‘Children’s rights activists’ want ‘Amnesty for paedophiles’

Yesterday’s post, featuring Belinda’s fascinatingly awful speech to the Democrats & Veterans Party conference, reminded us of a couple of other videos in which the self-styled “children’s rights campaigner” has made some very interesting observations about those who sexually abuse children.

As you’ll recall, Belinda stated in yesterday’s video that she had at least three friends who were convicted paedophiles, but that she believed in their protestations of innocence, and indeed had allowed one to stay in her home, despite the protestations of her family (and us, but who’s counting?).

But Belinda’s warm feelings towards sexual abusers of children don’t end there. She has long advocated amnesty for paedophiles, as demonstrated in at least two videos that we are aware of.


In the above video, published in March 2013, Belinda and her sidekick “Small Paul” Barbara are found at Speaker’s Corner. She has apparently forgotten her trusty megaphone, and is shouting to her approving audience of one, plus a few puzzled passers-by:

I would not take bloody revenge on anybody!

I would put these people in the zoo! How about that? In a zoo!

Where we the public could come and question them, and ask them, “What drove you to do these bestial things to little people, children, a fraction of your size, how could you? Could you explain?”

They need to be put on public display so that we can question them! And as soon as they start weeping tears for what they did, they can come out of the zoo! And they can be rehabilitated, and hopefully do wonderful things for the society ever after. 

Everybody can be redeemed, everybody can be brought back from their evil ways. It takes time but we need to build a culture of allowing first of all the issue to be looked at at all, and then… 

The video cuts away to Paul getting into a heated altercation with a bystander who is unimpressed with Belinda’s holding forth. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say that Belinda and Paul appear quite disgruntled by the experience.

In the next video, Belinda and Bill Maloney, another self-proclaimed fighter against child sexual abuse, both advocate amnesty for paedophiles:


Maloney leads off with this bizarre rant:

One thing that did come out of my recuperation and myself and other people helping to get me well again…is, I was sitting in an armchair one day, and I was sitting there staring at the floor for two or three hours. But within that, an idea came to me. A thought came to me. 

And it was, “Amnesty. Amnesty. Amnesty for paedophiles. Amnesty for paedophiles”. 

And I thought, “What the fuck’s this, amnesty for paedophiles?” 

And it kept hitting me, “Amnesty for paedophiles, amnesty for paedophiles”. 

And then it said, “…that expose the paedophilic rings they’re working for. That expose the paedophilic rings they’re working for. It will cause mayhem. It will cause mayhem. It will cause mayhem”. 

Then, you put it all together: “Amnesty for paedophiles that expose the paedophilic rings that they have been working with. It will cause havoc, because they will all be saying, ‘Who’s the first one to come out, and gonna grass us all up so that they can get amnesty?” 

So. Amnesty for paedophiles who expose the rings that they’re working for. Let’s do that. 

And then Belinda, in an interview which took place in March 2015, repeats her previous idea, sans the zoo motif:

I would like to see a kind of amnesty for everybody who’s been up to these practices, and to be rehabilitated, restored into the mainstream of the human community. 

Odd ideas for people who claim to have the best interests of children at heart: allow paedophiles to roam about unfettered, so long as they have either “wept tears for what they did”, or grassed up other paedophiles.

And yet, we learned a few months ago that this view is not as uncommon as one might expect: at Sacha Stone’s “International Tribunal for Natural Justice”, we discovered that “natural justice” actually meant “free the paedophiles”:

So in the wild and wacky world of Belinda McKenzie, Bill Maloney, Sacha Stone, and others, “justice for sexually abused children” will consist of sitting the convicted sexual abuser down for a pleasant chat, explaining that what they did was out of bounds, getting them to apologise, and sending them on their merry way.

As Fnord noted yesterday,

Does Belinda think that when paedophiles are caught they ‘fess up’ and take responsibility for their actions? Is she so naive that she thinks her (convicted) friends would admit to her that they have a sexual interest in children and have committed offences against them? I have news for Belinda. Paedophiles lie about their behaviour. They lie in person and they lie in Court. Doesn’t she realise this?

Apparently she does not. And nor do Maloney and Stone.

One almost has the impression that they don’t really care much about children, but really don’t want to see their own friends behind bars.

Naaaaaah. That’s just crazy talk. Right?

belinda mckenzie 2018-10-03 amnesty for paedophiles

39 thoughts on “‘Children’s rights activists’ want ‘Amnesty for paedophiles’

  1. i’m afraid crying and saying sorry isn’t quite enough. childmolesters are compulsive in their behaviour and need more than just a talking to. they need to be prevented from going near children.

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  2. And i doubt that most paedos are members of organised rings but rather act alone so they’d have nobody to grass up. i can just imagine bill staring at the floor for three hours, i do that instead of watching his films and it’s far more interesting.

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    • Well said, two thirds of paedophiles have no connection to paedophile rings, a large number are known to the child as family, friends, coaches and others in authority over children. Many children are now vulnerable to predatory individuals who can get to them in their own bedrooms via the internet.

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  3. We can’t start with all those who have abused the innocent children of Hampstead and published their photos and videos online for 1000s of perverts around the world to download and collect. You know who they are but collectively they are called The Mob (c) (hands-off Ms. Seven- my copyright).

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    • There’ll be no amnesty for those queer sorts as far as i’m concerned. they need a jolly good spell in the clink for all their silly fibs. it’s communists and foreigners like that that ruined the british empire with their foolishness and messing about. i’ve a good mind to have timmy bite them, but i wouldn’t want him to catch anything.


      • # I mean “we can start”, not “can’t”. Rotten cat drunk again and bumped my arm while typing.

        Of course, these loonies really do think there is an organised cabal and pedo ring that runs the country- in fact, all countries- and they have visions of locking up Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile etc and even HRH in a cage (after conviction in an ITNJ Court) and grilling them about their sex lives while poking them with sticks.

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  4. Someone could edit the bill video to music and make a song out of it. i’ll just leave that idea out there.

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  5. “No arbitrary penalties, prison sentences, fines or sanctions will be imposed on any guilty party”.

    Well, yes… but what do you expect the ITNJ crowd to say?
    “We are a bunch of judicial-robe cos-players but our make-believe court has no power to impose sentences, fines or sanctions, nor even to determine ‘guilt’ in any legal sense, so we just accuse people without bothering with their defense.”

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    • With their understanding of the law it’s clear why one’s remanded, one’s been interviewed under caution and may be charged and lots of them have been spoken to by Plod. they’re queer sorts for sure.


    • But please send mucho donations so we can all meet up in nice 5 star hotels and conduct our mock trials.


      • Or a nice summer holiday in jersey with a cheap little video camera claiming it’s an investigative documentary, when it’s just a dickhead shouting at garden Gnomes.


      • Oh the irony of Cat* & Malcolm calling someone a deceiver (even if the fuckwits can’t decide which ‘jokey’ spelling to use).

        (*His Sheva headings are references to Cat’s anti-Sheva tweets and videos.)

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        • Malcolm is obsessed with pedophilia (why?) and that Scottish case. He should get a real job. But that Cat woman is a real worry. The fact she has children is very worrying. What is she filling their heads with?. And her silly laughter at tragic events indicates sociopathic tendencies.

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          • The ‘Scottish case’, just like the ‘Scottish play’. bad luck to name it, just look what happened to robert green.

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        • Cat’s become pathologically obsessed with Sheva and MKD (the idiotic bint thinks they’re one and the same person, btw). I’ve lost count of how many vitriolically angry videos she’s made about them in the last few days. I stopped counting after seven. Not to mention her endless stream of angry tweets.

          What is it her fellow fruitloops are always keen to say? “You only get enemy fire when you’re over the target.” So well played, Sheva and MKD 🙂

          Oh and in case you missed it last night, Cat’s had another one of her disgusting, slanderous videos about EC and her family banned by YouTube for “harassment and bullying”. Nice 😜

          By the way, I think both her channels are close to being closed down now, so please keep pounding away at that report button, peeps! (This is also probably why she’s only posting her trolling videos on Twitter now, so she obviously knows she’s doing something wrong.)

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      • “Sheva the deceva begs for cash”

        Like your BFF Cat you mean, Malky?

        Well, this is awkward 🙄


        • “It’s never been about money” as she posts her paypal account directly beneath.
          I think for most of these accusers it IS about the money. It’s that simple.

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      • The only things cat rips are the tops off bottles of cider and malodourous farts after too many scots eggs and deep dried mars bars.

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  6. and as for belinda’s dress sense ? she’s a good fifty years too old for the rock chick look. doubt she’d have carried it when she was in her twenties. the woman really is awkward in every way imaginable.


  7. The way Belinda and Slasha’s mob talk you’d think the mainstream had ignored the problem, when instead they’ve been ploughing on doing proper work for years. Belinda and the Cos players seem unaware that there’s lots of academic literature about sex offending and there are people (example: Probation Officers, psychologists) who do proper work with paedophiles and other sex offenders both in and outside prisons.

    From what I’ve read paedophiles are hard to work with and find it difficult to make ‘progress’ because their behaviours and attitudes are so entrenched. Some of them literally need years of intensive work. Hence, this isn’t a fxxxxxg joke for a bunch of buffoons to be playing around with. It’s as serious as you get and anyone who thinks an amnesty is the answer needs their head examining. You’d have to be stupid or mad to consider an amnesty for a paedophile. Bill, Belinda, Slasha – you choose.

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