Devine’s disappointment: It’s all kicking off now

Earlier this week, we looked into a conflict which had begun to erupt amongst the last remaining cabal of hard-core Hampstead SRA hoaxers—the group which includes Angela Power-Disney, Paul Rodgers/Eddie Isok, Andy Devine, et al.

It began when a woman named Jo-anne Sollis, a director of Gordon Bowden’s “Pandoras Box Investigations” company which has been investigating the company formation agency which apparently is located at 788–790 Finchley Rd in London, wrote a Facebook post about Rodgers. In it, she stated he has anger and aggression issues, particularly with women, and that he tends to cause excess drama and division wherever he goes.

These revelations set off a battle royale.

Sollis’ position as a director in Bowden’s company meant that certain Eddie Loyalists were placed in an awkward position: people like Devine, who have been hawking the “Finchley Rd is the root of all criminal activities anywhere ever” line suddenly had to choose: their dramadillo* friend, or their epic criminal empire theory?

Yesterday, in yet another of Devine’s unfailingly over-long and dreary Facebook live-streamed videos, it became apparent that the cracks had turned into fully fledged fractures.

Devine expressed his annoyance at Bowden, who he said had insulted him by asking to have the “Google 788–790 Finchley Rd” sign removed from the flag on one of the yellow vests on Devine’s Facebook page.

Leading up to this insult, Devine said, Sollis had tried to poison the Skype group of which they were all members, spreading stories about Rodgers, when she should have kept her information to herself. Bowden had responded that she was her own person, and that he could not control her views.

According to Devine, Bowden had promised to “deal with” Sollis’ insubordination within the group, but had then failed to do so. He’d also failed to follow through on a request Devine had made to “investigate” Nathan Kirkden, a member of the White Pendragons “common law constitutional awareness” group which has turned on Devine recently.

The unkindest cut of all, Devine said, is that in attacking him, the Pendragons had been using (gasp!) material from this blog. His implication was that the Pendragons are some sort of offshoot or ally of Hoaxtead Research, a hypothesis which is too ludicrous to bother answering.

And now, it seems, he’s none too sure of Bowden, either.

“I’m saying all this to Gordon”, Devine said, “so he says he’s had a word, and if it carries on he’ll intervene, but the very next thing he does is put that comment up”.

To add insult to injury, Devine said he’s hurt that despite Rodgers’ friend Captain Cokehead “Jesus” having handed over reams of data to Bowden, including Karen Irving’s alleged involvement in something or other at Finchley Rd, Bowden had refused to use it.

Sounding highly aggrieved, Devine said, “You’ll out Tony Blair, but you won’t out Hoaxtead Research?”

All we can say to this is that perhaps Bowden was aware of the source of the alleged information. Let’s put it this way: “Jesus” also believes that this blog is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, or possibly Salford, Manchester—the former being the U.S. head offices of GoDaddy, and the latter being the location of one of their UK-based server farms. He’s a smart one, our Jesus.

Oh, right. Did we forget to mention that Devine had invested £20,000 in Bowden’s company? Because yeah, that happened.

Also, Bowden refused to acknowledge the kingly aspirations of New Zealand-based grifter and man about town, John Wanoa. Funnily enough, Devine apparently gave him a lot of money, too.

We suspect that things are only just beginning to kick off here, so we’re stocking up on popcorn and jelly babies in anticipation.

*Dramadillo: copyright Smut Clyde, 2019. Used with thanks.

36 thoughts on “Devine’s disappointment: It’s all kicking off now

  1. Oh, right. Did we forget to mention that Devine had invested £20,000 in Bowden’s company?

    What’s that? Some slow-learner muppet poured a metric fuckton of money into a dodgy off-the-shelf company running (along with scores of others) through a mail-forwarding address?

    Oh dear, it is sad how unscrupulous scoundrels can take advantage of gullible naifs that way.

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    • So it has cost Andy Devine £20k to discover the fact that he is a gullible fruitloop. We could have told him that for free but I guess it is true that a fool and their money are soon parted.

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      • Isn’t there a fundamental problem that no-one in their right mind thinks that Devine ever had £20,000 spare to invest in anything. The bullshitometer is off the scale here!


          • That is a lot of money for someone to lose.

            Camera equipment will just go down in value, I can’t see the business making a profit. I guess it is bye bye to the £20k.

            Kind of ironic seeing as Gordon Bowden was scammed into making a large investment into something worthless.

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        • He did own a bar in Greece at one point, and sold it in 2014.

          It’s quite possible that he did have some money from that transaction. Wonder whether his wife is aware that he has just pissed a good chunk of their retirement fund away? If I were Devine I would consider hiding all the rolling pins, just to be on the safe side.

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          • EC, domestic violence is no joking matter. I hope he has understanding friends to put him up or a comfortable sofa.

            I want to know, how on Earth this hero, Ex RAF Gordon Bowden took £20k from someone in the first place? Seems grubby and mercenary to me.


            • You’re right, I’m sorry. My words were ill-chosen. I do wonder how any spouse would feel, though, knowing that their partner had essentially given away that much of their money. As for Bowden accepting the money, I don’t know the circumstances, but it sounds to me as though Devine expected some sort of quid pro quo, and didn’t get it.


          • If Devine’s wife is currently unaware of the £20k shortfall in their retirement in the sun money then i expect there to be major fireworks when she becomes aware of this expensive revelation. Perhaps this is why Andy spends so much time in the basement on his computer as he knows that one day the shit is going to hit the fan.
            It would certainly explain why he constantly looks so drained of life and lacking in energy. I would not want to be in his shoes when his wife finds out.

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  2. OK Sheeple time to get real: do the research and join the dots..
    Bowden is a fairly common name in CANADA !
    E.C claims she is from Canada.
    A coyote is an animal native to North America.
    Canada is in North America.
    There are SIX flights a week from Auckland NZ direct to Vancouver.
    King Wanoa lives in Rotarua which is less than a THREE hour drive to Auckland. (very nice by the way & I’ve done it- Hobbit country).
    E.C is reputed to have RED HAIR ( EddieisOK says it- must be true)
    Note these Yellow Vesters wear symbolic RED HAIR -in homage to El Coyote ?
    What is the common theme here?

    (editor: in your case probably both you and your cat are too fond of Vodka)

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  3. Not exactly been Devine`s week has it? Mind you he needs to make the most of it because things can only get decidedly worse from here in. Andy may notably lack in the charisma dept but when he puts his heart and soul into construction and design of epic fails he`s the soddin Stradivarius.

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  4. Great job joining the dots there Sam! 🔵🔴🔵.

    I had another Devine post remived yesterday, away atm but will find it later. Bye bye crybaby Devine, you have been rumbled along with your nutty mate who gets tourettes when anyone dares to question him. Lowest of the low scammers!

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    • Could false King John be extradited to the UK over the money he has scammed from people. I just wondered because I’ve been watching something on Sky News Live YouTube channel where somebody has been extradited from Switzerland for scamming a lady out of her life savings – that was a romance scam though.

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  5. I suppose “King” John’s arrival in the UK being on 28th and the UK being timed to leave the EU on 29th March is for a reason? Or is it just co-incidence. With the Brexit negotiations being in a total mess there are really enough things to worry about in the real world without people making up hoaxes.

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  6. I can’t make head nor tale of the Finchley Road thing and that’s having spent some hours looking into it. It could be I missed something though and there’s something going on that needs exposing. That’s for others to do though and so far I haven’t seen any real evidence. If Mr Bowden’s reading this he might think about creating a flow chart or something which makes it all clearer.

    Not having a go at Mr Bowden – he may well be onto something. It’s just that having spent a few hours going through his research I’m none the wiser. I recently had a chat with a yellow vester (in real life) who told me about Finchley Road but when I pressed for actual information he couldn’t come up with anything other than the Finchley Road address has a lot of business that are stealing our pensions and everyone knows it’s true. Not good enough mate. Evidence is evidence and if you’re going to throw assertions of misconduct around you got to come up with the goods. ‘I read it on the internet so it must be true’ is no way to go through life.

    In the meantime if anyone can show that EC has anything at all to do with Finchley Road then they should publish it because otherwise it’s just a load of conspiracy bullshit isn’t it. So come on Andy – spill the beans. You could even post it here!

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    • No, I think they’re onto something vis-a-vis EC and Finchley Road. Karen’s third cousin (twice removed) was a director of a company who’s first registered office was THAT address. (Sorry Mr Trudeau, I hope that does count as ‘doxing’ you.)

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    • I guess it’s time for full disclosure here. I thought I was in the clear about having connections to 788-790 Finchley Road, until a look on Google Maps reminded me that I must have gone past it at least once on the number 13 bus.

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      • Well dammit, I thought I was free and clear here too, but I have now discovered I have not one, not two, but three connections to it…
        I have been on a bus, I’ve used Google Earth and I’ve driven on roads…
        See, clear cut evidence of my criminal history catching up to me!

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        • Oh dear this is bad news indeed. I fear that the pair of you may have trouble coming your way due to your Finchley Road connections. I advise phoning Neelu so that she can inform you of where to find access to some secret tunnels that will allow you to hide away safely for a while.

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    • No-one can work out what the 788-790 Finchley Road drama is about because no-one will tell us!.
      They just want us to take it on faith there is a vast conspiracy.
      It seems Gordon Bowden’s missus was ripped of for 55 grand by a company registered there. Well that’s awful if true but he seems to have decided that all the companies registered there are all linked up in some vast financial conspiracy to rip off everyone’s pensions.

      But I don’t see how he can deduce this unless he has access to their financial records which he couldn’t unless they were public companies and even if he did it takes a very clever accountant to understand this stuff.

      None of this is to be confused with the emerging scandal of the El Coyote Maple Syrup Cartel which is registered at this Finchley Road address and which has been exposed by Eddie Is A Cock and which has caused an uproar in the Kanata Parliament.
      I’ve personally reported this to the ITCCS and requested one of those Arrest Warrant thingies to take her into custody.
      # Finchley Road traverses all the Ley Lines of Hampstead, St Johns Wood, Golders Green and Swiss Cottage. Ley Lines are where Satanists hold orgies during Blood Moons. Not a lot of people know that except perhaps Angela Pooper-Daisy.

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      • One of the Barmpot Brigade was using this compendium of FAIL as a Faceborg gravatar:

        Once you’ve fecked up the address to show your deep comprehension of the supposed scandal, the only way to top that moronitude would be to get the whole emblem tattooed on your back.


  7. I must say big up and congratulations to Devine’s Intervention, Lucca and Sheva for their superb work in getting all those posts removed from Devine’s Facebook yesterday. Great work guys.

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  8. I notice, from another blog, that the ITNJ has gone full on MMS and assorted quacks supporting. As if they weren’t bad enough.

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    • The promoting of products such as MMS is seriously dangerous and I don’t understand how people get away with selling & sometimes administering it without authorities stamping down on them.

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    • ITNJ go where the money is. There is a lot of money sloshing around in medfraud circles. QED.

      I am skeptical that many of the New-Age / Libertarian trustafarian children targetted by the ITNJ will actually pay $$$ to attend this three-day gabfest in Bali. The current list of speakers has dwindled from the first announcements, because the big-name fraudsters like Mercola and Adams saw no possible profit in it.
      Sacha Stone is scraping the bottom of the Desperation Barrel, with itinerant scammers like Ruggiero, and two convicted felons (Errol Denton, Robert Young) lined up as “ITNJ Judicial Commission Expert Witnesses”.

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  9. I’ve read about Finchley Rd. maybe 150 times, I must have dosh invested then so, by my reckoning that would amount to £150 trillion, may I have it back please Gordon, loose change will do.

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