On accepting allegations at face value

One problem we all face when presented with information online is very basic: how do do we distinguish fact from fiction? The question becomes especially difficult when the information validates our own biases.

For example, over the past week we have heard a number of disturbing things about Wesley Hall.

…and so on. You get the idea.

We were shocked by these allegations, and did not publish them until we’d seen sufficient evidence and documentation to back them up.

Yesterday we heard of another strange allegation concerning Wesley: somebody is accusing him of being an agent provocateur, of stirring up trouble at otherwise peaceful protest rallies, only to turn around and sell the resulting footage to business interests.

The text on the video states,

Wesley Hall is a known Agent Provocateur that takes money from big business for causing trouble at otherwise peaceful demonstrations to discredit the protesters. He gets footage of people acting aggressively and sells it.

We’ve watched this video clip several times, and find it hard to give credit to these allegations, unless we are missing something very obvious.

Yes, Wesley is carrying camera equipment, and he does seem to be filming at different points during the video.Wesley Hall 2018-09-20 camera

Yes, he alone is wearing a mask, and seems annoyed at being identified by the person who calls him out. However, when the video starts, he has the mask pushed back to expose his face, and does not seem overly concerned about being identified.

At one point he is standing at the front facing the group, and he makes hand gestures which seem to indicate he wants people to push forward. Wesley Hall 2018-09-20 come forward

However, we don’t see that anybody in the crowd becomes especially antagonistic or violent as a result of Wesley’s prompting. If anybody can provide us with further evidence, pro or con, we’d be grateful, but until then, we’re concluding that this one is unproven.

This illustrates a challenge, we feel: tempting as it might be to accept an allegation against someone whose behaviour we know to have been reprehensible in the past, it’s not right to accept such things at face value, without corroborating evidence.

Let’s leave that to the other side, shall we?truth-2069846_960_720

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  1. Who starts an allegation by stating someone is ‘known’ as exactly what they’re alleging ? and as for wesley being successful and paid to work for big business ? come on.

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      • It falls apart without proof he’s being paid and is just someone’s interpretation and suspicions. it gets thrown out of my kangaroo court because wesley couldn’t organise drunken festivities on a fermentation premisis let alone orchestrate a violent protest without a lot of help. not guilty unless someone has a lot more evidence.

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  2. He can’t be getting much money from ”big business’ because he always seems to be broke so yeah, I wouldn’t give it much credence.

    On the other hand, he could he could be selling footage to newspapers & tv stations but so do lots of others. The jury is out on this one.

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  3. I’ve just been looking at the figures of the @holliegriegjust twitter account. it follows 3700 accounts and has 2600 followers. this is typical of someone following in return for follows. but they’re pretty much bogus figures. there’s minimal interaction with practically zero likes and retweets. it’s a nothing account really. i’ve had a couple off twitter accounts reach over 2k followers by following back as many.

    it’d be interesting to start keeping account of their various accounts and the statistics. cat scot seems to get some terribly low figures for all her efforts. some ‘expert’

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    • I think those followers are from the days when George Geek Fucker ran it, before Ogilfail took it over. No one actually reads his crap, apart from us for a laugh. He never gets any likes or comments on either his blog or his Facebook page.

      Re. Twitter, he often boasts about getting hundreds of thousands of tweet impressions and seems to think that this is how many people are reading/sharing his tweets, when in fact – correct me if I’m wrong – it’s just an estimate of potential recipients, isn’t it?

      He also claims to have millions of blog hits (despite none of them ever commenting on there, lol). A while back I challenged him to post a counter or screenshots to prove it but he refused (surprise surprise).

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    • Ogilfail claims that Cat gets 500 blog hits a day. Quite a feat when it’s set to private so no one can actually see it 🤣

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      • I don’t think that he gets that sitting there clicking “refresh…refresh…refresh” on one’s own blog doesn’t count as a “blog hit”.


  4. In other news Beyonce is accused of “extreme witchcraft” by her former drummer.

    Beyoncé‘s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson, requested a restraining order against her because she claimed the singer practices “extreme witchcraft,” The Blast reported. According to the lawsuit, Beyoncé has allegedly been using her magic to run surveillance and control Thompson’s finances.

    Thompson also claimed that the “Lemonade” singer started a campaign of harassment against her, which includes “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.” She also alleged Bey murdered her kitten.

    A judge denied Thompson’s request for a restraining order.


    Seems to me that the delusions of some mentally unwell people follow a consistent narrative.

    Witchcraft / satanism / kindoki accusations, murder of babies or, in this case, a kitten, sexual molestation and the use of sinister forces to manipulate elements of victims’ lives.

    Unsurprising that the judge denied the request for a restraining order.

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    • She can practise witchcraft all she likes (hey, if it’s good enough for Malky and all that) but I do wish she’d stop supporting the fur trade, which seems a far more pressing issue.

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    • The creepy aangirfan examples the looniness but nastiness of these “satanic child sex” obsessives as he /she prints any claim made no matter how many times it’s debunked. Currently promoting the ridiculous egotist Anneke Lukas who I’m pleased to see has been booted off Wikipedia as a self-promoting nutbag.

      I just loved this article on her website where she pompously talks about her impending Hollywood movie career which she graciously forsook, probably to let struggling actresses like Meryl Streep get a look-in.
      She was at a party: “as I was introduced, the man stared. Feeling objectified, I refused to answer, and stared back at him”
      Hilarious as she then goes on to frigging well “objectify” herself as she rambles on about how “Everyone agreed I completely looked like a Godard actress.”
      FFS the tickets these nutters have on themselves.
      # I was flicking back & forth between her website and a Youtube video of Sir Les Patterson. & kept getting mixed up but he seems quite normal compared to these nutcases.


  5. More anti semitism from people interacting with CalamiTcat.

    If someone interacted with me like that I’d be straight for the block button. I wouldn’t even want people to see that in my feed. The absolute state of that account. 😦 It isn’t a one off. Cat has quality mates alright and she doesn’t even care.

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  6. I don’t think Wesley was hiding. At one point he has the mask up talking to someone else.

    I think he’s gesturing to someone to record what they say.

    Agent provocateur gets bandied round a lot in truther circles. I don’t think Wesley is. He’s very straightforwardly out for himself and to piggy back on causes.

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  7. Can I just say that this post highlights one of the many things I admire about this site. Pointing out injustices, even when they’re perpetrated by people who are against you and probably wouldn’t afford you the same courtesy is highly commendable. It reminds me of when you rightly objected to the false allegations of CSA being pushed by Angela against Ella Draper. Fair play to you all and kudos to EC and team 🥇

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  8. My posts are in the spam folder. I am sorry about the content. I feel a light needs shining on this once and for all.

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  9. Just to keep this in perspective. Catriona Selvester is a director of a non profit organisation that claims to be helping victims of child abuse. She claims to be an expert. She claims to be a researcher. Her research seems to be mainly in the sewer of the internet.

    I mean, some of the people who go to Fresh Start Foundation might even be Jewish, or black. If they are not, I like to think that as most people are decent I hope, they’d be disgusted by this.

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  10. Remember when people claimed michelle obama had joan rivers assassinated over her joke that michelle was a transexual ? people will believe anything no matter how far fetched. Likewise the whole pizzagate and qanon gags finding credability galore yet trump’s actual friendship with epstein being dismissed. these people don’t want facts, they want scandal and blasphemy. they want a stick dipped in shit to beat the opposition with. it’s an ugly affair.

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      • It is quite shocking actually. I haven’t gone over her twitter feed before and I am surprised at how blatantly bigoted she is.

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        • I’ve visited 3 of the sites in poland. majdaneck, auschwitz and birkenau. So i’m well versed in the horrific reality of antisemitism. it isn’t cat’s comments and sentiments that offend me as much as her ignorance and sense of entitlement to spread her filthy views in public. she’s a disgusting, bitter, mentally subnormal degenerate who needs to answer for her behaviour. And the cowering jelly arsed sack of sagging cellulite blocked me on twitter. soft little snowflake.

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          • Aaaaaaaaand

            her followers lap it up. Being called out on it is trolling, according to Catriona Selvester.

            She has her safe space with people who accept that sort of stuff. She says it, and has an audience who ignore it or agree with her.

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        • Her followers lap it up ? even her own cousin doesn’t watch her videos. it’s just us lot screenshotting and logging her behaviour that means she gets even a dozen views at most. she attracts attention like a steaming big dog poo in the street, people see her and avoid stepping on her. for all the time and effort she dedicates to her miserably ineptly made videos and insane rants she gets no return except being ridiculed here and ensuring the false start foundation has it’s meetings and events called off. she’s their biggest liability and prevents any chance of them being taken seriously. we should be grateful for her swaggering inequitude. imagine if fulla shit foundation had a charismatic and competant member spreading their message ?

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      • I feel quite sad knowing people, survivors, might go to Fresh Start Organisation for help in a supportive environment, to learn good things.

        I’m saying no chance of that.

        Fucking shameful is what it is.

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        • I agree Tracey. It is shameful and very frightening.
          The really scary thing is that the situation with FSF, Janine Rennie et al is that it it just one tiny example of something that is happening all over the UK and the world.
          State funding streams are being diverted from the public services for which they were intended and squandered instead on new age grifters with batshit insane ideas about energy therapy and recovering repressed memories via massage and / or hypnosis. Kids Company is the best known example but there are plenty of others, FSF being just one.
          The fake news, astroturfing and social engineering that is so prevalent today was constructed on a rotten foundation of this bullshit.


  11. Ah, a woman scorned. Angela’s hate spree continues…

    “Who is Tracey Morris Parts 2 & 3

    Those who know me will know that exposing apparent peers is my LEAST favourite thing to do. This and the previous TRACEY MORRIS deep dive blog are long and wearisome, but CRUCIAL for anybody caught up in a web involving this and other apparently GOOD people in the fight to expose evil and create a safe world for children. Tracey made it her business to take me down and discredit me and has in some ways been more destructive to my work than the orchestrated government blog crowd have. I have had to buck the trend in my nature to simply walk away from injustice with malice aforethought and this and the previous blog are in many ways long overdue.

    This is Part 2 which focusses a lot on the tragic BABYH case of a year ago, and what I believe was deliberate sabotage on Tracey’s part…

    In Part 3 I draw links between TRACEY MORRIS, MILES JOHNSTON (see Part 1 blog on Morris and the interview she recently did with THE BASES)and JON WEDGER who in a recent facebook livestream referred to Tracey as THE BELFAST BILL MALONEY (perhaps never a truer word spoken, though for different reasons)

    Miles is being investigated by police according to MARIE KAYALE and others who have found more than 400 pornography sites associated with his IP address, including some of pre teen porn and snuff movies. Miles maintains there was an error associating his IP with a similar sounding one, but the IP address in question has his name in many of the sites so this theory of his seems a stretch to say the least.

    Jon Wedger an alleged police whistle blower has been extensively exposed by BRIAN HARVEY with detailed evidence against both him and his compatriot BILL MALONEY. Check Brian’s youtube channel. Wedger referred to myself as looking like a witch (My Mother taught me personal remarks are rude but there…) and he refused to engage with Brian Harvey who had serious questions and concerns regarding Wedger’s so say campaigning for survivors, of which I am one! Wedger has said he will not name corrupt police as he has a “gentleman’s agreement” with them not to do so. He also worked alongside BILL MALONEY for years despite only resigning from Scotland Yard in 2017!!
    There are MANY unanswered questions, and disappearing does not really resolve the issues & concerns including legal ones.

    A long time campaigner and survivor recently told me BILL MALONEY extorted 28,000 pounds sterling from survivors whose stories he filmed, including one disabled couple who took a 10,000 pound loan out to pay Bill to document their story. For an alleged award winning film maker who had worked with budgets exceeding a million dollars, Bill’s documentaries were little better than many do with an I PHONE and editing suite, and he still doesn’t seem to know his way around a video camera. I was in the past hugely impacted by the films nonetheless and shed many tears, until I got the behind the scenes story from evidence recorded by BRIAN HARVEY and watched a previou hero topple to the ground spectacularly. Bill similarly seems to have gone in to hiding rather than face the music and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Thus to see these people promoting perhaps the next generation of CHARLATANS as in my opinion TRACEY MORRIS, puts red flags up and confirms that I should have done this expose LONG AGO despite my reluctance

    This is the third and final deep dive. ANDY PEACHER had previously threatened to release all correspondence regarding MORRIS, reporting that he had several parents fighting for their children tell him TRACEY MORRIS had sabotaged their cases. Ironically, on that occasion, I was still believing Tracey’s self promoting propaganda, and dissuaded Andy from his planned EXPOSE. I apologise Andy, and if you or any others with information care to add to this, please contact me by facebook messenger, or e mail.




    • “Those who know me will know that exposing apparent peers is my LEAST favourite thing to do.”

      And in the third video she says she “rarely badmouths people” 😂🤣😂

      You really couldn’t make her up, could you?

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    • Just having a skim through these. I had to laugh in part 2 where she says that Neelu had reservations about Tracey. I was thinking yeah, and I bet she told you that in confidence, Angela

      In the third one she talks about Hampstead and RD (and names the children) and also Tracey’s relationship with Belinda, including info’ on why Belinda got arrested, which she says was for sending something to Justice Pauffley. According to Angie, Belinda served Pauffley with some document and it was seen as harassment. I don’t think we knew at the time what she’d been arrested for, did we?

      And at 25:29 in the third one the lying mare says that right after Corina’s death Hoaxtead gave out the phone number of Tracey’s social worker and called on people to call to report Tracey as an unfit mother!!! Grrr

      On a side note, Angie reveals in the second one that Heather has “about 20 socks”. LOL


    • 54:20 (in the third one): “I said, ‘When you and I get some time, I want you to help me go through a lot of the trolling articles on Hoaxtead. I’m not very good at expressing righteous anger. Kevin Weaver leaked some information to them. They tell lies, saying my PC was hacked and a disturbing video was found on it. They make accusations of what that they themselves are guilty of.’ ”

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      • She still has no idea on how IP addresses work does she lol
        ” I’m not very good at expressing righteous anger”
        That’s because there is nothing ‘righteous’ about anything you do angie- it’s about as far away from righteous as you can get!

        What gets me is that she apparently has learned NOTHING since having her gear taken, in fact she seems to have doubled down- and I seriously doubt that the police are ignoring her either- every post she makes will still be noted by them, and added to the huge pile of evidence against her…

        She seems to be talking herself into a very bad situation legally speaking- and simply doesn’t seem to care!

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  12. I was totally shocked at the first video Angela put up, to think that they were stalking a grieving family who had probably been through the mill already is horrifying, what kind of poison do they have in their minds!

    The second one is equally repugnant, I hope the mother of the little baby at the centre of it watches it & sees how they were talking about her husband. R.I.P.

    I have no doubt that Angela’s daughter did do a lot to help, I’m sure she would rather not have been dragged into it all though.

    Heather Brown will be the next one Angela spills the beans on, more ugly secrets, it has to happen at some stage. Angela just does not know the meaning of ‘confidential’ or ‘friends’.

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