Wedger pushes SRA, invites ‘testimony’ from survivors

It’s been a while since we heard from ex-Met police officer Jon Wedger, but yesterday he and his friend Lou Collins released an interview on Collins’ radio show and blog.

“An Interview with Jon Wedger 1 year on—Satanic Ritual Abuse” is pretty much what it sounds like. Following a review of the various physical challenges which Wedger took on in 2018 (walking from Parliament to Manchester, cycling from Parliament to Penzance, swimming round the Isles of Scilly, where he claims “dark forces were at work” as there were a lot of stinging jellyfish about), he and Collins settle in to discuss the difficulties he’s encountered in his campaign.

Wedger says he’s sat down with cabinet ministers, sexual abuse survivors, and therapists.

He claims to have met with “one of top criminal profilers in Belgium”—we assume he is referring to Carine Hutsebaut, a “Commissioner” at the ITNJ cosplay in London, about which we’ve written fairly extensively.

Hutsebaut is particularly noted for her interest in the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, as well as “global pedocriminal pedosexual networks“, chemtrailsQAnon, and various health frauds such as “vaccines cause autism”.

Wedger also mentions having sat down with “former gangsters”, a reference to Kray twins enforcer Chris Lambrianou, who is linked to the “Jesus Army”, described by some as an abusive cult:

Trolls, trolls, trolls…

Wedger and Collins agree that one of the worst problems he’s faced in the past year is relentless trolling:

Collins: You’ve been targeted by, you know, you’ve had various things happen to you. Has that increased, or has it sort of like, uh…

Wedger: Well what’s happened is, the trolling came soon as I started raising money, that came, and it did increase, and it got to a bit of a fever pitch, and I’m not going to name names, but we all know who it was, uh, luckily, you know, there’s no words for these people. There’s no words, and I said this from the very start. the one thing that causes any campaign of this nature to fail is division. It is divide and rule. Anyone who seeks to drive a wedge between any of us doing right must be looked on with incredibly suspicious eyes. There was another campaign by someone else that I’m going to class as double despicable, and that’s because he’s an ex-copper. And he’s tried doing it. And I think that’s a bit like, um…

Collins: Kind of horrendous.

The “double-despicable” campaign “run by an ex-copper” is a reference to some questions raised by Julian King, who runs an organisation called the Independent Police Support Group. Just last month, King posed some uncomfortable questions about Wedger’s claims to be a “whistleblower”.

Wedger: And you know, I don’t know what motivates them. Maybe there’s guilt, maybe there’s jealousy, but none of it is benevolent. And they can sod off because I’ve really not got words for them, Lou. I really haven’t got words for these trolls, and really, they are exposing themselves when they do this. I mean, stupid little things that they’re picking up on. I mean, one fellow has gone through every single one of my interviews, and picked up every inconsistency that he can, and said, ‘look, I’ve found Jon Wedger out’, and I think one of them was, I think I was a week out on one of my dates that I gave. Now there’s a term in law, you know, that discrepancy does not constitute a breach. And this is what it is, you know, there’s always going to be discrepancy, especially when you have suffered like myself and many others have, you do suffer mental trauma, and…

Collins: Course you do!

Wedger: …and lapses in memory and everything else, so, um…but no, on the whole I’ve broadened my shoulders with them, I don’t care for them any more, and I’ll just say to anyone that does look on all that, that you’ve just got to take it for what it is. Everyone has their critics…

Collins: It’s the people that are putting it out there, and are supplying the information, they’re not hiding their faces, their names are out there, their faces out there. These people who are attacking are behind the shadows. There is no names. 

Wedger: Oh yeah, yeah, that’s right. Well the other thing is…I mean one group that I’ll happily name is a group called Hoaxtead. 

Collins: Right.

Wedger: I mean, they must be the most vilest campaign group I’ve ever come across, and I’d encourage anyone to look at their work. Not that I want to advertise their work, cause it’s absolutely disgusting. And what it is, is a group in my opinion that have got Satanic roots! They centre anyone that starts exposing the negative religious connotation to abuse, which is Satanism, and it is real, and it is prevalent, and there have been dozens of cited cases in recent criminal history in our Crown Courts, where Satanism has been used, and Satanists have been convicted for that reason. So this is not a myth, it is reality, and it does go on. Satanism does go on. 

Yes, Satanism definitely “goes on”. No doubt about that—just ask James Hind, who has commented here as Satanic Views for nearly four years.

However, we would be very interested if Wedger could provide us with a list of actual criminal cases involving “Satanic ritual abuse”. As we wrote a few days ago, horrific crimes are committed against children who are believed to be possessed by evil spirits—but those crimes are committed by religious fanatics who believe that children can be “possessed” by evil spirits.

This is not the same thing as SRA, and to claim that it is betrays either fundamental ignorance or extreme disingenuousness, we don’t like to guess which.

‘All us brave whistleblowers’

Wedger throws in a good word for Mike Veale, former chief constable of Cleveland Police, who resigned last month and is currently facing and investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC); he claims that Veale was pressured out of his job by MI5, and that “this is what the Establishment does to all us brave whistleblowers”.

Claiming that “the rape of a child is probably the biggest, most lucrative crime there is”, Wedger urged listeners, “So get on board, because we need each other. I need your testimonies, I will bravely put your testimonies out, but you need to stand by”.

This call for survivors of sexual abuse to bring him their testimonies so that he can make them public—sorry, bravely make them public—strikes us as a very poor idea indeed.

First, should survivors really be bringing their stories to Wedger, who is no longer a police officer, rather than to the actual police? He has expressed some very odd ideas, affiliated with some very dodgy people, and has stated outright that he does not trust the police, so how does he propose to assist any survivors who might approach him?

What does Wedger propose do with the information he receives from any survivors who do accept his invitation? Does he have protocols in place to protect people’s confidentiality? Will he be able to assist anyone in coming to terms with their abuse? Will he be able to help bring abusers to justice?

By his own account, all Wedger has to offer survivors is publicity, but that’s okay, because he seems to think that’s all they really want:

Wedger: When you speak to the victims, you say, “What to you actually want?” and they all say, “We want the world to know what went on”. I’ve got a platform for it now, and I talk about it. For me, there is no other subject, because this is the end of humanity if we allow our children to…

Collins: Children are our future, this is why we’re here, we’re here to recreate. We’re on this time, this earth, this plane for a short time, we’re here to create, and we have children…

If Wedger’s unswerving belief in SRA weren’t enough, his dedicated self-promotion and puffery, as well as his emerging status as a full-blown conspiraloon, ought to be sending up some serious red flags for anybody who cares about the well-being of survivors of abuse.

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  1. You have “He claims to have met with “one of top criminal profilers in Belgium”—we assume he is referring to Carine Hutsebaut, a “Commissioner” at the ITNJ cosplay in London, about which we’ve written fairly extensively. ” repeated…


  2. He is definitely going down the rabbithole…
    Considering the company he has been keeping, I would worry if any abuse survivor had given him anything, these people seem determined to gather peoples details and stories, yet have literally no protections in place, and many of them are actually associates of convicted predators…
    One does wonder how many of these convicted ones (and unknown/unconvicted ones) are using these to actually get the ‘lurid details’ to gratify themselves???

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  3. What a pompous puffed-up windbag he is and now that we are seeing him beginning in full stride it’s obvious he’s just another in a long line of self-appointed “whistle-blowers” who are yet to blow a whistle on anything.

    Instead they make these sweeping generalizations which is the opposite to a genuine whistle-blower who reveals actual evidence.
    To ask for donations to do this seems pretty sick to me.

    And ex-plod Mike Veale deserves everything coming to him. While innocent unless otherwise proved with his cowardly manner of resigning (which leave his generous pension intact) the allegations made by two female officers should be fully investigated as the public has a right to know and other Wiltshire coppers have a right to have their name cleared.

    I’d love to know why Wedger left the force but of course all who do have a right to privacy except when they are making sweeping generalizations and accusing others of malfeasance even if it is MI5. I suggest he may have been invited to.

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  4. Sorry if I’m overthinking this but I find it pretty disturbing that vulnerable people are turning to Wedgie as their guiding light and saviour.

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    • Yes, this is disturbing. I think of organisations like the “Fresh Start Foundation”, and individuals like Kevin Annett, who collect people’s stories not in order to help them in any way, but to exploit them for their own gain. It’s all about pushing a specific agenda, and it stinks.

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    • Piers Morgan who got the sack from a well known news paper a few years back for putting fake pictures of soldiers on the front page.

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  5. I lost part of a post. TInribs and Steved have pre-empted me stating it’s dubious whether Mr W is an appropriate person to whom survivors of abuse should turn. I don’t want any survivors of abuse who might read this page to ‘out’ by saying ‘Well I went to so and so’ themselves but surely there are genuine and trustworthy organisations to whom survivors could turn. I can’t make my mind up whether Mr W means well but is going about things the wrong way.


    • I say f*ck Jon Wedger.
      The minute he made the ludicrous claim MI5 nobbled Mike Veale is the minute this dill should be ignored.
      As with all these fanatics: their propensity to aid and comfort highly dodgy people is legendary. We’ve seen how those who promote the Hampstead hoax are not only friends with convicted pedophiles and proven child abusers they actually go out of their way to promote them.
      Belinda McKenzie even housed one who was on the run.

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  6. I’m not even saying there isn’t any satanic abuse goes on though I think it is rarer than some people would suggest.I’ve read on this board that there have been some alleged satanic abuses which did qualify as abuse though didn’t have a satanic element. When such abuse does occur it is difficult to know whether people do despicable things expecting Old NIck to manifest himself hooves, horns, tail and all or whether they just use the name as a vehicle for doing nasty things.


    • The frightening thing about bozos like Wedger is that they truly believe Satan has all these powers and that the only way anyone can obtain power is by selling their soul to him/her.
      Some of them even say The Beatles didn’t write their songs and are a manufactured tool of The Devil to seduce young people (mind you all their fans are now aged pensioners).
      They think all politicians have got where they are because they are cannibal baby abusers who are blackmailed by Beelzebub into doing something or other.

      It’s only a matter of time before they claim 788 – 790 Finchley Road is a portal to the underworld and Mephistopheles is the real landlord.
      Speaking of Pandora’s Box Nutters- has anyone heard of John Paterson lately? I wonder if he is enjoying the hospitality of HM Prisons?.

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      • Mephistopheles, I believe that was the name of the debt collection agency run by a ‘star’ Mckenzie. The other partner being a notorious paedophile.

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      • Oh, GoS, I sometimes wonder if things have become more loony in the 21st century but of course it is probably more likely that the internet is giving strange ideas a chance to flourish more widely. I’ve never been sure whether 788/790 Finchley Road is a place that sells ‘off the shelf’ companies or a firm (legal firm?) that acts as the registered address for various companies. I’ve come across a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney was replaced (I don’t believe it before people jump on me metaphorically). SOME of what David Icke says is true (mind you it’s stuff that is in the public domain) but when he goes on about the British royal family being lizards and the moon being an illusion he loses all credibility for me. Also he goes on about not having been sued but there was a Canadian man who sued him successfully.

        I imagine that most if not all of us who comment here take YouTube ‘truthers’ with a liberal grain of salt but I do have some fears in case unstable people were triggered by the loonies. Mr Trans Investigator’s channel was taken down but I saw a comment there (more fool me for looking at it – but some of the comments are the things that worry me). I may have mentioned this before but someone had made a comment about somebody should kick a pregnant celebrity’s belly (because they are convinced most female celebrities aren’t really female). What if some nutter acted on that and attacked a pregnant lady. Mind you, there is no reasoning with some people, one can try and point out that their reasoning is a syllogism – Female Celebrity X is pregnant, ‘moon bumps’ exist, ego X is faking a pregnancy with a ‘moon bump’ – you can try saying till the cows come home that I (i.e. CAW) exist, dogs exist but that doesn’t make me a dog owner but it’s to no avail.

        I won’t link (they don’t have to do with the Hampstead Hoax) but a YouTuber called Shoe0nHead did a reaction video to an offering by another YouTuber (HeatherGotRedPilled) implying that Shoe is a secret transgender. Shoe’s reaction was just funny but she provided a link to HGRP’s channel to prove it was an actual channel but asked people not to ‘troll’. However some of Shoe’s fans went over to HGRP’s channel and made disapproving remarks about her video and HGRP accused S0H of being a bully! Petty Politics also did a send-up (PP does a ‘trainwreck of the month’) about Mary40 (Australian YouTuber – she’s another one who promotes the ‘everyone famous is secretly transgender’. The Mary40 fans were all over the comments section like a rash but I thought it was funny.

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        • Careful. That way lies madness.😜 You are heading into Encyclopedia Dramatica territory!


          • I have looked at that site (ED) but only for a laugh. Although I have worried about conspiracy theory believers the existence of sites like Rational Wiki reassure me somewhat.

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      • ‘It’s only a matter of time before they claim 788 – 790 Finchley Road is a portal to the underworld and Mephistopheles is the real landlord.’

        I spit my coffee out when I read that….still laughing.

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  7. Have you noticed what has been published on Amazon by horizontal Iphone expert Anna Brees? It is a book from a survivor who these people have been interviewing under the brand Brees Media. Now colour me cynical but I think this may be why they are pursuing survivors stories to try and profit from the misery of the story they can sell rather than solve any issues regarding child abuse. There are to many desperate money grabs and publicity stunts for it to be anything other than a shoddy marketing campaign to sell some books and grow a brand.

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  8. David Icke’s James Busby attacks The SAFF few weeks back. Wedger talks ill of Hoaxtead in the same month. Odd. My conspiracy mind says its a coincidence and there is no such thing as a coincidence!

    Hoaxtead is a poisoned chalice. Once reading you turn full Satan and the only way back is to buy a Jon Wedger T-shirt and coming soon the full motion picture “Wedger – the Movie. I was a cop, but no Kojak” Seems even those that have never read Hoaxtead and ask questions of people like Jon, Andy and that circus are also Hoaxtead. Didn’t realise Hoaxtead was a gang? Is it official, you know like postcode gangs?

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  9. Thought it necessary to add my comments as i am mentioned in this blog post.

    I am not running a campaign against Mr Wedger, I just give the facts and the public can make up their own minds, I have noticed that sometimes people are blinkered and no matter how much evidence is available they will continue to support people like John Wedger.

    I am not an armchair warrior and proactively help police whistleblowers having been one myself and am still being victimised for doing so after many years.

    I have personally met Mr Wedger on 3 occasions initially to try and help him as a whistleblower and it soon became apparent that he is not a genuine whistleblower, did not want any help wishing to go solo and did not care about or show any concern for other police whistleblowers.

    He did also not seem to care about the victims he talks about and I found a nasty side to him supported by vile messages he sent to me recently.

    Reading this blog post there is mention of people picking up on discrepancies in Mr Wedger’s interviews, these are not discrepancies and down right lies. Everything he says is either false or embellished. He was not on pay for 3 years, he served 23 years not 25 years and only a small proportion of this time on child abuse.

    He has lied about Maggie Oliver’s and my own case to try and bolster his own case.

    When he was of sick he was swinging the lead including healing victims at his home address apparently by touching their hands.

    He had nothing to do with SRA until recently when being followed on Facebook for those in that field.

    I know his promoter Anna Brees as I did one of her mobile video courses along with another volunteer organisation.

    She was a nice lady but I feel was a bit naive having undertaken Jon Wedger as her first project having returned to work after being away from work for a long time having had children.

    She has too much invested including her reputation to withdraw.

    At the end of the day it call comes down to money, Wedger is a good source of clients including for a former officer Rick Pendlebury who runs a new criminal defence company.

    Rick seems to be now sucking up to Jon Wedger when he previously was against him following issues that arose from the now well known Manchester whistleblowers meeting which was hijacked by Jon Wedger.

    Jon informed me that he acted at work in the same aggressive way that his friend Bill Maloney acted because it got results and his bosses could not deal with him.

    He was refused an ill health pension and went to a Police medicals Appeal Board where he informed me that he threw a chair at a doctor who ran out of the room.

    He is a good actor but he is not what we would consider a genuine police whistleblower, he is in it for himself and will continue to act up so long as people are blowing smoke up his ar** and burying their heads in the sand.

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    • Hello PoliceSupportUK. I know you aren’t running a campaign, but you have posted a couple of not 100% supportive articles. You aren’t the only non-Hoaxteader with concerns by any means.

      I have serious concersns about his behaviour while off sick, but still employed as a police officer. He was in communication with Plymouth Studio in a shed bloke. He somehow got hold of Ella’s list which was the class list that parents pass round to arrange play dates and meet ups down the pub. Ella Draper read this out later on accusing them all of killing and raping babies. Jon Wedger “Nathan Numnuts” forwarded this to professional standards (AFAIK and based in Empress State). No problems with that. BUT! Brian Gerrish then claimed a police officer had been warned off. Fast forward a few years and Jon Wedger claims he was warned off. I mean, for fuck’s sake, he was off sick and getting involved in a police investigation, I would expect him to be told to back off. Imagine JW having to go to court? Muppet.

      There is also a weird thing that Brian Harvey claimed. He claimed JW used a key to let them into a block of flats and record on the roof. If JW used a **** key to get into a block of flats he had no business being in I think that is disgusting.

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    • I read your article and thought it extremely fair and non-judgemental in that you laid out the facts and pointed out important discrepancies that need answering when someone, Mr Wedger in this case, is on a “crusade”.
      In fact I cannot see any reason Jon Wedger won’t speak to you as there are matters he needs to clear up.

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    • “He is a good actor but he is not what we would consider a genuine police whistleblower….and will continue to act up”.
      Aha..did I not say so!. (editor- you’ve already done’re fired)

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  10. Rape of a child is lucrative? Clearly all the actual pedophiles I read about are doing it wrong.
    Sorry to see the whackaloons that side of the Atlantic are as bad as the ones here in the US.

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    • Yes, our whackaloons are top-notch. World-class, even. And yes, the business about child rape being lucrative was apparently plucked from Wedger’s nether regions.


  11. Maybe it’s just me, but Wedger seems far too THICK to have been a detective police sergeant – or even a bobby – but perhaps he may just have scraped by as a traffic warden (no offence to traffic wardens) if he is able to write some numbers and big letters (in ink – not crayon).

    Talking of coppers, whatever happened to that ‘Ray’ or ‘Roy’ the ex-copper from Sussex who ran a caravan park and seemed to have an unhealthy interest in SRA stuff and kidnapping children? He seems to have disappeared.

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    • Of course it does. Meanwhile you are the genius who can talk for hours about the lizard people, aliens and clones. I’m so impressed with your ability to rabbit on for hours about sod all….I know I couldn’t do it.

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    • Soulless Hive Minds? I heard them once at the Brixton Academy as the support band at a Sex Gang Children concert.

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      • I humped* the Sex Gang Children in 1983.

        * I would like to point out that humped in this context refers to who transferring a band’s equipment from their vehicular transport to the stage and then back again at the end of the gig! 🤣

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