Stalking Protection Bill: A proactive approach to protecting victims

During the early days of Sabine McNeill’s trial in which she was convicted of stalking four families in Hampstead, another high-profile case of stalking was making the UK news.

An article by Katy Bourne, Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, in which she describes her “six years of hell” as a stalking victim, bears a number of eerie similarities to the testimony we heard from the wholly blameless parents during Sabine’s trial. We’ve written before about Bourne’s convicted stalker, Matt Taylor, who has also enthusiastically promoted the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Bourne describes some of what she endured from Taylor:

I was harassed and abused almost daily online, with sick videos accusing me of every crime, then my stalker’s obsession moved into the real world.

He turned up at events uninvited, once filming me in secret and posting it on YouTube with his angry ranting and shouting.

The tipping point was when one of his disciples filmed my climbing harness lying next to the cliff edge just before a charity abseil.

The footage of my descent was posted on YouTube along with the alarming words of the main stalker “you should have slit her rope”.

As we wrote last spring, the dossier of evidence showing Taylor’s harassment of Bourne has also included:

  • false online claims that she protected paedophiles;
  • false statements that she had been having an affair with a colleague;
  • false allegations that she had covered up the murder of a local woman;
  • various doctored images, published online, including one of a woman’s body in a negligee with Bourne’s face pasted on;
  • covert filming of Bourne when she was outside her home.

Much of this will sound horrifyingly familiar to anyone who recalls what the Hampstead hoax victims have endured.

Noting that she was used to the negative attention which could accompany the rough-and-tumble of local politics, Bourne describes her frustration with the lack of police response to stalking:

A lot of people still think of stalking as something that only spurned lovers or obsessed fans do, that it’s sad and slightly pathetic but relatively harmless.

While reports of stalking have rocketed, it is still regarded as a nuisance rather than a crime.

Too often, victims are told “don’t look at the online abuse”, or “just ignore it, they will get bored and go away”….

Similarly, during Sabine’s trial, it became clear that despite multiple reports to the police, the initial response was “just ignore them…block them, and they’ll give up and find someone else to bother”. Sabine’s first arrest in August 2015 resulted in a “no further action” decision on the part of police, sending the message that her actions would have no consequences.

It was pointed out during Sabine’s trial that the NFA decision simply encouraged her to step up her online harassment.

Just as parent witnesses talked about their terror at the mounting online campaign targeting them and their families, Bourne describes her growing fear as she was “subject to a cumulative pattern of unwanted attention”.

Bourne says she felt let down by the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided not to pursue her criminal complaint despite “hundreds of pages of evidence” she’d gathered, documenting “almost five years’ worth of obsession, his stated intentions to ‘take me down’ and displays of volatile behaviour in his own words and on video when I sought protection in the courts”.

As Bourne points out, the CPS decision not to prosecute sent the wrong message to her stalker, as it was determined that his behaviour towards her did not meet a threshold of seriousness or harm. As a result, he felt emboldened to continue his campaign against her.

Bourne was “lucky”: in the face of the criminal justice system’s failure to protect her, she obtained a civil injunction against Taylor, and when he violated it, he received a four-month sentence, suspended for two years. He’s not in prison, but should he violate the injunction again within the two-year time frame, he would face imprisonment.

However, even this watered-down outcome is far from the norm.

Bourne notes that although nearly 5 million people in the UK may become victims of stalking every year, only 780 cases were prosecuted, leading to 529 convictions, in 2015–16. This leaves the overwhelming majority of victims out in the cold, unprotected by the police and courts.

Stalking Protection Bill

Bourne advocates the adoption of the Stalking Protection Bill, which went to third reading in the House of Commons on 22 November 2018.

She writes: “The legislation would create Stalking Protection Orders that police could seek from the courts to act quickly — taking the onus off the victim. It would be a civil measure, putting restraints on contact and proximity, and to breach it would be a criminal offence with a punishment of up to five years”.

Stalking Protection Orders would not replace criminal trials, but would be used in the short term to afford stalking complainants more protection while the police collect further evidence.

According to an article in The Express,

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, who is behind the Bill, told MPs: “Stalking is an insidious and dangerous crime with devastating consequences for victims and their families… murder in slow motion”.

During discussion of the Bill, MPs heard that one of the most important aspects of building a case for stalking is enabling complainants to quickly and consistently log incidents. This can prevent police from unduly focusing on single incidents, encouraging them instead to look at overall patterns of stalking behaviour.

MP Alex Chalk suggested that an app be put in place for use by stalking complainants, to enable them to log episodes and ensure that they’re received by the police. Chalk said, “An individual victim will always be better and more effective at recording the litany of incidences than the bureaucracy of the police”.

If you would like to support the Stalking Protection Bill, you can sign this petition on to show your support.

Updated: It turns out we’re a bit behind on the progress of the Stalking Protection Bill, which has already progressed to the House of Lords, where it’s due for second reading on 18 January. Well done to all who’ve helped the Bill get this far!

Image: Flickr, @lattefarsan

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  1. This is one of the main reasons I am against facebook and even using your real name online at all…

    I had a friend who had a particularly nasty piece of work stalking him for several months, simply for saying he had enjoyed a nice day out with his family (who he hadn’t seen for several years after working overseas) posting pictures of them all enjoying a day at the horse races (they breed horses and know many of the local horse owners well, and run a horse riding training school for kids)

    This angered a totally unknown person who was vehemently anti horse racing into stalking him for several months, posting vile comments every time he posted anything at all anywhere, to the extent that he simply couldn’t actually post anything online anywhere for fear of this person coming onto where he had posted and adding comments definitely NSFW- even a comment on a young child’s wall congratulating them on a gymkhana win unleashed a particularly disgusting series of posts on the kids wall that went on for several weeks- particularly disturbing was that they targeted the child then, posting pictures of dead horses and the like- on a kids wall who loved her horse and was proud of their accomplishments together….

    His stalking was only stopped by accident, he was jailed for drug dealing, and worse he was literally less than an hours drive away from both my friend, and the kid he targeted as well…


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    • Yes, that’s really disturbing. Stalking is a horrendous thing, and the internet has definitely facilitated it, as we’ve seen in the Hampstead hoax, and now with Katy Bourne and her stalker. Some people have no choice but to use their real names, like Bourne, but I agree that when possible, it’s best to keep your personal stuff off the internet.

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  2. It’s as if you need to be stalking someone to be taken seriously in the Looniverse. It’s an important accessory. Preferably someone whom you encountered on the opposite side of a courtroom.

    If you don’t have anyone to stalk, you must be part of the establishment — you can’t have done any crimes.

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  3. Thank you for this breakdown of what Mrs. Bourne has been put through, EC. I’m stunned and had no idea it had got so extreme and out of hand. I can’t imagine the impact all that must have had on her and her family. I hope that Taylor’s sentence has brought some sort of closure for them (though a custodial sentence would have been preferable, in my opinion) and acts as a warning to any other maniacs who would be stupid enough to harass them.

    Fingers crossed for that bill to succeed, by the way. I think I’ve signed the petition, though the process was a little convoluted – there were various social media sharing and donation options to get through to the actual petition and then I think I also inadvertently signed a few other petitions along the way (but don’t worry, I stopped short of the one calling for suspected paedophiles to have to take polygraph tests 😆).

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  4. More bizarre ramblings from Paul Rogers:

    Now, is it just me or does that video have absolutely feck-all to do with Hoaxtead?

    Seriously we’re not even mentioned in it. Am I missing something or is Eddie really that desperate?

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    • Actually, I must protest. I for one am always struck by Eddie’s mature, intelligent approach to online debate.

      Oh wait…

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          • Never mind. He’s got a bee in his backwards beret now, as he blames me for grassing him up. I suppose it’s easier than blaming himself for listening to Angela and being stupid enough to violate the reporting restriction on Sabine’s trial.

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      • LOL!! Apparently he’s getting his ‘intel’ from Cat Snot, who got it from…well, hard to say, really. However, it’s kind of fun watching them play ‘broken telephone’ with one another and trying to work out what the original message was supposed to have been.

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  5. Someone who cannot tell truth from fiction like Matt Taylor is a real danger. With him spreading ‘SRA’ then stalking this lady for so long, in my opinion he should have been sent down.

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  6. Whilst I applaud Dr Sarah Wollaston’s bill I’m afraid that without Government backing that moron Christopher Chope will nobble it. He has previously sabotaged upskirting and anti-Female Genital Mutilation private member bills. There are some aspects of the process that do need scrutiny, but he is a menace to democracy.

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    • I have just been checking his voting record. He actually seems to be quite a nasty piece of work. The amendment that would have given girls more protection from genital mutilation he described as “virtue signaling”.

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      • What I see when someone complains of “virtue signalling”, is someone signalling their own virtue to their in- group. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

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        • To be fair (against my will) to Mr Chope, the new Bill is considerably better drafted than the Private Members’ Bill which would probably have been impossible to operate as drafted. He has a point that knee-jerk legislation usually ends in tears.


          • Hence my “There are some aspects of the process that do need scrutiny”. However, even private members bills have to pass though the Commons and House of Lords and be subject to amendments. That is process not a “matter of principle”. He indiscriminately.torpedoes bills that ARE well formed and have been properly scrutinised.


  7. All power to Katy Bourne and I wish her well in her endeavors.

    I agree with Lucca above that a creep like Taylor IS dangerous no matter what affable front he presents.

    I know a pretty tough lawyer who ended up taking out an anti-harassment order when he found his stalker following him with his children when they went to films, playgrounds etc. And the worse part of his stalker is that he writes letters to all sorts of people basically claiming he took the lawyer to court and got an order against him !.
    These stalkers are dangerous.

    Taylor is of course the UK representative of the weirdo Hoani John Wanoa. It’s just difficult to imagine what strange world This Mob (c) live in where they seem to understand the gobbledygook each one spouts. I took a look at Wanoa’s incredibly prolific Youtube channel where the nutter even documents a trip to pick up fish’n’chips as though the world watches in awe at their Majesty munching on a piece of battered Flathead.

    I gave up after watching one video where he attends a police station to either “remove” or “arrest” the head DCI. He announces to the officer at the front desk : “I am the King of England. This really should mean the officer should have called a tailor to measure up Mr Wanoa for a suitable straight jacket but the officer just nods wearily probably thinking : “perhaps it’s the heat..2nd King of England we’ve had in today and only one Napoleon Bonaparte”.

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    • Taylor is of course the UK representative of the weirdo Hoani John Wanoa

      There is even Taylor’s image on Wanoa’s 100-million-pound note.

      Wanoa is under the impression that putting meaninglessly large numbers on the play-money currency he designs is a way of proving his seriousness. That worked so well for Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany.

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    • I took a look at Wanoa’s incredibly prolific Youtube channel

      I was looking at his Faceborg pages, but gave up counting them after the first dozen.

      It’s just difficult to imagine what strange world This Mob (c) live in where they seem to understand the gobbledygook each one spouts.

      I believe it to be Virtue Signalling (to coin a phrase). The Truther/conspiracist community have realised that by pretending to believe in his schizophrenic, self-medication-enhanced delusions, they display their commitment to the battle against the tyranny of evidence.

      In turn they have been grooming Wanoa, and he has learned to spout the UK Worship Words like “Hampstead” and “Finchley Road”.

      So we end up with the weird spectacle of the Yellow- Light-Brownshirt marchers waving around an 1834 flag of New Zealand indigenous independence. It’s a flag with a long history in NZ of use by fraudsters and scammers, which is why Wanoa appropriated it for his personal iconography, in turn convincing Devine and Paterson et al. that somehow it symbolises the illegitimacy of any UK government.

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    • 🙄🙄🙄



      • The sticky-fingered bawbags have appropriated Welsh Pen-Draig imagery for their white-supremacist Pendragon grift… they’ve appropriated the yellow vests from the French anti-austerity protesters… it make sense that they’d also steal a cultural icon from Polynesian people on the other side of the world.

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  8. If I’m reading this right, bit part player Yolande Kenward was taken for assessment on the 19th December after an application under the Mental Health Act. She appears to be free and posting on Facebook as of 31st December so the evil state has failed in it’s masonic plots… for now!

    Section 135(1) deals with a concern which requires an assessment. The assessment may be done on the premises with agreement but it allows the option to remove a person for such an assessment if necessary. It is not as she states an attempt to lock her up.

    I’m not going to publish the images of the warrant but she has posted it on the open “Council Tax & many more gov.acts are Unlawful – Let’s fight back.” Facebook group which is a hangout for Freeman of the Land types and other assorted racists.

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  9. Please do keep this blog and its content available to the public for years to come. The public have been failed by our police, technology companies, courts and politicians. I have seen from chat rooms to Hoaxtead that no entity or individual has the power or inclination to address the issues of abuse, bullying and stalking that happens on the internet. Regulation helps, but it still will be limited.

    The future will be about how the internet is being administered and run. Users will have to give up some rights in order to stop those like Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney doing what they have been doing, which will mean removal of anonymity and to accept more police, government and censorship. It was unpleasant to experience attempts by paedophiles to groom me, and Angela Power Disney targetting an innocent person and their family in order to target me. Paedophiles and Angela Power Disney are the same kind of creature who predate upon innocent people to indulge in their personal lusts. The only way to stop them is changing how the internet is run.

    I hope I explain this well, but the internet is going to be redesigned so that instead of servers it is the AI’s that run networks. All information travels through the AI, and a user will have to go through an AI to speak to anyone. The AI acts as gatekeeper, so that privacy, security and personal information is locked down under the control of the individual with the AI guarding access. For the AI to work well it requires transparency on the basis that if an individual is going to need to hide in anonymity they are out to harm someone. It will eventually mean that you will need an electronic passport backed by the government to access the internet, and without it the AI’s will deny you access to the networks. Any arguments about Big Brother is irrelevant because people such as me have seen what so-called justice warriors like Sabine McNeill have done under the cover of justice, truth and liberty denying these things to others, including children.

    Any chat rooms I design will have a police force working as part of its team, and an AI that thinks that any illegal activity is going on will flag and log communications which a police officer will be able to see without any court order, since this will be written into the terms and conditions of users of my networks.

    To give an example of Hampstead, a new system may have 100,000 users, each with their own account, their ID confirmed by external ID. Nobody can have multiple accounts. Any information that the individual posts to the system has a DNA-type of code linked to identify ownership of the information, which allows the AI to identify ownership, access and sharing of the information as defined by the user. Angela Power Disney would have limited access to the Hampstead system and could not access or use information without consent of the user. If an AI becomes aware of information used without authority, it can delete it, deny access and even flag it if illegal straight to the police.

    Rather than servers AI;s will talk to AI’s so that Hampstead AI could talk to the India AI with each AI acting as gatekeeper higher up the chain. Each AI reflects the local culture and customs of their users, so nobody in Hampstead would be able to promote drinking alcohol to a community in Iran, the AI’s would shut access off. Each AI would offer services as a whole, services that can be replicated like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as one thing to their own users, so that all those corporations will become extinct since they require a centralised system, and AI’s are all localised and decentralised.

    Governments and police are going to love this new type of system as it gives greater control over the internet and their communications, which means it is likely to succeed as the new system of web 4.0. The days of Facebook, groomers of children and Angela Power Disney is going to be ended by AI.


    • I think Hoaxstead is up there with Anna Raccoon and her fascinating & insightful investigations over the Savile affair.
      The court reporting has been fascinating especially as records of many court cases just disappear.
      Perhaps a University should record it all for posterity ( University of Warwick ?).

      I’ve discovered the website of barrister Barbara Hewson who has been a thorn in the side of hoaxers everywhere (and the recipient of vile threats because of it)
      Seems Sabine has been a person consulted over some bizarre “UK NO Fly List” of persons who should be considered dangerous and not allowed to fly in planes. ( OK this is from the “Richie Allen” show which I’m not acquainted with but which I gather is Conspiracy Central).

      Not sure how they can enforce this as the “list” includes PM Therese May and HM The Queen. Can you imagine a Qantas trolley dolly telling HM she’s not allowed into Business Class?.
      Richard Branson’s also included but I can’t see his staff refusing to allow him onto his own plane.

      Dec 16, 2018 barbarahewson
      The Devil’s Cleaners – Part 4

      Document identifies 300 dangerous VIPs on government list, dubbed “Britain’s No-Fly List”

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  10. Things not to do when the police are looking into you:

    – Sharing illegal images of children

    – Sharing a video attacking the very person who reported you in the first place

    Sigh 🙄

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  11. I popped in to collect this month’s pay-cheque and can confirm that this is correct, although the vending machines in the canteen have run out of diet coke.

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  12. I am not even a little pleased that Katy Bourne was stalked.

    I am somewhat pleased that Katy Bourne, stalking victim, is not only an MP but a Police Commissioner. Possibly she is the person who will be able to make the seriousness of stalking, especially stalking facilitated by the internet, apparent to all the folks who don’t quite GET it. I’ve heard far too many people, police and not, dismiss its seriousness, not because they don’t care but because they can’t wrap their heads around it because it’s, at bottom, not quite sane.

    It’s a maxim amongst the kind of people who guard heads of state that the hardest assassin to guard against is the one who’s not interested in survival or escape. Stalking has that same problem; rationally you’re gonna get caught. The problem is, stalkers don’t care. They’re confident that all they have to do is EXPLAIN why they had to do it and they’ll get a hearty pat on the back and a nice cup of tea.

    And, horribly, this has often been true until they do something major and life-changing for the victim, because the cops and courts not unreasonably think “oh, well, he knows if he’s brought in again he’s facing X, he’ll back off.” As a sensible ordinary decent criminal would.

    But they won’t. Much like domestic abusers, they KNOW they’re not doing anything WRONG, with a knowing made of pure diamond.

    I hesitate to suggest this for anyone, but in the case of stalkers I think remand to a psych institution for a serious, extended, mandatory course of intensive treatment is probably going to be more effective than prison. They urgently need serious rewiring.

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    • Katy Bourne is not an MP. She is “just” the Sussex PCC. She was previously a District Councillor. PCCs set budget and key targets but do not have a role in operational matters.

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    • I think that the murder of Jo Cox has thrown both stalking and the danger of deluded conspiracy theorists into the attention of law enforcement, the security services and politicians.

      The public need to be educated about astroturfing and political ju jitsu and how this interfaces with online and real life harassment / stalking and also social engineering (IMO pizzagate, Qanon and the Hampstead hoax are examples of social engineering).

      This is such an important issue as many mentally vulnerable people can be recruited and used as human assets by cults and criminals. Criminals do not need to get their hands dirty with murder and other serious crimes, they simply influence vulnerable people to do their dirty work for them.

      We see it with county lines drug dealing businesses where children and vulnerable adults are recruited to do all the dangerous, risky work and the homes of vulnerable adults are cuckooed. We see it when mentally ill and otherwise vulnerable people are recruited by terrorist organisations and we see it with the Hampstead hoax where people like Scamgela and Bellender groom and manipulate vulnerable adults to spread the infection of hoax narratives.

      On a tangent I watched a channel 4 documentary called The Truth About Vegans and was hoping that it might expose some of the scary links between vegan movements and criminals, cults and the far right. I found the programme to be disappointing. It was very tabloid and sensationalist, revealing little that most people did not already know.

      A summary could be something along the lines of:
      “while many vegans are nice, decent people some are batshit and believe that animals should have equal rights to humans. Some vegans are antisemitic and some are violent and the security services are paying attention to their activities”

      I was disappointed that they didn’t cover the vegan Nazi cup cakes in Camden story as it demonstrated very clearly how neo-Nazis and fascists are running vegan businesses and are actively recruiting from vegan communities.

      Many criminal cuts use exactly the same modus operandi and have done for decades. If you want to find out about events run by cults and criminals using a cultic MO, your local health food shop or vegetarian / vegan / raw food cafe is the place to pick up flyers and eavesdrop on interesting conversations.

      It is not that there is anything wrong with being vegan, providing of course that you ensure that you pay good attention to nutrition, especially iron. I am not a vegan but can understand how it is an ethical and caring lifestyle.

      The problem is that sinister forces, everything from the far right to new age sex cults, SRA promoters, dodgy / criminal life coaches, dubious hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, quacks, charlatans and plastic shamans have infiltrated vegan communities and caring, principled vegans are at risk of being influenced by grifters.

      It is not just vegans; all kinds of oppressed and minority groups are at risk of being infiltrated and exploited via astroturfing. The astroturfing of the Black Lives Matter movement has been widely reported but this is happening in many other groups including CSA survivors, women’s empowerment groups, trans rights and activists groups, lesbian and gay groups, Green and environmentalist groups, animal rights group, men’s rights groups, human rights groups and all kinds of other groups.

      Of course, re stalking legislation, one of the surprising things is that while police seem to struggle to deal with serious cases of stalking and harassment, the current laws can be used against victims of crime. I know of an instance where a new age “healer” alienated a daughter from her loving family using hypnotherapy and false memories and then encouraged the daughter to press charges of harassment against her mother for trying to re-connect with her daughter.

      We live in interesting times.


    • God yeah, that’s a massive bugbear of Dunny’s. Other than Hampstead, LGBT people and abortionists are his two biggest bêtes noires.

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  13. Happy New Year everyone. Found this on my computer tonight, by accident:FOI request by Sabine.

    Sabine McNeill

    Jackie Downer
    HMCTS London Regional Office
    3rd Floor Rose Court
    2 Southwark Bridge
    SE1 9HS

    T 0207 921 2666
    F 0207 921 2038

    14th May 2012

    Our Reference: FOI/75973

    Freedom of Information Request

    Dear Ms McNeill,

    Thank you for your email dated 7th April 2012, sent to the Ministry of Justice, in which you asked the following information.

    Injunctions, super-injunctions or reporting restriction orders are very specific documents issued by ‘somebody in authority’ and addressed to a certain person or persons.

    That’s what I mean when I ask for numbers:

    1) Of such orders

    2) Of people who have been imprisoned by the family courts

    It was my assumption that people are sent to prison by family
    Courts for violating such orders.

    If, however, there are other reasons, I would gladly accept simply
    The number of people sent to prison by family courts.

    Your request has been passed to me because I have responsibility for answering requests relating to Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) in London and is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 .

    I can confirm that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service does not hold the information that you have requested. I should advise that Injunctions, including those relating to Family matters, can be applied for and granted in most jurisdictions nationally, for example, in Magistrates Courts, County Courts, Crown Courts and the Courts of Appeal. We do not keep records of the information you have described in your request. The right under the Freedom of Information Act is to the recorded information only. As no such statistical breakdown has been previously generated by the MOJ within the terms of the request it is therefore regarded as ‘not held’

    HMCTS currently provide statistical information relating to injunctions in their annual Courts and Judicial Statistics publication. However, the information reported therein does not currently provide the detail of information you have requested, for example, parties that have been imprisoned a result of a breach of a court order / injunction.

    Outside of the Act, I should point out that the term “Super Injunction” is not one that Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services or the Judiciary officially recognise. If you are referring to the term that is being used, by the media, to describe those injunctions that relate to privacy issues and prohibit the disclosure of protected information, including the disclosure of the fact that an injunction exists, this information will be produced in our annual statistical publication which is currently in the process of being compiled and should be available September 2012.

    You can find out more about information held for the purposes of the Act by reading some guidance points we consider when processing a request for information, attached at the end of this letter.

    You can also find more information by reading the full text of the Act, available at and further guidance

    You have the right to appeal our decision if you think it is incorrect. Details can be found in the ‘How to Appeal’ section attached at the end of this letter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jackie Downer

    Jackie Downer
    Communications Assistant


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