Wesley Hall has a hissy fit

Readers might recall that Wesley P.P. Hall, noted Hampstead SRA hoax pusher, attempted blackmailer, and small-time scammer, has been a fugitive in Spain for the past several months.

Arrested from a flight to Malaga in May 2018 on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, he was interviewed by DC Steve Martin and released, but was spooked enough by the experience that when the opportunity presented itself he legged it for Spain.

Despite his claims that he had been “sent to Spain” and then somehow double-crossed and abandoned there, the real story came out quite quickly. In late 2017, he had met a very kind and empathic but overly trusting woman, who believed his stories about “helping the homeless” and being an anti-poverty activist.

She had assisted him financially, paid him for tech and web-building services (need we even say that he never produced anything for her), bought him new tech equipment when his kept getting “stolen”, and even subsidised his travel to Spain (where he said he needed to go to escape the sooper-ebil Satanists who were out to murder him, ahem).

However, when this lady finally pulled the plug and declined to send him more money last September, Wesley first tried to emotionally blackmail her by threatening to kill himself, and began harassing and defaming her husband, in a targeted campaign designed to destroy that man’s professional life.

Since September, we’ve heard from Wesley sporadically, via his Facebook posts: first he was hatching another grandiose scheme involving squatting in abandoned housing and creating a cannabis health retreat, but within weeks he was sending seemingly panicked missives, claiming that he was being gang-stalked.

These were no ordinary gang-stalkers, however: these gang-stalkers were so fiendishly clever that they managed to follow and photograph him while completely ignoring him and walking in the opposite direction to him.

And that brings us to Wesley’s latest, a petulant rant about the horrible lies we’ve allegedly told about him:

Here’s how things currently stand in Wesley’s twisted version of reality:

  • When we report on things which Wesley has posted publicly on Facebook we are “stalking” him (because we fear him);
  • He’s “definitely not wanted by the police”, and can come and go freely between Spain, the UK, and Ireland…but he’s still hiding out in Spain;
  • He’s done nothing wrong and his only crime has been to expose corruption…though he never says who or what he has exposed;
  • He’s getting his phone and laptop back…maybe someday;
  • He’s reported us to the police…the same ones he was loudly claiming were planning to kill him;
  • He’s going to hire a private detective…even though they cost an average of £150–£220/hr…and even though he’s been wailing and moaning for months now that he’s skint;
  • And he’s going to hire a solicitor while he’s at it, just you see if he doesn’t!

Funnily enough, it turns out that fewer and fewer people believe Wesley’s fairy stories.

At a glance, it looks as though eight people shared his post, but a closer look reveals that seven of the eight were actually Wesley’s own accounts:

The one non-Wesley account that shared the post was, shall we say, less than sympathetic:

It seems we’re not the only ones who have Wesley’s number. Your move, Chuckles.

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    • At the risk of incurring the ire of posters who have mentioned that they are not too fond of Judge Judy, reading that made one of her oft repeated sayings pop into my head. “If you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory.”

      Although “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” might be more apt for The Weasel.

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  1. Thanks for the update, EC

    By the way, do we know if Weasel’s still claiming his daughter’s life was threatened as a means of getting to him?

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  2. He is obviously short on money again & is looking for sympathy & handouts. He did have a post up again last week asking if anybody was interested in joining his Utopia but I’m not sure if it’s still there.

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      • Adverse Possession- a lot more difficult than Weasel thinks especially as he is advertising the fact to the world- and basically alerting the owners and neighbours.

        A property developer has just gained possession of a house in Sydney after ‘occupying it” for 20 years. However this was a pretty complicated situation whereby the relatives of the deceased owner were in dispute.
        It’s pretty rare and Weasel must be living in the Dream Time if he really thinks a bank will simply ignore their empty properties. They can’t afford to but it just examples his muddled thinking.

        He should be researching deceased estates where there may be no family but I reckon you would have to be extremely lucky to come across a vacant Spanish property where all the facts fall into place.

        However a convicted British criminal who announces to the world he is planning to grow dope in a property he does not own and fill the place with strangers- well his Spanish neighbours are bound to be hospitable as most Spaniards are but he draws a long bow if he thinks they’ll put up with him & his entourage.

        Again it examples how The Mob thinks- they go on Facebook and make a Youtube video with a dozen hangers-on hanging off every boring word about their plans to destroy the Establishment and they seem to think if they say it enough times all 55 million Brits will fall at their feet in adoration.
        # Not mentioning any names this time although the words Tick, Tick, Andy & Divine come to mind.

        Sydney property developer awarded home under squatting laws after renting it out for 20 years

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      • No that looks like his original one or something like it. The one he had up last week of the week before promised free accommodation.


      • “Can anyone help with donations please?”

        Stealing property sounds like hard work so please send me money instead.

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  3. The Weasel’s plans for a legal cannabis farm in Spain are somewhat reminiscent of the “Ayahuasca Healing” scam operated by Trinity de Guzman.


    Personally I think that the real shame is that there are all kinds of psychoactive substances that might be helpful to people but that their production, provision and use is largely in the hands of extremely sinister new age cults and grifters, quack psychotherapists and serious organised criminals. Pretty much all of these unpleasant individuals and organisations are also involved in the cultural and sometimes actual genocide of indigenous tribal people.

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  4. Half a ton scams and lies,
    Accusing innocent people.
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop! goes the Weasel.

    Every night when Weasel goes out,
    The drugs are on the table,
    Take a spliff and light it up,
    Pop! goes the Weasel.

    He pretends to help the homeless,
    But he’s turning into Sméagol,
    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop goes the Weasel.

    You’re welcome 🙂

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  5. I was reflecting on the various horrible cults the hoaxers belong to when I watched the excellent and extremely disturbing Storyville 2 part documentary on the Waco cult and siege, viewable in the UK here for a limited period.

    This documentary is highly recommended but, obviously, it does contain extremely distressing scenes and themes.


    A number of things struck me about this documentary

    Firstly it demonstrated just how easy it is for a troubled, narcissistic cult leader to convince their followers that they should offer up their wives and children (including minors) to be sexually abused by the said cult leader. This is a very serious issue that people who do not understand how cults operate struggle to understand. I hope that by watching it people may start to appreciate just how easy it is to manipulate people into supporting a sexual predator. The ones who turn away and reject said predator are usually in a minority

    Secondly if showed how intelligent, thoughtful, well meaning people will take up arms and involve themselves in terrorism if a guru tells them to.

    Thirdly it demonstrated how the same apparently intelligent, thoughtful, well meaning people will continue to believe that a disturbed pervert was a manifestation of the divine decades after said pervert had been burned to a crisp and denounced as a predatory cult leader by pretty much everyone else.

    Fourthly, it depicted how law enforcement, both local and federal struggle to deal with child protection issues relating to cults and to how things can go catastrophically wrong when the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

    The catastrophic eventual result was similar to what happened in relation to the Move cult in Philadelphia in 1985 – again, distressing scenes – viewer discretion advised

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        • I know of extremely dangerous cults with terrorist elements that have nothing to do with Islam or the far right.

          Also the cult leader running the SwissIndo scam (Soegihartonotonegoro, Sino or “M1” to his followers), claims to have nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them. I have no idea whether he has access to nukes but his claims are extremely concerning and just one very direct way that the Hampstead hoaxers are linked to extremist networks. Apart from all the very obvious ones.



        • Another where I can’t go into detail, but in 2009 I got myself in hot water for refusing to sanction the local “Prevent” programme because it was completely focused on the local Muslim community when the only local arrest at the time was of a white extremist travelling with what was called at his trial “a viable device”. It is only relatively recently that the danger of far-right extremism has been on the funding radar and organisations chasing funding has a large effect on the public narrative of most subjects.

          I’m pleased that it has partially changed but don’t mistake the powerful trope of the “other” as a driving force.

          It’s enough to turn me vegan in solidarity! 😉


          • Well, I often wonder at this. The terrorist threat is greatest in NI, I thought. They still target and sometimes murder civil servants there.

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              • Damn, didn’t mean to press send. NI has splinter groups who don’t believe in the peace process, I know there has been awful murders since peace has prevailed but these are not supported by the majority. It’s more about drugs these days than anything. If Brexit happens though, who knows what will happen. There are already extra Police being deployed in the event of a hard border.


          • I was puzzled by “Norn Iron” for a moment and wondered if it was another Scandiwegia-themed white supremacy group.

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    • I got very excited by the form until I saw the 100 and 750 word limits.
      Very frustrating as it is almost designed to fail in terms of eliciting complex and nuanced intelligence.
      I suppose I could simply perceive it as a challenge and do the best I can, still incredibly frustrating.


  6. I read through the questions of the consultation on extremism, I thought how F*UY( naive of them.

    Why is it the calls for the death of members of the military gets highlighted as a special group for mention as being extremist in nature, and not the calls for the death of say a father accused of eating babies based upon fictions by fanatical extremists?

    Why is it that those who are vocal or against democracy, values (what are those?) and laws are being labelled as extremists? So if people oppose fracking or homeless being on our streets because of our current system are vocal against a system behind these injustices and harms, are they then extremists?

    Then there is the one about promoting a positive narrative about the UK. I laughed at that. How can I feel positive when I see people homeless around London shivering in shop doorways in the dead of winter? How do I feel that so many now must be forced to plead guilty or suffer being walked all over by the rich and powerful because they cannot afford lawyers and legal costs as the justice system now favors those with money over the poor? How is it that a father and their children suffered at the hands of Angela Power Disney for five years and more because our UK institutions are too weak and poor to properly enforce protecting the innocent from extremist monsters?

    What exactly is a sense of Britain over than being a weak, feeble and unjust nation state? Does anyone trust anyone in the traditional sources of influence such as Fleet Street, Westminster and NHS? Is it so that most people now trust Facebook and Donald Trump over everyone and everything else? Why is it we in the UK have suffered rising homeless and queues at foodbanks whilst politicians in Westminster have been totally focused on one thing, Brexit.

    The consultation is as feeble as the actions to protect a father and their children from Angela Power Disney. As far as I am concerned, f*ck the State and its institutions. This talk about truth, justice and liberty is hollow when Disney is the winner and an innocent father and children is the loser, that is the measure of this screwed up system. Excuse me when I say I am no longer going to play by the rules.

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    • James

      You asked, “Why is it the calls for the death of members of the military gets highlighted as a special group for mention as being extremist in nature, and not the calls for the death of say a father accused of eating babies based upon fictions by fanatical extremists?”

      Could it be because the military consists of citizens who risk their lives to serve their country? We may disagree with some of our government’s policies and activities, we may disagree with wars our country gets involved in but we should be grateful to the men and women who serve in our military forces as they risk all to protect the rest of us. I think you will find the in pretty much any nation state threats against the military are regarded as either war or terrorism. After all what would be the point of having a military if, when threatened, they were unable to respond to the threat?

      I share your frustration about the lack of punishment so far for those who have terrorised a community and engaged in child abuse while claiming to be anti-child abuse activists. I would have liked to see more investigative activity, arrests, etc re Abrella earlier on, however I think this situation is a fairly novel one for the cops and judiciary who dealt with it. This is one of the reasons why I posted about the Move cult earlier. Not sure what happened to my post.

      Basically I believe that the police need to be educated about cults. Personally I think that the best way is to stimulate the police’s curiosity. Same for educating anyone really. Cops and civilians have decent google fu powers, there is a lot of material out there, and when people discover things for themselves it gets digested and processed and retained in a very different way to how it does in a didactic method of teaching.

      Why do I think that a controversial / cultic American spiritual / political movement is important? Because Move had several similarities to the Hampstead hoax, itself a cult / highly dysfunctional and exploitative movement. The similarities include, but are not limited to;

      The Move members believed that the laws of the land did not apply to them as they did to ordinary people. Sound familiar?

      They alarmed their neighbours with threatening, antisocial behaviour

      They were vegetarian and believed that all living things had equal rights and should not be killed. One of the many reasons they alarmed their neighbours was that they refused to call pest control to deal with the infestations of rats and cockroaches in their property

      Some members displayed a concerning love of a variety of weapons and boasted of being prepared to use them.

      Neighbours felt concerned to see children of the cult members scavenging for food in rubbish bins and alerted child protection services, much to the rage of the parents

      They engaged in all kinds of shenanigans during their many court appearances, with crowds of supporters attending court and shouting about how the laws don’t apply to them blah blah yada yada – contempt of court, etc. etc you know the drill

      The court cases and associated activist events attracting sinister people from far – right political movements (including at least one who went on to become a terrorist / murderer)

      Innocent kids suffering terribly, an entire neighbourhood left devastated and traumatised

      Move was mostly active in the 1970s and 80s but if police had the opportunity to educate themselves about groups like this prior to the Hampstead hoax they may have been personally, professionally and legislatively more able to respond to the hoax than they did.

      The whole situation with Move got very out of control and ended with multiple fatalities. Hopefully the Hampstead hoax will not end in the same way, however our government needs to be educated as to why they should understand about how these cult like groups operate and the dire consequences that can arise from adopting an ostrich strategy and just hoping that it will all go away.

      Here’s a link to the video I linked to before (good enough to post twice) it is an archive Frontline documentary – have to say I am incredibly impressed with Frontline they have made come really useful films relevant to the satanic panic, cults and associated issues

      Also, while Move had many cult like, extremist and antisocial elements it arose from a horrifically racist culture and this must also be considered as an important element of the story. I think that if a culture is extremist itself it will generate an opposing extremism.

      While racism and police / state corruption are definitely serious issues in the UK our situation is nothing like as bad as 1970s – 80s Philadelphia. The Hampstead hoaxers are not the same as Move, they are not armed with guns. Also our police have shown considerable restraint in dealing with the hoaxer cult and I would much rather that they did that than steamed in with firearms and bombs as they did in Philly.

      For all the many differences between the situations I think there are sufficient similarities to reflect upon them and learn from them.

      One of the things that experienced posters here, and / or those with experience of the SRA believing cults can contribute is intelligence that that will help the police to think about the current and future threats from extremist groups. By learning about the past you cannot inoculate society against extremism however if we can provide insights that will help stimulate curiosity in the right direction it can help them to notice patterns and to think about the issues and challenges in a creative way.


    • James

      “Why is it that those who are vocal or against democracy, values (what are those?) and laws are being labelled as extremists? So if people oppose fracking or homeless being on our streets because of our current system are vocal against a system behind these injustices and harms, are they then extremists?

      Sorry, but you’ve lost me here. I really want to understand what you mean but I’m struggling


      • This is what they say in the consultation:

        “2a.) How helpful is the following
        definition of extremism?

        Extremism is the vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values, including
        democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of
        different faiths and beliefs. We also regard calls for the de
        ath of members of our
        armed forces as extremist”
        . (HM Government Counter

        Extremism Strategy, 2015)”


    • Totally agree.
      It is one of the negatives of the internet whereby nutters can link up and call for the death of their chosen victim and perpetuate a dangerous myth as in the Hampstead hoax, “pizzagate” and so on and get away with it.

      Taking the Hoaxstead victims as a prime example- it’s simply shocking that so many have got away with it for so long – actually calling upon others to aid in the attempted destruction of innocent lives because of their suspicions or fanaticism.
      40 years ago if such persons engaged in prolific letter writing campaigns the law would have come down on them like a ton of bricks.
      The pizza insanity could have ended very differently when a man enters a restaurant packed with families and fires a gun.

      But it’s now out of hand and our politicians are like deer caught in the headlights not knowing how to handle the situation.
      Laws governing internet harassment and threats need to not just be beefed up, there need to be police squads that concentrate on it.
      The previously mentioned Katy Bourne case is an example. No-one should have to put up with what she went through. Celebrities, ordinary citizens and politicians shouldn’t have to put up with some of the vile campaigns conducted against them- even dead ones like Heath.

      Leveson 2 would have gone a long way towards examining this as it cannot be ignored that the MSM has played a big role in promoting this madness.
      Lord Leveson also recommended that there should be a Libel Tribunal that could be accessed by the ordinary citizen.
      I still think a Criminal Libel law is needed. There is still one on the books in South Australia and it’s been used a few times to jail people who libel people. People there are very careful in what they print.
      The double whammy here is that the very rich can easily use the law to defeat their enemies but when one has money they can jet off to some paradise which alleviates the stress.
      The less wealthy not only have to put up with the vileness they generally have no-one of getting relief from it.

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    • “Why is it that those who are vocal or against democracy, values (what are those?) and laws are being labelled as extremists? So if people oppose fracking or homeless being on our streets because of our current system are vocal against a system behind these injustices and harms, are they then extremists?”

      Unfortunately this has actually come to pass in Australia, with the extreme right wing security chief Dutton targeting fracking protestors with ASIO, apparently caring for the environment equals terrorists in what passes for his mind

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  7. Re: Wesley
    He writes a ton off bullshit, however he is a parasite, he makes enemies. Nothing to do with me, Hoaxtead or some weird Government conspiracy. That dude is squatting in property which upsets landlords, he is trying to establish himself in the Spanish drug market, this pisses off criminal elements. Wesley may have a whole ton of trouble coming to his door, but he is the agent of his own misfortune.

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  8. It was interesting to discover recently that there is an activity that combines children across time and space for over 2000-years, which is trundling a hoop with a stick, something I can see is fun. And in every place and time there are monsters like Angela Power Disney and Wesley Hall preying on those children. Here is a video of the hoop activity in modern Afghanistan.

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