Fight erupts over Eddie Isok

Hey gang, who’s up for gawking at a little troofer in-fighting? Oh come on, you know you want to….

This week’s pagga revolves around our old friend Eddie Isok/Paul Rodgers, whose ex-girlfriend seems to have decided to spill the beans on him.

Rodgers’ ex, a lady named Marian, informed Jo-anne Sollis that Paul (aka Edgar? How many aliases does he need, we wonder?) is not only a band-wagon-jumping drama llama, whose very presence serves to divide rather than unite, but also a person with “anger and aggression issues”.

Yes, we were shocked too.

Sollis also claims that Rodgers is a member of the American Revolutionary Party, which she was somehow able to discern from his Twitter photo in ways we do not quite follow.

Sollis posted this on her Facebook page yesterday, and within the hour all hell had broken loose. The camps seem to be loosely divided between “I always knew he was a wrong ‘un” and “you leave my Eddie alone!”, with a small contingent of “never heard of him”.

Mary Connors, a member of the latter group, went hunting on the Googles and came back with a familiar-looking post:

Alicat George tersely informed her that “Ell Coyote” is a “Hoxsted troll” and “not reliable”, which grieved us terribly. But it was Sollis’ comment—”Please leave Finchley out of this as this is a separate issue and I’m saying this as me Jo ok” that we found really intriguing.

We hadn’t even seen a mention of Finchley, so what was this about? A quick trip to Companies House soon sorted us out:

Now that’s what we call a plot twist.

As we know, Rodgers is in tight with a group which includes Andy Devine and others who have been pushing the idea that a massive money-laundering scheme is being run out of a company located at 788–790 Finchley Rd in London.

(Full disclosure here: EC has been accused of involvement in some of these companies, although unfortunately they have thus far neglected to forward her her share of the swag.)

Pandora Box Investigations Ltd was set up by Gordon Bowden to investigate the alleged malfeasance taking place at the Finchley Road address, and in April 2018, Joanne Sollis was appointed to the board as a company director.

It does not take a great deal of imagination to see how the Sollis vs Rodgers spat might develop into a very interesting schism—despite Sollis’ disclaimer that this is a separate issue.

Babs & Captain Cokehead to the rescue

While at time of writing Rodgers had not managed to find a spot in his busy schedule to wander over to Sollis’ page and defend himself, a couple of his flying monkeys showed up right on cue: Babs, in her “Baz Evans” iteration, and J3zus, aka “Captain Cokehead”, using his girlfriend Nattalie’s page, as is his wont.

This is just a small selection of the commentary:

Excuse us while we pause for a slight snigger.

All right, as you were.

We’ll leave it there, but it seems quite likely that this will have some interesting repercussions. We’ll be keeping our ears open for further developments.

107 thoughts on “Fight erupts over Eddie Isok

  1. I am shocked to learn that you are an infultrator. I honestly thought better of you.

    “Drama llama” is good, but I also like “dramadillo”.

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  2. Alicat George is a nasty piece of work who’s often in the background stirring hoaxer shit and egging on the likes of Eddie, Angie and Devine, without ever coming to the forefront herself. She just likes the drama, it seems.

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  3. Don’t get me started on “Nattalie Stubbes Bradshaw” – well, Marc ‘Jesus’ Armour using her account whilst (allegedly) high on coke ‘n’ kief. Here’s another one of his drug-addled ramblings from last night:

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    • And folk will believe these people because they come across as intelligent, articulate, sober, sane and lucid don’t they…..(hey I can be delusional too!)

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  4. “We’ve been waiting since December 2018 for proof”

    As long as that eh, Nattalie? Must be a long time when you’re high on coke and weed.

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  5. “We’ve been waiting since December 2018 for proof”

    Welcome to our world, Marc. The only difference is we’ve been waiting since February 2015.

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  6. All roads lead back to 788–790 Finchley Rd in London. All roads lead back to Rome and in fact, my street. When you think about, it’s true. All roads really lead to all roads eventually and somehow.
    In fact all roads lead back to my Solo Whist partner Clarissa Fotheringale-Clutterbuck’s road and even her house but I can assure you, you do NOT want to go there.

    So Mr Bowden has set up a company to investigate Finchley Road. Why do I feel a request for donations may be forthcoming?.

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  7. So has “Nattalie” actually had a “convostation” with “Guidence”? If so, was it about the demise of the English language?

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  8. Do we know how reliable Sollis is a as a source? I know I’m preaching to the choir but there’s a thin line between inside info’ and gossip from an ex-partner scorned.

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  9. I see we’re once again being blamed for the childish bickering that goes on over the Hoaxtead fence (see previous comment). Fact is, we’d never even heard of Sollis before tonight and have never mentioned black nationalists. Ever. Hoaxers, stop dragging us into your playground spats and go see a relationship “guidence” counsellor. Sigh

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    • The good news for the delusional, obsessional, irrational, and odd set is that if they persist playing random Who’s Who they will eventually get a lucky strike,sometime around late august 2036.Interestingly this is also the date predicted for Andy Devine to acquire a half decent smoking jacket when he eventually receives his 30 quid from the divorce settlement.

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  10. Word on the street is that Marcattalie’s been trying to hack the blog again. Picture Frank Spencer, Mr. Bean and Stan Laurel trying to build a pyramid. That’s Marc Armour trying to hack a blog.

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  11. I don’t know if Eddie’s connected with the Panthers or not but he certainly has a thing for Scottish wildcats. Don’t tell Babs, though

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  12. I was more shocked by:

    “Incidentally why is it that Jesus can’t have a Facebook account, would you care to remind me.”

    Oh no! I thought He’d been a bit quiet recently. I hope it wasn’t because, after reading all these idiots posts supposedly quoting Him, that Facebook has banned Him for repeatedly posted content designed to incite animosity and hatred against minority groups.

    I’ll ask @TheTweetofGod. He knows everyhing.

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    • It was all just harmless trolling. How was He to know that Innocent III would take it seriously and start the Albigensian Crusade?
      Everyone defriended Innocent III but by then it was too late.

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      • It might have been before that when He posted: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

        One of his Facebook followers Peter Fysherman (and like many of those claiming to be acting in His name, not the sharpest tool in the box) misunderstood the allegorical allusion and started cutting off ears. Even after Jesus replied with: “”Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” it was too late for the automatic algorithm and He earned his third community strike.

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  13. If Nattalie likes transparency perhaps she’d like to post what she has on the connections between Hampstead, Karen and Finchley Road? When are we going to get to see this? Or are they just going to keep saying ‘I’ve got evidence’.

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  15. There is something deeply, DEEPLY wrong with someone who’s happy to trash innocent people on the internet, based on what Tom Cahill tells them. Shame on you, Catriona


  16. Devine is disgraceful for sharing that, I don’t know why I’m surprised really, he needs to get his head away from that bottle of stuff he drinks.

    He hasn’t done a live with King John the Con in a week or so, but keeps sharing his crazy posts. Is there a break in the camp I wonder, is Andy suffering from a 💔!

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    • Oh my God, Devine’s just said that whenever he’s a guest in someone’s house and they try to make him a drink using tapwater, he says, “Don’t you dare try to put that fucking shit in me or I’ll knock you clean out” 😆

      You seriously couldn’t make these people up.

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      • Devine and his ilk are the reason why plastic bags contain a message about “may cause suffocation if placed on head” or small objects are sold with a warning about being a chocking hazard.

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      • John Wanoa: “who ever comes up first with the dosh wins”.
        Such is the high class speech of an international businessman who is designing and building his own “energy wave machines”, buying a fleet of container ships and now building his own airport.

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      • This is the second time that’s happened live with this Paul chap during one of Devine’s videos.

        He clearly has a serious health issue. This seems very much like he’s having a type of seizure which could be for any number of reasons: epilepsy, a previous brain injury, alcoholism and so on.
        The fact he’s had 2 within a short time and on Devine’s videos indicates it’s very serious and a bad affliction.
        Devine is incredibly irresponsible in the way he says “he’ll be alright”.
        He won’t be alright.

        The frequency indicates how bad his condition is and there is every chance with seizures that repeated similar activity such as talking to Devine about matters that may wind him up even though he seems a very calm man may trigger those electrical pulses that attack his brain.
        Not saying Devine is the cause but it really shows how Devine appears, like so many of this mob, to have a narcissistic nature where he really exhibits nil sympathy and can write off a serious medical attack as “he’s be alright”.

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        • I’m reliably informed that it was an epileptic fit, most likely a complex partial seizure. Sadly, however, neither Devine nor Wanker are qualified to make such a diagnosis, especially when it’s on the spot and based solely on a grainy video link. I’m thinking Devine should have erred on the side of caution there. According to my contact, the sensible thing to do would have been for Devine to “cut the video short, stay on the line with Paul to make sure he was okay and try to reach emergency services wherever Paul lives”. Apparently, “Complex partial seizures can’t kill, but they can occasionally lead to tonic/clonic or generalised ones, so not good to just leave him alone.”

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    • “In the immortal words of good ole JC, keep looking up for your salvation draweth nigh”

      I’m pretty sure John Cleese never said that, Tony.

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    • The Rev still proving he’s as dumb as a bucket of rocks. Yes you do get your property back unless it’s been the subject of a confiscation order, even if it is the property that convicts you 🤣🤣🤣

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    • The women’s movement started when women decided they didn’t want to be second class citizens and wanted equal rights you dill Pike.
      One small result is how many Russian women have become quite active and clever in taking advantage of total fools who intend to take advantage of them.

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    • Any desperate mother who engaged Angela Pongy-Daisy as a McKenzie’s Friend may well have her motherhood credentials questioned.
      It’s another sad indication of state of social services that people like APD can have influence over desperate people’s lives. She is a menace.

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  17. Another Angela Power-Disney associate heads for a long jail sentence. This is surely an example of how people with a mental health issue are encouraged in their mistaken beliefs by those who promote hoaxes.
    The chap is an Iraqi veteran who has PTSD which is very common. I feel sorry for these US veterans who like so many citizens think they are doing their “patriotic duty” but discover it’s very much more complicated than that.
    ( courtesy of Michael of The Mouse Family)

    “Crosley pleads guilty to threatening to blow up Kerrville VA center”
    December 13th 2018
    “New Video! Follow up connection with CORPORAL STEVEN CROSLEY”
    Angela Power-Disney
    Jul 21, 2017


  18. If you do a Companies House of the address of that company 2 Cheapside, Derby, England, DE1 1BR, you’ll find 160 companies of various kinds all registered to the same address, if you look at the address on Google maps it’s an accountancy firm called the Tax Partnership, allowing companies to use their accountant as an address is slightly frowned upon but not illegal, it’s popular with scam companies who don’t want their home address made public. Genuine companies would argue that it means all HMRC and invoicing goes straight to their accountant to deal with, however if you’ve a spare half hour go through many of the companies registered to that address, there’s not a lot of end of year returns being filed and the Tax Partnership is only declaring around £40k a year which doesn’t seem a lot for an accountant with such a big portfolio.


    • I used those “accommodation” addresses in London as the official address of companies and I use one in Melbourne for a small business I started with a friend. It only costs a small monthly fee and it’s usually when you don’t want to use your home address for any number of reasons.

      The “ex-MI5 /CIA /KGB” operative Andrea Davison even ran one herself in Wales. Very handy when you wish to steam open letters and pilfer credit cards that may arrive there in the mail.

      Why even now in Australia it’s been discovered in the current refugee crisis & with a brewing scandal that a $420M contract was handed by the government to a corporation registered at a beach shack on Kangaroo Island with a PO Box in Singapore.

      None of this explains why the mastermind behind 786 Finchley Road scandal, E.C or Pandora Box as she is known in the Intelligence Services has escaped attention for so long before the intrepid Gordon Bowden and his side-kick (name redacted) blew open this quickly developing scandal.
      786 you ask?. Yes that’s the real HQ which I can reveal for the first time is where the Illuminati run the entire shebang from as they plot to steal every single pension on the planet. There is a secret connecting door to the “front” 788-790 Finchley Road.
      ## this as usual is Top Secret and not to be spread among the Troofer Mob who may take it seriously.

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      • Kudos to anyone who can find 786 Finchley Road on Google Maps! The coverup continues 😮


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