Bronny spills beans on Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group

Bronwyn Llewellyn is on another beetroot-juice-fuelled rampage, and as usual, she’s naming names.

This time, the main target seems to be Lee Cant, a Belinda/Sabine/Neelu loyalist who gets eviscerated and labelled as RD because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (also, let’s face it, RD is EVERYWHERE).

But once you wade through the knee-deep bile, the verbatim chat history with poor Lee, a bunch of gibberish about how to figure out whether you’re accidentally friends with RD, and some other stuff that made approximately zero sense to us, but probably sounded just peachy-keen in Bronny’s poor broken cranium…you get to the good bit.

Yep, it’s the roll call for one of those Sooper-Seekrit Facebook Groups™ we’ve been talking about. See anyone you recognise?

Facebook secret group 1 2016-03-05

Facebook Secret Group 2 2016-03-05

Facebook-Secret Group-3 2016-03-05

Facebook-Secret Group-4 2016-03-05

(Interestingly, one of the above-mentioned is actually an ex-flame of Abraham Christie’s. In fact, we hear she’s the one he left for Ella. Nice of her to join his con-game support group under the circs, don’t you think?)

Of course, this is only one of the Facebook groups…and a relatively minor one, at that.

Still, we doubt very much that Bronny has made herself popular with her little friends here. Or poor Lee, who is probably weeping softly to himself by now.

Probably just as well for all concerned that Bronny’s in New Zealand.

Friends don't grass friends

35 thoughts on “Bronny spills beans on Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group

  1. Saskia Whitfield, who as far back as May was sucking up to us and swearing blind that she had walked away from the Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade. Saskia Whitfield, who was sending me PMs on Facebook, playing a full-on butter-wouldn’t-melt act and trying to get information out of me. I always did have my suspicions there, as did that nice Mr. Coyote, so I’m glad I fed her a load of bullshit now 😀

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    • Wow! Look at that. BonnyNZ just got 100’s of page views from Vietnam within just a few minutes. That’s more than she’s had in months. Must be the Vietnam connection? :p She really shouldn’t piss off the wrong people. Who knows what might happen next? Especially if she pisses off that Satanic guy. He might come after her with a biblelicious version of an SQL Satanic injection. You don’t want to creep into Bronny’s “backdoors” though. No Trojan is that brave! I don’t recommend hacking altogether. But if you want some help on the matter, you know where to find me. These truthers and disinfo agents need some arse kicking. Maybe they have been hacked already? Now that would be telling. The all seeing eye, cowboys!

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      • @ Don’t Say Tan
        They deserve an ass kicking, though I am waiting on the outcome of court cases involving Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill before taking any actions on the hacking front.

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  2. That creepy John Banks character jumps out as someone we should keep an eye on.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted him lurking in one or two Neelu/Bellender vids.

    Have any of you come come across him before? What’s the story?

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    • Re. John Banks

      Yep, it’s all coming back to me now:

      “Accompanied by her trusty selfie stick and her friend John Banks, Neelu offers her usual garbled interpretation of events.” [El Coyote]

      “John has a pretty mean Elvis quiff. Do you think he believes Elvis is still alive?” [Sam]

      “…on 2 sept, court advocate Paul Culbert tried to convince my friend John Banks and my sister sadhana chaudhari (whose baby 5 month old died in local authority care in NHS hospital with satanic rituals in 2000 (oral sex, semen in mouth, bruise on tongue, blister on lip) that they were seeking to keep me in remand till trial date (I would have died). John was ready to arrest the judge but had to leave. Before he left he gave enough confidence to my sister to arrest the judge. Then my sister told the clerk that she would arrest the judge if there was any remand. They seemed to recoil.” [Neelu]

      “Sorry I am still in shock – John Banks at Facebook is setting up a new committee for a charity in Islington to rescue children from child abuse. Much love Neelu” [Neelu]

      “I bet John had to leave as he knew it would be a totally daft move to try and arrest the judge but he was more than happy to leave that job to Neelu’s sister, great friend that he obviously is.” [Angie’s Fag]

      “I know, what we wouldn’t give to have John on our team! LMAO!” [El Coyote]

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  3. EC, I’ve PMed a link to this post to everyone in the sooper-seekrit group 😉

    By the way, group member Eilish is another odd character, to say the least:

    “The intergalactic black market” <<< Wow! Seriously, where do these people keep coming from? Is there a factory somewhere churning out deluded fruitloops or something? If so, then Eilish must be the top-of-the-range de luxe model.

    Incidentally, let's keep 'em peeled for a recording of that "panel discussion" with Abrella!

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  4. Bronwyn Llewellyn has become an attention seeking whore with the intellectual level of a maggot. It is easy to see what her game plan is, make as much noise as possible and piss as many people off in order to get back into the Hampstead SRA game, since she has got nothing else going for her in life. I won’t be wasting any more time on her, she is a minor sheep in the Hampstead SRA whose brain has gone to the dogs.

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    • Hi Satanicviews,

      Tell me about Satan. I’m interested. He sounds like a nice guy! You sound like a down-to-earth person. A full shilling! A reasonable sort of person one can come to in an hour of need!

      The reason I ask is…There’s a fucking bunch of fucking crows making a fuck of racket outside my fucking house every fucking night. Are they anything to do with you? If so, please can you tell them to fuck off. How the fuck can I learn how to use my new fucking ouija board, when I have them fucks, fucking about outside my house all night? FFS!

      Thanks in advance for you help.

      Lot’s of love,

      Satan’s long lost brother.


    • Somehow I am reminded that in cases of arson one of the first lines of enquiry is who called the Fire Brigade? – The bells of hell go ting a ling a ling!

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  5. Araya Soma isn’t a real person?

    Here she is in Glastonbury last week:

    Has Bronny had an internet but up with her yet? There is a bit of queen bee syndrome going on I think.

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  6. How would Araya being a RD sock puppet work?…..Araya is on video for all to see, unfortunately. Abraham even trusted Araya enough to tell Araya about the child sex abuse images found on his phone.

    What is up with Neelu’s eyes?….They look very reptilian in that picture. Demon like even.

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      • You know, this thing about everyone being RD seems more and more like a way of minimising their opposition. If we’re all only one person, they don’t need to worry about us as much. If we’re all separate people, that could mean (gasp!) that they’re losing the war.


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