Abe and Ella and the Gerrish email

To be honest, we don’t pay a great deal of attention to Abe’s Drifloud persona on Twitter, but the other day we noticed that he’d flagged Brian Gerrish in one of his demented tweets:

Drifloud-Twitter 2016-03-13

According to Drippy, Abe and Ella sent Brian Gerrish the basic outline of the hoax on 11 September, 2014—the same day the children became subjects of a Protection Order and were removed from Ella and Abe’s care.

Drippy is getting all frothy about the mouth because he feels Gerrish and his buddy Bill Maloney ought to have instantly taken this info’ and made it viral on the internet.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Abe’s grudge against Maloney goes back to this time as well:

Abraham has always tried to convince everyone that Maloney should have known the ‘veracity of the children’s claims’ because Ella emailed Maloney about the children’s assertions that the alleged perpetrators had tattoos. To Abrella’s minds this should have been accepted as ‘proof’, because Maloney knew of the alleged tattoos on Leon Brittan. Of course, even if both were true this would be nonsense. One claim does not prove the other. That Abraham thinks this only highlights his lack of intelligence.

In fact, Abe discussed this with his erstwhile bestie, Guidance 2222, in the hilariously awful video they made together:

Abe: Not only do we know—

Guidance 2222: Oh, we got proof…always comes in handy, innit?

Abe: We got proof, and we got proof out of Bill Maloney’s mouth! He’s the one who told me that he knows about the tattoos…

Guidance: Yeah…

Abe: That’s how I know that he knows about Leon Brittan’s tattoos. If you know about Leon Brittan’s tattoos, and you get an email about two little children who say that they’ve been raped, and sodomised, and babies are being killed by people with tattoos, why don’t you say something, you piece of sh*t? We’ve never shared this information with no one, we never shared it wiv no one! so we’re sending it to you for the first time, so when we’re sending it you it’s going in your mind, your mind’s going what? you’re joking! Bill Maloney and Brian Gerrish knew that the children [unclear]…

Guidance: Yeah, it’s shocking, innit? It’s shocking! When you find out…

But all of this skirts around the question:

What in hell were Abrella doing sending out details of alleged ‘ritual abuse’ at this stage in the police investigation?

If, as they have always claimed, their goal was to have the case properly investigated, and the children’s stories vindicated, what would possess them to pack up all their lurid allegations and ship them off to Brian Gerrish?

Granted, neither Abe nor Ella would win any prizes in the ‘Brains’ category, but even they must have realised that publicising the case at this point would instantly foul the investigation.

The answer: their goal wasn’t to have the case criminally investigated. They said it themselves: they never intended to get the police and CPS involved. They knew nothing would come of it, so they had no interest in sticking around to ensure that the police did their job.

They contacted Gerrish because their original plan had gone so horribly wrong. When they cooked up this idea with Belinda and Sabine, their idea was to take their evidence to Family Court, where Ella had always dealt with RD in the past. They would present their ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that the kids had been abused, RD would be banished from their lives forever, and they could get on with the task of spreading the ‘ritual abuse’ story across the internet.

Once people saw the images of two adorable children describing the most foul abuse possible, all Abrella, Belinda, and Sabine would have to do would be to sit back and watch the donations start pouring in. A caring yet gullible public could be counted upon to keep hitting those ‘Donate’ buttons ad infinitum.

Instead, Jean-Clement had taken his covertly recorded audio to the police, and Abe’s old nemesis, DC Steve Martin, who knew him from his past child abuse charges, had come into the picture. And now, instead of RD losing his children forever, they’d been taken from Ella…the whole plan was going pear-shaped in a hurry, and Abrella realised that if they wanted to salvage anything from it, they needed to act, and fast.

So they sent the bait to Gerrish, in hopes that he’d jump on it and start getting the story out onto the troofer airwaves. At least that way, Abrella could exert some sort of control over it.

To Abrella’s chagrin, though it didn’t quite work out that way. And it seems he’s still feeling pretty butt-hurty about it:

Drifloud-Twitter-2 2016-03-13

U got this email 11.9.14 – the day children were snatched, U said nothing then. WHY

This is just part of the original email sent by ella to Brian Gerrish on the night Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx were UNLAWFULLY snatched by police & Barnet Social Services. Gerrish kept his mouth shut and just passed the email to fellow SHILL, Bill Maloney – who passed it to a police informer named Nathan Wedger. Wedger passed it back to police, and thence to DC Steve Martin – one of a gang of corrupt officers who were busy scapegoating the children, and covering up the rapes and murders. Gerrish said nothing publicly until the case exploded on the internet six months later.

In other words, Gerrish and Maloney both thought the story too fantastical, even for their, ahem, journalistic standards, so they passed it along, and only came aboard after Sabine had leaked the videos and list of alleged cult members.

At that point, if they’d ignored it they’d have looked like they weren’t keeping up with the latest shocker on the conspiritainment circuit.

The cunning plan, so carefully set up by Belinda, Sabine, Abe, and Ella, would continue to unravel in a rather spectacular way. And to this day we’ve been witnessing their increasingly frantic, yet ultimately futile, efforts to pull it all back together.

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87 thoughts on “Abe and Ella and the Gerrish email

  1. Maybe they engineered the whole thing. Maybe they even brought Ella and Abe together. The David Shayler link with Abe….

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  2. Once Gerrish eventually got involved, he was like a dog with a bone. “Coached? Of course not. Retracted? Of course not.” But there is a plus side to UK Column’s support of the hoax – it led to them falling out with their most avid and vocal supporter…one Danielle la Verité! Her UKC ‘bezzie’ Lou Collins was particularly upset with her.

    And on a side note, when even Danielle ‘Cliff Richard fertilises his vineyards with dead babies’ la Verité calls bullshit on a troofer story, you know it’s a hoax!

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    • I take anything and everything Danielle La Verite/Danielle George says with a huge pinch of salt.

      She says whatever Thomas Sheridan says, that’s the limits to her research.

      She’s a no mark.

      End of.

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    • There were a number of fallings out amongst the conspiritainment community, yes. I’m thinking also of Kevin Annett’s tiff with Alfred Lambremont Webre–ALW got the scoop with his early interview with Sabine, and Kevin wound up sulking off in a corner, and then stating his (completely newfound) belief that SRA really isn’t a thing anyway. Which is strange, because up till then, he’d been pushing it like mad. I should add that Kevin was an old bestie of Belinda’s…makes me wonder if perhaps he was jealous that she’d hit upon such a genius idea.


      • Is christchurch school catholic? kevin annett had the support of an anti catholic cult called growing in grace. he had a lot of contact with one of their senior members Axel Cooley. annett was supposedly told to leave the hampstead case alone because it was not a catholic school. Also kevin blamed one of the crazy skanks (mckenzie, neelu etc) for turning alfred webre against him. Annett was so pissed that he even said that nearly every case of RSA was down to false memory syndrome.


        • Yes, I noticed that he seemed to be trying to ‘poison’ the Hampstead hoax–didn’t know about the business of blaming Belinda or Neelu for turning Webre against him, though. And no, I believe Christ Church School is C of E.


          • there is a youtube channel called “if its not common sense its not common law” they have loads of anti annett videos which show how all these different characters are linked together. Its how i found out about hampstead (even though im only 30 miles away) The amount of people and groups involved in this is staggering, they also warned me about some of annetts dangerous freinds. The only good thing is that these fools always fall out and turn on each other, everyone is branded a shill, check out the growing in grace cult and axel cooley and you will see why they were not interested in hampstead, you are lucky your,e not catholic!

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  3. They really are a wicked bunch of rogues. They plotted and planned a conspiracy to destroy a number of innocent lives. The are beneath contempt.

    Like a lot of people who feel powerless this lot seek power through the destruction of others. No legal punishment for their crimes should be avoided. I would pursue them to the ends of the Earth.

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    • I think it’s even more callous than simply trying to gain a sense of power. I think this was planned very deliberately as a money-making scheme, using the faces of two beautiful children as bait.

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  4. The story reminds me of the way in which independent bands promote their projects through various DJs and promoters. – They sent the ‘demo’ to Gerish and Baloney who didn’t play it on their late-night indie show. Now they’re hacked off because it’s on the main playlist and ‘Smashed-up and not-nicey’ are clocking up the needletime.

    I know have this tune stuck in my head – https://youtu.be/qfgQ371cI08

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    • I am aware of Maloney getting quietly ‘owned’ at an event for film and TV professionals in Scotland last summer. – He had try to push the Ben Fellowes story to a group of real production people and was laughed out of the room. It’s said he was last seen screaming abuse at a parked Smart Car belonging to one of the local production companies – which just sat there grinning at him. – It makes a change from garden furniture I supposed! – Has he perhaps gone into deep cover at Dobbies? Or just completely round the Benz?

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        • There’s only one ben fellows story and that’s he’s a conman that needs to pay back all the money he agreed to repay to the Gordon-Ball family for the recent holiday to India

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          • Oh he’s a conman alright! – When he tried to put the story of being abused at or after a recording of “The Word” an acquaintance of mine was able to immediately debunk the tale off the top of his head based simply on the locations Fellowes had claimed. – He’s not even a well-researched conman!

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            • This is what surprises me about these people: the flimsiness of their concocted stories. Anyone who cares to can look up and debunk details of what they say, but they rely on the fact that their followers won’t bother to do so.

              And that’s where we come in….


          • Their followers want it to be true, they couldnt care less about children. Im constantly trying to reason with tory smith fans but they refuse to listen, torys channel shows the alfred webre thing with ella and christie as a liked video which means all his fans now believe christie and his sacred holy hemp bullshit. I left messages on some of his videos with the link to the creepy christie climax video but none of them care.

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            • Yeah, it’s really hard to get through to the true believers. I’ve given that up in favour of providing rational evidence for those on the fence.


      • Bill Maloney has lied relentlessly about his so-called film awards. The event you mention he was runner-up for award with one other person. There were only 3 entries but Maloney claims he was honored.

        Maloney has made much play for years on the Internet that he won a New York Film Festival Award. Challenged repeatedly after the NY FF said they had never heard of him, he changed that to winning an award at the New York Film & Video Festival for Best Foreign Film.

        That particular defunct event was avoided by any serious film-maker as accepted all entries as long as the film-maker paid a $500 entry fee. Even then that film festival was panned by all credible film professionals a scam where “everyone wins a prize” and was driven out of business as a scam and blight upon the genuine US film industry.

        But even then Bill Maloney didn’t even win a prize as the New York Film & Video Festival’s own list of ‘winners’ (there were so many categories it was basically impossible not to win) demonstrates with no Bill Maloney mentioned and no category as Best Foreign Film.

        The man is a scam artist and a liar who has tried to parlay a home video camera into an international film career. What are his motives? He is a proven liar and has gone very quiet since Christopher Fay was exposed. Fay is being investigated for a possible attempt to pervert the course of justice. I reckon Maloney’s part in promoting the infamous ‘Nick’ may also be part of that investigation.

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        • Actually the event I was thinking of – connected to the Edinburgh festival – wasn’t handing awards out to anyone. It was simply a gathering that had followed a talk/presentation. I find it difficult to imagine any set of circumstances where Bill Maloney’s work could possibly be in the running for any kind of legitimate ‘award’. I’m yet to see anything he has done that has any kind of structure or narrative to it. An associate of mine who is a former lecturer in TV production remarked that Maloney’s trailers reminded him of (quote) “the the sort of demented shite first-years make two months into their course for their first formative project”.

          The New York festivals are quite confusing. The actual NYFF is non-competitive. There WAS an “International Film and TV Festival of New York” which was quite legitimate. But I understand that folded in the late 80s or early 90s. – It didn’t have an entry fee though and quite often the first people knew about winning anything was when a medallion and certificate arrived in the post! – There are now a dozen or two (including the ‘pay to play’ scam you mention) named such that one might easily be confused with another. – Is the “NYC Independent Film Festival” the same thing as “New York International Independent Film and Video Festival” the same as the New York International Film & Video Festival? – The latter being what Maloney claims to have ‘won’ at; does it even exist?


          • It certainly looks dodgy! It seems rather like vanity publishing to me – paying to have your film shown at a ‘film festival’. And I’m told it’s not the norm here in Britain or Europe. I was given this link to a home-grown version of the scam. In fact it seems that in Europe this sort of thing is known as the Swansea Bay scam”.

            I’m also asked to point out that this is what happens when you give someone who DOES have a clue what they’re doing a little home video camera. The difference and style and flow between it and what Maloney ‘produces’ is quite striking.

            So, Maloney’s a complete mug as well as a fraud then?


          • Thanks for the update : I’ll sort out the correct names : regular PC has crashed so working with a replacement but there are plenty of screen shots of Maloney’s false claims (& Wayback confirms) : but the one Maloney consistently falsely claimed to have won an award at was the New York Film Festival which is an established prestige event. They responded via email that they had never heard of Maloney or his film. He’s since removed that claim.

            I’ve confused the Edinburgh event with a recent short film festival up north- a local town festival where Maloney entered a film in one category where there were only 3 entries- one winner and 2 ‘runner-ups” (Maloney obviously) which Maloney now claims is an ‘award’.

            His website was crafted with a bunch of professional looking titles and film jackets that gave the appearance they somehow had received cinema release but they are just the usual Youtube videos.

            Maloney is not bright enough to have done all this himself : he’s had professional help from a designer but it seems his website has now had most info removed.

            There is a credible rumour he was hired for a short time by someone whose name I cannot reveal- to create havoc for a particular reason and his hirer believed he was a genuine film-maker but quickly realised Maloney was off on his Satanic crusade and dumped him as a loose canon.

            I think he has deliberately gone very quiet after the Fay / ‘Nick’ claims which have made the police look very stupid and he’s smart enough to know there will be repercussions from that.

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          • New York International Independent Film and Video Festival is the dodgy festival where Maloney NOW claims he won an award but if you can be bothered plowing through their exhaustive records you will find no Maloney or his Pie & Mash. Can’t find the link to them though.

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          • I’m very happy to take your word for it Sam. No ploughing through records required, his so-called work speaks for itself!


          • And what ever happened to the infamous Lily Starr, anyone remember her? Point the camera on me Lily, didn’t she used to be his camera woman, the one who used to sing that song Smile, in the toilet so Maloney thought he’s turn it into a single, pmsl. She was also the one who actually filmed the dead baby, in the Nicky and Cornell, please take advantage and our money video.


        • I’ve seen it mentioned a few times across the internet about a falling out between Brian Harvey of East 17 fame and Bill Maloney. Does anybody know the background to this story?


  5. The police report (pages 75,76 and 77) states that the videos of the children were already being circulated online as early as 22 Sept 14, with the police believing AC to be responsible.

    Regarding Brian Gerrish – have a listen to this audio from AC and ED around 25 mins onwards https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/abe-and-ella-and-the-gerrish-email/

    AC states that they made contact with BG as soon as they arrived back from Morocco on 4th Sept as he had been recommended to them (by ‘someone’ who kept trying to impose him on them). He goes on to say BG arrived on 12/9/14, the day after the children were taken. AC gave him some audio recordings.

    ED describes the email they sent him on 11 Sept 14 on the same youtube video at around 27mins30.

    AC believes BG forwarded to BM on 15 Sept, who they then believe then acted as an informant to the police by passing the email on to them.

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    • The audio link you left links back to this post–is there another? I’d love to hear.

      And I wonder who could possibly have been trying to ‘impose’ Gerrish on Abe? **coughBelindacough**

      As well, I can’t say I fault Maloney for passing the email to the police, as it’s describing criminal activities. This is where the plan founders, in fact: while the AC, ED, BM, and SM all banked on the case going straight to family court, it went exactly where accusations of murder, rape, child sex abuse, and cannibalism ought to go: the police and CPS.


  6. I wouldn’t mind betting they will all come out of yhe wood work in the summer, at what ever rally, including the the most revolting Chris Wittwer.

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    • Sabine McNeill won’t be because she will be fighting a court case to stay out of jail, and the odds are that if she fails to kick the case out in April, her chances of defending her position is low. The jailing of two leading activists of the Hampstead Satanic hoax should have a sobering impact on all those losers.

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  7. “Abe: If you know about Leon Brittan’s tattoos, and you get an email about two little children who say that they’ve been raped, and sodomised, and babies are being killed by people with tattoos,”

    You would think the psychotic dwarf would want to hide the fact that he knew about the tattoos in the Britton case, otherwise it’s very clear that he stole that detail from a story he had heard and wanted to use it to give his own bullsh!t some credibility. Credibility that is instantly lost by admiting he knew about it previously

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    • Speaking of which, here is Sabine McNeil and a friend posing outside a tattoo parlour. If I were Charlotte Ward I would think this was damning evidence:

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    • Maloney’s info about Brittan’s alleged tattoos comes from the discredited Christopher Fay. Both Fay and Maloney were active promoters of both ‘Darren’ and ‘Nick’ who have caused so much grief for many innocents. He also promoted Fellows to such an extent Fellows got himself in that pickle and only scraped free with a good barrister (hard case to prove as well) but he has also gone silent no doubt after said barrister gave him a good telling off & to cease associating himself with these conspirators.

      I reckon that’s why Maloney has gone very quiet.

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  8. I hope someone compiles all the injunctions that Sabine has received over the years for her media publishing.

    I know of Swansea, Doncaster and Haringey Council.all having had injunctions against her – anymore to add to the list?

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  9. A few snippets that are available to anyone on the internet today

    The link below can be found in Sabines posts – its still live, The file is hosted on Sabines wordpress account it breached the injunction and in my opinion was at the upper end of the despicable scale – its obviously written by Sabine (the style is a give away)

    Click to access 11-04-24-my-daddy-is-a-paedophile.pdf

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    • Yes, thanks–I’ve been running these down as well. I don’t understand how Sabine can so flagrantly violate an injunction; I guess the police can’t be everywhere, but this is so bleedin’ obvious!

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  10. Hopefully now both the police and the respective councils are aware so that they can take action on both civil and criminal offences.

    Its interesting though – Sabine publishes something as fact, totally destroys an innocent person, Judge finds that the person is innocent but Sabine has done the damage – (often to children) Sabine walks free and onto her next victim.

    She sells a dream, the desperate listen and she does the damage, almost as if she enjoy it.

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  11. I am liking this site more and more.

    It appears you now have the measure of Bungalow Bill Baloney as well as the other low-rent grifters, so there is little for me to add, except that the last sighting of Baloney was outside his flat where he was seen shouting at some workmen who were repainting the woodwork of a nearby building.

    He was *allegedly* accusing them of ‘trying to poison him’ with the lead in their paint!

    As for his Pie & Mash (Cash) operation, it’s not even in his name, it hasn’t been for a few years as I recall.

    Check Companies House, the directorship records should still be available to view.

    And don’t get me started on Brian ‘Interesting’ Gerrish and his south coast 5th Column distraction outfit 🙂

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      • There were a few manifestations of “Pie and Mash” IIRC. – It’s an odd thing that, even if he didn’t want to actually trade through the limited company he wouldn’t keep one going in dormant form to protect/establish his trading name and/or act as a buffer to manage any IP risk – Common practice in the creative industries. Mind you; who’s going to ‘arf inch’ the crap he produces?

        Shouting at things – mostly inanimate – is pretty-much all Bungling Bill has to him. – I’d love to see his ‘Edinburgh’ footage. A good old rant about the ‘meeeja establishment’ and the entitled elite not giving him the time of day apparently. I’ve been asked not to name names. But I have just found out that his target – the Smart Car – did indeed belong to one of the longest-established production companies in Scotland. Sadly for Bill it’s also one of the smallest! A family firm owned by a chap who himself is the product of an Irish working-class single-parent family, raised in what was once described as one of the most deprived areas in Europe, and ‘rose through the ranks’ as they say! – Well done Bill! Glad to hear your research is up to its usual standards! – Nice bit of working-class solidarność there! Power to the people! Cue the Red Flag! Bollies all round!

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    • I reckon after the calamities Baloney has caused, I’d be wary of getting a parking ticket if I were him. I once knew Pr Charles’ deceased, long time butler who was fired when Diana married him. He went off to the USA and made a fortune spruiking tales of the Royal Family. Ran into him a few years later in Kings Road and he explained it was the greatest mistake in his life. Asking why he explained it was like dealing with a vast powerful octopus with tentacles everywhere and every time he went through customs of immigration he was delayed for around 3 hours at a time. Just one aspect.

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