Fresh Start Foundation buries the evidence

Following our recent post taking Fresh Start Foundation’s Chief Executive Janine Rennie to task for permitting her henchwoman Catriona Selvester free rein online, something extraordinary happened. One by one, Cat’s various social media pages, including her blog, went dark.

At the same time, on the main FSF website, the organisation’s list of directors, which once contained such troofer stalwarts as Cat Scot and Penny Pullen, was whittled down to one: David Scott, windbag-in-chief on the Scottish beat for Brian Gerrish’s UK Column.

Perhaps not the victory it seems

At first blush, this seemed like a victory for the side of truth and justice. Any time troofers decide to stop polluting the internet with their particular brand of crazy, it’s tempting to heave a sigh of relief.

And it does look as though Janine Rennie heard this blog’s point that having an abusive, bullying, anti-Semitic conspiraloon representing the FSF was really not a good look.

However, does this really mean a change of heart for Janine, or the FSF overall?

Hardly. The sudden silencing of the worst of the FSF’s trolls doesn’t mean that Janine has suddenly decided to act in a manner befitting the Chief Executive of an organisation which claims to be dedicated to assisting survivors of child sexual abuse.

It only means that she has decided to kick the evidence under the carpet.

Know thine enemy

Let’s put it this way: if you were looking for help for yourself, or a friend or loved one who’d been sexually abused, and you came across the FSF as it existed prior to yesterday, a cursory glance through some of the profiles of the directors might give you cause to pause.

Now, however, it’s much more difficult—though certainly not impossible—for the casual, non-conspiraloon-literate person to determine whether the Fresh Start Foundation is really a good place to look for support.

A quick look at the FSF page on Companies House shows that despite only David Scott showing as a director on their website, their full complement of officers stands just as it did before the purge:

  • Stuart Ian Dinning
  • Christine Margaret Gow
  • Neil James McKechnie
  • Penny Pullen
  • Janine Danielle Rennie
  • David Scott
  • Catriona Selvester

A scan of each of their social media sites does reveal certain clues, but to a normal person, an interest in “common law”, for example, might not raise red flags. We can correctly read that as a belief in Freeman on the land woo, but the average person might not get that connection.

In other words, we think that the disappearance of some of the more abusive material emanating from FSF members means that this is really the time to bear down on the “red flags” project which we discussed a week or so ago.

It’s become even more important to arm people with information to help them navigate groups such as FSF, who seem inclined to bury evidence rather than make any positive structural changes to help those whom they claim to serve. If they won’t clean up their act, we must ensure that their would-be victims know it.

sign slippery wet caution

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131 thoughts on “Fresh Start Foundation buries the evidence

  1. I swear these posts get better ever day. I’m loving the title of this one too. Spot-on, EC.

    By the way, I notice some names are notable by their absence on that Companies House list. This is from January, though I don’t know where it’s from, and it includes Alex Smith and Andy Peacher (and for some reason Janine’s on there twice):

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  2. Spot on!

    This is probably just damage limitation.

    Companies House can take it’s time updating directors though. To be fair give it another week.

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  3. I had to have a bit of a laugh about your “Fresh Start Foundation buries the evidence” title as I busted my sisters cat in the bathtub yesterday, a horrible scratching noise coming from the bathroom, it was her cat, which for reasons best known to itself had decided to take a big dump in the bathtub (ewww) and was frantically scratching at the tub, trying to ‘bury it’ and hide the evidence….
    Works in the kitty litter, so I think it was thinking it would work in the tub…


    LOL now I cant stop thinking of the FSF mob are ‘thinking’ along the same lines as my sisters cat…


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  4. These people are extremely dangerous to vulnerable adults and children, and should have no access to victims of any sort of abuse.

    Promoting such ideas as they do here is completely unacceptable and does not help victims of abuse find justice, therapy/healing nor does it help fight child abuse or genuine campaign issues. While children are suffering everyday through sexual abuse and neglect these creeps are fantasising about snuff movies and baby eating satanists.

    Talk about looking for patterns in the wallpaper when the house is on fire and crashing down around you.

    Another reason why these hoax promoters are liars and frauds, is that any person who has experienced sexual abuse as an adult or child, has had a family member or friend go through such an ordeal, or worked with abuse victims, could spot that the 2 children in the videos were not disclosing traumatic stories of abuse like real victims do, until they came clean about the real abusers (Abe and Ella).

    No child or adult remains emotionless throughout, and NO, children or adults do not get used to frequent violent sexual abuse occurring on such a scale, only a child abuser would use that excuse to justify their actions.

    DM mentions her own abuse at a young age, yet supports child torturer Abraham who busted a child’s ear, drugged, beat, introduced violent sexual abuse stories, and submitted the children to much psychological trauma for over a month in an isolated area of a foreign country notorious for being a Paedophile haven and lacking in child protection laws.

    As long as they hear what they want to hear, and get to use these children as poster kids for their own disenfranchised and demented agendas, they really do not care.

    No sane victim of abuse ever believed the Hampstead case was genuine, and they all out themselves as frauds by promoting it, the same way they do by pushing Super soldier, MK Ultra, Pizzagate, Max Spiers, Cashbolt, MPD/DID, SRA, Illuminati, QAnon, Reptilian, Icke, Crypto, Freemason, NWO, Zionist Joos, Cathy O’Brien, Becki Percy bullshit.

    The only people promoting this rubbish are perverts who use the likes of pizzagate as an excuse to search, and obsess over child abuse under the guise of ‘research’, those with serious and delusional mental illnesses, child abusers and those that aim to muddle the waters and confuse the general public in order to protect their child abusing friends.

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  5. A very good notion: we must promote the genuine organisations who have proven track records as advocates for victims of child abuse and who produce positive results.

    Google Rennie’s name and you come up with incidents where she has attacked others in the same field. While I have no specific knowledge and newspaper reports are not necessarily accurate, in one case her claims about a civil servant were investigated and found to have no basis.

    IICSA has refused to accommodate most fanatics and fantasists (we know one). Although they seem to have given one alleged fantasist special status it’s backfired badly on all involved. Without naming names, that woman who falsely accused a well known ex-MP has brought down the status of her established supporter who foolishly backed her madness. I hear he is preparing to step aside and “retire” in order to save the reputation of the organisation he started.

    FSF are like leeches who use the emotional subject of child abuse to cause dissension. As previously mentioned David Scott used one video to name a child who it’s said was abused. Not only illegal and completely unnecessary but a shocking attack upon that child’s right to privacy. Just as Draper and Christie and supporters released videos of children talking about sex that may follow them for years unless social media giants are forced to respect privacy.

    There has never been another single complaint from any parent or child in the Hampstead area about this ridiculous baby-eating cult. Nutcases like Neel Berry / Ved Chaudhari get away with outrageous and flippant claims they saw dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into a Hampstead church. Not one single of these idiots bothers to follow up this claim.
    Did she immediately report it to police?. No. She simply goes home to make a Youtube video and toss it into the mix and help promote the fantasies.

    Not good enough though to expose these creeps as they make stupid claims of GCHQ etc interference, but counteract their mendacity with names of genuine organizations that victims seeking help can turn to,

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    • Angela Power sees *$€£*. What character assination did she suffer, she did that all by herself. 😂

      A call out to Europe to see if she will get $18K. Yeah FB are going to give that to 50 million users whose info Cambridge Analytical used, my hand is out then so!

      I must do a live declaring that I am a victim like Angela Power, hands up, who will join in a class action with her! 😂

      Slow down with the hands up now, hurry up & take your time. 😂😂😂

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  6. How ironic is it that McGoofy has a skull in his fish tank?

    NB: that’s one more than was ever found in Christ Church.
    I demand an immediate police investigation!

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    • Then we have a death threat to abuse survivor Sheva, rounded off with some blatant slander. Just the sort of thing a self-proclaimed child protection advocate, Christian and FSF-supporter should be doing, right?

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      • It really pisses me off the way these idiots try to bully Sheva all the time. Big man taking on a woman and online at that. Malcolm is just a coward.

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    • I see Drongo Drongsoson has his ‘facts’ as accurate as usual
      There was no ‘wave of sexual immorality, in fact the exact opposite was happening, birth rates were declining up until the Nazi party introduced its policies. To quote Wikipedia…

      “The German birth rate, like that in most industrial nations, had been falling for decades. When Hitler and the Nazi Party took power in 1933 they implemented several revolutionary policies in order to change the sexual practices of the German people and reverse this slide in birth rates. At the same time that it forbade the mixing of Jewish and German through the Nuremberg Laws, the Nazi government tried a number of policies designed to increase new births. One action was to change the marriage laws via the 1938 divorce-reform law by the Minister of Justice, Franz Gürtner.[2] Within two years 30,000 divorces were filed, 80% of which were husbands casting off women over 45 years old.[3] While the divorce law increased new marriages and children from these marriages, the Nazis looked to illegitimate births in Germany as a way to increase Germany’s birthrate.[3]

      In the 1920s there were about 150,000 illegitimate births in Germany, before halving during the depression and bouncing up to 100,000 in 1935.[3] The Nazis wanted to increase the illegitimate births by encouraging out of wedlock births, especially those of Aryan heritage. Part official policy, part propaganda, the Nazi policy manifested itself in the Lebensborn program. The Lebensborn program provided a place where pregnant mothers could have their babies out of wedlock in secret.[4]”

      (from )

      So rather than Alan’s view of history, it seems that the exact opposite is the reality!
      (why am I not surprised by that?)

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    • ‘Tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to “engulf” the country.’
      The population in Germany has ridden steadily since 1900 although during the war yeas it decreased rapidly by approx 3.5 million lost souls because of the Nazi menace as adored by fascist lovers like Alanson.

      German’s sexual habits obviously haven’t changed much over the decades (although romance must have been difficult during WW2 when half the population had rotting teeth because Jewish dentists had been sent to the camps).
      As always many of these fanatical promoters of Rothschild cult fantasists are blatant homophobes. In this case this plonker thinks a lively gay scene in Berlin with some great drag bars and so on is “immoral”. He should be locked in a room and made watch Cabaret on an endless loop or this !.

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  7. Following the deleting frenzy by Cat and Hoaxgirl, Matt Taylor (who you’ll recall set his blog to private last week) appears to have deleted his YT channel!

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  8. Speaking of hopeless girl, I discovered they were going to build one here in Oz…
    YAY, I might be able to see one in person!!!
    BOO HISS Australians aren’t apparently real gullible when it comes to free energy (Lutec made less than a thousand a year during the entire time he was running that scam before his death- 10 years of ‘work’ and not even enough to buy a decent secondhand car!!! less than he would have gotten on the dole…)
    Nice looking website Mr Hamer, got a go fund me holiday in Morocco button and all…
    Wandered over to their gofundme and have a gander at their results to date..
    oh dear…
    $80 of $28,900 goal
    Raised by 2 people in 47 months

    Not even enough to buy two slabs of beer

    Hey they got another one- surely that one was a blazing success!
    Backers: 5
    Average Pledge Per Backer: $4 AUD

    Funded: $20 AUD of $28,900 AUD
    Dates: Oct 27th -> Dec 26th (61 days)
    Project By: xavier Hamer

    Well they did get 3 more suckers, sorry funders than before
    but raised a huge $20


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    • Xavier Hamer, I wonder if this is another of hopegirls fake names? ……It’s good to see that they got no where in Oz, I don’t think it got very far, here UK…hence the switch to Shungite, Origonite, bullshite…..
      The evidence of Naima Dawn Feagin aka HopeGirl, QEG Scammer and her connection to the hoaxers is nicely public, now. Thanks to Catriona Selvest aka Cat Scot and others crowing about my YouTube going down or joining in with the smearing, as The Real Fresh Start Foundation took off, they have stepped up their messages, videos etc, then withdrawn…… ? Janine Rennie and others involved in FSF are anabling these vile online bullying gangs and opening survivors up to such abuse…….. Blaming and also smearing any that expose that ?! Which demonstrates clearly that neither children now nor survivors of child abuse are her priority….she seems to not care and be going into protective mode….

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  9. Sean Maguire’s interview with John Praterson:

    “I’m a fairly happy-go-lucky guy.” 😂 😂 😂

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      • He might have read the messages from a few weeks back when we were wondering why GCHQ hadn’t sent us our cheques. It’s a stretch equating a reasonable request of payment for services rendered to begging. Luckily I’ve had my Illluminati Inc dividends and Bank of Satan interest to tide me over. 🤑

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        • I still haven’t been paid, Sage. EC keeps saying the cheque’s in the post blah blah yadda yadda but frankly I think he’s just stalling. he did send me a Spinybond™ to tide me over, though, to be fair:

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          • Well, I find it rather offensive that owls have been omitted from that list at the bottom. I never had Spiny down as a specist, I must say. This is an affront to the owl community and I apologise unreservedly to you, Sage, and can assure you that your contributions are as valid as everyone else’s.

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        • It’s true, OSG. And haven’t I been pushing for us to unionise for the past three years now? This is how the elites oppress us: force us to rely on our savings while they hold our cheques and under-pay us…

          If you want me, I’m down in the front lobby teaching the HR choir to sing the Internationale.

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  10. My Twitter account is re-activated and a new blog is being developed to challenge Fresh Start Foundation. These guys are actively attacking minority religions such as mine, as an incorporated company with officers involved in charitable organisations in Scotland. I cannot allow anyone of minority religions to be hurt by Fresh Start Foundation and its officers, so they are going to get a hammering.

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  11. Hollie and Sheva personal information is all over the content being produced by Fresh Start Foundation without their consent, and latest checks indicate they might still have failed to register with ICO. I will act on this with referrals in June, since I think it is reasonable to allow some more time beyond 25 May deadline for them to comply. This will also be an element to use against Fresh Start Foundation that they are failing to comply with GDPR by telling every Scottish council about them.

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      • They all seem to be obsessed with it. It’s very odd, really. In my day-to-day life I can go for months—years, even—without any of my friends or acquaintances so much as mentioning anal sex. Half a minute with the average troofer, and that’s all they want to discuss.

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      • Who is this Bahomet that aehabitat speaks of? The Pope told me I need to be worshiping Baphomet. Have I been praying to the wrong Sabbatic goat all these years?

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      • “oh and BTW i was in the church VERY recently having a snoop..waiting..finding the doors that the girl talks about..”

        Disturbing another conspiriterd has gone there (Aehabitat, could I suggest looking up the name “Rupert Quaintance”???)

        The doors that clearly exist and lead to IIRC lead to a lunch room?
        WOW, we haz a supa slooth here guys and galls!!!

        El Coyote
        24/05/2018 at 9:18 pm

        If this person really was in the church, the police should be notified.

        Seconded, if he was really there, which I doubt…
        I suspect aehabitat hasnt seen sunlight in a very long time….

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    • I had to laugh at the comment “some call me habitat, others white rabbit, and my secret group a ‘stone mite’ if you had any idea who your dealin with”

      Oooh erree
      I think I just peed my pants a bit…

      “The word “habitat” has been in use since about 1755 and derives from the Latin habitāre, to inhabit, from habēre, to have or to hold”
      (well someones got a hold of something lol)

      “white rabbit in British. (waɪt ˈræbɪt) a person who is in a hurry and complaining of being late, like the White Rabbit character in the children’s story ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll. He was late, damnably late! He scuttled like the white rabbit, continually glancing at his watch.”
      (yes our little friend does seem to be a bit late to the party)

      But watch out, he’s got a ‘secretclub’, its so secret he’ll have to kill us if he told us about it… oh wait…

      “if you had any idea who your dealin with”

      Someone who didn’t pass basic English at skool????

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    • Thanks, Arfur.

      Am I to assume that the voice of the “man” making intimidating phone calls to a vulnerable woman is Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy? Hopefully Maggs has reported him to the police.

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    • Janine Rennie of the Fresh start Foundation must be so pleased that her organisation is associated with a pair of stalkers who threaten abuse survivors over the phone and then upload the recordings to YouTube for their mates to laugh at. Actually, let’s face it – she probably doesn’t give a fuck.

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    • Sooo, this was Cat’s big reveal, was it? The Earth-shattering, game-changing revelation that she’s been hyping up for the last week? Not only has she got it wrong but Malcolm’s been making the same bloody claim for years anyway! I want my money back.

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      • Yeah, Ogilvy’s always claiming this blog is run by Maggs. When he’s not too busy stating categorically that it’s run by Ricky Dearman, that is.

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    • So what exactly is this video meant to prove, other than that Cat and Malcolm are dribbling psychos and a danger to the community (which we knew already anyway)?

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    • So his mother, his mother’s woman friend, and his ex-partner all think it’s better to keep his daughter safely away from him. There is a definite trend emerging.

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      • Just as well hie’s not in the US. You can do less damage in an Incel Rampage with a sgian dubh and a haggis, the traditional weapons of his people.

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    • Oh for God Sakes! You surely couldn’t have felt threatened by some American arsewipe claiming his pals, the IRA, will vindicate him by coming after you for whatever slight you imposed upon the dreadful eejit …as if!!!

      Those sorts of empty threats always make me laugh my head off.


    • I hope it is. I think the pizza shop owners scored a victory against Jones with him explicitly back-peddling but it was confidential.

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