Who started Hoaxtead, and why?

As a blog, we try to balance our coverage between the day-to-day events and personalities involved in the Hampstead hoax, and the larger picture: what’s this thing really all about?

Recently, we’ve turned our attention to the vexing problem of “who started this thing, and what on earth were they thinking?” It’s not a question we can address lightly, as Hoaxtead is a bit like a swamp: once you wade in, you start getting tangled in the weeds. So many people seem to have had a hand in the thing, it can be hard to keep the personalities straight, let alone work out their roles or motivations.

However, over the past few months, certain patterns began to jump out at us.

According to the blog Order of Truth, Belinda McKenzie has form for promoting hoaxes, to her own benefit:

According to ex-members of the (9/11 truth) campaign, McKenzie, Machon, Shayler, and a couple of others formed an inner-circle within the Highgate Hub who were responsible for the majority of decision making, including finances. Some of the former members allege that there seemed to be little money for promotional work but plenty for ‘celebrities’ in the 9/11 movement from the UK and from abroad – particularly the USA.

This ties in with other campaigns McKenzie has been involved with. She places herself in a position within some ‘inner-circle’ and treats it as a sanctum where only the chosen few are deemed worthy to make decisions, contribute to the cause, or be privy to future plans.

Another side venture of McKenzie is to hold ‘talks’ at her Highgate home and charge people to attend and listen to ‘leading figures’ in the UFO/extra-terrestrial movement.

It was the same with the Holly Grieg campaign. McKenzie placed herself close to the source (in this case being Ann and Hollie Grieg) with only a few others (primarily Robert Green and long-term associate Brian Gerrish) as part of the core.

McKenzie has also been involved in the ‘Starchild Project’ in the USA. This project claims to have discovered a skull of extra-terrestrial origin. In fact, the skull is from ancient burial grounds in Mexico, and is one of many found in the area. The misshaping of the skull occurs because of the burial practices at the time. DNA testing has proven that the skull is of human origin.

An interesting fact in all of the three aforementioned cases where McKenzie has been involved as a campaigner, she has had significant control of finance. In the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement she was in charge of funds, in the Hollie Grieg campaign she was in charge of funds, in the Starchild Project she was in charge of funds. In each case there is a distinct lack of financial accountability and transparency.

So it should come as no surprise that in June 2014, as the Hollie G. hoax was on its last legs, Belinda announced that “the really active part of the Battle, what I call my ‘Special Operation’ is about to commence. I mentioned this a few weeks back and asked for volunteers willing to allow me to inform you & hopefully enlist you VIA YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS”.

Why via postal address only? Well, if you’re about to embark on a project for which you could conceivably be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, would you want to leave a digital footprint behind?

Belinda is no amateur: she knows all about how the police can search your home and seize your computers and phones if they suspect you’ve been up to no good online. She’s seen it happen to enough of her underlings.

And why would she go to all this trouble in the first place?

If we surmise (and admittedly it’s a leap at the moment, without concrete evidence) that Belinda and/or Sabine had recently met a woman with two beautiful children, who just so happened to want to block her ex-husband’s access to their kids, permanently if possible, the picture becomes clearer.

Clearer still when we factor in Araya Soma, a close friend of Abraham’s ex-girlfriend in Glastonbury, and a member of the ‘truther’ community that included Belinda, along with Kevin Annett, Brian Gerrish, and others. Araya took a leading role in Hoaxtead early on, acting as a spokes-person for Abe and Ella; and it’s not implausible that she introduced them to Belinda in the first place.

To Belinda, Ella and the children must have looked like manna from heaven. We can almost imagine the £££ signs popping up in her eyes as she looked at them and assessed the situation. Pretty, bright, well-spoken kids…angry, desperate mother…controlling boyfriend with an axe to grind…so much potential there.

As a McKenzie friend, Belinda was used to losing hopeless cases in court, but using them as jumping-off points for her ‘campaigns’—seemingly quixotic attempts to ‘save families’ or ‘rescue children’ or ‘stop ritual abuse’.

Of course the campaigns were never really about any of those fine motives, any more than Iran Aid was about saving Iranian orphans. The campaigns were simply a justification for passing the begging bowl.

RD’s kids would be the perfect poster children for the campaign to end all campaigns: they would embody the battle between good and evil, God and Satan; they’d be trotted out (on video, of course) like little trained seals, describe whatever horrors Abe could make them recite, and people’s hearts would melt.

And as we discussed in yesterday’s post,

Once people saw the images of two adorable children describing the most foul abuse possible, all Abrella, Belinda, and Sabine would have to do would be to sit back and watch the donations start pouring in. A caring yet gullible public could be counted upon to keep hitting those ‘Donate’ buttons ad infinitum.

And despite Abe and Ella’s bungling of the initial phase in September, in November 2014 there was a flurry of activity as the promotional plan was launched.

Sabine prepared for her info’ leak by placing Ella’s extended statement on her Google Drive. Charlotte Alton Ward changed her name, shut down her Conspirituality blog, and released her blockbuster best-seller, Illuminati Party. And Belinda announced the founding of the Knight Foundation (with its prominent ‘Donate Now’ buttons);

It’s an ugly picture: four adults cold-bloodedly planning how to wring maximum profit from the suffering of two young children. In fact, it’s barely plausible—and yet, when you know who’s involved, it’s suddenly a great deal more plausible than the story Belinda, Sabine, Abe, and Ella tried to foist off on us.

In the end, it all came down to greed.

And as the philosopher Horace once pointed out, the person who is greedy is always in want.

She who is greedy

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  1. Mmmmmmm…….

    Interesting post.

    As far as I know, contact with the father restarted in around May 2014.

    But it is this which is interesting ===>

    The mother and bf was said to have met in that exact month!!!!!! Mmmmmm…..
    Maybe, just maybe SM, BM etc, etc had organised it with ED n BF?

    It is sooooooo uncanny all these times n dates matching up?????

    But what/who are BM, SM etc??? Are they CI5 etc???

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    • The so-called CIA, MI5 / M16 Secret Services angle is in itself a hoax but a useful bit of mis-information. The very idea that Britain’s hard working secret services would get involved in such lunacies is laughable but dangerous as it’s a last resort of these ‘truthers’ to claim they are either working for or against such entities as MI5 etc are never going to confirm or deny.

      It’s all part and parcel of these dangerous hoaxers just as they persist with their D-Notices claims that order cover-ups yet they never bother to check D-Notices are voluntary and while the media will agree to follow one if they genuinely believe the nation’s security is at risk, the ludicrous notion that Fleet Street now or in the past would have passed on a juicy sex tale, real or imagined, is ridiculous. And they have ignored D-Notices as Harold Wilson discovered.

      There is a real racist element to this : the children in question were blond, angelic almost the epitome of Aryan good looks (despite a East Europe heritage) and like poster children for the movement.

      I believe those ‘at the top’ of these movements like Bellender are sociopathic crooks and con-merchants who prey upon a vast chunk of people who feel impotent in this new age. I’m a great supporter of the Welfare State but what it’s done is create a force of people with time on their hands and mischief in their minds looking for someone to blame for their perception that they are at the bottom of the heap.

      No-one with a job would have got involved in this dangerous nonsense as they can be easily sacked and replaced. All those who attend these demos outside churches (and they tend to be the Freeman lot who attend evictions etc) have time on their hands. Toss in the great mis-information entity- the Internet and conspiracies flourish.

      Some old sayings have real truth in them : “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” would seem so appropriate in these cases and ironic as the current lot are Satan hunters.

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    • I don’t think they’re MI5 or anything like it. I think Belinda is driven by the good old profit motive, while Sabine is a zealot who does Belinda’s bidding. Sabine’s complete lack of self awareness and her absolute conviction that she’s right make her the perfect tool for Belinda, who knows she can rely on her to do her job.

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    • I think you mean MI5 and no, I’m pretty sure they’re not. With respect, that’s just a baseless conspiracy theory that was doing the rounds for a short while last year, pushed heavily by Guidance 2222. I think if we went down that road without backing it up with hard evidence and logic, we’d risk sounding like the troofers over the Hoaxtead border. Those fruitcakes frequently accuse us of being MI5 and it’s kinda laughable, so it must sound just as ridiculous to them when we accuse them of it.

      And frankly, I think MI5 are a lot more fussy about who they employ and also have much more important things to do than setting up fake, costly anti-child abuse protesters (whatever the point of that would be).

      I think that rumour came about mainly because the former – and I stress former – intelligence officer David Shayler had been shacked up with Bellender and Charlotte for a while (claiming to be the son of God, lol).


  2. It certainly would correspond with Ella being sparked into action, and perhaps talking to her mates, getting advice. Did Ella know Sabine from Bikram Yoga? Ella says she teaches it, and Sabine writes a blog about it: Didn’t Sabine say something about her knowing Ella in the BBC interview?

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  3. Im glad i found this blog, it serves as a foil for the masses of bullshit these freaks saturate the net with. What happened to the people in hampstead was a travesty and while it dosent affect me it shows how anyone whether wealthy or a teacher can have their lives turned upside down. I think most of us have known someone like christie and he is almost an archetype for a slimy little fantasist conman, Seeing him on that idiot webres channel annoyed me so its good that you make it funny. neelu and those skanks will probably get a slap on the wrist and will soon be on another poor sods case. It dosent surprise me that she supports tory smith, I think they want this abuse to be true, sick bastards.

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you found us! And yes, I think people like Neelu live in a fantasy world where all of this baby-eating foolishness makes perfect sense. I hope she’ll get psychological help, but to be honest I’m not hopeful she’ll gain much self-insight.


  4. I think its fair to say that the blog does serve a very positive cause – that is in helping reduce the exploitation of the innocent by Sabine and Belinda.

    I have no doubt that Sabine and Belinda make a powerful team, with Belinda very much the matriarch of the group (in all senses of the word – she gave birth to the team by gathering them together)

    Sabine McNeill is a failed person, she has got through life by being a bullshitting bully with flexible morals. I have no doubt that she feels in her own mind that it is her who is the matriarch, however the evidence states otherwise. Belinda lets her think she is – as it helps feed her ego, in doing so Belinda gains a gun in which to soot her bullets.

    Giving Sabine open access to the internet is akin to giving a toddler a machine gun, it might not mean to hurt all of the people but inevitably it does hurt people.

    I have no doubt that Belinda will be able to ride the current storm and will rise from the ashes in another money making, self promoting guise.

    However my gut feeling is that Sabine is finished, her credibility is destroyed, too much is now in the public domain relating to her nefarious activities. Even her inner group of supporters seem to be expressing doubt and leave her in silence – quietly distancing themselves from her.

    Looking at Sabines twitter account today shows her struggling to find anything to publish. She has had to resort to a judgment from 2012.

    My challenge to Belinda would be for her to now support Sabine in her troubled days and to help her cope with the problems that she faces.

    My thoughts are that this year is the end of the line for Sabine, years of abuse of others has come to bite her bum. People who had previously been unaware of her now have her on their radar. The DWP, various Councils (who are reexamining the past injunctions against Sabine and the question of did she breach them in light of evidence recently presented to them – by people on this blog) and of Course the Criminal Justice system.

    If the worst happens and Sabine ends up in prison – will Belinda look after her then? After all Sabine will have no practical use, she will not be able to sit in front of a keyboard each day forwarding Belinda’s agenda

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    • If Sabine winds up in prison, I think we’ll be able to count on Belinda to turn that, too, into a fun fest of protest, petition-writing, and fundraising. See ‘Green, Robert’ for example.

      However, at some point the donations will slow to a trickle, and Belinda will look for a new revenue stream.


  5. In my conversations with RupertQ, the Satan Hunter who recently has increased his support of the dying hoax, he was recruited to the cause by seeing those children on the videos. The videos of two “perfect poster children” is going to strike at people emotionally, a deliberate ploy that these scammers such as Abraham Christie and Belinda McKenzie intended and used to milk this hoax for their own ends.

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  6. “The individuals who have watched the online film clips, read online articles and believed in the allegations would do well to reflect that ‘things may not be what they seem’ and that it is all too easy to be duped on the basis of partial information. There are many campaigning people, sadly, who derive satisfaction from spreading their own poisonous version of history irrespective of whether it is true or not.”

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  7. Extract From: The Judgment of MRS JUSTICE PAUFFLEY 19/3/2015

    48: The oral evidence began on 17 February. At 08.51 that day, my clerk received an email from Ms Draper in which she asked permission for her McKenzie friend, Belinda McKenzie to represent her and her parents’ interests in court. Ms Draper stated that she had been “prevented from being present in the court” and that Ms McKenzie had her “formal instruction to convey (her) position.” Ms McKenzie reiterated that request at the beginning of the hearing. But, as I explained to Ms McKenzie, in circumstances where the mother herself was absent, the Practice Guidance relating to McKenzie Friends expressly prohibits such an individual from acting as the litigant’s agent or from conducting the litigation on her behalf. In Ms Draper’s absence, it seemed to me that there was no proper role for Ms McKenzie.

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  8. According to the Land Registry, the actual owner of Belinda’s lovely home is Nat West Bank. The mortgage was taken out in 2008. So, she’s a got a mortgage to pay every month….. which, in Highgate, is a heck of a lot of money. That is, as far as I can see, her main motivation for being a scammer. I doubt if she believes any of the conspiracy crap… she’s cunning enough to identify that people who believe SRA crap are easy marks… and they are, for a while.

    Musing on the money thing….. if you collect money for something, but you’re not a charity…. surely that’s taxable income? A mean-spirited person might be motivated to let HMRC know about Belinda’s various schemes over the years…… just saying 😉

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    • Yes, she’s been making noises about her mortgage and needing to pay it off. This lends a certain urgency to her fundraising efforts, doesn’t it?


    • Well if Belinda does have a Mortgage, is/are there a guarantor?s?

      Does she have a paid, regular job?

      It doesn’t make sense to me that a woman of 61/62 years at the time, would be given a Mortgage??

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      • Simple. The mortgage was I believe circa £300K. On a £1M house (at the time) that’s just 30% LTV. No guarantor required as the property is guarantee enough. As well as rental income from the house itself she has – I believe – other property interests elsewhere and will have income from them. Her mortgage payments will be what? Circa £4K/Month? And she can’t currently owe much more than about £12K. – It’s highly unlikely they’d get to reposess a £1.5M property. But hey! Every little helps right? I suspect she’ll be downsising and moving to the seaside soon with the capital she releases on ‘retirement’. – But don’t expect her to tell her public that! – It’ll be woeful stories of reposession, destitution and donation!

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      • Indeed…one of the nice things about HMRC is that once they think that you owe them money, they never stop……

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  9. I strongly suspect that HMRC are looking at the affairs of both Belinda and Sabine. Too much is now in the open about their activities for it to stay under the radar.

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  10. I think many of these people have been floating about in the soup for years. – I draw an analogy with the music scene here simply because that’s what I’m familiar with.

    From the outside the music industry appears to be quite a cohesive thing – as does the ‘Mainstream Media’ or ‘The Establishment’. – But are they? Or is it just a case of circles within circles wheels within wheels with everyone looking for their next crust? – As is much of life, some more desperately than others. Whatever town you visit what ever gig you go to there are familiar techies, session guys, also-rans. If you do a music course at a college half your lecturers will either have been in headline acts or will be one hit wonders. The stage is the tip of the iceberg. Front of house the base that appears and disappears with the tide. As you move from city to city, town to town, you find that you might know no-one at first but you’ll quickly find you meet someone who knows someone that does know you. All the same faces keep bobbing up – so you’re held fast by this loose informal network. – I suspect most trades or professions are much the same.

    Then there are the hangers-on. The ‘fake it till you make it types’ that never did. The ones that thought they could sleep their way to glory. The also-rans who were too scared to sprint when the gate opened. And those who stood by and watched others make it; and now try to bathe in reflected or even stolen glory. – Scams and scammers pop up in all sorts of circles in all sorts of professions. From the drunk at the bar who claims to have been a Roadie with Hawkwind and wants £50 for a ‘signed’ scarf he knocked out that morning, to the local idiot labourer who claims to be everything from Plumber to Structural engineer to the Gillian McKeiths (remember her? – http://www.theguardian.com/media/2007/feb/12/advertising.food ) of this world who fool a great many of the people for a bit of the time and make a lot of money from it.

    Go look at Gillian’s website. – http://gillianmckeith.com/ – how different is it in essence from the snake-oil rubbish promoted by fellow Hampstead dwellers Christie or Draper? Fading star she may well be, but how high that star soared and how brightly it still glows for those that wish they too had ridden the wave. We might laugh at what she got away with back in the day (only a dozen or so years ago) but we were less connected then and few of her target audience read the Guardian or inabited the same space as real clinicians. And if we were to go back to Belinda and Sabine’s heyday; how much easier-still was it back then? – In the 60s and 70s when all you needed was a Banda machine, a good legend and some fluttering eyelashes to start a revolution.

    Draper? A fading 90s clotheshorse of dubious morals who got her claws into a man who wasn’t to be quite the regular ticket to The Ivy she hoped for. He’s sacked, she’s on the hunt for a replacement. But the clever-money is long gone and settled elsewhere. Enter Christie – a long-time petty crook who has lived his entire life going from scam to scam to scam. A grubby little man and, like Draper, a psychopath to whom other people (including his and other people’s offspring) are just another resource to be manipulated and tapped.

    I would not doubt for a second the natural link between a sleazy drug dealer working on the fringes of a ‘fashion’, and a pair of aged hippie chicks of dubious moral compass. Particularly Sabine who – you might be tempted to speculate – is very possible a long-term cannabis user.

    And the scene is set. It’s not the nineties or the noughties any more. There is no ‘channel 4 money’ or anything akin to it slushing around. And in any case, that space such as it is is now filled with younger brighter things. What are a group of jobbing con-artists to do? Where to find a mark? Well, there’s the internet! And – being in the weed trade – what is it that those with their synapses par-boiled in ganja are most ‘turned on to’ this weather? Love? Peace? – NO that’s SO John Lennon!

    The man! That’s it! The man and his plots and plans and his schemes and his new world order! Jeez you can just feel the pressure! Have a spliff, tune in, turn on and feel those spirits around you! Them voices in your head, those visions that you see those deamons – please allow me to introduce (drum roll) Satan… The devil himself! Responsible for all the world’s ills. – And those visions you see? That paranoia? The ‘bad luck’ that stopped you being a contender? – That’s the Devil, the new-world order! Those folks doin well – when all the time the supremely talented, pretty and well-edgymacated are gettin’ pushed back! – It’s SO unjust! But then they’re in league with the Devil. that’s why you and me are failing at life see? Here… Let me prove it. Listen to the innocents…

    – And in much the same way as a musician might sit down and teach their four-year-old to play a guitar and the technicalities of music theory will flow into their very bones; con artists teach their children the way of the scam. They teach ‘their’ children that life is all about abusing other people. Manipulating them. Controlling them. And that the ‘talent’ to do this is what makes them special in the world. – That love, respect, morals, empathy… Those are for the unskilled and the non-talented.

    McKenzie? – She’s ‘Management’ these days, having sung all her own best tunes decades ago she busks a little. does the odd turn. But in general she leaves the stage to others – and much of the scouting. She’s surrounder by shells and buffers… Sabine? An old act not-often called for, a role in middle-management has been found for her. She talks to the hallkeepers and stewards the gigs. But really, she’s not up to it and is set for the drop. Draper and Christie? – Just another act. Their ‘novelty record’ was just ‘a wee bit too cuckoo clock’ to make the mainstream charts.

    Who started Hoaxtead? – Abe Christie. In my opinion it’s just another scam build from his own deviant sexuality and made credible to him due to the fact he’s stupid, uneducated, and what little grasp of reality he might once have had is eaten from the inside-out by all the weed he’s ingested over the years. Draper? – Another ignoramus who has faked her way through life thus far mainly by wriggling her arse. No trade or profession. No real education. incapable of love. No decent man would touch her with a barge pole. Is it any wonder she’d play tambourine and sing harmony for him?

    Why? – Why does your local pub (possibly) run an open mike night? Why do most cities have music shops sell the most complex and exotic recording equipment and instruments; only around 0.25% of which will ever see a stage or fall into professional hands? Why are college music departments staffed with ‘resting’ former ‘pop stars’? Why are over 99% of those who make a living as performers pub/club/cruise/holiday camp singers? Why do most people ‘in the entertainment industry’ make their meagre coin selling tickets, working behind bars or operating projectors?

    – It’s just a job. It’s just an industry.

    The ‘stars’ that the general public see at the top of this particular pile (like McKeith for instance) are just the very very tip of an iceberg that gets sleazier and sleazier the further you drill into its core. It runs from that ‘technically legit’ tip right down to the depths of depravity – where it means nothing to have small children perform in a piece of ‘fear porn’ in order to extract a relatively small sum of money. – Where manipulating the seriously mentally-ill (Neelu) and delusional is just a part of everyday life. Where collecting a fiver here and a fiver there from the poorest and most mentally vulnerable is just what you do. – How else might the likes of Belinda McKenzie make around £20 – £30/hour tax free?

    It’s not like she’s capable of doing something honest and humble like standing on a street corner busking now is it?

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    • Wow. Beautifully said.
      Btw, I agree that the ‘cult abuse/murder/cannibalism’ shtick came from Abe. That’s got his greasy little fingerprints all over it, as does the ‘hemp will cure you’ angle.
      But I think Belinda was managing this new act; and when Abe got carried away and blew it in early September, it set the tone for the thing. Later on Abrella would fire their managers and try to make a go of it on their own, but without the buffer between them and the rest of the world, they’ve sunk to the bottom of the cesspool.

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    • Great analogy – I suspect that even if these losers had any real skills they would still opt to be con artists, it’s a sociopathic trait that all of them seem to share.

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    • Indeed well put. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that in the end, it’s all about the money. Take the ghastly Christoper Fay. 50 quid here and 150 there from a wide-eyed journalist or even a free lunch for a pensioner will not go amiss. Those at the heart of these hoaxes / scams are scammers and grifters.

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      • Christopher Fay is always described as a ‘social worker’ but from what I read he was a volunteer for a charity. Anyone any idea whether he was a qualified social worker?

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        • Fay was never a qualified social worker but he did work at a council that involved that area. That charity which is always described in the media as though it was kosher was a disaster run by amateurs who it seems were after government grants but even then they collapsed within 2 years. The woman who started is still carrying on about some lease she had and promoting a weird Youth Parliament that has gone no-where.

          Fay was unemployed for ages hence his involvement in the Olympic share scams run by pretty nasty crooks who target the vulnerable. They have all resurfaced in Bangkok now a world centre for the fake share con. Fay is a creep of the first order- claimed he didn’t know what he was doing when he was money laundering for the share scam crooks which involved opening fake bank accounts in false names and cashing cheques etc.

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  11. If I remember correctly, Belinda used to push the Judy Woods theory of directed energy weapons during her 9/11 dealings. What always struck me about her ,before I knew she got involved in this, is that she always appeared insincere to me. Something about her has always seemed false in comparison to other ‘truthers’ I know of, who appear to really believe what they say. Similarly with this case, a number of the woman outside the court appear to truly believe some terrible satanic cult actually exists. With Belinda, I feel it’s an act to scam these vulnerable people out of cash, and simply to give her something to do of a day. Even Sabine seems more sincere. Many so called ‘truthers’ also feel the same as me about Belinda.

    The relationship between Belinda, Sabine, Charlotte, Shayler…etc is certainly a point of interest, especially with the timing of Charlottes actions in relation to this case. Weirdly, when Shayler left Belinda’s house after a couple of years, he left behind his cat Eddy. Charlotte then used Eddy as the name and picture for one of her YT channels, EddyTheCat7, which of course is now HR(Hampstead Research tube). This maybe doesn’t mean anything, but maybe it does…lol.

    I think Abraham created the whole cult idea and Belinda et al seen it as an opportunity which could be exploited. What I do wonder is whether Abraham created the cult story in a way that he felt would appeal to the likes of Belinda , Gerrish, Maloney..etc. Hoping to use them for his own agenda, but ended up being just as exploited by them.

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  12. I wouldn’t have a clue about the chicken and egg situation in Hoaxstead, but I’m curious about collateral support . There is the strange ‘evidence’ of Dr Deborah Hodes and the blinkered attitudes of the police for instance.

    But also mentioned in the judgment was prior therapy at the Tavistock. Does anyone know what this was for and what it entailed? Was it the cause of any suggestion – or was it prefaced on suggestion?

    Did it lend force to the hoax -or not?

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    • Yes, Amanda and her boyfriend Rhys both contributed harassing phone calls to the Hoaxtead cause early on. Amusingly, they were called out for it by none other than Code2222, who was enraged that they would try to turn the ‘serious bizness’ of Hoaxtead into a low joke.


  13. Oh yes that Amanda & Rhys were a nasty pair of people. They thought it was funny to phone up McDonalds and ask if they had dead baby burgers etc all the while giggling away as if it was the funniest thing in the world to do.
    Another fine post El Coyote, i do find the fact that these folk all know each other and are connected somehow very intriguiging. Always the same old faces showing up.

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    • Yes, and as inchambers@acourtnearyou points out, it’s not at all implausible that they would have met in the months leading up to the Morocco trip, roughed out a publicity plan (with Belinda urging Abrella to make use of Brian Gerrish’s relatively large audience as a platform), and divided up the tasks.

      The next question, of course, is “who answered Belinda’s call for volunteers to help put her ‘Special Operation’ into action?” I have a few ideas on that score….

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      • They had a few platforms with either potential large audiences or certainly alot who spend all day, clicking, liking and/or stalking and bullying any dissenters…… Christine sands had so many blogs, they pretended anons released the original addresses etc, which would have been Kevin who puts his anon mask on for the camera….. i can’t help thinking they planned, to take the case to every concievable audience, through their various friends…. infiltrate every community online…. Sands had about 100 sites, i think, loads anyway, Sabine with her 50, Christine Ward/Jacqui Farmer i am pretty sure, had about 40 victim sites, come and tell us your story, and get support kind of thing, The growing legalise hemp lobby groups, ….. I think they thought they could take over the web, and all make millions, i could be wrong of course, But i think they thought they would get Bill Maloney, and they could create the hollie type storm again, and with even more reach and effect…….. This is why i became openly dissenting, i wish i had sooner with the hollie case, i was there, right at the start.

        Without you guys and gals, and the hard work, committment, persistance, this might have become that, and i’m sure you can see that without the strength of evidence, you have all provided, i would have sat in horror as it unfolded, rather than being able to tackle it from my position, which despite their attempts to besmirch me, is still strong, in fact their attacks on me has played hard against them.

        Angie is still attempting it, wringing out the last thing that she thinks might work……..

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        • I agree, Sheva–the original goal was to overrun the internet and create HollieHoax 2. They borrowed so much from that ‘dry run’, and so many of the same players were involved, it’s clear they were trying to take another run at that ‘prize’.


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  16. Would any of this have happened if Abe and Ella hadn’t met?

    I’ve always been intrigued by ACs comment to J-C that “She came to me because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy, she knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew in her heart that I could help her, in her heart”, which suggests to me some third party involvement.

    Who was the matchmaker between AC and ED?

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