More thoughts on the Hoaxtead timeline

A few days ago, we uncovered some evidence that seems to indicate that a great deal went into planning the Hampstead hoax, long before January 2015, when Sabine McNeill leaked the list of alleged cult members, followed by the videos featuring the children.

To recap:

On 14 November, 2014, Sabine posted an 11-page document written by Ella, and containing names, addresses, occupations, children’s names, and other confidential material, to her Dropbox. This is surprising, since until now, our understanding was that Sabine and Belinda only began supporting Ella after December 10, when she fired her legal team.

On the very same day—14 November, 2014—Charlotte Alton Ward self-published her e-book Illuminati Party, her first act under her new nom de guerre, Jacqui Farmer. She did this after having taken down her ‘Conspirituality’ blog, a move that seems strange since it was clearly the focus of a great deal of her energy up to that point.

Even earlier, though, on 8 June, 2014, Belinda McKenzie published the following call to arms on her blog:

Dear All

After hitting a low point last month, financially that is to say I’m happy to report that I’m back in the saddle, thanks to the great generosity of a dozen supporters who between them have enabled me to continue to make trips up to Scotland in the coming few weeks – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I’m exceedingly grateful to you, you’ll certainly be on the Roll of Honour when this fight is concluded and hopefully successful!

Not a moment too soon as the really active part of the Battle, what I call my ‘Special Operation’ is about to commence. I mentioned this a few weeks back and asked for volunteers willing to allow me to inform you & hopefully enlist you VIA YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS – maybe that was the problem, I didn’t at the time give my my postal address? so here it is 83 PRIORY GARDENS LONDON N6 5QU.

So drop me a line and all will be revealed, as long as I’m satisfied that is that you’re not a McKenzie Enemy (I’ve a good idea who all of those are by now!)

Even without any ‘volunteers’ I will still be able to carry out the Operation but it will certainly help to have a few people assisting – but NB it can be done from home and will not take much of your time at all.

In usual Belinda style, it combines a not-very-subtle hint that her finances are at a low ebb, and a promise of great things to come, for those willing to pitch in and help with her ‘Special Operation’. She ends this post with a hint:

 But I’m more and more of the mind that to beat this enemy I call Paedophilia UK…shouting on the street is not going to achieve very much, in fact in Scotland it will just get me locked up, as I’ve already been warned will happen – “McKenzie is next!” has appeared on certain blogs and forums recently….

How to do, how to do? has been churning in my mind all year, on ever-dwindling resources, with only a relatively few faithful supporters (not so much of me but of the cause) when an army is needed! Where, how and when to strike when there may only be one chance to do so?? Etc., round and round, day and night – people have been telling me I look a bit ‘spaced out’ these days, no wonder, if they realised what’s going on inside my head!

Well happy to say I now have the answer to all the questions so it’s just a case of rolling out the rest of the programme and reassuring everyone this really is entirely doable.

This was written at a time when the revenues from the Hollie Greig case had all but dried up, and clearly Belinda had decided that hanging about on street corners with a megaphone really wasn’t the most cost-effective way to do things. But there’s this thing called the internet, you see….

Fast-forward to November 2014 (a very busy month, as we’ve pointed out) and we find this, from Belinda’s blog of 16 November:

Apologies for the long lapse in sending out ‘Battle News’ and the less said about why I ‘dried up’ for 5 months the better.

Fortunately the mainstream press & media are really onto the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) these days and there’s been no shortage of articles and reports to read on the subject, has there, plus innumerable videos online. Which is absolutely great, public awareness cannot fail to be growing! Yet there’s still nowhere near enough real ACTION to get at the core of the problem and a lot of fiddling about at the edges, for example, the string of white-haired old men hauled up before the courts charged with abusing teenagers decades ago….

Now, one of the reasons I’ve been out of communication (although have given the odd ‘sign of life’ here and there so no one would be worried – I assume most on this mailing list approve of me?! Big Hi here to McKenzie Enemies, love you!) is that I’ve been battling all year with a) BT, Microsoft & Amazon aka ’internet connectivity’ and b) the damned finances, having taken on 4 more ‘dependents’, all victims of/fugitives from the skewed British so-called justice system struggling to get children back and urgently needing help with accommodation, travel, legal fees etc.

This is the first outright mention of Belinda’s involvement with Ella that we’re aware of. She follows up with a zinger:

I find money largely boring and am not remotely interested in it, apart from it’s being an indicator of the ebb-and-flow of human psychological compulsion which is a fascinating whole area. But as I’ve discovered painfully this year, lack of money is a serious impediment to being able to help people, especially children, or even being able to move around, hence my public activity has more or less ground to a stop, despite a few friends momentarily pitching in to help, god bless you, your names are inscribed in gold on my heart.

The obvious solution is to SET UP A CHARITY which is what I’m now in the process of doing. After a few months dithering around trying to decide whether I really do want to run a charity? yet another children’s charity, on top of the hundreds already registered with the Charity Commission? I’m going to take the plunge so THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION which is going to be a charity with a difference! will be launched at long last on 30th November this month in Camden London (see below details of venue & time).

And thus, ladies and gentlemen, we witness the birth of the infamous non-charity charity, the Knight Foundation. Its purpose? To be a handy receptacle for the money that’s bound to come pouring in once the public becomes aware of Belinda’s latest cause, which involves two lovely blonde, blue-eyed children being horribly abused in the most lurid manner possible by…well, we’ll let you guess.

As we discover more and more strange coincidences of timing, the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place. Stay tuned.


“This megaphone is so old skool. Time to upgrade to the internet?”


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    • I’m not sure that they can…. the internet has allowed for this and it may need internet communities to help disallow certain things to be abled…. the systems, authorities are tied and bound, restricted and therefore alot has run riot without checks…….if we want to maintain internet freedom then we need to find ways to address the problems escalating of this kind …….i don’t have the know how, but will happily join with others to promote ways of using hacking effectively but ethically to restrict people abusing this still fairly new power


      • I understand what you’re saying, Sheva, but I think this is one of the things best left to police investigations. In fact, this is why they confiscate people’s computers and phones when they arrest them on suspicion of online stuff: they need to be certain that the incriminating information online actually originated from the person’s device.

        I know various groups like Anonymous use hacking to achieve their goals, but I can’t condone it–for one thing, what if they’re attacking the wrong person? As we’ve seen here, it’s all too easy for completely innocent people to be slandered and become targets.

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        • You are right, i just think there need to be speedier responses to this type of thing, i’m not talking about vigilantes, online hacking whoever they choose…… The wheels that turn in procedures or access to get things taken down are so slow, the ability to viralise this was so quick…..there seems a void in the actions available…… but i should have been clearer, i meant working with agencies working on cybercrime, internet bullying, i’m going to be talking with some groups over the coming weeks, and hoping this year that my health will improve so that i can attend events on internet safety…… i think there probably is a need for hackers to be employed moreso, to work ethically within the law, but the laws may need to be addressed too, I’m sure i’m not alone in feeling frustrated that so many videos are still out there, and how little respect is being shown by those promoting it all, for any laws, morals, safety of others…… but i’m not suggesting either that anyone take the law into their own hands, otherwise…….. I am tho chasing Angie on whether this forensic evidence she says they have of ip addresses and RD having links to snuff movies has been handed to Internet Watch Foundation or Interpol, or the police ? If she keeps repeating it, then have they or she witheld evidence.? ………… is the tack i am taking, the one glimmer of hope in the Rupert video, was that he picked up on it, and asked her for it…….. hopefully it will unravel them some more….. ??? Hopefully it will put her on a spot she cannot wriggle from…….


      • Sheva, you’re the second person to suggest hacking on here in the last few days and I think this needs to stop. It’s utterly essential that we continue to act entirely above the law. It’s what separates us from the law-breaking fruitcakes over the border in Hoaxville. And for what it’s worth, we’re wiping the floor with those twunts, thanks to 13 months of completely legal campaigning and hard work, so there is absolutely no need for us to act outside the law anyway 🙂

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        • you are right, i should have worded that better……. meant in terms of working with real crime agencies, some are now recruiting hackers……. apologies, it is important that we have all stayed within the law, i just think that the internet requires some updated and new approaches.


    • They probably won’t, as to our knowledge the Knight Foundation has never been registered as a charity. Last summer, when the Ham & High investigated, they found that Belinda was in fact using monies generated by the organisation to fund Sabine, who at that time was in Germany, having fled the police here. Belinda’s excuse? “I think of it as a charity”. She then allowed as how she might consider turning it into an actual charity, but as far as I’m aware, that has not happened.


  2. I wish i had more skill to collate even more background to paint it even more clearly, i’m about to make some more effort but it is very difficult for me, hence i reach out to UK people to contact me, via El Coyote, I have so much evidence, and even now, more dawns on me, even….so i could really also do with clear people to speak with.

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  3. I’m not certain that “hacking” is the way forward, and I for one would not be prepared to get involved with that.

    The police use some very good forensic computer science techniques and that’s their job. They can only act upon what is reported to them for investigation.

    My thoughts on that are to use lawful methods, report the concerns to the Charity Commission / Action fraud. What they will need is reports from anyone who has actually donated money to Belinda


    Charity donation fraud is when fake charities play on your sympathy by asking you to make a donation to a worthy cause.

    Charity donation frauds ask you to make a donation to a group of people or a particular cause. In many cases, the donation request is linked to a high-profile event, such as an earthquake.

    Either the charity that the fraudster has asked you to donate to doesn’t exist, or they are misusing the name of a genuine, often well-known, charity and pocketing your money.

    If you donate through a website, the fraudsters may record your credit or bank account details and use them to make purchases through your account.

    If you’re asked to call a phone number, it could be a premium rate number. This means the fraudsters will pocket even more of your money on top of your donation.

    If you’re asked to donate clothing or household items, the fraudsters will sell them on and keep the money rather than giving them to people in need.

    Are you a victim of charity donation fraud?

    You may be a victim of charity donation fraud if:

    You’ve received an email asking you to donate to a charity. The email refers you to a website or phone number you can use to make a payment by credit or debit card.

    Someone has approached you in a public place or called at your front door asking you to put money in a collection box.

    A collector has dropped an envelope through your door asking you to put money in it and has come back to collect it.

    A collector has left a bag at your home asking you to fill it with clothes, toys or other household items for poor people, often overseas. Again, they have returned to collect your bag of donated items.


    Report charity donation fraud to the Charity Commission

    If the fraud is in the name of a genuine charity, let the charity know.

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    • Hacking is most definitely not the way forward, and we wouldn’t consider it, even if any of us here knew how to do it. It’s highly illegal, for one thing.

      Thanks for the info’ on charities–very useful.

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      • i meant to say ethically, perhaps by teams working with agencies and approved, i’m just thinking aloud a bit, and wondering how this can be prevented in future and by hacking i mean to gain the information to find the connections and misuse of internet freedom, not to cause harm but for investigatation, evidence gleaning.,,,,,, i’m not advocating or suggesting that i would or could, nor that anyone should take this route….. i do though think that new ways will need to be found, if we want to keep internet freedoms, yet be free from the kind of harrassment possible presently…..


  4. Surely the way forward would have been for police to act according to their oath and thoroughly investigate these serious claims. Then, if they were proved to be fake, our efforts could move on to genuine cases- such as what happened to the other members of the Colin Batley cul-de-sac cult – which can easily be proven to have existed.

    Or – just perhaps – there really is an organized network of paedos in London using Satanic imagery to terrify their victims. It might sound unlikely, but then again apparently nobody in the same cul-de-sac as Colin Batley noticed a black magic sex cult operating from their neighbours house for a decade or more.

    Don’t kid yourself these things don’t happen, just because they are beyond your own experience. The paedo’s favourite trick is to make sure nobody believes their victims. It worked for a decade in Batley’s case, and it very well might be working right here too. You assume, based on your personal beliefs, but until this is investigated you cannot know for sure.


    • Nathaniel, the police did conduct an investigation, but found no corroborating evidence. We’ve been over this. It’s not a question of ‘personal beliefs’–in fact many of us came to the conclusion that this is a hoax only after having believed the initial allegations, and realising that there was no truth to them. I’m not willing to get into an argument about this most basic aspect of the case, but if you’ll read back through this blog I’m sure you’ll find loads of info’ that will help you determine how we have come to the conclusions we have.

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      • You know as well as I do that the case was dismissed on the subjective judgement of a Family Law magistrate. There was no investigation – hence you nor I know the truth of this case. What is happening is that honest magicians who would never have any part of such abuses are being swept up in their own ‘Panic’ and persecution complex. El Coyote, you do not know for sure you are fighting on the right side. You might be being tricked by those who are far more cunning (a low, dishonest kind of intelligence) than you are. My own experience is that real cases are treated exactly the same way as this one, as far as possible. I have read through this blog and do not find your arguments any more convincing than the reports I saw in the news. Whether you are right or wrong, I think you would do better to leave this case all alone. If this is all a hoax, it is surely intended to convince people that real cases do not happen either.


          • I did not aim my questions at you personally ‘El Coyote’, but to all those engaged in this so-called ‘research’. Why ask at all?Because I still have faith in humanity? That I have hopes that people might be more concerned with doing the right thing? Why not focus your attention on those cases which have been proven to be real, yet have not been properly followed up and investigated? Or are you amongst those desperate to still believe such things never happen? These is an honest questions.


          • I definitely don’t believe that such things never happen. I do think that this case takes valuable time and attention away from very real cases of abuse. I also think it sets very dangerous precedents in its online targeting of innocent people, who must deal with the fallout in ways you or I could not imagine.

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        • The case was settled in the High Court and a judgement issued identifying two seriously evil child abusers : Ella Draper and Abraham Cristie. The police investigated.

          End of story.

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          • I’ve read the newspaper reports- they say it was dismissed in a Family Law Court. This is why nobody was prosecuted and sent to jail – even if they were judged ‘seriously evil child abusers’. There is a big difference between a Family Law Court and a High Court. You really should research this, and its implications. There was no police investigation – not even a check to see if anyone had the tattoos and other marks described by the children. And this is all far from the end of the story. Please do not be so abrasively arrogant, just because someone disagrees with you. It does not help to make your argument any more convincing.


          • The reason no one was asked for their tattoos is that the police found absolutely no physical or other corroborating evidence at the sites the children initially identified. The children were also unable to identify any of the homes they’d described when the police took them on a drive-round, even though Ella and Abe had taken them on a previous drive-round the evening before. And when the children were taken into protection, and assured that they would no longer have to face Abe’s abuse, they immediately retracted their initial accusations.

            Mrs Justice Pauffley did state in her judgement that there were other avenues the police could have explored, but this was in reference to the fact that there was ample evidence of serious physical abuse having occurred recently–and this evidence was collected right after the children had returned from a month in Morocco with Abe and Ella; they had not seen their father for three months at that point. In other words, the other avenues could have included arresting Abe for child abuse and attempting to pervert the course of justice. I agree with you, the police acted too slowly on this, and Abe was able to leave the country without consequence.

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          • If all avenues are not explored, all avenues cannot be discounted. Having said that, tattoos can be faked with Sharpie pens and a bit of hairspray – Colin Batley did that when I met him at ‘Crowley Day’ in Bristol, December 2006. More importantly, though.. why does this site consistently claim the case reached High Court when it was in fact dismissed in a Family Law Court?


          • @nathanieljharris

            “There is a big difference between a Family Law Court and a High Court. You really should research this, and its implications.”

            The case was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, also known as ……. drumroll …… High Court.

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          • @ nathanieljharris

            There’s a person who knows these tattoos given in childhood don’t exist, on one person anyway. Can you guess?

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        • Nathaniel, you sound like a complete novice re. this case and I really think you should have done basic some research before posting. The allegations were investigated thoroughly and not only were they proven not to have occurred but they were logistically impossible anyway. Moreover, the children retracted them fully and have now stated that Abraham was their abuser, aided and abetted by Ella. Interestingly, not once in all your comments did mention that. Can you confirm that you agree Abe and Ella should be investigated by the Police?

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        • “Why ask at all? Because I still have faith in humanity? That I have hopes that people might be more concerned with doing the right thing?…Or are you amongst those desperate to still believe such things never happen?”

          Ooh, watch out for sudden gusts of wind, Nathaniel. We wouldn’t want that straw man to fall over!

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          • You know it’s funny. We’re discussing the possible genesis of the hoax, when suddenly a complete noob shows up and starts throwing up a bunch of smoke.

            And it’s the day after the FB group launches its troll attack and tries to sow division and doubt here. Am I just being paranoid?

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          • There is no straw man- there are just too many holes in the logic expressed on this site for anyone without an agenda to take you at all seriously. In other words, nobody here is going to sensibly answer any of my questions – such as why this site continually misrepresents the situation by claiming the case was dismissed in a High Court when it was only dismissed on the subjective judgement of a Family Law Court magistrate. Until this simple and very singular question is answered – and I am willing to accept it to be a simple mistake rather than deliberate – I cannot trust anything else ‘revealed’ on this site either. It seems the only answers I can expect are distractions, obfuscations, and high handed encroachments. So I’m guessing this conversation is over.


          • As Tracey said, this case was investigated in the High Court. Hope that clears things up for you, Nate. And thank Christ you honed in on the most important aspect of all this, which is what bleedin’ type of court it took place in.

            Now, how about YOU answer MY question:

            Should Abe Christie and Ella Draper be investigated by the Police? Yes or no?


          • @nathanieljharris

            Justice Pauffley is a High Court Judge not a magistrate.



            The Royal Courts of Justice in London is a High Court.


            The case was heard in a High Court.


            And this isn’t a paedophile ring, it’s a masodomite death cult of elite dinner ladies preparing human baby burgers for the children’s lunch, for the whole school too.

            I suspect what you are getting at is a hundred or so people should have been prosecuted in a criminal court for eating several thousand babies and all the rest of the nonsense. Really, that’s how many they’ve eaten according to Abraham. His arithmetic skills were put under pressure so when he was secretly recorded he got it a bit wrong. That’s your opinion though, that the dinner lady should have been prosecuted for preparing baby burgers.

            I suppose you’ve looked at the home recordings and have some sort of mind blindness to the little girl’s visible facial injuries, multiple injuries. Abraham says she deserved it, she was trying to kill him, he only did it once, it was just discipline, who cares anyway, not you?

            Who doesn’t have a cult tattoo?

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  5. It appears that November 2014 was the important month on which the Hampstead SRA hoax took off, thanks to Belinda McKenzie and her side-kick Sabine McNeill. The hoax had its beginnings in June 2014 when Ella Draper was looking for revenge on RD, and Abraham Christie was looking for a way to kick life into his drug distribution business, thus they both used two children as the pawns of their design. There is also a secondary sinister motivating factor of Abraham Christie’s having naked pictures of those two children on his phone, certain comments he made about his interactions with children he came into contact with, his sadistic-sexual narrative, and the medical reports that possibly indicate sexual abuse, that the SRA hoax might be used to cover his own sexual misconduct with children.

    The cunning plan goes wrong in September 2014, they lose control and custody of the children. The legal battles go against Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in November 2014, and they start coming under investigation by various agencies and the police. Enter dynamic duo Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill to save the day, and hijack a perfect case to give new life to their own flagging ambitions.

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  6. Could Belinda be any more obvious about asking for money to be sent to her? Every opportunity she has she uses to put out her begging bowl. Very dodgy indeed.

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    • Belinda has no shame or guilt.

      I suppose a characteristic of a psychopath.

      How could she beg for money whilst living in such an expensive property?

      It’s beyond me.

      I do wonder however how Belinda always seems to get her fingers into all the pies.

      Is it her promotion of them or something else?


      • Belinda begs for money, but it’s never for herself, no no no NO! It’s for the poor children, the selfless but completely useless McKenzie friends, the families that have been railroaded, the trolls that need to be paid. As our friend inchambers@acourtnearyou has pointed out so well, Belinda is in the conspiritainment industry, and those hoaxes aren’t just out there for the nuisance value. There’s gold in them thar videos!

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  7. Ah good! I see the penny is teetering on the edge! Charity scams take many forms. It’s not just about donations or tin rattling. These scams can be quite large commercial operations.

    For instance, in North Lanarkshire your empty 45,000ft² factory will cost you around £75,000+ per year in rates. Plus you will have to insure your building etc. There are times when valuable assets can feel like heavy millstones! The answer? – Hand the keys to a registered charity, donate, say, £30K to them (probably what it will cost you in insurances, alarm monitoring etc. anyway) and you save £45K right away. Charities are you see exempt from paying rates, and indeed from many other regulations. If that charity then goes on to start collecting scrap, rag & bone, old computers or furniture etc. it can operate (quite legally) outside many of the requirements that impact on similar commercial ventures. Likewise a great deal of labour can be had for nothing both via ‘volunteers’ and those sent by the Jobcentre and other placement agencies for ‘training’. Many a ‘Steptoe’ type discovered this wheeze decades ago. – A neighbour and associate of mine was instrumental in infiltrating and bringing down that particular scam. Scoular was an ‘end-times christian’ (my use of the small ‘C’ is deliberate) scammer who fed of the labour of those left without hope as the industrial heart was ripped out of Scotland. He was an associate of, and modelled himself and his project on the ‘achievements’ of one Ralph Stair ( who is well worth researching. After exposure Scoular spent almost two decades in well-earned obscurity trying to get various petty scams to ‘catch light’. And you can enjoy the last blast of this old fraud’s hooter here as he tries and fails to engage with the social media age.

    Of course that rates/scrap/charity scam has developed and become more sophisticated over the years. The back-story surrounding this lot – – is also well worth researching and watching. Quite blatant IMHO. And on a national scale!

    Elsewhere in the same district you’ll find others running very similar scams. I can think of one who has a CV which can only be described as a litany of utter bullshit. A former hotelier, bankrupted about fifteen years ago (largely due to his own astonishing levels of incompetence) he first turned to a life of grime operating illegally from the council house he was granted after the bankruptcy. That couldn’t last long but he knew Scoular, knew he could run the same scam better and realised that by masquerading as a charity (and thus being able to avoid paying rates, compliance fees/expenses and even wages to many of his workers) he could built up what is now a £1M ‘recycling’ business. – Off of which he and his otherwise unemployable family gorge! The individual in question has even found a place on the board of a leading charity advocacy group! The gloss of respectability is dazzling! But tick tock as they say. He made a bad mistake recently when he tried to con the wrong person into being a stool pigeon for him! I mention these few otherwise unrelated scammers simply because they are all illustrative of how charity scams and scammers actually operate. – In Scoular’s case he preyed on the credulous, damaged and uneducated. He did that by feeding off them at an emotional level, masquerading as a man of the cloth. And that was his career for half his life! Scotia Aid? More like an Iran-Aid style operation in my opinion. – Business like, organised, goes through the motions. Something similar goes for my last example ( which I’m not in a position to name yet). But at the end of the day they’re all about the money, money, money.

    Post Iran-Aid McKenzie reminds me very much of Scoular. Except she had achieved a far loftier financial platform to fall from than the small-time con-man from Motherwell. And, like my last example, she has spent her latter years setting up others to take the drops for her and trying to get various small scams going. – Gone are her glory days! We see her now I think ( I hope!) in her final decline as she “sells off her silver and poodles in china”. And what poodles they are! The £1.5M highgate hub – disposal thereof – will no doubt spawn a tin-rattling pension-plan based on hardship. But the reality of liquidating such an asset is bound to lead to a retirement many would envy; even if she has already released some of her equity!

    One final point, please bear in mind that the local scammers I highlighted can be found within a ten-mile radius of Motherwell. A rather obscure run-down little town near Glasgow. Any my list is by no means exhaustive! There is nothing remarkable about Motherwell or for that matter Highgate. The country is littered with con-merchants like this; they exist probably in the tens-of-thousands. Some are purely about the money and will masquerade as trying to help their own communities. Others will leverage religion. Others still – like McKenzie – have absolutely no difficulty in accessing the lowest depths of human depravity. What they all have in common is that they all feed off people’s despair, misery, ignorance, ill-health and lack of education. And their goodwill. – They are legion! And I’m afraid the authorities only seem to act when these people slip up REALLY badly! – Not sure why that is; it could be lack of resource I suppose. The police at local level are likely to be most aware of who is a con-merchant. But very often they don’t get the time and resources to act until something is handed to them more or less on a plate!

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    • Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill are now in their 70’s, age is starting to catch up with them. I would say they have ten years of campaigning left in them before age puts an end to it. I think they are looking for the last big scam, make a pile of money from it, then retire from the scene. Campaigning on anything eats time, energy and money, and I have good reason to think these old hags no longer have the fuel in the engine to sustain what they are doing.

      The influence of Belinda McKenzie is fast evaporating limited to anyone over 50 and mentally ill. I was surprised at the venom Belinda McKenzie has shown torwards Ella Draper, she really wanted the Hampstead Satanic hoax to be her magnum opus, her crowning achievement. But Belinda has no charisma, no personality and no imagination; I have never met her, but she seems to me a person who sucks the life out of everything she touches. In recent years the influence of Belinda McKenzie with those under 50 has ended in failure, including Ella Draper and the tenant she had a war with. Belinda McKenzie has got a lot of mentally ill and old people as her “army” and she is struggling mentally and physically herself. In all her projects since the Iran charity she has probably spent more than she has gained financially. I suspect she is like that gambler who keeps on betting hoping the next throw will be the lucky one to break their losing streak. All which has happened is that the mad and old loyal troops are being jailed and sectioned. Belinda McKenzie is old news, her time is over, new young things are replacing her, and she knows it.

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      • My mind is stuck on I Claudius now. I am thinking of the the scene where Caligula speaks to the aged Livia:

        “And what makes you think that a filthy, smelly old woman like you could become a goddess? I don’t need you anymore…”

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      • I know someone who works in the media and learned his trade in London in the early 1980s. There are one of two faces on the current conspiracy con circuit that he knows from back in the day as con artists. One of his elders in the same trade apparently recalls the young and supposedly pretty McKenzie as a sort of political ‘groupie’ making coin by organising various protest events and hanging off the shirt-tails of the influential/well heeled. It’s thought she was a school teacher at one time. And that she had hopes of a career with the BBC as a presenter. – Could her bitterness towards the media stem from rejection? With the looks long gone and (I’m sure) her being deemed such a danger to children that any teaching registration must be out of the question, her descent into ever-more demented realms becomes quite a clear progression.

        – As an aside, a few of sat one evening listening to this chap clinically disassemble Ben Fellowe’s story about being abused at the recording of “The Word”, completely off the top of his head. This was very shortly after the fairy story was published online. He was, upon cross-checking, extremely accurate in trashing aspects of Fellowes story; but then anyone who had actually been there would be! And I am inclined to accept his accounts of such things. Another of Belinda’s failed media projects is ‘Charles Seven’ – which could have been a biggie. But for the fact that many people remember exactly who she (‘Charles’) was and why exactly (allegedly of course) many happily married men who wanted to stay that way would not hire her. I understand something similar is said about Fellowes.

        McKenzie should be selling up soon. I hear tell of links to the Torbay area – Goodrington? Can anyone illuminate?

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        • Belinda McKenzie of 83 Priory Gardens, Highgate, London N6 5QU
          I looked for sales information on internet, found none for this address.
          Torbay is the sort of place OAP’s go to retire, which would be good news if McKenzie is going there, because she will be away from the places and people central to her campaigning activity.


          • No, it’s not up for sale yet. And may never appear on the open market. It may simply change hands. I would guess she is most likely to claim to have ‘lost’ the property so as she can keep the begging bowl in circulation. My point is simply that she is at a certain point where she must soon extract the remainder of her capital and move on. – It has been suggested to me she has links to a part of Torbay called Goodrington. I would be interested in any other source that can corroborate that to any degree.

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  8. This post by Belinda McKenzie seems relevant.

    “This leads directly to the particular role we have adopted for ourselves in our Association – we refer to ourselves as ‘voluntary public interest advocates.’ What we CAN do and DO do is continuously to sound the alarm about the injustices to which we are witness through having access to the courts as McKenzie Friends. By now we are convinced that there is only one way forward with this whole horrendous child-stealing and paedophile-protecting scenario: to make a big noise about it PUBLICLY as a systemic evil which is totally unacceptable in a civilised society & world and which must be confronted and dismantled. The wider public must be made aware of the horrors going on in the family courts and become engaged in overturning this evil and corrupt system.

    I should just point out in our defence that while McKenzie Friends are unsuccessful in the actual courts I personally have felt more able to be of real help in encounters between parents and their local Children’s Services, for example in LAC (Looked-after Child) Review meetings or meetings with the IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer). The presence of an unidentified ‘lay-legal representative’ seems to inhibit social workers from bullying parents. I have been told by parents more than once that a social worker having been foul on previous occasions, since I had joined the meeting/s was suddenly being reasonable! My conclusion is that wherever possible it is well worth trying to turn cases around OUTSIDE rather than inside the court and working at local services level could be a potentially more fruitful avenue of assistance on the part of McKenzie Friends towards parents and families.

    (I so want to be free to continue with this work…)


    I had and still do have great hopes for my fledgling charity the Knight Foundation once we are over this patch and can get on with developing it. The Knight Foundation charitable incorporated company has raised to date a mere £800 in 18 months as we haven’t as yet done any proper fund-raising or promotion, our bank account having remained locked all this time due to continuous changes of directors, hence we have had as yet no access to these funds.

    The Foundation was set up to fund our McKenzie Friends’ work in the first instance, precisely because McKenzie Friends do not charge for our work yet we do have expenses, such as travelling to and from the courts and local authority offices, subsidising applications to the court where parents are impoverished, the production of publicity materials for our campaigning work and we also aim to offer training-courses to would-be McKenzie Friends to maximise the service we can offer to the public within in the above-mentioned constraints. Then, we also aim to help realise Maggie Tuttle’s dream of a Safe House/s for children fleeing paedophile attackers and any other projects relevant to child-protection. We also want and intend to be able to providing funding for the activity of a whole range of those whom we refer to as ‘knights-of-the-heart’, ordinary citizens who wish to join in the fight for the moral and systemic betterment of our society. Our flesh-and-blood ‘modern knights’, pledged to protect the children and serve the public weal may likewise need help with travel and subsistence, production of publicity materials, etc. Impoverishment should never prevent anyone wishing to undertake a life of service to society from realising this fine calling.

    Yes, I fully admit that in July I did ask for donations via the charity to help Sabine subsist and pay her rent whilst ‘in exile’, her pension and housing benefit having been cut off. As a result of which I was informed by the Ham & High reporter covering the case that the Charity Commission now had me under investigation! “You should have had an email from them” he informed me. When I said no, I hadn’t, he said “oh well you’ll certainly be getting one.” 4-5 weeks later still nothing has come from the Charity Commission! All that has happened is that the Ham & High have published yet another damning article on me – no doubt by now whose side that publication is on.”

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  9. If Belinda is keen to help Maggie Tuttle with this Safe House.

    I’d like to suggest she opens her own home, with its plentiful array of rooms.

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  10. I’d like to know how and why Belinda has a mortgage at nearly 70 years of age?

    Surely she couldn’t have a loan without a “proper” job and I thought there was an upper age limit on Mortgages, i.e. the Mortgage would be paid off whilst still in employment.

    As far as I know Belinda is an OAP with a free bus pass and doesn’t have any regular employment income.

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    • I suspect it’s not ‘exactly’ a mortgage as such. More like a secured loan to fund another project.


  11. For someone who thinks money is “largely boring” and declares she’s “not remotely interested in it”… she sure does go on about it a lot. 😀

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