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From time to time we like to update the Frequently Asked Questions section of the blog, as new information becomes available, or new insights help us to better understand evidence that’s been around for ages.

Today, we’re going to update the FAQ page titled “The cult tattoos”. If you think we’ve missed anything important, or would like to recommend changes, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

Frequently asked questions:
‘What about the cult members’ tattoos?’

Many people who believe that a paedophile death cult is torturing, raping, and murdering children and babies in Hampstead believe that members of the cult can be identified by tattoos on or near their genital areas.

What did the children say about tattoos?

In the videos which Abraham Christie and Ella Draper made of the two children in Morocco and en route home to London, the children say the following about the tattoos:

1. Abraham and Child Q (8-year-old boy):

A: Yeah, so he doesn’t have any other marks?  No tattoos, nothing?

Q: No.  YES!!!!  He has tattoos.

A: He has a tattoo?

Q: Tattoo and pierce rings.

A: What?  Really?

Q: Yes.  And .. Xxxx, [a child] he has a pierce ring on his willy.  At the end of his willy.  Where it wees.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, and also on his like, balls, not on his balls, on his leg.  Down a bit.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah.  Where your balls are.

A: Very good.

2. Abraham and Child Q:

A: Hi again Q.  Sorry to disturb you while you are having your breakfast, but we’d like you to tell us about the tattoos please.
Q: Yes.
A: Can you tell us in your own words.
Q: All the 20 special children have a tattoo exs-pect …
A: Except …
Q: Except for me and myself, no, except for myself and my sister cause my mum isn’t a member of the cult.
A: Okay.  Anyone else have tattoos?
Q: Yes. The 20 special children all have tattoos. And also, all the teachers have tattoos.  XXXXXX  has tattoos all over his arms. And XXXXXX also got tattoos all over his arms.  And also they have on their pussies, their privates.
A: And?
Q:  And also all the teachers have it. Not all parents.
A: So all the teachers have tattoos on their privates …
Q: Yes.
A: … you say.
Q: Yes
A: And what type of tattoo do they have on their privates …
Q: They all have tattoos …
A: What type of tattoos?
Q: They are devil and monster tattoos
A: On their privates?
Q: Yes.
A: They all have them?
Q: Yes.
A: All of the teachers in Christchurch Primary School have devil tattoos on their private parts?
Q: Yes.  No also monster ones.  Yeah, the devil one is in the middle but there’s monster ones and also they have piercings.
A: OK.  Have  you … are these the tattoos that you’ve drawn pictures of?  You’ve given us pictures of?
Q: No   …
A: You’ve drawn some pictures of tattoos.  Are these the tattoos you are talking about?
Q: Yeah.
A: So anybody else [inaudible] … Do parents have tattoos?
Q: Xxxxxxx, [inaudible] Xxxxxxx, [inaudible]
A: How many parents have we got?
Q: All the parents.
A: All 400 parents have tattoos.
Q: [Nods]
A: Are you sure?
Q: [inaudible] 399, except my mum.
A: Except your mother, have tattoos on their privates. Thank you very much.

Evidence of coaching

Even just reading the interaction between Abraham and Q, it is obvious that Q is being coached here.

When he gives a “wrong” answer, Abraham corrects him: “Are these the tattoos that you’ve drawn pictures of?” “No…”

Abraham rephrases the question: “You’ve drawn some pictures of tattoos.  Are these the tattoos you are talking about?” And Q responds, “Yeah”.

And again, when Q claims that “all the parents” have tattoos, Abraham reminds him: “Are you sure?” Q mumbles, “399, except my mum”.

Earlier, when Q is talking about the teachers having tattoos, Abraham prompts, “…And?” Q remembers what he’s been told to say: “And also all the teachers have it. Not all parents”.

It’s important that they establish that although all the teachers and other parents were in the cult, Ella was not. This will be important later on.

The tattoo/birthmark drawings

These are the drawings to which Abraham refers. As you can see, the central tattoo image is meant to be some sort of horned creature, a “devil or monster” as Q states:

Tattoo drawing-adult style 2Tattoo drawing-kid's style

1. Did the children draw those pictures?

The children drew parts of them, but in two, the outline of the female body was done by an adult hand. Children at that age do not normally have the manual dexterity, nor the understanding of human anatomy, to sketch a woman’s waist and hips in that way. However, it’s likely that the children were asked to fill in the “tattoos”.

In the more obviously “childish” drawing, a woman is portrayed with pubic hair encircling her lower torso and extending halfway down her thighs, rather like bicycle shorts. The woman’s breasts are covered in hair, like a man’s chest. This does not resemble any woman we’ve ever seen. It seems clear that this represents a child’s imagining of what a “very hairy” woman would look like.

It is unlikely that this drawing is based on anything the children actually observed.

2. How could a child have made those tattoos up?

Many who believe that the children were not coerced into lying claim that no child could know that much about the sort of tattoos drawn here.

On the contrary, we would argue that this is exactly what a child might think a devil or monster tattoo might look like. It is quite likely that the children were not only coached to talk about the tattoos, but were guided in their drawings. You can read more about Abraham’s farcical, childish view of Satanism here.

3. How do you know the tattoos do not exist?

Ella claims that both her ex-husband, Mr Draper, and the father of her two youngest children, RD, were “in the cult”, which she described as a life-long, multi-generational organisation.

As life-long cult members, both men would have received their genital tattoos at a young age.

According to the video transcript above, 399 of the 400 parents had tattoos. The only exception was Ella.

As leader of the cult, we would expect RD to have had the biggest and best tattoo of all. As well, we would expect Ella’s ex-husband to have had a large tattoo, since she and Abraham both said that he was the cult “financier”.

However, Ella somehow failed to notice that these two men, with whom she had been intimate and had borne a total of three children, sported large and unusual genital tattoos. 

Ella has never mentioned this even once in the four years since the children made the videos and drawings.

If she had seen such tattoos on RD or her ex-husband, why would she not have spoken out to corroborate the evidence her children gave?

How could Ella not notice these prominent, unusual tattoos, despite having been intimate with both men for long periods of time? Why did she not question what they were? When the children talked about the tattoos, why did she not say, “Oh yes, I’ve seen those, here’s what they looked like”? This would have been sufficient evidence to have RD at least arrested, but she failed to do it. Why?

She didn’t say anything about RD’s tattoos because they didn’t exist, and she knew it. She knew that if he were arrested and accused of having fancy demon tattoos on his privates, he would be medically examined, and her lie would be obvious.

In early May 2017, we began asking Abraham to explain this curious anomaly in the story. We called it “the Awkward Question”.

It took three weeks, but finally he came up with this response:

But according to the children’s videos, their father was born into the cult, which was supposedly multi-generational.

Why would he wait until after leaving Ella to get his tattoo, when he was the cult leader? What happened to the children’s story that their father “gave them” to the cult when they were infants, and RD and Ella were still living together?

At the same time that Abraham admitted that much of the story about the tattoos and the cult was simply untrue, Ella admitted that she had been “mistaken” in stating that her ex-husband, his wife, and Ella’s eldest son had been involved in the cult.

However, this contradicted what the children had stated on video. Since the only “evidence” of the cult is what the children claimed, Ella’s admission means that even those who believe in the cult must question how much of that story was true.

4. Why were the tattoos so important?

“Monster and devil tattoos on the genitalia of 400 adults” seems like a strangely specific detail to add to this story. However, we have evidence which shows that when the hoax was being drawn up, those who planned it added the tattoos for a very specific reason.

In late 2015/early 2016, Abraham made the following comment on YouTube: Abe-Gerrish-Wedger 2017-06-29 copy

Bill Maloney in an interview with Lou Collins .(connected to Danielle la Verite)speaks out about the tattoo on Leon Brittan’s pubenda (sic) that a victim (Andrew) of Leon Brittan described and drew during an interview with a newspaer (sic) almost 2 years ago , so when Maloney and Gerrish received Ella’s email describing the Tattoos and distinguishing marks on the cult members (sic) pubenda (even more sic) they were well aware of this corroborating the testimony of Leon Brittan’s victim. Why then have neither of them said anything apart from the few times that Gerrish mentions the case on UK Column when the MSM had attempted a hatchet job on Abe and Ella, and he had to say something ? Now it’s clear why the info re Tattoos was buried buy (sic) Maloney, Gerrish AND the police and exposes Maloney and Gerrish as Shills ! Quite apart from the fact that Maloney passed the email onto a Nathan “NUMNUTS”Wedger a known police informant ; and the email eventually “found it’s (sic) way” to investigating/cover up Freemason, DS Steve Martin. mmmmmm…

Abraham was angry that he had gone to the trouble of including genital tattoos in the story he had forced the children to tell, because he knew that an alleged victim of Leon Brittan—Andrew Ash—had described similar tattoos on his abusers.

Abraham was complaining that despite this, Maloney and Gerrish had failed to deliver the huge social media push which Abe and Ella had been assured the hoax would receive.

A bit of history

In January 2014, months before the Hampstead SRA hoax was conceived, Bill Maloney did a breathless interview with Lou Collins of the UK Column. In it, he stated:

Leon Brittan, you know, the witness was attacked and raped by Leon Brittan. And Leon Brittan is the one that they don’t want to go for in the moment. The witness identified Leon Brittan by a tattoo that he has on his groin, and the witness drew the tattoo for the police.

In the video, Maloney identified “the victim” as Andrew Ash.

However, when Ash first mentioned Brittan in 1990, he did not mention anything about a tattoo. in his original description of the person who would later be identified as Leon Brittan, made in 1990, Andrew only described a birthmark, not a tattoo.

During his interview on BBC’s October 2015 edition of Panorama, Andrew (dubbed “David” for the show) made the following statements:

Narrator: David told me he’d described a distinctive birthmark on one of his abusers.

Andrew: I described a birthmark and a first name, and described the person, and [the person who allegedly coached him] says the surname and everything, and says that can only be one person. Why should I doubt them?

Narrator: The man who ended up being named was Leon Brittan.

In other words, it was Maloney, not Ash, who turned “birthmark” into “tattoo”.

Abraham would have known about the tattoo allegation, as it was big news amongst conspiracy followers in early 2014. And in his unsophisticated mind, he believed that adding “genital tattoos” to the Hampstead story would prove to Maloney and Gerrish, and their followers, that his story was the genuine article.

However, only a month after the police took the children into protective custody, the Panorama episode aired. The alleged Brittan “tattoos” were downgraded to “a birthmark”.

We expect that Maloney and Gerrish would have had a keen interest in the show, given their long acquaintance with Ash. His changing the detail from “tattoos” to “a birthmark” cannot have escaped their notice, though it seems to have gone right over Abraham’s head.

Knowing that the “tattoo” story was a product of Maloney’s imagination, and that anyone with an eye for detail would catch on and realise that it must have come from him, Maloney backed away from the story, despite his initial interest. He and Gerrish beat a hasty and strategic retreat, though Gerrish would later claim that he believed the story all along and just didn’t want to endanger Ella’s court case.

Araya Soma complained bitterly that Maloney wanted nothing to do with the hoax when she tried to peddle it to him, and Abraham was angry that the promised support hadn’t come through from either Maloney or Gerrish.

The tattoos, which had seemed like the perfect finishing touch, the addition which would lend credence to the Hampstead story amongst anyone who knew of Maloney’s “tattoo” claims, had become box-office poison.hoaxtead-tattoo

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  1. Wonderful piece EC. Great analysis.

    So Maloney and Gerrish, knowing the original tattoo story was rubbish, knew that Abe was bullshitting!

    Now it all makes sense doesn’t it.

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    • Yes, and I think they also must have known that they would be caught out by anyone who’d been paying attention to the Panorama show with Andrew.

      The more Abraham squawked about Brittan and his “tattoos”, the further he drove them away.

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  2. Why on earth add such a detail ? It could only be disproved very easily. Abraham hasn’t really thought anything through, except according to a weak stereotype of perceived Sra cult members.

    The ring through the old john Thomas ? That’s even sillier as even if removed the holes stay, just like earrings in someone who hasn’t worn a ring for decades, only with a larger hole so more so.

    The man’s brain is mush for feeding the kids a flawed load of claptrap like that.

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  3. I’ve often pondered about Maloney and Wedger. They were mates. Maloney wrote to Wedger didn’t he. Is it possible Wedger checked Abe out and gave Maloney the thumbs down about him? Don’t suppose we’ll find out.

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    • That’s a really good point—if Wedger had one of his mates check Abraham’s criminal record, they could have realised right away that he wasn’t someone they should trust.

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    • Either that or he popped up Hampstead for a piss and a red bull and looked over a few fences, in a few gardens and couldn’t see any weird garden gnomes or skeleton sculptures about.

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  4. This just in. This is on Andy’s main FB account, which he’s only just got back after his last suspension 🙂

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  5. Latest fun and frolics from Princess Neelu’s page…



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    • White British citizens (the vast majority) are being discriminated by UK courts (almost completely white of course) ?

      Taking into account neelu is indian/British this comment makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe it was meant for Tommy Robinson ?

      Where do these idiots come from ?

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  6. Great digging Mr Coyote!

    Your coverage of the skill level required to draw the female form is of interest to me as it resonates with some of my own perceptions of the illustrations in the ludicrous book “Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse” edited by Valerie Sinason.

    On page 235 is a drawing that was attributed thus:

    “Horned, costumed figure drawn by a 4 year old victim of ritual abuse”.

    The drawing is fairly simple in terms of the body shape, being cloaked, it is in the shape of an upwardly elongated triangle with a blunt upper point. The arms and hands could possibly have been drawn by a young child, however the mouth and horns are very neatly and exactly drawn. The mouth is neatly drawn and perfectly located in the centre of the face as are the eyes. The horns have neat lines running through them that many adults who are not used to regular drawing practice would struggle with. The claim that the image was drawn by a 4 year old is incredible.

    Other drawings are described as “author’s renditions” of children’s drawings, which, rather like the debunked “facilitated communication”, provides all kinds of opportunities for elaboration / embellishment on the part of the author / translator.

    Some of the drawings do not appear remotely sinister and the satanic or abusive element has been simply interpreted by the author.

    These drawings illustrate a chapter titled: “Common characteristics in the drawings of ritually abused children and adults.”

    The author of the chapter is Mary Sue Moore, a long time associate of Sinason and the usual suspects.
    I’m pushed for time today, but am wondering whether it might be worth checking out the chapter to see whether it might have influenced Abe’s artistic quest to frame an entire community for crimes they didn’t commit and that never actually existed?

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    • Mr. Hind’s comment was spot on and without rancour. The sentiments can’t be argued with.
      So many dummies like Becki seem to think if they jump on the MAGA bandwagon (Make America Gormless Again) he will respond and are ignorant to what a con-artist Trump is. He may get up in front a crowd of them adoring him in one of his increasingly tragic rallies but he’d have them kicked out if they dared wander into his ghastly Trump Tower.
      I have 2 longtime pals in New York who hate the man because he ripped them off in business for no good reason. Mind you most of NY has thought likewise for decades.

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    • She’s coming home whether she likes it or not. Her delusion that trump will step in at the last minute to save her is laughable. High time she got a job and knuckled down instead of being a whiney little parasite living off the good graces of her adopted families.

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        • I do hope she kept up with her national insurance and other tax contributions while away, It might mean she ends up not qualifying for a great many things, could even scupper her chances of a full state pension when she retires. LOL, how can a scammer retire ?

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  7. Becki is in panic mode, trying to contact more people to support her idiotic claims.

    May she get her comeuppance soon, her supporters can do nothing to stop her deportation & she is deluded if she thinks they can.

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  8. I just want to share a child’s drawing from the FaceBook page of Thompsons Solicitors Scotland,

    To many people it would simply appear to be a Christmas tree with pixies or elves standing next to it.

    However to those who believe Valerie Sinason’s claims the picture is proof of satanic ritual abuse.

    Firstly the pixies / elves are clearly actually satanists. Why? They are wearing purple clothes and purple is the colour of satanic high priests and priestesses.

    “Signs that a patient has suffered satanically include flinching at green or purple objects, the colours of the high priest and priestess’s robes.”

    And they are wearing pointy hats. Obviously satanists.

    The real evidence, according to therapist Louise Edwards drawings of Christmas trees are evidence of SRA.

    How can Thompsons Solicitors Scotland ignore such obvious evidence of satanic ritual abuse? I mean, join the dots sheeple!!

    This is especially interesting as Thompsons Solicitors Scotland have given significant support to self-proclaimed SRA survivor claimant Dave Sharp and his allegedly survivor lead, grassroots organisation SAFE (Seek And Find All Survivors) an organisation that works closely with the highly dubious Janine Rennie’s organisations Open Secret and Wellbeing Scotland.

    As readers of this blog will be well aware Janine Rennie is someone who offers up face to face meetings with “SRA survivors” with sceptical persons in order to “prove” that SRA is real, as evidenced in this report

    Like many new age quacks and grifters Ms Rennie appears not to appreciate the difference between peer reviewed evidence / corroborating evidence and personal testimonies – something that is especially important when it comes to the issue of historic CSA / SRA allegations as quack therapies and false memories are so prevalent.

    In this video, uploaded by Thompsons Solicitors Scotland youtube channel, Dave Sharp encourages, not so much for survivors to come forward and join his organisation, but for organisations including the police to seek out and find survivors.

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
    Published on 17 May 2017
    Dave Sharp spokesperson for S.A.F.E. (seek and find everyone abused in childhood) speaks with Good Morning Scotland to discuss the importance of abuse survivors to come forward and tell the authorities what’s happened to them.

    At 4.02 Dave Sharp says that “yesterday we were talking to people who had never heard of the public inquiry, never heard of the funds that are available”

    immediately afterward he goes on to say “but this guy contacted me Hayley and he knew so much more about the home that I was in and I said to him it’s so important that you come forward because you could be another link to another paedophile ring”

    Again I am extremely concerned that there is the potential for evidence to be contaminated via survivors talking to each other via support groups and grassroots organisations.

    I am also extremely concerned about Dave Sharp’s narrative about satanic ritual abuse and, interestingly about being possessed by a demon and being delivered via an exorcism ceremony in Brazil.

    This unusual and highly imaginative account can be read in its entirety here (I have screen shots should it disappear – as so often happens).

    Dave Sharp – This is My Truth
    Posted on 2018, March, 19

    For those pushed for time the most unusual aspects are here:

    “Over the next six years I was taken out of the home and I was trafficked all over Scotland where I would be taken to houses in and around the Glasgow area with priests in them. I would be taken into a back garden and placed in a coffin with the lid put on and stones would be thrown onto the lid to simulate burial. I would be left in these coffins for long periods of time screaming then taken out and raped. I was also taken over to Ireland on several occasions where I was taken to a house along with other boys where there were Satanic sex parties going on where I was drugged and pelted with tomatoes and strawberries and had red wine poured all over me and raped by multiple men.”

    It is a departure from the usual SRA narratives, and I was thinking that possibly Dave Sharp could have been horribly assaulted and molested by predators and, due to emotional trauma and possibly contact with SRA believers, a real atrocity had become, in his memory SRA.

    Then, further along in his narrative I was surprised to read this:

    “A few days later I was told that we would all be going on an all night prayer vigil right in the Amazon Jungle. As soon as I was told this I knew that something big was about to happen. Even before I left for Brazil I know something big was going to happen. God spoke to me clearly and told me to prepare for something big and to trust him.

    I remember we all got on a bus and we travelled for hours and the bus was full with lots of people standing and everyone was so happy and singing and clapping. The journey took hours and eventually we arrived at the edge of the Amazon jungle.

    As soon as I got off the bus I fell to the ground and I felt a great fear come over me. All of a sudden I felt a great big demon inside of my body. This demon was a huge dragon like figure and he was chained to two big pillars. He was very angry and he was spitting hails of fire.

    A pastor and an old lady came over and picked me and looked at me like they knew what had just happened and what was about to happen. We then started to walk into the Amazon jungle and an almighty battle started inside of me. This demon got louder and I heard God speak to me and praying over me. I started to hear bagpipes playing and the battle commenced. We walked and walked and I stayed on my feet while all this was going on.

    All the way through the jungle I could hear the voices of many people from other churches who had joined us and there was much singing and wailing and screaming.

    Eventually we got to a clearing and everyone stopped. Everyone strarted praying and many people fell to the floor wailing. I fell to my knees and I gave myself completly over to God. My eyes remained closed and I felt like I was on fire.

    Suddenly a Pastor called my name and he asked me to look at his hands. On his palms he had a leaf from the ground which was glowing in a golden colour. He asked me to look at the ground and I was astonished to find the ground was covered in small gold stars. He looked at me and he said. The presence of God is all around. I was speechless. My whole body was burning up and I still had this massive war going on inside my body.

    The same Pastor then got a group of woman together and he put them in a circle and he then went round and using his fingers he shut their eyes. He then stood in the middle of the circle and whichever woman he pointed to they fell to the ground.

    He then asked a group of men to form a circle and he asked me to join it. He then walked around the circle and when he got to me he pointed his finger straight in my face and he asked. Dave. How are you feeling? I told him I was having this incredible battle going on in my body and he asked me how long I had felt like this and I told him. My whole life.

    Suddenly he ushered everyone to gather around me and to lay hands on me.

    The whole of my body was burning and the demon inside was trying so hard to release itself from the chains attached to the pillar and everyone was praying and suddenly there came a great big wind inside my body. I felt like I was being thrown around and the wind got heavier and and heavier and after some time a huge big gust of wind went through my body and I could feel this great bust of wind and then WOOOSH and in one movement the demon left my body and I fell crashing to the floor.”

    So, basically Dave Sharp, who is campaigning alongside Open Secret, Wellbeing Scotland, Voicing CSA, Dark Light paedophile hunting group, Thompsons Solicitors Scotland, and far-right hate group Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) has a hot-line to God, claims to be a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse and claims that, prior to being exorcised, had, for all his life been been possessed by a massive, fire breathing demon that looked like a dragon.

    These people and organisations are inviting survivors of historic CSA to contact them?

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Oh, and for the avoidance of doubt, I do not actually believe that the photo of a Christmas tree and pixies in Thompsons Solicitors Scotland’s FB page is actually satanic.

    While I’m here

    another organisation that links Janine Rennie’s organisations, Thompsons Solicitors (screen shots taken)

    The #TakeJustice campaign will be at The Bridge at Helensburgh Parish Church Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh G84 8UP with Thompsons Solicitors Scotland, Wellbeing Scotland and Open Secret between 3pm and 7pm on the 18th September 2018. Come along and say hello and find out more about the Take Justice Campaign.*F

    Interestingly the website of the Take Justice Campaign leads to an American website promoting forgiveness, which seem to be the polar opposite of the paedophile hunters, SRA accusers and vigilantes involved with the usual suspects.

    some more interesting videos (all saved of course) hosted on Thompsons Solicitors Scotland’s YT channel

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
    Published on 17 May 2017
    Dave Sharp spokesperson for S.A.F.E. (seek and find everyone abused in childhood) speaks with Good Morning Scotland to discuss the importance of abuse survivors to come forward and tell the authorities what’s happened to them.
    (BBC Radio Scotland need to wise up to SRA scams – they are embarrassing themselves of late)

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
    Published on 31 Jul 2018
    STV News speaks to Patrick McGuire, partner at Thompsons Solicitors Scotland and Janine Rennie, chief executive of Wellbeing Scotland on legal action against the Scottish Football Association over historic abuse claims.

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
    Published on 20 Jan 2015
    Lindsay Bruce from Thompsons Solicitors explains how their specialist team of lawyers help clients in their fight for justice by setting up self-help groups.

    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland has posted several videos of alleged survivors of historic CSA on their youtube channel and uses them to tout for business.

    For the record I do not object to survivors receiving compensation for abuse. My concern is that Thompsons Solicitors Scotland have teamed up with some highly dubious organisations and I feel concerned for the welfare of any survivors who are put in touch with any of the dubious survivor groups that work with Janine Rennie. Also there is the extremely serious issue of the infiltration of survivor groups by far-right, Islamophobic hate groups, you also have the Fresh Start Foundation (another of Rennie’s organisations) spouting outrageous antisemitic hate propaganda and deluded conspiracy theories about Jewish elite paedophile rings via Cat Scott.

    I’ll leave this post with just one more video from Thompsons Solicitors

    The Myth of a Compensation Culture
    Thompsons Solicitors Scotland
    Published on 21 Jan 2015
    Thompsons Partner Patrick McGuire explains why the rich insurance industry puts victims off making a claim by creating the myth of a compensation culture.

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  9. An abuse victim has won a 40-year fight to secure compensation from the ­notorious Christian Brothers monks.

    Dave Sharp was awarded a “significant five-figure sum” decades after he was repeatedly raped and beaten at St Ninian’s residential school in Fife.

    He is the first person in Scotland to win a payout from the Catholic order, who ran residential schools for children across the world.

    The payment is likely to allow hundreds of other Scottish victims to win compensation for historical abuse at various organisations.

    Dave, 59, said: “I hope my payment is the first of many the Christian Brothers are forced to make to those men whose lives have been wrecked because of the treatment they received as children in ­Scotland’s residential homes and schools.

    “There are dozens of victims out there who have far stronger cases than mine.

    Dave works with support group Wellbeing Scotland and has set up his own team called SAFE – Seek And Find Everyone – to track down victims.

    Dave’s victory comes after ex-St Ninian’s headteacher John Farrell, 74, and colleague Paul Kelly, 65, were jailed for a total of 15 years for abusing and sexually assaulting six boys in the 70s and 80s.

    Patrick McGuire, lead partner on historic abuse at Thompsons ­solicitors in Glasgow, welcomed the decision to move the time bar.

    He said: “The public are fully behind the survivors. The law is now on their side and with strong solicitors by their side, survivors will receive the compensation to which they are entitled in law.”

    ●If you are an abuse survivor and want advice or support visit


    I am just wondering whether the Daily Record know about the connections between Wellbeing Scotland and the Fresh Start Foundation?

    I also wonder whether they know about Dave Sharp’s connections to Dark Light paedophile hunters and to the DFLA far-right group?

    I also wonder whether they are aware of his claims of satanic ritual abuse and of being possessed by a fire breathing demon?

    It is entirely possible that they simply want to do the good work of supporting CSA survivors. I know other men who have described violent and sexual abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers. My understanding is that some evil men within their religious order used the order as camouflage for all kinds of abuse and exploitation.

    I do have very serious concerns about Dave Sharp, who appears to be an extremely vulnerable person, being used by various actors to give legitimacy to their businesses and political agendas. Given the remarkable nature of his account of his life, surely people must have realised that using him in this way would come back to discredit them at some point?

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  10. In the article in the Daily Record Dave Sharp is depicted alongside a Ms Sandra Toyer, a support worker for Dave Sharp and staff member of Wellbeing Scotland.

    I started wondering about the organisations from which Sandra acquired her training and qualifications? Given the controversies around Wellbeing Scotland’s use of quack therapies (e.g. Emotional Freedom Technique) that can generate false memories, how do we know that survivors turning to Sandra Toyer for support will be supported safely and professionally?

    How do we know that people who are not survivors will “recover memories” of historic abuse? My concerns re this are serious as SAFE is seeking survivors from the same kind of background that Dave Sharp experienced, that is to say people a long criminal record with multiple convictions for drugs and other offences. OK, granted, in Dave Sharp’s case we now know that it wasn’t really him that committed any crimes, it was a fire breathing demon. Or something.

    Redemption narratives are very attractive to people who have made a mess of their lives. It is certainly true that some people who have been abused as children go on to commit crimes, but not everyone does. Not all people who have long criminal records were abused as children.

    Also I am deeply concerned about real survivors of historic child sexual abuse and exploitation could end up being put in touch with the circus oaf sinister and dubious individuals and organisations constellating around Janine Rennie et al.

    If someone who suffered real historic CSA/CSE ends up in one of these scary “peer support” groups or seeing a quack therapist then they might end up denied justice. Any defence lawyer worth their salt would tear a survivor to pieces if they had been on the receiving end of ETF, energy therapies, hypnosis and the link.

    Anyway, back to Dave Sharp’s support worker Sandra Toyer.

    She may have some qualifications I am unaware of. I am reluctant o download PDF files. However I found the following testimonial to be most telling:

    “Learning and studying in the tranquil surroundings provided me with a deeper insight in the power of our unconscious. I have grown spiritually in my personal and professional life and would recommend this course of study to anyone.”

    Sandra Toyer


    So Sandra Toyer trained with an interesting organisation called” Master Your World” that provides training in EFT and hypnosis.

    The man behind the organisation is a Mr Bill Kerins, a life coach who describes himself thus:

    “I am a board certified member and Certified Instructor with The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

    I am a qualified Master Mind Factor Sports Coach.

    I am also a qualified teacher of Hypnotherapy and Meridian Therapy. In my work, the keywords I use are ‘Intention’ and ‘Rapport’.”

    he offers the chance to:

    Become a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist in this nine month course. Join with others to learn, not only about hypnosis and it’s many uses, but also move your Personal and Spiritual Development to a new level. Open to those with a curious and fun mind. Contact Bill here

    So, as one might have predicted, Sandra Toyer not only trained in dubious new age therapies known to cause false memories but has stated publicly that she would “recommend this course of study to anyone”.

    I am not reassured by this.

    More about Bill Kerans:

    His FB page states


    2001 to present
    I have developed my own model of Life Coaching which includes all states of our being e.g. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. One of the main advantages of my work is that I can consult over the phone, which makes my client base an international business.


    I now live near Nairn in the highlands of Scotland, with my wife Patricia Iris and my work is focussed around helping people to find their true potential. I do this by using my skills as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner and teacher.

    His qualifications are:

    College of Technology Bolton street Dublin
    Class of 1964 · Aeronautical engineering · Dublin,

    I fail to understand how studying in aeronautical engineering qualifies anyone to work as a therapist.

    Fear not though because on Bill Kerins’ website he claims that
    “The course [he provides] has been approved by The National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) and accredited by The Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE)”

    However when I searched the www I discovered that The Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE) is a bonafide organisation but that it appears to have no association whatsoever with the The National Council for Hypnotherapists. The only links I could find were to Mr Kerans’ website.
    According to the National Council for Hypnotherapists own website

    CNHC has agreed that the National Council for Hypnotherapy may verify applications for CNHC registration and we encourage members to register in order to gain the CNHC quality mark.

    The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

    CNHC is the UK voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners that was set up with government support to protect the public by providing a UK voluntary register of complementary therapists.
    CNHC’s register has been approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. This means CNHC has met the Professional Standards Authority’s demanding standards.

    All CNHC registered practitioners are entitled to use CNHC’s quality mark which demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and high standards. The public and those who commission the services of complementary healthcare practitioners can choose with confidence, by looking for the CNHC quality mark. General Medical Council (GMC) guidance confirms that doctors are able to refer patients to practitioners on Accredited Registers.

    To find out more about the CNHC email, call 020 3668 0406, or visit

    I really fear for the welfare of survivors in Scotland given the activities of Janine Rennie et al.

    The situation is made much worse by the fact that historic sexual abuse by organisations was a massive problem in Scotland. I know because I used to know someone, a social worker, who did a lot of very professional, properly boundaries work with street drinkers and adults with chaotic lifestyles. He helped to bring many perpetrators to justice.

    What is needed I believe is proper funding and support for highly skilled and trained social workers and therapists and for funding to be withdrawn from the various dubious charities and organisation whose focus on SRA and quack new age therapies steals resources from where it is most needed.

    And another thing – here’s a very strange link – anyone know just what to make of this?


    • spidercatweb???
      A very familiar name indeed
      Calamitcat/ Cat Scotts/ Wildcatscott blog
      Closely associated with freshfart sorry freshstart if I am not mistaken….

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      • Thanks Steved
        I know who the blog belongs to.
        What I find very strange is that the FSF have form for bullying Dave Sharp.
        And yet there he is alongside Janine on Cat’s blog.
        It’s almost a bit like the situation with the Russian bots creating both pro and anti vaccination profiles and playing off one side against another while also promoting both sides.
        Interesting to reflect upon what might be going on.
        Here’s a nice video to watch while reflecting upon this unusual situation 🙂


    • One of the truly horrifying elements of Fiona Barnett’s testimony is that there are very well documented examples of children being raped, tortured and sexually abused for the purposes of blackmail and compromising political dissidents.

      Pinochet’s secret police used the compound of a pseudo-spiritual cult run by a Nazi paedophile to torture dissidents, to drug them and place them in sexually compromising situations with children and then photograph them.

      Many of the perpetrators of these atrocities have never been brought to justice. Some are protected by the German government to this day, where they are living alongside their victims. Some are in hiding in Chile, some in Argentina, some I don’t know where they are.

      If the ITNJ had any scruples or any balls they would go after the real perpetrators of such horrors, but they don’t.

      If they know of real CIA agents involved in human trafficking, and I know such people exist, they don’t speak up.

      They make unfounded allegations against innocent people, which hurts the innocent while creating an effective smokescreen against real abuses.

      Cowards that they are they dare not challenge corrupt intelligence agents and former intelligence agents involved in the Colonia Dignidad, nor any other atrocities.

      Anyone with a strong stomach who is interested in learning about the practice of using the sexual abuse of children to blackmail and smear political dissidents can watch this excellent documentary (viewer discretion advised).

      Short film with commentary by cult expert Rick Ross here

      Heartbreaking podcast here

      This documentary is also excellent but in Spanish language (sadly the English subtitled version was removed for (c) violations)

      A short but powerful video

      It absolutely disgusts me that this ITNJ pantomime rolls on with its mascots and its stupid costumes and its false allegations when real atrocities have been committed and real, dangerous, perpetrators are still at large.

      Disgusting, cowardly grifters the lot of them.

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      • It’s weird that none of the fruitloops who support her ever ask her about that, not even a supposed tribunal panel!


    • Bloodline? High cognitive abilities? Physical prowess?

      I am imagining a SF comedy about a secret government agency tasked with snatching elite children to brainwash them into super-soldier assassins, but they’re so incompetent & dysfunctional that they end up snatching trailer-trash like Fiona by mistake.

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  11. Check out Cat Scot and her mate picking on a ginger family (including a child) at 1:10:

    They don’t look too pleased about it either (unsurprisingly) and start to move away from them.

    Also trying to work out what she says at 46 seconds. “How many ??? can you get into one photo?” Is it some derogatory term for people with ginger hair?

    Kudos to Special Agent J for spotting this


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