Friday Nite at the Fights: The wrap-up

It’s always entertaining to watch the Hoaxtead pushers claw at one another, but today’s offering has an added soupçon of malice: there’s a distinct UK vs U.S. of A. flavour to it.

Sadly, we cannot offer you a video of Donald Trump’s hairpiece going head to head with David Cameron’s pet pig, but this is almost as entertaining. Our Yankee contender, Tina Kachina of ‘Eaten Lives Matter’, throws the first punch:

Eaten Lives Matter v Alanson 1 2016-03-04

The usual garbage, doesn’t seem likely to raise too many hackles, but what ho, look who jumps in:

ELM v Alanson-2 2016-03-04

Why, if it isn’t our dear friend Alan Alanson! As far as Tina/ELM goes, though, he could be speaking Greek.

ELM v Alanson-3 2016-03-04

Now they’re trading illiteracies like the true pros that they are…ending up with a sweet little poetic offering from Alan.

ELM v Alanson-4 2016-03-04

Oh, we didn’t know this was a tag-team event! Tina looks like she’s trying to call on one of her fellow countrymen, Kapt Zander. You can tell, as she’s speaking a quaint American dye-a-lect.

ELM v Alanson-5 2016-03-04

What ho? Here comes the ever-placating Jim McMenamin, and it looks like Alan is taking him on, as well! Jim backs off immediately, as is his wont (when he’s not bravely blocking us on Twitter, but then ‘secretly’ following this blog to see what we’re saying)…as usual, he claims ignorance. You can almost see his tiny hands up in the air as he backs away from Alanson.

Tina, seeing a chance to suck up to Jimbo, butts in….

ELM v Alanson-6 2016-03-04

Only to find herself crudely rebuffed by, of all people, Jim! “It’s a cultural thing so please keep out of it, unless you are only here for a bit of fun”. Ah, too funny, Jim! That’s put the Yank in her place, hasn’t it? Looks like you’ve hurt her wee feelings, you have.

And now, we take you back to Alanson HQ:

Alanson v ELM-1 2016-03-04

Someone’s got his girdle in a knot, hasn’t he? The nerve of that Yankee woman, blocking him after he slagged her Facebook page!

Alanson v ELM-2 2016-03-04

Ah, but look, here’s the ever-gentle Maria MacMahon, come by to soothe the keyboard warrior’s wounds. Oh, and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, with his usual incomprehensible gibberish…and then, would you look! It’s Tina! That girl just won’t stay down!

Alanson v ELM-3 2016-03-04

And another player, Jules Freeman, pops in to wonder what the heck is going on? Did someone say shill? Alanson is only too happy to explain. But hang on just a moment…looks like he’s gone back to Eaten Lives Matter for another swing at Tina:

ELM v Alanson 2016-03-04

Yes, if you can’t win the match with words, do it with repetitive memes!

Tina comes back with one of her own, though:

ELM v Alanson-8 2016-03-04

And so far, it looks like she’s had the last word. Jim McMenamin has given up and gone home, and Alan’s gone off mumbling to himself…I’m afraid we have to call this one in Tina’s favour!

Internet fight


65 thoughts on “Friday Nite at the Fights: The wrap-up

  1. By the way, sorry if you’re already aware of this, EC, but Kapt Zander is more than just a casual acquaintance of Tina’s:

    Creepy-looking bugger, isn’t he.

    PS: ooh, the plot thickens;

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    • “The cult thinks we are Abe though.”

      OK, on how many levels is that statement wrong? Think of this like a “guess how many sweeties are in the jar” contest. Whoever gets closest wins a bowl of Abrella’s cannabis soup.

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    I think Tina needs help. If you can stomach it, this rather disturbing slice of self-projection appears to be a description of one of her own perverted sexual fantasies:

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  3. And of course, what epic keyboard barney would be complete without Scouse psycho John Taylor putting his oar in?

    As you can see, this one’s been running for weeks and the screenshots above are just a wee snippet!

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  4. Has someone got the phone number of the Co Intel Agency?. Why should I type this message without being paid for it?. Are they an employment agency? I have good references and could do yard work as well.

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  5. The intellectual capacity of a Satan Hunter manifested for all to see.

    The reminds me of the following chatbot argument, the AI chatbots are however more intelligent than these douches.

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  6. Things are obviously tense on a Friday night – perhaps a pint or two of “wife beater” or “snake bite” have helped fuel the fire.

    Anyway, over in the Mckenzie household things are moving on, this is now on the website previously mention (Reference the “We Accuse” event)

    In view of some court cases having remained outstanding, rather than being dismissed
    this event is cancelled

    Details originally uploaded privately to this website section regarding the event
    were not intended to be actually publicly published until the court cases
    had hopefully been dismissed “

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  7. They are consistently stupid.

    Perhaps now a mad flurry of activity by them to try to get any cached versions of the deleted page removed from the internet.

    Hopefully the authorities will have saved a version as well, including the copy of the document that was part of the previous announcement (The document that showed in the properties that Sabine was the Author and Belinda was the last person to edit it)

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    • Now this is very odd. On Sabine’s ‘No Punishment Without Crime or Bereavement Without Death!’ blog, Sabine has this to say:
      Two events in London to keep building community:

      Monday 21 March: We Accuse – Public Service Authorities on Trial – Theatro Technis, London NW1
      Saturday 23 April: Children Screaming to be Heard – Resource Centre, London N7 – organised by Maggie Tuttle

      That was a rather rapid back-track, wasn’t it? I wonder whether her legal team recommended it?


      • If you check the Charity Commission website you’ll see that ‘Children Screaming to be Heard’ has been ‘removed’ as a charity. I remember that they hadn’t filed accounts for a while. That’ll get you ‘removed’.

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  8. “I’m afraid we have to call this one in Tina’s favour!”

    Yeah but I for one am looking forward to the rematch 😀

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    • “…your malicious rumour is kind of sad especially given that we…have our real lives on FB, it’s incredulous in a way because it’s easily disproved but you know some people won’t bother checking, mud sticks You mess with our real reputations,..”

      Ladies and gentlemen, the Hoaxtead Hypocrite of the Month award goes to…

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  9. I think they’re all actually in Broadmoor in the computer room and sitting around typing to each other. I recognise their patter. Some of my worse patients,

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  10. Facebook are really too much. I complained about a post that says RD should be killed and this is the response:

    Thanks for your feedback
    Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for promoting graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.
    Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone.

    I don’t think they bother reading these complaints. Surely a post advocating murder is a criminal offence and extremely dangerous. When are our moral crusader polticians going to pull their fingers and get tough with tax avoiding entities?

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  11. Now please understand this, before anyone jumps on my back about this whole Satanic Ritual thing going on in London, I do not have any interest in it at all.

    I believe it is all shit, all lies, for whatever reason the mother abused the children in to this, I do not know.

    Many innocent people however have been hurt, since Alan Alanson decided to mention my name a couple of times on his open Facebook wall, I decided to pop back once or so and see if he could keep my name off his tongue.

    Today, I stumble over his post (one listed in this article) and the replies within.

    What I love, is this part :

    “we use our real names have our real lives on FB”

    Real names and real lives on Facebook ?

    Sure, ask Alan ‘Boyes’ Alanson about his ‘real’ life compared to that of what he shows on Facebook.

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  12. It is great news to hear that the Theatro Technis event is cancelled, I would love to know what prompted them to cancel because it takes some effort to cause a Satan Hunter to abandon anything.

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  13. Bronny’s latest round of bullshit, LOL:

    By the way, what is it with her and claiming that accounts have been closed when they’re still up? Is it blatant bullshit or blind stupidity? For the record, Den Diddle is alive and well.

    And who else but Bronny would refer to “reasoned arguments” as “pretentious bullshit”, haha? XD

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  14. Tina really does know no shame:

    What an absolutely disgusting thing to say about the children. No wonder even psychos like Maria McMahon and John Taylor are turning their backs on her.

    Oh and as regards her disgraceful defamatory remarks about RD, I’m starting to suspect that she has a thing for him. Maybe Kapt Zander hasn’t been “coming up” to expectations in the boudoir, so she’s looking around for a real man?

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  15. Published by Sabine – still up on her site, how silly can a grown woman be?

    The Injunction clearly states that sabine shall remove all information on her websites relating to the said matter. SHE HAS NOT. As of today’s date the copy is still on her website



    How many nails does she intend to knock into the lid of her own coffin?

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    • I’ve said it before, but Sabine’s tactic of publishing things on multiple blogs has come back to bite her in the ass: I think she’s like a squirrel, who buries her treasures all over the internet, but then forgets exactly where she put them.

      Her goal is blatantly obvious: by posting stuff that incorporates certain keywords, she guarantees that her views will come out on top of any Google search. But the downside is that she incriminates herself so bloody often.

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  16. from Nominet whois

    Confirmation that the domain hosting those posts belongs to Sabine

    Domain name:

    Sabine McNeill

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    21a Goldhurst Terrace
    NW6 3HB
    United Kingdom

    Data validation:
    Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 11-Aug-2014

    123-Reg Limited t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 16-Mar-2015
    Expiry date: 16-Mar-2017
    Last updated: 19-Mar-2015

    Registration status:
    Registered until expiry date.

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  17. If you cross reference the date of the sites registration and the date of the Court order – Sabine registered the site AFTER the Judge made her order,

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  18. Eurgh. Three times. Three times today, I was walking around Hampstead, where I live, and thought about all this nonsense. That guy on the bench outside Barclays over there. Is he going to go postal and shoot up the high street? That family. Are the kids at that school. Walking into the vape shop. Do the people who work there think I’m a wrong un?

    Just wanted you to all know that you’re doing good work and also how much this still affects us all.

    So yeah, thanks everyone.

    With love


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    • Thank you so much, P. We do this at least in part for people like you, who want nothing more than to live your lives in peace, without fear of vigilantes and nutters.


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