Who’s left on Team Hoaxtead?

One aspect which surprised us during Sabine McNeill’s trial in November–December 2018 was the relative scarcity of Hampstead SRA hoax promoters who turned out to support the defendant.

In the lead-up to the trial, Wesley Hall (from a safe distance in Spain) urged people to attend via his “Free Sabine” Facebook page, which attracted a respectable number of “likes”:

And yet, during the four-week trial the public gallery was never filled to capacity. By the final day of the trial, Sabine sat alone in the dock while the jury’s foreperson read out the verdicts. Not a single supporter was present—not even Belinda’s loyal sidekick Mary Rooney, who’d managed to attend nearly every day.

Compare this to Neelu and Sabine’s witness intimidation trial in July 2016, when seats in the public gallery had to be apportioned to supporters on each side of the Hoaxtead fence, and the crowds grew, rather than shrank, over the course of the trial.

By that trial’s grand finale, which involved (among many other signs and wonders) a grown-ass solicitor screaming, “They’re killing babies in Hampstead!” and telling the judge, “No, you shut up!” before storming out of the court, seats in the public gallery were hard to come by, and people had to take it in turns to come in and watch the show. Er, proceedings.

So if trial attendance is anything to go by, we think it’s fair to say that Hoaxteadian foot soldiers are thin on the ground these days.

As for the leadership…let’s put it this way: you know your hoax is in dire straits when the last “leader” left standing is Angela Power-Disney.

Yes, it seems that after four years of attempting to claw her way to the top of the Hoaxtead dung heap (dung being quite slippery when fresh), Angela has finally attained her highest calling in life: she’s in charge of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, where she now has the authoritah to bark out orders to such hoaxer luminaries as Paul Rogers/Eddie Isok and his bumbling team of certified eejits, “J3zus”, using the Facebook page of his girlfriend Nattalie Stubbs Bradshaw.

There’s Cat Snot, of course, though lately she seems to be consumed with wreaking vengeance on her former besties at the Fresh Start Foundation. However, her capacity for venom and spite should not be misunderestimated (pace George Dubya), and it may well be that we’ll be treated to another fine Hoaxteader pagga when she and Angela have their inevitable falling out.

We mustn’t forget Andy Devine and his various attendants and appendages, though as a group they seem easily distracted by things such as King John Wanoa and his free energy grift—explained here by HR regular commenter Smut Clyde—not to mention the alleged goings-on at 788–790 Finchley Road, whatever they may be.

(No one has been able to explain the Finchley Road thing to us in any way that even remotely makes sense, other than to accuse EC of being somehow involved, because why the hell not? If anyone can come up with a coherent explanation, or even an entertaining one, we’d be happy to hear it.)

But the bottom line is that whereas the Hampstead SRA hoax was a rudderless ship last year, with Sabine on remand in prison and Belinda McKenzie whistling under her breath while remaining studiously low-key about all that Satanic child abuse nastiness, it has now become a rudderless ship caught up in a roiling vortex of incompetence and tomfoolery, headed (sort of) by a woman driven by (in her own words) her quest for “supply” which drives her to create unceasing dramaz in order to “feel alive”.

What does this mean for us? Good question. It’s entirely possible that we may be moving into this hoax’s end game, though we probably shouldn’t say that too loudly, lest we tempt fate.

Photo by Gladson Xavier on Pexels.com

123 thoughts on “Who’s left on Team Hoaxtead?

  1. Great analysis, EC 🙂

    Angela’s rise to the top – if indeed that’s what it is – is akin to Tony Montana’s in Scarface, I reckon. Full of bumps and hitches and destined to fail. Bolivian drug barons Eddieisacock and Andy Devine may be handy allies now but when Angela eventually (and let’s face it, inevitably) pisses them off, things could get nasty!

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  2. I iz gonna reel in all the yellowvest peeples to luv Abe for muh entertainments.

    Seriously, if that happens, they are watched and photographed like hawks, so others are willing and able to take up that yoke.

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  3. Don’t worry about Cat Scot, EC – she’s way too busy with her sex change and getting all butt-hurt over people reading her publicly viewable fake Facebook page after a year of not-at-all-hypocritically posting innocent people’s phone numbers and email addresses and names and photos of their family members. Bless


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  4. Okay so the Gordon Bowden thing, short answer, stupid, long answer too stupid to realise that people getting off the shelf companies from the same place doesn’t link them except for the link that is their use of a specialist company formation agent.

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    • Right, I’d gathered that. I think “stupid” might be the correct answer to “why in the world (except possibly for reasons of geographic proximity) do they think this has anything to do with the Hampstead hoax?”, as well.

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    • I thought Bowden’s main point was the famous people are involved in illegal companies.

      Challenge to Mr Bowden. Show us (or point out) the research that proves famous people (politicians etc) are linked to illegal companies? If you can, you might even find some allies on this side of the fence!

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      • There is nothing inside his Pandora’s Box. Some people might have dodgy companies, famous or not. Why on Earth that implicates anyone else who used the same prolific company formation agent I have no idea. His gripe seems to be that his wife got scammed, so all companies are scams. Apparently it is soooper dodge to wind up your companies even with no debts. Soooper dodgy to be linked to someone through directorships, who is linked to someone else who is part of the establishment. Also THE JEWS DID IT ALL, or is it the Rothschild family? I can’t get to the bottom of it.

        I have seen MSM and independent articles on U.K. company law. I wouldn’t claim all is OK.

        I remember reading something recently that had echoes of what Gordon Bowden claims but wasn’t utterly barmy and anti-Semitic. Wish I bookmarked it (; useful for a compare and contrast,

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        • But I can ask him! Mr B – we’d like evidence please. If it’s good evidence I’ll stand up and be counted. I’ll even go and see my Member of Parliament.
          Meanwhile, I’m not holding my breath.

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  5. As far as I can see from Gordon Bowden’s “evidence” (dozens of folders with little substance) Finchley Road was just another “accommodation” address and office to use when you buy a shelf company and need a legitimate street address. There are dozens of them everywhere.

    Bowden says his new partner was ripped off for over £50,000 in some dodgy share scheme and that’s how he came to “investigate” Finchley Road. She has my sympathy as I hate con-artists who usually are sociopaths who don’t give a stuff for their victims.

    But there is a Big Problem here. To a man and woman This Mob celebrate the convicted forger Andrea Davison and blindly accept her fabrications that she is an “ex-spy” and had contact with Tony Blair. Davison used to wave a letter from No 10 around- but it’s the oldest trick in the book. I once had a late pal who wrote a book on meditations for children and I suggested she send a copy to the Palace as they always respond even with just a form letter but to her delight she received a hand-written note by the late Princess Diana warmly thanking her (Publicity Manual #101).

    Sadly for Mr Bowden and missus they are classic sting victims and I assume some crook used (along with 100s of legitimate businesses) Finchley Road as a lawful address.

    Davison ran her own crooked accommodation address in Wales and was able to steal 100s of documents that way. This sadly shows how easy it is for a grifter like Andrea Davison to not only con the gullible (who need protections under law- from themselves). My old retired PI pal says he remembers Davison from the 70s when she was part of an expert shoplifting gang and narrowly avoided arrest in the Great Franking Machine Scandal (whereby 2 postal workers and 4 others creamed off about £1M- eventually jailed for long terms). Davison apparently is a brilliant forger and created documents so the gang could open bank accounts and…was a pal of then young man by the name of Chris Fay who (entirely co-incidentally) was busted doing likewise for ..a Boiler Room gang selling fake shares.

    So in some ways I have sympathy for Bowden etc. Apparently according to Aust. Federal Police 100,000s of pensioners etc still get caught in Oz alone by these fraudsters who rake in £Multi-Millions (mostly now based in Bangkok). Yet the conundrum here is that – and don’t we find this with the Hampstead Hoax- so many of the promoters actively support the real crooks, child abusers or fantasists?

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    • Mr Bowden knows about accommodation addresses because his company ‘Pandoras Box Investigations Ltd’ is registered from one in Derby. The thing that jumps out at me from his website is there’s no clear explanation of how he links famous names to the Finchley Road address, at least no explanation that’s clear or obvious. There’s no explanation of how pension funds etc are being raided and money disappearing via Finchley Road.
      If there IS evidence of this I’d genuinely like to see it.
      Perhaps he could point this out so it’s more understandable.
      A flowchart would be useful.
      Otherwise, his research is just a load of files and the reader is left to figure it all out for themselves. So far my ‘figuring out’ has come to nothing. Maybe I’m too thick to see it!

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      • Spot on Shirl. I think Gordon has researched loads and loads of companies listed there and because many may have well known or powerful names as directors he’s put 2 + 2 together to come up with a Grand Conspiracy.

        It’s perfectly normal in business to open and close small ‘shelf’ companies for a variety of reasons, tax & so on. Making movies for instance involves numerous small companies opened for that one production for all sorts of reasons. I’ve another pal who just retired as Transport Captain on many small and huge budget films & TV series and with each one he opened a new company because film financing is so complicated and can be governed by laws in several countries which are extremely strict as the poor late Patrick Cullinane discovered when Her Maj’s Tax cracked down on film rorts in the late 70s. Some of those small companies remain open because he may be on a tiny percentage that trickles in and others he closes.

        Bowden presents no concrete evidence, just supposition that somehow because many well known names have been directors of defunct companies yet he couldn’t possibly know the financial details of any of those companies as he would have no access to their records and it takes a very clever forensic accountant to spot real frauds and he’s not one.

        It also indicates how those who promote the Finchley Road rubbish have little experience in life generally and I reckon wouldn’t be capable of running a corner store (yes you John Paterson and Andy Devine). And the notion any real media company would turn down genuine evidence of organized fraud ( Hello ! Panama Papers ?) is ridiculous but it suits these conspiracy merchants to claim the Deep State or Establishment have forced the BBC to ignore Tick Tock Devine.

        ## the fact this was dictated to me by a representative of George Soros ‘Open Society’ at gunpoint is purely co-incidental. They said they just wanted to talk to me about some missing mops from the Broom Closet at GCHQ.

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  6. There’s Cat Snot, of course, though lately she seems to be consumed with wreaking vengeance on her former besties at the Fresh Start Foundation.

    Scottish Garbage Lady seems to organise her life using the heuristic that anyone more successful and better-known than herself must therefore be crims of some kind. Hence her belated acceptance that ITNJ is purely fraudulent, as soon as she realised that it is getting more attention than herself, and the same with the Fresh Stoundation.

    There is the corollary that if someone has not yet been condemned by Cat Scot as pedophiles, they must be even more of a loser than herself. APD take note.

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  7. Gawd help us if Andy Devine ever does become Hoaxteader-in-Chief. Slander and abuse I can handle but this guy would simply bore us to death.

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    • A good example of how This Mob incorporates their own fantasies into just about anything they seize upon. APD has posted a video of Judge Judy (she of “put all drug addicts against a wall and shoot them”) advocating TV camera for trials & actions in courts yet she never mentions family court matters which should always, and do in most countries, consider children’s right not to be permanently identified with actions that are never their own fault but disputes between adults.
      Personally I disagree. It may work in the USA where people tend to be more ‘loud’ and open in their manners but I can see Brits being very intimidated by the fact cameras are on them recording them for the general public’s amusement. However it would probably be a good idea if cases were filmed for posterity in the way transcripts are recorded and only made available for specific reasons.

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      • Stenographers do record what is said during important trials, many smaller courts have recording equipment, family courts should never be public in my opinion for the protection of children, but there is an argument for publishing anonymised judgments to give more transparency as to why judges make certain decisions, this would stop the conspiracy theorists making up their own analysis, It does happen in some cases with judges consent but should be widened out, especially in cases where children are removed permanently, it is always a complicated and lengthy process and a written judgement would explain the reasons for that

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      • Of course APD misses the point. Judge Judy is arbitration, not a court, and has no standing as part of the judicial process other than both parties have signed a legal contract that they are bound by her ruling and cannot take the matter to another court afterwards.

        (Witnesses are paid appearance money, as well as hotel and travel expenses and all cash awards are paid by the show – which explains why people are prepared to be publicly humiliated in exchange for not having to pay up!)

        The use of cameras in US court cases is often overstated. In Federal cases, it is still in effect banned for criminal proceedings and in all cases only with a ruling from a judge. There is no “right” to a televised trial.

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        • Not too far removed from Jerry Springer actually.
          Occasionally a judge in Australia will let cameras into a court but only ever to film the judge issuing a verdict when they think it is important such as in a high profile murder.

          These loonies just want cameras so they can re-post stuff on youtube as they all think they are investigators because they look at something other than cat videos.

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  8. One of Devines’s creepy mates:

    This is the offending comment, that she posted on Devine’s page:

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    • This scruffy goose Tick Tock Devine who rabbits for hours from some obscure Greek village actually thinks someone who comes on to his live feed, probably to tease him, must be a “paid government agent” (or even worse- a Freemason).
      I mean honestly, in which bloody universe would it be where a MI5/6/Mossad/CIA /GCHQ etc government mandarin sanction a staffer to go and troll a frigging nutcase on his Facebook page?.
      Talk about having a tickets on himself.
      WTF-And he’s claiming Sharia Law is “not coming back to England”. I can’t recall it ever arriving or leaving.
      Did someone say his family were worried about his mental health? I think they have good reason to be. Looking back at his old photos from some years ago he appears quite together but since then he’s degenerated into a scruffy loon ranting on for hours on end.
      I mean I can think of a lot better things to do in Greece than rant to a bunch of like-minded loons for 3 hours who all agree with his gobbledygook that somehow the bunch of them are going to re-arrange civilization when in reality I reckon most of them would have trouble getting the top off a bottle of Ouzo.

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  9. Angie’s been on again 🙄

    She introduces herself as “Angie the plastic Paddy” and it goes downhill from there.

    I can’t vouch for how much of what she says about Anna Kanavagh is/isn’t true, btw.

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  10. Great post EC I would like to point out although Sabine didn’t have many people attending her trial in November the people that did attend issued a lot of difference threats. So it seems the people that are left pushing this hoax are the ones that are willing to threaten anyone That disagree with them. They are also willing to turn up to court to intimidate people. I don’t know what it was like in the last court case with Sabine and neelu but I don’t remember you posting any Death threats issued to any of the people involved.

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    • No, it wasn’t death threats last time, just general insanity. Though the other side were caught numerous times taking photos and videos in the court precinct.

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  11. Did fishy Pike learn his trade from APD or did APD learn her trade from fishy Pike!
    Which came first, the hen or the egg, is APD the hen or the egg, is fishy Pike the egg or the hen.
    Shit, I’m sounding like Devine! Arrraghhh!


  12. @ Smut Clyde. I like your long essays. I like the images you choose almost more than what you write, I really don’t have any idea what the science articles are about half the time, and I was once upon a time, in another timeline, a lab tech.


    • Many thanks!
      I would never have heard of John Wanoa if it weren’t for the Hoaxtead commentariat.


    • Spends the first half banging on about how he’s been taking time out for the last few weeks to chill… then towards the end rants about people who keep putting off joining the fight, yells “The time is now” and tells everyone they need a kick up the arse to get them to spring into action! 😆


  13. Just in case people here don’t know

    I found the following youtube channel by clicking on a comment praising Adolf Hitler on another video
    Interesting channel, full of very short conspiraloon videos in sepia tint, including, 3 weeks ago, videos of the Hampstead children.

    Re the the concept of “team Hoaxtead”; unfortunately, as this blog page demonstrates, as soon as the UK hoax promoters end up in jail the promotion of the hoax will simply intensify in territories in which SRA hoaxes are used for political purposes.

    The current POTUS was elected following a massive SRA hoax against his opponent. His supporters continue to promote SRA hoaxes as a way of stoking up hatred of various minorities and of the political left. I cannot see how the Hampstead hoax will stop until the current political situation changes dramatically.


  14. Half a ton scams and lies,
    Accusing innocent people.
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop! goes the Weasel.

    Every night when Weasel goes out,
    The drugs are on the table,
    Take a spliff and light it up,
    Pop! goes the Weasel.

    Up and down the internet,
    Rabbit holes shitty and faecal,
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop goes the Weasel.

    You’re welcome 🙂

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  15. The above linked youtube channel seems very focussed on anti-abortion.

    In this short video someone (who is this person?) claims that abortionists are satanists


    • Seeing their number of views rage from 1 to 3 to zero I don’t think we need to worry too much (ie: alert GCHQ there will be no budget to troll this fruitcake).
      What’s with the sepia? Weird.
      And like so many they seize upon video from a down-market Aussie tabloid TV show about “satanist orgies” from the late 70s which has been debunked time and time again with the lady interviewed eventually saying she did it for a laugh and realised the more sensational her claims were the more the production company promised to pay her.

      I really believe eventually these nutters will pick up movies like The Lost Boys and Peter Pan and claim they are documentaries about “pedophile rings”.

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      • Sam

        The titles of the videos are mostly one word titles that appear to be notes to the channel owner rather than titles to drive traffic to the youtube channel. The videos of the children are not titled “Hampstead Hoax” or “whistleblower Kids” or anything similar.

        I do not think that we were intended to discover the channel, it was only the Hitler comment that lead me to it, and because I recognised a still of one of the children I knew what it was.

        It appears to me to be likely that the very short videos, all in sepia, are being prepared to be displayed on a conspiracy site / blog where, contrary to the usual conspiraloon MO, there will be some consistency of style.

        I believe that the youtube channel is worth keeping an eye on because it appears to be something in development that we are not meant to know about. It may be a site / blog for political / social engineering purposes, or just a scammy to generate revenue from child abuse.

        I would be interested to see what website / blog will be displaying the videos and to study the narratives surrounding them.

        We can delegate the job of watching the channel to the office cat who only demands the occasional cat treats and gin for payment 😉


  16. I try to read all your posts but you are a blogging machine and I struggle to keepup. I would like to assure you of one thing: The King Who Rules over Heaven has Power over all living creatures. He has witnessed all things. No one has ever fooled him or mocked him without regret. He holds eternity in his hands and is providing for you and many others to come home and become real again. You are loved. You are a great leader with many followers. Lead them wisely to safety. Sharing is Kareng.


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