Angie denies, then confirms, charity scam allegations

Over the past week or so, we’ve received multiple allegations of Angela Power-Disney’s dodgy money-raising schemes. In particular, her ‘Kenya Project‘ has come under a great deal of scrutiny: no matter how she tries to twist them, the numbers just don’t add up.

Angie has put together a video proclaiming that she’s as pure as the driven snow; McKenzies Devils have taken the liberty of examining her claims in greater detail, and are quite correctly demanding that she produce documentation, rather than further lies and protestations of innocence.

In particular, we were interested in Angie’s description of a conversation she’d had with someone on Facebook (starting at 00:02:08 on this video):

Angie says,

A lady just messaged me and said, “Is there any truth in the gossip flying around about you being a charity scammer?”

And I said, “No, absolutely not, and this is why it’s happening, I’m working to expose child abuse, a ritual paedophile ring in Hampstead, and this is one of the tactics used to throw people off”.

And so she said that she did her research, and she was so relieved, and she just said, “How can I help?”

And I just said to her that is so…that is all people need to do. If you hear gossip…go to the person being gossiped about. Don’t be afraid, just say “I heard this story”…and it was just lovely.

That’s Angie’s recollection of the conversation. As it happens, the woman in question knows someone who comments regularly on this blog.

According to the screenshots she saved, her conversation with Angie went a bit differently than originally reported:

Angie-KarenJ-charity scam1 2016-03-30

Okay, fair enough so far. But then ‘Karen Johnson’ asks for further information on how to donate to David.

Angie-KarenJ-CharityScam2 2016-03-30

David Shurter? Who said anything about him?

But never mind, Angie is never backward about coming forward, and suggests that ‘Karen Johnson’ donate to her JOURNOANGIE GoFundMe page. Or failing that, she could donate to Q*Bert….

Angie-KarenJ-CharityScam3 2016-03-30

Um…we were talking about charities, correct? Actual charities, where people donate money to help those who are less fortunate than themselves? You know, like that school and orphanage in Kenya to which Angie claims to be so passionately dedicated?

Angie-KarenJ-CharityScam4 2016-03-30

Ohhhh…that charity. Well, if you choose not to believe survivors of child sexual abuse, Angie supposes she might be able to give out the bank transfer details.

Angie-KarenJ-CharityScam5 2016-03-30

Well, except that the bank info’ Angie provided is bogus. So Angela offers a convenient alternative: just send the money to her GoFundMe page, and she’ll be sure to send it along to…who were we talking about again?

She even passes along her PayPal info, just in case ‘Karen Johnson’ is interested in donating to Angie’s ‘Give Me Money for Being a Professional Grifter’ fund.

We find it impressive that Angie somehow manages to keep turning the conversation back to donating to her, her, HER!, even though ‘Karen Johnson’ clearly wants to make a donation to a legitimate charity. And fascinating that Angie seems to have so many channels through which it’s possible to donate.

(Incidentally, ‘Karen Johnson’ really does plan to make a donation, but it’ll be to David Cheroli’s charity, not Angela’s scam.)


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  1. Just saw this comment on

    Desmond During1 week ago
    +Hampstead Cover Up Hi e&a, haven’t heard from you guys for a while – hope all is well.
    I received a friend request from one Kris DaCosta on Facebook who says he wants assistance in making a video regarding your case. Do you know this character and should I trust him? I know Dicky is a conniving slimy toad who disguises himself in order to infiltrate and annihilate any modicum of virtue. If you OK him, I would love to assist in the FREE THE HAMPSTEAD 2 campaign. GOD bless you both. Des.

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  2. Oh bugger, has Kris been rumbled? Damn, it was going so well too. She was doing a great job of getting juicy info’ out of unsuspecting Hoaxteaders. Hopefully, Desmond won’t cotton on, though, so fingers crossed. And let’s make sure Des doesn’t find out about Kris’s links with MI5. Mater’s the mot 😉

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  3. “If people want to believe badly of me, no amount of proof will convince them.”

    Aha, so does this mean that Angie finally gets how the innocent people of Hampstead feel?

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  4. This is a comedic (yet factual! ) masterpiece – I would bow down politely if I weren’t already doubled over, laughing seismically…BRAVO, Mr. Porpoise !


  5. Karen Johnson is my muckraking hero(ine) of the day – huge kudos to her for approaching this with such level-headed persistence. Hope she can push even further and corner “Madam Scam” to the point at which no questions about her true motives remain – for anyone with an IQ superior to that of a turnip, anyway!

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  6. Exile?

    What? she’s not living in her usual home?

    Maybe she’s on holiday.

    Wants to try North Cyprus, no extradition treaty.

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  7. Has Kris DaCosta been rumbled by Desmond? That’ll be a pity as Kris DaCosta was so useful with feeding us information on Abe and Ella.

    Have to say I am impressed with Desmond finding out about her.

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  8. Well that’s not true.

    If i saw actual physical proof of any of her claims, then i’d believe her.

    I’m going to take this statement of Angie’s, that she has NO PROOF to support her claims, that all the charity money was sent, where she claimed it went.

    Angie must have proof if her claims are true.

    There has to be forensic evidence of a paper trail if the money was sent.

    Oh dear!

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  9. Then again, as far as I can see Irish charity law is similar to that inthe UK countries. – Charitable status is essentially a tax concession. Not, as the public typically percieve it, a warrant of honour. – Anyone can seek donations for any purpose, but those donations are ‘earnings’ for tax purposes and, I suspect, as far as any social security benefits are concerned.

    So here is an interesting wee puzzle for Angie… Will she register as a proper charity in a few weeks and become fully accountable via the CRA. Or will she be getting her books in damned good order for the visit from the Revenue that is bound to happen quite soon?

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  10. Well said inchambers@

    I have just received this from my friends wife – not only has Angie got to worry about her charity scams, but it appears that now she has to worry about being a whistle blower on a big drug gang (Why is she not in protective custody????)

    Out of curiosity I phoned her local post office this morning – they know her – she’s not in exile but still living in her house…

    Angie needs sectioning to protect others…

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  11. I guess we can say after that last wonderful post by Ms Johnson : and answer came there none.

    Busted !

    As for her imaginary ‘filing system’- what planet is this ‘journalist’ living on ?. I am in the process of setting up a small charity in Oz with 20 plus other people with a considerable sum we raised over the last 20 years. It is to go to a government department to administer who will then distribute interest to us twice a year to distribute to various charities & causes mainly concerned with kids with cancer as that is what brought us together and there will be not one penny in deductions for any of us- even our post box rental has been paid by a supporter.

    The upshoot is- each one of us carries out “filing system” that goes back 2 decades on one USB flash drive & it’s been like that for a decade in order that we can meet anywhere & access information immediately on a PC. And everyone basically operates like that-their life is now on their PC.

    Again : classic sociopath & small time con artist evidence- always a quick excuse to cover any contingency.


  12. True- it’s like that everywhere (you should see some of the shonks in the USA- riddled with scam artists. Rupert Q ?).The real problem is getting charity commissions to investigate. Overworked as usual.

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  13. LOL. She keeps putting her foot in it doesn’t she ?. “Helping the Gardai” accompanied by a religious quote. Gawd help us.

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  14. Whatever happened to the matter Angela Power-Disney was spruiking last year? She claimed she was being interviewed by police in the North of England regarding a major Satanic cult and they were taking her seriously – the one that hunted children in a forest?. There is a video on YT of her chatting to some goat she landed on who thinks the Moon is fake or some truther claptrap.

    I still say- these are cheap small time con artists ( although Rupert Q is bolder than most). I reckon Angie is an expert at finding people to land on while she visits the UK. Guaranteed she will stay with Belinda McKenzie during Rupert Q’s Gala Tour of Britain to Take Down the Pedo Satanic Cult. Can you imagine the free lunches & dinners Rupert Q will be getting ?. And he strikes me as the sort of ‘superior’ truther who will scoff at McDonalds and demand 3 star dining. Belinda McKenzie better have her best room prepared for him.


  15. It’s utter bilge, isn’t it. As well as the “exile” crap, she expects us to believe that all the bank statements, receipts etc. only exist as hard copies and that she has nothing on her computer or online. Seriously, every bank in the world has online banking now. What’s she on? The same shit she was on when she thought someone had chased her out of the UK, no doubt, or when she was convinced she’d written ‘Good Will Hunting’.

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  16. “Cyber-terrorism to silence whistleblowers”
    LMAO! No drama-queenery there, then 😀

    As for her tired old allegation – “My personal safety and that of my children has [sic] been at risk from Ricky Dearman and his child raping sodomising murdering cohorts for a year” – that’s a festering heap of ocelot dung. Shame on her. Putting aside the disgusting bullshit about raping, murdering and sodomising (which not one Hoaxteader has ever been able to back up with one single scrap of proof), her repeated claims about death threats against her (and also against her children now, apparently!!!) is an outrageous lie that she’s trotted out over and over again. And yet, as regulars to this blog will know, she has never been able to provide one single link, screenshot or quote to back that up, despite our countless requests for her to do so. As she well knows, and as all the screenshots on this very blog* attest, it’s her hypocritical cronies who do death threats, not us.

    Angie is just indulging in cyber-terrorism to silence the doubters, it seems. Oh well, it “goes with the territory”, I guess.

    Any Angie fans/followers reading this, please don’t just take our word for it – ask her. Ask her to show you one death threat. Just one. From anyone. Give her the opportunity to demonstrate just how honest, reliable and credible she is. She is a devout Christian, after all, so there’s no way she’d make up something like that, is there?


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  17. *Possible triggers in this comment*

    LOL, David Shitter made that same claim about child-hunting parties. In fact, he said that he was forced to murder little boys in the forest and then shag their corpses. Yeah, Dave – forced, were you? 😉

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  18. Considering what he is going to claim McDonalds’s staff get up to, I don’t think being seen eating a Big Mac would be a wise move on his part!

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  19. I’ve just looked up ‘spruiking’, Sam. I genuinely thought you’d made a typo there but bugger me, it really is a word. And a very apt one too, which I will no doubt use at some point! Thanks buddy 🙂

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  20. I just listened to (as much as I could stand of) the video where she makes that claim. She also claims to have lived with royalty and been to bed with “the drug baron for the whole of Europe and seen his stash”. She claims to have holes in her memory – I think she just passed out drunk while listening to Charlene:

    “Oh, I’ve been to Nice and the isle of Greece
    When I sipped champagne on a yacht
    I moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo
    And showed them what I’ve got
    I’ve been undressed by kings
    And I’ve seen some things that a woman ain’t s’pose to see
    I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me… ”

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  21. It’s utter bilge, 100%.

    Angie obviously thinks people are stupid to accept her nonsense.

    Her followers, if there are any, probably are.

    All she’s got to do, is go in the bank, if she doesn’t do on line banking and get some hard copies to prove her claims.

    Not at all difficult, if she can tear herself away from making videos.

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  22. If Angie was wise, she’d shut up, stop typing and stop speaking.

    She continually digs a deeper hole for herself, almost every time.

    Is she going to Sabine and Neelu’s case a week tomorrow, 8th April then?

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  23. If I’ve understood correctly, she’s going to present this blog and our comments as evidence that Ricky Dearman has been harassing them. Because, you know, we’re all Ricky Dearman. As for either him or us threatening them, don’t even get me started. Lying bitches.

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  24. They say this was written about Angie. Or perhaps she co-wrote it with Peter Stardstedt. Hell, maybe she was Peter Stardstedt. Any way it sums up the glittering life of Angela Power-Disney.

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  25. In one video she says something like “The prince took me into his special room with all the drugs and porn and everything, but I said I’m not like that and I ran away. Then I understood what the Princess had to deal with.” (not verbatim, but I really don’t want to hear all that crap again!)

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  26. David B. Chesoli is on Facebook quite a lot. Is there a dodgy internet connection? He does good work and I’ll be telling people about him and hope he gets a lot more donations.

    I’ve felt uncomfortable with the allegations of charity scamming. Angie may well have made the donation and there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. (I like to think on the positive side – I know some of you will think I’m an idiot. 🙂 )

    I know that if I was accused of charity scamming I wouldn’t be able to wait to put the documents online and then I’d say ‘you can eff off now and leave me alone’.

    If she can prove what she says then I for one would discourage people from carrying on with this line of thinking. Let’s face it there are other issues.

    She doesn’t seem to really ‘get’ that she will receive future criticism for other things as long as she persists in making videos and promoting a cause that hurts innocent people. Do any of the Hoaxteaders ever think they might be wrong? The thought that I might be barking up the wrong tree and leaving casualties would haunt me. I’ve been round and round and round with thoughts like this when I post on this blog – who is right and who is wrong in all this. In the end the evidence always points away from Hampstead and towards Abrella.

    It’s a sad situation.

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  27. Agreed, Earl. The charity scamming aspect is important but it’s a side issue (not that I have an ounce of sympathy for her, though, as she’s dug this massive hole herself).

    At the risk of sounding selfish, I’m more concerned about Angie’s frequent disgusting lies about us (and by implication Ricky Dearman), in particular about us threatening to kill her and her children. She deserves full exposure on that – her followers need to be aware of the shocking depths to which she’s prepared to stoop in order to push her own agenda.

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  28. “Do any of the Hoaxteaders ever think they might be wrong? The thought that I might be barking up the wrong tree and leaving casualties would haunt me. I’ve been round and round and round with thoughts like this when I post on this blog – who is right and who is wrong in all this. In the end the evidence always points away from Hampstead and towards Abrella.”

    Frankly no, not really… Hampstead is littered with ‘casualties’ left behind by this thoroughly dishonest excuse for a woman. At worst she is receiving a taste of her own medicine. But really the facts rather speak for themselves. And the sooner either the police and/or the revenue nail her the better.

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  29. This woman has no credibility. 1 she claims to have been hunted by aliens and the “cabal” in a forest. 2 she tried to bring annett to ireland. 3 she helped propagate the tuam ritual sacrifice lie (annett) 4 she says the illuminati set her up with her husband. 5 she tells everyone, her son included that every child is brainwashed with trauma based mind control. 6 godtv! 7 she thinks nothing of telling the world how her son abuses his girlfreind (which is not surprising seeing as he was brought up by a nutcake. 8 i could go on and on but it would need a blog of its own, such is the amount of bullshit she’s involved in.

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  30. Does anybody know what country Araya Soma is from? surely harassing innocent people and dragging their names through the dirt must be grounds for deportation? Plus she’s a creepy tampax sucking, urine quaffing, anti orgasm (no happy endings there!), Hitler worshipping psycho

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  31. BE – Its is a very sad situation.

    Looking at what David Chisoli wrote and then cross referencing it to what Angie has admitted to gives an approximate (conservative) error of over 4000 euros between what APD claims to have sent over the years and what was received by David Chisoli

    David Chisoli’s email:

    APD comments:

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  32. And while I’m on, I see she’s still citing Kris DaCosta’s Deirdre Does Hamsters blog as a reliable source of gospel truth. She has a degree in journalism (allegedly) and she’s basing all her research on the contents of one amateur blog by a random unqualified nobody. Very reassuring.

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  33. It would be nice if she gave us a link to one of these articles in the MSM, or to the publisher who published her poems, or the name of a theatre where one of her plays has been performed.

    I won’t hold my breath.

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  34. No Angie, we ARE the representative of the British public. All of the people I have spoken to about this think the hoax pushers are the ones in the wrong. None of them think the idea that a primary school in an urban area hosts a an orgy of paedophilia and infanticide every Wednesday is remotely plausible.

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  35. Yes, unlike the Hoaxtead pushers, if we were to see actual physical proof that Angie was telling the truth–or, indeed, that the Hampstead hoax was in fact not a hoax!–we would be convinced.

    However, neither seems about to materialise.


  36. Good grief, now she’s a ‘high level’ adjunct to the Gardai? What next? (No, no, don’t answer that. Not sure I can take any more of her fantasies….)


  37. I agree that the charity scamming is a side issue, but as you say, it would seem to be a rather small thing for Angie to simply show us proof that things are as she says they are, and we’d shut up.

    I do think that this line of discussion goes toward showing the character of those who’ve been spearheading the Hampstead hoax: they have a very casual acquaintance with the truth, and seem much more interested in lining their own pockets than in doing anything useful for real children in distress.


  38. What in hell is she jabbering about? Please don’t tell me she’s going to claim she has a degree in ancient history now? These are the ramblings of a madwoman.


  39. LOL! I read one post on that blog–the first, I think, in which DaCosta alleged through completely illogical leaps of reasoning (“If A = B, then Q = Z”, except that A does not really equal B in the first place, and even if it did it wouldn’t prove anything else) that everyone involved with opposing the hoax is in fact RD–laughed uproariously, and tuned out. I think I’ve been back perhaps twice in the interim. Really, there’s nothing to see there.

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  40. LOL!! “Please, Mr Policeman, they’re making fun of me on YouTube! You must stop them! They are hurting my feelings!”

    Funny behaviour for one who claims that the police are all corrupt and part of the ‘conspiracy’, don’t you think?

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  41. Seeing as Angie has just received money from the death of her sister, perhaps she can top up Rupert’s gofundme page, then he can get over to England.

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  42. Love the way she demands an APOLOGY at the end!

    Stop throwing your toys out of the pram, Angie. Since when do you tell someone they need to APOLOGISE?


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  43. Especially if an apology is not warranted? Angie has it within her gift to dispel any questions on her integrity by simply publishing facts and figures, rather than piffle and excuses

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  44. Fair point well made, EC. Even with side issues, if they call into question the reliability of these self-proclaimed “whistleblowers”, they’re important, especially when one considers the serious nature of the allegations these people are spreading.

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  45. Wasn’t she just recently howling about how the people she’s been libelling and harassing in Hampstead could clear their names by showing the world their private bits and (lack of) tattoos?


  46. I’d also like to know how she responds when asked to produce the photos she claims to have taken of “blood on the floor” inside the church, another blatant lie. Has anyone here (or that we know of) ever confronted her with that question?

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  47. Threats? Nothing can be deemed as a threat as far as I’ve seen.
    Lies? It’s not a lie if there’s proof that it’s true, which I’ve always seen.
    Defamation? It’s not defamation if it can be proved…. which we’re still awaiting..

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  48. And my friend was with me too, not that he went in the toilet.

    (I don’t think)

    He never mentioned seeing any blood either…

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  49. Christine and Neelu reckon they witnessed an actual baby sacrifice during the church service. And how did they react to this shocking infanticide? They went and had a piss-up at the pub round the corner. Good to know they treated it with such urgency, I reckon.

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  50. The latest from Karen – its not a surprise that she has had no reply from Angie – will that be via a video sermon tonight (Move over Billy Graham, Angie is going to replace you!!)

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  51. And in the interest of completeness Karen has asked me to post the content of her email to David Chisoli earlier today, she says that so far the only response has been an “out of office” automated response.

    Dear David,

    I have messaged you a few days ago on your face book page, but you did not reply.

    I have recently become aware of Angie Power-disney and her involvement as a fundraiser for you.

    Angie Power-Disney has quite a poor reputation and unfortunately a number of people have raised questions with regards her fund raising on numerous projects. This has been published on a UK blog and it has included claims written by Angie Power-disney with regards the extent of her contributions to you.

    In 2014 she claimed to have contributed nearly 9000 euros to you in between November 2011 and November 2014, that was money in addition to her regular contributions of 50 to 100 euros per month. She has been invited by numerous people to publish on the internet exactly what payments she sent to you and the dates that those payments were made. Had she done so she would have rebuked any questions about her integrity – instead she has published a series of excuses for not publishing the documents. Those excuses include the documents are not in her property, she is in exile and that the builders are working at her house and the internet is not working.

    The webpages mentioned earlier in my email are:

    If it is possible to let me know what Angie has paid you, the amounts and dates then it would go a long way to supporting either her innocence or guilt.If she is innocent then I am certain you would support her in any way that you could.

    On a personal basis I would like to make a donation to you directly. I did ask Angie – but she provided me with bank details that my bank advised me were incorrect. Please confirm a swift number for your bank account.

    I am sorry that you have become embroiled in this and would like to reassure you that I shall personally ensure that you have no shortfall should Angie use this as an excuse to withdraw her funding for you.

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  52. I like how he makes reference to comments under his video as “EWWWWW!!” and call’s the people sick for talking like that.
    If you have seen ZC’s and TG’s comments, which I have (and that’s who he was most probably referring to) it’s very clear they were making him aware of an act which one of the children had mentioned which was frankly impossible to be true and which a child of that age would know absolutely zero about unless some twisted pair (Abrella) had made him say it.
    Why if he’s interested in the hoax is he not questioning things mentioned which would be impossible?

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  53. Remember the accusations that Angie was a charity scammer did not come from here first but elsewhere and it was Power-Disney who first brought it up on her Facebook page and then accused RD of being the complainer. Accusing RD is the default situation for these hoaxers- I think they’d accuse him if their electricity bill was unusually large.

    If she can prove she is not ( and that is also the default position for the hoaxers – accuse & then demand one prove their allegations are false but of course, never accepting such proof) I’d accept it and move on but I guarantee it will never happen.

    As for one of the main hoax promoters like Angela Power-Disney complaining about anything, it sickens me to the stomach. She has falsely accused dozens of innocent people of despicable crimes without a scintilla of proof & without a single thought for how their families & friends may suffer.

    This is a woman who accuses people of vile murders including killing100s of babies. Does she deserve any sympathy ?. No, not a single jot and she should be pursued until she is brought to justice even for the crimes we are all witnesses to : criminal defamation, & child abuse by continuing to expose the two kids in question and the children of others she falsely accuses.

    Power-Disney has gone into a flurry of posting inane truther links on her Facebook page. But this a diversionary tactic & typical of a narcissist / sociopath personality : confronted by a well crafted series of posts by a woman about her so-called charity deeds, she participated to the end thinking she would benefit financially & when it became clear she wouldn’t she resorted to bigger & bigger lies: drug barons pursuing her, files located elsewhere and so on.

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  54. A University Degree in her lying eyes translates as : “got this on good authority” (ie: another truther ratbag on the internet)

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  55. I won’t either but I will be emailing the editors & asking for links or information about Power-Disney’s work for them.

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  56. “you’re just circling the outskirts of Homophobia there.”. No.

    Surely you should know that being one old (ancient) queen myself ( at various times) gives me the right to use the sort of language I was brought up on and no amount of modern ‘homophobic’ claims that generally are pushed by a younger generation of gays gives then the right to criticizes their elders who were ostracized, arrested for their orientation, beaten & arrested by police & discriminated against while they generally paved the way for the freedoms they enjoy today. Oldtimers calling themselves ‘queens’. ‘poofs’ etc is a right they earned.

    ## and when I say ‘living with an old queen” I refer to the growing evidence that Power-Disney may have shared digs with the crook Andrea Davison who lived with many thieving homosexual crooks who formed their associations via their orientation- Chris Fay is an example.

    And there is plenty of evidence that the Satanic cult false accusers have turned their attention to others given that queer bashing has become unacceptable.

    And finally ” It’s a Joke Joyce.

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  57. the so-called ‘blood’ seemed to be a discolored paint patch. The child sacrifice was a baby crying in the church which is amplified horrendously. And yes, did they leap down to try and rescue this baby from it’s fate ?. No, they made a Youtube video.

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  58. I think she’s the result of a Doctor Mengele experiment from that Nazi base on The Moon. They made a documentary about it called Iron Sky.

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  59. He thought he had a captive audience of devotees worshiping his every word. Like all bullies they don’t like it when confronted.

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  60. I should add : I will avoid such thigh slapping witticisms in the interests of the cohesiveness of this blog.


  61. Not necessary, Sam. I’m old enough and have enough gay friends who feel exactly the way you do, that I completely agree: you fought for it, you earned it. (Plus I thought it was funny.)


  62. Yes, this is the part that completely puzzles me. If these people are so utterly convinced that children are being sacrificed willy-nilly, why aren’t they rushing in and doing something about it? Surely there must have been enough of them at those church rallies to form a decent posse to take on the child sacrificers?


  63. Plus they expect us to believe that this highly secretive “cult” which has evaded capture for “thousands of years” would be so brazen as to sacrifice a baby when the congregation contains several protesters with cameras seeking to expose them and many more protesters and police officers outside. Makes perfect sense.

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