Wesley Hall’s not-so-excellent adventure

It looks as though Wesley Hall has landed himself in the soup again, though opinion is divided over whether his latest folly is a light-hearted jest gone wrong, an attempt to smear the reputation of a popular Burnley dessert venue, or just a supremely ill-judged blunder.

Consumers of marijuana might be familiar with “420 Day”—4/20 in U.S. notation equals 20 April—the so-called “Stoner Holiday” when potheads worldwide are encouraged to smoke up all day long. [For a change? —Ed.]

And so it came to pass that on 20 April 2017, a curious scene unfolded in a booth at the Chocshop Dessert Café. The entire thing has been captured on film by the café’s CCTV, but if you don’t have a Facebook account, these stills tell the story: Wesley contemplates his chocolate dessert… Then reaches into a black bag on the seat beside him… …and pulls out what looks like a camera. Yep, it’s a camera, all right.  He looks around… And then carefully places something atop his dessert. Adjusts his camera… …and commences photographing the dessert and its mystery item.  Adjusts his camera some more… …and takes a few more shots.

What was all this in aid of, you might ask? Well, this:

Yes, the item that Wesley so carefully placed atop his dessert was a bud of cannabis.

He then posted this picture to the café’s Facebook page, which caused a fair bit of consternation, as it does rather look as though the Chocstop Dessert Café is in the habit of using cannabis as a garnish.

Not too surprisingly, neither the Chocstop’s owners nor its customers were impressed. Enraged customers began to write in, angry with Wesley for pulling the stunt, and praising the café’s owners:


Wesley started by claiming that he was shocked—shocked, we tell you!—that anyone would believe that he could have done such a thing. He lashed out at Amjad Ali, who had published the above video on his Facebook page. Here’s part of a private Facebook Messenger conversation that someone shared on Mr Ali’s page:

He didn’t do it, and besides, Wesley says, he’s mates with the people who own the place, so what’s the big deal?

However, the owners of Chocstop would beg to differ:

Mr Ali challenged Wesley to deny that it was him in the CCTV footage, and claimed he’d done it out of malice towards the business:

Faced with this evidence, Weasley has now admitted that he did it, but claims he did nothing wrong, and besides, Mr Ali is someone he “exposed” years ago:

In fact, Weasley claimed that Mr Ali had attacked a homeless person who was going through the bins at his house. Here’s the real story:

So, to recap:

Wesley Hall brings a rather large cannabis bud into a family restaurant, where he uses it to garnish his dessert. He photographs it and puts the photo on the café’s Facebook business page. When he is accused, he first denies it, then claims he’s friends with the owners (false). Someone uploads the café’s CCTV footage, and challenges Wesley to deny it now; he then changes his story and admits it was him, but he was just having fun. Oh, and while he’s at it, he alleges that the person who uploaded the video is the real bad guy, so there. This also turns out to be untrue.

It now seems that half the world is angry with Wesley for taking illegal drugs into a family restaurant, whether for a “bit of light-hearted fun” or in an effort to tarnish the reputation of the establishment and its owners. Whichever it was, it was a bone-headed move that has only enraged Weasley’s community further and made him look even more like an utter bellend…and that’s saying something.

Updated 28 April: We’ve updated the screenshots from Wesley Hall’s “Voice of Treason” Facebook page to include more of his side of the story. We hope this will further clarify what Wesley is trying to claim.


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  1. Linked to the Wesley p p Hall for the banned page. Hope you don’t mind. Excellent write up.
    Love the fact that he denied it until the evidence proved it! Lol

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    Nicely summarised, EC.

    The drug-related antics of some so-called anti-child abuse campaigners never cease to bemuse me. Not only is this prick taking a large amount of hash into a family restaurant where kids are eating but in purchasing it in the first place he’s helping to finance a disgusting illegal industry which is responsible for the suffering of thousands of children around the World, from the child slaves exploited by the growers to the children murdered or kidnapped in the power struggles between drug gangs, to the little girls who are trafficked to help finance them in the first place, to the children who are sold cannabis by shady peddlers outside school gates…

    I’m not actually against weed per se but as long as it is illegal, there’s a reality check that “trendy” bandwagon-jumpers like Ron Weasley Hall need to take as regards what it is they’re helping to prop up by buying this crap. These people are quick to preach about ethical consumerism and tell us not to buy Nike, Shell, Starbucks etc. etc. (a noble sentiment, to be fair) but I don’t get why that moralistic sermonising doesn’t apply to mass-murdering gangsters.

    Incidentally, looking at the amount of ganja in the photo above, is Weasley perhaps beyond the threshold for personal use and into the more serious realm of “possession with intent to supply”?

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    • Not only is this prick taking a large amount of hash into a family restaurant where kids are eating but in purchasing it in the first place he’s helping to finance a disgusting illegal industry which is responsible for the suffering of thousands of children around the World, from the child slaves exploited by the growers to the children murdered or kidnapped in the power struggles between drug gangs, to the little girls who are trafficked to help finance them in the first place, to the children who are sold cannabis by shady peddlers outside school gates…

      Absolutely right, SN. Anyone who claims to be working on behalf of abused children, but who also props up the illegal cannabis trade, is committing a gigantic and unforgivable act of hypocrisy. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/mar/25/trafficked-enslaved-teenagers-tending-uk-cannabis-farms-vietnamese

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      • It’s not hash it’s bud, hash is solid and comes in bars, and it’s not a large amount 😂😂😂😂 obviously I’ve got no time for this Weasley creature, but comments written when the author hasn’t got a clue? Just look daft 😂😂🙈🙈


        • i urge you to read the post at the top again. The author (EC) correctly refers to it as a bud, saying;
          “The item that Wesley so carefully placed atop his dessert was a bud”.


          • Yes, I was quoting another comment. However, I think it’s unfair to characterise someone as stupid just because they aren’t familiar with terms of the drugs trade. 🙂 I prefer to assume that we can all help one another learn, rather than judging each other for perceived deficiencies.


  3. I read the entire thread on Mr Ali’s Facebook page and was heartened by some of the comments – down to earth northerners who LAUGH at Wesley’s assertion that MI5 has it in for him. I don’t think any of those posting on the thread know about Wesley’s association with people who believe a Satanic baby-eating cult rules the world, but then why should they. They have some flippin’ common sense.

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  4. Fascinating post, EC. And very eloquently presented. Weasley is one of the more eccentric (and rather creepy) hoaxers who never ceases to intrigue me.

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    • Thankyou for bringing this story to us EC. What a lowlife thing for someone to do especially as the owner seems a real nice guy who even gives away freebies to cheer people up. If Wesley’s plan was to damage their reputation he has failed massively. It’s great to see people giving their support to the restaurant and condemning Wesley for his actions.

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  5. Pizzagate Mark II?

    So many innocent people’s lives to destroy and so little time, eh, Angie?

    Still, at least you’ve stuck to your maxim about always checking your facts with “three reliable sources” by citing…er…YourNewsWire.com. Erm…

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    • Pretty sure it’s a criminal offense. A deliberate ploy to harm a business and using illicit drugs to do it.
      Also note, while it may not be a large piece of hashish he seems to be taking it from a bag. He may well be carrying much more.

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    • Oh how i do love seeing a liar caught out and in such spectacular fashion. Perfect footage of Weasley caught in the act. Try and wriggle out of that one sonny Jim.

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  6. Hall is a major scumbag and this is caste iron proof.

    Couldn’t have been part of an extortion racket or he would have used a cockroach – Wesley is well acquainted with the local cockroach community (but even they are wary of him) . It must have been a deliberate attempt to destroy the business of a hard working entrepreneur and lose the employees their jobs.

    What’s the bet the cafe refused to donate to his con-man exploits & his fake charities so he decided to pay them back?

    And yes while I believe most drugs should be made legal for practical reasons (only take legal medications myself) if you are not growing them yourself and buying from someone you know grows it you are aiding the world’s biggest multi-billion $ criminal enterprise in which 10,000s are indentured as slaves and 100s murdered every year (just in Mexico alone).

    You are also aiding major terrorist organizations who are heavily involved in the international drug trade because of it’s huge profits.

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  7. He tried raising money using the Wesley Hall church name. Also the camera that hes using looks remarkably similar to the one that he claimed was stolen (most likely not stolen) so his followers fundraiser for a new one along with a top of the range mobile phone and laptop.
    He’s also just opened a medical marjania page (apologies spelt wrong). Not only has he no idea about the legalities of this he’s certainly not using it for medical purposes.
    I do believe that he did this to cause trouble for the restaurant and the only reason that he’s annoyed is because he didn’t realise that he would be caught on CCTV then plastered on the shop owners page.
    To be honest, I’m surprised that he can still walk around his hometown without being lyched.
    He’s currently still attempting to gain monies by conning people into thinking that he actually runs the local soup kitchen. He doesn’t and I doubt that he would show his face because I’m sure he has a few folk waiting there wanting to have words with him.
    He’s nothing but lowlife scum and one day he will come a cropper thats for sure.

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  8. I must admit, I hate stoners and everything that has anything to do with them with a passion. Without exception, everyone I’ve ever known or known of, who goes near that stuff, winds up with at least “some” degree of what I’ll politely call “mental health problems”. Some wind up dead. Many, if they’re not out prostituting themselves or robbing houses and businesses they’re clogging up the NHS and benefits system. The people who deal in this stuff are utter vermin of the first order, and yes, many of them are into other things such as pimping and porn. In recent years the type of porn they’ve been pushing is ever more perverted because those who use this sort of thing no longer have to pay for the run of the mill stuff. So, if you really want to know who’s behind child sexual abuse, human trafficking and all the misery and abuse that people have to put up with, just ask a stoner, because they are the tip of the iceberg.

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    • I have a very old friend who lives in Wales, grows her own dope and has smoked it every day.
      Now she has severe Emphysema as a result, a terrible disease that causes a slow suffocating death.
      Her children won’t go near the stuff.

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      • There is a generation of people now in their late 60s and 70s and older who were bright young things in the 60s and 70s and are losing their golden years to the stuff they “did” back in the day. I know a bloke (mid-50s) whose mother was a hippy chick back in the day and spent his childhood as a small quiet observer of what went on. He’s even more vehemently anti-drugs than I am, reckons great swathes of his mothers old friends lost their lives in their 40s and 50s, most were demented when they passed. Now he sees the “lucky ones” who made the three-score-and-ten going the same way. If you come from the “wrong part of town” as many of us do, and you made it out of there, you look back and see these people still swimming about in their own pish. they ruin communities, drag everything down round about them and then try to crack on that they’re “anarchists” and “warriors” and all about “freedom” from being oppressed by whoever they happen to define as the powers that be and they know better than anyone else. – It’s all just hyperbollocks and and excuse for being complete fuck-ups.

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      • I’m still fairly liberal about it, but it’s obvious to me that it’s like alcohol. You shouldn’t do it to excess or every day. When I was younger it was something we did on Saturday night but it wasn’t all week. If they legalise medical marijuana I’d have a go ’cause I get pain but otherwise I’d leave it alone these days.

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      • To be fair, I think a lot of people were taken in back in the day. I’ve never went near it, wasn’t inclined to and in later life needed to keep my nose clean for work purposes. A lot of us grew up with a struggle and amidst injustice, and had a real sense of it as we grew up and weed was at one time part and parcel of that culture of fighting back. But 40 years on from being an angry young punk, all I see among what was my peer group are individuals who just sat on their arses spliff in hand moaning about how badly done they were instead of doing something to move themselves and their communities on. Big fish in a pool of pish and the authors of their own misfortune. There is real meaning in the term Non Educated (as in pissed the opportunity for an education up the wall) Delinquent.

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        • I agree, and I also think it’s a generational thing. The generation before ours, who came of age in the 1940s and 1950s, used alcohol in much the same way–as a symbol of independence, sophistication, rebellion. Sadly, I know too many of them who succumbed to alcoholism–including members of my family who died of it. I’m very cautious about any substance that can be addictive, as I’ve seen the devastation caused.


          • I’m with you on that one EC. the thing with alcohol though is that in general it will take your body before it takes your mind, weed seems to be leaving us with hoardes of complete nutjobs just roaming free. To paraphrase Christie – Cannabis is a mind killer. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, eventually, they link part of the rise in dementia and particularly early-onset dementia to it. And, like asbestos, it appears that even a short period of exposure can be enough to let disease get established.

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    • He is an absolute liar with his claim he uses cannabis for medical reasons.

      I have studied this matter for my own personal reasons and spoken to many health professionals including those researching cannabis use for medical purposes.

      This Wesley Hall is an utter disgrace attempting to falsely claim he used it to relieve pain. You can’t simply just eat this plant to obtain medical help. The researchers I spoke to are confident medical marijuana has some good uses but it must go through processes such as extracting cannabis oil etc. They conclude smoking cannabis can ease the pain for cancer sufferers and aid the use of morphine the drug mainly given for extreme pain.

      Anyone who has been on morphine for a period of time or knows someone who has been will know while it works effectively it can also be a highly depressing drug (one of the great problems after WW1 /WW2 when so many soldiers became addicted to morphine).

      People like Wesley Hall, Abraham Christie and that Araya Soma are dangerous individuals promoting marijuana, an extremely strong psychotropic drug than can have serious detrimental effects.


  9. Alex Jones got his ass kicked in the custody trial:

    Mentions his marijuana use, but he’s still hiding the crystal meth & crack addictions I guess.
    Apparently Jones had masturbation fantasies about at least 150 women, before the age of 16, but with his tiny micropenis he remained a failure-to-perform-ance artist until fathering a child with a Grey Alien before he was 24.

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  10. “My name is David Shurter and I’ve had an epiphany today…

    I’ve cast a spell on Johnny Depp…Two days later his mother died…

    I cast a spell on Paul Ryan, that he would never get any nourishment from anything he eats…

    I am the second coming. I have abilities that no one else has. I have the power to command.

    My first command is that all of your children are slaughtered. Coz the only way to stop this evil and save the children that you have…the only thing that will save them is death, because otherwise your evil is going to taint them and the best way to stop this is to get rid of your children.

    And that also goes for the duplex. I know you guys watch this, so let me tell you – after you’ve lost your child and once you’ve lost it, everyone will see that I had nothing to do with it, that it was directed by Heaven and the angels are the ones who are doing it. And when it happens, I just want you to know you will never have another, neither of you, with each other or anyone else. You will be barren and alone…

    It’s about fucking retribution and that is what I am going to have…I have claimed your children… They are all about to die…

    If you want fucking evil, I’ll show you evil…I directed Heaven and all of the angels and all of the fallen, who are leading all the other angels to do what I have commanded…

    Oh and Mesner and Aquino, I’ve asked that you be crippled…So get ready…

    Now I know who I am.”

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    • Amazing how moronic this lot are.
      They had never heard about pizzas until 6 months ago. Now they all think they are on to something.

      My Big Question is this : how do these mentally deranged people negotiate their way through life when it’s even a difficult path for straight thinking people?

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  11. Smile for the Camera Crumb Bum! HAHAHAHAHA What a Dope! Waffles with no fried chicken and maple syrup? ffs


  12. Thank you for the fair write up!! The video got took down due to Weasle claiming he is being bullied.. but its more like it proved him wrong.
    Just wanted to clarify some points
    1) Known Wesley hall for a lot longer then 18 months. I could screenshot his rants and messages but he would love the attention.
    2) Wesley keeps sending friend request via various channel, even linkedin, then claims he is getting request… but unfortunately for him screenshotted his request… the publically told him to piss off
    3) If anyone gets threatened by him they should report to police. His biggest weapon is people’s lack of understanding about internet. if he post something his IP adress is available to the police upon request.

    The video will be available back on youtube soon.

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    • You’re very welcome, and glad to see you here. Excellent advice for anyone being harassed or threatened by Weasley or his friends—many people don’t realise that this sort of thing can be reported to the police.

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