Maggie Oliver and the conspiracy crew?

In yesterday’s Comments section, some of our readers were discussing the recent “police whistle-blowers'” meeting which took place last week in Manchester.

In attendance at the conference were people like Jon Wedger, the ex-MET officer who claims he was harassed out of his job for being too diligent in his pursuit of a paedophile ring; Maggie Oliver, who resigned her position as detective constable with the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) claiming that the force had failed the victims of the Rochdale sex grooming scandal, and…Robert Green?

Mr Wedger, who we last saw wandering along a canal pathway  with Bill Maloney, discussing his belief in the RAINS shit-list of alleged paedophiles infamously compiled by Dr Joan Coleman in the early 1990s, introduced Robert thus:

Let me introduce our first civilian of the evening, we’ve got Robert Green, and Robert come to prominence…a few years ago because he’d exposed a child prostitution ring that involved special needs Down syndrome children, and for the fruits of his honesty and integrity, he was banged up in prison! 

So Robert, if you could tell us really, your story’s quite well known, but…in essence, what did they end up doing to you?

We strongly suspect that the innocent victims of Robert Green’s hate campaign might take issue with Mr Wedger’s description.

In fact, following Robert’s 2012 conviction, a Crown Office spokesperson said,

This was a serious matter involving the publication of offensive and alarming allegations which had a significant impact on the people who were the subject of the material George Robert Green published.

Following a trial on summary complaint, Green was convicted of breach of the peace and breaches of bail. Sentencing is a matter for the court.

Much like the harassed and defamed families of Hampstead, Robert Green’s victims were attacked out of the blue, and had to endure years of abuse from those who supported Anne Greig’s bizarre allegations.

It’s hard to believe that Mr Wedger, who recently said that he and notorious conspiranoid Maloney have been friends for about seven years, and who is also pals with Brian Gerrish, would be unaware that his friends promote conspiracy theories such as the Hollie Greig hoax. As a police officer, we’d have expected him to have the judgement to separate ludicrous, ungrounded fantasy from real, verifiable evidence.

Similarly, we’ve been dismayed to see a woman many of us consider a real-life heroine hitching her wagon to this shameless parade of conspiracy spinners.

Maggie Oliver, known best for having taken an ethical stance in favour of the young female victims of grooming in the Rochdale case, has been popping up quite regularly in the company of Mr Wedger et al, from the party at the end of his canal walk earlier this year to last week’s “police whistle-blowers” gathering.

We understand that Ms Oliver expressed support for Mr Wedger when he left the MET in  2016. It seems natural that an affinity might form between two police officers who felt that their forces had let down both them and those they’d tried to help.

However, it seems that Mr Wedger has chosen a very different path. He has been waging a publicity campaign of late, and attempting to raise money through various means, such as his “I Stand with Jon Wedger” whistle-blower-wear page.

Yes, you too can own your very own Jon “Puppy-eyes” Wedger coffee mug or t-shirt, for the low, low price….

We don’t know whether Maggie Oliver fully understands the reputation of this crowd, but it seems very unlikely that befriending them will do anything to enhance her own image, nor to promote the values which she stands for. This would be a real pity, as the world really does need more people who are willing to stand up and speak out for the vulnerable and the disenfranchised. We hope she will quickly learn to tell the difference between real whistle-blowers and the sham variety. Rochdale-abuse-Maggie-Oliver

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    • Robert you neglected to tell people you were banned from Aberdeen because you sent letters to people’s neighbours saying they were living next door to paedophiles. You also neglected to tell people at your last trial you pled guilty. When you were in court in Edinburgh the judge gave you six months to come up with any evidence, you had none. So if Robert was economical with the truth, is there things Mr Wedger is not telling us too. I believe there is going to be people in the near future that’s going to come out about Dolphin Square and Elms Guesthouse being totally fake. Fay tried to back track by saying he didn’t want the list to go public, why was that? Was it because some ones own hand writing

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    • Extortionate prices and I don’t trust where the money is going. The people involved in ‘helping’, don’t, havn’t and in fact have inflicted great harm on many…….. Jon cannot not know, imho and that then, means in the Police he may be spinning a story, it’s hard to believe him, now. Because of Maggies alliegance with him in those earlier press reports, alot of us were interested and willing to support him, but cannot now, has Maggie been kept in a bubble, maybe she doesn’t read much of what goes on, online ? Maybe she is clueless to the intense harm of those that Jon has attached to and their tentacles that are global… They’ve been ready to re start another round of the hollie hoax, for ages, the hampstead one was failing ages ago, tho recently Lift the Vile attempted to raise it again, the shabby comments from hollie justice whatever it is, and Angela Power Disney as well as all who are talking as if it is true and using descriptive language the same way they all do and Jon Wedger certainly does here, as did the battle bus? was it, guys, The links I found on the Barthnotes blog, which was very succinct and informative.

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      • If there were something on the site which told us exactly which legitimate charity benefitting children the profits would be used for, I think I might be less inclined to think that this was all just a giant scam.

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  1. Who were the special needs Down’s syndrome children Mr Wedger? no mention of Mr Green’s nomination for a Nobell Peace Prize then? Has he not done any checks into these peoples back grounds. You do far better to investigate a School that is right next door to you that has real victims, of abuse, you know the one, where a teacher was suspended twice, then sacked for inappropriate behaviour with the children, and when the parents complained they were threatened with letters, some saying, we know where your children are, we know what they do. The same teacher was later paid off by the school. A school that has carried out years of abuse. Encouraged bullying, and many teachers had relationships with former students, some even Married. Fortunately the school is now closed, but there are many victims left behind.

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    • Thankyou for that reminder, not that I know which school you mean, but I have come across so many within tight groups, who have shared at this level ………. He claimed the other day that Chris Fay had been charged, but didn’t mention it again…….that was on CCN……… So Jon, is that even true ? And if it is, then why are others, playing Brian, to speak out more, now……… it could or would be contempt, so have you informed him in a respectful, decent to help him kind of manner ? Or is he still up for throwing under the bus, like many of us believe has been done with Melanie Shaw by the vultures that you associate with.
      I hope Maggie sees this and will contact me. I can put her in touch with others who can tell her alot about Brenda Mumsy McNamara, which in no way demonstrates that whe was supporting survivors…… Lee Jesson, knows a lot and also was recieving messages from David Scott of Fresh Start Foundation, if anyone appeared in the group, probably with some truth to expose the Hollie hoax or what was already known about the likes of Wesley Hall, Malcolm Blackman, etc………… Lee was warned that they were either paedos or social workers, spying or lurking……….. Brenda did the same….. Lees event was also hijacked in 2014. HIs own case completed recently and the perp got 22yrs………. Lee is an extremely strong guy, gone through so much and he and the other witnesses are real whistleblowers, sadly some struggling, so in need of support, now, so long overdue and so much has it taken from some of them to push forward to bring justice………
      So was it true or not ? Has Chris Fay been charged…and why did you purposely mispell his name ?

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      • It’s a Rudoph Steiner School in Kings Langley, many people believe it is a Cult. There are many safeguarding issues at these schools, they tend not to do DBS checks on any staff. Aberdeen Steiner school closed down. There was a teacher there who was a paedophile, the school desperately tried to cover it up.

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      • Thanks Sheva

        This video immediately starts to address what is, in my opinion, the number one burning question in relation to why seemingly good cops end up associating with dubious, often criminal, conspiracy theorists.

        Seems to me that both Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver worked on extremely stressful and disturbing criminal cases that would cause most people in their position to feel extremely distressed and very likely traumatised.

        The question is, what kind of support did they receive and what kind of therapists did they turn to for help?

        Therapists have immense power and can very easily influence their clients.

        In the video above Jon Wedger is conversing with an interesting “therapist” a Ms Jo Lomax.

        Her FB page Mesmermorphosis Hypnotherapy & EFT is here

        Jo Lomax’s CCN channel Reclaiming Perception is here

        In this video Jo Lomax discusses “using EFT to heal from trauma based mind control” with a Mr Jay Parker.

        According to the text below the video
        “Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational satanic worshiping family and he is a survivor of trauma based mind control. This is a practice that is intentionally designed to traumatise children with a plan to fragment the mind of the child to enable to control the adult. The practice of trauma includes severe sexual abuse from a very young age and this causes the synapses to be rewired from their natural order. This causes different chemicals to be released from the brain to deal with the trauma. This control includes creating the next generation of abusers to continue the family tradition of ritual abuse and satanic worship and controlled slave.

        In previous interviews Jay has outlined his family history stating that his father, his grandfather and his mother were in in the Illuminate and his family was associated with them since the 1700’s. The Illuminate goes back all the way to Babylon – known as the old religion.

        Jay provides a very powerful explanation how he used EFT to undo / heal the programming from the trauma based mind control. As therapist who uses EFT to get wonderful results I am particularly interested in the process that Jay used to tackle his emotional pain and to break down how we can really educate other survivors of extreme trauma to use this for themselves.

        What a brave soul Jay is to speak of the unspeakable to ensure that every day people can see that this is really going on with the intention of making it stop whilst working towards getting people to stand up to these atrocities. It’s an uncomfortable subject but the light needs to be shined on this.”

        It is no surprise to anyone here that Jon Wedger associated with quacks, paedophile apologists and conspiraloons. I am now wondering, naturally, whether Maggie Oliver has made similarly unwise choices and what kind of therapeutic help she might have sought during and after her police career.

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        • I think Lomax is a regular on Mel Ve’s CCN fake news channel and she spoke at that SRA conference in London back in September:

          “…Jo Lomax, a Hull-based hypnotherapist who has a number of YouTube videos in which she holds Skype interviews with figures who are part of the conspiracy milieu. Her material also forms part of a website called the ‘Conscious Consumer Network…”

          ~ Barth’s Notes

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          • Thanks TOT
            It is interesting that she had been mentioned here before. One of the many dodgy hypnotherapists that crop up with depressing regularity around troofers and SRA conspiraloons.
            I also took a brief look around CCN and its various channels – what a load of old toilet!
            I have stuff to do today but I could easily spend all day there checking out the various indicators of grifts, scams and propaganda. I did not have high expectations but I had not realised just how bad is is.

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          • …And even they kicked Angela out on her arse! Seriously, how unhinged must someone be when even CCN think you’re too much of a loon to keep broadcasting? 😂

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        • oops
          got my links mixed up there
          The Jay Parker video is here,

          the video that shows on my above post is I think that first one on Jo Lomax’s CCN channel Reclaiming Perception

          Not for the 1st time do I wish that there was an option for editing posts here

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          • this is getting silly

            I just posted the URL into a new window and got the Jay Parker interview but when I post it here I get a different video – no idea what is going on but can anyone help?


          • The reason it’s displaying the wrong thing is because you’re posting the URL of the playlist, not the individual video. Hope that helps.


          • thanks TOT
            That is what I though but, as I said before, I just posted the url into a new window and got the Jay Parker video
            posted it here and got the same video as before
            I’m giving up for now, hopefully EC can edit at some point as I’m giving up the bill to live lol


          • Yes, that’s right. No matter what video you’re on, if you post the URL of the playlist, the thumbnail will always show the first video in the playlist, though the link will lead to whatever video was playing at the time.

            PS: TOT?


          • Jay Parker

            tests a theory

            it ‘should’ go to the Jay video if it doesnt I suspect that there is a setiing on CCN that allows them to take you back to their list no matter what the video link is

            tries with a different video to test

            Mel Ve video


          • A different approach, tried using the ‘copy video url at current time” right click option


          • Seems no matter what you do, it takes you to the first video on their list, regardless of the video url you pasted in


          • Steve, to reiterate what I told SH, that’s because you’ve been posting the link to the playlist, not an individual video! If you link a playlist, the first video will always show by default.


          • Tinribs

            apologies, I mistook you for The Office Tapir in my confusion regarding the video

            Also I definitely linked to the correct video as I opened a new window and posted the link and the correct video came up. It just doesn’t work here.


          • Hi SH

            I checked the URL. You definitely linked the playlist.If you look at the thumbnail, it says “1/66” in the top left corner and if you click on the link you can see “watch?list” in the URL:

            Assuming this is the Jay Parker video you mean, this is the correct link:


        • We originally identified Jon Wedger via his listing on this website: The site bills itself as an “Umbrella Organisation for Spiritual Healing Associations”.

          Why would Jon Wedger have set himself up in business as a “spiritual healer”? And does this have anything do to with his wide-eyed acceptance of Joan Coleman’s “RAINS list”? Questions remain to be answered.

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          • The HPIA website is run by a Christian spiritualist Ray E Williams who also runs another website that has a list of spiritualist churches

            It also offers training and insurance to “healers” and various other new age / alternative practitioners



            Some of the healing methodologies listed under the insurance bands (higher rates depending on the degree of bodily contact?) originated in cults and the human potential movement.

            They include

            Autogenics (aka autogenic therapy) as originally promoted and delivered in the UK by husband and wife team Vera Diamond and Malcolm Carruthers. Readers familiar with the history of the satanic panic will know that Vera Diamond was one of the central promoters of the panic in the UK. They may not be aware that Diamond and Carruthers delivered autogenic training to senior police officers in the “Dirty Squad” as reported by Michael Hames in his book of the same name.

            Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping) a quack therapy combining hypnosis, trance induction and tapping meridian points. Many practitioners claim that this “therapy” liberates traumatic memories that are trapped in the body and unavailable to cognitive processing prior to release. Often used by “tantric” healers and followers of Osho / Bhagwan Rajneesh and highly likely to generate false memories of childhood abuse

            Rune Stones – a method of divination favoured by new age enthusiasts with a fondness for far right political movements (in my personal experience)

            I could be here all day, but the list of “therapies” is long and full of new age woo woo.

            This link is a great find and goes a long way to identifying some of the facts in Wedger’s uncritical acceptance of fantastical narratives regarding SRA.


          • Mr Williams also offers counselling skills training

            “To become ‘ skilled ‘ at helping people the Association offers counselling courses which include bereavement and loss. The course takes approximately six months,which is made up of two weekends plus one-day classroom attendance with follow up work such as assignments and case studies which are marked by the course tutor.

            A successful pass mark allows the Healer to become a Healer – Counsellor and a certificate is awarded to the individual.”

            more here


            Not exactly what anyone would call a rigorous training. No surprise really though, and shows just how easy it is for anyone to get a counselling qualification, albeit a meaningless one.


    • I do know the school you mean, and yes, it would have been a very worthy place to investigate, if the reports I’m hearing are correct. When a school not only fails its Ofsted inspections over and over again, but seems determined to maintain the status quo, one wonders exactly what is happening. And I believe that school was practically in Mr Wedger’s back garden. Hmm.

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  2. [carried over from previous comments]
    @surreal hustle & @sheva – I’m delighted by comments from both of you, wherein you provided thoughtful and careful descriptions of ritualized abusive behaviour – or ritualized abuse, for ‘shorthand’. i.e., “making [sexual abuse] into a ritual by following a repetitive pattern of actions or behavior”.
    (The term “ritual” in the previous sentence meaning a repetitive pattern of actions or behavior, which is NOT also a formal, codified rite or ceremony).

    You both used the term “ritualistic”, rather than “ritualized”, which is an accepted modern usage of “ritualistic”.

    I’m really not a language fascist, but I think there are important reasons for people like us to intentionally employ “ritualized” rather than ritualistic in public discussions – and which I would ask you to consider.
    “Ritualistic” has developed dual meanings over time – originally, strictly 1) “relating to or characteristic of rituals followed as part of a religious or solemn ceremony” – but over time acquiring a secondary meaning through common usage 2) “invariably performed in the same way”.

    When ritualistic is used to describe a ritualized, repetitive pattern of behaviour, some people will (mistakenly or intentionally) misunderstand us to be saying “characteristic of a religious rite or ceremony” instead, or simply fail to comprehend that those two things are not inherently one and the same. I say “ritualistic” CSA – meaning sexual abuse made into a ritual by the obsessive, repetitive pattern of behaviour involved – and some will hear me say sexual abuse involving characteristics of a rite or ceremony. I’m really talking about the well documented phenomenon of obsessive-compulsive sexual behaviour, but they hear me endorsing the speculative concept of sexually abusing children during the course of a rite or ceremony for some purpose OTHER THAN satisfying a perverted sexual lust. Such as…oh, I don’t know…turning them into satan’s personal sex slave perhaps?

    [Ritualized behaviour is a very important concept in several fields. You can find this discussed in mind-numbing scientific detail, here: ]

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    • Justin

      Sometime the sexual abuse of children and adults is “characteristic of a religious rite or ceremony”.

      Usually the religious rites and ceremonies have certain features, but not always. New age, culturally appropriated, fake ceremonies are a massive source of concern to me.

      I was involved in the fringes of the UK neo-pagan scene for a while and while, for the most part, people involved are not abusive, it cannot be denied that there is a pattern of serious abuses against vulnerable adults and children among some new age movements. I heard first hand accounts of the abuses of vulnerable adults from perpetrators who believed that what they were doing was not abusive but sacred ceremony.

      This is a problem for certain Buddhist movements too. One of the main problems is with the concepts of “crazy wisdom” and with spiritual development via ordeal. Both of these concepts may hold some validity but it is extremely easy for predators to use these concepts to inflict appalling abuse on vulnerable people.

      At one point I spoke to a person who had been initiated into a neo-pagan religious movement and had been told that the initiation would involve cutting. She imagined that this would be a surface cut, possibly leaving a scar, a bit like a tattoo. In fact the spiritual leader inflicted a very serious injury on her that required hospital treatment. The situation was a bait and switch not unlike the one in NXIVM where women were told they were getting a tattoo but were then held down and branded instead.

      There are so many new age grifters around abusing people and more needs to be done to expose them and I intend to help the situation by raising awareness. I appreciate that the situation is delicate because minority religious groups can be persecuted if reporting is sensationalist.

      The situation is not unlike that faced by Maggie Oliver in Rochdale. There are sensitive and delicate issues around the responsibility of reporters around, for example, the fact that many of the abusers were Pakistani males and many (not all) of the victims were white.

      I do think that, if there is a trend regarding certain MOs of criminality that these should be reported, but such reporting can very easily turn into a witch hunt as has happened with Wedger and Oliver’s cases.

      In this alt-right webpage (cached) Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver’s experiences are reported as part of a conspiracy to protect Muslim abusers who are conducting Jihad through sexually abusing “little white girls”.

      Alt-right websites also reported on the appalling abuses of the late Charles Chipps, an extremely rare example of a genuine native American medicine man who was a paedophile and rapist. The alt-right reported it as though Chipps was representative of native people and that native people thus pose a threat to whites. I will not link to the alt-right websites, they are easily found, but this native American run website reports on Chipps and his activities and is a reliable source

      The fact is that for every Charles Chipps there are hundreds, probably thousands of fake shamans, fake medicine men and women (usually white and hardly ever native American) that use the guise of sacred ceremony to abuse and violate the vulnerable.

      In fact one of the aspects of Chipps’ activities that marked him as someone behaving in an improper manner was his tendency to associate and conduct ceremony with non-native neo-pagans and new agers.

      I have read your arguments about the use of the term “ritual abuse’ and they are valuable, I am simply not sure that I agree with you. It is an issue I am still engaged in thinking about and I may change my mind. This is a complex issue and one that I will be blogging about and I would welcome your contributions once my blog is up an running.

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      • @surreal – great info & discussion, thank you! I will be very interested to see what else you have to say about these things, and happy to participate in further discussion of them if you wish.

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      • I have noticed that as well SR. I have seen quite a few right-leaning Youtube channels that have recently started to publicise the Melanie Shaw situation as well as promoting Jon Wedger.

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  3. Maggie needs to watch this and realise that they mutually support scams, liars and hoaxes, imposter victims and attack, threaten and bully any that expose them………… pretending to be the victims of those exposers, plus ensuring to smear their name in often disgusting ways, very abusive and there are now a good few of us that have shared our experiences………… I’m sure they would all like to help put you straight…. upon hearing us, we all have evidence too……….. You might realise what I really hope you don’t, already…… to my mind, now Jon for some reason is happy to bounce around the tfoofer circuit, which enables their harm of genuine, victims, survivors and our investigations, inquiries……… You could both approach the Truth Project, they are still putting investigations togather, listening this week to the live feeds on abuse in institutions, has shown that some witnesses testimonies only arrived, weeks ago…………
    That people like David Scott wants to collect testimonies, isn’t going to be allowed to carry on, but surely you can see the inappropriateness of the way they act and talk and treat people……. ? If you really don’t know, please find out.

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    • Dear God.
      They think that’s comedy?
      And how’s that Tom Crawford who “didn’t lose his house” matter working out for you?. Delusional.
      As always I ask that question: out of the door, down the street without falling down a pothole or walking into a telegraph pole but yet..they also drive! Gawd help us.
      I mean this isn’t a perfect sytem or society we live in and I rail aganist all sorts of matters that drive me potty but This Mob (™) have created an Alternative Reality – their right – but every aspect of it & action is a failure? Weird or what?.

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      • I feel the same way Gos….. I’ve railed against the system, many times….with good reason.
        Their version of help, isn’t and it costs to join their gangs and find yourself spammed, used, abused and it will all be blamed on the Cabal, because you have woken up and the system is scared of them, yadda, yadda and by the way, I know this women who can check if your’e being attacked, it could be demons, evil spirits etc, etc……. Now that I’ve seen enough to realise, which CW Chanter helped enormously with……… as he has covered and exposed people in Alt Media covering for child abusers, protecting or defending or being apologists….. he’s had his share of attacks too.
        But has stayed true on the issues of child abuse, pizzagate, Zen Gardner, Miles Johnston, Simon Parkes, others, who are based UK, but I hadn’t known about until via Angela Power Disney, I came across Miles and then Chanter, around the time of Max Spiers death, which even recently Miles has spun into something it is not and that he also got some press coverage as did Jon Wedger, means that dubiousness is cast upon those papers and reporters.
        Anyway it’s been fun being educated frist by CW, then a quick look and listen and a check of connections, eg Simon Parkes promoted ITNJ on a video…… hmmmm is often my reaction…
        These vampires and vultures will use any public interest subject to push the idea, that they created the progress, whilst simultaneously leeching off it and sabotaging the real endeavours of good people.

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  4. Ms Oliver is correct re Rochdale failings but authorities are making up for it. Reading much of the details I’m not sure the case would have progressed any other way as it involved girls from disfunctional families and spiralling cases of “seduction” into a decadent lifestyle of drugs etc. The vicitms only complained long after they “entered” that lifestyle.
    There are many causes: austerity for one and a large sector of society underemployed and with few financial resources.
    I see it as a failing by various governments of all polticial stripes at a national and local level.
    But why is she hanging out with conspiracy theorists?.

    I despair of some of these people. They are no different to the Tommy Robinson mob which included seemingly educated people- we hear a US special “Ambassador” brought up the matter with the UK Ambassador in Washington suggesting that Robinson be freed.

    Whatever the merits of Robinson’s sentence he pleaded guilty to serious charges that could have derailed a trial and put victims through more torment.
    Yet seemingly 10,000s of people have convinced themselves – and that includes The Mob- that Robinson “exposed” a pedophile gang which is balderdash.
    Why in the Hell does he think the accused were on trial?.
    This is like Angie who requests donations because she’s a “whistleblower” exposing pedophilia when all she does is re-publish news stories about convictions.

    Maggie Oliver: walk away from this crowd and don’t look back, Your reputation will be shattered otherwise and the fact you are already mingling with them brings your so-called “noble” actions in the Rochdale matter into question.

    # Again the public hits a brick wall when it comes to ex-coppers as The Met and other forces will never reveal why a cop leaves the force unless it’s a case that involves public hearings. When an ex-cop says they “left” we will never know if they weren’t persuaded to for reasons of discipline. While ex-cops deserve privacy it does mean a rogue cop can make up all sorts of undisputed claims.

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    • I would have thought that an ex-policewoman would have the nous to at least do a quick Google search on the people she is hanging about with. Her Twitter page has a photo of her entering/leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house. Perhaps she enjoyed her small glimpse of celebrity life and enjoyed being in the limelight a bit too much? Maybe she is now enjoying the attention that she is getting from her friendship with Jon Wedger?

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    • Gos,There are too many cases of youngsters being pimped out from institutions, by people who work there and aided by colluders in the system…… You are saying that those girls were easy to target, it still was not their fault. That is what Jon is not saying, there were some cases of workers in Barnados being caught a long time ago……. he mentions it like he mentions Hackney, but there is so much then, that he could input to IICSA rather than aiding the fake court crooks like Sasha Stone, Kevin Annett and Brian Gerrish & the Fresh Farts, the old fart, Robert Green and even mourning the demise of cathyfox blog with carried Fiona Barnyards crap as did all who push the same names around as if that’s it …….. they are not the top dogs or leaders, 100s and 100s of people have been working hard and long to create progress in child protection….


  5. Ex coppers like wedger are known as cups, Cracked Under Pressure. Loads of em about but they generally lie low. Maggie’s going to destroy her credibility associating with that lot.

    If anyone’s interested in my merchandise you simply buy a t shirt or mug them childishly scrawl the word grobnob across it.

    These Muppets trying to milk fictionalized stories as an income source make me wanna puke.

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      • They love that word “discernment” don’t they?

        According to wikipedia:

        “Discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well (or the activity of so doing). In the case of judgment, discernment can be psychological or moral in nature. Within judgment, discernment involves going past the mere perception of something and making nuanced judgments about its properties or qualities. Considered as a virtue, a discerning individual is considered to possess wisdom, and be of good judgement; especially so with regard to subject matter often overlooked by others.

        In Christianity, the word may have several meanings. Discernment can describe the process of determining God’s desire in a situation or for one’s life or identifying the true nature of a thing, such as discerning whether a thing is good or evil. In large part, it describes the interior search for an answer to the question of one’s vocation, namely, determining whether or not God is calling one to the married life, single life, consecrated life, ordained ministry or any other calling.

        Discernment of spirits
        Discernment of Spirits is a term used in both Roman Catholic and Charismatic (Evangelist) Christian theology to indicate judging various spiritual agents for their moral influence.”

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  6. If Maggie Oliver is reading this….

    Robert Green isn’t telling the truth. He got in trouble because he was doing things like writing to people’s neighbours and accusing said people of being paedophiles. He received some kind of Restraining Order and then breached it. Robert Green twists the facts of the case and leaves out the bits that don’t support his narrative.

    Robert Green persists in breaching the Restraining Order and what I’d like to know is why the police haven’t arrested him again. It seems to me they only act when complaints are made by important people.

    If Jon Wedger had anything about him he would have read both sides of the argument of this case and found out the truth. He may well have been witness to a cover-up by the police and been bullied. But he does himself no favours by hanging out with those who are deluded and by speaking at conspiracy events with people who are fantasists.

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  7. Nurse! 😮

    All from one thread on Stolpman’s slime video
    (There was also a much longer rant aimed at Sheva but it was really personal and highly defamatory, so I’d prefer not to display it here.)

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          • Can we use that same excuse next time he demands proof from us for our claims, as he frequently does (even though it’s usually already been posted 30 times)? 🙂

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          • For the record Sheva has provided a wealth of evidence that the Hollie Greig case was a hoax (including on the thread Malcolm mentions above), as have many other people and a court of law. Not to mention the fact that several of the names on the list of accused turned out not to exist. Move on, Malcolm – you lost. Not even your former handler Belinda is flogging that dead horse any more.

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          • “I have asked Sheva slag whore of shame to indicate where is the hoax in jollies case.”

            Sorry, pal – we dinnae jump tae your tune.

            By the way, who’s Jollie?

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          • “We dinnae jump tae Hoaxteads tune”???

            Oh, I beg to differ! He seems to spend all his time, of which he has plenty, watching our posts and comments. His own pathetic shithole of a blog is nothing more than a pale far-off echo of what people say here, with his own special patina of drool, excrement, and bile applied liberally. If he ever had an original or interesting thought in his entire sad life, he appears to have forgotten how he came to it, and certainly would never be able to replicate it. He absolutely jumps to our tune, because he has none of his own.

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      • Gleaned from Fogbow:

        The Veteran’s On Patrol muppet was arrested on a criminal trespass charge but released on bail. He’s now climbed a water tower and on “hunger strike” until the police investigate his nonsense. The police were steadfastly ignoring him. That was until yesterday when, in the real world, his trespass case went ahead without him yesterday and there is now a warrant out for his arrest.

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  8. Yes, Malcolm, that’s the only possible explanation. Once again you’ve busted us all with your investigative brilliance…

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    • Always name dropping with Maggs Shaw, oh he’s so sweet he still thinks of her every day bless him. but he likes to be as offensive as possible to get a reaction poor boy, he obviously needs something to do, he could retune his guitar and take singing lessons try this one for size Malkie

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  9. BBC News:

    The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been fined £200,000 after sending a mass email that identified possible abuse victims, the Information Commissioner’s Office says.

    An inquiry staff member emailed 90 people using the “to” field instead of the “bcc” field – allowing recipients to see each other’s addresses, it said.

    The ICO said the incident last year was a breach of the Data Protection Act.

    The inquiry said it had apologised and reviewed its data-handling.

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  10. Funny joh wedger did not answer my message to Dave Witcher live feed with him talking about the child abuse cover up.As all the cronies are following this blog and watching I’d like to say. Why is it that joh is such a great detective does he associate himself with the likes of Belinda. We all know she has many padeophiles friends. Peter horschofer who stayed at her house. Terrence Ewing roger gleeves business partner. The founder of the nights foundation another padeophile. since Brian Harvey video all the little minions have come out to rally in bill baloney defence like scared rats. Bill is Another one who’s friends with Belinda. The video what Brian Harvey played of bill coaxing a survivor sent chills down my spine. And the video were bill says you have to lye to be a actor to fool the audience. Seems to me this is what his doing fooling survivors with his garbage he spouts.he thinks we are his audience to be fooled with. Joh claims to have known bill twelve years and turned up at many rallies hmm I find it a bit strange it’s only in the last few years his decided to open his gob about the child abuse cover up. After bill Had a stint of going quite on the scene.what joh says we all knew back in the days kids was going missing from children’s homes and being sexually exploited. Can you tell us something we already don’t know with hard evidence mr ex detective joh wedges


  11. Funny joh wedger did not answer my message to Dave Witcher live feed with him talking about the child abuse cover up.As all the cronies are following this blog and watching I’d like to say. Why is it that joh is such a great detective does he associate himself with the likes of Belinda. We all know she has many padeophiles friends. Peter horschofer who stayed at her house. Terrence Ewing roger gleeves business partner. The founder of the nights foundation another padeophile. since Brian Harvey video all the little minions have come out to rally in bill baloney defence like scared rats. Bill is Another one who’s friends with Belinda. The video what Brian Harvey played of bill coaxing a survivor sent chills down my spine. And the video were bill says you have to lye to be a actor to fool the audience. Seems to me this is what his doing fooling survivors with his garbage he spouts.he thinks we are his audience to be fooled with. Joh claims to have known bill twelve years and turned up at many rallies hmm I find it a bit strange it’s only in the last few years his decided to open his gob about the child abuse cover up. After bill Had a stint of going quite on the scene.what joh says we all knew back in the days kids was going missing from children’s homes and being sexually exploited. Can you tell us something we already don’t know with hard evidence mr ex detective joh wedger.Your credibility is zero at the moment running around with people associated with padeophiles what’s that all about joh.??

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    • “I also know exactly who the real people are behind those fake names too”

      Course you do, Sarah. Pass on our regards to Angela, won’t you 😂

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    • Another one who thinks harassment is protected under freedom of speech legislation. It isn’t. Moreover, much of what she’s posted about RD and his children is illegal. Maybe she figures Sabine’s a bit lonely and could do with some company? 😉

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    • After what happened at Grenfell and Cameron House, she still thinks it’s inappropriate for schoolkids to report smoking in the toilets? That’s a worrying approach to child safety right there 😮

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    • “And if they can’t find any shit on you, they’ll fabricate it.”

      Hmm. I’d be fascinated to know what she thinks we’ve fabricated on her, when all we’ve ever done is post screenshots of her own comments.

      Bit rich too, coming from someone who’s fabricated so much on RD and others.

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      • And following on from that, with all the inappropriate comments she puts up on public view, there’s no need to fabricate anything 🙂

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    • Did the woman who’s been repeatedly posting the names and photos of the Hampstead children for several weeks just complain about data protection breaches or did I imagine that?

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      • Unfortunately yes, that did happen. She also complained about defamation after months of slandering RD. Couldn’t make it up, could you. Sarah probably could, though.

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    • I think Sarah Hemingway has been taking lessons from The Thoughts Of Josef Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda : “accuse others of what you are doing yourself”.
      # Mike Godwin of Godwin’s Law said recently it’s OK to point out a f*cking Nazi when you see one & his Law is temporarily suspended.

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      • Yeah, I was pondering on that the other day, about how Godwin’s law may be a little dated now. There are so many “Hitler – the most misunderstood hero in history” and “Kikebook deleted my Holocaust post – wonder why – hmm” posts knocking around now that you could hardly accuse anyone replying to them of inappropriately comparing the posters to Nazis.


  12. Thanks E.C.! I will see them in chains sooner rather than later! TTL ox Hello to all you good people fighting Slander and Child Abuse Hoaxers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…..<3 #justiceatlast

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    • Yes, she’s gone very quiet on Hampstead lately (and even Arfur Swivel-Eyes has picked up on it). Either something’s spooked her or she’s too busy daydreaming about threesomes with Trump and Q Anon.

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    • She really is outrageous. The whole point of this website ( I think) is actually to aid innocent family members who have been the butt of a terrible and vicious hoax.

      I’m sure no contributer on here would take it out on a family member of Angie or impersonate them just because they are unfortunately related to her.
      And I’m pretty sure the moderators would boot anyone who did.
      Show your proof Angie before El Coyote goes on holiday.

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  13. Apologies if this has been covered here before as I don’t have time to read through all the articles & comments, but I’ve been digging a little into Wedger’s sponsored stroll here:

    It would seem that of the £7,340 raised only £2,000 made its way to the charity mentioned, the rest swallowed up by “the logistics and organisational team”. There is a video of Wedger & Green discussing Satan, sex and cats-in-wheelie-bins in a raucous pub somewhere along the way; Oliver took the last few steps of the marathon jaunt with the two of them.

    Wedger has at least two other CrowdScrounges on the go, and others also use his name for their own ‘campaigns’.

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