Catriona Selvester resigns from Fresh Start Foundation

Yesterday morning Catriona Selvester posted a letter of resignation from the board of directors of the Fresh Start Foundation:Cat Scot 2018-09-23 Fresh Start Foundation resignation

The question on many people’s minds on hearing this news was, “Did she jump or was she pushed?”

Certainly, we’ve been doing our best on this blog to point out the disparity between the stated aims of the Fresh Start Foundation and the behaviour of some of its directors.

Clever Cat though, had clearly anticipated that we might wonder, and kindly filled in the details for us:Catriona Selvester-sour grapes 3Catriona Selvester-sour grapes 2

Riiiiight. This makes total sense.

The thing is, if she quit a month ago, the electronic filing would have gone up on the Companies House site shortly thereafter.

And unfortunately, we’re still left with a few burning questions, such as “if she quit as director a month ago, was she (until yesterday morning) still a director of FSF, with all the responsibilities of that position?

If she quit a month ago and Companies House wasn’t immediately notified, as they are meant to be, what were her fellow directors playing at?

We could also ask what she was doing “confirming” her resignation at 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but that almost seems excessive.


Oh, and one more thing, ma’am…

Cat’s resignation wouldn’t have had anything to do with an email received by several BBC Scotland journalists last week, would it? As we understand it, the letter noted, in part:

In brief, Janine Rennie, who heads Wellbeing Scotland, is also on the board of directors of the Fresh Start Foundation. David Scott, who is a regular correspondent for the conspiracy site “UK Column”, is a founding board member of Fresh Start, and in June was appointed as a director on the Wellbeing Scotland board.

Another very troubling member of the FSF board is Catriona Selvester, aka @calamiTcat (Twitter), aka “WildCat Scot” or “Cat Scot”, whose online activities consist primarily of promoting anti-Semitism, homophobia, and above all, belief in SRA. She maliciously trolls any who don’t believe in her, and has been responsible for videos such as ‘Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox, Parts 1 and 2’, in which she claims that the tragic crash which killed six people in December 2014 was staged. Throughout the videos, she chuckles away to herself, and seems to find it all very amusing.

Another example of the sort of conspiracy nonsense Ms Selvester peddles can be found here:

The Fresh Start Foundation has attempted to position itself as an alternative to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, which excluded Wellbeing Scotland from official status in November 2017. One month later, Ms Rennie joined the board of the FSF. Shortly thereafter, FSF began planning a ‘travelling road-show’ to various communities in Scotland, with the goal of attracting adult survivors of child sexual abuse as participants.

This is alarming in view of the fact that FSF offers no trained support, no discernible confidentiality protocols, and no mandate to connect sexual abuse survivors to the police. In fact, they openly state in the above blog post that they don’t trust the police, and propose instead to bring cases to ‘freeman on the land’-style ‘common law courts’.

I believe the public has a right to know that one of its trusted mental health organisations is intimately linked with a group which promotes blatant conspiracism, and which stifles criticism by falsely accusing people of belonging to a Satanic cult, committing child sexual abuse and/or cannibalism, etc.

Mmm…no, on second thought, probably not.

After all, Cat says she quit a month ago of her own volition. And as we all know, she has never told a lie.

Care for a biscuit with those sour grapes, Cat?

abundance alcohol berries berry

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88 thoughts on “Catriona Selvester resigns from Fresh Start Foundation

  1. “if she quit a month ago”
    — Here translates as “I stopped even the pretense of working a month ago and have just been banking the honorarium since then”.

    “one of its trusted mental health organisations”

    Is “Wellbeing Scotland” ‘trusted’, and if so, by whom? Clearly not by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry!
    Naturally the author of the letter was too courteous to wonder whether Wellbeing Scotland should be trusted.

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  2. well i suppose it’s something. still a minor victory but only a single droplet out of a stagnant pond of vicious bullies polluting the internet with halfbaked hearsay and groundless gossip. she’ll still be at large abusing redheaded kids trying to enjoy a concert or cackling like a blocked drain over tragic deaths she insists are goverment set ups. i suppose it marks a desire on the parts of others in fsf to distance themselves from her bizarre behaviour, which seemed to reach a nadir in the week preceding her leaving fsf. i doubt much will change except she’ll be listed as an ex fsf member and probably not attend their rare public appearances, when they manage to avoid cancellation. i wonder how this will play out if she’s publicly disowned by all current fsf board members and has to operate beyond their umbrella ? she had precious little support to begin with and now looks to be an even smaller player in the online arena of fake news and shadowy foundations.

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  3. Look EC, just because she’s disabled comments and likes/dislikes on both of her YouTube channels, unlisted almost all of her videos on her backup channel, taken down her blog, disabled her Facebook page, had her Vimeo account banned, had several videos taken down by YT, blocked everyone on Twitter and resigned from the FSF does NOT mean she’s lost. Mkay? This is in a very real sense as it were so to speak a Catriona VICTORY 🙄

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    • On a tangent i’m curious to know where the term flagging comes from. whistle blowing is an old police tactic, literally blowing a whistle to garner attention in the pre portable radio or even police box days. i wonder if flagging is nautical in origin as i suspect.


      • Means waving a flag as a signal. very straight forward. no fancy sir loin story to accompany it. :-/


      • Crushing involves large equipment only financially viable within the food/drink industry to get every drop out of the lime. they’ll insist it has a deeper flavour releasing the entire juices and oils contained in the fruit and also the thick skin. in reality it’s just getting their money’s worth and i suspect all lime juice sold on the high street is crushed. i’ll wager someone’s feeling pretty crushed herself right now. never mind the lime how does she like them apples ?

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    • “Each to their own I suppose”

      Well, some people watch soap operas or Game of Thrones. At least they mostly realise they are fiction, however.

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    • Always at the cutting edge of new age,snake oil flim flammery,Ms Feagin and the desert rat syndicate have been rushing through development of the remarkable “Exile shroud”.Utiliziing combined power of magic thinking and self delusion this amazing,new,ancient,secret technology gaurantees up to 30 seconds extra hiding time before it wears off and your collar is felt.

      An essential must for suspect troofers and Hoax mobsters the world over.Only $99.99 each with free disapearing chocolate teapot and LALALA earpug/blindfold set with orders over $999.99

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  4. Only reason it took so long is nobody but us lot even watchers her antics, not even her own family and co-directors at fsf.

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  5. Yeah. that’ll be the stagnant pond i refered to. this is but a single footstep on a long journey. long time coming and i seem to remember raising my concern about cat in the last week to find you were already involved. i have little doubt hoaxtead contributed to this resignation despite how it’ll be spun by the opposition. i’ll wager the chainsmoking one is crestfallen and sulking over being ousted from her ‘expert’ status. Let’s see what updates are posted as to her ongoing reaction. should be interesting.

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  6. Once a fellow made an extremely caustic comment of such mocking hilarity that it was knighted by the king himself. arise sir caustic he bellowed and the lowest form of wit duly entered the language.


  7. Just checked the fsf website and, aside from bearing an outdated @2017 notice, it has numberous links to the spidercatweb blog. You’d think a whole month after her resignation they’d remove them wouldn’t you ?

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      • Imminent launch of ebay store selling bargains ? ebegging. soliciting donations of stuff to flog online. unsecure credit card payment system. what on earth do they need funding for ? so they can order a round of drinks only to be asked to leave ? or book a short holiday. . . er, i mean publicity tour event in the picturesque orknies during summer to have a few drinks er. . . i mean raise awareness of debunked moral panics. in a pub, over lunch, with plenty of drinks. what ever happened to their BBC advertised Orkney event anyway ? next they’ll be asking buckfast for sponsorship.

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        • What’s that, FSF? No more roadshows? I have a sad.

          It’s as if the only purpose of FSF is to pimp the Common Law Court scammers and to bludge for donations themselves.

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          • More like the pub lunch foundation. it’s just a cover for their ebeg funded day outings where they gather to talk shit over a sound of drinks about how they’re going to overthrow the Paedosadist goverment, crush the kiddykilling courts and bring the Pederast police state to it’s knees with their Unique brand of failing to secure venues, cancelled no shows and moribund blogs and twitter accounts that are only there for us to screenshot and laugh at. they do nothing outside of claim they’ll do events that don’t happen and then sulk. the false start foundation.

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          • Good spot, Smut.

            So they must have cancelled the last four for this year then.

            I wonder whether the 2019 ones are going ahead.

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  8. Quite right she has resigned & I doubt it was under her own steam.
    This “charity” was probably one step away from a Daily Mail type splash: “Mother of 7 posts hate-filled social media messages etc”.
    The fact that another director contributes to Gerrish’s “radio show” which is also noted for its blatant false accusations is a worry as well.

    I had no idea they state they don’t trust the police.
    The boss of the Australian Catholic Church set up the first compensation program in the world for people abused in childhood within the Church but was heavily criticised for allegedly saying similar re police except in their haste to attack the man the critics did not read the fine print about police: what he proposed was that the Church would compensate claimed victims even if they did not report their abuse to police but if they wanted police action, they would fully support them in that. It was a big difference.

    What they really mean is that when they send Cat to the local Cop Shop to claim that there is a Satanic Orgy held nightly in Council Chambers and 12 kiddies and 7 goats are sacrificed (delivered via an underground tunnel that runs alongside The Chunnel – ref: F.Barnett) while the evil spirits of Jimmy Savile & Donatien Alphonse François are summoned forth by a naked Lady Mayoress even while Council is in session, and Mrs. Abigail Fortheringham- Smyth of 14b Dumbiedykes Road has just complained about the bin collection, that Local Plod cast a skeptical eye at them.

    Shame they don’t put that Quarter of A Grand they have in the bank to good use by this charity of the same name- housing the homeless. police appear somewhat skeptical about the complaint.

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  9. Hmm. It is all a little odd. I don’t understand how a director can quit and then still need to make it official a month later. Directors don’t have a half quitting that is actually quitting but not until it is official stage.

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  10. Slandercat’s found a way to vent her pathological hatred of the LGBT community – add Peter Tatchell to her made up list of paedophiles:

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    • I don’t know why a completely anonymous allegation never reported to the police made against someone who is a thorn in the side of various authoritarian regimes could be anything other than totally true. Everyone likes him and no individual or government would have any reason to smear him anonymously.

      Obviously if the person went to the police I would hope they investigate impartially no matter the public renown of the person.

      It is so easy to type something on the internet though.

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  11. Don’t forget she is an expert. obviously she’s entitled to forget she resigned a month ago and rush out to announce it days after she was publicly denounced by nefarious shadow people under the leadership of GCHQ, Deep state cannibals, illuminati assassins, the ghost of ted heath and a thrice published knitting enthusiast who graduated from the same university as dan ackroyd as a false flag sting to prevent her revealing red haired reptilian overlords are staging bin lorry crashes to divert the media away from the impending alien invasion to harvest babies. Thankfully we stopped her revealing our plans and can proceed as normal. either that or she’s a moron who got sacked and was told her notice of a month was applied retrospectivally to get her off their ebegging gravy train asap. now we just hash tag her as former fsf director in posts and it won’t make any difference.

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  12. numpty dumpty sat on the board,
    numpty dumpty’s logic was flawed,
    all the fresh starters saw what she said,
    and sacked her off the silly knobhead.

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  13. Sorry for the length, but it shows how much in denial Neelu still is

    lou lotus
    Published on Sep 23, 2018
    Two Ilford Police cars with 5 officers arrive within 10 minutes of Homeowner Neelu Berry arriving at her own home and refuse to give the CAD number. They fail to arrest the Home Thief Prestige Security or to assist the homeowner to have access to her home and contents

    2018 09 23 Report by Neelu Berry – Police assist thieves to secure stolen property at 3 Peel Drive

    At 3:30pm today, we were informed by the manager at SafeStore, Mr D Jamel, that Perry who was the client with an account with them who had deposited the items and signed the contract for storage had not turned up today because he thought it was next week requesting that we pay £124 upon vacating the container. I refused to agree to make the payment on grounds that my property and contents was stolen and I had not requested their services. Mr Jamel insisted that therefore until Perry was present he would not be releasing the contents. I informed him that we would be attending tomorrow to vacate the container.

    Apparently Perry has stored some heavy duty item such as the mixer and the gym equipment in his private residence which requires a separate arrangement for collection.

    When I informed Jamel that there were rats in his container number 1004, he said rats were all over London. I asked whether he had rat poison to deal with the Rat Problem, and he said he did but I could not see it anywhere on the ground. I asked him for his card with email address as tel 0208 503 8140.

    The Chaudhari family Probate and Equity Monarchy Trust paperwork is still deemed missing as it is not in the house or storage or claimed at the private residence of Perry.

    At 4 p.m. We arrived at 3 peel drive and there was no security van parked outside the house. Having made enquiries with the neighbour at number 1 Peel Drive, he informed us that the van drives around the block and comes back. We returned at 5 p.m. to find the silver security van with the same man in the driving seat as was present on the 20th of July with a dog. The dog could be heard in the van. The man was on the telephone and kept saying he would be 2 minutes. After 5 minutes, we asked for access to the Shed to collect the motorcycle as per the letter from Britannia, and the gym equipment to which he stated although he had the key to the house and the shed he was not willing for us to collect the items because he knew nothing about it and we would need to wait till the weekdays for the office to give him instructions because they were closed. He stated that he was off next week but would leave a message in the office.

    After another 5 minutes two police cars with flashing lights arrived. I asked the young man if he had called the police. He said yes he had been asked to do that. One police Officer Ahmed EA4962, who had his body camera on, prevented me from joining the conversation between the young security guard and the other police officer Iqbal EA2431 by physically obstructing me on my front drive demanding to know who I was and why I was there. He told me that he was detaining me under PACE. I asked him what section of PACE, he told me they hadn’t told him yet and he would find out in due course. When I repeatedly asked for the CAD number for the call, he refused and said only the security guard had the right to the number and the right to give it to me or not, not the police.

    Another two or three police officers came out of a second police car, another Officer by the name of Ahmed EA2407 and a white officer JI489 who promptly sat back in his car as he could see nothing to do with police.

    I informed the asian officers that my home and contents were stolen since 20th of July and that the security guard has been there since that date and must be arrested for preventing me from entering into my property. The police stated it was a civil matter to do with the bank not a criminal matter for the police. I informed the police that the bank were in contempt of the court since that date and therefore it’s a police matter. I asked the police to investigate the theft of my property and contents under the same CAD number and make the arrest of security guard for the theft.

    The police officer gave the CAD number on a piece of paper to the security guard who carefully folded it so as to conceal it and refused to share it with me.

    The police assured us that we would be able to make the arrangements to collect the items tomorrow Monday 24th of September 2018.

    When we drove off the police was still at the property and the police cars were still blocking the road both ends.

    What is stated above is true

    She still thinks that somehow she is going to get the house back… sorry neelu, that boat has sailed…arrived at ts new port and has been retired…. You ARENT the homeowner, you never again will be the homeowner, the house is gone….

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    • Well done to the police for their patience with this criminal who’s just been caught breaking and entering a property that doesn’t belong to her with her idiot son.

      And by the way, Neelu’s been told time and time again where she’s supposed to go to collect her belongings. And it ain’t Peel bloody Drive!

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    • @2:58

      Police officer: And how have they stolen it, then?

      Neelu (after a long pause): Well, if if you don’t have the right, if you’ve got, then that is a theft isn’t it, and that’s a police matter, and you should arrest him.

      Well, thank God she cleared that up.

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    • Neelu is actually encountering a problem I have found in the past: showing police officers a legitimate Judgement Order from the court does not mean they will act upon it (especially in a civil matter) as they really have no proof it’s genuine even if you have the official document and not just a photocopy. It takes a while to realize that this is understandable. You need to go to the police station that covers the location in question and deal with a senior officer.

      But of course, poor Neelu has no papers (especially as she claims they are missing) and like the hapless John Patterson of The Black Eye even when you wave numerous boxes of documents at a BBC doorman and even if they do come from ex-RAF “whistleblower” Gordon Bowden you are likely to get the same result ie: nothing.

      Again it raises the question: how do these nutbags negotiate the often complex matters that permit us to walk down a street and avoid falling into an open manhole & catch the right bus?.
      Their association with reality is thin.
      # I wonder if the current security arrangements will be paid by Neelu & not the new purchaser who presumably is legally entitled to buy a building free of such restrictions?.
      The sum she will eventually receive is being reduced by the day. Where is Edward Ellis when you need his expert advice?

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    • I can’t help but feel a little sorry for anyone who has lost their home, but she has actively led herself into this situation by refusing to cooperate at every step. I wonder if Patrick Culinane behaved like this, but without the selfie sticks and live streaming?

      My advice to Neelu and her son if they need somewhere to sleep tonight is to get themselves over to Highgate. Belinda will be overjoyed to house you plus a couple of van loads of your furniture. You might catch her turning all the lights off and hiding behind the sofa, it’s just a little game she plays. Keep shouting to her through the letterbox and she will be sure to let you in by 3am.

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    • She’s a mess. shame on the government for slashing funding the mental health services she so obviously requires. if they’d intervened after the tragic death of her sister’s baby years ago maybe she’d have recovered from the breakdown. instead she’s just spiraling ever downward as her home and assets are stripped from her. she should have rented it out soon as she got behind with the mortgage and it’d pay itself off and rent for a modest place while she sorted it out. but no, she lets it all fall away. poor sick damaged little idiot making an online spectacle of her miserable demise. shame. oh well, let’s see what’s on tv.

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      • Unfortunately I think Neelu is in that awkward position of having some sort of borderline personality disorder. She wont voluntarily undergo therapy and isn’t yet enough of a danger to herself and others to force the authorities to intervene. Her circle of “friends” with catastrophic advice aren’t helping much.

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    • Neelu Berry has a personality disorder, she is not crazy, she knows what she is doing, which is malicious and designed to cause maximum inconvenience. She shows intelligence in that she knows how to leverage the maximum problem for everyone, and it gives her a sense of power to do so. She is a massive waste of resources on the police and legal system, which denies the innocent and vulnerable resources, because she has stolen it all with her attention seeking and power trips.

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  14. It is never nice, but necessary, to kick out a demented and dangerous moggie for the safety of children and the vulnerable. The so-called child abuse organisation Fresh Start Foundation should not have hung on so long with this vicious creature. Fresh Start Foundation is dealing with among the most vulnerable adults and children in Scotland, and having a deranged beastie that has a specific hatred of ginger people is alarming.

    I know that it was claws and fangs at dawn for EC, but he can look after himself, what about a passing corgi or chihuahua. I like cats, I like them more than dogs, but occasionally, the creatures are too unsafe and maladjusted, and have to be taken down the vets to do the kind thing.

    A massive red flag has to be raised over Fresh Start Foundation, they are an unreliable and unsafe venue for sexually abused children and adults to be associated with.

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      • The phrases “not fit for purpose”,”creative accountancy”and”self serving”all spring readily to mind with this particular cowboy outfit.They might actually determine to do something useful and make a fresh start by rebranding themselves as a Tiddlywink addiction support group or really anything that inflicts minimal collateral damage to the vulnerable.

        In the meantime I have a job lot of T shirts sitting in the lock up they may wish to make use of.Absolute bargain owing to lower case printing error.

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      • I think we can all agree that the ITNJ is a band of liars and grifters, set up to monetarise the Common-Law / Freemen-OTL delusion, whose principals have decided to target ‘child abuse / trafficking’ as a hotbutton for eliciting donations? (that sounds defamatory but I can claim the defense of truth),
        And there is Kevin Annett.
        Then there is the “” website, which is set up to monetarise the Common-Law / Freemen-OTL delusion (they sell meaningless “medicinal-marijuana certificates” and “property deeds” and other fake documents intended for fraud); which is linked in some way to the FSF.

        One cannot help drawing a parallel.

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    • Anyone else notice how as people pay less and less attention to her, her claims get more extreme?

      Her latest 1954 Human/Lizard DNA treaty claim leads me to suspect that she may have just seen The Predator whilst zoned out on ‘shrooms. We’ll be full on Atlantis conspiracies once Aquaman comes out and let’s hope she isn’t going to see Venom!

      And don’t get me started on the Hyperloop!!!

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  15. New video from Angela, who thinks that putting hashtags in the name ‘Hampstead’ exonerates her somehow..


    • Sorry, Jake – I didn’t see yours when I put mine up. You may have been languishing in the spam folder.

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  16. Another Angie-loving loon for the collection:

    RD slandered from 14:04

    Hoaxtead slandered from 25:58

    EC slandered from 27:47


    • 30:42

      “But the thing I believe is that originally El Coyote was a Welsh writer living in Ireland, called David le Dingue. And ‘dingue’ is French for ‘dingo’, which is the same as ‘coyote’.

      And he was a very educated man and he was trolling very intensely in the early days and he was actually kind to me, because when I started covering Hampstead around March 2015 and then my sister died in very suspicious circumstances in April/May, two months later, and he called the trolls off, coz I was started [sic] getting trolled way back then, and when my sister died, he said, “Right, everybody, back off. Leave her alone for a week out of respect.

      You know. So, you know, and I think he was the original El Coyote. And also there was a lot of evidence to indicate that RD was originally Spiny Norman and running other avatars – Sam Best and different avatars – and I think what’s happened is the RDs and the David le Dingues and the high level guys, after about a year, they stepped back but they handed on the avatars to other people to write the functioning avatar go for it [sic].

      So I don’t buy Karen Irving’s story about it was after her favourite dog or whatever – I think she’s just a second generation troll, you know. And ‘troll’ is the wrong word. She writes in her biography – and you can see this in Spidercatweb blog – about how she’s an ex-social worker and specialising in adoption, wrote a book about adoption and so on. But she talks about how psychology is her first love and the fascination of what makes the human mind tick, which is exactly what we’ve been discussing with MK Ultra.”

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      • It’s hard to know where to start with that pile of ocelot faeces above. But hey ho, I’ll give a whirl…

        1.’Dingue’ is not French for ‘dingo’. It’s French for ‘mad’. Angela’s been told this before. And lest we forget that she’s repeatedly claimed to be a fluent French speaker.

        2. Dingoes and coyotes are two different animals, living on two different continents on opposite sides of the World.

        3. There were no suspicious circumstances around Fiona’s death. That’s a well documented Angela fantasy intended to frame her dad for murder.

        4a. It was me who asked people to show respect to Angela after Fiona’s death, not le Dingue. You’re welcome, Angela (coz I know you’re reading this).

        4b. I’m not David le Dingue.

        5a. Spiny Norman is not RD.

        5b. Spiny Norman is not Sam Best.

        5c. Sam Best is not RD. He’s…er…Sam Best. Funny how that works.

        6. Karen Irving didn’t write a book about adoption. She wrote three fictional mystery novels. Which part of that don’t you get, Angela?

        7. MK Ultra is bollox.

        How’s that for starters? I’d love to say that she’s got le Dingue’s nationality and location wrong too but I’m afraid I’ve no idea where he’s from or where he lives, as I’m not him.

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        • This Mob (c) always tries to minimize the fact that dozens of people may be appalled at their actions and false claims and will respond on their YT videos etc. There are probably 1000s who don’t comment.
          They have to try and claim everyone is just one person. But what happened also to the claim it’s a GCHQ operative trying to discredit them.?
          # I and that drunken cat may share the same ISP but we are 2 distinct entities.

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      • Sigh. Where do you start with that lot of nonsense?
        Also, we’ve said here before that ‘dingue’ is French for ‘crazy’.. which is what she is, along with.. méchante!

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    • He thinks the U.K. locks people up for anything. Whether that is true or not, something must be seriously wrong with the US.

      He’s also babbling and no idea what his projects are. No idea why he has to go to a motel to get a book published.

      His mum works in a museum that shows the history of the town, shows segregated schools being built but can’t be arsed to put up anything about desegregation. That’s just racist. Where Rupert is from is one of the last places in the US to desegregate schools. Also, apparently, there was no history worth recording before white people arrived. Racist. Good luck with advice from mum. He acts so woke. It is just sad.

      Actually feel sorry for him, a little.

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