Memo to Janine Rennie: Should Cat Scot be allowed near CSA survivors?

Things were really hopping here in the HR comments section yesterday, and one topic in particular caught our interest: given the appalling behaviour of Catriona Selvester, aka Cat Scot, should she really be involved in an organisation which claims it is intended to serve survivors of child sexual abuse?

Cat has a long and disturbing history of spreading the most pernicious conspiracy theories and claiming that they are true. That would be bad enough, but she is well known as a foul-mouthed bully and a troll, who seems to take particular delight in picking on vulnerable individuals.

Cat Scot bully 2018-05-21 3Cat Scot bully 2018-05-21 4Cat Scot bully 2018-05-21 5

In a comment on YouTube, a person calling themselves Vive le Hoaxtead! summed it up:

Cat 2018-05-21 at 7.04.06 PM

We’re not particularly concerned about Cat’s threats toward this blog—we’re used to that sort of thing from her and others—but is this really the sort of person who should be allowed to participate as a member of the FSF, which is attempting to paint itself as a legitimate organisation serving people who were sexually abused as children?

Time to pull your finger out, Janine

We’ve already seen that Janine saw no problem with hiring Bruce Hotchkies, whose band “Thunderfuck” performed egregiously misogynistic and violent material onstage, as chair of her charity, Open Secret.

Janine was only persuaded that it was a very bad idea having this person chair an organisation devoted to helping survivors of CSA, after the issue became a public embarrassment.

Commenters on this blog expressed very firm opinions on the subject, pointing out that as CEO of the FSF, Janine ought to have the backbone and good judgement to take a stand against Cat’s behaviour:

Cat Scot bully 2018-05-21 6

Referring to Cat Scot, OMGN says:

It is astounding that any human being could fail to understand that Cat Scot’s malicious communications are anything other than vile abuse, especially of CSA survivors, and yet Janine, who we are meant to believe is an activist against SRA just lets it all go on without comment.

And An Owl Called Sage says:

Janine Danielle Rennie is registered at Companies House as the CEO of Fresh Start Foundation which is not a charity. She is also company secretary for Wellbeing Scotland which is registered as a charity. 

It would be interesting to see whether as a responsible person she will disown Catriona Selvester for her behaviour or whether she is prepared to condone it. If no action is taken against Cat by the CEO of FSF, you would have a legitimate question as to whether Janine is a fit and proper person to be involved with a regulated charity.

Cat Scot bully 2018-05-21 7

Janine has long protested that the FSF is a legitimate organisation; and she concurrently runs Wellbeing Scotland, which receives monies from the government to carry out its activities. She occupies two positions in which one would expect her to take responsibility for the behaviour of her board members and staff.

At what point, then, can we expect her to stand up on her hind legs and tell Cat Scot to shape up or ship out?Janine Rennie FSF Wellbeing Scotland


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  1. I say charge towards the largest target, link the organisation to the behaviour. Don’t give them a single chance to distance themselves from a raving loon. Apply pressure by forwarding the material to counsellors and MPs

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      • It better be higher on the Agenda than ARTICLE 21, I can’t wait that long.
        On another note what exactly do the ‘light the world’ crystal freaks have to to with SRA ? where’s the overlap ? And I think we need to address Debs, who is being a lazy little fishwife by recycling too much from David Icke. Cat should be ignored in the short term, log and screenshot but ask for dead air around her. She’ll still rant away and, devoid of targets, imagine them.

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        • The QEG/SRA link dates back to the days when HoaxGirl and Angela Power-Disney teamed up to push the Hampstead hoax. It later became apparent that HoaxGirl had another Hoaxtead link—to Ray Savage, the Sussex-based ex-cop who claimed to have sat down with Ella Draper for 3 hours, and who proclaimed her story “110% true”. HG seems to have taken it upon herself to have this blog taken down, her standard response to anyone who dares point out that the QEG is a fraud.

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          • Is he the burnt out guy in the video outside ? A lot of coppers crack under pressure and he’s an obvious case of a bitter man pensioned off early because her could no longer hack it. You can get 3 or 4 of em in any pub on the high street. No sympathy, they get paid more than the Paras and have their pensions to piss away every night.


          • The video of Ray Savage was one of the oddest aspects of this hoax and especially weird as he claims to have been a copper once.
            Interviewing Ella who actually says she was never a witness to abuse or even signs of it is completely bizarre when he then goes on to claim this is proof of the hoax.

            From what policing manual did Savage learn this odd technique where a non-witness is used as “proof”?. Such a technique would be ripped apart in a court of a law but it’s doubtful it could even be used as it’s hearsay.
            But not only that, it’s actually evidence that Ella was never ever suspicious and never ever saw signs of alleged abuse (alleged abuse which when described would not only put these children in hospital numerous times but could have resulted in death).
            But there is evidence from Ella’s own mouth that she applied enemas to small children and I dion’t care if they were her children, it’s a form of child abuse for which she could be charged.

            We have no proof Ray Savage was even in the police and if he was it’s likely he was given his marching orders if this is evidence of his policing technique. Whatever the truth, he’s another brick in the wall of a large conspiracy to pervert justice and jail innocent people. This was a criminal conspiracy of the worst kind.

            The general public needs to be aware of who this man is. I believe he is dangerous.

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  3. Looking at various media reports going back over the years it looks like Rennie & her outfit have got away with an awful lot of serious meddling until recently were the council has begun to question her methods.

    Many of these faux advocates have gotten away with much during the years child abuse wasn’t on the agenda. What council had the courage to turn down an application that claims to be caring for the abused: “won’t someone think of the children?”.
    They aren’t looking after children of course. Although it’s framed that way – I read a well meaning report just yesterday in an Oz newspaper where an MP refers to “these are abused children” but he’s actually talking about victims who are now in their 50s. Framing them as kids (and their abuse should be rightly identified) is a dishonest way of manipulating the public’s emotions.

    One report on Rennie claims that a public servant treated adult victims badly but that public servant was cleared after an investigation. It seems obvious that the public servant was saying that adults who were child abuse victims should be seeking a way to recover and get on with life in a meaningful way. Surely this is the most positive aspect to be achieved for victims?.

    I have always said the treatment of former abuse victims should be taken out of the hands of so-called “charities”. Just look at the NSPCC which receives £Multi-Millions in donations and government funding but not a penny is spent on the millions of British kids in real need and poverty (which leads to abuse) rather advertising, brochures etc while the many executives receive excessive £100K plus salaries, superannuation etc.

    This does not mean their motives are not genuine but when do today’s children with OVER FOUR MILLION living in dire poverty get a bloody hand-up? WHEN?.

    There is a financial motive to keep adult victims feeling recover is not possible unless you are in the hands of the unscrupulousness who use your victim status to self-perpetuate an outfit claiming to help (and to continue to receive funding). Combined with so many outfits started by so-called “advocates” who end up competing for limited funds.

    Why has the care of abused children and vulnerable adults been privatized where profit is a motive?.

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  4. About the “Being Pamela” discussion yesterday.
    Truly tragic life story. Very unfortunate that some misguided soul taught her to perceive herself, and portray herself, in that manner. The bright spot…there appear to be a group of people in her life who genuinely care about her & her well-being. Hooray for that, however it has come about.

    As for the ‘personalities’, referred to as “characters” – (a more truthful terminology than one typically sees with such folk) – note that despite they way they are described, as functionally independent “entities” within her, they nevertheless take turns in everything that they do.
    Which would not be the case if there were genuinely 4 separate “points of consciousness” within her brain functions. There would be no reason for them to assert control in such an orderly manner. One might be trying to sit down while another simultaneously attempts to walk across the room. Why not? And the end result…total immobility, one assumes. Why wouldn’t two or more attempt to speak at the same time?- twisting the mouth, tongue, etc., into incomprehensible gibberish. The fact that this never happens, demonstrates quite conclusively that there is ONE point of consciousness in that person, regardless of what anyone – including herself – has to say about that.

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    • Did you read the links in my posts underneath the programme Justin?

      What we learned from the “documentary” was this:

      Pamela Edwards is an extremely vulnerable young woman who, as a child, suffered the most appalling abuse and neglect.
      Pamela has a learning disability that compromises and limits her ability to relate to others
      Pamela was, at the time of the programme being made in the clinical care of Valerie Sinason who had said she believed that Pamela would enjoy being in front of the cameras
      Pamela was, at the time of the programme being made, living with her foster mother Judy Williams and a full time team of carers who had been specially trained to work with her MPD/DID
      Pamela and Judy had a complicated relationship where a) Judy herself admitted that a very belligerent “alter” had absorbed and reflected Judy’s character and b) Judy acknowledged that she sometimes worried that people observing her interaction with Pamela might consider Judy to be harsh (may not have been the word harsh exactly but something like that).
      Judy claimed that Pamela was getting better but Pamela’s life seemed chaotic and her relationship with Judy appeared to be highly dysfunctional.
      The care package cost taxpayers £500,000 a year which is 3 times the amount it would cost for Pamela to be cared for in an institution – I would love to see a breakdown of the costs involved
      Judy Williams felt comfortable with drawing viewers’ attention to Pamela’s breaking wind, which she interpreted in the transference as an attack on her (I find this incredibly concerning)

      If we research Judy Williams on the internet we discover that she is a psychotherapist who is a colleague of Valerie Sinason and who has a very long history of training and working with some of the most notoriously abusive quack psychotherapy organisations known including the Clinic for Dissociative Studies and the ISSTD among many others. Later on this page I will explore each organisation of concern on Judy Williams’s bio on her website and demonstrate why this is so very concerning. There are several organisation that are known to promote unfounded SRA conspiracy theories and the ISSTD has been on record for decades as being involved in insurance fraud and horrific abuses against vulnerable people.

      Here is her page on counselling pages website

      here is her own website

      on which the following information appears:

      “I am a UK Council for Psychotherapy [UKCP] registered Attachment based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist working with adults and couples. I am a member of The Bowlby Centre.

      I am also a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, registered with the Association of Child Psychotherapists [ACP] and a Health and Care Professions Council [HCPC] registered Occupational Therapist.

      I am an experienced Maternal Mental Health psychotherapist and I am a member of The Association for Infant Mental Health UK [AIMH (UK)].

      I am also a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation [ESTD] and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation [ISSTD]. I have presented at the annual conferences for both the ESTD (2012) and the ISSTD (2012), and I have been a visiting speaker on the The Bowlby Centre and The Clinic for Dissociative Studies course: Advanced Working with Dissociation in Clinical Practice from an Attachment Perspective

      I am a Consultant Specialist Psychotherapist with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, UK

      I am an Associate Psychotherapist with The Pottergate Centre for Dissociation and Trauma.”

      and herein lies the most important bit

      “For more than 17 years I have worked closely with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies to develop and to provide packages of psychotherapeutic care and treatment for adults, children and young people with dissociative disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder, trauma associated complex needs and intellectual (learning) disability.”

      So Judy Edwards, at the time the programme was made, was working in a professional capacity with Sinason and the Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

      At the same time she was acting as a foster parent for an extremely vulnerable patient of the Clinic and of her colleague the notorious satan hunter Valerie Sinason.

      How can it ever be ethical to take an extremely vulnerable patient with learning disabilities, become her foster mother (boundaries anyone?) and then parade her in front of a national audience on television?

      It is just truly horrific.

      It seems that I am not the only person to have concerns about Judy Williams and it would seem that her former employers had serious concerns about her treatment of a vulnerable patient (Pamela?) but that with the help of lawyers, Williams was able to secure damages against them.

      I have to go out in a moment but I will post more on this later. Given Williams’s tendency to lawyer up we should keep discussion to the facts. It is highly likely that her former employers did / do not have the kind of in depth understanding of Williams’s associates and their involvement in fraud that I do.

      This is going to get interesting

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      • Excellent summary of very valid concerns. Thank you!
        I was somewhat focused on the portrayal of her alleged MPD/DID, and admit to skimming the rest 🙂

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        • I think this information should go on The Real Fresh Start Foundation. It is astonishing, I was shocked when I became aware of the danger and also the credibility given to such therapists…..I’ve been bothered about it ever since….. Thankyou so much for posting this, I will catch up with it all, asap….. people need to know this, anyone in the service regarding child protection or aiding victims/survivors…..and groups that are still under their spell and giving them platform… I hope, unwittingly…. seems so with quite a few looking at the ‘herohoaxers’, with fresh eyes. Also now determined to help expose them.

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  5. These self appointed advocates should always be put under the spotlight. Why wouldn’t they want to be open and have their motives examined when vulnerable adults (or children) are involved?

    I listened today to some interviews with “yes” campaigners in the upcoming Irish abortion referendum. I know Catholics who are dead set against abortion but still agree every woman has a right to decide what happens with her own body. The yes campaigners described some really dirty and vicious campaigns by the “no” crowd (not everyone of course) along with some highly disturbing examples of why many women need access to abortion.

    One disturbing example was a 14 year old girl who had been raped by 3 men and fell pregnant. The poor thing went through absolute mental agony knowing she was not entitled to an abortion after rape and fearful of telling her parents. By the time her pregnancy became obvious she had had no medical treatment. The baby was still born (and would have always been). She was so traumatized by the entire episode she committed suicide at age 19.

    Which brings me to the evil Angela Power Disney, the faux “Christian” who promotes ludicrous MKUltra claptrap and claims of Satanic orgies where teen girls are impregnated in rituals with the babies taken away for some supposed Devil worshiping aspect.
    For Power-Disney who posts ridiculous hyperventilated rubbish (and is most definitely like one of the “no” mob described today) would deny that poor girl and any rape victim an abortion. Any Irish subject can slip across the sea and obtain an abortion. Not the poor though and not a teen rape victim who is condemned to misery by a hypocrite like Angela.

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    • Remember APD thinks the Pope is Satan, so to paraphrase Churchill: “If APD invaded Hell, I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”

      I think you’ll find your anecdotal evidence of Catholics voting “Yes” is not that far off the mark. We Catholics are comfortable with our hypocrisy. 😉

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      • Let’s hope the ‘Yes’ vote will win on the day. It has the thumbs up from my family & I. I am more surprised at some of the younger generation who believe all the claptrap being spouted though, I would have thought they would be more discerning. 😕

        Everyone that knows me know that I say, “let no man tell a woman what to do with her body, they did it long enough”.

        I honestly don’t think Catholicism plays any part in politics in Ireland anymore, except for the extremists, Iona Institute for instance, a rabid crew who spit fire & brimstone & that is just the lay people. 😂

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    • Not my thing to get too deep on stuff, I’m here to wind up the wrong ‘uns in a humourous manner but I’m 100% pro choice and that story is horrific 😦

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    • Angela Disney is spouting off on the back of a Sinn Fein TD who will most likely be expelled from the party for not toeing the line a 2nd time. He is useless at any rate. I did not like his interview on TV one night as his argument had more holes than Swiss cheese & if misinformation was a Doctorate, he would be a Faculty Dean at Trinity College for spreading. 😂


  6. I’m surprised the Page is still here, what with the Fat Cat declaring it’d be taken down.
    She is not a happy bunny following a strike on her Youtube for harassment and is blaming me.
    She’s also obsessed with me being from Yorkshire and eating Black Pudding.
    Everyone knows I live on river caught Jellied Eels and whatever I find in the bins behind Tescos.

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  7. As for the musician chap and his grossly offensive attempts to produce music being associated with an organisation dedicated to assisting victims ?
    They did well to drop him, he’s an embarrassment to himself and almost the living embodiment of what the hardliner SRA fundamentalists hate. Why and how he was involved is a mystery.

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    • “Going after youtube”. Yeh good luck there. Read the conditions you agreed to when you become a member you plonkers.

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    • Going after YouTube ???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!
      If they report the whole of YouTube and it gets taken down we’ll be finished.
      Plus with the guaranteed compensation payments of £10000 Million each they’ll be able to properly fund their truth campaign, everlasting gobstoppers and cancer curing plastic pyramids.
      We’re finished.

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    • I might be being unfair here, but I don’t think Debs understands how quantum theory works!

      She might also be upset to learn that it was a Catholic priest who came up with the Big Bang Theory and the first observation based calculation of the Hubble Constant which is central to the calculation of the age of the universe!

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      • “I might be being unfair here, but I don’t think Debs understands how quantum theory works!”

        How very dare you 😮

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    • I’m not sure I quite get what Moo’s on about except maybe she is blaming modern doctors for the witch trials at Salem, she’s forgiven her mum for tossing her across the room, shes comparing herself with a recently murdered MP and thinks MI5 run the world and need to wake up and get with the program. Is she saying the world is flat? Seems obsessed with Fukushima (always on about it) and..CERN confirmed hippydom?. Weird or what?.

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    • I wonder if that head injury at an early age caused frontal lobe damage ? She has a certain inability to control her rages and often lapses into complete BS and flights of fancy. All fitting into know behavioural patterns of the brain damaged.

      It’s this very mercurial and heat of the moment stream of consciousness approach that makes her easily the brightest star and most entertaining of the Hampstead Loonies. No other idiot can touch her. Least of all the flabby dullard Katy Sylvester who is basically Eric Cartman in menopausal fat hag form


      • That’s an interesting observation about possible brain damage. Not something I’d thought of, but certainly possible. I wonder if Debs has ever had it investigated?


    • It’s amazing how Cat thinks everybody is somebody else. I am sure we all have at least 2-3 different identities according to the fruitloops.

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      • Oh it gets better, mate. She went on to state that Jimmy and Sheva are the same person (see below) 😂

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          • At least this latest lot of complete bleeding fruitloopers, have for the moment, only deem me responsible for partly publishing this site [somewhat flattering] and of course, being the obviously female Sheva Burton.

            Step back a few years and, according to the completely insane Christopher Spivey (and based on a 13-year-old-photograph of myself), I am currently serving two whole life sentences in an American Penitentiary – and during the height of the #paedobritain insanity, back in 2012/13 (which I spoke out against due to the inevitable outcome), the loopers claimed that I was in fact, the 6′ 11″ Howard Hughes, who is currently serving a double life sentence for the murder of 8-year-old Sophie Hook in North Wales.

            Their ‘evidence’ for that claim, as I remember it, was that my footprints were (allegedly) found in a Rhubarb patch in Llandudno, near to where the poor child was last seen alive!

            The result of which (according to the internet) was of course my arrest and subsequent conviction.


            Anyway, I have had almost every type of accusation leveled at me ever since I started supporting genuine survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and highlighting the charlatans, ghouls and complete crackpots who congregate in small groups of circle jerkers and abusers.

            It’s a case of ‘Same Horse, Different Jockey’, although the basic intent is the same this time, to try and intimidate, warn off or frighten, and/or to discredit anyone who is shining a light of the activities of paedophiles and abusers.

            Total and utter crackpottery.


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    • Earth to The Weasel: no “the mother” did not report the abuse and if you are this ignorant of the facts (everyone on either side knows how the police came involved & it wasn’t via Ella Draper) then there’s no hope for you. No wonder you keep getting into strife with the law.

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      • The Weasely also doesn’t understand that IICSA is examining failures in institutions to deal with historic abuse, not current abuse. That’s a matter for police who have already investigated Hoaxtead and found it to be a falsehood created by Draper & Christie. IICSA can only legally act within it’s framework of reference.
        How can these people be so ignorant?


    • To clarify…

      – The comments that Cat is applauding are, as you can see, a threat to rape Jimmy’s wife:

      – “Lovely guy” Fabooka also posted an alleged pic of Jimmy’s house, in serious breach of data protection and malicious communications laws, presumably to intimidate and endanger Jimmy and his family:

      – Fabooka has also repeatedly made death threats to EC and others here. This is the aforementioned “huge” file on him:

      – Don’t tell Cat but we have an even bigger file on her, hehe (she’s currently leading by 169 to 149):

      – Fabooka the “lovely guy” is: “A middle-aged weirdo who still lives with his elderly mum in Wigan. When he was arrested after his previous rape threats, crossbows, machetes and various knives were seized along with his devices. One weird, freaky and dangerously obsessive little man. A perfect match for Cat Scot.”

      – Jimmy is not Sheva Burton. Even Cat’s arselicker-in-chief Malcolm must be chuckling at that one!

      – Sheva doesn’t run the blog, as we established when Heather (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy Jones) made the same claims over a year ago. Keep up, Catriona. Bless


      • A pertinent question about the above from one of Cat’s friends, whom she’ll presumably now block:

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    • Erm…that one is not exactly helping convince the world that she’s a model citizen. Hint to Cat: good people don’t have friends who make rape and death threats. Nor do they encourage such people by sharing their tripe. You are essentially making our point for us.

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    • Does anyone have details on Mad Deb and her mental health history ? Has she ever been treated for mental health ? Been sectioned ? Had kids put in care ? Been married ? Divorced ? I’m trying to build a picture of the nutter.


      • She’s been married and divorced and has an adult son, but we try to avoid getting into these people’s personal lives too deeply–what we know, we mostly keep to ourselves, as we don’t want to become just as bad as what we’re fighting.

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    • I’ll just point out that posting the videos of the children could very well be a criminal offence. There’s been some confusion about what happens with cases in England reported on in Scotland, but I think that’s by the by really.

      No campaigner should ever, ever, ever out a person who has reported a sexual offence to the police, social services or a doctor, particularly a child. Unless they have the person’s consent. With young children I don’t think they would be old enough to consent. Parents can’t dispense with children’s consent. It is a no-no for any person who even one quarter pretends to be concerned about victims of sexual offences. Triple double no-no for people who claim to support or represent children.

      There isn’t a list of exceptions, people just don’t do it. It shows really the low standing that Fresh Start Foundation has that they would 1) do that 2) not care 3) suffer no professional consequences. Reason, no one really can take them seriously, surely.

      I could out “Nick” right now. Could have done many months ago. It’s a semi open secret anyway. I haven’t because it is wrong, illegal and I don’t think I should be the final arbiter of who deserves the protection the law offers, and who doesn’t.

      I do want to know what happens if the Queen of the Illuminati meets the female leader of the New World Order, do they both disappear in a puff of bullshit? Can you have more than one Napoleon in the room without them having a mental break and attacking each other for being frauds?

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      • Why the council/court/family haven’t taken action to alert YouTube and the rest is beyond me.
        Those interviews are a loony magnet and are, beyond any other single item, the main cause of the farce still being propagated 4 years later when all sensible people have put the matter behind them.

        I’d be curious to know how many of the people involved are seeking donations to fund their crusade against Satanic Hampstead

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    • She’s crap. I’ve decided the biggest knobhead of the lot is the Free Energy Scam Queen and I’m making her my number one priority. Cat’s a big zero even amongst the degenerates and low lifes that make up the HSRAH clan. Best way to deal with her is a big coordinated visit and then suddenly ignore her for weeks at a time, Cat thrives on even the merest single comment or thumbs down, When she can’t get attention it annoys her.

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  8. I’ve just had a breakthrough. I can understand why Hopegirl is part of the SRA scam, and why they’re all involved in so much of.

    Christians are suckers. They’re prone to handing over their money to scam artists and evangelists.
    Hopegirl is using religion to sell her dumb scam.

    She claims the devil helped hide electricity from man and God is communicating the final updates to their crackpot free energy box and with just another $5000 it will be fully working.

    They’re all chasing money, and anyone who stands in their way . . . .
    is the Devil !

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    • I get the vibe she is aiming more at the new-agers
      I have to admit, if you have no morals, the free energy scam is pretty sweet income for next to no actual work, the Lutec ran the ‘its just months away from being available’ from 1999 until its owners death, then taken over by another scammer from 2009 to 2014, currently it seems to be drifting around owner-less (hmmmm… nah I got morals damn it), and Brilliant Light has been going even longer, raking in an estimated $1.5 million plus for its creator over its approximately 30 years lifespan

      Makes hopeless girl look pretty bad doesn’t it, she cant even run a scam properly LOL

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