Jon Wedger’s claims: More questions than answers

When we first encountered ex-Met police officer Jonathan Wedger earlier this year, we were inclined to offer him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed so earnest, so utterly convinced that he’d been hard done by…and really, who could resist his earnest puppy-eyed stare?

Wedger, who refers to himself as a “police whistle-blower” who was forced out of his career by the corrupt police establishment who threatened him with dreadful consequences if he continued investigating organised paedophile rings in London, began campaigning on his own behalf in 2017.

However, it wasn’t until an interview with UK Column’s Lou Collins in January that his campaign seemed to gather serious momentum. Some parts of this interview seemed credible to us; others, far less so.

While we have no doubt that Wedger was in fact a Metropolitan police officer, several aspects of his story fail to stand up to scrutiny.

Was Wedger really bullied out of the force?

We’ve read several versions of how Wedger left the Met. He alleges that his departure came about because he raised concerns that a child sexual abuse ring was being covered up.

One crowd-funding site says,

After suffering a breakdown in 2016 brought on by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the wrongful treatment he received from the Police establishment, Jonathan Wedger has begun a lawsuit against Scotland Yard for damages.

He seeks compensation for the psychiatric injuries incurred from work-related stress brought about by the bullying he received for exposing child abuse and corruption at the highest levels of British society. He claims the bullying began after he filed an intelligence report alleging that police colleagues were covering up the prostitution and pimping out of girls as young as nine. The claim includes requested compensation for being forced into early retirement after 23 years of honorable service with the Metropolitan Police. 

In his interview with Lou Collins, Wedger described this alleged scenario with his commanding officer, which he claims took place upon his return from an enforced summer vacation:

I said, ‘Well, what have I done?’…I, you know, I really thought I done well; I’d exposed this….

And he turned round to me and he said, ‘Well that’s a problem; you’ve exposed it.’ He said, ‘We knew you could dig, but we never knew you could dig that deep.’ He then said, ‘What you’ve exposed is gonna F us, past, present and future. This cannot, and will not, ever get out.’ He said, ‘If you mention a word of this, you will be thrown to the wolves.’ He then said, ‘You will lose everything – and that means your job, your home, your kids, you will lose it all. You need to shut your F-ing mouth.’

And I was just dumbstruck. I was like, ‘For real?’

And he said, ‘We never thought you would dig this deep. You have no understanding how deep this goes.’

For some reason, as we read this we were put in mind of the lantern-jawed J. Jonah Jameson….

J Jonah Jameson meme…but maybe that’s just us.

However, as we reported last month, Wedger’s description of his departure has now expanded to include allegations of Satanic ritual abuse. He and Bill Maloney discussed this during one of his videos:

Bill: It’s also the subject itself, Jon. People are frightened of that subject. And something that we, both you and I believe goes on, well we actually know it goes on, is something called S R A. Satanic Ritual Abuse. And it goes on, Jon…

Jon: Well, it’s the elephant in the room. Any act of sexual (fondness?) of a child has got a big Satanic element to it, you know, and it’s one of those things that the more you look into it, the more it crops up, y’know, and there is an organised element to it. Now initially, I didn’t really come across it, but then it did start cropping up. And the more we look into it now, the more it’s behind so much. And you’ve got to look at, why are these people clamping down on this? And these are people in positions of privilege and power. One of the things that really sort of changed it was when there was a list that was compiled that we class as the RAINS list.

Bill: Oh! You said the name! [both laugh]

Jon: It’s an acronym. It stands for Ritual Abuse or something like that, I can’t remember. And it was such a comprehensive list, it was so well put together…

Bill: What kind of people were on it, Jon?

Jon: It was a mix. I mean there were names I never heard of…

Bill: I don’t mind so much about the names, I mean what they’ve done, where they come from, were they…there was politicians on there now…

Jon: Politicians, police officers…

Bill: Lords…

Jon: There were lords, there were members of the clergy, there were drug addicts, there were just normal standard people, a lot of the people come from the care system…

Aligning with conspiracy theorists

Speaking of Maloney, Wedger stated in one of his recent videos that he has known him for eight years; he says the same about Brian Gerrish of UK Column. He seems to have met them at the 2010 CSA survivors’ march in London, and claims to have spoken favourably of Maloney, at least, to his colleagues at the Met.

Frankly, this seems to us like a career-limiting move, but what do we know?

Since leaving the Met, Wedger has broadened his troofer horizons, linking up with such luminaries as Robert Green, Wilfred Wong, Sacha Stone and his fake “ITNJ” nonsense, the Fresh Start Foundation, and others.

We noted this comment on the BarthsNotes blog a few weeks ago:

I attended a CSA event at the houses of commons hosted by whiteflowers.

I was one of several police officers that was in the audience, we had all been involved previously with child protection matters and had been ignored or victimised.

We were a little surprised to see this Mr Maloney attend the meeting and attempt to disrupt the meeting, people were scared of him, walking around and continually swearing, the chair of the meeting who I think was Liz Davies had to try and calm him down.

What was worrying was that he came with this officer Jon Wedger who was still serving at the time and Mr Maloney appeared to be using him as a puppet. Mr Wedger was clearly unwell and didn’t say a thing with Mr Maloney pointing at him identifying him as a police officer and what the police were doing to him.

Mr Wedger appeared to be either under heavy medication or under Mr Maloney’s spell, very odd.

Mr Wedger appears to have taken on Mr Maloney’s persona and is acting in the same way with swearing and becoming aggressive, again this seems odd.

Anyway, regarding the campaign that Mr Wedger is doing where he appears to be creating a brand for himself, other police whistleblowers don’t appear to be impressed because he is effectively doing this solely for the child abuse people if I can call them that because he is not helping any other police whistleblowers.

His advertising states that it is to help other police whistleblowers as well.

The information that he is giving also appears to be embellished, he has never worked at New Scotland Yard or worked globally, we are not sure if he was even a DC, from enquiries we think he was a PC on child protection.

He was not on no pay for three years but was off sick whilst under investigation for various matters. Whilst off sick he was involved in various other businesses.

He now has a web shop advertising his merchandise and it is felt that he will be making a living out of this, it is not for proper charitable purposes. It is also not known who is funding his venture.

He was given an ill health pension because the MPS became exasperated with him and he was putting victims of child abuse at risk.

While we cannot verify all the content of this comment, we can confirm that Bill Maloney attended at least one White Flowers event at the House of Commons in 2015. If anyone reading this was in attendance at the meeting and could confirm further details, please let us know. Bill Maloney White Flowers Commons 2015

Did Wedger really receive a commendation for the Baby P case?

We have been able to find no confirmation that Wedger ever worked on the 2007 Baby P case, let alone that he received any sort of award for it. The only sources we were able to find originated with Wedger himself, though there was also an article by James Fielding in The Express.

Fielding, incidentally (or perhaps not), has been responsible for a plethora of histrionic “Satanists behind every door” reports, including the original Bill Maloney/Chris Fay production in which they coerced Andrew Ash into making allegations about a person they identified as Leon Brittan. Let’s just say that Fielding is the SRA-promoters’ go-to guy when it comes to getting their message into the mainstream media.

We did find an old photo of a much-younger Wedger, dressed in his PC uniform, receiving an award of some sort. However, this could have been for exemplary attendance or shiniest shoes, for all we can tell. Wedger award 2018-08-12

What about the ‘child prostitutes’?

One of the turns of phrase which struck us when we listened to Wedger’s interview with Lou Collins was his persistent use of the term “child prostitutes”. This struck a sour note, as it is not possible for a child to be a prostitute: children who are sold for the purposes of sex with adults are correctly referred to as “victims of child sex trafficking” or “victims of child sexual exploitation”, to reflect the fact that they are not given a choice in how their bodies are abused.

This is not merely pedantic. This terminology has been adopted by most organisations which come into contact with trafficked/sexually exploited children, as it helps inform the ways in which police and others respond to their plight.

We’ve found it surprising, to say the least, that Wedger persists in referring to “child prostitutes”, and calls one trafficker, the bizarrely named “Foxy”, a “pimp”.

Incidentally, Wedger claims that in 2004, he went to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP) of the National Crime Agency in his search for information to help him deal with the “child prostitution” ring he had uncovered. This is odd, since CEOP was not formed until 2006.

How many crowd-funders does one man need?

We started looking into Jon Wedger’s crowd-funding activities, and discovered that his only current rival in the “holy shit, how hard can you milk that story?” sweepstakes is our old friend HoaxGirl.

Just for starters, we have Wilfred Wong’s “Support4theFamily“, launched last year. It’s not possible to determine how much, if any, this campaign raised, as it’s by direct donation to a bank account.

Then there’s “Funding Morality”, run by the ultra-dodgy Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA; This U.S.-based organisation was previously known as the JONAH Institute for Gender Affirmation, but changed its name after a series of lawsuits by clients who found their methods both abusive and ineffectual. The organisation is involved in “gay-conversion therapy” for men whose sexual orientation conflicts with their religious beliefs. An odd choice to fundraise for a former London cop, but who are we to say?

There’s the common-or-garden “JustGiving“, where Wedger raised £7,340 for his walk from London to Manchester via the canal system earlier this year;

And who could forget the “Jon Wedger Whistleblower Collection” of mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with his face?

We’re sure we’re missing a few, so if you happen to know of any more, do feel free to let us know in the comments.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with raising funds—even for one’s self—if one is completely transparent about where the money will be going. However, using the canal walk as an example, what “expenses” were covered by the £7,340 raised, and how much went to charity? Which charity?

There are so many questions, and each time he opens his mouth on camera, Wedger manages to raise even more. Yet despite more and more people beginning to ask pointed questions, he steadfastly refuses to answer. Hardly the behaviour one would expect from a man who clearly believes himself to be a national hero.

80 thoughts on “Jon Wedger’s claims: More questions than answers

  1. Great post EC. There are a lot of questions to be answered by Mr. Wedger.

    One thing I was wondering was if when he was off work would it have been to do with the job he had in the Police. I can’t imagine the officers who work with child abuse escaping unscathed from what they have to deal with.

    It really looks like Maloney was leading him about SRA, putting words in his mouth as he did with Andrew Ash.

    The charities are questionable & he should have his accounts audited by the Charities Commission. Does he require a licence for each charity I wonder, not the Gofund me but any others he does within Britain.

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  2. “Incidentally, Wedger claims that in 2004, he went to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP) of the National Crime Agency in his search for information to help him deal with the ‘child prostitution’ ring he had uncovered. This is odd, since CEOP was not formed until 2006.”


    Good spot, EC. I’m referring your name to Sam’s Koala Stamp of Excellence™ committee for that one 🙂

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  3. Are any of Wedger’s appeals registered with the charity commission (particularly the one that’s raised over £7,000)?

    “Usually, you must register with the Charity Commission if your charity is based in England or Wales and has over £5,000 income per year. The commission will take action to secure compliance if it identifies a charity which isn’t registered but should be.”

    Not sure what the ins and outs are with this but wasn’t this one of the things that led to Belinda’s downfall?

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    • My God, put a mark on the wall. I think I might actually agree with Cat on something.

      Yes, Gerrish and Maloney obviously knew all along who “Nathan ‘Numnuts’ Wedger” was, and could easily have told people–in fact, it’s odd that they didn’t tell Abe and Ella, but let them believe that some mysterious person had grassed them up. Funny, considering that they both claimed to be on Abe & Ella’s side.

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      • When she says his real name is Nathan though, I don’t think that’s right.
        Is it not just because his name is Jonathan? Which is why he calls himself ‘Jon’ or ‘Nathan’?

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        • Yes, his real name is Jonathan, but one of his personal email addresses, which he used to forward the letter from Abe & Ella to a colleague at the Met, was “”. Hilariously, Abe took this to be his real name, and spent a couple of years referring to “Nathan Numnuts Wedger, known police informer”. In January this year, a few of us worked out what had really happened, and identified Wedger by his real name.

          (Abe & Ella also failed to grasp that when the police discussed the “original informant” they were referring to Jean-Clement Yaohirou, who had originally informed them of the case. Abe and Ella are…special.)


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    • “As of Friday that just passed & the entire Mental Health team remarked on how well I sounded, looked and acted.”


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    • So this was his answer to my request to age-restrict his video so that children wouldn’t see/hear it:

      “Let the children listen because all know this world ain’t like WALT DISNEY. We all know what goes on there, don’t we FIONA BARNETT??? And +Walnut Sauce – You RAPE, TORTURE, SLAUGHTER & FEAST on children why are you making out your concerned if they hear a few swear words?!!?”

      Anyone else find that really disturbing?

      Lest we forget, that video contains swearing, race hate speech, death threats, terrorist threats and multiple counts of slander. Here are some quotes (courtesy of Tinribs):

      “Let’s get started. Destruction, terror…Aaaagh!…You scared of ISIS?…I’ve got the ear of ISIS. I’ve got ISIS’s ear…Raarrr! Muslim boogeyman. Be very scared, you fucking putrid dogs.”

      “Laura Banks…you putrid bitch. You fucking cunt. Can fucking smell your cunt from here. It reeks.”

      “You fucking dog. I’ll fix you. You come to my party or I’ll throw you to the fishes. I’ll throw you to the fishes with Geoff Kennett and George Freeman and Lady McPherson.”

      “Now listen to me – Sonya van Gelder…I can smell your rotted cunt from here, Sonya van Gelder.”

      “Look at this putrid black dog sellout. Sellout to the white man…Look at her. Sergeant [NAME REDACTED], you putrid dog. I’ll break your head, you putrid dog. You fucking animal…You fucking dog. Fucking black fuck. Worst ones, black ones…They think they’re white. White…I’m gonna fuck his life.”

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      • He’s definitely unravelling.
        George Freeman was a well know Sydney gangster but has been dead for nearly 30 years without a hint of sex abuse claims. Why is he picking on poor old Geoff Kennett, the ex-Victorian premier who has advanced the cause of mental health aid for 2 decades?.
        And who is “Lady McPherson”?. Lennie McPherson?. The reputed Sydney underworld crime boss? (also deceased). These sound like Fiona Barnett’s fantasies.

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  5. I was in attendance at the white flowers in 2015.
    I remember bill shouting when we went into parliament and upsetting all the survivors it was disgusting behaviour. I remember someone telling him to stop shouting his upsetting people I was new to this then and only just started being a activist round about then. I think I have some photos of the day on my computer I had taken.

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      • Do you think they might learn something from the hapless MP’s who chose to involve themselves in these hyperventilated claims?
        We know how John Hemming became a victim of them. Opportunist Simon Danzuck’s career bit the dust by involving himself with these nutters and I’m reliably informed John Mann MP may have uncomfortable questions to answer over his career as a local councilor at Lambeth where alleged child abuse by council workers on council property was ignored.
        Glass houses & casting stones etc.

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        • I think that they were maybe actually taken in, because of the unwillingness to ever address this issue, honestly and frankly. I think they maybe fell into the traps set by manipulators. Because it is ‘oh so refreshing to ‘hear the truth’, but it wasnt’;… I have often mentioned the gap, there really did seem to be a conspiracy of silence. I was talking with some people today about that, and how so many of us felt alone and because of our reticence, rightly to be able to broadcast as the so called truthers or self proclaimed activists do, then I think they created fake claimants with much more ease, than should have been possible. One of the contentions in the lead up to the 2010 rally, when I tried to insist that the victims/survivors that I’d been speakeing with and who had wanted to speak, on the day, should at least be put before the likes of maloney, gerrish, icke and green etc, was that I was told that they would all have to fill in their details into a book with name, address etc, which was an untenabe idea to me, given the way I knew/know that most feel.

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    • Lee, this 2nd video is courtesy of the same guy who filmed the rally that you organised 2015, with the same kind of biased commentary and cherry picked interviews: Bill appears at about 5.22 and again @13mins. Joe Public aka Malcolm Blackman appears in the first two minutes and a couple of other times, most notably @44mins……………….. I was disgusted to hear that he had wasted a ticket! He states that Brian Clare had been abused by Leon Brittain, which I don’t think I had known, meaning I didn’t know that Brian was one of the false claimants of this…….. Brian Clare was there, too, as was Brenda (Mumsy) McNamara. Robert Green can be seen a few times, though he doesn’t speak on this, I couldn’t find any sign of Wedgie, but I was tired……. I fell asleep during the last 10mins, which isn’t surprising…….. 🙂 While Bill gets going, you can hear Liz Davies saying ‘Bill’, a few times, clearly trying to ask him to stop.

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      • Hi Sheva I remember all of them being there That you mentioned i spoke to most of them. I definitely don’t remember Jon wedger there at this event. I have lots of photos some are in my group of the event I don’t see Jon in none of them. Was he there I wonder.??

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  6. Jésus H.Christ (excuse my French) (editor: don’t push your luck Sam) El Coyote should have been snapped up by now by at least one of Britain’s tabloids as a first-class Investigative Reporter (admittedly he has received the highest honour in the Koala Stamp awards- recommended by me).

    If anything, after news of the collapse of the Jonathan King & case & Cliff Richard / Ted Heath matters it seems that Britain’s various police forces far from neglecting the claims of organised paedophile rings have done the exact opposite.
    These so-called activists and “whistle-blowers” never reveal anything new, do they?. It’s just endless re-hashed internet claims.

    I’m always wary of these ex-coppers who make seemingly exaggerated claims of their policing careers, apart from some who obviously are what they claim.
    For instance, in the King case the well-known ex-copper stated in a Mirror article that he had been “policing child abuse cases” for 30 years but as he was 44 years old at the time it meant he joined the force at age 14 unless he was an amateur sleuth as a young teen. While tabloids easily make such mistakes you would think that as said ex-cop had written the article himself he would have taken a bit more care.

    As for the ghastly Chris Fay- it was me who informed the Daily Mirror of his rotten past at which time they immediately dropped him as a source. Of course, the Daily Express is not only in the gutter it has been excavating itself into the sewer. My obsession with Fay was personal. Aged relatives of mine had been ripped off by the lousy fraudulent share scam gang, of £6000. Maybe not a life-altering sum but as they were a true “salt of the Earth” hard-working couple it infuriated me that their savings would be stolen by a vile gang. I attended court & was repelled by the ugly Fay’s claims he had no idea what the gang was up to when he opened dodgy bank accounts for them. The judge, of course, lambasted him for his attempted claim of cluelessness.
    Eventually, it led me to the SRA claims and I was astonished to find some of the characters involved in dodgy schemes had filtered into the dramas.

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    • Yes, it’s fascinating that so many of the SRA scam artists have previous (or concurrently) been involved in more conventional fraud cases, isn’t it? Almost as if they realised that “there’s gold in them thar hills” and set their course for the nearest SRA accusation.

      Incidentally, have you ever noticed that Chris Fay looks like a much older version of Mr Mackey on South Park?


    • “…death sentenced in the mighty name of Jesus!”

      I’m prepared to hazard a guess our Monica hasn’t actually read the New Testament. It could come a complete shock to her.

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  7. “And who could forget the “Jon Wedger Whistleblower Collection” of mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with his face?”

    Mug and t-shirt sales sounds familiar, is there some sort of fund raising manual that all these hoaxers read?

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  9. A question for your consideration. It’s difficult to tell from the photograph, but do those epaulettes on his uniform actually carry the collar number of a regular Met Police Constable? Are those coloured (blue) flashes? If so what do they signify? Cadet? Special? Probationer? Uniformed Civilian Staff? What other evidence of his service exists? Gifted burrower or glory borrower?

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    • He has no whistle on his dress uniform. I think it is when he passed his initial training at police college.

      He was a police officer. I have found him in a run of the mill news article described as a detective constable.

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      • The Met and other forces do not disclose if an officer has been advised to leave (or be pushed). While it respects their privacy it also means goats like Wedger can make any claim about their time in a force which is impossible to verify.
        The main thing is: not one of these so-called campaigner fanatics ever comes up with the goods. They parrot stuff from the media that has been rehashed so many times it’s almost impossible to know the truth.
        And the well-known one involved in the Cliff Richard fiasco is really going to be brought undone when the infamous ‘Nick’ gives evidence.
        I think Wedger thought it was all going to be a jolly jape after being ‘groomed’ by Baloney etc but has now found it’s a den of scorpions and he’s not cut out for it. Probably just as wasn’t cut out to be a copper.

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    • The fruitloop is full on promoting the vile slimeball Fiona Barnett who now claims the Dalia Lama is a pedophile. Barnett disgustingly has weaved a horrific murder into her fantasies and now claims the dreadful Ivan Milat serial killer was all part of it. What a sick nasty woman she is.

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    • I think Andy’s the only person left that Arty hasn’t alienated, though I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time.

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  10. Neelu and Edward Ellis are at her old house now, trying to broadcasting live but they keep getting cut off.

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  11. This is the speech that apparantly inspired Jon Wedger ??? I think it was the opening speech on the day, but I wasn’t there, I arrived during David Ickes speech, this was horrendous to me, then, since and now, how could others more unused to public speaking get up and speak ? Whcih is what i had promised. Ian McFerran was Robert Greens right hand man, back then and if anyone groomed me, it was him, at that time, on the video of David Icke on his channel, you can see me arriving at about 45secs and the scurrying around and me being blocked out by the hollie grieg hoax banner, I should’ve done what they thought I would and ripped the mic off of Belinda McKenzie, but I had never heard from her or of her and hadn’t noticed at that time that she was suddenly, along with Penny Pullen, copied into the emails telling me who would be speaking that day.

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    • It gets me that this lot imply that somehow they are the only ones- in all of Britain’s 65 million citizens- who care about children. And the fact they never actually have an influence on the 100,000s of real live children today in the country who are living in poverty which can lead to all types of abuse (let alone the dreadful statistics of over 30,000 children dying every day in Third World countries from preventable diseases etc).

      It’s always about the past and alleged cover-ups. Some of it may be true, some of it fantasy but- whatever the truth it’s already happened and can’t be changed. They are actually living in the past and providing no useful service. It’s like that past is a cover for an unknown fanaticism which can constantly re-invent itself (mainly via the internet) which self-perpetuates because it’s so slippery. And they have a real but useless influence in matters like the Ted Heath lunacy where £Millions are wasted along with 100s of man hours chasing nothing.

      Meanwhile in the real world 1000s of well-meaning social and charity workers (real ones) beaver away without glory or recognition because they want to make a real change.
      I’d place far greater value on one single volunteer in a Food Bank over this entire bunch of rabble-rousers.

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