Devine & Carvath: A match made in hell?

Yesterday we wrote about Andy Devine’s deep disappointment at having been abandoned and betrayed by some people he had considered his allies. Not only have the Pendragons turned on him, but now Gordon Bowden, whose Finchley Rd obsession Devine had adopted as one of his key buzzwords, has distanced himself as a result of allegations against Paul Rodgers/Eddie Isok.

Oh, and Bowden seems none too keen on that whole “John Wanoa will be crowned King (once he manages to raise the airfare to travel here, and assuming the British Army supports him as expected), and by the way can we interest you in a magic tidal infinite energy machine at a cost of only £50 per share, but really you start earning money right away because we give you and extra share and hey presto, you’ve already magically earned quid!” shtick, either.

The fact that Devine had already “invested” £20,000 in Bowden’s Finchley Rd investigation, had pumped a comparable amount into Wanoa’s grift, and had been hawking both of them on his daily three-hour-long live-streamed insomnia cures is completely incidental, we are sure.

With things looking dire for the sad pale remnants of the original Hampstead SRA hoax-promoting team, then, it’s only natural that Devine would be on the prowl for new allies.

And that, dear readers, is where Richard Carvath comes in.

Carvath, you will recall, featured only the other day on this blog. Devine, who we’re sure would never dream of scouring these pages, somehow managed to intuit that there seems to be a kindred SRA-spouting loony out there who might be looking for a support group.

And thus, yesterday’s urgent tweet:

How do we know this was linked to the Hampstead hoax, you ask? Let’s just say that Devine left a few tell-tale breadcrumbs behind:

Of course this could all be coincidental.

Perhaps Devine is looking for recommendations for “schoolgirl porn” videos, a subject about which Carvath claims some expertise. Or maybe he wants tips on how not to get detained under anti-terrorist laws for stalking a Marie Stopes Centre in Ealing. Who knows?

We’ll keep our ears to the ground, just in case.

40 thoughts on “Devine & Carvath: A match made in hell?

  1. As Devine would appear to have lost his £20k investment in the Finchley Road claptrap is he admitting that he himself has failed his own advice of always doing your due diligence when investing any cash. I am sure that he is always preaching to others about doing their due diligence and yet it appears he failed to do exactly that himself.

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    • I am sure that he is always preaching to others about doing their due diligence

      I suspect that Devine is not encouraging suckers to do due diligence before sending £££ to John Wanoa’s infantile watery-movement power generators.


    • Now I want to start a mouse-related protection-racket mob and call it “Gang Aft-Agley”.


  2. I found this interesting. Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s session on addictive and immersive technology, with evidence from Sarah Jones, Birmingham City University, professor Andrew Przybylski, Oxford Internet Institute and Michael Veale, University College London, from Tuesday 12 February. Especially Michael Veale talking about the need for bodies similar to Which who can take platforms to pass; ‘The onus should not be on individuals’, plus the need for legal measures to be stronger. There is also talk of the lack of transparancy by platforms and the difficulty to get data from them and the need for that to be changed.

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  3. AFP news agency #BREAKING: Pope Francis compares child sex abuse to ‘human sacrifice’

    Oh dear. I have a feeling that this is not going to end well! 😱

    (I get what he’s trying to say, but I suspect he’s been insulated from the loons for too long 🙄)

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  4. I won’t link it but I see Angie’s lapdog Tere Joyce has done another U-turn. She’s raked up Charlotte Ward’s daft ‘porn site’ allegations against a protected witness… that were roundly debunked nearly four years ago. Bless

    But don’t worry, folks – that nice Mr. Logan’s got it covered:

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    • Check out what Angie says about Abe Christie’s “hard core tactics” here (in the second-to-last paragraph in her comment). I had to read it twice myself to make sure I hadn’t imagined it…

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      • So Angie thinks Abe’s tactics were “hardcore but effective”. WTF??

        They were certainly effective in that they filled the children with absolute fear of him which made them willing to please him by reciting his sordid lies while he filmed them on camera.

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        • Yeh there’s nothing like a wallop over the ear to burst the little boy’s eardrum to get the truth out of him. Having had a burst eardrum myself last year caused by an illness, although healed it’s definitely caused a hearing loss. Not such a problem at my age.
          I hope that boy doesn’t suffer any hearing loss but an injury at a developing age could well cause serious problems down the track.

          Bloody Power-Disney is a disgrace to try and paint such physical abuse of a tender child as a positive and the police should be actively pursuing Abraham Christie for child abuse.
          If the cops can pursue a a headmaster for alleged physical abuse (head-butting) from 30 years ago (tossed out upon appeal) they can pursue abuse from 2014 and hunt the perp down wherever he is hiding.

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    • I’m amazed Tere finds time to defame innocent people when she’s so busy exploiting her sick elderly father to beg for cash. Shit, did I say that out loud?

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  5. Sooo, another ickle slip in Devine’s “I’m all about peaceful, non-violent resistance” mantra, then…

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  6. So Andy wants to contact and connect with someone who furtively films a certain Primary School playground and uploads it online? Not looking good, Andy…

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