Ella takes a polygraph test

David “Polygraph” Howard must be wetting himself with joy.

In her first public appearance since she quietly informed Nathan Stolpman that she had lied about her ex-husband and eldest son’s involvement in the imaginary “Hampstead SRA cult”, Ella Gareeva Draper takes a polygraph test on-screen.

Ignoring the fact that she outed herself as a liar a year ago by admitting that she and Abraham Christie had forced her two younger children to state that their half-brother had abused them and that his father was “in the cult”, Ella takes one more stab at convincing the world of the hoax.

The poorly made video, titled “Hampstead Mystery Solved”, and starring Ella Gareeva, Amável Carvalho Sanches, and the long-since-deceased Ted Gunderson, is currently available, for a fee, via Amazon. It appears to be yet another attempt by Abe and Ella to earn a bit of dosh while blowing frantically on the dying embers of the hoax they conspired to create in 2014.

According to the Amazon blurb,

Ella Gareeva takes a lie detector test. The question is: Did she lie about her children being abused by a Satanic cult in England? The Mystery about the “Hampstead 2” and the question of Satanic ritual abuse gets closer to the truth. World trusted polygraph expert Amavel Sanches puts the outcasted mother to the ultimate test.

Drama and suspense galore!

In the video, Ella is questioned while hooked up to a polygraph machine which is monitored by Portuguese polygraph “expert” Sanches, who describes himself as the “spiritual leader” behind BEAR Forensics. BEAR, which has an office in Madrid, describes itself on its webpage as deliverers of “Forensic Polygragph” (sic).

Sitting stone-faced in a straight-backed chair, lips in permanent duck-face mode, Ella answers Mr Sanches’ questions (all three of them) in her usual stilted, robotic style. To save you the trouble of sitting through this video, we’ve made a transcript of the polygraph part (sorry, spoiler alert):

Sanches: Do you understand I will only ask questions we have talked about?

Ella: Yes.

Sanches: Concerning the testimony of your children, are you going to answer truthfully each question on this test?

Ella: Yes.

Sanches: Are you sitting down?

Ella: Yes.

Sanches: Did you train your children to accuse their dad?

Ella: No.

Sanches: Are you aware of your children being conducted?

Ella: No.

Sanches: Did you coach your children, leading their testimony?

Ella: No.

Sanches: Okay, done!

Seriously? That’s it? That can’t be right—these things go much longer on television!

This strange little video, which is currently being passed around amongst the Hoaxtead mobsters as clear-cut evidence that the entire story was completely true, is riddled with gaping holes…which will, of course, be ignored by the troofers.

However, there are a number of reasons to treat Ella’s polygraph test with scepticism.

The truth about polygraphs

The American Psychological Association states on its website that polygraph tests are based on an unproven premise:

[T]he idea that we can detect a person’s veracity by monitoring psychophysiological changes is more myth than reality. Even the term ‘lie detector,’ used to refer to polygraph testing, is a misnomer. So-called ‘lie detection’ involves inferring deception through analysis of physiological responses to a structured, but unstandardized, series of questions. …

The accuracy (i.e., validity) of polygraph testing has long been controversial. An underlying problem is theoretical: There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest person may be non-anxious. Also, there are few good studies that validate the ability of polygraph procedures to detect deception. 

As for the admissibility of a polygraph test as evidence in a criminal court, a website called UK Lie Detector Test, which advertises as a purveyor of polygraphs, says:

In a legal zoom article, attorney Michelle Fabio points out that, “People do confess before, during, and (most frequently) after polygraph tests, and so their use in police investigations is fairly common.” In this sense, polygraphs are more of an interrogation tactic for police and attorneys than a real piece of evidence intended to be brought before a judge and jury.

In other words, even a firm which sells polygraph services states quite clearly that polygraph results are not intended for use as evidence to be brought before a judge and jury.

However, contrast this forthright explanation of lie detector tests with the hype on Mr Sanches’ BEAR Forensics site:

Forensic polygraph tests are mostly applied to defendants looking to prove their innocence.

Especially in cases where charges are based on someone’s accusations without any physical evidence or witnesses, a polygraph test can be the only procedure to test or confirm somebody’s innocence.

That is why forensic polygraph has started to find its place within the justice system. With the popularization and access to more professionals, it has become more available.

Not quite, Mr Sanches.

Who is Amável Carvalho Sanches?

On the BEAR Forensics website, Mr Sanches describes himself as follows:

Amável has a bachelor degree from the Amsterdam School of Business in The Netherlands. He graduated in forensic psychophysiology from the Marston Polygraph Academy and later obtained a postgraduate in forensic sciences from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

As it happens, the Marston Polygraph Academy, located in San Bernardino, California, has been the subject of complaints that it has skimped on the hours required to certify polygraph operators:

The current class of this expensive academy is in its second week. On the first day, last week, it was learned that the scheduled hours on their web site (8am-5pm M-F, 1 hr lunch, 40 class hours per week) was only to be appease [sic] APA and BPPVE as students were told it would really be 9am-330pm M-F, 1 hour lunch. After it was realized that this didn’t meet the APA requirement for schooling hours, the students were advised, an exact quote:“If you don’t tell them (American Polygraph Association), we won’t either”. 

And what about Ted Gunderson?

Ted Gunderson, granddaddy of all the conspiracy theorists, is featured in this video as a kind of Greek chorus, because of course he is.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Mr Gunderson’s interesting history, we can state that he was indeed an FBI agent between 1951 and 1979. Apparently he received a number of commendations for neat grooming and appearance, so go him!

It’s worth reading this synopsis of Gunderson’s descent from respected (and very well-groomed) FBI agent to certifiable bull-goose loony conspiracy theorist. Astonishingly, Mr Gunderson appears in the Ella polygraph video from beyond the grave, as his son reported him dead in 2011.

How to foil Abe and Ella’s cunning plan

First, and this should go without saying, don’t buy this video. It’s clearly a ploy on the fugitive pair’s part to scrape up some cash via Amazon sales. If you’d like to listen to the video in all its bizarre glory, you can find the audio here. (Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything with the visuals): ELLA VIDEO (audio only)

Second, you can complain to Amazon about this video, using the “Send us feedback” on the bottom right-hand corner of the video page. Here’s what EC said on his complaint:

The video “Hampstead Mystery Solved” features a woman who, along with her current partner, is currently wanted in the UK on charges of child abuse and contempt of court. This video is in violation of a court order currently prohibiting her from spreading further information about the children, whose identities may be inferred from her surname. They were removed from her care in 2015 due to negligence and child abuse. As such, this video is not an appropriate product for Amazon to sell.

And third, if you have an Amazon account and feel so inclined, you should feel free to express your opinion of the video in the customer review section.

This feels like a last act of desperation on the part of the Hampstead SRA hoax’s instigators…let’s not let them get away with it.

Ella Gareeva psychopath video polygraph

Ms Gareeva ran the whole gamut of emotion–from A to A.

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  1. She could at least have gone to retired FBI special agent Jack Trimarco from Dr. Phil!

    That was some lie detector all right, may as well have been asking, “what did you have for lunch today”.

    Great post EC & very informative, thank you.

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  2. Nice little exposé, Mr. C 🙂

    By the way, can I just let people know that the iffy sound quality on that audio recording isn’t down to my software – that’s actually the quality on this extremely amateurish, ahem, ‘movie’.

    Incidentally, speaking of audio clips, here are two – cough cough – ‘highlights’ from yesterday’s episode of ‘Neelu’s Daily Comedy Hour’, wot I’ve saved for posterity:

    Neelu Talking Shite about Sabine and Hampstead, 04.05.18

    Neelu v ‘Trolls’, 04.05.18

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    • What makes me laugh about these shysters, is that they accept benefits from the government, oh sorry, “pirate government”, says Neelu! Why accept benefits then so, why go to ‘fake courts’, why ring ‘fake police’. You really couldn’t make it up. 😂

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      • And “To Hell with all your fake laws… but you should all be hanged under the Treason Act and I’m suing Hoaxtead Research under the Copyright Act…”

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        • That will be fun because it’s a false treason act of course & false Copyright Act. I’m beginning to question whether I’m real or not after listening to Neelu! 😒

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          • If we receive a notice of copyright violation…er, I mean a Copyright Violation Fraud, I will immediately write a sign in crayon and tape it to the office door. It will state that if anyone is on these premises without a signed and sealed document from the Great Panjandrum with the Little Round Button on Top, they will be in violation of my Property Rights and will be subject to a £5,000 fine, and we will immediately place £800 trillion gazillion liens on them for eternity. Let’s see them put that in their pipes and smoke it.

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            • Good idea EC! I would like to apply for the position of senior executive if you have a job going & I shall issue a lien of suitable 0000000’s to anyone daring to dark the office of Your Highness, Sultan Eclair, the consequence thereon shall be shall be all you M15 & QUE6 agents shall eat chocolate for inifity.

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          • Whereas the actual UK Copyright Act allows for the use of copyright material for the purpose of reporting current events. US copyright provisions are the same. Oh, and DMCA? Making a false filing is deemed perjury under US law and the individual making a false filing can be personally sued.

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      • Oh Rosie you just don’t understand: the government was dissolved in the 1930s along with all of Great Britain and her Dominions and no longer exits and all social security benefits Princess Neelu receives are part of the $IBillion we are all to receive when Planet Nibiru makes it appearance in 2017..err 2018..or whenever.
        (# As Ambassador for the Planet Zog wouldn’t you think Princess Neelu would have an allowance? )

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        • That’s the reality check I needed GoS. Thank you for bringing me back to Ear….Zog. I will personally transport myself to Planet Nibiru, I see it in my dreams, everywhere I goooo-oo, oh yeah. Oops got lost in my dreams. Yep I seen it with my super duper telescope last night nestling between Titania & Uranus, my super dooper soldiers will bring me my share of the $1Billion or $1Quindecillion, then I will fly off on my Unicorn to places far far away. *Phew*, so happy to be back to reality!

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    • So happy to read that, Tinribs. You mean it’s even more shambolic than it sounds on the audio?

      I had a feeling it might.. LMAO!

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      • Spot-on, Jake.

        Also, they’ve done that (in my opinion) really annoying thing of stretching the image throughout the Gareeva & Gunderson interviews.

        Sheer schoolboy amateurishness.

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  3. Apparently he received a number of commendations for neat grooming and appearance, so go him!
    It’s worth reading this synopsis of Gunderson’s descent from respected (and very well-groomed) FBI agent to certifiable bull-goose loony conspiracy theorist.

    Good point, that Gunderson was a major contributor to the collective fantasy of a Satanic Ritual Abuse network who alternate between running society from behind the scenes, and drinking the blood of ritually-slaughtered infants. Frankly, I’m impressed that they find the time. I recall Gunderson from the McMartin childcare travesty, where he claimed to have found the warren of underground tunnels.

    You may have over-estimated his respectability in the FBI, though. He did take early retirement (constructive dismissal, after all). Apparently this was because he was not satisfied with being apologist for the Bureau’s surveillance and entrapment and abuse of powers, and he kept harassing his superiors with suggestions for more powers, less concern for constitutional limits or the rights of surveillees. Also, going public with his demands for a police state.

    He only started worrying about powerful shadowy Deep State agents after he left their ranks.

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    • Was it Rolling Stone who interviewed him and did an amazing take down of his wackiness?. Can’t find the link.
      Yet again those in the troofer world and their associates seem to believe any one who was once in an official job like police, army, FBI etc somehow will be more honest or less crazy than civilians.

      # I suggest watching as I just did a great Aussie series Blue Murder about a once highly respected and decorated NSW policeman Roger Rogerson who received awards for locking up all sorts of criminals. Except he was bent beyond belief and actually gave the green light to certain top crims to rob banks, as well shooting the odd suspect etc.
      Rogerson is now doing life for murdering a drug associate and dumping his body at sea. His bumbling efforts in killing also shows that even as a police detective he was woefully ignorant to today’s detection methods including the use of CCTV cameras and so on.
      The troofers also ignore the fact that plenty of those in the services like the FBI also have mental breakdowns etc. and Gunderson seems to have become more unhinged the older he got.

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      • Yeah, that story was also covered in the excellent (in my opinion) series ‘Underbelly’, though I’m aware it was criticised for allegedly taking a few liberties re. accuracy.

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  4. Forensic polygraph tests are mostly applied to defendants looking to prove their innocence.
    Especially in cases where charges are based on someone’s accusations without any physical evidence or witnesses, a polygraph test can be the only procedure to test or confirm somebody’s innocence.
    That is why forensic polygraph has started to find its place within the justice system. With the popularization and access to more professionals, it has become more available.

    IOW Mr Sanches’ business model is selling “proof of innocence” (which courts won’t accept), so the present video of him declaring a client to be innocent is simply an advertisement for his services.

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  5. So she was asked three odd questions. None of them get even to the gist of what the whole court case was about. Ella Gareeva would have discussed the acceptable questions before the polygraph bit. She chose the questions. Did your children initially deny (fill bit in)? Did Abraham kick (fill name in)? Did you question them repeatedly? Etc etc etc.

    Cowardly, wicked woman. Shoddy investigator. Bear forensics. That is bearforensics.com, seem like some two bit con artists. Not even bothered to pretend properly. Absolute arseholes.

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  6. Who is Fabooka Da Stait? I had heard the name but had no idea if he was a troofer,a flat earther,a Spivey divey or a client of La Verite.
    Anyway I had some real fun getting on his wick earlier on.He is now posting tons of threats and talking to himself on his Facebook. Go look at his page. What a trolls dream.

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    • I’d be more interested in seeing Ella’s Police interview, y’know the one Ella and Abe never released, supposedly due to her laughing throughout it.

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        • Question for hoax promoters: Why not ask Ella to release her police video…before you defend her. She never will. Ask yourselves why.

          What I find staggering is the fact she has surfaced again, at all. I really thought we had heard the last of her.

          What will she think of next? She must be running out of ideas. Diminished capacity? The truth?

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  7. Oh great…

    “No harm in trying”

    Well apart from permanently losing any chance of even seeing your kid again, let alone any chance of getting custody….

    Oh and of course, those pesky kidnapping convictions that will soon follow, and hang around your neck for the rest of your life….

    But ‘no arm in tryin’…

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  8. Wait – the conspiranoids reckon Freemasons are all Satanists now?
    Funny, they’ve never mentioned it before.

    Seriously, how many times can you “expose” the same bloody thing?
    It’s like when a bunch of newspapers all publish a news story and they all call it an “exclusive”.

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  9. I am having trouble posting a review on Amazon (although I have an established track record of “helpful” reviews). It seems the Amazon moderators run scared of suggestions that the production, manufacture or promotion of this video are in breach of a court order. But isT is worth persevering – if only to get the number of one star reviews up (currently there is only one).

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    • Yeah, unfortunately you have to have made a minimum number of Amazon purchases before you’re eligible to post a review. £40+ in the last year, apparently.

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    • I think I have finally got a review up (fingers crossed it stays and the typo is corrected) so it is worth persevering.

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      • Well done, Geoff.

        By the way, re. your typo, Amazon reviews are editable (unlike on some forums) 🙂


      • Happy to say the typo is corrected. Current Amazon score: sadly 3 to 2 in favour of ridiculously positive reviews. I suggest that other people, who have bought on Amazon in the past and so are eligible to comment (or at least just give a star rating), take a moment to vote on the legitimacy of this product. Complaining to Amazon is important, but so is the public star rating.

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        • Currently 5 to 3 in favour of the tinfoil hat mob. I’ve seen ‘verified purchase’ attatched to some reviews, is this video a commercial affair ? If so who is making money out of this ongoing charade ?


          • Closing the gap at 5 to 4 with me trying to contact Amazon and request they review whether or not the footage Ted Gunderson (who died in 2011) was legally cleared for usage in this video. If his estate / family didn’t sign clearance the uploader faces legal action over money made on the video. Troll a LOL


      • Yeah, I got one up too, on my second attempt. Now I’m trying to contact Amazon to ensure that Ted Gunderson’s estate signed clearance for footage of him to appear in the video. I’m guessing the uploader didn’t go through the right channels and considers it fair use or public domain. Hopefully it’ll lead somewhere. Morally it’s ghoulish to use dead people’s image/likeness/appearance/fame without permission. This is a pretty lowdown and cynical approach to make a few dollars, Ella is probably expecting a million views and a big payout.

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      • No, Deborah – you got banned because you’re a nasty little troll. It’s why you’ve been banned from so many groups, from Light Warriors to Planet Zogg to Catsite. It’s also why you’ve had several YouTube and Facebook strikes and why were recently arrested. To borrow one of your own favourite expressions, “Wake the fook up!”

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    • This was the time Debs was stoned out of her mind and standing in the garden gazing up at the sky when a street light suddenly went on poor Moo thought it was a flash of “golden light” from Jesus himself.
      She frantically gesticulated to a neighbour who turned away and ignored her (hence: “no-one is much interested” – probably think “poor cow is off again”). Sometimes I feel sorry for Debs. Not often though.

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    • “You have violated my human rights, Facebook, and now you are going to be permanently blocked from my life… I am closing down my account. You are blocked from my life. And I am right now looking at legal action… And I tell you now, you’re finished. I’m blocking you… You are now being removed, blocked permanently from my life. I don’t want anything to do with you. I think you are a despicable, disgusting organisation… It’s over. The party is over… You are gone, Facebook. You are gone from my life… You are now permanently blocked. Your account with me is permanently closed. You’ve been very very bad, Facebook.”

      ~ Deborah Mahmoudieh, 24th March 2018

      How’s that working out for you, Debs?

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  10. Here she goes again (and she sounds stoned again)…

    Includes her droning on about Sasha Stone and Ronald Bernard and a few sideswipes at the Jews.

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  11. I’ve just invented a new word – bandwagonista. And they’re all coming out to play today!

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  12. Being impeccably dressed, punctual, and causing no scandal to the department, were apparently Hoover’s only criteria for advancement. Not kidding.

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  13. I see Neelu has her finger on the pulse as always:

    See what i did there?

    No, neither do I. If anyone works it out, let me know

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    • The “investigative journalist” strikes again. Podesta was not interviewed for that program. A clip was taken from another interview and inter dispersed with claims made in a silly TV program to give an entirely different impression. She really is hopeless. Someone might just do it to her.

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    • Only the Lonely>>>>>>> Debs! lol Where did all her “friends” go? Same place as Angela and Krusty Poo’s? Riling up these recently discharged mental patients needs to be reported, Again!

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  14. It’s currently unavailable, but some bright spark shot a wobbly video of their laptop screen. I couldn’t be bothered watching the sour faced wretch spewing her lies so I’ll just go straight to the comments for a laugh.

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  15. On a semi serious note
    1. How do you post images here ?
    2. Can we get an organised approach to flagging the child interview videos on Youtube ? I’ve just found one instance and it has 100,000 views and the entire westboro baptist church in the comments. We need to get YouTube to deal with those videos and removed across the board.


  16. Ted Gunderson, who is credited as starring in the video died in 2011, three years before Hampstead. That won’t stop the truthers though, obviously he came back for a matter this important.


  17. On listening to some of the audio kindly provided the polygraph expert comes across as a polygraph salesman, not a legitimate technician. I wonder if the estate of Ted Gunderson gave their consent for footage of him to be used in this commercial endeavour ? I’m thinking that not having clearance could have legal ramifications.


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