Hoaxtead: Last stop, everybody off!

With all this talk about Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s various lies, half-truths, and scams, it’s tempting to imagine that the Hampstead hoax is still going strong. But our team has been checking in on some of the usual suspects, and we’ve discovered that the vast majority of them seem to have dropped Hoaxtead altogether.

Even former stalwarts such as Code/Guidance 2222 have hopped off the Hoaxtead train: perhaps it was that last interview with Abe that finally tipped it for him. But checking his YouTube channel, he’s posted nothing new on the topic for a couple of months now. That’s got to be some sort of record for Abe’s ex-Fart-Sniffer in Chief.

Where are they now?

Here’s a quick run-down of what’s become of some of the more prominent Hoaxtead pushers:

Charlotte Alton Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer): forcibly retired following her ill-advised aligning with certifiable nutter David Sh*rter (aka ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’). When HWSNBN tossed a grenade into the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, Charlotte stood by him, earning the wrath of the majority of her former fans and becoming persona non grata amongst the Hoaxtead mob. Last we heard, Charlotte was huddled in her hideout in Suriname, licking her wounds. No, we mean literally licking them. She’s odd like that.

Kevin Weaver, aka Kevin Justice, aka Kevin WeAreChange, aka Kevin Troofer: Does anyone actually care? Oh, all right. When last seen, Kevin Whatever was busily flogging paranoid anti-Illuminati rants like this:

Kevin Weaver 2016-03-27

Araya Soma, aka Araya Manna: This menstrual blood-sipping menace has dropped out of sight since losing her shit with Abe and letting him know where to get off. When she’s not working in a second-hand clothing shop in Glastonbury or smoking dope with her faux-hippie friends, she’s now mostly into flat-earth conspiracies, neo-Nazism, and impassioned defences of Hitler. Poor girl. Perhaps some day she’ll get her head on straight.

araya head on wrong

Christine Ann Sands, aka the Polymilf Poet: Who could forget Christine’s iron-lunged performance outside Christ Church in Hampstead last year? Not us, that’s for sure. Our ears are still ringing. Questions abounded amongst the Hoaxtead True Believers: was Christine a CIA or FBI plant? Why did she claim to represent the hacker group Anonymous? These days, Christine can still be found at her ‘HAMPSTEAD! CHRIST CHURCH! DAT-CAM!’ blog, but she mostly posts things like ‘Hilary tied to human sacrifice, guilty of murder’. Oh, and she’s given herself a promotion: she’s now ‘General Sands’, if you please. Last we heard, she was buggering off to Ecuador to have a chat with God. We are not making this up.

Christine Ann Sands 2016-03-27

Neelu Berry, aka Neelu Chaudhari, aka Ved Chaudhari: Following her recent performance in court, in which she shouted at the judge, waved papers at him, alleged that her charges had already been dropped, and then refused to enter the prisoner’s dock, Neelu has been surprisingly quiet on the subject of Hoaxtead. This is probably because her legal team has impressed upon her the importance of shutting the hell up for once, but we’ll take it. Her next court appearance will be 8th April, when she’ll be sharing centre stage with Sabine to face charges of witness intimidation. After that date, all bets are off.

Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva Draper: Yes, even the child-abusing couple at the centre of it all has been surprisingly silent of late. Sure, they’ve put up a couple of videos on their YouTube channel—one about the joys of cannabis, another about the pineal gland, and something about devil tattoos from a month ago—but mostly, they’ve been mum on the case they started in the first place. Even their blog has gone quiet. Have they decided to cut their losses? We suppose time will tell….but with viewing numbers like theirs, we wouldn’t be feeling terribly encouraged.

Abrella YouTube 2016-03-27

Do you have a favourite Hoaxtead hawker you’d like us to update? Just let us know, and we’ll do our best!


77 thoughts on “Hoaxtead: Last stop, everybody off!

  1. All of the people involved in this type of thing have mental problems, its scary to see how much damage these freaks can do, this may quieten down for a while but they are just waiting for a spark to re-ignite it. kevin annett is promoting his new book and it is possible he will stick his oar in. I noticed angie is involved with godtv, this is an evangelist group that use underhand ways to get money, they promise good health to your family and a windfall if you donate, why they’re allowed to broadcast here i dont know.. This blog among others play an important role in keeping a record of these people and what they,re up to. These people do not understand logic and cannot be reasoned with, they are dangerous.

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    • Thanks, KN–I hadn’t heard of GodTV, but it does sound like the sort of dodgy thing Angie would be involved with. We’ll look into it further.

      Glad you find the blog useful–one of our goals is to not allow the Hoaxtead pushers to take up all the airspace. Countering their narrative, and keeping tabs on those who promote the hoax, is one way to do that.

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      • GodTV run by the atrocious Benny Hinn exposed numerous times as a ‘preacher’ & ‘healer’ who lives in magnificent palaces with gold taps while begging desperate people in Third World countries to send donations and that will ease their way into Paradise.

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    • Their natural tendency is to seek out a new conspiracy almost like a drug addict, afterall the sole activity of these ratbags is surfing the net, but like an addict they cannot really be trusted so I reckon they have to be watched closely all the time.

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    • @Karnevil Nine

      So if GodTV promises good health for my family, then my dad, say, gets ill, do I get my money back?
      I think we all know the answer to that one, lol.

      By the way, various people over the months have tried to find an Annett connection to the Hampstead case but I’ve never seen any evidence of him taking an interest. If you have any links to him talking about it, I’d love to see them.

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      • I think the reason Annett wasn’t involved in the Hampstead hoax is because of his rather spectacular falling out with Araya Soma. Short story: he tried to recruit her to help him…. said he needed someone on his European travels… implication was that this was a paid gig as his secretary. When even the totally dim Araya figured out that Kevin was a serial seducer and dumper of women (after he’d got all their money) she was a bit upset. Since she was fairly central to Hampstead he couldn’t really muscle in there and had to back off. Her “expose” of Annett is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6gpE1UH334.

        AFAIK Annett is barred from entering the UK, so probably thought that having people like Araya on the ground might help him get his claws into Hampstead.

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          • He broke his visa conditions…he was arrested in Stanstead on 26th May 2011, held and deported. I don’t want to link to asshole conspiracy sites here… but you will find it on the web and I believe the event to be true, but obviously no the reasons given. Then in 2014 he was booked for a “tour” of the UK and Europe (http://www.truthjuice.co.uk/kevin-annett-in-glastonbury-on-290414/) but a nasty sneaky person saw this and tipped off the UK immigration authorities.. pointing out that since Kevin was coming over most likely on a tourist visa, he shouldn’t be charging money for speaking…hence no Kevin. This particular gig was partly arranged by his (then) new best friend Araya Soma.

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        • I remember hearing Annett do an interview last spring in which he basically contradicted his own belief in SRA, saying it probably doesn’t exist. I thought at the time that he was probably doing it to drill a hole in Belinda McKenzie’s boat, since he hadn’t been invited aboard.


          • Yep, think you’ve got it in one, which is interesting because on the one hand he’s posted a load of shite about the Tuam orphanage graves… which (according to Kevin only) showed signs of ritualistic murder, but doesn’t believe in SRA…. We’re talking about someone who apparently violated the graves and remains of First Nation children in Canada to grandstand about his saviour credentials. He is far beyond despicable.

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    • I’m not convinced that is true. – For me the likes of Belinda McKenzie, David Icke, Chris Everard and a host of others of that type are FAR from mentally ill. They are quite simply dishonest. – Cold, calculating criminals that prey on that section of the community with a tenuous grasp of reality, be that through some handicap they were born with or the effects of drug abuse, illness or trauma. They are cold, hard, cynical abusers who know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

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      • You are describing someone with a personality disorder though. Someone with all their empathy intact couldn’t act like that. Just sayin’.

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        • Quite so Miss Camden, quite so. – But I’m afraid my empathy doesn’t extend to such creatures. None of us are perfect. Most of us keep our imperfections in reasonable check. I just don’t believe McKenzie or her ilk deserve even the smallest chink of mitigation.

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          • In my opinion it comes down to this: is the person in question capable of making an informed choice about their actions? And if so, have they continued to do something harmful to others or themselves? If the answer to both questions is ‘yes’, then throw the book at them.

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  2. I see that Angie is now promoting a Stephanie Oostveen on her fb page (video).

    I’d like your research to get to the very bottom of Belinda and dig up more facts about her.

    What did she do for a “real” job, if any?

    I do find her very boring, she’s the type with no obvious oompf, the type that sends me to sleep.

    However, as she seems to be the “brains” behind this saga and many of the other sagas, i wonder how cohesive any of this would be, with her gone?

    I’m loving the Angie outing, as it does have much humour to it.

    I stumbled across some video yesterday with Angie and a Sue Freeman.

    I’m wondering if Angie gets her tall tales from these people she “interviews” or is that mainly speaks over?

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    • Rumour has it that Belinda was a languages teacher. But she seems to have spent very little time at the chalk face – grifting is clearly far more lucrative than teaching!

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      • Yeah i’ve heard a rumour to that effect, but i’m wondering if she is like Angie, embellishing the truth and not actually having done any paid work at all?

        I mean if your ex-husband was a Consultant Psychiatrist, why would you need to earn a living yourself?


    • We’re continually gathering info about Belinda, and welcome tips as well. I agree with you that she’s really at the back of this thing, though I’m not sure how much energy she’s been putting into it lately, since things have gone so far downhill since last summer.


  3. Nice roundup, EC 🙂

    I don’t think I’d heard that about a Shurter connection being Charlotte’s reason for dropping out. I thought she’d gone before he arrived on the scene. My theories were that it was either Abrella’s public denouncement of her as a “disinfo agent” (even though they still use her videos as part of their campaign, so no contradiction there!); or that she got cold feet after we identified her and Jacco (she left not long after the ‘stripey stockings’ photo came out).

    To be honest, my bet is that it was a combination of various things, not to mention that she just bored and disillusioned with this particular bandwagon and right now is out there looking for the next one. And as you said, it must have hit her hard that she was in on the planning of this hoax from the outset (as evidenced by the publishing of her, ahem, “book” on the more or less the same day as the leaking of the ABE videos).

    That said, I’m sure we all appreciated her brief comeback at Christmas, when she regaled us with her ’12 Days of Hampstead’ song. I know that the earplug industry appreciated it anyway – I hear their sales shot up:

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  4. “Do you have a favourite Hoaxtead hawker you’d like us to update? Just let us know, and we’ll do our best!”

    I say watch this space. I’ve been monitoring various members of the hawkers’ B-team – Tina Kachina (Eating Liver Matters), Kris DaCosta (Deborah Does Hamsters), Guidance 2222, Bronny Loo-Loo, Alan Wrightson, Deirdre Mahmoudieh etc. – and their pages/blogs are a veritable Hoaxtead desert of late. Meanwhile, some of them continue to destroy themselves/each other from within, thanks to a highly amusing combination of in-fighting and alienating their supporters. Kane Slater and Maria McMahon are prime examples 🙂

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    • And from the C-team, some notable ‘walk-aways’/’can’t-be-arsed-any-mores’ include: Dave Conaghan, Amanda Doyle, Bridget Yorke (aka Biddy Baboon), Chris Everard, Cindy Kay Currier, Dave Shurter, Rupert Quaintance, Dawn Moses, Desmond During, ‘Earthicastar’, Neil Badger-Shagger (aka ‘CGI Pains’), ‘UnoRaza’, ‘SubliminalProof’, ‘GeorgeGreekTrucker’, Mark Haining, Elizabeth Butcher, John ‘Butlincat’ Graham, ‘Superearther’, John Taylor, Justyna Rzeska, Kev Baker, Kristen E. Patterson, Leigh Ravenscroft, Lisa ‘Put yer tits away, luv’ Vunk, Matt Taylor, Mel Ve, Penny Pullen, Peter Klein, Ray Savage, Ray ‘Put aside your indifferences’ Shaw, Rhys Oakes, Saskia Whitfield, Susan Johnson, Tom Crawford, Tracey Morris, Yolande Windridge, Kellie Cottam, Zeph Daniels…

      So much for “seeing this thing through to the bitter end for the sake of the children”, lol XD Clearly, they’ve all found something far more important to get their teeth into, like monitoring chemtrails, spotting false flags, planting crystals or proving the Earth is flat.

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      • Dave Conaghan is busy working.

        Justyna Rzeska upped sticks and moved abroad somewhere.

        Matt Taylor is still around, he has lots of interests, so he’s not gone anywhere.

        Tracey Morris has gone back to Ireland but has got involved with Nottingham CSA group and involved with women losing their children to the State.

        Kellie Cottam is 5 months pregnant and wondering if she will keep her latest child.
        I would have thought a bit “daft” to get pregnant again as her 2 youngest children were adopted, but there you go…

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        • I didn’t say Matt had disappeared completely, just that he didn’t seem to be bothering so much with Hampstead any more.

          Dave Conaghan turned his back on the Hampstead crap some time ago. He admitted he was never 100% convinced and actually seems a decent feller with a nice sense of humour. Great taste in music too – a fellow Weller fan, as I recall 😀

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      • As of late, Chris Everard is posting about the Brussels tragedy. These conspiracy types salivate at the thought of a new tragedy to profit from. Everard is also now involved with some sort of online petition scam to get people’s emails and personal information, etc. (see my new video on my youtube channel). But what I find most disconcerting is his new “conspiracy” subject which is child trafficking. Everard never posted about anything related to child porn or pedophelia before late 2012 after I went public about him. He used those stories as a cover for his own personal deviant criminal behavior. He never made a DVD, never wrote an article, never made a Facebook post about those subjects until after I went public about him. He latched onto any story about those topics to make it appear as if he was some kind of “researcher”. Now, Everard is posting about child trafficking. I do find his choice of conspiracy research “subjects” very alarming considering what I know about him. I do believe the police are still monitoring him and I have no doubt that one day Everard will be living out his days in a prison cell where he belongs.

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      • As of today, Chris Everard is still posting about Hampstead. This is his latest post. Also he is posting more and more about missing children which I find disturbing knowing what I know about him and how he hides behind his so-called “research”. This is his latest post on Facebook which mentions Hampstead:
        Christopher Everard added 4 new photos.
        3 hrs ·

        HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The cults and satanists who torture children and eat them – a worldwide phenomenon responsible for 150,000+ missing children every year – especially unaccompanied migrant children in Europe. This is a sculpture depicting EXACTLY what many child survivors have reported to police over the years – and is particularly relevant to the HAMPSTEAD CASE which satanists and cult members on YouTube snigger at and say the children at the centre of the Hampstead witch coven are “full of shit” and a British judge has covered-up – those whistleblower children from Hampstead have also now been snatched by British social workers & police. No one has seen them for months. This sculpture in Moscow is situated at the back of the BRITISH AMBASSADOR’S RESIDENCE.


    • You have to feel for Jake, seduced by those “come on” eyes of Angie’s as she blows smoke into his ear and slowly reels him in like the seductress she is. He’s so blinded by her beauty and pillow talk over the net the poor lad has fallen head over heels. Someone should warn his nanny.

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      • I would call it grooming…. He is a child (mentally) in an adult body

        From the NSPCC website:

        “Grooming happens both online and in person. Groomers will hide their true intentions and may spend a long time gaining a child’s trust. They may also try to gain the trust of the whole family so they can be alone with the child.

        Groomers do this by:

        pretending to be someone they are not, for example saying they are the same age online
        offering advice or understanding
        buying gifts
        giving the child attention
        using their professional position or reputation
        taking them on trips, outings or holidays.
        Using secrets and intimidation to control children
        Once they have established trust, groomers will exploit the relationship by isolating the child from friends or family and making the child feel dependent on them. They will use any means of power or control to make a child believe they have no choice but to do what they want.

        Groomers may introduce ‘secrets’ as a way to control or frighten the child. Sometimes they will blackmail the child, or make them feel ashamed or guilty, to stop them telling anyone about the abuse.

        Online grooming
        Groomers can use social media sites, instant messaging apps including teen dating apps, or online gaming platforms to connect with a young person or child.

        They can spend time learning about a young person’s interests from their online profiles and then use this knowledge to help them build up a relationship.

        It’s easy for groomers to hide their identity online – they may pretend to be a child and then chat and become ‘friends’ with children they are targeting.

        Groomers may look for:

        usernames or comments that are flirtatious or have a sexual meaning
        public comments that suggest a child has low self-esteem or is vulnerable.
        Groomers don’t always target a particular child. Sometimes they will send messages to hundreds of young people and wait to see who responds.

        Groomers no longer need to meet children in real life to abuse them. Increasingly, groomers are sexually exploiting their victims by persuading them to take part in online sexual activity.

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    • Actually, I take back my “bigging up” of Julie Om. I’ve just read her hidden comments (‘View more replies’).

      Sample comments:

      “Angela Power-Disney the only one to make sense to me”

      “True though Angela Power-Disney your a living Angel taking this on”

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  5. From the same website:


    Grooming is when someone builds an emotional connection with a child to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual abuse or exploitation.

    Children and young people can be groomed online or in the real world, by a stranger or by someone they know – for example a family member, friend or professional.

    Groomers may be male or female. They could be any age.

    Many children and young people don’t understand that they have been groomed, or that what has happened is abuse”.

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  6. For all the fruitcakes who have walked/run/slithered away, there are still some creeping out from under the woodwork. And they don’t always wait for a full Moon any more – some are coming out in daylight now…

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  7. So this is why Angie’s trying to round up more troops? It’s due to the fact the rest are all moving on?..

    AHAHAHAHA! What a pathetic start she’s made with Roop and that troglodyte Jakey..

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    • i’d get on with either of them, probs 🙂 but i loved watching angies face when jake spoke about Merlin and ascended masters 🙂 so funny…… i read those books too, there are tho alot of teens especially and older people getting disturbed and depressed or driven by the ‘truth’ movement…… and there are so many scummy scammers, i havn’t gone into it much, till recent months, and i am shocked at how many crooks are out there, hawking owt that gets clicks…… I have to remember how cleverly the hooks and traps are laid for people, to get hung up about this case, too, watching Angie of late and how she keeps changing her look and hook is obvious to me, and would be to any with either acting or sales experience.,


  8. “Yakerty sax”…hmmm…could it be? YES! IT IS!
    Bless you, Fairly Sane – I never knew the title of this iconic track:

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