Questions mount for Jon Wedger

Usually this time of year is a bit of a snooze-fest in Hoaxteadland, as even SRA hoax-pushing conspiracy theorists like to take a bit of down-time between Christmas and New Years. Into this year’s vacuum, though, has galloped a face that became all too familiar to us last year: yes, Jonathan Wedger, alleged police whistle-blower, is at it again.

This time he’s paired up with ITNJ “Commissioner” Carine Hutsebaut, who was last seen at the “seating” of the cosplay group’s “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse”. (This is the same “therapist and activist” Carine Hutsebaut who is noted for her interest in Pizzagate, “global pedocriminal pedosexual networks“, chemtrails, QAnon, spurious “vaccines cause autism” allegations, and much, much more!)

And the Inquiry in question is the same “Judicial Inquiry” which concluded that paedophiles should be sat down and given a good talking to, after which they should be admonished to mend their ways, given a nice cup of tea, and sent on their way.

Funnily enough, Wedger is singing the same tune in his video with “Commissioner” Hutsebaut, in which he states,

Well, here’s a really emotive subject, especially for the British people, and that’s the treatment of sex offenders. …

And one of your ways of doing this, it’s quite straightforward, you put it back to the offender, and you say, ‘Why have you done this? What are you going to do about it? How are you going to put this right?’

An odd sentiment for an alleged “anti-paedophile campaigner” to espouse, but Wedger is far from the only one: in addition to his friends at the ITNJ, we’ve noted in the past that Belinda McKenzie has expressed similar views.

Of course this isn’t the only peculiar thing about Wedger: we’ve been raising questions about his “whistle-blowing” activities since he kicked off his self-publicising campaign about a year ago. His association with conspiracy-shufflers such as Bill Maloney and Brian Gerrish, his peddling of the infamous RAINS list, and his blatant efforts to promote his own “brand” online have all raised some rather large red flags for us.

And then there’s Wedger’s recent association with ex-PSNI officer Anthony Carlin, who distinguished himself by attempting to arrest a judge, FOTLer-style, during a civil action in 2016, and has of late been pushing MMS, the quack “autism cure”.

Hard questions

Recently we were pleased to note that others have been asking some hard questions about Wedger and his activities.

Yesterday’s edition of Bartholomew’s Notes cites an article from an organisation called the Independent Police Support Group (IPSG), in which the author raises serious concerns about the self-professed “whistle-blower” status of both Jonathan Wedger and Maggie Oliver.

Julian King, the author of the IPSG article, emphasises the fact that both Wedger and Oliver only chose to “blow the whistle” once they had left their respective forces:

Simply to follow their oath, the best place to be able to make a difference no matter how minor is whilst serving in the police not after having left. …

Maggie states that she left the police force to blow the whistle and Jon appears to have waited several years before raising concerns regarding his former boss Ian Dyson, now the Commissioner of the City of London police.

We would have expected Jon to have formally challenged the corrupt behaviour by his boss at that time especially when he says he was then sacked from that department and moved elsewhere.

It could be argued as stated in one of his own video interviews that if you did not act, you were acquiescing in the corruption and part of the problem. Staying silent for so many years especially; with regards to the seriousness of the matters alleged is not an option for a police officer.

We were interested in King’s observation that Wedger and Oliver had known one another for four years, and had acted as sounding boards for one another. This made us wonder whether—just perhaps—once he’d left the police force, Wedger might have decided to follow his friend’s lead, as she attained a measure of fame through her appearance on Big Brother (or, more recently, the Beauty and the Beast panto), and parlayed her whistle-blower status into a new, arguably much more glamorous, career.

Certainly, whether Wedger dreamed of following in Oliver’s footsteps or not, the IPSG article challenges his version of events as far as his whistle-blowing is concerned. The article also raises the uncomfortable question of whether it’s appropriate for police child abuse whistle-blowers to attempt to profit from their status—particularly when no names have been named within their respective organisations, leading one to wonder whether they even qualify as whistle-blowers to begin with:

This is another area that has featured regularly on social media, Maggie was on Celebrity Big Brother and Jon is high profile on social media with facebook and go fund me pages with merchandise featuring his portrait including the latest tee shirt campaign. …

I don’t know whether this is appropriate for a police whistleblower, on one hand it is a good way of raising awareness but on the other hand people are still questioning why they are being referred to as whistleblowers when despite promises no names have been forthcoming from Jon.

We have no problem with both former officers promoting themselves however, at this stage we do not feel that reference should be made to being a police whistleblower until names are published of these senior officers and what they actually did. …

In Jon’s case various reasons have been given for not disclosing names and those reasons are not considered valid.

We think the IPSG article speaks for many when it points out,

We don’t feel that Maggie or Jon can be considered police whistleblowers in the true sense, legislation was available that they have could have used to lawfully highlight their situations and name names. This is still a bone of contention for many people that despite becoming minor celebrities, victims/survivors are still in the dark about who did what and are they still covering up?

When Wedger is done advocating that paedophiles write their own tickets, hawking t-shirts with his own image on them, promoting dangerous SRA hoaxes, and “testifying” at fake “Inquiries”, perhaps he’d like to consider answering the question of “who did what and are they still covering up”.

We won’t hold our breaths, however.

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  1. “Whistle blower”. So annoyed they have appropriated that very good term that describes usually very brave people who do expose real instances of either government or private business malfeasance and are often the victims of repercussions.. They present evidence and facts not conspiracy nonsense.

    Not one of them has yet come up with – evidence-. Not one.

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    • I have personally met at least two paedophiles, one of them got sent down for 24 years late last year, the other one has not. The first one worked in a shop I worked in briefly, the second one was a youth leader in at least two youth clubs I went to when I was a teenager. They both spoke to young girls in an inappropriate way, neither of them admitted to any offences, so the young people they abused had to go through it all again in court giving evidence.

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  2. Reblogged this on Flo Destroyer and commented:
    An excellent summary by EC of Jon Wedger’s activities and the outstanding issues that need to be addressed by him. There are a lot more questions than answers as it stands.

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  3. Of course, the more likely scenario is that he has no information of any relevance and is blowing hot air out of his orifices to ingratiate himself with the selection of fantasists he has associated with to earn himself more hit points in their Live Action Role Playing game.

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  4. HI all

    I don’t know if you’ve looked at Kane Slater’s Facebook page lately but he’s taken unhinged to a whole new level. I’ve put some screenshots together from the last fortnight:


    – He’s turned on Kris Costa and declared her a witch.
    – He’s upset his former ally, the equally unhinged Douglas Formaldehyde, who has now turned on him (which could get very interesting).
    – He’s claiming to be the reincarnation of Cain and that his brother Abel is “alive and well” too.
    – He’s claiming that his IQ is “probably around 200”.
    – He’s announced that he’s “been given supernatural powers by God”.
    – He’s been hearing music coming out of his bedside fan, which he believes to be messages from Jesus.
    – He’s declared that the letter ‘J’ is part of an evil Illuminati plot and has set about re-writing the entire Bible, replacing all Js with the letter ‘i’.
    – He’s also claiming that the words and punctuation of the Bible are a secret DNA code that controls the Universe.
    – He says that during a recent Bible recital he turned into Bob Marley.
    – He’s declared himself President of Kanata. (Kevin Annett will love that one, I’m sure 😆)
    – He’s announced that by the end of February he will be President of the World.
    – He’s vowed to find and kill anyone who unlikes his page.
    – He’s declared that the Apocalypse has begun (though by the time I’d finished reading his posts, that actually came as a sweet relief).

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    • The responses are the usual: ‘they’re paid to troll you” and other such ridiculous claims along with much moral outrage.
      Completely ignoring the fact that it’s “Eddie Isok ” who is on a suspended 2 month jail sentence for errr..filming people entering a court claiming he was looking for the “trolls” which would have to be a classic case of ‘trolling’ along with pretty outrageous and cheap insults directed at EC.

      As for his pal who says “yes mate thats why i hate peadophiles all mate” perhaps he should read the above on ex-plod Jon Wedger who seems to think pedophiles just need a good talking to and a slap on the wrist.

      The Mob (c) are such a reactive cult who seize upon every new ‘thing’ like the “Yellow Jackets” (all UK 30/40 of them) while seemingly completely ignorant of the reasons 100,000s of French protest where they have genuine grievances whilst the far right is ratcheting up the drama.

      They really are like leeches without an original thought who seize upon anything to appropriate & incorporate into their fixated pedophile fantasies. And meanwhile they take seriously some goose living in Greece who thinks if he repeats “Finchley Road” enough times the entire Establishment will come tumbling down. Madness.

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      • One quick correction to the above: Eddie/Paul was actually arrested, tried, and convicted on the charge of violating the reporting restriction in place at Sabine’s trial. The photographing etc. was dangerous, but the actual offence was naming a protected witness.

        He never mentions this, possibly in order to avoid re-offending, or possibly because he cannot blame me for his stupidity if he tells the truth. Or possibly both.

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      • I don’t know if you caught these last night, Sam, but he also has a real problem with strong women. Mummy issues perhaps?

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        • Posting nasty, misogynist, immature nonsense like this says so much more about the hoaxers’ inner worlds than it does about any of us. We don’t even need to take the trouble to challenge them, they just do our work for us.

          Consumption of Bolivian marching powder does tend to make foolish people believe that their crude, unpleasant, hateful imaginings are somehow elevated into impressive prose.

          Just sad really.

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  5. Wedger’s ramblings are interesting at 15.37

    He bemoans that he and his police colleagues were not offered training in criminal profiling or “how someone who is being abused can manifest into an abuser themselves”.

    He then says that he had to seek such training independently and that he is one of the very few police officers to have received such training.


    He and his batshit sidekick then agree that sexual offenders are the best people to be educating people on the issue.


    I would love to know where exactly he went to receive such training?

    Could it have been at the Mind Cop Academy of Fruit-loopery? I think we should be told.

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    • Indeed – who better to lecture on patient care to those entering the medical fields than Dr Harold Shipman?.
      It’s a shame Wedger didn’t take up acting as he has the perfect looks and would always find a role in any movie that features Roman senators.

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      • I have a fairly good idea where Wedger might have received his training. Not 100% certain but there is a dangerous quack training people on exactly these issues. More to follow soon 😉

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        • I’m not going to state which particular subject I’m talking about as it could theoretically lead to identification but, suffice to say, there is a “industry” of charlatans and chancers who leap on to institutional failings such as child protection, racism, terrorism, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights etc. to extract the maximum amount of monies from the state, local government or the police to peddle their “solutions” providing “workshops”. The problem is that if you are prepared to publicly state “that’s bollocks” you become a target as it threatens their economic model. I’ve been very much convinced that cold filthy lucre has a lot to do with their behaviour.

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          • Sage

            While I agree with you 100% about the industry of chancers and grifters it is my understanding that asset stripping and fraudulent appropriation of funds is just one aspect of this.

            The others are astroturfing and social engineering, although money and assets are at the root of these activities also.

            I already am a target and have suffered serious abuses as a result. I do not think I am the first or the last that this has happened to. I have never been accused of SRA or CSA other than by the same kind of demented fruit loops that make such accusations here against us all. Even so I make sure I am never alone with children as I want to minimise the potential for me to be falsely accused.

            I am different to others who have been thus targeted simply because, in spite of all the traumas and abuses I have suffered, and while I am vulnerable in some ways, I am very tough and I have survived, at least so far. I am also pretty good at collecting, storing and processing data and evidence, everything from covert audio through to videos, screen grabs, printed flyers, antiquarian rare books, I have a formidable arsenal of evidence – much of it kept at various locations for safety.

            I just find myself knocked down so frequently that it takes me a little while to get back up again but I’m getting there slowly and surely.

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  6. Personally, I don’t dislike Maggie Oliver though of course I don’t know her in real life. Grooming gangs were a real thing – unfortunately the subject was hijacked by the ultra right wing who made it sound as if EVERY man from a certain community was a paedophile, which of course wasn’t the case.

    I don’t want to say too much as I have no desire to be doxed but I “temped” for a time (only a few months – that was enough because one could hear upsetting things) in a child protection office (office staff not a social worker) and from what I can recall going back over the best part of a quarter of a century there were members of the police force who specialised in child protection who used to come to the multi-disciplinary meetings. So some form of training for the police regarding child protection must have in place in the 1990, unless it was confined to those members of the police force who became members of police child protection teams.

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  7. Another one of Angela’s completely sane, completely harmless friends…


    • Is a report from 10 years ago? I think Ange has piles of old newspapers and goes through them looking (investigating) for juicy pieces and then posts them as though it’s an achievement.


        • Sam, she also celebrated Hanukkah three weeks late, met Wham several years before they’d even formed and commemorated the 10th anniversary of Dunblane on the 11th anniversary. I’m starting to suspect that dates might not be her strong point.

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          • She also announced Roger Moore’s death a year late and posted a rant about “Jonathan King’s upcoming appearance on a Genesis documentary” a year after said programme had aired 🙄

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  8. Actually a certain satan hunting quack has also suggested that we should show more compassion to paedophiles and learn from them. The same quack has pleaded for compassion to be shown to a famous actor convicted for downloading appalling material of children being abused.

    guess who?

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    • Well there is a case for studying and possibly helping pedophiles deal with the matter as it’s claimed many who never act upon their impulses claim they are afraid to discuss the matter with professionals (as opposed to say the opportunist offenders who may attack on the spur of the moment and could easily abuse an adult as well).
      But the very idea of allowing any of This Mob to be involved with offenders is sheer lunacy seeing most should be lying on a shrink’s couch themselves explaining the madness they promote.

      And then there’s the very odd fact so many have pedophile associates and while it could possible be quite noble they stick by friends through thick and thin they all have a peculiar habit of denying their pals have offended even when they are caught red-handed on the court steps like that strange Swiss historian pal of Bellenders.

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      • Sam

        I have no problem at all with exploring ways that people who are sexually interested in children can be prevented from hurting children.

        I think that everything should be up for consideration and debate from therapy through to community mentoring through to (in cases where people cannot stop themselves) locking people up for ever in secure.

        I definitely do not side with the slavering mob wishing to burn and castrate paedophiles, not least of all because it is my understanding that many innocent people are falsely accused and convicted due to satan hunting / quack expert witnesses and false memory generating therapists.

        Jurors in trials do not generally understand issues relating to false memories. If someone claims to be the victim of sexual abuse and conveys genuine distress when recounting their “memories” a jury is likely to believe them. Jurors do not understand that people can give emotional accounts of “abuse” that are the result of false memories and people are being convicted when there is no corroborating evidence and only witness testimonies from people who have been brainwashed by quacks like Sinason and her ilk.

        Also, re therapy for people with a sexual interest in children; just who is going to provide that therapy? Anyone who has been reading this blog carefully for any length of time will appreciate that we have a lot of cultic organisations and quacks and other individuals working as psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and the like. Then we have a huge army of dubious “healers” and new age grifters offering to cleanse people’s chakras, remove blockages, lift curses etc.

        I do not feel confident about the main organisation in the UK that is supposed to be providing these services.

        For a start the founder of the organisation StopSo, a Ms Juliet Grayson advocates that paedophiles should be provided with sex dolls in the form of young children to prevent them from needing to abuse real children.

        To be clear, if it could be 100% guaranteed that providing paedophiles with sex dolls would stop children being raped and otherwise molested I wouldn’t have a problem with it. However I have no idea whether child sex dolls would make a paedophile’s impulses towards children better or worse. It seems to me to be completely insane to promote this as an idea when nobody has conducted research in the issue.

        I have other concerns about this person and her organisation. I will be writing about them fairly soon

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  9. Hehe, the BBC’s banned Andy Devine from contacting them 😂

    BBC Complaints – Case Number CAS-5252645-QPTM4D
    Thu 1/3/2019, 2:00 PM
    Andy Devine Andy Devine Andrew Devine Andrew Devine
    Dear Mr Devine

    Thanks for contacting us about your recent experience with your approaches to BBC Radio Derby.

    We raised this issue with them and took into account the background to these events. They have explained that since November, they have received repeated calls from you about this issue. While it was initially taken in good faith as a potential story, that has not led to any likelihood of it being pursued.

    We receive a wide range of tip-offs and suggestions from various sources, not all of them end up being viable news stories which would meet our editorial guidelines. You are free to raise this with other investigative outlets if you wish, but we are not interested in this as a credible news item.

    Repeated contacts to the station will not change the outcome here – they have explained on the call that they will not respond to further contacts or pursue this any further as a lead. When calls become repetitious or vexatious, we will take action to prevent repeated contacts, bearing in mind the limits on our resources and the impact on our services to licence holders.

    As part of this investigation, I have also been reviewing the history of your complaints to the BBC. You have recorded a number of these calls for dissemination on the internet – I consider that this indicates misuse of the complaints service.

    The BBC’s Complaints Framework is available at…/resour…/BBC_Complaints_Framework.pdf and I would refer you to Annex B. This explains the steps the BBC may take if it considers there is misuse of the service. I consider that the provisions in Annex B apply to your calls. The BBC must ensure fairness to all who pay the licence fee by focusing its resources on complaints which raise significant issues. The investigation which you refer to is out of time with regard to the complaints process and no purpose is served by continuing to call us about it.

    Furthermore, since you complain by telephone, we have no option but to bar your access to the service in line with the provisions in Annex B. From now on the BBC will not acknowledge or reply to complaints from you unless they give reason to believe there has been a breach of relevant guidelines or policies, or raise another significant issue.

    You may appeal against this decision by writing to the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) within 20 working days of receiving this reply to explain why. Please do not therefore reply to this response.

    You can either email or write to: Executive Complaints Unit, BBC, Broadcast Centre, London W12 7TQ. Please provide the ECU with the case reference number which you have been given.

    Kind regards,

    BBC Complaints Team

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  10. Cat Scot appears to have forgotten about her pathological hatred of the LGBTQ community and had a sex change 🤭

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  11. ITNJ “Commissioner” Carine Hutsebaut, who was last seen at the “seating” of the cosplay group’s “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse”. (This is the same “therapist and activist” Carine Hutsebaut who is noted for her interest in Pizzagate, “global pedocriminal pedosexual networks“, chemtrails, QAnon, spurious “vaccines cause autism” allegations, and much, much more!)

    I had a look at one of her books, though it was barely readable… incoherent, structureless and seemingly translated from Flemish using Goofle Translate.
    Now it may be that she does have actual training in psychology and criminology, and has received formal qualitifications, and only an excess of modesty prevents her from ever citing them. But the overwhelming impression was of a well-meaning drama-seeking amateur, badgering the police with her rectally-sourced insights and wondering why they keep rebuffing her.

    Indistinguishable from the Psychic Detectives who badger police with their visions, though inspired in her vocation by watching ‘Red Dragon’

    Mind you, even the trained, qualified criminal profilers are indistinguishable from Psychic Detectives in terms of objective performance.

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      • The website offers “Therapy”, but Cerine belatedly admits that she can’t really call it that because she is not licensed in any therapeutic profession, so instead she’ll be your friend-for-a-fee:

        People call it ʻtherapyʼ. But what is more helpfull then two – or more – people listening to each others problems and find solutions for them? Isnʼt the best therapist a friend you can trust?

        Someone who listens, understands and is able to give you advise and guide you when you feel disturbed, anxious or depressed? That is how I work: in trust, comprehension, unison, patience, respect, joint consultation and above all… humanly. In a relax setting with a cup of coffee or tea.

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        • I really couldn’t find much about her that isn’t located on conspiracist sites. I couldn’t find any research. A Catholic organisation’s paper about adoption cites her and says her book about adoption is more like a novel. I have made my mind up. GRIFTERRRRR.

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        • She’s not charging a lot to be a therapist friend-for-a fee… as for the ITNJ Commission, I suspect that only Sacha Stone and his cashiered-lawyer Chief Counsel are making money from that, everyone else is there because of Relevance Deficiency. So my guess is more like “sincerely deluded wannabee-helpful crank”.


    • She says she has studied, but she doesn’t say what her qualifications are. Degree, postgraduate, who knows?

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    • Important Question re: Chemtrails. If Chemtrails cause global pedocriminal pedosexual networks, in-grown toenails and dumb down the general populace so they are compliant and ready to accept a George Soros/Rothschild/Freemason/Ted Heath NWO how come those who point out this important fact are NOT affected by them?

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