will journey with many in their useful life. Always give of your pens freely. Guard your hole punch. It belongs to one only".

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          • “Somewhere in the cosmos, along with all the planets inhabited by humanoids, reptiloids, fishoids, walking treeoids and superintelligent shades of the color blue, there was also a planet entirely given over to ballpoint life forms. And it was to this planet that unattended ballpoints would make their way, slipping away quietly through wormholes in space to a world where they knew they could enjoy a uniquely ballpointoid lifestyle, responding to highly ballpoint-oriented stimuli, and generally leading the ballpoint equivalent of the good life.

            And as theories go this was all very fine and pleasant until Veet Voojagig suddenly claimed to have found this planet, and to have worked there for a while driving a limousine for a family of cheap green retractables, whereupon he was taken away, locked up, wrote a book and was finally sent into tax exile, which is the usual fate reserved for those who are determined to make fools of themselves in public.”
            Douglas Adams

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      • Haha, teach me to check the blog comments before I have a look at Twitter! Thanks, YT. Got it. Common or garden loony, who is about to be blocked.

        Not because he’s not entertaining, mind. And I do like his NyanCat-derived avatar.

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        • Oh, don’t.

          I want to know more about this vigil.

          I also want special powers. If I spend more on a crystal do you think I would have stronger powers? Where are these purveyors of flim-flam to the gullible, the merchants of rocks, the sellers of delusions?

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          • I know, but I sense in Mr Stowe an ability to continue shouting random biblical verses ad infinitum. Besides, I must live up to my reputation for shutting down dissent. Rules and regs of the Illuminati brotherhood, you know how it is.


  18. – John 1:9-11
    Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.


    • But Christ the Second has said we’re A-okay in His books. He just dropped by on his way from some do he was attending in Scotland, didn’t get the whole story.


  19. I’m confused. Am I supposed to be running this site? I wish someone had told me. I’d have chosen a totes different colour scheme…Also, this may explain why I’m so tired in the morning on account of apparently doing…it…whilst…unconscious…..

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    • It probably also explains why I keep getting irate emails from so-called ‘clients’ complaining that I wasn’t in court yesterday. It’s all falling into place now.


      • Pro bono advice from Hoaxstead chambers.

        Rather than fannying about fiddling benefits,insurance and scammy crowd funding wheezes Angie should consider upping her game a notch.

        She should sue herselves through the courts and seek a massive pay day under the criminal compensation scheme.She already has a barristers wig so that will save a few bob.

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  20. I quite fancy being a barrister… I could get an old VW bus and my mum’s old grinder, stock up on coffee beans (magic ones of course) at Makro, park up on the Royal Mile; might even do teas and cans of coke too! Possibly even muffins!

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  21. If Debs can be a European Law Expert I can be a flippin’ barrister. I mean…what is there to it really other than posing round the Courts in a wig and saying M’Lod every now and again. Old boys/girls network, bottle of Chateau Fleet Street down the pub and it pays millions every year. I’ve watched ‘Rumpole’ so I know what goes on.

    (Should I get my coat?)

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