Fresh Start Foundation: Cat Scot is a liability you can ill afford

Do children chant nursery rhymes any longer? In these days of SnapBlasts and Instathingies, they seem almost bizarrely anachronistic. And yet, for some reason, an old standby from our collective youth has been popping into our heads lately, completely unbidden.

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out too play,
Georgie Porgie ran away.

An odd little ditty, which has been the subject of some debate over the years. Some claim that the rhyme refers to King George II, who is (incorrectly) alleged to have run away to the safety of the European mainland when he heard that the Jacobite armies were approaching from Scotland in 1745.

So it’s a bit of a funny coincidence that we seem to have our very own “Georgie Porgie”…or perhaps we should call her “Georgina”.

Although Catriona Selvester (aka Cat Scot) likes to refer to herself as “WildCat” and “CalamiTcat”, it doesn’t mean she’s some sort of warrior princess. On the contrary, she’s really remarkably sensitive and a bit of a pants-wetter when things aren’t going her way, and will run and hide at the first sign that someone’s about to challenge her.

Her blog, her Facebook page, and her Twitter account are all up and down like toilet seats. She is constantly switching them from “private” to “public” and back again, which gives the appearance that she lacks the intestinal fortitude to stand behind some of the nasty shite she spews.

Or as some of our commenters would put it, she’s all mouth, no trousers.

Currently, her status is:

  • Twitter: This account’s tweets are protected. Only confirmed followers have access to @calamiTcat‘s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.
  • Facebook: This page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.
  • This site is marked private by its owner. If you would like to view it, you’ll need permission from the site owner. Request an invite and we’ll send your username to the site owner for their approval.

But at some point she will doubtless feel that whatever hurt her feelings this time has passed, and the coast is clear once more.

We should point out that it’s not that we are so terribly eager to read what she writes, which is usually either illiterate mumblings about imaginary paedophiles and Satanists and whatnot, or vile abuse of real people, but from time to time it’s good to keep an eye on what the Hoaxtead mobsters are up to. It’s usually nothing good.

Such as that time she decided that Margaret Thatcher’s dad was a paedophile because…well, we’ll let her explain it: Catriona Selvester 2018-09-19 CorriegateBecause the name “Alfred Roberts” is soooooo unusual. Or something.

The fact that Alf Roberts first appeared in Coronation Street 18 years prior to Mrs Thatcher becoming prime minister is, of course, completely beside the point.

Catriona Selvester 2018-09-19 Corriegate 2You speak for us all, Liza.

Fresh Start Foundation: Time to take out the rubbish

However, Cat’s bizarre ramblings are really much less of a problem than the fact that last time we checked, she is still a director of the “Fresh Start Foundation”. Believe it or not, her position is listed as “Expert”.

We continue to find this disturbing, especially given that the organisation works with adult survivors of child sexual abuse—and that people like Catriona are given to making false allegations about things like “Satanic ritual abuse”.

For example, a couple of days ago this gem popped up on her YouTube channel:


In case anyone missed this last time round, the much-vaunted “RAINS list” was produced in the early 1990s by Dr Joan Coleman, who used it to conduct personal vendettas against anybody who either looked to her like they might be a Satanist (i.e. were different from the norm in any way she found objectionable), or who crossed her by daring to challenge her views.

In short, Dr Coleman was the Senator Joe McCarthy of the SRA set, and she wielded her power mercilessly. Cat seems to idolise her, most likely because she enjoys pointing a trembling finger at anyone she dislikes and screaming, “WIIIIIIITCH!” at the top of her lungs.

And that’s all the more fun when you can do it, then duck back behind your safely barricaded social media sites, out of sight of anybody who might take exception to what you’re doing.

We think that the Fresh Start Foundation ought to consider very carefully whether they really want an “Expert” on their board who does things such as drunkenly abuse a little girl with ginger hair at an outdoor concert, as happened a couple of weeks ago.

Or whether a person who thinks it’s great sport to mercilessly troll known sexual abuse survivors online, as Cat has done to Sheva Burton for as long as we can recall, really should have a place on the board of any allegedly serious organisation.

We’ve been pointing this out to FSF CEO Janine Rennie (who is also company secretary for Wellbeing Scotland) since Cat first joined the organisation’s board, but to no avail.

Just as Catriona Selvester likes to do her mischief and then beat a hasty retreat, Janine Rennie seems to feign blindness to her board member’s disgusting public behaviour, perhaps hoping that nobody will notice.

We are reminded of the time when Janine had to be publicly pressured to sack Bruce Hotchkies, whose band “Thunderfuck” performed misogynistic and violent material onstage, as chair of her charity, Open Secret.

At that time, it took public embarrassment to nudge her into action. What will it take now, to force her to come to terms with Cat’s foul behaviour? And when will she let Cat know that just because she’s hiding behind closed accounts, it doesn’t mean her actions aren’t noticed?

adult black and white darkness face

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104 thoughts on “Fresh Start Foundation: Cat Scot is a liability you can ill afford

  1. We’ve been pointing this out to FSF CEO Janine Rennie (who is also company secretary for Wellbeing Scotland) since Cat first joined the organisation’s board, but to no avail.

    Is it conceivable that the organisation(s) is simply a scam?

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    • I think that’s practically a given, Smut. And either way, Fresh Start have done more harm to the cause of anti-child abuse campaigning than good. Put it this way – Malcolm Ogilvy’s a fan. Nuff said?

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  2. Yeah. exactly what people need to know about these shady outfits claiming to help while seeming to be nothing more than a collective of nasty bullies. I Doff my titfer to anyone making evidence of cat’s work available online after she attempts to remove it. great work.

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  3. …..’her position is listed as “Expert”.’

    X is an unknown quantity and a ‘spurt’ is a little squirt.

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  4. What a funny old world. This aging retired socialist spends so much time now defending wrongly accused Conservatives!.

    I also knew Boateng when he was first entering politics and I and others pounded the streets on his behalf door-knocking etc. He’s a diligent and intelligent man and is extremely kind. He loves his family.
    I’m pretty sure nasty tales about him were just straight out racist attacks which these days with the internet megaphone spread like a wildfire.

    Was there always this underclass of fruitloops who were always prepared to believe there is a mass conspiracy to elect pedos to power in every walk of life?. What happened to the saucy old tales of the odd Tory being exposed as an orange sucking, fishnet wearing customer of Miss Whiplash (age 56) of Paddington or queuing up with their luncheon vouchers for a nibble at Cynthia Payne’s establishment in Streatham (no girls under 35 permitted)?.
    Perhaps the ghastly News of The World did have a place in British society as it fed these nutters their weekly dose of sex (most of it harmless even if illegal at times).

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    • Not to nitpick but that screenshot is from the Sunday Sport rather than the News of the World. I think it’s an important distinction, as the NOTW tried to present itself as a proper newspaper, claiming to be telling the truth across an array of blatantly disingenuous articles, whereas the Sport was more of a spoof paper that was never intended to be taken seriously.

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      • The sport incurred my wrath by printing too many rape stories that dwelt on vivid descriptions on pages opposite to topless model photos. buses on the moon is fine but seedy rape stories next to nubile nudes left a bitter taste. i won’t touch the sun over hillsborough.


        • Yes, fair point. I wasn’t meaning to defend the Sport, by the way, just highlighting the distinction.


  5. Thanks, EC. Nice little exposé. Cat’s chief arselicker will love it.

    By the way, re. the ‘current status’ thing, can I also chuck in that for some time now, she’s had the dislikes and comments disabled on all her YT videos? I don’t think she can handle dissent, tbh. And going by the incoherent hissy fits she used to throw before she changed her settings, it’s clear she can’t handle uncomfortable questions either. Well, I guess that when you’ve done no research into anything and are talking out of your arse, the last thing you want it people selfishly asking you to back up extremely serious allegations against named individuals with evidence!

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  6. “She is still a director of the ‘Fresh Start Foundation’. Believe it or not, her position is listed as ‘Expert’.”

    Oh Christ, there goes my will to live 😥

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  7. To put into context just how awful Cat’s videos are, even her arselicker-in-chief Malky doesn’t watch them. You may recall that some weeks back he put up a series of sickeningly sycophantic posts banging on about how awesome her videos were. However, a quick check on her channel revealed that some of the videos he’d been promoting had zero views 😂

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  8. “We think that the Fresh Start Foundation ought to consider very carefully whether they really want an ‘Expert’ on their board who does things such as drunkenly abuse a little girl with ginger hair at an outdoor concert…”

    Not to mention someone who attacks the families of people she doesn’t like, laughs at footage of people killed in tragic road accidents (and ridicules their grieving relatives) and claims there’s no such thing as Lyme disease (even though she has a friend who suffers from it).

    And someone who posts stuff like this:

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    • Another recent example of Cat’s woeful approach to fact-checking was when she peddled out Mel Ve’s* claim that the word ‘heathen’ derives from ‘Hampstead Heath’ (thereby proving that the entire Hampstead area is satanic – don’t ask). Thing is, it doesn’t. But more importantly, it takes a 5-second Google search to check that. So what’s her excuse?

      It makes one wonder what else she’s got wrong. Actually, let’s face it – it would be easier to count the things she’s got right, I reckon.

      (*Also regurgitated without question by Deborah Mahmoudieh and JournoAngie)

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      • There is a relationship between heath, heathen and also heather. Heathen the word has nothing to do with Hampstead or Hampstead Heath though.

        Selvester and heathen are related words. How odd. A pagan was associated with a wild place, like a wood, a heath or sylvanian wilds.. I supposed this means that as Catriona Selvester is named after a wild place, like a heath, where heathens are associated, she actually eats babies. She has had children, not as a mother, but to breed them for human sacrifice and to induct them to her witchy cult. Sarcasm, obviously.

        As funny as Abraham Jemal Christie aka Abe Christie, Nemesis and Papa Hemp claiming that Hampstead is a place name meaning Hemp.

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        • Speaking of place-name etymology, I only learned recently that Kentish Town has nothing to do with people from Kent, as I’d previously guessed. It’s probably derived from “Ken-ditch” or “Caen-ditch”, meaning the “bed of a waterway”, and refers to the River Fleet, which flows through the area (albeit underground these days).

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          • All the pagans were down the river weren’t they. Or muddy tidal swampy flats on the ever changing meander of a major river. Mudlarks still find Bronze Age coins and bits sacrificed in some sort of ritual. Nowadays you might find Hindu idols and clay lamps because the Thames is treated as a substitute holy river by people far away from their holy places.


            I saw a lady the other day tearing up a Hindu garland of orange and red marigolds and putting them in the river. I thought it was rather wonderful.

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    • Hatred for Churchill is a shibboleth among white supremacists and neo-nazis. And as EC noted a while ago, Cat is a Stormfront devotee.

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  9. “We’ve been pointing this out to FSF CEO Janine Rennie (who is also company secretary for Wellbeing Scotland) since Cat first joined the organisation’s board, but to no avail.”

    And furthermore, she blocks anyone on Twitter who dares to ask.

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  10. Awesome post, EC!

    By the way, I nearly fell off my chair last night when I saw this claim by Cat that she knows what she’s talking about:

    PS: to be clear, she doesn’t. On anything.

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  11. Cat has often mentioned liking a bevvy or two and on occasions has admitted to being drunk. Not an excuse but I wonder whether she has an insy winsy bit of a drink problem and whether this contributes to her propensity for bullshit.

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    • Plenty of people like a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine. I don’t think it is that unless Catriona Selvester is piddled all the time,which I doubt. I think it is her character.

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      • Certainly, MY cat & registered carer / social secretary Whiskers, a moggie (from the streets- ungrateful) loves a few bevvies (usually begins early afternoon) and is the epitome of good behavior and would never dream of writing such malicious outpourings like Cat.

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  12. Just checked companies house and Janine Rennie is still listed as a director of FSF.

    I believe the actual charity she is involved in is the real deal. I can’t comprehend how she is involved in both.

    Her charity gets funding, I think from local authorities. I wonder what they would think of Janine Rennie being involved with a person who says that the Holocaust didn’t happen and other racist bullshit?

    Janine Rennie also seems to have got stuff out in local press. I wonder whether it is worth a follow up to. The journalist. Janine Rennie didn’t like the way Scottish Enquiry was progressing so she joined a racist organisation type thing?

    Catriona Selvester aka CalamiTcat, Cat Scott etc had as her pinned tweet some shite about children’s homes being named after plants, trees and flowers is part of a conspiracy.

    I think someone should tell Catriona Selvester that large houses used to be named after places, the family that owned them or their function. Simplifying things a bit there! Eg The Rectory, Lanhydrock, Chatsworh House.

    In the industrial revolution and particularly in the late Victorian to Edwardian era there was an explosion of wealthy people and speculators building large houses, even whole estates of large houses, and they needed to call them something. One of the most popular art styles right at that very same time was Art Nouveau which took it’s inspiration from nature, including plant life. Prior to this there’s was the widely popular style of the Arts and Crafts Movement which also used decorations from nature in interiors etc, No conspiracy. Something a reasonably educated person would KNOW, and a curious and intelligent person could find out.

    Houses weren’t named after trees in 1918 as a signal to paedophiles to turn a family home into a children’s home sixty years later and abuse children there.

    Residential and Nursing homes are also often named in a botanical theme. This isn’t because it is a gerontophilliac conspiracy sending out the pervert signal.

    Catrina Selvester, you are an embarrassment. You should get no where near survivors. All your conspiracist nonsense helps how? Where are your posts about the latest therapeutic models? The peer support groups? Surveys from organisations wishing to involve survivors? Charitable funds available to help people? Art projects? News articles where a survivor tells their story? Where are the links to GENUINE research? Law reports? Instead there’s just the usual moronic bullshit about elite paedophile rings. Fuck off. Bullshitter. You aren’t even doing this for survivors, you are doing what you enjoy, reading made up bull crap on the internet with no critical thinking. You are a complete fake, a fraud.

    That’s what I think.

    Janine Rennie, shame on you for getting involved with this bunch of idiots.

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      • And like Cat, David Scott smears genuine CSA survivors/campaigners without any evidence, blocks any dissent and recently took the FSF roadshow to the Orkneys…………… Given that he promotes Fresh Farts as they are mostly known via UK Column; who often shout about children being stolen by the state, it seems very strange that they would want to encourage a new satanic panic, given that during the 80s, children indeed were suddenly snatched from their families, for probably the only time, previously, en masse ?????
        UK Column are also responsible for beginning the myths, lies and scamming built around Melanie Shaw, recently being added in to quite a few new rightwing youtubers’ menu of causes they pretend to support.

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        • Given that he promotes Fresh Farts as they are mostly known via UK Column; who often shout about children being stolen by the state, it seems very strange that they would want to encourage a new satanic panic, given that during the 80s, children indeed were suddenly snatched from their families, for probably the only time, previously, en masse ?????

          Excellent point, Sheva. They are constantly claiming that children are stolen from innocent families by the state for nefarious purposes…and they know, or ought to know, that there was a mass “child-snatching” episode in Orkney which has left permanent scars.

          Oh, and that the kids who were torn from their families later stated very clearly that they only said there was SRA happening because they felt that’s what their interrogators wanted to hear.

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      • Well, that nice Mr. Ogilvy seems to agree with you Tracey, so that’s something:

        By the way, pardon my dimissitude but I don’t get the Albion Rover reference (?).

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    • Janine Rennie also seems to have got stuff out in local press. I wonder whether it is worth a follow up to. The journalist. Janine Rennie didn’t like the way Scottish Enquiry was progressing so she joined a racist organisation type thing?

      I get the impression that blasting out the press releases is Ms Rennie’ main activity and field of expertise. The Great Goofle provided me with no end of complaints in the media, about how authorities had failed to recognise / fund Wellness Scotland as part of the Scottish Inquiry.

      Ah wells, if Rennie ignores EC’s advice, and her efforts to cultivate an image of professionalism and probity for her organisations are damaged by continued association with an obvious lowlife grifting garbage person, it’s probably all for the better.

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        • Thanks Smut Clyde

          The activities of Janine Rennie, Wellness Scotland and Thompsons Solicitors Scotland are deeply concerning, not least of all because of their links to the “survivors” activist group Voicing CSA (VCSA) which boasts links to the paedophile hunter group Dark Light and also to the far-right / hate group the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA).

          Just for starters, here is a video of a Mr Lee Williams of the DFLA speaking at a Voicing CSA event recently. He attempts to dispel claims that the DFLA are a far-right group. It is easy to disprove Williams’s claims with a few minutes of internet research.

          I have posted here previously about the concerning links between Wellbeing Scotland Voicing CSA, S.A.F.E, Dark Light paedophile hunters and the far-right DFLA.

          Back to Cat Scot or whatever her name is. Concerned readers can report hate crime, of the kind spouted by Catriona Sylvester / Cat Scot or whatever she’s calling herself today to the CENTRAL SCOTLAND REGIONAL EQUALITY COUNCIL (CSREC)

          Reporting Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents through CSREC

          CSREC is a Third Party Reporting Centre. Third Party Reporting is a way of reporting a crime, including Hate Crime and Domestic Abuse. This is a way of passing on information without, necessarily, having to talk to the police directly, if you so wish. CSREC reports Hate Crime to the Police Scotland on your behalf whether you are a victim, witness or carer. You can speak privately to a member of staff, and we will pass information relating to the incident/crime onto the police for them to investigate or record. CSREC provides Third Party Reporting as a free service, to Third Party Report Hate Crime please contact us by calling 01324 610950 or email us at and we will get in touch with you.

          We are located at:

          Community Education Centre
          Park Street
          Falkirk FK1 1RE
          or you can phone us on: 01324 610950

          However I cannot help but notice something unusual here.

          Wellbeing Scotland’s Meet the Team page here

          Shows that certain Fungai Magoche is listed as being on their board of directors.
          this is confirmed here

          I also could not help but notice that a certain Fungai Simbarshe Macgoche
          was at one point a director of the CSREC

          I suppose it is unusual, or ironic, or something that people who are opposed to racial hatred and the oppression of minorities should be invited to contact an organisation promoting equality, a former director of which, is now part of the board for directors of a controversial organisation linked to hateful discourses and activities.

          Having researched this kind of thing for some time I am no longer surprised by these strange and curious connections. I cannot pretend to understand what might be going on at Wellbeing Scotland or indeed inside Janine Rennie’s mind. One thing is obvious, something very peculiar is going on.

          Another of the board members of Wellbeing Scotland, a certain Safia Ali, is also someone who campaigns against racism and for an inclusive society. While I find this to be a good thing I struggle to understand how individuals, themselves from minorities, who are activists against racism actually feel about working with Janine Rennie, the Chief Executive of the Fresh Start Foundation, a highly dubious organisation notorious for its staff members making racist, homophobic and antisemitic posts and videos.

          Could it be that Janine has managed to manipulate well meaning genuine anti-racists into working alongside her as allies in an attempt to deflect criticisms regarding the racist, hateful discourses spouted by her colleagues at the Fresh Start Foundation? Is there some other sinister agenda being played out here?

          Before I go
          Just another interesting possible connection

          could the Wellbeing Scotland director Patrick Gregory MCGUIRE

          Possibly be this Patrick McGuire?

          I think it is the very same.

          also see

          McGuire’s twitter feed indicates that the BBC are promoting the “services” of Wellbeing Scotland / Thompsons Solicitors Scotland to survivors. What could go wrong?

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          • Thanks, SH. Very informative as always. And if I may say so, I reckon you’re long overdue for one of that nice Mr. Ghost’s Koala Awards.

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          • Just a little more on the infiltration of the “survivor” movement by the far-right, this is something I’m putting a significant amount of time into exposing – a fair bit going on behind the scenes 😉


            SPEAKERS: Jim Richards (DFLA), Billy Howarth (Rochdale PAG UK – Parents Against Grooming), Gerard Batten (UKIP Leader), Lee Saville (Chairman of UKIP Rochdale), Alan Craig (UKIP spokesman for families & children and lead on grooming gangs).
            Thursday 12th April 1 pm meet ASDA The Old Cricket Ground, Dane Street, Rochdale OL12 6XT
            A week ago on Friday 30th March the DFLA in partnership with Veterans Against Terrorism announced the beginning of a National Alliance Action Against Child Sexual Exploitation.”

            more here

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      • I think the emphasis should be on obvious! Janine Rennie has had this pointed out to her.

        I can’t fathom why Janine Rennie, who seems to want to project a serious professional persona, would even be involved in all the Holocaust denial, David Icke nonsense. I cannot work it out at all.

        Fresh Start Foundation is a strange one. They say they are supported by Wellbeing Scotland. FSF has put a link up to the “Common Law Court” which is covered on Quatloos. The CLC claims to be a court, but it is nothing of the kind. A Freeman on the Land fantasy court.

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    • Their aims seem worthy but how real are they?.

      Their annual reports list a lot of causes they claim to have participated in but their financial report belies that. Huge donations received – presumably from local council etc and minimal expenditure mainly on running an office, travel, teabags and so on yet I see not a penny seems to have actually been spent on real victims.

      Seems like all talk and no action (apart from those bloody self-perpetuating talkfests) which may explain why they have nearly a quarter of a million pounds in the bank.

      It’s a Boondoggle and these types of “charities” are my pet hate. I see the scam here: no-one can really question them about “victims & survivors” because of legal confidentiality. So if they say they aided 1000 victims that year it can’t be questioned as the names cannot be revealed.
      Besides- there doesn’t seem to be a penny spent in their balance sheet that’s not just running an office but little else.

      And any outfit that would have a bar of a revolting and vicious creature like this Cat person is highly suspect.

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    • Check out their financial reports. Whatever funding they receive seems to be banked and little is done with it. Wouldn’t be surprised if they plan yet another talkfest on something like the Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas so participants can focus on the important matters at hand: planning the next gabfest in a 5 Star hotel.

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      • I think they have spent a lot on staff, which I would expect if they are providing a counselling service and related services.

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        • Reading their reports they only spend a minimal amount of their donations on “staff costs”. Are they trained counselors or just volunteers?. Some alleged “counselors” as we know can have tragic consequences for genuine victims. They may be promoting a “fresh start” by re-enforcing the notion “your life has been ruined but you can start over” etc etc.
          These alleged charities invariably use a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to abuse. I know women who have been raped who say it has never affected their life apart from angst in the beginning. I “survived” a drugged rape situation over 40 years ago (took 2 years) and the only thing I find I have remotely similar to other victims is the notion of “survivor guilt”- the one thing I find is genuine and has only been talked about recently: the fact that those who are victims of a crime often blame themselves for being in a situation in the first place.

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      • Wellbeing Scotland seems like a genuine organisation. It is the link to the dumpster fire that is Fresh Start Foundation that I worry about. Both Labour and the SNP have made clear that they take a strong stance against anti Semitism.

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      • If Claire Haughey has any regard for the mental health of children she could ask “Fresh Start” to spemd the 250 Grand they have in the bank on real live children today.


      • I watched that today for the first time. I watched it fast speed. Does she actually say what the scale of the problem is, you know, from the National crime survey, crime stats, conviction rates, academic research about when and if victim of sexual offences report? Or, is it just newspaper articles? If she actually does explain the scale of the problem, I missed it.

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  13. This is a video or selection of videos by Cat Scot aka Wild Cat aka Catriona Sylvester.

    Apparently Lee Rigby wasn’t murdered and Osama Bin Laden wasn’t killed by special forces in an operation that continues to have terrible repercussions worldwide because of the targeting of heath workers. She can’t tell the difference between fake news and things that happened.

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    • Yeah, a lot of the stuff you mention there originates from Spivey. Her and David Snot are her go-to guys when she runs out of original thoughts of her own, which is about every 8 seconds at last count.

      Tragically, though, Ogilvy’s not on her source list. Check out her recent cringeworthy attempt to promote his blog (probably by request). She hasn’t got a clue what to say about it and seems embarrassed by the crap on the screen in front of her (go to 4:10):

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  14. Reblogged this on The Real Fresh Start Foundation and commented:
    Please read and share: Janine Rennie of Wellbeing Scotland has serious questions to answer and also those funding her organisation. Please share widely and lets challenge make sure that the Scottish CSA Inquiry can be as thorough and effective as possible and that victims/survivors are served with better support and are not put at further risk of harm by charlatans.

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  15. So Hoaxteaders, I think we need archive links to some horrible tweets by Catriona Selvester. Anyone saved any? Think homophobia, sectarianism, racism, anti Semitism, transphobia. Screenshots are OK but a live link would be better. Maybe a tweevious or similar?

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  16. There was talk of improprieties I Ireland concerning Siteserv, Denis O’Brien & the dept. of finance. It’s all to do with the National Broadband plan in Ireland that never actually gets of the ground.

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    • Thanks, Lucca. To clarify, I got all that and the post she was sharing, just not why she was chucking Haiti, Clinton, water charges and the Bilderbergs into the mix. That said, I for one am thankful that at least she left the kitchen sink behind.

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    • You are most welcome Tracey. I always find your comments highly informative and sometimes, when you have shown courage in disclosing painful personal things, very moving and powerful.

      We all are in this struggle together – got to keep on fighting as long as we can.

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  17. I was wondering why Janine Rennie’s organisations and appalling organisations like Izzy’s Promise are still receiving public money for their shambolic activities.

    Then I found this, a cached PDF file from the Scottish Government’s website – not sure of the date

    The Report of the Scottish Executive Short-Life Working Group on the care needs of people who have survived childhood sexual abuse

    Services for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    which contains the following text:

    5.9.2. In Dundee, the Eighteen and Under project offers a range of support services(face-to-face and telephone) and information to young people under the age of 18 who have experienced sexual, physical or emotional abuse, including ritual and satanic abuse.

    and also

    6.10. Training in long term support and specialist work with complex trauma

    6.10.1. The client group in this case is the smaller number of survivors with extensive psychological and behavioural problems. There are a range of approaches e.g. psychoanalytic, CBT, person centred, dialectical behaviour therapy, eye movement resensitisation and reprocessing, that can provide therapy to these severely affected survivors. Work may last several years. Only a small minority of staff will wish to take on this stressful and difficult work and will need strong support in the work setting.

    6.10.2. Examples where this level of training and support exists include Psychotherapy Departments in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, at the Sexual Abuse/Assualt clinic at Stobhill, at St. John’s Hospital Livingston, the Cambridge Street Day Hospital, Edinburgh, and some of the Eighteen and Under’s specialised work in Edinburgh on organised satanic abuse. (see sections 5.8 and 5.9 above for more detail).


    It seems that, at some time, Laurie Matthew and possibly other SRA promoting conspiraloons got to meet up with real, genuine professionals working on CSA/CSE issues and may have influenced them to swallow the SRA delusions as real. I find it absolutely shocking that this is on a document hosted by the Scottish Government. People in Scotland deserve better than this.

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      • Thanks Tracey

        That’s enough time to lay down serious roots and infiltrate Scottish state organisations and infect them with SRA insanity.

        If NHS hospitals were offering specialist therapy for complex trauma / DID / MPD in 2004 it is scary to imagine what the situation might be today.

        There has been no big exposure or news stories about this as far as I know, not since the Orkney scandal as far as I know. Even the painful truths of falsely accused families and terrified children taken from loving homes in Orkney are now being twisted and revised by SRA promoters.

        The current astroturfing of survivor peer groups for political and other purposes is made easier because of the foundations laid by this kind of nonsense.

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  18. Posting this so as not to reply to any particular post, but any organisation that is taking direct or indirect public monies that can’t demonstrate a clear equality and diversity policy may find themselves in big trouble if complaints are raised.

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    • I am a supporter of equality and of human rights. Unfortunately human rights and equalities are something that are used by sinister organisations to conduct nefarious agendas. This is especially relevant when looking at cults. For example, when I lived in a big city, I would regularly read police reports of hate crimes. Listed amongst the hate crimes recorded for religious groups I would discover various notorious cults who would claim that they were the victims of hate crimes.

      On one occasion when I confronted an individual from a notorious cult that was street collecting money in a charity tin (the cult is not and has never been a charity) without the appropriate license, the individual threatened to report me for religious hate crime.

      There are more important and scary examples I could give but here and now is not the time and place.

      I still support equality and human rights, I am just very aware of how they can be appropriated / hijacked for sinister purposes.

      Also many organisations create a policy on equality or human rights, or child protection, then they have ticked the correct box, but then that policy can be used / misused as a talisman to ward of criticism and as an alternative to thinking about a problem.

      CRB checks / DBS checks can be used / misused in a similar way. I have been in the horrifying position of knowing that a yoga or meditation teacher was trained by a cult that promotes the idea that adults sexually abusing minors or where the guru is a wanted criminal and the cult has a long, demonstrable history of abuses and criminality. I have approached the project managers with dossiers of information to be “reassured” that such and such yoga / mediation teacher has been CRB / DBS checked and so there is nothing to worry about. No need to look at any press reports as such and such teacher has been working here for months and everyone seems really happy and nothing terrible happens in classes, no children get abused, etc.

      Sometimes I just despair at it all to be honest

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  19. Did anyone find out what happened to the attempted orkney visit ? it went quiet on all fronts there. i suspect they were ejected on arrival and left admonished with their tails between their legs.


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