Eddie Isok & friends indulge in witness intimidation

We’re on stand-by today, waiting for news about Sabine McNeill’s sentencing hearing. While we wait, though, we thought we’d tell you about an interesting bit of fallout from Sabine’s trial, which will no doubt have further repercussions for those involved.

Readers who followed our reporting of the trial might remember that a full day was wasted on the antics of a person named Paul Rogers, who goes by the name “Eddie Isok” on social media, and whose real name is Edgar John.

The short version is that on the orders of Angela Power-Disney, Rogers/John hung out on the front steps of Southwark Crown Court, where he had been asked to film “Hoaxtead trolls”. In a now-deleted video, Rogers, aka Captain Obvious, announced, “And then certain people in the know, I will tell them who these people are, right, and they will deal with it”.

Given the conversation between Angela and Rogers a couple of days later, we think it’s pretty clear which “Hoaxtead trolls” he had been sent to film:

Dumbest spy EVER.

All very Secret Squirrel, but the kicker is that in his sooper-seekrit video outside the court, Rogers managed to film jury members who were innocently leaving the building…a major faux pas in any judge’s eyes.

On top of that, he went right ahead and violated the publication restriction on Sabine’s trial, by naming a protected witness.

On 15 December 2017, Judge Beddoes had made an order governing this case, that no people should be named whose identification could lead to the identification of any children who might be involved. Readers will recall EC’s constant harping on the reporting restriction, which for some reason those on the other side (including Belinda) seemed unable to grasp.

In any event, Rogers was arrested in court on 27 November, and his last words as he was led to the cells were, “Thank you, Karen Irving”.

As though EC had somehow forced him to violate the reporting ban or something. (To be fair, we did confirm to the court guard that Rogers was the one who’d been filming outside the court the previous day, as we were concerned that he could be putting jurors at risk. Which he was. But that’s a whole other story.)

Having received a two-month sentence, suspended for a year, Rogers emerged from his overnight stay at HMP Wandsworth with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. It wasn’t long before he had recovered from the horror of a night in prison and was champing at the bit for revenge.

Send in the clowns

Within days of his release, Rogers began making cryptic comments on Twitter, seemingly directed at Hoaxtead Research in general, and EC in particular.

On 5 November, Rogers was seen commenting on a Facebook video by a man named “J3zus“, which had been shared on the page of a woman from Stoke-on-Trent named Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw (aka Nattalie Bradshaw Porcheret).

J3zus is unable to afford his own Facebook page, so he uses the Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw page, while his mummy…er, his missus, uses Nattalie Bradshaw Porcheret. (Confused yet? You will be!)

Bradshaw, twice-divorced and in her late forties, and J3zus, unmarried and 29, live in Milton, one of the six towns which form Stoke-on-Trent. Both are affiliated with the “White Pendragons”, and claim to enjoy other things which are white. Incidentally, apropos of nothing,

J3zus seems to have somehow acquired a rather nice BMW, which he enjoys taking for scenic drives to some of the darker areas of town. He also claims to be a “hacker”, a “programmer”, and a “developer” online. Did we mention he has an active fantasy life?

In his comment on J3zus’ video, Rogers told him he “had a job for him”. We were, of course, filled with curiosity.

On 6 December, J3zus shared the following with Rogers, Andy Devine, John Paterson, and two others:

The contents of the Pastebin were cleverly encoded in ye olde and ancient binary:

Shmart, Shmart.

Why binary, you ask? We have no idea. Maybe to enhance the whole Secret Squirrel effect, or maybe somebody told J3zus that binary was the hip new code thing in 1689. Who knows?

It took us about three seconds to straighten it out, but to be honest the results, though copious, were a bit underwhelming. Also, anybody know what a “glimp” is? J3zus seems to have found many of them:

< AGE – 61
< Going by the Glebe Report, Karen USED to live in GLEBE OTTAWA, She may even still!
< Where is Glebe?
< According to wiki HERE IT IS
< & Google maps agrees THIS IS GLEBE
< London, London, NW2 7YH
< ( 87 Coles Green Road, London, United Kingdom, NW2 7JH } ? exsisting or none exsistant ?
< CANADIAN > < NZ New zeland >?
< all info is here and yes connected to….. all screen shots
< of this infomation will be leaked in dew time when WE ARE READY 😉
< https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/TA2RZLZq70Kuv4dTYlDgr_Xd34M/appointments
< https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/TA2RZLZq70Kuv4dTYlDgr_Xd34M/appointments
> 87 Coles Green Road, London, United Kingdom, NW2 7JH < KEEPS POPPING UP
< > KAI & ASSOCIATES LTD (07541279)
< Company status
< Dissolved
< Correspondence address
< 87 Coles Green Road, London, United Kingdom, NW2 7JH
< Role – Director
< Appointed on – 24 February 2011
< Nationality – New Zealander < WITCH IS FAKE ON A GOV WEBSITE & FRAUD
< Country of residence – United Kingdom
< Aleister Crowley
< WildCat
> https://spidercatweb.blog
> < >
TRACEROUTE (using port 49153/tcp)
1 2.00 ms
2 18.00 ms 79-64-108-1.host.pobb.as13285.net (
3 18.00 ms host-78-151-229-225.as13285.net (
4 17.00 ms host-78-151-229-212.as13285.net (
5 32.00 ms host-78-144-9-21.as13285.net (
6 22.00 ms host-78-144-9-1.as13285.net (
7 33.00 ms ae-1.bb-c.thn.lon.gb.oneandone.net (
8 37.00 ms ae-4.bb-b.bap.rhr.de.oneandone.net (
9 36.00 ms 217-160-0-83.elastic-ssl.ui-r.com (
> intresting to see what communications companys are behind them? it dont take a genious 😉
> https://twitter.com/calamiTcat > TWITTER ID > BLOCKED
> https://www.facebook.com/WildCatScot
> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMiMBhMblQ8-Mdi9u31h6aQ
> https://www.pscp.tv/calamiTcat/follow
> https://vimeo.com/user52747418
> https://www.scribd.com/ga/553g0f
> https://plus.google.com/+WildCatScot
> https://gab.ai/WildCatScot
> https://wildcatscot.tumblr.com
> WildCatScot@yandex.ru
< MichaeloftheMo1
< 3isdamagicnumba
< shevaburton
< CPorpoise
< David782
< leejesson1966
< MissMarple43
< Omni_Eris
< of_faust
< dannyjo18312623 > DANNY JONES
< joey_rebel999
< alfredwebre
< Se7venGate
< seanhannity
< houstoncraig

< KAREN IRVING is a Canadian writer & author of the Katy Klein mystery novel series.
< Born in Victoria, British Columbia, D.O.B Oct 2nd 1957. Daughter of Gordon (a master mariner) and Shirley (a securities officer; maiden name, Boyer)
< Educated at Dalhousie Uni, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, where she received her master€s degree in Social Work in 1988. Married Mitchell Beer on April 27, 1984 & they have 2 children. Irving currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.
< Katy Klein series of mystery novels. Set in Ottawa, Ontario, it revolves around the central themes of Jewish culture and astrology. The series follows the adventures of Katy Klein, former staff psychologist turned astrologer, Jewish single mother of a militant teen vegetarian, and reluctant amateur detective.
< Books
< 1999 € Pluto Rising 2000 € Jupiter€s Daughter 2002 € Mars Eclipsed customer reviews
< https://www.facebook.com/karen.irving.35110
< blocked FACEBOOK ID
< https://twitter.com/@HoaxteadR
> @HoaxteadR => 4064206095 TWITTER ID
< https://twitter.com/knitgeekery
< @knitgeekery => 16304671 TWITTER ID
< https://plus.google.com/107584921021208792662
< https://plus.google.com/+SnakeLogan5000
< https://www.youtube.com/user/AfterTheKidsLeave

< https://www.amazon.com/Karen-Irving/e/B000APGH2A/ref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share
< https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pluto-Rising-by-Karen-Irving-/142354161218
< https://www.peekyou.com/karen_irving
< Channel ID: UC9gbQCRLku-5K6z-h2bzePA
< Channel owner: Karen Irving
< Channel start date: 2012-10-09
< Subscriber count: 0 subscribers
< Total Views: 0 views
< Total video’s : 0 video’s
< Stats
< Joined Mar 20, 2015
< Channel ID: UCxLgc0qRrar4Do0xjBA-BHA
< Channel owner: Snake Logan
< Channel start date: 2015-03-20
< Subscriber count: 31 subscribers
< Total Views: 1960 views
< Total video’s : 3 video’s


<EXAMPLE></h1> <p>”short_name”: “Twitter”,<br /> “start_url”: “/?utm_source=web_app_manifest”,<br /> “display”: “standalone”,<br /> “gcm_sender_id”: “49625052041”,<br /> “gcm_user_visible_only”: true,<br /> “prefer_related_applications”: true,<br /> “related_applications”: [<br /> “platform”: “play”, “id”: “com.twitter.android”</p> <p><meta property=”og:type” content=”website” /><br /> <meta property=”og:title” content=”HOAXTEAD RESEARCH” /><br /> <meta property=”og:description” content=”Fact-finding to refute the scurrilous allegations, support the Hampstead community and expose the hoaxers” /><br /> <meta property=”og:url” content=”https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/&#8221; /><br /> <meta property=”og:site_name” content=”HOAXTEAD RESEARCH” /><br /> <meta property=”og:image” content=”https://secure.gravatar.com/blavatar/236cac4c62d1d4281ccb8704ba5d1cf9?s=200&ts=1541541090&#8243; /><br /> <meta property=”og:image:width” content=”200″ /><br /> <meta property=”og:image:height” content=”200″ /><br /> <meta property=”og:locale” content=”en_US” /><br /> <meta name=”twitter:site” content=”@wordpressdotcom” /><br /> <meta property=”fb:app_id” content=”249643311490″ /></p> <p>( 249643311490 TYPE THIS NUMBER IN ON GOOGLE ITS A PLUGIN REFRENCE TO SOMETHING THAT WAS POPPED OUT OF A SCAN ) <br /> ( THIS ALSO TAKES ME TO A PIN TREST OF CHILDRENS FACE PAINTINGS !!!! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/485685141044406357/ )</p> <h1>< https://secure.gravatar.com/blavatar/236cac4c62d1d4281ccb8704ba5d1cf9?s=200&ts=1541541090 ></h1> <h1><URL> https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/</h1&gt; <h1>> hidden” name=”blog_id” value=”90614217″/></h1> <pre><code> <input type=”hidden” name=”source” value=”https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/”</code></pre&gt; <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>{}</h1> <h1>ANY ONE HAS COMMAN SENSE IT TAKES YOU TO A CLOUDFIRE SERVER & TO TALK TALK COMMUNICATIONS SERVER</h1> <p>#</p> <h1>forum.hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>mail.hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>m.hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>webmail.hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>https://snakelogan5000.wordpress.com/</h1&gt; <h1> </h1> <h1>orum.snakelogan5000.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>mail.snakelogan5000.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>m.snakelogan5000.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h1>————————</h1> <h1>webmail.snakelogan5000.wordpress.com</h1> <h1></h1> <h6>#</h6>

So apparently EC is good friends with Cat Scot and Aleister Crowley (we’re sure this will come as a surprise to all three of them); lives in at least three locations; is somehow connected with Finchley Road (because of course she is); is from New Zealand and Canada; and has Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress accounts. Amazing work there.

A few more Pastebin extravaganzas ensued, but we won’t bore you with them.

However, the fun didn’t stop there: next, J3zus seems to have received his My First Fisher Price Hacking Kit in the post, because he began putting up these screenshots, which purport to show…something Deeply Important and Sinister.

Actually, it looks to us as though she used a DNS extractor, which looks at domain names associated with a given website, in this case this blog:

Just for fun, we took a look at the destinations of some of those IP addresses. The first two, of course, are standard Automattic servers. Automattic is the company which owns WordPress. Both and point to the standard default U.S. geolocation, which was recently moved from a farm in Kansas (a nuisance for the owners) to the Cheney Reservoir, also in Kansas, but harder to pester the owners:

The third IP address on J3zus’ list was “unlisted”—that is, it’s not in use or has been reserved by someone who hasn’t used it yet. Clearly this demonstrates something suspicious, but we cannot think what.

And the fourth address points to…dun-dun-dun…Stoke-on-Trent:

Yes, folks, it’s true. J3zus actually managed to dox himself. Note to would-be hackers: check your own IP address before including it in a public list that’s meant to incriminate others.

The remaining IP addresses on the list point to a location in the middle of the Thames near Lambeth. Why? We have no idea, but we can guess.

Keep in mind that Nattalie’s “Anonymous DNS Extractor” will only pull up IPs associated with a domain. And since the domain of this (and all other WordPress blogs) is …/wordpress.com, the only thing anyone will ever find will be IPs associated with WordPress/Automattic.

Oh, and they’ll find their own IP address, as they are now “associated with” the domain by virtue of having searched it.

But never mind, Rogers was still pleased with J3zus for “exposing” us:

(The Twitter account @SoulTk3rAssasin also belongs to J3zus, who keeps it locked down; while @W2WE17 is, of course, Brian Harvey’s account. He hasn’t answered any of Rogers’ tweets in months, but that does not stop Rogers from trying, no sirree!)

Meanwhile, J3zus has turned his attention to another set of data: using his trusty kiddie-hacker tool, she has managed to “scrape” the blog for a list of associated names, with email addresses. Only problem is, some of the email addresses might not be ones J3zus and friends would prefer to see here:

Okay, he has already decided that Cat Scot is on Team Hoaxtead, but others on the list include:

  • Sabine McNeill
  • Neelu Berry
  • Angela Power-Disney (two email accounts)
  • Thomas Dunn
  • John Alexander Paterson
  • Sean Maguire
  • Jim McMenamin
  • Belinda McKenzie
  • Jonathan Wedger
  • Charlotte Alton Ward/Jacqui Farmer (two email accounts)
  • Anthony G. Pike

Seriously? These are our friends now? Excuse us while we go bury our heads in shame.

J3zus current obsession seems to be with 788-790 Finchley Rd, a place where something sinister is alleged to have happened, though damned if we can make out precisely what it was. However, whatever it is/was, apparently EC was involved in some way:

Here, J3zus adds a soupçon of je ne sais quoi to the mix:

On a more serious note, and despite the massive entertainment value his friends have provided, we feel it’s only sporting to point out to Paul Rogers / Eddie Isok / Edgar John that the legal description for “getting your friends to attempt to hack and threaten a person you believe has reported you for a criminal act” is not a nice one.

It’s called “conspiracy to commit witness intimidation”, and people who are already on a suspended sentence for another offence should probably be just a bit more thoughtful—and less driven by a petty need for ‘revenge’—in their dealings.

Just a thought.

97 thoughts on “Eddie Isok & friends indulge in witness intimidation

  1. Hooray!
    I got a mention in all that shemozzle of info. My only question is-why?. What’s it all about Alfie (or Eddie)?. Do they really think that if the follow the trail, join the dots it will all eventually lead back to the (imaginary) MI5 Office for Satanic Promotion. El Coyote Asst Director ?.
    Talk about too much time on their hands.
    But of course it’s the intention that matters.
    The intention is to stir up hatred and possibly inspire more unhinged persons to take action.
    It’s probably illegal.

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  2. One thing that (irrationally) pisses me off is Eddiisok’s photo which looks like an attempt to portray a Che Guevara image. Except he comes across more as a tragic Citizen Smith character.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. That isn’t even a hacked list of email addresses as far as I can see. It appears to be the results of a search for possible associated people. So blog post, Belinda McKenzie speaks at the Veterans and Democrats party thing, there’s a Belinda McKenzie email address and the Electoral Commission.

    They’ve just pulled together a possible mailing list for people mentioned here.

    Am I wrong?

    This group though, they are going to come a cropper eventually.

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  4. I see on the Facebook page of that ranting loony in the video above, he is having a go at a “friend” over his vision and implying he isn’t blind even though it seems the chap has a Guide Dog which of course can only be obtained in any country because of the many by-laws after extensive tests by experts.
    That will bring down the Establishment.

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  5. Self-incrimination in criminal behaviour, especially as EddieIsOK will now be on the police radar for breach of his suspended sentence, They are very stupid people.

    Have they also not thought that by posting such things during a trial they are proving what a dangerous course of action was unleashed by the defendant, Not the smartest thing to do prior to sentencing.

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  6. Do they really think that if the follow the trail, join the dots

    It’s the Rumpelstiltskin Error of childish magical thinking. “If I could only learn the True Name of X, I will gain power over X!” Also, “Do not tell people your Secret Initiation Name, or they gain power over you!”

    Combined with the warm fuzzy feeling of being privy to Elite-Level Super-Sekrit Information.

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  7. On a serious note that creature rabbiting on the last video is a full on racist as can be seen in his facebook posts. What on earth is Eddieisok doing supporting this vile person?

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  8. What’s all this about ‘a purple-looking, sankey lizard’?
    i can only imagine Barney the Dinosaur having an abrupt career change and becoming the face of decaffeinated coffee.

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  9. They have one age for you, 61, then appear to believe you were born in April 1958 and have falsely claimed to be a New Zealander in association with a dissolved company.

    In the words of Malibu Stacey, maths is hard!!

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  10. People have weird ideas. There is no need to be totally sightless to have a guide dog. Someone could have a very small blurry field of vision and be able to read things close up, but could need assistance. Having a guide dog is a commitment, the owner gets trained too!

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  11. They seriously think the former head of The Met has been posting on Hoaxtead from his (former) Met email address.
    Eddieisok seems ignorant to the fact it would be an offense and breach of his suspended sentence to share his video now and in the future and to encourage others to disseminate images from it.
    He seems oblivious to the obvious comparisons in the charges Sabine McNeil was convicted of and what he was arrested for.

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  12. EC did mention an affiliation to the White Pendragons. It is good that white supremacists are always such pinnacles of physical perfection and mental acuity, walking illustrations for the superiority of Aryan genes.

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  13. Hacking is one of those terms that has evolved. Originally it meant something quite different as in hacked something together. It referred to playing around with hardware and software in ways the designers hadn’t thought of. It began changing its usage in the mid eighties after WarGames came out. I still accidentally use the original terminology and confuse people.

    This is a good book on the subject documenting its original practitioners. Note, it is 30 years old!


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  14. I myself have a Sensory Assistance dog that barks when someone tells a joke, to compensate for my total absence of any sense of humour.

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  15. Small world: the author of Barts Notes has tweeted snaps showing that some of the anti-Hoaxtead characters are also White Pendragons (they of the Scaffold & Noose on the back of a trailer mob), and were holding up the traffic on Tower Bridge in their yellow vests (all 30 of them) having completely mis-interpreted the French demos.

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  16. A yellow jacket is fast becoming the equivalent of a Q-anon badge. One of them was threatening violence upon Fiona O’Leary, the autism advocate.

    It’s not clear whether she annoyed him with her attacks on $cientology, or on potion-peddling antivaxxers. Fiona has NFLTG and I can’t imagine this ending well for Irish Yellowbelly.

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  17. Ah, looking further into Fiona’s tweets, I see that the Irish neo-nazis and hangers-on are keen to adopt ‘yellow’ as their emblematic colour. I am not sure how well they have thought that through, but go ahead dudes, you do you.

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  18. EC, finding this kind of stuff online about you is, I think, quite frightening and sinister. Let the judge know about eddieisok activity before sentencing so she can deal with him pronto. As for his mate Jesus….he seems very unstable and I think it’s only a matter of time before he resides at her majestys pleasure…hopefully very soon.

    Sorry you have to go through this EC.

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  19. Lets hope that some of those who have ignored the reporting restriction and/or have assisted others to publish names against the courts instructions will suffer the same fate as Eddie/Paul Rodgers, and get lifted at the court and spend at least one night in jail. That said, Rodgers was extremely fortunate his two month prison sentence was suspended, his grovelling apology helped, but,,,,, if he didn’t mean it then he can always be recalled and forced to serve it.!!

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  20. I can’t go further than the atrocious use of the English language. It’s so bad it’s made the whole thing hilarious which, is probably not the intention. OMG

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  21. Nasty people with purple hair? Can’t be EC as she is very nice. Must be Rupert dusting off his old wig and sneaking into the country in disguise:

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  22. I think I remember reading that book when it came out. It was either there or in a similar-vintage one that I first heard about “crackers” who used whistles via public phones to crack into modem signals. Very high tech stuff, back in the day.


  23. I’m not particularly worried for my safety, but thanks. I am worried that Rogers seems to think it’s okay to sic his friends on a person who he believes reported him for a criminal act. That in itself is a criminal act.

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  24. I had a (baby-free) burger on Finchley Road once in a nice little Italian place. Does that make me associated with some money laundering operation? Is it possible to be associated and not even know?

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  25. Just a small correction here, the ‘phone guys were Phrackers, they came to prominence when they were able to get free ‘phone connections by using the technician frequencies on “touch tone” telephone circuits.
    This had existed for decades before “touch tone” ‘phones were available but neither the needed skills nor knowledge were generally available, The whole phracker problem happened when some person released circuit diagrams or sold pre-built units that allowed all and sundry to get free calls. Before this there was a very small community that basically only spoke to each other about technical stuff. The history here is fascinating and includes a guy who could whistle in perfect pitch.

    Before that it was difficult but not impossible to get free connections, you basically needed to


  26. At 12:47 the lying bastard claims that Ray Savage was present at the Hampstead children’s police interviews 🙄

    And shortly after that he names and attacks the protected witness.

    Then he loses his rag with us, so at least there’s one positive 🙂

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  27. Lee Cant and Devine talking about Sabine’s trial @19:06:

    Le Cunt: The judge needs to be arrested…

    Devine: Obviously the judge is in on it.

    Le Cunt: …for breach of their oath. The jury needs to be arrested and prosecuted. All the lawyers in that case need to be arrested. They need to be sent down. All of them sent down for theft. Theft from the HM public Treasury…

    Devine: Yeah

    Le Cunt: …at Westminster. They’re in contempt. They’re in contempt of Parliament. They’re in contempt of the Lords’ Bishops. They’re in contempt of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. They fingered the Queen. They birdied the Queen. You know, that’s an insult to the monarch. The monarch could cut off their heads for an insult like that. That’s what the monarch should do. The monarch should run… go charge into that courthouse today and arrest the whole lot.

    Devine: That’s what you would think the Queen would do but she’s not a good queen…

    Le Cunt: The British monarch and the army should charged [sic] into that courthouse and arrest everybody there. The whole lot. Round them up

    Devine. Well, fingers crossed, mate. If she’s got anything about her, if she wants to save her neck… But I think it’s too late for the Queen, I’m afraid. I think that’s too late for that, because it’s obviously… it’s becoming obvious and apparent now to everybody that she’s in on it.

    Le Cunt: If we had a proper monarch – if there was an honest and true monarch – then that’s what the monarch would have done. The monarch shut down [sic] that case and declared it null and void. And the monarch has that constitutional power. The monarch can dismiss Parliament. The monarch can declare a case to be made null and void and to shut it down and call out the army. They can call out the army and give orders to the army on what to do. So if that’s not happening, then that means treason. That’s what it means, if that’s not happening.

    Devine: Again. She’s committed treason, again.


  28. Worth sticking with, for Devine’s absolute shit-fit over someone called Nathan Kirkden, who’s apparently accused him and John Wanoa of being scammers 😆

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  29. It’s interesting at 41:54, when he says: “You’re being a kid, coz you’re saying things that are not true.”

    Sooo, children can lie after all then, Andrew? 🤔

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  30. Advise going with the abacus option and see how they get on.Introducing actual electricity could prove hazardous at this juncture.

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  31. And how could EC be palsy-walsy with Alesteir Crowley when he died in 1947 and both birthdates attributed to her are later than that? The Queen has two birthdays so maybe EC deserves two also.

    Seriously though, the saying ‘common sense isn’t very common anymore” comes to mind.

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  32. There is some positive news regarding Andy and Lee.Recent studies into lower primate communication strategies suggest they will probably,eventually get the hang of it,maybe.

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  33. It seems, as I speculated earlier, one interesting sub-text from today is that APD’s, Dunn’s, Devine’s, etc. recent posts and tweets (and the threats contained in them) are being monitored and are being passed to the Judge. That is not looking good for the defence.

    I need to check the guidelines, because although the prosecution don’t recommend a sentence they do recommend the culpability and harm range. I got the impression that the Judge is far more inclined to throw the book at Sabine than the prosecution was suggesting.

    Not sure if any one was taking notes but happy to provide a from memory update if needed.

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  34. Side note. Who are Tweedledum and Tweedledee? One glasses, brown hair in a ponytail. The other white hair with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp?
    Were shaking their heads in disagreement everytime it was mentioned in court that it was a vicious hoax that had been disproved at the RCJ. Horrible people. Was hard to listen to without a tear, yet they managed it with no problem.

    Sabine spend the whole of the witness statements with her eyes closed. Seemed to perk up when the prosecution started discussing her sentence tariff.

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  35. *sigh* It’s “The Glebe”, you twerps. THE Glebe.

    I am constantly torn between utter and serious horrified fury at what the victims of this idiocy have to live with and laughing like a loon. I assume this is normal around here. (Honestly I lurked for so long because I felt fairly terrible at getting hooked on this like it was the next season of Torchwood while so many real people were suffering such real awfulness, but I gave up. It’s appalling, it’s horrific, but … you gotta laugh. You gotta. Hopefully the victims at least get the odd snort at the absurdity of it all.)

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  36. Despite the adjournment, the Judge effectively ordered all Sabine’s online material to be removed with immediate effect, with the defence agreeing to start the process, with a backstop of DC Martin if they should fail to do it.

    It also looked like the Judge was prepared to give Sabine a lifetime Internet ban, but was walked back on that by the prosecution. Whilst it seems odd, I think the prosecution was mindful of an appeal as a “worse case” allowed the guilty party access because it is almost impossible to function without some form of Internet connection (for instance you can’t claim Universal Credit). However, comment would indicate that she is going to advocate her access is monitored.

    The Judge also asked the prosecution to go away and rewrite their draft CBO so that there was absolutely no ambiguity that could be exploited.

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  37. Marna, that is one of the best comments ever on here. You DO speak for us all. This case has been hilarious. And tragic.

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  38. I’m not making judgement on anyone. The hilarious aspect comes quite naturally from the ludicrous accusations. What kind of moron could actually believe this trash.

    I’ve been following this for a while and have been devouring EC’s posts as much as anyone. But thanks to a coincidence of being in London, because I’m here for a gig, I have actually seen it first hand.

    So as a newbie, I don’t think these people are foolish. Or evil. They are just complete and utter bastards. What is wrong with them? They are sociopaths.

    I have a higher respect for EC than ever. I’ve heard only two witness statements live. They’ve made me leak in the eye area. The whole case must have been torture.

    I’m a liberal. An entitled to your honest opinion sort of person. I naturally dislike overreaching state power. But I really hope there are a series of dawn raids and long prison sentences for these terrible people.

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  39. So in a former life I studied anthropology of religion. At some point I should write up a thing about how cults and conspiracy theory groups suck people in. Not that I think this excuses the vile actions here. At all. As has been pointed out extensively, some of the nastiest stuff is people betraying that they don’t really believe in — or don’t care about — the supposed child victims.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for, for example, Edgar Maddison Welch, the Comet Pizza guy. Had he been correct in his beliefs, his conduct would have been praiseworthy. And when he found that he was wrong, he promptly surrendered. I don’t challenge his sentence; he endangered a great many people. But I don’t see him as evil in the same way I see McNeill as evil.

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  40. I also heard Lee Cant say the Jury were “dopey” and “weren’t listening” at the trial.

    One of Andy’s followers then commented that someone must have put something in the Jury’s tea and coffee!

    Oh.. and no surprise to see that Paul Rogers has shared that video.

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  41. Women, even deep state military intel operatives, are still not allowed in the Masons.
    My boat was in Lambeth the other night, so that will have been my IP.
    These people are cock heads, I think I spelt that right.


  42. This is an important scientific discovery, people, you have found the larval state of John Paterson.


  43. This is one of those cases that reminds me that the unjust nature of Mass Incarceration as a response to breaches of the social contract or of the peace is mostly down to the Mass part. If we didn’t lock up so many people who in no way need deserve or require custodial sentences not only would that be a good in itself, it would leave us far better able to genuinely work to reeducate and rehabilitate those who DO.


  44. Today I found out that a neutered male dog can have sex.

    Not gonna lie, if it hadn’t been for the crew of fascinated small children we’d probably have just gone Yeah, Girl-Dog, Get Some but as it was I took my guy away before things got … too educational for the kids.


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