Eddie Isok loses his cool

In a follow-on to yesterday’s post about the epic battle between Edgar John (aka Paul Rodgers, aka Eddie Isok) and Jo-Anne Sollis, last evening Sollis shared the promised evidence of John having threatened her. The evidence comes in the form of a long and somewhat garbled (not to mention misspelt—The Cunnning Linguist might wish to give this one a miss) text messages between Sollis and John, beginning in September 2018.

For clarity, the messages on the right are from Sollis; those on the left, from John. We begin in September, when all is sweetness and light. Note that John has a “computer expert” he wants to lend Sollis—a nod, perhaps, at his friend the cocaine and cannabis enthusiast?

Moving on to December, they are still trading compliments, but toward the bottom a tiny hint of negativity seems to seep in. Also, note Eddie’s plug for his friend Charles Seven:

Actually, better make that a heaping helping of bitterness.

Apparently Sollis accuses John of being (gasp!) wrong about something, and he instantly begins chucking his toys out of the pram. Note the casual reference to his mate Brian Harvey, which is apparently meant as a show of strength, in the “my dad is bigger than your dad” tradition:

However, in the next breath, John is asking Sollis to answer a question from Harvey, regarding Bill Maloney and Nigel Farrage. Sollis is unimpressed at John’s claim that Harvey does “not fully trust you guys”:

Hold up just a moment here.

Is John really saying that when he gives his word to “certain people” that he won’t betray their confidences, if he thinks the information could be useful to others he will pass it along anyway?

Yes, that’s what we thought. Carry on.

Here, Sollis is addressing a sensitive question: she says, “You can’t run with somebody connected to Hampstead…you need to pick a side because you are playing a very dangerous game”. John responds that “she gave me the info on Karen Irving and Finchley rd”.

Intermezzo: Consorting with the enemy

The “she” in question is known to many readers of this blog as a long-time commenter who went by the name “Babs” or “Fanny Adams”. She left in a huff last year after she attempted to post a comment revealing the name of another commenter with whom she’d had a disagreement. EC deleted the comment and explained why. Since then, Babs has been seen badmouthing this blog, and especially EC, to all and sundry.

So it came as no surprise to see her sitting with John in the hallway at Sabine’s trial, glancing frequently in EC’s direction. When last seen, she was sticking her tongue out at EC and her companion in the public gallery.

Babs and John have made a big show of being close over the past couple of months, with Babs making lewd remarks about his sexuality, and John claiming to have become engaged to Babs on Valentine’s Day.

All mildly amusing in its way, but we do wonder what John’s anti-Hoaxtead Research friends—who include Angela Power-Disney and Cat Snot—would think of some of the opinions Babs expressed here before she rage-quit?

There are many, many more, and none are complimentary to the people John has aligned with. Not to rain on their charade, but it does seem possible that Babs has been filling John’s head with all sorts of bits and bobs, all of them her own invention.

And we won’t even get into some of the things she published about her last male companion, devoted hoaxer Dave Conaghan. As wise old Ma Coyote used to say, if you befriend someone who gossips about others, sooner or later your name will be on their lips.

Right, where were we? Oh yes, John was heading into full incoherent meltdown mode:

Phew. And that, as they say, is that.

Whatever else we might think about Sollis’ views, she’s right about one thing: Eddie’s behaviour speaks for itself.

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  1. In connected news: I was really annoyed the mass media gave David Icke a free run in 2017 the last time he visited Oz as a harmless conspiracy nutter with his hollow Moon base rubbish & ignored his darker acts.

    Now the Shadow Attorney General (who is likely to be in Government within 4 months) Mark Dreyfuss QC (who is Jewish) is on the attack and not before time.

    “I suppose this is also nothing to do with you, @PeterDutton_MP? Are you happy for this man to be given a visa? Are you the senior Minister or not? #auspol”

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  2. Christ, this pair of deranged muppets deserve each other!

    Mind you, now he’s moved on to Babs. Great move, Eddie… 🙄

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  3. “Is Rodgers really saying that when he gives his word to ‘certain people’ that he won’t betray their confidences, if he thinks the information could be useful to others he will pass it along anyway?”

    Yeah – closely followed by him assuring the person he’s just told that too that she should trust him to keep her info’ to himself. You couldn’t make it up 😂

    By the way, isn’t it spelt Rogers? Paul Rodgers is the legendary Free/Bad Company/Queen frontman. You can tell them apart because Rodgers is slim, handsome and talented 🤭

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  4. “Since then, Babs has been seen badmouthing this blog, and especially EC, to all and sundry.”

    Yep – and sadly, she’d been doing that for some time before that, whilst still pretending to be a friend of the blog, as revealed by these never before publicly shared screenshots (from long before EC revealed her Karen identity):

    She has also repeatedly attacked and attempted to dox various members of Karen’s family and made vile comments about them which I won’t show publicly, for obvious reasons.

    Oh and whenever anyone from here (including me) has run into her on YouTube and/or questioned her bizarre behaviour, she has resorted to ‘accusing’ them of being EC’s son or daughter (Google ‘Fregoli delusion’). I say “accused”, but actually I’d consider it an honour to be related to EC! LOL

    Note 1: the ‘Bitchy Babs’ folder is not in the publicly shared ‘Hamphoaxer Trolls’ folder.

    Note 2: the claims about the people who run this blog being relatives of the accused are what Stephen Fry would call “piffle and balderdash”, what Danielle la Verité would call “utter cuntwaffle” and what Spiny Norman would call “complete bollocks”.

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  5. “I like tall, dark and handsome, and not short, fat and ruddy-faced perverts”

    So why the fuck did she pick Eddie? 🤔

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  6. “And we won’t even get into some of the things she published about her last male companion, devoted hoaxer Dave Conaghan. As wise old Ma Coyote used to say, if you befriend someone who gossips about others, sooner or later your name will be on their lips.”

    Funnily enough, I’ve been pondering on this recently. My inner jury is still out on Conaghan (let’s just say he’s been granted a retrial). Fruitloop for sure, but sex pest? Probably not. The perception of him as such was – correct me if I’m wrong – based solely on Babs’ testimony, back when she was still believed to be a trustworthy source.

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  7. “You wanna know everybody’s business but don’t want to tell them yours”

    …said Babs’s boyfriend.

    You couldn’t make it up.

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  8. I never cease to be shocked by how nasty, personal and threatening Eddie becomes when confronted by strong women. Watch yourself around this guy, Babs – and whatever you do, don’t get on his wrong side!

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    • I’m assuming that we’re getting some Quatloos/Hoaxtead Research crossover here. I try to keep posts about Freeman of the Land loons away from here as it’s not really the topic in hand, but as evidenced by Neelu, there is a lot of cross pollination going on so it is getting harder.

      If anyone is puzzled about the £20,000, the Common Law Court is trying to finance via Go Fund Me, money to help with the trial on the 28th of their fake judge John Smith and village idiot Rob Sproul for threats issued to Sheriffs in a child custody case. If I have it right Sheriff Courts’ nearest equivalents in England are County Courts so this is not some slap on the wrist case, although as always innocent until proven guilty or (unique to Scotland I think) not proven.

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      • Check the Manchester Evening News post above, the arsonist/paedophilehunter was obviously a freeman of the land too, ‘represented himself’.
        Unfortunately Yellow Yelling Vest Pests are being ‘educated’ too. Cross pollination is being caused by some familiar names: Eddie was posting live recordings at alot of the demos, grooming Tracy at every one with his cringy ‘hello princess, darlings’ etc. Then last night I happened to listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ql-4lcm5Hg (Go to 46mins & listen for at least a few). .
        I thought this Newsnight piece accurately presents how the Yellow Vesters are attracting and promoting all kinds of disillusioned people and conspiracy nutters, it does indeed seem a magnet for them, Ian Crane is featured on a lot of the guy speakings’ videos and I’ve noticed that David Icke was spreading fear porn about 5g for a while too.

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        • the Yellow Vesters are attracting and promoting all kinds of disillusioned people and conspiracy nutters, it does indeed seem a magnet for them, Ian Crane is featured on a lot of the guy speakings’ videos and I’ve noticed that David Icke was spreading fear porn about 5g for a while too.

          If you were a shameless opportunistic scammer looking for a mob of credulous barmpots made even stupider and more gullible by the effects of mob mentality, wouldn’t you do the same?

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          • I’ve been watching quite a few of their videos now, uuuugh, they are constantly calling the police paedo protectors, one guy when asked to move got aggressive and called a cop ‘nonce’, they are also informing the public and anyone within earshot that the government is run by guess what and that children are being taken into care by, guess what ……. I really do feel sympathy for Tracy Blackwells loss, but it does not excuse this, after looking around at the 5g guys connections, material etc, the script began by Icke, Gerrish, Maloney, McKenzie, Green in 2010 at the rally they hijacked has spread into too many peoples conciousness. I watched Channel 4 ‘Sleeping With The Far Right’ earlier too and it was obvious within it, that they have also promoting this script, longterm: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/sleeping-with-the-far-right/on-demand/65127-001
            I’d been avoiding the Yellow Vests except watching a few bits cos eddie aka Paul Rogers was there, but what a vicious lot they really are, the way they speak at people, at the police is uncalled for, but like the hoaxers they justify their behaviour because they are ‘doing it all for the children’ and trying to wake people up.

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      • Sheriff courts are halfway between magistrates’ courts and Crown Courts – the serious stuff from magistrates’ courts (e.g. assault, burglary, sexual assault) and the less serious stuff from Crown Courts (e.g. assault, burglarly, sexual assault).

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    • I’ve always said- and I actually believe that we may be visited by Aliens- that the real worry is those on this planet these Intergalactic visitors contact all happen to be stark raving mad and insane! (and I mean that kindly- they often can’t help it).
      This goes to the heart of the Alien’s motives.
      Do they not understand how f*cking bonkers their contacts are? (mentioning no names but Neelu comes to mind).
      Or is more sinister?. Or even worse- are they as brain damaged as those whose brains they log into and communicate with?

      What if the Universe is peopled by races of people who are totally bonkers and may arrive en masse in their Flying Saucer ships and park outside Broadmoor Hospital on the belief it’s actually the United Nations?.
      (editor: I can arrange a bed for you there).
      PS: this isn’t a photo of an Alien but a passport snap of Kane Slater. Children: this is what smoking Marijuana on a daily basis will do to you.

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    • Oh dear, when Philip K Dick suffered mental problems he wrote VALIS; Kane Slater has just decided to swap “I”s and “Y”s. I think what he really needs right now is a visit from two big, strong,mental health nurses. “Come along Mr Slater, we are just going for a little ride to the hospital…”

      I’m afraid the internet is not a good place for the mentally ill. It exaggerates all their worst delusions and allows them to be influenced by people who don’t have their best interests at heart.

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  9. I’ve read the above three times and still don’t know what they’re talking about. The internet obviously provides an outlet for anger accrued whilst in the bottom class at school. There’s a sort of rage against authority because all your papers came back with an ‘F’ on them. Add the Dunning-Kruger effect and Bob’s your uncle. Stupid arrogance!

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    • I’m not sure Kane Slater was always this daft. He was a fairly decent wildlife photographer, which takes some skill – although is substantially easier now in the days of digital imaging. It is sad what too much marijuana can do to the brain.

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    • Again this con-artist is claiming to be in business with a billionaire, Harald Link who lives in Thailand.
      He is quite dangerous in my view.
      # there is every chance a Thai based con-man is posing as Harald Link and trying to con Wanoa. Most con-artists give the impression they are after $millions when that $100 you send them is what they want. Sophisticated grifters can very good at conning each other as they know all the buttons to push.

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    • The Kaipara Harbour turbine plan exists and is probably where our man stole the idea from.
      I am fairly sure that the companies behind it were not proposing to source their tidal-flow turbines as “GE General Electric Jet Powered Energy Power Electricity” through an Interweb transaction with Alibaba

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    • Absolutely not.
      Wanoa plagiarizes technical drawings and projects and presents them as his own. He makes ludicrous claims that Chinese billionaires are “coming up with the dosh” or that respected accountancy firms have “signed off” on his projects ( I’m waiting for a response from Price Waterhouse Coopers after requesting as a potential investor in “wave energy technology” are they associated with John Wanoa as he claims).

      His latest garbage is that because he is now buying the parts and building his “wave energy machines” (in his NZ council flat) he can now buy a fleet of container ships to deliver them world-wide and is also planning to build his own airport at the site in NZ in the Wiki piece.

      I haven’t decided whether he is a sophisticated scam artist or a bleeding nutcase. But it’s classic con-man stuff where they associate themselves with a project such as described in the Wiki article as this gives an impression to the gullible that he is real. But even if one person parts with money he is a scam artist.

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      • He *could* be a really clever and sophisticated conman, who has adopted a persona as a naive bumbling incompetent whose wealth-creation scheme is roughly as well-thought-out and practical as a four-year-old’s drawing of the Perfect Treehouse, specifically to appeal to the whole conspiracist / QAnon / Yellow-jacket demographic of magical-thinking maroons… or he could just be a drug-damaged bumblefuck who attracted the support of the maroons out of pure good fortune.

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  10. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this report but Wired are usually on the ball.
    I would include in these claimed offending videos of children dancing provocatively etc, videos of children describing sex acts as well. Sex acts that are basically beyond their comprehension and understanding but descriptions which are taught to them by adults ( via torture ?).

    I’ve never actually watched the videos of the children in this case. I would find it personally embarrassing & invasive of their privacy seeing I’m pretty prudish.

    I claim those who download them and re-post them are sick individuals. Their motives are highly suspect and no amount of moralizing covers a bizarre desire to encourage others to watch films of children engaging in sex talk of any kind.
    But the total slackness of Youtube and authorities in cracking down on YT is puzzling and infuriating.

    Every time politicians raise the matter with the public they get publicity but the matter just fades out of the public’s mind.

    “On YouTube, a network of paedophiles is hiding in plain sight

    Scores of YouTube videos with tens of millions of views are being inundated with comments by paedophiles, with adverts from major brands running alongside the disturbing content”

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  11. I’d heard that there were unwholesome videos about children on YouTube, GoS, though I haven’t seen them.

    I had a thought that at least some of the conspiracy theories abounding are 21st century versions of older, antiquated ones. The nutty story being put about by some folk that the Duchess of Sussex is faking her pregnancy is not dissimilar to the historic one where it was claimed that James II’s second wife, Mary of Modena didn’t give birth to the prince to became the “Old Pretender” and that a baby was smuggled in using a warming pan. I don’t think anyone ever claimed that Mary of Modena was secretly a bloke though.


    • Should have said ‘who became the Old Pretender’. Could have been me at fault but I’ll blame autocorrect.


  12. All I here is Eddie talking about devils he seems to display a lot of devilish behaviour himself. let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can befriend him. he will quickly turn and get his so called team to out you with what ever pops into his dysfunctional brain. Eddie is not ok far from him something lurks deep inside this sub human being. I’m sure we can clearly see what his motives are and that’s to cause as much division amongst campaigners of every cause going.

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