Sabine’s chronic leakage problem


On Tuesday, 1st December, Sabine McNeill will be in court along with Belinda McKenzie to face charges of incurring excessive legal costs by bungling the Melissa Laird case in their role as ‘McKenzie Friends’. If all goes well, they’ll be required to pay a £2,000 fine; it remains to be seen whether they’ll be stripped of their role as McKenzie Friends, and barred from this position henceforth. But we can hope.

As we discussed this amongst ourselves, a member of our team wondered aloud about whether Sabine had fouled the Laird case in the same way she essentially created Hoaxtead: by taking confidential case documents and illegally spreading them across the internet.

As it turns out, Sabine and Belinda became involved in that case after the mother had already been deported, so the damage they inflicted seems to have had more to do with incompetence than willful sabotage.

However, it doesn’t take much searching to discover that Sabine seems to have a chronic leakage problem.

For example, when she got involved in the Vicky Haigh case, acting as McKenzie Friend to Haigh’s ‘investigator’, Elizabeth Watson, it didn’t take Sabine long to start helping Liz breach a court order, and thus become guilty of contempt of court.

Here’s an excerpt from Watson’s appeal to purge her contempt verdict, and thus get the heck out of prison, which turned out to be not at all to her liking:


9. Another aspect which makes Ms. Watson’s contempt particularly grave is that she breached the order not only by communicating through e-mails with a large number of third parties, but also gave material to an internet provider, one Sabine McNeill who runs a website called Inquiring Minds. Ms. McNeill (who at one point acted as Ms. Watson’s McKenzie Friend in these proceedings) lives, I am told, in Germany although she has a flat in London. The mischief of the publication, as Ms. Watson now appreciates, is that the publication of allegations which I and two other judges held to be without foundation not only puts the identity of the child into the public domain and renders it accessible to anybody who cares to look for it or to read it; but equally, Ms Watson has put herself in the hands and the power of the internet provider. The omens do not altogether look good.

10. Yesterday Ms. McNeill wrote to Ms. Watson’s solicitors in these terms:

Why on earth does the Guardian who has NOT acted in the child’s interest request me to remove the page about [the earlier fraud?]

Re Inquiring Minds I wrote to Malcolm & Co. and cc him for your convenience.” – [That is another matter on the website] – I am happy to cooperate but I am not happy destroying all the evidence that Liz [Ms Watson] has found and was just not sufficiently able to present effectively. The same evidence will help to get Vicky [that is the mother] her daughter back after all and the Guardian CERTAINLY has no right/authority/jurisdiction to tell me anything.

Sorry, but you will have to fight for the fact that Liz has undug more than ‘they’ would have liked her to.

With best wishes, Sabine.”

Yes, that sounds like Sabine: self-justifying, self-pitying, and paranoid.

Another case where she seems to have over-shared was the infamous Musas, the Nigerian couple who had all 7 of their children taken into care when it was found they’d been subjecting them to brutal abuse and neglect.

Here’s a screen shot of a blog Sabine ran about that case:

Sabine-Musa Family info leak

On 18 June 2012 I was tricked into accepting an ‘injunction’ which was supposedly ‘sealed’ by the secret Family Court ‘to remove all material and information relating to the children…since 24th April 2012’.

Is it just us, or does that sound as though Sabine was up to her old tricks…and then getting huffy when told to remove the material from the internet?

It does begin to look like a pattern for Sabine the Leak Queen…no matter how much she tries to deny it. Let’s hope the courts see it the same way.










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  1. OMG!!! the woman is leaking like a colander!!

    She claims to be a scientist…so correct me if I am going down the wrong road..don’t you have to have brains to become a scientist????

    It seems typical behaviour for these people….Sabine, Belinda, etc etc …just do exactly as they wish and then scream like scalded cats when they realise their actions are not lawful and they have to comply with the courts.

    And yet……..when it comes to their PRIVATE lives and their PRIVATE details becoming common knowledge they scream even louder than a scalded cat.!!

    Stupid women, I hope they get the maximum penalty brought down upon them. They are a menace to the human race, they are a scourge on society, they are both a disgrace, and if you notice they never touch REAL cases with a barge pole!!?

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    • Very true, all of it. And as to how Sabine came to be a scientist, I’ve begun to wonder whether she sent away for her qualifications from the back of a comic book.


        • She says she “studied mathematics and programming in West Germany” – no mention of which institution or if she qualified. She then got a job as a ” systems analyst and software diagnostician at CERN”. I wonder if she was involved with the research as such or was just working in a glorified IT department?

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          • from
            Name Job title (s) and organisation (s)
            Sabine K McNeill Director, 3D Metrics Ltd
            What kind of Organisation can you represent?
            Start Up
            Civil Society
            Community Activists
            Why do you think you can represent these organisations?
            I am editing the website for the SME Innovation Alliance.
            Which of the following Industries would you be able to represent.
            Data Products/Service Delivery
            Why do you feel you would be able to represent this industry?
            Because of my personal experiences and contacts from attending events organised
            by a variety of Knowledge Transfer Networks.
            Tell us of a time when you did any of the following
            Built a network of users – ran a conference, talk or meet up – including the use
            of social media:
            Starting in Geneva, I have been organising conferences and seminars since the 70s.
            In London I created Monday evening lectures at St. James’s Piccadilly in 1983 that
            still continue. At the House of Lords and Commons, I have been organising the
            ‘Forum for Stable Currencies’ and continue to make meetings happen under the
            auspices of MPs as the Association of McKenzie Friends.
            Developed a cost/benefit analysis – researching and drawing on evidence to
            make a business case for action:
            I have made funding applications to develop my software invention since 2004. See
            Developed a data based service either from a business/marketing or a
            technical perspective; put forward a business case for or got funding to
            develop a data based product or service; identified a market opportunity for a
            data based product or service:
            My software inventions are inherently data based. See
            Developed an app:
            I used to diagnose software at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research
            where the web was born. After having written my first prototype myself, I realised the
            difference in thinking ‘specification’ rather than ‘coding’. Since then I practise
            ‘software-aided thinking’ and build websites, besides writing specifications for
            Created a business using open data or created commercial value from
            data/open data; supported another organisation to create commercial value
            out of open data; developed a credible business model on the basis of open
            I keep hoping that the time will come where my software will be using open data
            such that ‘the world’ can investigate time series, multi-dimensional data and images
            with my ‘software lenses’.
            Any other relevant experience:
            I studied mathematics and computing and publish over 50 websites. See
            Are there any other reasons why you would like to become a member of
            I am a regular visitor to the Open Data Institute and have contributed to ‘Open
            Are you currently a member of any other organisation(s) in a similar or related
            British Computer Society
            I have joined 32 groups on including ‘Data Science’ and ‘Women
            in Data’.

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          • So…a self-published book about networking for ‘personal and global transformation’…and a bunch of self-aggrandising gobbledy-gook about ‘humanistic psychology’….sorry, Sabine, I’m not seeing a lot of ‘gifted scientist’ here.


  2. Reading a website one reader referred us to on another thread : the Children Protection Resource : I found a very interesting comment.
    The article was about the involvement of Christopher Booker, Ian Joseph and John Hemming in aiding a mother fleeing the country. That mother has just received a life sentence as part of peadophile abuse ring in Norwich. The comment was this:

    “You have forgotten a person: Brian Rothery. I worked with him for over 8 years. He was a lovely, intelligent and articulate man of principle. Then, Hemming, Josephs, McKenzie and Sabine got their claws into him; I warned him they were dangerous and in my view ‘nuts’. I was cast aside within 24 hours having spent thousands of my own hours and a few thousand of my own money to help the cause that he and I had worked on for years”

    I’ve read a lot of Rothery’s articles and he did much research into Operation Ore where undoubtedly a lot of innocent men suffered – many killing themselves- over the alleged possession of child porn. The former investigative journalist Duncan Campbell did a lot of work on this & appeared in front of the House of Lords describing how UK police ignored evidence that the US website owners where the material was supposedly sourced were involved in credit card fraud : some people had purchased adult porn from them and found their credit cards billed 10 times a day for a website selling child abuse material.

    Some time ago I noticed Rothery had veered off into the “forced adoption” claims and lost interest in his writings.

    Now I see Sabine McNeil is involved with him. She really is toxic isn’t she. She & Belinda are a real menace. I hope they are banned from any involvement in “aiding” people as so-called McKenzie Friends. They seem to destroy everyone they touch

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    • Sabine and Belinda seem to offer a combination of Icke-style paranoid fantasy and Freeman of the Land legal/financial nuttery, and yes, they’re very dangerous. They tell just enough of the truth to be almost plausible, and so I can imagine them sucking in otherwise rational people, who don’t look too far beyond the duo’s apparent earnestness.


      • You nailed it here, EC. Brilliant piece, the post, too, hope the appropriate legal team gets to see it and take note.

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    • Sam- I am the source of the quote. Brian Rothery was truly a lovely well intentioned principled man for the 8 years I worked with him. I was literally cast aside in 24 hours once Sabine and Belinda got their claws into him.

      I am the woman who was not afraid to go on TV, do interviews with newspapers, etc about Operation Ore.I have set up interviews for others.

      I do work in the family court as a Lay Assistant. I do not charge anyone a penny for my time or associated costs. I am a bit of a technophobe so have a pay as you go mobile; sometimes if my credit is low, I ask people to ring me back. That is the only cost they will incur from me except for my asking them to be completely honest (After 8 years, I have heard it all and nothing shocks me!)

      I started all this because I saw the ‘mission creep’ of the overlap of Operation Ore and ‘Child Protection’; then the disgusting and blatant lies of one Jim Gamble. One night he was spouting his rubbish on Radio 5; I could take no more! I phoned up and called him a liar to the Nation. As I have a distinct voice and accent; it did not take Einstein to work out it was me. They came for my child. I managed to legally get my son out of the UK for his own protection. Then information about me was ‘leaked’ (by accident of course). I am one of 19 people in the UK who has been issued an Osman Letter of Protection. (google it) If you watch the last 8 minutes of ‘The Appalling Vista’; I am that woman.

      Then somehow Mr Rothery got himself caught up in this insane ‘Free Man of the Land’ whatever it is. I decided it is not worth my time and effort to reconnect with him.

      Sabine tried to recruit me to the Melissa Laird case. I did my own research including speaking to her mother in the USA and USA government officials; I said ‘Sorry, I can not help; she is a terrible mother and is unfit and even her own family can not support her.’ This of course lead to another smear campaign against me.

      I have Judges who like me and Judges who don’t. That is fine.

      Everyone of my ‘clients’ has a written statement from me; I published it in the Telegraph newspaper last week for all to see.

      I do not do this for my own ego. I do it because as someone from a long line of people who believe in social justice, geneology and history (‘you need to understand where you came from to understand where you are going.’) this is simply the way I was raised; ‘to do the right thing.’.

      If you watch the Appalling Vista on youtube; you will find many references to David Stanley. He was one of my best friends. Mr Stanley was fully cleared in Operation Ore. In 2006, I had a stroke due to the stress of the work I was doing. (I do have a regular real job as well) In desperation, my Husband rang my son’s school and explained I had been rushed into hospital and Mr Stanley would collect the child and have ID to prove who he was. Suddenly, after I ‘gave a piece of my mind’ to Gamble and some of his CEOP chums; this became a ‘child protection issue’. They trawled through my son’s school records; we had allowed ‘an unconvicted child sex offender’ to collect our son from school. Mr Stanley was so distressed by this, he committed suicide.

      The gov’t will admit to 39 Ore suicides; I know the figure is more like 154.

      The focus of ‘child protection’ in the UK is completely misguided.

      My day to day parenting has never been questioned; simply my ‘unco-operative attitude to authority.’ (I must have done something right; I raised (not dragged up) the older two on my own!.


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  3. Sabine has a leakage problem and Belinda is ‘passing clouds’ (see Facebook). Same clouds that ‘av spaceships in? The world is a wonderful place. 🙂

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  4. Seen this from the court newswire service??

    November 27, 2015

    CLAYHALL An activist at the centre of claims of satanic abuse at a Hampstead church failed to attend court today where it was proposed that she face three new charges of witness intimidation. Neelu Berry, 56, is said to have published witness statements relating to satanic child abuse claims levelled at a paedophile cult allegedly operating out of the Christ Church. The claims were originally made by two young children, who are now in foster care, in a campaign that was derided by a High Court Judge earlier this year as ‘evil’ and ‘baseless’. Ella Draper, mother to the two children, and her partner Abraham Christie tortured the pair into making the false allegations which resulted in innocent people being named in online videos seen by millions.

    – See more at:

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