Headless Chickens: Belinda, Sabine & Angie

These are so bizarre that they could be a ‘Hoaxtenders spin-off!

What we learn (once we get past the weird song bit at the start of Video 1 and their battles with technology at the start of Video 2):

  • MK Ultra 666’s Pure Hatred video really got to them! 😀
  • …Oh and they think s/he’s Ricky Dearman! XD
  • Our blog has really pissed them off.
  • They really struggle with technology. (This part reminded us of The 3 Stooges.)
  • We get some well deserved credit for our successful ‘divide and conquer’ routine, which has apparently led to some key Hoaxteaders getting blocked from their blogs 😉
  • Our cartoons have pissed them off 🙂
  • They continue the mass slander, even at this late stage and even after all the damage they’ve done.
  • They take absolutely no responsibility for the harassment of the innocent people of Hampstead. They blame this on “the shills” and they continue to call for the innocent people to get their dangly bits out for them.
  • They still don’t get why they are so reviled. Seriously, how is it even humanly possible to be this lacking in self-awareness?
  • Re. “Hats off to Ella” (and many similar comments on what they believe to be their solidarity with Abe and Ella)…
    This video appears to have been made in blissful ignorance of the Code2222 interview. I’d love to see the look on these bints’ faces when they hear it!
  • They continue to lie about Mrs. Justice Pauffley and blatantly take her remarks out of context.
  • Belinda once again states that if the children are taken to California by their father, they’ll probably be killed. Nice lady, isn’t she.
  • Belinda is comparing her campaign with that of someone in WW2 refusing to obey the Nazis. So no arrogance there, then!
  • They still believe they can muster big crowds to protest at the RCJ. I think they got 7 to turn up last time, a point which Abe made in the Code2222 interview.
  • Angie has a serious issue with chain-smoking!
  • Observation from El Coyote: “This is freaky. Why is Angie all dolled up in evening gown and armpit-length gloves? Did they catch her on her way out to the opera?”


11 thoughts on “Headless Chickens: Belinda, Sabine & Angie

  1. Going to get my poopcorn and have a listen later.

    They are just delusional – it is like watching a WI meeting gone horribly wrong…

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  2. Got caught up on YT earlier and didn’t get a chance to watch these 2 videos tonight. Will do, tomorrow night though!

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    • Managed to watch them both this evening. Amusing dinner viewing they made! haha..and they’re STILL wanting to strip Hampstead residents..or they will continue to leave their cloud of doubt hanging over these innocent people.
      Angie’s sister was a “satanic sacrifice” and the children are “going to be “sacrifices also by the end of the month.” The three witches are shocking to listen to.

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  3. Dear MIss Scarlet,
    When Frances was called in as an FBI profiler in the early days with her dear, dear friend Mr Hoover, she noted that when psychopaths pretend to cry, they are very good at remembering to wipe their eyes. Sadly, because genuine, emotional crying is unknown to them, they don’t realise that their noses should also be wiped.
    Frances can see quite clearly in this videotape of Belinda seemingly overcome with emotion while listening to a pop, as young people say, song, that Belinda forgets this crucial step in showing us her raw emotions.

    This is why Frances can only give this video 1 out of 5 stars, the only positive thing being that Angie made an attempt at formal dress for the recording.


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    • Silly Frances, she must have had one cup of tea too many today; she meant Sabine, of course, and not Belinda.

      Tsk tsk. Next time, Frances shall proof-read her work before blithely pressing the Send, Return or Enter button on her computer machine.


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