BREAKING: Wesley Hall arrested for perverting the course of justice

In a bizarre trio of Facebook live-stream videos, apparently made in the back of a police van, Wesley Hall has revealed that he was arrested as he was about to board a flight to Spain. The arresting officer can be heard telling Wesley that he is on a “Wanted” list, and was removed from the flight to face charges of perverting the course of justice.




In the brief videos, made covertly during Wesley’s transportation from the airport to the police station, Wesley questions the police loudly, repeating their less-audible answers for the benefit of his phone camera.

In answer to the police officer’s query, “You sitting well though?” Wesley says, “I’m a bit pissed off because I was supposed to be going and doing a job. I just lost all my money on my flight”.

In the third video, the van door can be heard opening. Wesley asks, “So what’s actually happened, because I was supposed to get on that flight?”

An officer responds, “Just give us five minutes, and I’ll explain it to you”.

After the door closes, Wesley says, “So I was supposed to get on a flight to Malaga, and a minute before I get on the flight the police have arrested me”. He calls out to the police, “All my recording equipment…I was supposed to be doing some work for somebody for a 3-D map of Marbella! So it’s all my film equipment, all my cameras, all my lenses, all my tripod…”

In response to Wesley’s protest, “I’m known to the police in my local area, I’ve done nothing wrong, I can’t understand why the aeroplane’s been stopped and I’ve been taken off”, the police says his name showed up on the computers as “wanted” for perverting the course of justice.

Wesley has posted to Facebook since his arrest, but has made no further mention of the arrest or its outcome. [Update: Wesley’s Facebook page is set to re-post any tweets he posts to Twitter. His Twitter feed, in turn, uses an auto-post system called, which enables users to set up queues of tweets from various sources, which will automatically post at set times. This explains why his Facebook and Twitter appear to be running in his absence.]

We will continue to follow this story and bring updates as they occur. London Met police caps

50 thoughts on “BREAKING: Wesley Hall arrested for perverting the course of justice

  1. Bang goes the “3-D mapping job in Spain”.

    I enjoyed his 3 videos, listening to his confusion as to why the Met’ Police in London would want to speak to him for perverting the course of justice.

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    • This could be very interesting indeed. Of course we can’t speculate about the outcome or say anything which could prejudice his chance for a fair trial, but we’ll be watching with great interest.

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    • She hasn’t stepped foot in the UK for nigh on a year now, as she knows she’d be nicked as quickly as she could say “Deep state ultra”.

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    • If I were one of the fruitloop crowd, I’d be asking why yet another ‘whistleblower’ has been arrested right after falling out with Angela. Bwahahahahahaha indeed 😀

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  2. Unusual of Wesley not to bark back with Freeman of the Land woo…probably realised it does have its limitations in some situations…

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  3. Meanwhile, I’ve been still getting alot of these, I’ll upload them all at some point, to a video…..some of the names make me smile. I havn’t had or made time to find out what happens with accounts reported to Twitter. They seem to stay up, but I am thinking that as security services get more traffic watching tools and train more people to use them, that by using reporting tools, there will be some effects…….
    I’m loosely thinking that as we all have the freedoms that come with the internet, witnessing abuse of them is something to tackle….. It takes minutes to report & is having an effect.
    Also, because it is now very clear that eg: Hopeless Girl has connections with teams/team leaders of people with many accounts, who are ready to both promote and leave sycophantic comments on their cherry picked people and also to attack those exposing the scammers/hoaxers to various degrees, using dirty tactics…….. Then it is time to really make an effort to turn the tables.
    Twitter has been responding well to requests to remove videos. I would imagine that my report to NCA with a request that they search the tags for the hoaxers, may have helped towards a proper roundup……. but then I really am a hopeful girl, still 🙂

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  4. I was directed towards this blog a while ago because of the problems myself and many, many other people are having and have had with Tracey Morris, but I must say it’s been such an eye opener, I didn’t realise there is an entire network of these vile, sociopaths with fantasy illusions wrecking peoples lives for kicks. What amazes me is that they all seem to know each other, how on earth do they meet, it’s like a dating agency for crazies

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    • “A dating agency for crazies” LOL What a great way to put it!

      Yes, you’re right that there is a network of these people, and many of them participated actively in moving the Hampstead hoax into the public arena.

      Tracey was one such—she is quick to claim that she was involved from the beginning, but her first public appearance was at Belinda’s side in videos taken outside the Royal Courts of Justice while Ella’s appeal was going on. Tracey was served with a court order at that time, which she is fond of claiming “wasn’t worth the paper it was written on”. She’s continued to harass the people of Hampstead, in between all her other activities, which I’m sure you know better than I.

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    • Jesus Christ Australia? I hope my pension’s safe. They announce the Budget tomorrow..maybe they’re going to tell us our money is counterfeit!. Maybe I’ll get out of paying my bar bill at the Probus Club.

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    • Where I grew up, “professional lady” is not a complement. Perhaps colloquial terminology is different in Ireland!

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      • Well, I recall that when she published her accounts on GoFuckMe last year, there was several hundreds of pounds’ worth of income for which she didn’t specify a source. Let’s just say that much speculation was had on here at the time 😀

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    • Professional ehh?
      This is reminiscent of those business cards you would find in phone booths:
      “Professional Irish Lady wishes to entertain Gentlemen. Phone Mistress Angie AKA Miss Whiplash on ….”

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