Minions and trolls: Beware!

Well, that really told us!

Angie seems to be a bit perturbed by the attention we’ve been giving her lately, so she’s appealing to a Higher Authority to shut us down.

Yes, she’s put in her request to the Big Kahuna, the Capo di Tutti Capi, the Big Guy in the Sky:

“Make those nasty minions and trolls stop being mean to me! Tell them all to leave me alone! Seal up their mouths and send a supernatural army to make their computers crash and their modems come unplugged and their wifi routers turn into custard, but not the good kind that you can actually eat. The bad kind that has lumps in it that make you gag. Oh, and if you could give them slow internet for the rest of their lives, that would be nice too”.

Or words to that effect.

The Pray-Along-with-Angie version

In case anyone would like to join Angie in her bid to shut us up, here’s the written version:


So…hands up, everyone who feels silenced?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.


108 thoughts on “Minions and trolls: Beware!

  1. She’s hardly Marjoe Gortner in that performance. “Cast them to dry lands” I misheard as “Cast them to Thailand”..not the worst punishment.

    So when we are still here..most in Britain (hardly dry lands) next month will she accept that The Lord has abandoned her?. He hates smokers and St Peter won’t let them past the Gates.

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      • “Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner (generally known as Marjoe Gortner; born January 14, 1944 in Long Beach, California) is a controversial former evangelist preacher and actor. He first gained public attention during the late 1940s when his parents arranged for him at age four to be ordained as a preacher, due to his extraordinary speaking ability; he was the youngest known in that position. As a young man, he preached on the revival circuit and brought celebrity to the revival movement.”

        The truth is that his parents coached and coerced him into preaching.

        “His parents claimed that the boy had received a vision from God during a bath, and started preaching. Marjoe later said this was a fictional story that his parents forced him to repeat. He claimed they compelled him to do this by using mock-drowning episodes; they did not beat him as they did not want to leave bruises that might be noticed during his many public appearances.”

        Sound just a bit familiar?

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  2. “Angie seems to be a bit perturbed by the attention we’ve been giving her lately”

    True true true but let’s face it – the narcissistic egocentric attention junkie has also loved every second of it!

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    • Yeah Angie will have loved it.

      Any attention is better than no attention, and all that jazz…

      But how did Angie know she was getting all this attention, which i must say i am loving?

      Angie claims she doesn’t log in to this page?

      Or is that another lie Ange?

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  3. I tried to like this post but the button’s not showing – it’s just saying “loading”, no matter how many times I refresh the bloomin’ browser.

    Anyhoo, spiffing post, EC – will you settle for a pat on the back?

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    • Oh, definitely, pats on back always welcome. Also, if someone wouldn’t mind just scratching a bit under my chin, it’d be much appreciated.


  4. Big fat rasberries…… Angela, but if your prayer works, i guess you and your list of people you’ve caused attacks too…… will pffft, go up in smoke ……. i don’t think peddlars of lies, hypocrits, greedy false charity scammers, get much spiritual help………..

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  5. Well APD has gone very – very quiet (FANTASTIC!!) – No posts on Facebook for almost a whole day!!

    Just a small thought, she speaks at length about her two sons – but very little about her daughter (who she says was the first born) What is known of her daughter?

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      • Its rather strange how she does not try to drag her daughter into the family “business”, her mentions of her are just fleeting. Perhaps her daughter saw the light and knew just what her mum was and is about.


      • Why the HELL is this crackpot plastering her grandchildren all over her looney-toons scammer Youtube channel? And – are these kids and her daughter stuck in some homeless shelter bedsit somewhere? None of them have so much as a decent stitch of clothing on their back! Who in God’s name would parade their own flesh and blood struggling in such dire circumstances?

        Have you not an OUNCE of common decency or respect in you Angie? – Rhetorical question of course!


        • Have to say they just look like an ordinary family to me but I don’t understand why she’d publish this. It’s just a personal skype call. What’s the point?

          Here’s what I really don’t understand though. A lot of the conspiraloons seem to believe that the world is run by child-sacrificing Satanists. Then they post videos and pictures of their kids online for these child-sacrificing Satanists to see. If I believed what they believe I’d be terrified and hiding my kids and not drawing attention to myself.

          So the question is, do any of them really believe it?

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          • To me they look as if they are struggling… Both the mother and the kids look unkempt and stuggling for space. Different strokes I suppose. But either way.

            Let’s put it this way… The bedrooms in my house are private spaces. My children (now adults) were always properly washed and dressed before they were seen in public. And that included being brought into company in the less-private areas of the house. – It’s called basic self-respect. Not embarrassing yourself and not embarrassing other people. Private family moments are just that – private.

            And, as you suggest, in a world allegedly filled with paedophiles and child-sacrificing monsters – why on earth would you make footage of your family cavorting around like this public?


          • @inchambers

            Not defending Angie but whilst your personal protocols are admirable, other individuals and families will have their own, which I think we should respect, especially as we don’t know what has or hasn’t been said behind closed doors. As someone said the other day (JW, I think), speculation can be risky.

            That said, I do have one question burning my brain, which is whether Angie sought her daughter’s consent before uploading the Skype call and if so, whether the daughter did indeed consent. We’ve already seen that Angie was perfectly happy to upload conversations with at least three people (Abe, Ella and Rupert) who had specifically asked her NOT to upload them. So I wonder – did she once again ride roughshod over people’s wishes?

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          • @ Danielle – the consent thing is an issue isn’t it. She’s uploaded recordings of what were obviously private conversations with members of her family. When Rupert said he was going to tell her something he didn’t want to disclose in public I cringed – I hope for his sake she respects his privacy.

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          • I’m afraid I must stand by my original comment… This family do genuinely look to me as if they are struggling with hard times. – At BEST this material was captured at a private time when they were at their most vulnerable and unguarded. You touch on the relevant point yourself when you raise the question of permission…

            Let’s suppose for a moment the daughter rejects her Mother’s grifting ways. (Honest poverty being a far more honourable state than being a scheming con merchant) – Could this perhaps be a means by which Angie takes a passive aggressive ‘swipe’ at the girl? Youtube has a ‘privacy’ feature has it not? If there was some legimiate need to share this video – perhaps with other family members – why the hell would she not use it?

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          • I agree, Miss C: if these people really believe that their every move is monitored by the ‘powers that be’, why on earth do they persist in posting personal details, pictures of their children, interior shots of their homes, and so on, all across the internet? If I were Angie (God forbid) and I had videos of my children and grandchildren, I’d hide them away to keep them out of sight of the crazed blood-thirsty ‘Satanist’ overlords.

            It all makes me suspect that even the looniest of the conspiraloons don’t really believe their own hype.


    • “Magnificent eccentric..woman of substance..educated & cultured”. Modern day speak for crazy old fag smoking battleaxe.

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  6. “Magnificent eccentric..woman of substance..educated & cultured” – and Angie in the same breath (or even page)

    I suppose so – A yogurt is just as cultured as Angie, the “substance” would be the one of choice on the day, “educated” – well I give her that, she obviously reached book 12 in the Ladybird reading series. And certainly as “magnificent” as any dragon (or a12′ wasp called Roger)….. My apologies for the chronology of the analogy, I wrote in order of importance (Angie please go and look up any words you don’t understand)

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  7. ‘They wanted me for a nun too’ (every girl in every convent got that request). Is there no end to her talents?. Donald Trump wants her as his running mate.

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  8. Omg I’ve just taken a look on Angie’s fb page and a profile photo change.

    Evidently Diana, Princess of Wales was a distant relative, but so is Camilla and someone else!

    I don’t think i can take much more of the woman…

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    • I know what you mean. I do love how Angie claims anyone who’s a ‘royal’ of any sort is automatically a ‘paedo’…but in the next breath she’ll lay claim to them as cousins! She really needs to make up her alleged mind.

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    • “Moved to O2 Academy Brixton 1982

      Played the ACADEMY as a backing singer and dancer in an amazing Anglo-African band. Went thro my hip London stage including squatting on Sudbourne Road!! Led a protest from the coucnil offices about 30,000 houses owned by the council but boarded up unoccupied………..helped get the law changed on that issue, think Boateng was involved, hazy anarchist memory at this stage ha ha!!”

      Good trick that…

      The Astoria – as it was – opened as a venue called “The Fair Deal” with a concert by UB40 in 1981. The Clash played in in ’82 shortly before it closed. Simon Parkes bought it for £1, and
      it was only THEN it opened as the Brixton Academy… When? 1983! O2? Corporate vampires that didn’t even exist in 1982. – But thanks Ang for confirming your presence in London in ’82 round about the same time my friend thinks he remembers you floating around the fringes of Andrea Davidson’s property scam.

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      • “…Invented the Post-It note, discovered titanium, wrote the entire works of JK Rowling, married George Clooney, became the first woman in history to split the electron…”

        And that’s just what she did on her day off!

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      • The people also involved in protests at that time may have different ideas about who the anarchist leaders (oxymoron alert?) were. Maybe she was at the front holding a big banner and led in that manner. Do anarchists even actually have leaders?

        I’d be proud of helping change housing law or ensuring housing for people, why hide her light under a bushel? What law was it?

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  9. Random request, folks: does anyone have a downloaded copy of MKUltra666’s ‘The Real Monsters Among Us’?

    Please let me know
    Thank you 🙂


  10. That prayer sums up Angie perfectly. Completely selfish and self centred. Angie has decided the truth and who is doing what, and God better listen to her. Forget the millions of other people with far more important and selfless prayers, and do the bidding of Angie instead.

    On a completely different topic, Drif Loud has posted snippets of Jean Clements testimony on twitter. Jean Clement explains that he contacted police in the borough of Waltham Forest, and that it was those officers that originally came and listened to the secret recording…etc. The borough of Waltham Forest contains Chingford, and Chingford police station. That explains then why the recordings were first of all taken to storage in Chingford. That they were not placed there to ‘conceal’ them as Abraham claims. This may have been covered before but it’s the first time I have noticed it.

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    • Oookay, just listened to this whole thing (at double speed, of course) and at no point does this woman say she supports Angie’s Hampstead crap! I’m starting to wonder whether it’s scientifically possible for Angela to open her gob without lying.

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      • Yeah, I’ve been listening to that video too this evening. That poor woman is the first one to donate to Angie’s new journalistic venture,,, $100

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        • Bloody hell, $100 just like that, to a stranger she’s just met on the internet?! Blimey, EC, you’re doing it all wrong!

          By the way – on an unconnected point, Z-Cat tells me that Roop has some weird obsession with semen! o_O The guy really creeps me out (and that unwashed manky beard that he keeps picking hairs out of doesn’t help – ewww!). I’ve been following EC’s example for the last few days by ignoring him. Trying to reason with the guy has proved fruitless. Besides, by Roopy’s own admission, he is an attention whore, so ignoring him may be the way forward. He’ll hate it (bonus!) but without Angela to bounce off, he’ll soon move on and find some other bandwagon to jump on.

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  11. Angie: “The reason I asked if you wear the trousers is because that’s been a program for fifty years of blending the sexes and the roles so it’s watered down the hunter/gatherer protector/provider instincts in men and the women were manipulated into feminism and going to work.”

    Excuse me while I bang my head a few times on my desk.

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  12. From Angie’s latest GoFundMe page:

    “Many plans are afoot but cash flow is an issue, even to ship art donated from America or upgrade technology to improve standards of presentation! Travel and logistics are always a priority, this can be dangerous work and I move between locations….we are each ONLY ONE PERSON but together we make a difference.”
    Love from ANGIE POWER-DISNEY (Don’t believe the smear campaigns they come with the territory sadly.)


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      • The stupid woman needs to explain how she is doing “dangerous work”?

        Sitting on her arse, talking to people via Skype, going on fb etc. is hardly work and hardly dangerous.

        Her grasp of the English language is appalling.


          • Indeed they will.

            Why would anyone bother murdering her?

            Who is she?

            I just don’t understand why she thinks what she does is “dangerous work”?

            Why would anyone want to murder her? All she does is her little videos and they don’t exactly have too much effect on anything?

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        • I’m still chuckling over Angie’s claims that there have been “assassination attempts” on her life. Firstly, yeah right. Secondly, don’t assassinations only apply to important/famous/powerful people? Angie would just be a good old-fashioned murder, lol.

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          • Ah i’ve just remembered something Angie told me when i first met her in January 2015.

            She reckoned her car had been sabotaged and that the mechanic that looked at it, said she and her small daughter were lucky to be alive following her car accident in California.

            Still don’t know why or who would want her dead??

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        • By the way, something’s been bugging me about Angie’s claim to have a degree. When I’d finished chuckling over her claim that the University of Warwick offered her a professorship purely on the basis of having a (second class) degree, I noticed the following line: “I got a 2.1 and was just 3% off a first.” WTF? Is Angie labouring under the misapprehension that a degree is based on sitting just one exam (rather than a 3/4-year stream of exams, assessments and coursework)? Yeah, Angie – that’s right, luv – you just do a big test at the and of your course, just like at school Aww. (Psst: as that nice Mr. Coyote says, get your lies straight!)

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  13. “ …or upgrade technology to improve standards of presentation!”

    How is upgrading your technology going to improve your standards of presentation Angie?

    If you had the sense to read a simple tutorial or two you’d realise that the hideous pictures you make are due to your own complete lack of awareness of things like camera placement, simple lighting etc. More advanced equipment won’t help you if you can’t handle the basics. It’s just a case of moving a few things around – which of course anyone serious about ‘vlogging’ would quickly read and learn about.

    If you had trained in drama you’d know a little about body language, and why you give yourself away. – This dovetails into how you use the camera to present yourself.

    If you had trained in journalism you’d know a little about the law, reporting restrictions and why they exist. – For instance: ( from )

    ” Some readers might recall a documentary some years ago where the matter of deviant Catholic priests abusing children was explored, and the church’s protection of them.

    One poor child – A then resident of a tumbledown village in a third-world backwater – had been regularly buggered by a paedophile priest. If that trauma was not enough, when this went public he became known as “the Priest’s little wife” among his peers and the local community… Can you imagine the psychological damage that must have caused? One of the most shameful aspects of abuse within the Catholic Church is that the community behind that church will often rally blindly behind its leaders, ostracising the victim…

    The same is true of ‘leading figures’ within any ‘in group’… Newspaper reports of Gary Glitter’s most recent trial tell us he was supported in court by a number of people who apparently still consider the child abuser ‘the leader’. Jimmy Savile used the threat of career-ruin against people to maintain his grip and there are still people protesting his innocence and labelling his victims in the most vile terms possible…

    Do I really need to ‘join the dots’ for people in pointing out that abusers regularly use the threat of ridicule by peers and community – as well as the threat of being targeted for ‘revenge’ attacks by other perverts – upon their victims as a means of holding power over them? Therefore the law in most civilised countries recognises that sexual assault victims must have the right to move on with their lives and that to do so it might well be necessary for them to keep their terrible experience to themselves.

    Clearly once ‘the cat is out of the bag’ it cannot be put back in. And it is for that reason they are automatically granted lifelong anonymity in law. Again I’ll stress it matters not whether the allegations have any basis in fact… It’s ILLEGAL to ‘expose’ anyone as the victim of a sexual assault. And I’ll add to that it’s also ABUSIVE… It is, as I have pointed out, EXACTLY what paedophiles and other abusers threaten to do to their victims if they speak out – plaster them all over the internet or the papers or even their local area.

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, nor even credible – especially if like Angela Power-Disney , one of the leading members of the cabal, you’re sitting giving literally-swivel-eyed lectures to the world from your kitchen proclaiming your authority on the subject as both ‘survivor’ and ‘Journalist’… ”

    If you were eductated (beyond a very basic level) in the English language you would write to a standard well beyond the very basic. – You do (in effect) claim to be a wordsmith after all! And, Angie, you would understand the principles or research and evidence. It is quite plain that you have no such understanding.

    – And THESE are the reasons why you are being ‘called out’ as fake a fraud a liar a fantasist. Because far from doing any good, you’re taking money from people under false pretences. And abusing the feeble-minded and vulnerable in the process.

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    • Surely Angie should be reported to the Police for exposing the faces and the names of the 2 children as it is against the law to identify victims or alleged victims of sexual abuse.

      Evidently she must think she is so important, that she is above the law.

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      • To my CERTAIN knowledge there have been multiple reports by multiple people to various forces – and over various cases over a long period of time – where this law has been broken. The Police seem depressingly reluctant to take action; even to the point of being obfuscatious. – Something which only fuels the fires of alleged ‘state collusion’. Really, this is something that illustrates why we need some form of central ‘police force’ that will force the hands of the hosting organisations and make them in turn withold their facilities from those that breach the law in this way. But if you ask me, organisations such as Facebook and YouTube are pretty-much as bad as the hoaxers themselves.

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        • Oh dear!

          You’d think the Police would be interested, especially as there is a bit of a fuss being made about the identity of the then 15 year old girl in the Adam Johnson case, having her identity and photo being shown on the internet.

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          • Yes, I’d like the police to take more notice of confidentiality breaches as well. However, I suppose they must triage cases in order to address the most important ones first.

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          • El Coyote is pretty-much on the right track… The consensus among the group I work with is that it’s essentially a resource issue. – That, I emphasise,is not to condone the situation.

            It seems to be the case that individual forces would struggle to resource an investigation into something which, ultimately, is likely to result in a relatively ‘trivial’ conviction. Police services these days are just as ‘stats-driven’ as any other. Therefore they have a bad habit of abdicating responsibility for things that are likely to impact very negatively on those stats! – We know of one individual who, in releation to the Hollie Greig case was reported by at least six totally independent complainers most of which were very persistant. The locus of the offence ( a breach of the Sexual Offences Act IIRC) being from within England/Wales two local forces played ‘pass the parcel’ with the complaints (the miscreant having moved house) eventually passing them to the Scottish Police – who have no jurisdiction as the offence took place in another country! – And isn’t even (technically) an offence in Scotland! And Police Scotland ‘played ball’!

            There are quite a few other instances too where the Police really AREN’T doing their job here. – Which is why there needs to be a distinct force to police these matters ( in much the same way as there is for the railways!). – The net result at the moment is that certain individuals do indeed seem to be granted a quasi-immunity which places them above the law. – And that can only ever fuel the fires of conspiracy theory; actually it IS really what sets spark to rumours of these people being ‘MI5’ and the like.

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          • I thought the problem with an arrest was that Angie’s in Ireland. Someone needs to let the police know the minute she comes back to the UK.

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            • Yes, that’s the trouble–she’s only occasionally on UK soil. However, did I hear correctly that she’s planning to come to London for the hearing on 8th April?


          • However, didn’t someone (Inchambers or JW) confirm that she’s also being investigated by the Irish Police?

            Her plan to “move to Lanzarote, which has no extradition treaty with England” must seem more appealing by the day. That said, she might benefit from a few Geography lessons before she goes; neither Lanzarote nor England are nations.

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    • It is her breakage of all standards that are usual or norm, in well run survivor groups, or if interviewed by someone with their integrity and the wherewithall to interview, record, edit and do this timely, with mutual agreements made pre airing, pre recording even more so……. She puts people on the spot during the recording, in such a way, that i know many survivors would just comply, and perhaps regret later, to no avail…… She has her reason/excuses all ready….
      I made a point 20 odd years ago of wanting to break my own anonymity, as a 30yr old ish woman, but i have never put another in the position of doing that without them taking time to think it over, many of us have found it empowering and then gone on to do more about this issue in other ways, but survivors breaking silence deserve good support around them………Personally, it is beyond galling, given that 50 odd brave people had through discussions with me, decided to turn up 2010, to find themselves unable or disallowed from speaking, so that the likes of Baloney, Gerrish, Green, Belinda could steer everyone into the hollie activism, then hampstead….. The various convo’s i had with Angela regarding me, my history, others’ feelings, were dismissed, trashed, and she called me all of the usual stuff, but that only came when i made myself un ignorable………. She is now on a mission to prove to the world that she is the go to person for disclosures on childhood sexual abuse………. She is dangerous imho. Her message to me, when i refused to shut up, using shame etc, was vile and disgusting, any survivor group admins or any working in the network, see what she is, There are so many amazing, brave, committed people who have done so much, that she either pretends to have been involved with, or released, She is a liar on almost all she says. None of the Irish groups will have anything to do with her. I’ve been connected and sharing their info for 6yrs.

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    • I remember this post. An excellent one, that raised several important issues. Ultimately, by illegally releasing the names and images of the children in this case, the Hoaxtead pushers have not only violated their right to privacy, but opened them to become potential targets of real paedophiles.


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