Is Wedger really meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury?

We were startled a couple of days ago when ex-Metropolitan Police officer and self-proclaimed “whistle-blower” Jon Wedger announced in his typically modest and unassuming way that he had been invited to a meeting with no less a personage than the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He placed this notice on Twitter:

No mistake about it, that’s the Archbishop of Canterbury, all right.

Curious about this upcoming meeting, we made a few enquiries, and a solicitor of our acquaintance was kind enough to check with some contacts at Lambeth Palace, who were just as surprised as we’d been.

No, they said, the Most Reverend Justin Welby was not expecting a visit from ex-DC Wedger in April. Where had we got that idea from?

Perhaps, one person suggested, Wedger meant to say that he had booked a tour of Lambeth Palace, of which two are scheduled to take place in April?

The plot thickened slightly, when we found this letter on Wedger’s Facebook page:

It seems that Wedger has at least expressed a wish to meet with Bishop Paul McAleenan, the Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, though Bishop Paul’s PA seems a bit confused as to what, precisely, Wedger might wish to discuss with the Bishop.

Just to be clear here, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster is an archdiocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in England. The current Archbishop of Westminster is His Eminence Vince Nichols, and Bishop McAleenan is one of four auxiliary bishops who serve under him.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury.

It’s surprising and a bit alarming that Wedger, who professes to be a Christian, would be unaware of the distinction between the two churches. Not to mention, of course, that there’s a bit of a difference between a Catholic bishop and and Anglican archbishop.

In any case, only two things are clear at present:

  • Wedger asked for a meeting with the Catholic bishop, but has shown no evidence that such a meeting has been confirmed; and
  • Whether or not he asked to meet with the Anglican archbishop, no such meeting has been arranged.

We’d ask Wedger to clarify the situation, but as readers will know, he blocked us last time we asked an awkward question, and has since stated in a video interview that we should “sod off”.

64 thoughts on “Is Wedger really meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury?

  1. This ‘Archbishop of CANTerbury’ he is meeting- his first name wouldn’t be Lee would it???


    (is it just me, or the lot of them going even further off the deep end???)

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  2. Wedger would use Jesus Christ himself on a cross to further his cause. Me, me me.

    He’s a fraud and a charlatan. And a dangerous one at that. He needs to answer some very important questions. If not, he needs to be banged up in prison along with all the other grifters and chancers and frauds.

    You’ve been called out Wedger. It’s only a matter of time for you.

    It’s one thing to play the whole ‘I’m just doing it for the kids’ schtick. It’s another to claim to be a ‘Christian’ and to rope in those greater than you (Archbishop) to give you validity.

    No wonder Red pill phil took his videos of his interviews with Wedger down. Without comment.

    The fact he is Silly Billy Baloney’s friend should say much as well.

    No one will ever see Silly Billy, ever again. He knows he’s been busted. And Wedger is just (what is that Poker term?) raising on a busted draw? I don’t gamble myself. But Wedger does.

    Sometimes you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and when to run.

    Wedger has protection I think. Such brass balls in the face of being called out. He’s a brazen one for sure.

    People like him need to experience the inside of a prison cell. Let’s make it happen!

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  3. I’m not sure whether it’s mental illness or flim-flam. If he does manage to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury I’ll apologise for saying that. Right now though it looks like he got his bishops mixed don’t it. Mind you it’s totally unnecessary for him to see anyone because by then King John will be on the throne and we’ll all be hanging from lamp posts or in wood chippers or something.

    p.s. Andy said we should expect the police so I bought a cake and got some biscuits in.

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  4. LOL, nice bit of diggage, EC 😀

    Anyway, can’t stop – I’m off to book a tour of Buckingham Palace so I can tweet that I’ve arranged a meeting with the Queen. Ciao x

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  5. I haven’t had much joy with third party harassment complaints. I’m hoping reporting Devine’s video for race hate speech might stand more of a chance.

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  6. @Sheva – I’ve just finished watching the Devine and Cunt video. I’m so sorry you had to endure that disgusting abuse. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. He kept trying to make it sound like you were and that your views were odd but actually you were spot-on with everything you said and he’s the one in the minority. The fact that he’d blocked everyone who’d disagreed with or questioned him made you look isolated but you’re not.

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    • He’s done another one since. He starts out by saying that the buzzing in his ear is “probably the trolls messing with me” and it goes downhill from there.

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      • Buzzing in the ears (as opposed to a ringing which is tinnitus) is usually a sign of high blood pressure. Can’t think what might be causing that. The easiest explanation has to be a directed energy weapon aimed at Greece from Cheltenham, rather than the self-inflicted apoplectic rage we see on a regular basis.

        It’s something that needs to be checked by a doctor, but these must be worrying times for anyone living in an EU country reliant on a EHIC for free treatment. As it stands, free treatment for UK citizens in the EU runs out in a week’s time!

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        • Interesting, Sage. Thanks for that info’. Also, the endless roll-ups can’t be helping much on the blood pressure front either, though it’s fun to watch him puffing away whilst telling his listeners not to put poisons into their bodies.

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        • Well, I’m buzzing like a wild thing right now. Must be the Troggs messing with me.


      • I knew tho, throughout that it was so vile, that he would wish he hadn’t, like Angie should’ve……. do they think other survivors or anyone is impressed when they witness this abuse towards me ???
        I did warn Andy and thank him too, for providing great evidence to shoot around networks 🙂
        Yes Angie I am happy to destroy your online presence and Andys too, thing is I’m not alone…… you and others deserve to cop long sentences to stop you all from carrying on…. the tech companies and policy makers really do need to witness this to believe it and I think that Andys display is gonna be a brilliant teaching tool…..

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    • Thankyou Tinribs…… I know that I enjoyed it……although I did have a normal reaction to his pervy abuse…… he has all the techniques and could be a study for psycology training….. I’ve condensed the video and included some of the comments underneath, I have them all, in case he removes them…. I’ll upload all the chat too, because although he said to Angie that he’d left them up and hoped she didn’t mind…… someone told me they couldn’t see them, tho I could……… maybe hidden, which means no one else can see comments but the commenter….. anyway it contained alot that I think needs to be available to study alongside the video….. Btw, today it’s 4yrs since their diabolical display of devoid of any care at all, event in Hampstead. If someone wanted to ensure it would really upset me, they would pick this date. 22.3. But Belinda wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, I’m sure, no more than picking my old school in Highbury Hill, the playing fields that we used for sports….for a run that I was neither invited nor welcome in the group that emma set up to organise it from…… But I’m not important enough to be targeted in such a way…… or am I ? 🙂

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      • Yeah, if you get blocked in YT chat, you can still see your comments but no one else can. That’s where socks come in handy.

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        • I just don’t have time to keep switching. But it’s great that some do, otherwise they would be able to be more sneaky. There is so much that I would just never see or know, without this blog and all the video makers, bloggers that I tried to recommend in the chat…… I reckon Pikey was in there, Andy muttered his name somewhere in amongst it all.

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          • I mean socks that run off the same account. it’s literally just two clicks to switch to another channel.


    • Funnily enough, he has seized upon this tragic story in the same way he seized upon the Hampstead hoax: he sees it as an opportunity to get some attention. Pathetic.

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    • Splatt, splatt Matt, one of Deviles false claims was that I said nasty things about him……. yeah right, he couldn’t wait to mock and humiliate me and just needed the opportunity that Babs (I think), provided on queue………… having croached and slid around picking up any bits of info to pass along…. scuttling around, as they decide to pounce on their next target……. it has happened to so many, that I have witnessed….. they really oughtn’t to have but they are desperate and I er made myself available…… matt wasn’t maybe completely wrong….. but vermin attracted to sweet sticky honey, get stuck as they will all be in the legend being created………….. but matt…none of you are fit to be heroes or heroines as the Hampstead saga unfolds as do other conspiracies, plus the actions happening, on so many fronts, that they deny that their doom awaits, they still seem convinced that they can just re group, re arrange and carry on……. but NO! We will not be put through another satanic panic in the real world and the extent of it online and within professions dealing with abused, traumatised people or addicts and mentally or emotionally in need of support………………. I really am concerned about the Ley Community, that Jon Wedger donated about 2 and think it needs a checking, Jon Wedger donated a mere 20% of his take……… expenses eh ? tax relief ? and also lots of vulnerable people at your disposal…. with it seems not much oversight ? or am I wrong. I had meant to google it Monday and got distracted..


      • Keep in mind that we’re gonna get the last laugh with Devine and Taylor, when they’re coup turns out to be a damp squib on the 28th. Looking forward to Devine’s follow-up video on that 😆

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  7. LOL, can someone tell me how the hell she’s made the link to Hoaxtead here? Am I missing something…?

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    • If I don’t bother to look up who this Brian Harvey is, or why I should give a tinker’s about him, will I miss anything?

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        • @Sage – Or as Rumpole of the Bailey said to the judge who didn’t know who the Rolling Stones were, “Jazz musicians, M’lud, of some notoriety.”


        • After watching the Brian Harvey video is was very clear to see that his mental health is still in steady decline. Did he really think that Theresa May would be watching his video on Youtube? He also has a real bee in his bonnet about having sold 22 million records and yet he has nothing to show for it. I don’t know how his other bandmates fared monetary wise but I do know at least one of them returned back to being a builder again.


          • Brian Harvey wasn’t the first and won’t be the last person to be in a pop band that tours the world, sells loads of digital downloads etc and yet at the end of working very hard is left with very little. The money is eaten up by management and their record companies, I guess.


          • “The money is eaten up by management and their record companies, I guess.”

            …And, cough cough, other stuff.


    • We are the scapegoats in Angies world for anything, where she sees an opportunity to push herself into………. No Angie it was clear listening to him that he has been thoroughly coached in FMOTL and other useless or dangerous ‘solutions’ offered by the people who swarmed around him once his videos picked up more attention………..But also he didn’t seem believable to me as being suicidal, but having threatened it unless Theresa May came right now or maybe it was phone him, raging and repeating things he’d told already, playing up for the video, and the police couldn’t have dealt better with him, imo…………He made their job extremely difficult and they had no choice but to take him away ‘duty of care’……… The chat is full of so many people, I hardly looked…. but I suppose they’ll all use Brian for clickbait and perhaps cause him further harm……. projection much, Angie eh ? What a pair you and Andy make…..


    • The Daily Stir Mar 22, 2019.
      How the Other ‘Arf Live.
      # Scrounging Royals jetting here and there is their luxury flying shag wagons. So what’s wrong with The Green Bus line you lazy sods?. Afraid you may have to mingle with some of your hard-working, tax- paying subjects?

      # Glenda’s Hunk of The Day.
      Cor that earthy King John Wanoa can park his Kiwi under my bed any day ( Geddit ?). A’swearing and a’cursing and threatening to toss that old bint in the Mall out of her council digs. I can almost smell him from here. He’d give that Randy Andy a run for his money any day.
      (editor: you don’t work here?. Go away now)

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      • “King” John Wanoa is publishing all his travel details on Facebook and seems to be scouring the locations of caravan parks near London where he plans to base his Royal Court in case any commoners wish to meet with him with various petitions and so on.
        Also handy to have his address to send an invitation to if anyone is planning a meet and greet cocktail party at Claridges for the Kiwi King of Kons.

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  8. I have only 3 words for Jon Wedger : Blow Your Whistle.
    He’s another who is giving “whistle-blowers” a bad name.

    Now perhaps he does have some startling evidence of cover-ups and so on but keeping it to yourself is not “whistle-blowing”.
    I mean to be a whistle-blower, you have to have blown your whistle, yes?.
    I reckon he has a real problem here.

    Being an ex-copper I’m sure he’s well acquainted with the laws of defamation so is not actually naming anyone. But this repeated mantra of claiming high level cover-ups is wearing thin now that we have an expensive IICSA underway after various ex-plods have come out of the woodwork making similar claims re: Dolphin Square etc. Many who also have a book to promote telling how they single-handedly solved the Yorkshire Ripper murders, were prevented from arresting Jimmy Savile and had Jack the Ripper bang to rights but those “high-up” sent to 2 chaps from MI5 came around in a horse & carriage and said “hands of Jack” after putting a gun to his head.

    Wedger’s said nothing of significance that any person in the street can’t say : “I want child abuse to stop” so send me money because it’s expensive having to keep saying “I want child abuse to stop”.
    (editor: probably enough from you now on blowing whistles dear.)

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  9. “Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey has been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications. Scotland Yard said they were called to an address in Walthamstow, east London, on Thursday following reports a man was threatening to harm himself. Officers performed a welfare check and a man in his 40s was arrested, police said. Following a physical examination by a doctor where he was deemed fit, Harvey, 44, was taken into police custody. He did not suffer any injuries, according to police.”

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    • Thanks to MKD for this link:

      “Brian Harvey has been taken into hospital and arrested after he shared a livestream in which he threatened self-harm and made ‘malicious communications’. ‘At approximately 18:09hrs on Thursday, 21 March police were alerted to man threatening self harm,’ the Met Police told ‘Officers subsequently attended an address in Walthamstow to complete a welfare check. A man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of malicious communications. ‘Following a mental health assessment at hospital, the man has been taken into police custody where he remains.

      He did not suffer any injuries.’ In the video, Brian talks about his financial struggles, living on benefits, and Theresa May and the Tory government.

      He also shared footage of the police arriving at his property. They ask him to step away from a noose they can see behind him, and threaten to taser him.

      The former East 17 front man has been open with his mental health battles and in 2018 he posted a video in which he claimed he had not left his house in years. ‘I’ve been a prisoner in my own home now for about five years. Four to five years,’ he said. ‘I’ve got to be trapped, like a prisoner, in my own home after selling 22million records. I’ve never done nothing to no one. I just chose not to get involved.’

      Danniella Westbrook took to Twitter after discovering the news on Thursday, and told fans: ‘I’m in rehab just come out of a aa meeting been hospital all day myself I really hope this is a hoax as if it’s not my heart will be broken Brian is a good good man and if this is true I hope he gets the help he needs’. The pair dated between 1991 and 1995 at the height of their fame. ‘Please if anyone has any news on Brian Harvey contact me thanks x my prayers heart and thoughts are with him x I pray his ok,’ she added.”

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      • I was reading it, the it disappeared don`t know where it went, but he story was very similar to Wedgy pants even to the point of having to leave the Met due to mental health reasons. A Police Officer almost had the same story word for word except this one was to do with a scrap metal yard with stolen cars. I was thinking Wedger had nicked bits of other cops story`s to make him self look good, when in reality he was probably crap at his job. I wonder how he got on with his legal action against the Met.

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    • This is some sort of really bizarre reverse thinking : every time one of them goes to jail- even for a 9 year stretch- they claim they have Hoaxtead on the run and are “over the target” and other such nonsense.
      Meanwhile the latest Prat..(name redacted) is in court on a fairly serious charge they claim the entire court cheered & clapped and Hiz Honour took them all to the local pub for drinks. Madness. Sheer madness.

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  10. According to a transcript from Neelu on Quatloos, [name redacted] has repeated his claims to have been assaulted outside Southwark CC by someone from this website in the Royal Courts of Justice.

    (If people post about updates from Neelu, please post links. I’m not on Facebook so can’t search for her nonsense but she has it as public so I can follow links)

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    • Desperate Devine’s done an interview with him today. Among other pointless waffle, he told the passing-a-note-to-Charlotte-Wright story again. He just doesn’t tell that one often enough 🙄💤💤💤

      Oh and he’s claiming to have had a standing ovation from everyone in the courtroom yesterday. No, seriously – he really said that.

      And in case you were worried he might forget the customary death threat, don’t worry – he just manages to sneak in before he hangs up, at 1:11:39:

      “We’ll still be here when they’re six foot under or hanging from lampposts.”

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    • Yeah, as if I have a goon squad or something. I leave that sort of thing to that guy, forget his name right now, who keeps claiming he’s got people from the Sarf London mob just salivating to put various people through woodchippers.

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