Taylor’s latest self-promotion scheme

A few days ago, during one of Andy Devine’s interminable Facebook live-streamed videos, one of our readers noted that a recent subject of this blog, Matt Taylor, seemed more than usually annoyed with us. In the streamed comments, he wrote:

Trust me, it is war between me and Hoaxtead Research. I’m making it my mission to smash them to pieces.

His friends Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw (or perhaps her boyfriend J3zus / “Captain Cokehead“, who shares Nattalie’s profile) and Cat Snot, currently writing as “MacDonald Trina”, expressed approval. Try to control your surprise.

The funny thing is that we’ve been aware for some time now that Taylor’s animosity is based purely on perceived wounds to his amour propre—he has never believed in the Hampstead SRA hoax, and admitted as much early on.

Long-time supporter and commenter Sheva Burton has told us that she spoke to Taylor in 2015. Here, she repeats the story in the comments section of one of Taylor’s videos:

While we strongly object to anybody harassing the families who were falsely accused by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, there is something even more ugly and distasteful about a non-believer in the allegations attempting to use them for personal gain.

We remarked two years ago that Sabine McNeill has never believed the cock-and-bull story of a “death cult” in Hampstead. Rather, she wrote in an email to Mrs Justice Pauffley and various other interested parties:

To avoid high level embarrassment, the following possible arrangements might be worth considering:

1) Instead of starting public law proceedings against the school, the children are returned – with immediate effect – to live with the maternal grandparents in Russia.

2) Instead of mobilising English and Russian social media, the father is given a non-molestation order for life, anywhere in the world.

3) Instead of joining the Russian government to the proceedings, the children are released to their mother and maternal grandparents with immediate effect.

In other words, “give the two children back to their mother or I will release the videos on social media”. As was mentioned in Sabine’s trial, this represented a ham-fisted attempt to blackmail a judge.

Had Sabine truly believed in the “death cult”, would she really have been willing to sacrifice all the alleged hundreds or thousands of “child victims”, in order to win what amounted to a custody battle?

Coming back to Taylor’s ludicrous threats to “destroy” this blog, his manufactured rage rings hollow, given what we know about his determination to sacrifice the truth in order to glean a few scraps of approval on social media.

And speaking of sacrificing the truth in favour of attention, here’s his latest plan, posted late last week:

Sure, Matt, whatever you say.

98 thoughts on “Taylor’s latest self-promotion scheme

    • I’m going on record (why?) by saying I’m not convinced this is the hoax it’s said to be- at this stage.
      Having worked in publicity for some pretty big names in the distant past when you could get away with terrible rubbish on the front page ( a gentler more forgiving time) this seems like a bizarre alleged stunt, fraught with dangers (involving others who could always talk) and very little positives for Smollett if successful especially as the claim he was being dropped from the show turns out to be false.

      I simply cannot see what could be gained. But of course people do strange things.
      Maybe the truth will turn out to be nothing like we expect.


  1. Excellent post, EC

    Taylor keeps banging on about how we’ve “lost the war”. I must have missed that – maybe I was too distracted by all his mates getting arrested/sectioned/imprisoned/gagged/raided, or too busy laughing at those who’ve simply given up and fucked off (here’s looking at you, Kristie Sue).

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  2. Nice exposé, EC. Interesting parallels with Sabine.

    By the way, this is Matt’s charming response to our comments (and in his follow-up video he repeatedly calls Sheva a “bitch”):

    Oh and in his previous video he accused Sheva of “hiding behind anonymity”. How does that work, Matt? 🤔

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    • Robert Green is a typical conman – he knows no shame.

      By the way, any news on the hoaxer fruitloops who are demonising FSF and UK Column whilst simultaneously fawning over Green (who’s tight with both)?

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  3. I think Taylor’s new “obsession” with Hoaxtead is an example of the nature of these fanatics who simply cannot let their obsessive natures go and where no amount of actual proof will deter them.
    Thus legal restraints almost feed this obsession which must find an outlet. In the end in extreme cases like Sabine it can end up with them in jail.

    # In the last thread about Edward Ellis – he exhibits the same nature. Referring his actions to the Attorney General is the correct thing to do.
    I particularly took note of one line which said people such as bailiffs may believe him when he says he’s a lawyer and the consequences can be very serious.

    It happened in a case I was involved where an offender presented himself very cleverly (without actually saying the words ” I’m a solicitor”) to police who believed him and acted accordingly to the point where they refused the owners of a property he had broken into access and actually allowed him to secure the property despite the owners showing the police a court order for his eviction (but of course paper documents can be forged and I won’t mention names in respect of this although “Kevin Annett” & “Neelu Berry” come to mind).

    Although the property was eventually secured by the owners this incident could have resulted in the police being sued for aiding a trespasser and illegally restraining genuine property owners. They didn’t sue but the cost and embarrassment could have been horrendous for the Fuzz.
    ( I’m not Ghost of Sam- editor is on my case so please don’t call me that)
    (editor: yes you are)

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  4. OMG! You have to listen to an Australian fruitloop called Adrian on Devines latest rant. He makes so many ridiculous claims he makes Devine look almost normal and Arthur Koutal look positively sane. And Devine says it is worthy of further investigation!

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      • He says the Australian Army took him to Area 51 in Nevada to insert that chip.
        Why didn’t they use Pine Gap in the Northern Territory? Far more credible as it’s co-managed by the USA & Oz and is considered the USA’s most secretive and important spy station. Carries more gravitas than Area 51 especially for the Troofer Mob.

        Not only that, according to Batty Barnett there is a secret underground road tunnel from Sydney to Pine Gap, some 2500 Ks, one of the worlds greatest engineering feats considering it was built in secret. He could have driven there himself.
        Mind you as they have 727 jets arriving & leaving daily (presumably delivering those chips) why they need a cumbersome tunnel and what must be the world’s most boring drive is a mystery.

        # I’m told by GoS that all secrets are safe on here so thankfully the general public won’t see this.
        Secrecy Manageress
        The Five Eyes.

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        • Thanks for the info’, Sam. I just started watching the Pine Gap drama series on Netflix and didn’t realise it was a real place!

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          • Oh it’s real alright and it’s claimed when the Labor politician Gough Whitlam swept to power in 1973 and demanded entry & inspection of Pine Gap as PM his feat was fixed with the CIA conspiring to bring him down 3 years later in a still controversial “coup”.

            I have a family friend who has lived & worked in Alice Springs for 20 years and she says every few months Pine Gap holds a sale in the Alice of fairly new goods imported for the huge staff which has a high turnover and she’s picked up fabulous bargains like giant TVs & fairly new furniture etc.

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    • He says “they” inserted a chip in his head to make him put on weight. Yeah, that’s my excuse as well.

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      • Reading his timeline I can actually confirm some of his claims are true. I can’t confirm or deny that Lord Rothschild “logged in” to the brain of the ex-army chap on the corner of his street as claimed ( something to do with Rothschild controlling all internet banking in Oz).

        But I can confirm that his claim that Lord Rothschild had his brain upgraded, so to speak to one lever higher than Donald Trump is true. Unfortunately this upgrade still means he a grade lower than, say Matt Taylor if you get my drift. Wink is as good as a nod & so on.

        A positive though is it’s still high enough, as an example, that he could be appointed Lord High Chancellor under the pending government and regime of King John Wanoa.
        Andy Devine looks like he is absorbing every word listening to this chap.

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    • Gosh, he’s not afraid of a devil or three, is he? I thought he could ward us off by holding up his Bible and mumbling some prayers or something? Colour me disappointed.

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  5. FFS! I finally got through all this bollocks from Aidrian. Joined the SAS at 4 years old, taken to Area 51, brain implants, fattened up by the CIA, monitored remotely, it just goes on and on and gets even more ludicrous and Devine is enthralled! The poor bloke is just so obviously deluded and mentally ill it is sad to watch and listen to and Devine is lapping it up. Not only is Devine a fruitloop he is a sick bastard as well after this little effort.

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  6. The more I consider this poor mans ramblings ( Aidrian ) I take back my description of fruitloop. The poor sod IS brain damaged as he states froma childhood head injury. You bastard Devine.

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    • Yes and I’ve been rather naughty for mocking him and watching his various posts etc he doesn’t come across as a nasty person.
      He does seem to genuinely believe his delusions and they are so on the wacky side but not cruel like that awful Barnett woman.
      Devine is either encouraging him or at times he even seemed to think the man’s ideas were beyond weird in the way he remained so silent.

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  7. I had an alert on Twitter last night that a certain person who cannot be named a was violating the Twitter rules on foot of various complaints I had made.

    Let’s hope the ‘woodchipper’ is broken. 😉

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  8. I didn’t listen to much but saw some of the comments – I hope for their sakes the people who have invested in this ‘venture’ have not given their whole life savings.

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  9. Have you heard from SH lately?
    Tell her that we miss her greatly
    What we need in these tough times
    Is one of Surreal’s awesome rhymes
    So take a break from the all the bustle
    And come on over, Surreal Hustle

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  10. “Will do a video with screenshare of docs when get a chance”

    Oh goody, Angie – we can’t wait… 💤💤💤

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      • I would look up how people can be admitted to Rampton, but i’m not a highly trained investigative journalist like what Angie is. It’s probably really difficult for the lay person to do.

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        • You say that, but it really isn’t, and not all the beds are for convicted prisoners.

          Click to access AAAF9022.pdf

          “Patients are only admitted to Rampton hospital if they are referred by a health professional and assessed by the hospital as meeting the criteria for admission.
          All patients admitted to the hospital are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA) and classified as having a learning disability, mental illness and/or a psychopathic disorder.
          Patients will have been assessed as requiring treatment under conditions within a high secure environment, meeting the criteria of posing a grave and immediate danger to themselves or the public. Many will have come via the criminal justice system.”

          Google search and first click of a link got me there.

          I hope they look after Melanie Shaw and help her get better. It isn’t just a place for serial killers and the unrehabiltable psychopathic, it is a hospital.

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      • “I know she was groomed by the Hoaxtead trolls, as a lot of people are, to denounce me”

        Er… nope. Mel made that video before any of us had had any contact with her whatsoever. Angie, you are horrible to people – they don’t need prompting by us or anyone else to be offended by you.

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        • Yes, one of our roles does increasingly seem to be scapegoat for various hoaxers’ inadequacies. Something goes wrong in their lives or they find themselves in bother as a result of their own nastiness… “Hoaxtead trolls done it” 🙄

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          • See also: Andy Devine. He’s utterly convinced that the reason why the Pendragons oppose him and the bullshit he spews is because we told them to. Yup

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          • Who controls the British crown?
            Who keeps the metric system down?
            We do, we do

            Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
            Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
            We do, we do

            Who holds back the electric car?
            Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?
            We do, we do

            Who robs gamefish of their site?
            Who rigs every Oscar night?
            We do, we do

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  11. Eddie aka Paul Rogers is getting a lot of schtick on FB by the Pendragons, perhaps that’s why he has his Twitter on lockdown. Poor Babs, backed the wrong horse there luv’!

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  12. To the poster who read the Mabinogion, reading Pedair Cainc y Mabinogi in medieval Welsh didn’t flow much better. My school mistress must have hated us when she set us our Welsh reading texts. I prefer Beowulf.

    All I remember is things in bags, animals, animals in bags, marriages, dead children, and lots of killing then THE END

    I still don’t get the significance of badgers. Might read again.

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    • Those old Welsh writers did not follow the same narrative conventions as we are used to (e.g. conventions like “coherence”). I blame it on Celtic grammar. I mean, when half your mind is taken up with the minutiae of consonant mutations, you can’t spare much attention to the issue of linear plot development.

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        • My late mother spoke Welsh and did mention mutation to me – like bridge can be ‘bont’ or ‘pont’ but that’s the only one I remember. I don’t know the language.

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  13. I had to look up the Pendragons – how ever did I miss that they had tried to arrest Sadhiq Khan? (Freemen of the land and all that jazz). And they blame the Fabian Society for problems (I didn’t realise the Fabian Society still existed).

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