Wesley Hall claims ‘death threats’ against his daughter

It’s been some time since we last heard from Wesley Hall, who was apprehended in May as he attempted to board a flight to Spain, and hauled in for questioning by police. At that time he claimed that they were considering laying charges of perverting the course of justice, but before charges could be laid, he took off again for Spain.

By late June he was staying five hours’ drive out of Barcelona, where he had grandiose plans to “make the bottom drop out of the hemp market”. He’d incurred the wrath of the people who run Manchester’s Dark City Compassion Club by calling and claiming he was good friends with their founder, “Spanish Paul”; when he was found out, he had a bit of a melt-down and started threatening to kill all and sundry.

Weaselly’s Wholistic Cannabinoid Retreat and Spliff Emporium

He’s been relatively quiet since then. On the weekend, though, we noticed some odd goings-on: Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 1Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 2Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 3

Yes, it seems that Wesley managed to con yet another unsuspecting person out of cash—enough to travel to Spain to look for land for a “cannabinoid retreat and farm” run strictly for the benefit of The People, you understand. Not Wesley himself, absolutely not. [Putting him in charge of a cannabis farm would be like buying a brewery for an alcoholic, no?—Ed.]

However, the doctor and/or his wife came to their senses had second thoughts—perhaps when they realised that Wesley had been in Spain for three months and no farm had materialised?—and, reading between the lines, have stopped sending him cash.

Wesley, needless to say, interprets this as “they set me up from the start, to isolate me in a strange country for nefarious purposes”.

Things get even weirder

Yesterday we saw that Wesley was making a rather extraordinary claim: he said he’d received several threats against his daughter by text overnight: Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 death threat text.png(No, we didn’t know he had a daughter either.)

Then Wesley recorded a phone call between himself and the person he claimed had made the death threat. This was someone called Paul, who Wesley stated was Paul Earnshaw, a friend of the doctor who’d originally footed the bill for his trip to Spain:


Here’s our transcript:

Paul: Hey you know who it is, come on

Wesley: Who?

P: You know it’s Paul, it’s me.

W: Paul who?

P: You know Paul who Wesley—stop being silly.

W: What’s your last name? What’s your last name?

P:Doesn’t matter, you know who I am.

W: I don’t know who you are.

P: Wes. It’s me you’re talking to.

W: Who?

P: Right. When you coming back from…

W: If you’re not going to identify yourself, then I’m not going to stay on this call.

P: [unint]

W: [talking over him] Do you think it’s normal…do you thinkit’s normal…do you think it’s normal to threaten children?

P: Do you think it’s normal what you’re doing?

W: What do you mean?

P: I’ve not threatened your children. Do you think it’s normal what you’re doing?

W: You sent a text message from this number that I’m speaking to—

P: Do you think it’s normal you doing what you are doing?

W: What exactly am I doing?

P: When you come back, when you come back to the UK, you’ll be arrested again.

W: What do you mean?

P: You’ll be arrested again when you come back to the UK, Wes.

W: What you on about?

P: Come back to the UK. Just come back.

W: You’re gonna get done for threatening my child.

P: No, I’m not. Listen. I’m not threatening no one.

W: Yes you have.

P: No I haven’t.

W: Well look at the text messages from this number I’m speaking you on.

P: Listen, Wes, Wes, I’ve threatened no one.

W: You won’t get away with this, Paul.

P: Wes, come to the UK. Come on, come back.

W: I’m in the UK. You won’t get away with this.

P: I will personally…

W: [talks over him] I’m in the UK, I’m in the UK…You won’t get away with this.

P: No you’re not in the UK, you’re not. You’re not in the UK, man.

W: You won’t get away with this.

P: Look, I hope you’ve enjoyed the sun, but you need to come home, because I think you’re going to be an illegal immigrant, aren’t you?

W: I think that you’re not going to get away with threatening a child, you sick, evil, twisted person.

P: I’m not threatening nobody!

W: [talking over him] So what are these messages then that you’ve sent in the middle of the night?

P: You know what it’s about.

W: What are these messages about?

P: You know what it’s about.

W: You threatened a child!

P: No I haven’t!

W: So what is this about then, Paul, tell me, because you’re talking in riddles!

P: [inaudible] where do you use…

W: What?

P: [Inaud]

W: What?

P: …no one…

W: I can’t hear you.

P: [inaud.]

W: Pardon?

P: Thank you for ringing, I’m very grateful for ringing when you’ve got a bit more, you know…

W: What are you talking about?! Are you on drugs?

P: I am mate, yeah, I’m on your farm!

W: What?

P: I’m on your farm.

W: What are you talking about?

P: Your farm.

W: What d’you mean, my farm?

P: Your growing farm.

W: What d’you mean, my growing farm?

P: I’m on it.

W: What d’you mean, you’re on it?

P: I’m buzzing, man.

W: Paul, you’re not going to get away with threatening my daughter.

P: Don’t you worry, I’m not threatening no one. Come back to the UK. COME BACK.

W: You sent a message, threatening my daughter.

P: Come back! I’m not threatening your daughter, come home.

W: Paul! You’re the coward who hasn’t even got the balls to tell me who you are.

P: I haven’t messaged you Wes. Come back to the UK. Just come back.

W: What d’you mean, come back? You’re not making any sense.

P: Come home, come home to Castle Street.

W: Why are you threatening my daughter? Why are you going round to Castle Street?

P: Listen, I’ve already phoned people this morning, I’ve not threatened no one, they fully understand.

W: What are you talking about?

P: Your ex-partners, don’t worry about it.

W: My ex-partners?

P: I need to go and have another joint.

W: What are you talking about?

P: I’m on your farm!

W: You’re not making any sense. You’re not going to get away with what you’re doing, Paul.

P: Well, come back to the UK, and I’ll give you a special cuddle.

W: You need psychological help.

P: Well I think you do, so we’ll go together. Come back to the UK and we’ll hand us selves in together.

W: If you threaten my daughter again, you’ll—you will face prison.

So now we have Paul claiming ignorance of the alleged death threats, but telling Wesley to come home and face criminal charges? We were starting to feel a bit lost.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones: Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 sceptical comments

And report to the police he did.

Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 police report

The answer is always ‘Hampstead trolls’

After the call to Paul, Wesley posted the following, which somehow managed to blame “Hampstead trolls” for his current difficulties:

Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 re phone call 1Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 re phone call 2Not only does Wesley manage to slip in an ugly allegation about Paul, but somehow the situation in which he has found himself is our fault?

At this point we were thoroughly confused. Had Paul really sent death threats about Wesley’s daughter? If so, why did he claim to know nothing about them? Why was Wesley speaking to Paul rather than to the doctor or his wife? And why is everything always the fault of “Hampstead trolls”?

A tiny glimmer of light…

Then we saw these screenshots, which apparently had been made over the weekend:

Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 text from Clare 1Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 text from Clare 2Hmm. Clare, it seems is Paul’s wife. And she is asking pointed questions about why Wesley is not answering his phone when David (the doctor, remember him?) calls. She also wants to know about Wesley’s previous business bankruptcy, no doubt a sensitive topic.

We wondered: if Wesley wasn’t answering calls from the doctor (who he claims had abandoned him to his fate in Spain), could one of the doctor’s friends have volunteered to call instead, in hopes that Wesley would pick up because he didn’t recognise the number?

It seems we weren’t far off the mark: Wesley Hall 2018-09-11 Amjad AliAmjad says that Wesley has been “extorting” the doctor’s wife for money—strong words, which we cannot verify—but it seems we were correct that the doctor and his wife turned to their friends for help in dealing with Wesley, whom they had inexplicably trusted with the job of scouting out land in Spain for a cannabis farm.

We now strongly suspect that the “death threats” to Wesley’s daughter might have been a distraction tactic, to divert attention from Wesley’s activities and enable him to paint himself as the victim. This story seems to be unfolding as we speak so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Wesley Hall img

86 thoughts on “Wesley Hall claims ‘death threats’ against his daughter

  1. Very interesting article El Coyote, so many who claim to want to use cannabis for the benefit of mankind seem to have only themselves at heart. These kinds of people are an example of why legislation needs to be moved forward to regulate that market.

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    • It’s like duty free with keith baron. i’ll wager that doctor learns to check references in the future. well at least he’ll have someone to meet him at the airport.

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  2. I wonder if he has deleted the many status he put up when he went there first, telling people about the great ‘something’ he was smoking & the prices. I reported a few of them at the time & got them taken down, unfortunately FB doesn’t seem to have an option to let the user track reports. Could that be where the ‘farm’ finances went? 😉

    I did have a look on his page but he has so much poop on it that it time consuming atm.

    Oh & he does believe in taking pharmaceuticals but has injections into his spine. 😂

    It looks like a distraction, I agree, with a PAYG mobile, easy to get rid off & blame it on someone else.

    Reporting a Doctor is serious business, the gentleman mentioned will have a lot to do to clear his name.

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    • He didn’t just take down his posts – he disabled his main Facebook page back in May and hasn’t re-activated it since, though he still has his back-up page and his ‘Voice of Treason’ page, both of which he appears to have been using to post about this current hoo-ha.

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      • Thank you TR. I can go back 6 days on the App, I’ve just tried via that link but it’s the same. I will probably have more luck on the laptop which I will try later. Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. 👍

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    • Can’t believe people actually take Wes seriously. Must be only the people that don’t actually really know him must fall for is bulls##t.

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  3. What’s he on about?. He can access Spain’s universal healthcare just as he can the NHS and I believe it’s pretty good. As if he wouldn’t take the offer of painkillers.
    I reckon he came across a batch of “cannabinoid” and stuck it in a bong and scrambled his mind.

    This is getting ridiculous the number of creeps that keep the hoax alive and therefore put lives at risk and endlessly harass innocent people. They all need locking up.

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  4. Good point by Peta Dixon there – Wesley’s so concerned about his daughter’s safety that he posts her location!

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  5. I reckon it’s worth keeping an open mind on this, as Wesley is a proven liar. Remember when he said that comments we’d made on YouTube were based on something he’d done just that week and that the only way we could have known about it was if we’d been stalking him? He put up a link to the archived comments page and the date at the top clearly showed that he’d saved it months earlier!


    So is there any chance those texts could be from himself as an attempt to frame ‘the Pauls’? Just throwing it out there.

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  6. So where are these supposed death threats from us, Wesley? Sounds like someone’s suffering from APD syndrome, aka McDermott’s disease, symptoms of which include hallucinations of death threats, a pathological need to blame Hoaxtead and/or RD for everything that goes wrong in your life and an inability to produce supporting evidence when prompted.

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  7. I think I can state with complete confidence that no one associated with this blog has been involved in either threatening Wesley’s daughter or sharing information about her with Doctor Paul et al. I for one didn’t even know he had a daughter, never mind know anything about her, and I’m guessing this applies to most people here. Has she ever even been mentioned on the blog before?

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    • I don’t think anyone period would threaten someone’s young daughter. If they did- even Wesley’s, they deserve the full weight of the law to come crashing down upon them.
      Poor lass. Let’s hope she rises above her beginnings.

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  8. Ooh, an intriguing development in the closing act, courtesy of Amjad Ali. A nice little cliffhanger and tantalising teaser for the next thrilling episode. Also, I’m loving Amjad’s suggestion for a series title – ‘The Weasel of Weasel Hall’. Calling HBO as we speak…

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  9. Thanks to Steved for this link:

    It’s a juicy one too. Neelu is seriously pushing her luck now and it sounds like the security firm guarding her ex-house aren’t prepared to take any shit from her!

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        • Yeah, that was a good one. I think my favourite bit is when she threatens to report his director to the police and he says, “Yeah. make sure they’re the proper coppers and not them weird ones who keep changing badges.” 🤣

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          • Sometimes we’re a little too close to really make objective assessments, so it refreshing to have someone offer a fresh take on Neelu from an outside perspective:

            “You’re not wired up right!” 🤣🤣🤣

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    • Can you imagine how much they are costing per day to guard Neelu’s ex-home?. I reckon the bill is in the £10Ks, what with the very secure boarding up of doors & windows etc.
      I thought Neelu might be pretending but the way she chuckles in her videos when she’s facing a calamitous situation and driving up costs which will come off her eventual settlement means she really is off the planet.
      So bloody irresponsible of her alleged friends who encourage her.

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      • I have been following her house saga, I wouldn’t normally bother as it is like chucking a bucket of words at a fan and trying to make sense of resultant mess.

        A couple of her alleged friends made the suggestion that she contact the Land Registry, good advice if her house was really being sold illegally.

        She seems to have deleted this and no doubt blocked them too.

        She also deleted the less sensible suggestion of a Tom Crawford Style mass protest, along with contacting Tom Crawford and Mark Ceylon for help.

        Why would she delete these?

        I think in reality she knows there is nothing she can do, she is enjoying the limelight and ringing up various people to cause trouble really floats her boat.

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  10. Wesley has a daughter who he used to regularly post about, including pictures, which amongst other things easily showed roughly where she lived etc. In all my contact with people Wes has pissed off, and there has been many, not one has made any threats towards his daughter. This has included a lot of private conversations.

    This is not the first time hes used his daughter in this way however, hes made the claim before when dealing with others, he also used a police inspector mentioning his daughter as an excuse to berate the officer and change the conversation. Its his go to solve all solution when he needs sympathy and people to follow him.

    I’ve spoken to Wes many times via messages, but only once via the phone. He is paranoid and the conversation mostly evolved round him demanding me prove who I was.

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    • Yes, he was pulling out all his “feel sorry for me” cards on this one, including a claim that his spine had been broken in several places.

      One might almost think he knew he was about to be charged with something serious and he wanted to get ahead of the inevitable bad publicity.

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  11. Oh and to add..

    How long before the next gofundme hes hinting at with living costs and the loss of equipment etc

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    • Oh yes the daughter that he never sees because his ex has a court order against him… And as for Paul threatening him I don’t believe a word of it. This is all made up it’s what he does.

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  12. I see that FSF director Catriona Selvester has taken time out from bullying ginger kids, harassing innocent people’s families, laughing at car crash victims and selling demonic skull keyrings to post shit about the Beatles (scroll to 22 minutes), whom she describes as “weird”. She tries to prove their guilt (for what exactly she can’t be arsed to clarify) through numerology, before taking a detour into the ‘Paul is dead’ myth. To be honest she’s just rambling like a buffoon and sounds drunk (again).

    Oh and at 27:57 she pisses herself laughing when talking about some people who committed suicide. Yup.

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    • Be careful when you’re talking about a Company Director! lol! Meanwhile The Fresh Start Foundation directors do nothing to rein her in and are apparently ok with this kind of behaviour. Says a lot about the organisation itself to me.

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    • I’m kinda hoping ec is going to devote a whole post to cat’s latest antics and increasing erratic mental state.

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  13. If Wesley wants to make a complaint about a threat to his daughter he’ll have to come back to the UK and make a statement. He should do it. I’m sure the police would like to talk to him although it won’t necessarily be about threats.

    He says in the conversation with Paul that he’s in the UK. He isn’t. He was commenting on Jon Wedger’s Facebook page the day before and was clearly in Spain.

    In the past year Wesley has posted about his plans to write a book, go to University, set up a homeless shelter and initiate various other projects (can’t remember right now). The cannabis farm is the latest adventure. Not seen evidence that he’s actually done anything yet.

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    • No, but all of these things (surprise!) cost money and other resources, which he is only to happy to ask for and receive. Where that money goes, in the absence of the projects, is anybody’s guess.

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    • Write a book ? he can barely write a paragraph without looking idiotic.
      go to university ? i suppose he could get into a very desperate poly on a soft subject. drama for instance. but he’d struggle to actually knuckle down to research and write academically.
      homeless shelter ? i give him as much chance of that as setting up a growing farm in spain. he’ll do bugger but whinge like a sook.

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  14. This is a comment on behalf of my cousin who is Mum to the young girl mentioned in the article………I have been made aware of this article circulating on social media, I more than anyone am well aware of what Wesley Hall is which is exactly why i distanced myself & my daughter from him a lot of years ago & continue to do so but this time the threat mentioned above was real & was reported to the police by myself. I would like you all to know that this isn’t a bit of gossip & through no fault of her own an innocent young girl has been brought into this, this isn’t the 1st time as Wes is like the boy who cried wolf using his daughter when he lands himself in trouble. For my daughter, myself & my family this threat & all the backlash over it has been very real & has caused an inexplicable amount of upset & stress, no child should have to face the consequences for the actions of a parent who isn’t & never has been present in her life.

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  15. Cat and John Paterson has given me some unwanted attention today, nice of them.

    I am fair game, come and get me…

    However, I argue innocent people are off limits. I do not like seeing anyone, either side, going after families or children of those unconnected to a fight. If you are in the fight, you are fair game. This is the price you are going to pay on either side, you put your head above the trench, someone is going to take a shot at you.

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    • Pikey’s reply:

      Ricky v Angie
      From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
      To: hampsteadgroup (cosmicrf@hotmail.com)
      Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 14:15:30 +0530
      Attachments: RD.jpg (26.5 KB), hoaxtead.jpg (87.7 KB), angeladisney.jpg (25.3 KB)

      Theocratic Parliament of Britain

      ‘There are more devils inside the church than outside the church’ St Anthony

      Thanks, Angie, but the New Year is in the SPRING not in the goddam Autumn – I mean, the Jews are NUTS!! You see, Tishri is the 7th month and Nisan is the 1st month, so New Year always starts in the Spring on 1 Nisan, period. Anyway, Angie, I hope you had a good time blowing your trumpet as that’s what 1 Tishri is all about and is the start of the preparations leading to the most solemn day of the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur aka Day of Atonement when all Jews are commanded to FAST without water for 24 hrs as an atonement for their sins ie. errors aka non-wilful sins. Now, you can only be atoned for if you’re a JEW ie. any Gentile wishing to be atoned for must become a JEW first ie. must undertake to enter into a covenant relationship with God which involves obedience to God’s MORAL law as defined in the 10 commandments and other subsidiary laws, including CIRCUMCISION!! Oops, that means I’ve just condemned 2 billion Christians to eternal HELL. O well, c’est la vie, that’s life!! Now, where was I? O yes, RD’s outrageous and totally DEMONIC assault on dear little ole Angie, 61, in Oldcastle, Co Meath who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but would love to carve up Ricky and throw him to the dogs – right on, Angie!! However, Ricky’s modus operandi is to legally string up, section and incarcerate Angie for outing him as a devil-worshipping, baby eating child abuser whom the UK Govt fully supports, promotes and protects to the extent that they have a 24/7 round-the-clock GCHQ/MI5 psyops to ridicule, defame and imprison anyone who outs Satanic Ritual Child Abuse offenders. Anyway, it seems Ricky did go out of his way to fly to Dublin and file a report against Angie with Ireland’s equivalent of Scotland Yard or even as Angie fears went all the way to her local police station in Kells, Co Meath, but I doubt that would have been necessary. Anyway, St Anthony CONDEMNS in no uncertain terms RD and all child abusing Satanists everywhere, especially in the UK police, judiciary and the govt, to eternal never-ending HELLFIRE. So, bye bye, RD and El Cunte and the Hoaxtead mob, and good riddance!!

      Yours in the battle for planet earth,
      Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)
      Cosmic Research Foundation
      Markapur, A.P. 523316, India


      • Presumably, those who claim someone is a “devil-worshipping, baby eating child abuser ” will be able to present their proof in a court of law yes?. So easy to condemn via a keyboard.

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        • A word to the wise, GoS: I think Whiskers has been using your avatar while slumming it in a ‘GumShoeNews’ comment thread.

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  16. The Mob (™) are a bit slow off the mark and haven’t yet twigged to this expose of demonic forces at the very heart of our government. Even Mr. Crowley gets a mention.
    “Boris’s beach blonde’s X-rated play: Glamorous PR guru Carrie Symonds, 30, starred in ‘satanic sex cult’ based on writings of unabashed occultist”.

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      • Selvester is seriously backwards to the point of being boarderline special needs. she’s emotionally immature to an incredible extent and educationally subnormal to the degree she probably understands less than 50 percent of anything she attempts to read. It’s a shocking indictment of society that such an individual is left to fend for herself without the support she so clearly is crying out for. instead she’s become a bitter keyboard warrior drunkenly abusing redheads and people killed in traffic accidents while claiming to protect the vulnerable. what an egregious and emetic wretch she truly is.

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