Revenge of the Twunts: Sollis attacked by former allies

It appears that word has gone out to members of a secret Skype group to punish whistle-blower Jo-Anne Sollis for having recently shared damning text conversations with Andy Devine and Edgar John, aka Eddie Isok. By astonishing coincidence, Devine and John (aka Paul Rodgers….because apparently you just can’t have enough fake names) are both members of the group, as are “J3zus”, Angela Power-Disney, and three others.

Sollis, who first attempted to share her concerns about John with Devine, was rebuffed by him, and told to handle it herself.

She ultimately decided to go public with a conversation in which Eddie turned on her and began threatening to “expose” her, to give her name to the DFLA, and to attack the team at Pandora’s Box Investigations. Sollis’ texts, which were published by a friend on his Facebook profile, created quite a kerfuffle, with Devine raging publicly about her having turned on him, and Eddie doing a sudden disappearing act.

Two weeks later, Sollis published her text conversations with Devine.

Two days after that, all hell broke loose, as Raya Vigor, a member of the secret Skype group, launched a vicious attack on Sollis.


Vigor, who also goes by the name Soraya Connolly, raided Sollis’ Facebook page for images of her child. She not only accused Sollis of being an “over-sexualised perverted drunk”, but suggested that she might be “exploiting” her young daughter. She published Sollis’ phone number and accused her of “offering her fanny”, based on her use of the word “twins”, which she claimed was a slang term for genitalia.

Strange bedfellows

In her post about Sollis, Vigor tagged both her victim and Gary Clarke, a member of the White Pendragons group which has rejected Devine and John Wanoa’s Moai Power House tidal energy scam.

Interestingly, this group has also rejected belief in the Hampstead SRA hoax, rebukes those who share images of the children involved, and frequently shares our blog posts on Facebook. Go figure.

Just in case the message to Sollis was not clear enough, Vigor let her know why she was being attacked:

A new identity for Jesus?

Sollis has stated that she believes Vigor’s attack was a joint effort with J3zus, the Stoke-on-Trent based drug dealer and pretend hacker who uses the Facebook page “Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw”. (Nattalie Stubbs, his girlfriend, uses the Facebook page “Nattalie Bradshaw Porcheret”, and seems to goad J3zus on in his various endeavours.)

The Bradshaw Facebook account, Sollis claims, is associated with a woman named Zara Day:

She bases this on having heard J3zus’ voice in the background while Day was participating in a live-streamed video. In the short clip she shared on Facebook, Jesus’ voice can be heard saying, “Oh, Nat, here we are…”. (Confused yet? We certainly are.)

Questioned about this, Day first responded that the voice in the background of the live-stream had come from the TV; then she blocked all her former friends.

On further investigation, we have determined that it’s unlikely that Day and Bradshaw are the same person. However, confusion about Bradshaw’s identity aside, the message to Sollis from her former allies has been very clear. She has challenged the leaders of the Skype group, and they have retaliated by attempting to smear and bully her, use her daughter’s pictures against her, and encourage others to harass her.

It says a great deal about the values of that group, the leaders of which claim to espouse Christian ideals. Last we heard, those included compassion, forgiveness, and fairness—all of which seem to be in short supply amongst the Devine/John/Power-Disney cabal.

It does occur to us that it might have been easier in the long run for Devine to grow a pair and deal with Edgar John’s abuse within the group, but then hey, what do we know?

33 thoughts on “Revenge of the Twunts: Sollis attacked by former allies

  1. I’m surprised to see Devine espousing himself with far right groups. I mean, I never had him down as a racist or anything.

    Oh wait…

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  2. Hmmm. Really…? 🤔

    The reality: 109 plays in total… 🤭

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    • Like that person who had a website that was in the top 100 on the planet, um… the name escapes me, you know, the one that THEIR blog was so much more popular than Hoaxtead, um… you know- its… um…
      The one that got more hits in a day than we got in a year… it’s um….

      For the life of me I can’t remember their name, all that popularity must have made it stick…

      I’m sure it will come to me eventually…

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  3. Fascinating stuff, thank you EC.

    Jo Ann Sollis has been to the Police & reported the Vigor person & has been taken seriously, glad to see that, hope something is done about it.

    Publishing pictures of a child is a low blow. Differences could have been resolved or not resolved without that nasty action.

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    • It`s not like Vigor is hard to trace is it. Of course we have the Illuminati files here…..

      But Mrs R should stop posting photos of people`s kids. It`s not nice.

      Glad the police are involved and I hope she gets a visit.

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      • Vigor is an interesting nickname – St. Vigor. That’s not a very nice way to honour a Saint’s name by posting pics of a child. Illuminati files are really handy to have around for sure…..

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      • As Ms Vigor so clearly adheres to her own advise regarding squeeky cleanliness she will have no problems with police rifling through her knicker drawers.They may be even offered a friendly exfoliation treatment and double barium enema shaken and not stirred(vigorously of course).

        There are times when one has deep empathy for the policemans lot.

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    • It brings to mind a bedraggled scullery maid who works for fourpence a day. ‘I can offer you Fanny for the day. She’s an untidy girl but she’ll scrub the range….’

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  4. Ah, the irony. Gary’s fellow White Pendragons ARE “vile little mates”. More proof that a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day.

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  5. Devine’s call to a lady in the middle of Rick Joshua’s post shows what a manipulating, nasty controlling coward he is, he does not take constructive criticism very well, he is an online bully & probably a snivelling coward in real life!

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  6. This is how low they stoop and they say there for the children protecting kids. they don’t have a thought when it comes to doxing people and share peoples children’s photos to smear there name. They claim to be Christians yea and I’m the pope. We’re dealing with sick individuals.

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    • Quite right Lee. It’s one of the main motivators that keeps me working at stopping them, exposing and reporting them until they either stop or are stopped…..They’re behaviour is all too familiar, reeking as it does of the way child abusers behave towards their victims…… so that they pretend to speak for us and act for us, is more sickening then I can really describe.

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      • None of them have brought anything to the table sheva in the way of helping survivors. It makes you sick that they call there selves child abuse campaigners. Not one of them has ever helped any survivors all they have done is discredit survivors stories for there own financial gain.

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