Angie revealed as charity scammer!

Thanks to one of this blog’s regular commentators, we’ve now received first-hand evidence that Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s claims to have sent €8,020 to the charity Aid2Africa are false.

Back in December 2015, Angie was railing and making threats about a series of ‘poison pen’ letters which she alleged had been sent by the Hoaxtead Research team; at least one of the letters contained allegations that she was a charity scammer, and requested that police look into her claims.

This resulted in Angie making the following video, which she calls ‘A reluctant REBUTTAL of a cynical SMEAR’.

The Kenya Project

In November 2011, Angela and two of her friends set up a bank account to collect funds for a church, school, and orphanage in Kenya. Their goal was to collect €10,000, with 10 per cent of that amount to be donated to the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Angie-Kenya Project-2011-12

Angie began promoting the cause on her Facebook page:

Angie-Kenya Project-2012-07

Angie-Kenya Project budget-2012-09

Angie-Kenya Project-FB-2012-12

By 1st July, 2014, Angie triumphantly declared that the project’s goal had been met:


Where did the money go?

This is where our commentator came in. Something didn’t smell right, and JW made some enquiries:

A friend of mine contacted the charity that she [Angela] claims to collect for, her collections are not going to Aid2Africa.

She has had two replies today and promises to send me anything else she receives.

(Maurice referred to in the email is Maurice Chesoli)

HER QUESTION (to Peter Wrigley, founder of Aid2Africa)

Are you associated with Angie Power-Disney.

I gave money to the collections that she made and I believed it was for your charity.

I note the person in Africa connected to your charity is named Maurice – her charity collection linked to a person called David (with the same surname)

My attention was brought to this website earlier this morning

Your charity is mentioned

Your confirmation that she is collecting for you would be appreciated (or please let me know if she is not)


I have never heard of the person you mention. I know both Maurice and David personally and have spent time with them in Moi’s Bridge, Western Kenya. I will email both of them to check if they have had or have any connection with the person named as Angie Power-Disney.
I have just spoken to your husband at length.
I will now email Maurice and David for more information and get back to you when I hear from them

Peter Wrigley
Founder Registered Charity 1119045”


I am still waiting for direct communication with David but Maurice has spoken to him by phone.
The woman named is nor has been involved with any work of our charity. Maurice has had no contact with or from her.
However, he tells me that David knows the woman Angie Power Disney and that she contributes 50 euros a month to a feeding programme David runs.
I am waiting for more information from David about the funding he has received from her. I will update you when I hear more.

Not an auspicious start, but perhaps David or Maurice Chesoli would know more? Yesterday JW heard from David:

I was forwarded an email that a friend of mine had received from Aid2Africa – a genuine charity which also does considerable genuine good work in the area local to the place that APD claimed to be collecting for.

I have been told that all of the evidence has now been forwarded to the Irish Police. What she has done is despicable. I have redacted the email addresses to stop spammers, Personally I feel very sorry for David Chesoli – he is a victim, and all of this has surfaced within 48 hours of an 18 month old child dying after getting scalded.

His email in reply to questions regarding APD and her claims.

From: David Chesoli [mailto:dchesoli@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 24 March 2016 01:16
To: Peter A2A (Peter Wrigley)
Subject: RE: Angie Power-Disney enquiry

Good morning man of God.It has been a while since I read from you last.How are you doing? Am glad that you have broken this long silence. Sorry for taking long to respond to your mail.Much of my time is being taken by too much involvement in looking for ways on how to get money to pay hospital bills,mortuary body preservation and burial expenses for my pastors daughter who went to be with the Lord on Tuesday.I took up this young minister as my spiritual son now a decade. His family is poor and are Moslem.You can briefly note how challenging it’s for me.Till now I have no funds yet by Easter the cost will begin going higher by ten dollars daily.Please pray for quick provision. Now concerning Angie Power,I admit that I know her and that she began helping in 2011 with €100 every month but changed to €50 in 2015 till now.Though little ,she wires it every first week of the month. There was a time she fundraiser and wanted to come over with a team of five others amongst them was her son Josh but they never made it to Kenya due to insufficient funds. This is the very money that she committed to send over every month until end of 2014.In 2015 she told me that since no more fundraising that she reduces it to 50 which is her personal tithe to my ministry.I do receive that every month from her. As I can remember,whenever I had any emergency she could send up to €200 in some months at the time when she had the money which they had fundraiser under the Kenya team project. In 2012 is when I received more money from her in January for a water well,general repair,painting,school supplies,uniforms,food etc. I can’t quote the figures now because am writing from my bed now and records are in the office. After that it was only 100 each month.Since 2011 till now what I have received from her is about the figure that she quoted (€11,000). I have no record now thus I ascertain that now but logically though what she sends is small every month,it can add up to more if put together as a total of several years back.I remember during Christmas she always increases her offerings so that I can make a party for the children.All that said,apart from you and your wife,nobody else from UK have visited not even Angie or her son Josh. I have been waiting for your promise which you made that in a years time from the time you left Kenya that you were going to find some help for the work that I do.Though it has gone more than a year without any help from your side,am still expecting because you never cancelled your prior promise.Just be knowing that you are the one that knows much about what am because you visited and no other person from UK has ever been here.I don’t know how much Angie fundraises for this work but what I know is what she sends me each month.Though little but I appreciate.You can now find out the rest and let me know.Finally,this work has lots of challenges because I have no regular income thus lots of struggles every day.Please pray for Gods immediate intervention.God bless you.Shalom.

David Chesoli

Jesus power center International
Home of champions orphanage and academy Box 982,30202 Moi’sbridge,Kenya East Africa

Do the math

Angie claims to have begun collecting for the Kenya Project in November 2011. In July 2014, 31 months later, she states that she has met the project’s goal, and has sent the Kenya Project  8,020 euros.

However, David Chesoli states that his group received 100 per month during that time: by our reckoning, that’s €3,100What happened to the remaining 4,920?

Mr Chesoli also states, “Since 2011 till now what I have received from her is about the figure that she quoted (€11,000)”. If this were true, Angela would have had to be giving his group almost €354 per month. And in any case, the figure she states is not €11,000, but €8,020.

Granted, Mr Chesoli says Angela occasionally sent up to 200 in some months, but unless she did that in 24 of the 31 months in question, there is still considerable donation money unaccounted for.

As JW says, this information has now been forwarded to the Irish police. We’ll look forward with some interest to news of their investigation.

AngelaPD Would I scam you


127 thoughts on “Angie revealed as charity scammer!

    • Holy fork, this is SO perfect that I’m breathless!

      Second-to-none sleuthing as ever…how this woman is not behind bars or in a straitjacket somewhere is right up there with “Why are we here?” as one of the universe’s most profound mysteries…

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      • The difficulty is working out the motives- are these the actions of a small time sociopath scammer who has no conscience but can mimic empathy or someone who has mental illness.

        I always say : the media never seems to look behind those who cause so much damage like Christopher Fay with his Elm Guest House lies which ended in the million pound costing defunct Operation Midland and damaged reputations. They are grifters who will say and do anything for cash. Fay was getting paid every time he spoke to the media especially from the Tory hating Mirror who lapped up everything he said until they dropped him like a hot brick in 2014 after receiving information. The rest of Fleet Street carried on paying the crook.

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          • Well nothing of substance has come from either the Elm Guest House or Dolphin Square claims. The still living former owner has poured scorn on the idea it was anything other than a guest house that some gay people used and the very notion that major singing stars or parliamentarians or ex-spies like Anthony Blunt booked in with their own names on the claim it was a boy bordello is quite frankly bonkers.

            Also there is no police investigation or ever was into Elm despite what Exaro or the tabloids claim, both Ops Midland & Yewtree which considered claims never took them seriously but a lot of confusion was caused by 2 ex-detectives making lurid claims who just happened to have books to sell.

            This doesn’t mean that illicit activity did not take place in a room in the guest house or a flat in Dolphin Square but there are probably illicit activities happening right now in hotels all over London including the Park Lane establishments.

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          • Thanks for your insights, Sam. It’s been sad to see Brian Epstein’s good name being besmirched over that crap. I never had any doubt that it was anything other than typical troofer bullshit but it’s good to hear it confirmed by someone as learnèd as yourself 🙂


          • A good example of the hysteria and build -up of claims that make for sensational media tales but which in the end boil down to very little substance is the Wikipedia entry for Elm which has collated all the claims yet few have led anywhere. Such is their claim : “One alleged Elm Guest House victim said that he was also trafficked to an Amsterdam brothel – where he was allegedly abused by a prominent politician”, He is the infamous ‘Darren’ promoted by Fay & Bill Maloney and Exaro with increasingly sensational claims which he has now fully retracted as he says he was coerced to keep exaggerating by his promoters. Most people know who ‘Darren’ is- a chap with sever mental illness who has re-surface several times as a ‘psychic medium’, ‘counselor’ and in numerous other failed enterprises.In a way this is similar to how the Hoaxteaders use people with real problems to push their own agendas.

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        • Hopefully the whole edifice of fantasy built by Esther Baker will begin to crumble around now as well, although she seems especially tenacious and difficult to crack. They thrive off the attention from the gullible and vulnerable. Baker’s lies were encouraged by Wilmer after he was taken off the enquiry panel and thus lost out in the expenses junket and the free publicity for his ‘charity’. Yet another chancer and purveyor of false hope and cunning ruses.Of course if you say you don’t believe them you’re called a paedophile defender or worse. Such nonsense.

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  1. On the surface it looks like a slam dunk but I suppose we should keep an open mind. However it seems an example of the new type of small time scamming : setting up a charity, collecting funds and seemingly appear to be legal by sending a small amount of the donations to those in need.

    Note Angela Power-Disney’s Big Lie listed on her Linkedin profile : that she is Chairperson of The Kenya Project. This seems a deliberate attempt to confuse the reader by linking herself to the major African charity of the same name whereas Power-Disney just has a Facebook page of the same name.

    I know here in NSW there are 100s of cases like this every year where the legal lines are blurred all the time. I belong to a small church in Sydney and each year we distribute all surplus funds raised to a number of local charities and the St Vincent de Paul society (one of the best Catholic charities where they really do wonderful work). But if set up a Facebook page under the Vincent de Paul name and claimed to be the Chairperson raising funds for them it would be an illegal act for very good reasons.

    This type of activity makes cynics of us all and reinforces the public’s propensity to ‘switch off’ when they see pleas for help by genuine charities.

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    • Angela’s at 1:33:29.

      And that’s Deborah Mahmoudieh at 1:31:00 (see her grow more and more desperate to get the attention of the crowd, lol).

      Kevin Weaver and Penny Pullen are lurking in the background too.

      Great find, Sam! 😀

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      • Is that Deb in the pink hat & coat?. She gives quite a restrained performance without the build-up to a screeching crescendo. Disappointing.

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        • Debs screeches about the peedyophiles in the family courts in the manner of one who has come a cropper in them at some point. To be blunt, has she had children removed from her care?

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          • Very few – if any – of the claque lead anything resembling a normal family life. Most seem to be drug-abusers. Others are clearly mentally ill. Others still are just crooks. – Then of course there are various combinations of these things.

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          • Quite possibly, though given her tendency to shriek about anything and everything in her rants, you’d think she’d have mentioned it.


      • She stars again around 2.10 quoting Kevin Annetts criminal charges and 25yr sentence for the queen…….this is why i keep saying saboteurs…..because, if you look around Belinda & co’s other projects, someone could have easily put out a polished video of this event, i havn’t come across it yet, but i did watch it all at the time, and there is a point where someone tries to speak about MP’s, who at the time, seemed genuinely effected and wanting to effect change, to me, …….but that woman gets yelled down, i’ll quote the time, when i find it, tho it is already giving me a headache……… but no media would pick up on this, nor any agency providing real support, because of the stance and scope of the speeches….. just as in 2010…… once Bill Maloney did his hatrick of accusing the royal family, quoting falsehoods, and highlighting the hollie hoax during his famous ITV interview….. i can’t find it anymore, but there definitely was a few secs shown on london news and Bill was saying these ralllies began today….. Anna Marie Hope Cope is around the Nottingham survivors and has embellished much, and damaged people, she is the one in the red puffa jacket…….i know her as a liar, and secret groomer of victims, which once i found out, i had to take steps……hence she will have bad mouthed me eversince, probs into the notts survivors ears, and anyone else that couldn’t bear to go against Belinda or the hoaxes, because they seemed to be spearheading…… .

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  2. I know Angie speaks in there somewhere, but if i remember correctly, most people switch off and walk away. She doesn’t get much interest.

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    • Angela’s at 1:33:29.
      And that’s Deborah Mahmoudieh at 1:31:00 (see her grow more and more desperate to get the attention of the crowd, lol).
      Kevin Weaver and Penny Pullen are lurking in the background too.

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    • Angie gives the crowd a run-down of how she was hunted in the forest by her dad’s military pals, accuses the government of using mind control and hypnotism and drugging people and says she was used in experiments when she 3 years old and recalls numerous men in uniforms pissing all over her. The crown remains fairly silent but she has one enthusiastic supporter whose eyes seemed to light up at the uniforms/pissing talk.

      One could be forgiven for thinking this is an excuse for people to gather in a public square and use loud hailers to describe their sexual fantasies.

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      • And afterwards the police chief commended me for the most easy to manage march & rally ever…….but trust me, we roared thru london……….. during the speeches, he told me that many of the officers sat crying in the van, so effected were they, by now, realising the massive amount of abuse, so moved………. i had never been to a protest, let alone organised one……………. 2010 was meant to be like that, but Bill and others set the tone, and turned away the real speakers……. Emma Clarke had booked the square and paid the insurance, and when i tried to hold the platform, i was just threatened, bullied, yelled at and triggered, so that the sudden announcement of planned speakers was something i couldn’t stop.

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        • It’s horrible that something you worked so hard to build and promote was co-opted by the mad and the bad, Sheva. This is one of the reasons we find Hoaxtead so evil: it draws attention from those who really are being abused and need help now; and it turns the subject of child sexual abuse into some sort of circus rather than a serious issue that should be addressed by everyone.

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  3. Certainly a warm gun if not actually a smoking one. – Angie’s reported figures just don’t add up. And ‘small time’ is the operative expression. But who’s to say that Angie has collected as little as she claims? – Only Angie! It’s fairly standard practice for charity scammers to be able to show ‘something’ going ‘somewhere. – The more obscure the better in many ways. Many small donations are to be preferred as these produce more paperwork to wave under people’s noses.

    At lunch yesterday the point was made (by a someone who makes part of his business the investigation of these cases) that some of these people prefer to run a number of small ‘campaigns’ – this has a number of advantages. If one fails or has to be pulled because it’s come under suspicion its less of a loss. And a small ‘fundraiser’ is far less likely to attract the attention of the Charity Commission, OSCR, CCNI or CRA that anything you might be bold enough to actually register and have to account for. – The exemplar is McKenzie; have a think about how manifold and nebulous her activities actually are. – Many a meikle maks a muckle!

    As for the video. God know what posesses anyone to shove four hours of completely incoherent ‘point and squirt’ visual gibberish together in this manner then launch it on a public platform. Angie thinks it “really good quality”. Anyone with an ounce of awareness of how the medium of video works knows that it is the visual equivalent of a toddler scribbling in crayon on a wall – but there is the measure of her standards.

    Incidentally – At 1:34:09 – does anyone know who the dark-haired woman on the top-left-hand corner of the screen is; one person described her as looking like Anna Ryder-Richardson’s granny ( sorry Anna!) – Wearing a plain dark ‘anorak’ type coat and jeans?

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    • Yes, as far as campaigns sending small amounts to the charities they claim to represent, I think of Belinda and her Iran Aid efforts. Some of the money she raised does seem to have gone where it was supposed to have gone. The rest? Last seen heading into a bank account in Germany.


  4. Inchambers@ – sorry I don’t know who she is, but this is a clearer image than the time frame you suggested. Hope it helps


      • Possibly not much. – At least not much that I can talk about. And yes JW, that does help greatly. Her appearance is familiar to someone, that’s all and we’d be interested to know if she pops up elsewhere.

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    • i’ve just put it on at about 1.29 and caught brenda mumsy mcnamara droning on about robert green and that old hoax, and the person behind her with some big black square thing on his camera, i think is butlin cat, i can see other familiar faces, but i don’t know all of them, if this is the one where they end up stopping the traffic, for a while, i think there is araya educating a cop on heam hemp blood etc…… one of the most shocking things of all, at the time, as i watched it, last year, tho, was Annamarie hope cope, who was actually one of the first people to show me the evidence of it all being a hoax, hollie’s case, spouting that she had been abused just like hollie ???? there were reasons for me kicking her off my group as an admin years back, now…………… i can also see Rose Wyne devlin who touted her homemade join the dots banner around belinda, much to my disgust, and against my requests to remain distant from that lot including brian gerrish…….. Rose made quite a recording at the bilderberg festival, for the skeptics, which was put out as if she represented Join The Dots…… hence my way of working, has been cobbled in many ways, today tho, i am really upset, Melanie Shaw made a self harming video, she won’t speak to me, cos of my blacklisting of Brian, ………. where is her support ?

      Given what i began ’93 and what i had intended and hoped for 2010, and what it has become, and how damaging it has been to any effective help or real challenges for survivors, that genuinely need justice or support……. i’m having a bit of a tearful time, but …….. i am in talks and planting some little seeds, that i hope will alllow for a very creative and beautiful event/s to raise funds, and make damn sure they are ethically managed……


      • The big black square thing is a monitor I’m told… Paraphrasing what has just been said to me by a chap who is a highly experienced broadcast cameraman:

        When certain children play at ‘film maker’ they like to dress their toys up to resemble something that a proper grown-up camera person would use. – At 1:29:24 you can quite clearly see that the ‘rig’ consists of a Canon DSLR attached to a load of ‘meccano’ bits the damned-fool behind it has bought from Ebay. Not only is this rig completely inappropriate for the ‘job’ in hand, the petite brunette playing with it isn’t even competent enough to hold it level and maintain a straight horizon and verticals. Behind her is a partner in crime (her soundman) who has a rifle mic on a pole… You can tell he’s ‘really good’ too because his mic, instead of pointing in the direction of what the camera-woman is filming – is pointed at the sky!

        Isn’t John Graham – Butlincat – a middle-aged bloke?

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        • That sound man is definitely not John Graham. Funnily enough, he looks a bit like Neelu’s crystal-bothering mate Barry, who is in the crowd somewhere.

          This is John ‘Butlincat’ Graham:

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        • There are clearer views of the soundman at:

          1:31:21 – 1:31:42 – Frankly the sound ‘man’ could be a girl! The pair of them look about 5′ 2″! Shortly after ‘he’ is seen talking to some Walt in cammo gear, 1:37:10 cammo guy appears again in a gasmask! (WTF?)


  5. Very interesting. At the very least I hope this is looked into deeply and thoroughly to find out if she has been skimming cash for herself. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

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  6. Never fear, the Lotus Princess will be meditating for all humanity and preying to wash away Satanic influences and will let us know the results in a week.

    Hopefully she will do better than when she & the American activist / FBI informant / Disinformation Agent / CIA Operative Christine Sands were able to summons up, an occurrence rarely witnessed in Britain, some dark storm clouds in the English countryside which heralded the arrival of The Light to chase the Illuminati Devils from our midst.

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  7. On the subject of poison pen letters, I am aware of one incidence where a (we strongly believe fake/cloned) account, masquerading as someone ‘key’ to this blog was used to send a threat to an individual. – That threat being that they would fabricate a rape allegation as well as making other unfounded accusations. The material was passed directly to the police. Unfortunately the person targeted wishes to have no interaction with this blog so I’m not at liberty to reveal more. However I think you may take it as read that there was at one point some attempt made to undermine this blog by sending out malicious material purporting to be from the ‘admin team’. – I feel it is possible that whoever did that may well have sent similar material to ‘their own side’ in an attempt to whip up further hysteria.

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    • This is the first I’ve heard of someone claiming to utter threats on our behalf, but I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me too much. We have been accused of almost everything else imaginable, which I take to mean that some people find us enough of a threat to their interests that they’ll say almost anything to undercut us. And now I’m starting to sound like a conspiraloon myself, LOL!

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      • I’ve had sight of the message that was sent – so I can confirm it exists and that my contact preserved the headers etc (the chap is very competent with these things). The actual text is quite demented. – So it seems quite possible that if someone claims they were threatened they may well sincerely imagine that they were! I would suggest that anyone raising such a claim should be strongly encouraged to report the matter to their local police. – They will very quickly trace the source. And not through any childishly inadequate means either! Given sufficient evidence they may well be able to knock on a door or two!

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  8. An Email rather than a letter. And unfortunately I don’t – because the individual it was sent to does not want it ‘released’ and, as they rightly point out, as the matter was passed to the police it’s for the police to deal with it. Nothing should be done that might make their job more difficult. I’m told it’s ‘common enough’ to find that one is being impersonated – and they are quite convinced that this is such a case. – But they want no part in the ‘exchange’ betweean Hoaxtead Research and the Hoaxers.

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    • I concur with that – let the Police deal with it.

      One thing, though – I hope that when they pretended to be us, they proofread the email thoroughly before sending it. I’d hate to think that there are people out there thinking we have bad grammar 😉

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      • LOL! Yes, though to be honest I haven’t found a Hoaxtead pusher yet who can write worth a damn. In fact, that’s why they all think we’re one person: we can string words together into coherent sentences, a skill that seems to be beyond them.

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          • Funny, Pinkington’s eloquent style reminds me of someone. Malcolm Conman Ogilvy? Can’t be certain. Does he use ‘imma’ instead of ‘I’ in any of his strange outbursts?

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          • No sign of any “Immas” on Ogilvy’s page but I see he’s been keeping himself busy. He’s been moaning about his daughter being taken into care (which was probably a good thing, considering he’s a complete psycho and that he used her in his own failed SRA hoax); and naturally, the sick f*ck has also jumped on the “Brussels false flag” bandwagon.

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          • “watch all the sheeps change their facebook pics to the brussels flag”

            Er…this is probably a stupid question but does Ogilvy think that Brussels is a country? He’s not that ignorant, is he? Is he?! o_O

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          • Ogilvy has convictions for drug offences. The prat was once stupid enough to post a picture of an enhanced disclosure form in an effort to prove he had ‘nae convicshuns’. – It wasn’t empty! Doh!

            His own attempt at a hoax was very similar to Hampstead. He coached his daughter to parrot various accusations, which he then recorded on a mobile ‘phone. He then handed that phone to the police. – The problem was that he wasn’t bright enough to realise that when you ‘erase’ a file on a computer device it isn’t actually gone until its overwritten. – Police technicians, on trying to extract the footage, discovered all the ‘bad takes’ with him prompting the kid! – Rather than drag the child through the whole court process he pretty-much got off the hook, save for the fact he was then deemed too much of a danger to the child to be permitted contact.

            The courts do not make orders like that lightly!

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            • This really does sound like the precursor to Hoaxtead. I wonder what the police discovered on Abe’s phone, aside from possible child sex abuse images?


          • As far as I’m aware – as far as anyone has been ‘told’ – they found the ‘bad takes’. Beyond that is speculation. Although many of us might well interpret what he did as child sexual abuse.

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          • I thought his daughter was with her Mother? – I think he is simply barred from contact because of the danger he poses to her. He’s been trying to hang his coat on the SRA bandwagon for years. – Seems to imagine it will deflect everybody’s attention away from the fact HE really is both a convicted felon and a danger to children.

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          • Yes, sorry – I meant “taken into care” in the loosest sense. Though I must admit I don’t know much about the case. Do you have any more info’ on it? And what were Ogilvy’s previous convictions for?

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      • Actually no, it wasn’t particularly well written. – Although it did rant on about the blog being better spelled and punctuated than one owned by the ‘target’ (who is dyslexic!) . As well as gloating rather childishly about ‘views’ and other rubbish! – All very infantile stuff! My contact made the point that it was clearly the work of someone who gains some form of ‘validation’ through the attention they get online; telling of some form of instability. The assumption that the rest of the world shares this frailty speaks volumes, and really rather gives them away. – Typical conspiritard in my view!

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  9. She is still at it…

    From Angie Power Disney today:

    The bottom line is that she remain a CON ARTIST and SCAMMER. Angie Power-Disney, that is your life…..

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    • Perhaps Angie could lecture the newly laid-off 100 plus journalists from The Independent about her brilliant new journalism concept.

      How ethical that she will not accept advertising (with around 300 views per video ?) despite the fact that even without ads your Youtube accounts are supplemented up by advertising on other videos and despite the fact Youtube like most of the Internet giants are among the worst tax-avoiders on the planet.

      Mad? Small time scammer? Difficult to tell.


    • Angie baby… If you want to make an “HONEST” living as a journalist you ought perhaps to consider learning the very basics of law as it affects reporting. You might also think about not lying about your training. A newspaper Editor is in no better a position to provide a course of ‘post-graduate study’ than my dog. – If you are accusing Mr Sweeney of being responsible for your wholly inadequate understanding of the professional practice of journalism then perhaps you should brace yourself for further exposure?

      Your claim to a degree from Warwick was, I understand, checked with the university and found to be false.

      As for a Million? I’m sure yor more modest hope of an extra 800-quid a month on top of your other benefits will do nicely.

      It’s a sobering thought to reflect on that was pointed out to me yesterday… A trained, HND-Level qualified playleader who runs an after-school club five days a week as well as a breakfast club will bring home about £850/Month from that employment. Which is one reason why they’ll also have to work lunchtimes and evenings in a bar to make enough money to support their kids. And there’s you Angie – a fraud to the very marrow – who sits there in your kitchen smoking away like a broken lum lying through your dodgy teeth about who you are and what you are expecting yet ANOTHER handout tax free and scot free!

      My conclusion? SHE IS BAD!

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  10. OF COURSE shes still at it! What else has she got? – It’s interesting someone mentions FAS. This came up in conversaton yesterday, but the feeling was not to drop it into the mix.

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          • Yes, I think it’s fair game to point out that she brought her son (and father, and mother, and sisters) into this–but as for delving further into those people’s lives than Angie takes us, for me that’s a step too far.

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          • Hey, no need to apologise–we all make our choices in this, and you are often out there on your own against these nutters. I’ve done the same myself, and felt like a git afterwards. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got, and frankly, this is unexplored territory for most of us. Be a little kinder to yourself. 🙂

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      • Angie’s not quite old enough to be on a Pension, as she’ll be 59 in June.

        She’s getting paid Carers Allowance for her son, which is a bit of a joke, as the Carer is meant to spend a lot of time (maybe 36 hours a week) caring for the person needing the care and she spends ALL day on the internet, facebook etc.

        Angie says she takes 1 day a week off from her work=FACEBOOK, lol.

        But even on Wednesday of this week, she said she wouldn’t be on fb all day and guess what, she was?!

        If Angie’s caring for the son full-time, how come he went to America with his brother only?

        Angie will also be on any and every disability benefit going.

        I mean with all her mental health diagnosis’ that she continually changes, there is absolutely no doubt.

        I’d like to know how Angie bought her ex-council house, having not worked in paid employment for 30 years.

        These little bits of journalism Angie says she has published in Irish papers, perhaps she could show evidence of these?

        If they exist, i expect they are in the Readers’ Comments section.

        Unfortunately for Angie, you don’t have to delve too deep, to realise Angela hugely fabricates what she says she does.

        She has the gift of the gab, but it’s so very easily ‘see throughable’ with anyone that has half a brain.

        It is totally ludicrous for Angela to say her life is in danger!

        Who exactly do you think you are Angie?

        What Narcissists these people are. They think they are so important, that anyone is going to bother with them! As if…

        Delusions of grandeur.

        As for Angie’s claim that she flew over from Ireland to go to Hampstead, made in yesterday’s 4 hour+ video of 11th April, 2015.

        Hampstead was only one of Angie’s visits on that weekend.

        She stayed with Brenda McNamara on the Friday night, went to the rally on Saturday 11th April, stayed over at Belinda’s on the Saturday night, went on to Hampstead Sunday 12th April, the Church and the picnic on Hampstead Heath and then on to her relatives in London for a little holiday.

        Angela implies she flew over to England especially to infiltrate the church in Hampstead.

        That is downright absolute bollox.

        There was no infiltration, totally laughable.

        Angela walked through the Church doors, just as i did…

        Naughty Angie, your nose must be very big by now…

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    • LOL, true enough. But still–while it does reflect on her, it also hurts her children. I know the Hoaxtead pushers wouldn’t hesitate to go after any of our kids, but I don’t want to stoop that low.

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      • A fair point. But let’s remember that at least one of them seems quite supportive of the ‘family’ business. A space worth watching IMHO.

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      • Facts is Facts Mr Tickle… You simply nudged the elephant in the room.

        Josh Power-Disney is a grown man. He is capable enough to drive cars, smoke fags and get himself into serious trouble with the law by being physically violent with the women in his life; and worse still indulge in sexual violence. – If he follows on in the ‘family business’ and continues to lie about his background and achievements and eventually goes on to run his own scams, well, he them becomes fair game in my book. He is not all THAT incapable, and he is most certainly no child. – He is actually quite a creepy individual in his own right.

        He’s not ‘der broightist toowell in der box’ either. And the ‘nurture’ that brought him to that point might well have started in the womb. But ‘diagnosis’ from pictures, video, behavioural notes and circumstance can only ever be speculation. – The other boy seems to be more seriously disabled. And far less capable. The fact that his mother parades him about like an exhibit in a Victorian freak show and milks it for all she is worth IS shameful. Add to that the benefits she has no doubt ingathered over the years on ‘behalf’ of her brood – and whatever other sources of support she has milked.

        Angie needs to face the fact of the damage she has – quite clearly – done to her own flesh and blood. And the temptation to rub her nose in it – especially given the casual trauma she is quite prepared to cause other children – is perfectly understandable IMHO.


  11. Is Angie in the cult?

    I seem to remember that having links charities in Africa was enough to brand you as a baby munching, human trafficking cult member.

    Bloody great red flag if you ask me.

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    • LOL! Going by the criteria set by the Hoaxtead pushers, I’d think she’d be right up there on the list of suspected cult members, given her shady past, her posh schooling, and her African links–to an orphanage, no less!

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      • So far we know it’s hoaxteaders who drink blood and drink wee (Araya), are members of the establishment (Belinda), give their support to convicted paedophiles (Belinda and Sabine) and have contact with orphans in Africa (Angie). I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

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  12. Just a personal opinion, but I feel that children, even adult children, of Hoaxsteaders should be off limits. I don’t get the impression that Angela’s children are fully independent, so …. still kids.


  13. Hi Coyote – re: Araya – none of her names are original …. I’m trying to find out who she really is, but have to be very discreet. Needless to say any new info will be posted here. As someone who readily violates the privacy of other people including children, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the irony.
    The “soma” bit is from Vedic/Hindu culture – it was the name of a plant/substance which was ingested by early Indian people as a sacrament….thought to be a hallucinogen.
    She was almost certainly part of the ayahuasca/Santo Daime cult at one time. Now she’s a cannabis …. enthusiast.
    Pretty much a walking advert for the dangers of drugs… ie, they make you a deranged anti-semitic, hate-filled ratbag loser.

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    • Most us oldies who were young in the 60s read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where Soma was the miracle feel-good escapist drug freely available, a name he probably got from ancient Indian culture. Then decades later along come the Internet age New Believers who scoop up every bit of nonsense published by loonies & fruitcakes.

      None of which is original as demonstrated by the ghastly David Icke who has stolen every idea he has pushed. Those who knew him at the BBC recall a right-wing Thatcherite fan who even then railed against ‘dole scroungers’ etc who when shocked that the local Tory Party rejected his generous offer to stand for election, switched immediately to the Greens who were on the rise in Germany.

      Araya Soma & Icke and 1000s like them really get on my wick. They are the sort of creeps who attacked Hippies (before the hideous Charles Manson destroyed that movement) but then years later ‘discover’ aspects they like. I’m reminded of a friend I knew from early age who became a policeman who mocked me as a ‘layabout’ dope smoker (even though I wasn’t ) and endlessly criticized what he perceived as my ‘alternative’ lifestyle. Years later I came across him, he had left the force , was hooked on smack and preaching some New Age rubbish.

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      • I recognise him from the day Sabine was cornered by the rozzers in the court. He’s there at her side, acting all solicitous.

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      • Brilliant! I shall look forward to that. Be sure to mention his bizarre rant about MK’s videos, which starts at 8:53. MK will be over the Moon with that. Oh and Angie denies having ever seen them, even though I seem to recall she described them at length in that strange 3-way Skype video she did with Belinda and Sabine (the one where she’s hilariously dressed in opera gear).

        Oh and at 28:41 Angie claims to be the only person left fighting the Hampstead cause! And she’s risking her life in doing so, apparently. But it’s ok – she’s been reassured of her safety by “a 22-foot angel” (a mate of Roger the 8-foot butterfly, perchance?).

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